Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1942 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1942
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BOUQUET FUR CITY'S STREET SNOWBUCKERS They 're On the Job Early in Cold and the Dark. KOBBtmt COUNTY ADVANCfi. ALGQKA. IOWA Cresco M. ft D. Club Meets— The Cresco Mothers & Daughters club met last week Wednesday with Mrs. B. H. Potter, Mrs. Joyce Van de Walker assisting. The program was opened by 19 formation, Please, program. Mrs. D. D. Paxson read the questions. Mrs. A. L. Long won the "grand prize," which was defense stamps. Stamps were also sold after the program. The commit- esses. Mrs. Leonard Maasdam, Bode, nee Mrs. Clara Davenport, former Algonian, will be guest of honor, and roll call will be on Tips for the Bride. Each member is to contribute a favorite recipe. Mrs. W. H. Klamp will be in charge of the program. Morgans 48 Years Wed— Mr, and Mrs. H. E. Morgan celebrated their 4!>th wedding anniversary Tunsday at s-.y o'clock family dinner. Later some 30 old - - -,-—-- -j •"• cute* me piugicun. J.HB uumiiuf lamny ainner. i-iaier some ou members who sang the Star. tee in charge of the meeting con- friends surprised them with a Spangled Banner. Mrs. Ella Pot- j sisted of Mrs. Norton, Mrs. H. L.! party, and the Morgans were te »* w j s a club gues i t> IGilmore, and Mrs. C. R. LaBarre. i presented with a purse. Mrs. W. Mesdames H. R. Clayton, Lloyd I j Cotton Lone Rock and Ralph Martin andIDS. Wildin were Plum Creek Club Meeting— Morgan, farmer near Algona, are Algonians have had occasion c ?. osen to attend a county feder- The Plum Creek Social and daughter and son respectively of in this and other recent winters fn 10 " meetm S called for March Literary club met at the Com- the Morgans, and with Mr. and to nnto thnt th 0 i nnm i, i A i ** -^ A i>» munity Room last week Wednes-. Mrs. Tony Byson, Elk River, to note that the town has an A lettei^was written to Mr. day, 19 women attending. Mrs. | Minn., the latter Mrs/Morgan's alert and efficient business-dis- and Mrs. B. F. Sparks, Hobarton, R 0 ss Calhoun and Mrs. R. H. kins, program. A 6:30 potluck supper was served. . Dinner Party Honors Four- Mr, and Mrs. W. M. Sharp entertained at a 7 o'clock dinner party Tuesday evening,' ten guests attending. The event was a farewell for James Murtagh and Dr. D. G. Booren, who are leaving next week for the army, also in celebration of the birthday anniversaries of Robert Williams, Mr. Sharp, and Doctor Booren. Mr. Sharp is a traveling salesman. H*V-* W «IIVA tAj.iv.icm, uuaiucaa-uis- "•"•* •"**«. *-. •».. W^OAJ^.O, AAWOI bun, ixoss tjainoun ana ivirs. rt. ±1. trict snow-removal crew. Very j who are spending the winter in j Skilling were hostesses, and the early risers, the few who get up: Florida, and cards were written theme of the program was We 4-S\1«rvi Its^-tiitiisxn A n« *3 /> — _1 4-f\ TVA"t*O f^nvmin T^rtll.* *.«t-t n Jn « n I ••-» * ^* . » — , e ew wo ge up ; , as were wren teme o te town between 4 and 6 a. m.. al- to Mrs. Carrie Kelly, who is re- Reach Out A ways find the crew busily on the covering from a recent opentkm ! Possessions 1 ' and ob after a f at t L' job after a fall of snow. Jesse Lashbrook, who is serving his 15th year as one of the best street commissioners Algona has ever had, is "boss." He and part of the crew start work at at St. Luke's hospital, Rapids. Valentines were made. Next Wednesday has been chosen for a "family night" party at the W. H. Bosworth home, on Our sister, were guests. Fa . s ..ii .* raeweu « Cedar ..South "was re'aVby 5 Mr s : Harr^ and a book Don " uesi su-uei commissioners Algona cnosen ror a lamny nignt- party Mrs. Carl Hutchins The next has ever had, is "boss." He and at the W. H. Bosworth home, meeting will be held next part of the crew start work at Mrs Lou Robinson, assisting. | Wednesday, at the same place, 3:30 a. m. and lay off at 7, when , Each family is to take a covered Mrs. Roy Adams and Mrs. Gus TTfl fflP no 01 no rn nfftm +«« v»i..»U Hi en nnrJ co^r1\i*inUnrt t~\*+ I-U« -f«l m * . . , j art Estate far m south of Algona. next The afternoon was S p ent at cards, dish and sandwiches. On the following Wednesday there • ill be a meeting at Mrs. O. S. Moore's, traffic begins to offer too much of a handicap. These 'early birds" operate the - ...-. ----- H ».. ....... ~. ^. ..* u ^ big "blader" which scrapes up ' Mrs. Kathryn Park assisting. and "windrows" the snow. They I -also operate the little tractor Wa-lan-yans in February Parly — Torine to be hostesses. Townsend Club Wins Banner— . The local Townsend club has received a banner in recognition of special work in December on Snow Hauled Away. At 6-45 the "hnnlprs" an +n ^kt u.iti LUC I1UU1HS gO 10 work. This crew consists of a driver operating a truck and five shovelers. They work tDl 5 p. •VM.M. \A±ufji\Aj iii Hit WiillAWVVa \JL LI 1C Singer sewing machine shop this prizes being won by Mrs. Felter son served lunch, and at the close of the afternoon the Women presented Mrs. Felter with a a farewell token. Hucnhold Family. Dinner- August Huenhold, of the Al- goha Greenhouses, had another birthday Tuesday, and in honor of the occasion, his wife entertained At a family dinner at noon. The daughter Mrs. I. L. Iverson, Clinton, was here, and other members of the family present were Alwin Huenhold, H. F. Huenhold, and Mrs. Victor Samson, all of Algona. father is employed by the DOC oil company* ,••.•-.. Fellowship Supper PUnned- the Congregational Aid Association Will meet at 5 o'clock next week Thursday at the church, and at 6:30 a Fellowship supper will be served, families of members attending. Mrs. M. G. Bourne's circle will serve. The after-dinner program will be, in charge of Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles. Flower Club to Meet—The county Flower club will meet at 7:30 Monday evening in the home economics room at the Algona high scohol building. The program will be Furnishing a New Garden, by Mrs. Eugene I Gaddis, and Garden of Vistas, by JMrs. Geo. H. Free, both women !of Algona. club will meet at the *hureh here 15, instead of on i Tuesday, , March 3 as had been planned, Schoolboy OivM Partr- Bobby, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Kuhrt, entertained the eighth grade basketball team at a party Wednesday evening at his home. The 11 boys haven't lost a game. Bel Canto Club Program—The Bel Canto music club met for one o'clock luncheon yester- t ,+**.^-' ~~". e r.^n ~j- *.~~. —.w. i day (Wednesday) at Arlo's Grill, and Mrs. Earl Angle. Mrs. Robi- ] and hostesses were Mrs. H. M. Olson and Mrs. Casey Loss. Music of the South was discussed t-.^™.,,.— „„„. » „.!„... ...... „ by Mrs. W. W. Sullivan and Mrs. large hand-printed tablecloth as J. R. Woodmansee, and Illustrations were given by Mrs. Loss and Mrs. Sylvia Gunn. Farewell Bridge Luncheon- Mrs. Robert Williams and Mrs. Chester DeSart will entertain at a dessert bridge luncheon tomorrow (Friday) at the Williams home^in honor of Mrs. R. C. LaBarre, who is leaving soon to (live at Parsons, Kans. Other Society News. Carl Dahlhauser, former shcr- 'iff, was taken by surprise Sunday evening when 18 persons arrived at his home to help him celebrate a birthday anniversary. The diversion was 500, and lunch i was served. The Trinity Lutheran young ' e rs m , i people will meet at 8 o'clock this whn • ,'1 evening at the church, und Phyl i The T -!: m °vinc lis Kain and Ralph Hagg win have charge of entertainment and refreshments. j Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles ! entertained 16 guests at an informal , dinner party Sunday Pav"j" evening. Decorations were in showed" keeping with George Washing- calves i-,i ton's birthday. llast year I week. Next Tuesday evening the club l11 onnrlimt nn r*l/3fiv«rt Ttrl^ln-nr.' The group was divided into ye "radio" families — Henry £M d £ icl \/r th o Bun l steads ' Jell °. i will conduct an oldtime fiddlers' rtrth 1 " -r^ ee> and Ch f r i le ^ C ' i contest and a P ie s ° ci *l a* the Carthy. They were seated at ta- | Legion hall. John H. Miller, na- I a eame of nroeressive : tinn^i •* n •~•~~„r,~^~^;..~ ~t ii_. snoveiers. rney work till 5 p ij-"">-"j- -me/ wcic oeni.eu ak ici- j j_,egio m., with a noon layoff, and it is ! ° les - and a Same of progressive j tional representative of ' the their job to dispose of the wind-1 £ ootle wa ? P la y ed > Elizabeth j Townsend clubs of Iowa will be -* ™ ' - '^—' '» '•-'• ~~' A —(speaker, and Mrs. Miller will be er o to dispose of the wind-1 ooe was paye, zae rows of snow. They work fast' K- ernmer winning high and Ann nnrl af+«T +Vimr nit nn l~ ~ ...:„ .1 Fechnpr hpincr ln\v ArlnVi nn-rl- ---- ••• — .. — j ,y ,j A i x Jk.C*OI» and after they attack a windrow it is soon gone. The snow is trucked to the city dump at the north edge of town where it is left to melt in thaws and add to the waters of the Upper Des Moines river. Jesse himself usualy runs the Fechner being low. Adah Carlson won a character prize. The women were then called by families to the dining room, where a two-course buffet luncheon was served. Decorations were patriotic, and the lunch was ~ „„„„,., llllla U1C m keeping with Washington's blader, for the operation of b^thday. which a sharp, careful eye is re-1 Hostesses were Elva Ewold, quired. Up and down the street i Flora TisS) Bertha E. Johnson, morning after morning go the! Anita Ros e Kohlhaas, and Fran- blader and the puffing little trac- j ces Scnu ltz. tor till all possible snow and ice «r jj- „ ~ are gone. Wedding Anniversary Celebrated A surprise party was given for Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips Sat- are gone. Men Who Do Work. On the street crew under Jesse are at present Alex Skilling Oliver Bakken. John Helmers, Herman Lyons, and Charles Harvey all city employes on a monthly basis. Other employes are employed by the day as needed Jesse says it would be a big ^Pjf^drivers^who come up town would keep leave their --- park cars off State street and these times drivers need la Jieeu cars out of gear. Cars left out of gear can be moved easier and in of tire-rationing, i ff • r to note that cars left in gear have to be pulled out M the way on rigid tirps, a bit of business which is out of line with .any tire-saving program. "EMPLOYED AT ALGONA Union Twp., Feb. 18—Ida Mae Gardner is helping with the housework and care of the new son at R. J. Harrington's, Algona Mrs. Harrington is a daughter of 0 .—.. -« M *-*«wgiitci Ul Mr. and Mrs. George Kohl here. uday evening at the farm home south of. Algona, the occasion being the couple's 36th wedding anniversary. Bingo was played, after which lunch furnished by the guests was served. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips were presented with a chair. In attendance were Messrs. . with him. The attendance of the public is invited. Farewell for Union Family— Union Twp., Feb. 25—A farewell party was given Friday Wesleyan Guild Has Dinner— Twenty-two members of the Wesleyan Guild had 6:30 dinner Tuesday evening at the Methodist church. Hostesses were Verabel Ulfers and Phyllis Parsons. A short business session was in charge of the new president, Lucille Black. The next meeting will be on the fourth Monday in March at the home of the sponsor, Mrs. S. W. Mey"er, and a pledge service will take place at that tune. Girl Party Hostess Today— Marjorie Carole, youngest daughters of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. DeLano, is celebrating her fifth birthday today, and in honor of the occasion is entertaining eight little friends at a party between four and six p. m. Marjorie's Baptist Birthdays Observed- Members of the Baptist church WCJLI yui iy was given rrlaay incmucio uj. me J3apusi cnurcn evening for Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd j | lad a birthday dinner last even- Gross, at the west edge of Union in S at the church. Persons whose , township, when neighbors laden with baskets of food arrived. Cards were played at five tables, prizes going to Mrs. Walter Riedel and Mr. Gross; consolations to Mrs. Rudolph Will and Charles Geilenfeld. The Grosses will move to Austin, Minn., where they have purchased a section of land, and Harry Alt will move to the farm. Two Honored at Dinner— Dena Kohlhaas entertained at dinner Monday evening honoring John Kohlhaas Jr., who will soon be called into the naval air corps, and Mrs. Lyle Ellis, Hart- . birthdays fall in October, November, December, January, February, and March were hosts and hostesses. Mrs. Samuel Medin was chairman of the kitchen committee; Mrs. Russell G. Cook, dining room; Mrs. Ronald . Jen- Jergenson, and Carl Hutchins, also "Shorty" Eischeid and Mesdames Nettie Herman and Katherine Park. D. A. R. Colonial Party The D. A. R.'s held their annual Colonial party Monday at Mrs. R. P. Norton's. This was in honor of George Washington's birthday, and the women wore Colonial costumes. A one o'clock Kohlhaas, Livermore; "Mr and Mrs. Frank Kohlhaas, Algona- and Mr. and Mrs. Connie Kohlhaas, Livermore, with their children, Arthur, Richard, and Darlene. Honor for Recent Bride— The Naomi Circle will meet ^ _- -.—„-..„* v.u.^.n_ vv AJJ. ZlltiCl Friday at 2:30 at Mrs. Morris Ethenngton's. Mesdames Delia THE STORV of STfllHEV JODES vs. STDDLEV JOI1ES TURNED YOU DOWN, HAH! WELL, SHE'S NOT so nor! G'tWN, SHE'S WONDERFUL. SHE DITCHED YOU 'CAUSE YOU LOOK MESSY, 'SPESHLX VOUR SHIRTS ' BAH! DON'T LOOK AT THOSE ARROW SHIRTS. THEY WON'T HELP. YOU'RE LICKED! HONEST! LOOKA THE PATTERNS, THE COLLARS! LET'S GET SOME, STAN J O.K. Buy'EM. BUT XOU'RE WASTING BOY, MITOGA FIGURE- FIT; SANFORIZED LABEL, ARROW COLLARS, FINE FABRIC — WHAT MORE DO yOU WANT? HO-HO! ARROWS WONT H£Lf> EH? I'LL /MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS ! Look tvfY/t IJ*"* $29,95 ; !' Fine fabric, traditional Printz- '"' >A e « tailoring, fluid lines make i, J ' I this a classic style you will wear ! ,< I . blithely not only this Spring H i j but the next, and the next! jij Chrischilles Chrischilles Wear this GO S SARD High or Low t ,\ .-;..to Suit,^ Fashion's Whim Chrischilles Here's a Shetland type suit to keep you looking at your best always. It's as neat as the proverbial pin With its knife pleated skirt and long jacket with button do . WI ? Pockets. In biege, mid-blue ... and priced just right at only Sizes 12-20 V? The elastic batiste side section/ 1 widen at the top of this i6-inch gir- VI dle,makingthewaistlineadjustable. 'Front and back pinels are of firm % fabric batiste. Model 357 closes with a slide $ A We've got these brand new Arr ow patterna! Come in today and look at thetnl ZENDER'S /Stitched Rayon satin and lace makfs an ujj, W for the small Pust. Mode), 406. **„*, graduate corsetiere. YOU J2, 1 ! 88 R ° 8e L »«npe, ana helpful i n 8 ug JstL Vl llnd ' ** ^mpe lor you to wear. Consult her and ^ *V P'°P ei> garment right foundation garweit. 4 h * Te her f!t m to S* YOUR FRIEND AT MEALTIME PBIDAY and SATUEDAY, FEBRUARY 27 and 28 Many suggestions for welcome changes in your Leuten menus are found in the tested and approved recipes on'Superb and Morning Light canned fruits 1 vegetables and fish. You are spending a few minutes most profitably while you are becoming better acquainted with the recipes on the "dependable" Superb and Morning Light Brands. — «*** wtUJ3 * APRICOTS! Large Cans Snap Pork Neck Bones Per Pound PORK LIVER Per Pound .;...:;. Bacon Squares Per Pound .... BEEF HEARTS Per Pound Fresh Side Pork Per Pound BOLOGNA Big and Ring, Lb. .... BEEF ROASTS Pound 2Sc and Summer Sausage Per Pound 2 Bag 19C KRAFT CHEESE DINNER 9c NEWSBOFCQOKIES. P.- SUPERB CATSUP 14c ••i^^H _ _ Pound 16 Jac APPLE JUICE Moraine Light FRESH PRUNES No. !• Can 35c Domectle OIL SARDINES Drip or regular grind. Direct from our I roasters into vacuum (ins or jars. Lb. tin or jar. 2 Lb. Jar Cans Exchange the 3mpty baga for 22 carat Sold Pattern Dishes. 13c 16 PEAf KRUSHl .Oz. Jar COFFEE 3 Lb. Bae 20c Wheat Flak* MILLER'S, if With Premium, )>k;. 11 PRESERVE! SUPERB Strawberry, 14-oz., Carrots &1 SUPERB No. 2 Can ... MA BROWN , WHOLE WHEA'I Bread, ~ ^ ——-*•> "uiicn ... f^ ^l^^^He!5~fc &*«fflS=£=^=; CAMAY TOILET SOAP B »!^B^r«. w « IVORY FLAKES £• loc •p. «. ^ C Pake 7n ««»* Algona Creamerv '"'"-W"! I.P.-UI-J^ BUTTED - 6G nd 36c Ib. SWIFTS CORNED •it M-o«, 17c inn 33-oZ. BO WLENE M-ot, n>u DREFT lOc 24c 62c Stock 5«0|b»or 49c

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