Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1942 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1942
Page 7
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26, 1942, Move in Lu Verne COUNTY ADVANCE, ALCrONA. IOWA • j^at^i mt^^jmjm •«?•••h w ^5S^^«»^^i ; iarge ^m^imn^m-. are '>' 1g to ri«W locfctloni, some to * i m timm*m$iimffifayv P ur- " S»th«rf|pip|f me to rccn «^piH(ty|Uw' :; ' W^WKWiiiti^kwUh drtg/ahd moving, mi3atMaiats!r*L.. • _ and the home jer are here va- j who rriet Orval t and acre- ion;:'is also •and her estate; home in house . has • t * hl £>K' Jacob and to ARE YOU MOVING? If you are, and if you are an Advance subscriber, clip this form and mail at once: Old Address P. O State— Rfd Jfew Address P. O. 1 State Rfd When do you want change made:. Your name ulnn that Secondary Road Fell" 570, No. 571, No. 672, No. 673, tions No. and No. G74 be placed on file. All. ^ jy Quinn. and seconded by that the appointment of approved. Motion RMS C. H. KLAMP, Field Last week Tuesday 'we found high-priced. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dettman, i * * * * south of Burt, hanging wall pa- i We stopped briefly at Bernard per in the kitchen, and it looked E. Thompson's last week Monto us as if they were doing a fine day. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson job. Mrs. Dettman remarked live one one of Doctor Adams that we always call there, when farms northwest of Wesley. Mr. they are doing some decorating Thompson was cleaning out his or other in the kitchen. They cow barn, the framework of keep their home neat and at-1 which was built of cottonwood tractive. timber sawed right on the place. ... _ * * * * , ,. Mr. Thompson was a Lu Verne Arthur Peterson, who lives on b oy, and his grandparents were his father's farm, northwest of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pat- Swea City, was hauling out man- . ton, pioneers there. ure Friday. He and the hired! * * * * man were taking it out of the! C . N. Godfredsen, who lives at barn where they keep young 317 E. Lucas St., .Algona, but for- stock At the house Mrs. Peter- mer i y n ve d on the farm he still son had company—her sister, owns southeast of Bancroft, has Mrs - Dew , ey C °? hran > who lives not been well in the last year, south of Swea City, was there for H e has not even been up town the afternoon. Mrs. Cochran is j n a year. At that he is still the the woman we have told about jolly fellow he has always been. - 1 " - 1 ™*" " alon S . the We had a fine visit with him a week ago. * * * * At, Edw. Hoppe's, northwest of will ;.--.Vj>*5~—J-ITI—^. —— •—•'«-»•••«•••;* w* XjlV"" and a vWoods family, irv- iril|iKiay^p^ifm va- ^^|Stc»ddaird^p^A, Pf^|M|Cfui^|^cently CllW ;•£'£*»•••*•' j. t«»*"iW •»'•«•—AJ'—'-I n-n*3 ying«,^tt«|3BpEg Burtis who plants flowers 'roadside. *• * * * The Merlin Andersons have _ moved from south of Fenton to Burt,' Mrs'.' Hoppe and"hw™moth- th . e f u st £L rm north of the Doan er ' Mrs - p - L - Person, were sew- church There are two boys and ing last-Thursday. They are alone girl in the family When we ways busy at Hoppe's and Per- were there last week Monday, son's. Mrs. Anderson said she had been ; having trouble with wisdom R. L. Ackerman, who lives on teeth. The teeth were what tjiey .the.Doctor'Lichter farm south- * * * * i- call impacted, and extraction in west of Burt, was at his chores such cases is painful. * * * » i when we called there last week ' Wednesday, and Mrs. Ackerman, We made a stop Friday at Geo. _ Mre w _ Jllcl uub uie H. Johnson s, south of Swea City, income tax return. Mrs. C Ack- and found Mr Johnson was at erman is staying there at pres- the house, though as a rule when e nt. She keeps well and is as we have called he has been out jolly as ever buying stock. He said he had '« not been dealing much in stock Last Thursday we made a call during the last year and added at C. E. Sigsbee's, south of Burt. that it seemed good to stay at C. E. was not at home this time. home. Mrs. Johnson was' feed- Usually when we call he is feeding a lamb which lost its mother, ing hogs. At the house Mrs. Sigs- The lamb is well fed under Mrs. bee was quilting, and her daugh- Johnson's care. ter, Mrs. Ravmond Bierstedt also w 11 A * V t * , * Mrs< Emil Kraft and Mrs. Fred T, ^ e ,» alled , ea f ly last week ai . Genrich, all pf Lone Rock, were K E Meyer's place, northwest of helping. Little we know about the Doan church, and found Mr., quilting, but it looked to us like and Mrs. Meyer at dinner. They they were doing a fine job They are hospitable people, and we ! — *-"- .. , . - ' had dinner with them. Mrs. Meyer's little niece, Betty Bierstedt, of Lakota, was there, and are jolly bunch of women. *'»••• Godfrey Geilenfeld, a half mile west of Burt, had just come back Mrs. Meyer said she would like,from town when we saw him to keep the child, for good, for Betty was lots of company. The •- Meyer children are all.in school. * * • • We had the pleasure Friday of last week Wednesday, and had brought home a son and a daughter who attend school at Burt. We found that the Geilenfeld house had had some filing up T Larson, all of Mrs. H. iusband, congratulating Mr. and Mrs. P.! since we were there before. A A. Holcomb, northwest of Swea i furnace and a bath were in- City, on their marriage recently, j stalled, and the Geilenfelds now ms, his Peer, son'; »; Mr. Garner, nd in- week? concert : Lichty, ons, of visiting Arlo „ . of I*. Kn^t- In; Weg|Lomans, ie Ppw- Chty, of : training ,,,..or at [sgolos and er. I* at the ^Friday, .arm Bu- !*u Verne ceived i from i was on Ifor the attend- jLeigh, |- Guder- uVerne, s Lafe Sylvia 'ch, of lesson i week Edw, • meas- giyen un- ?hristen- |y to a Neigh» had a "Wilson Mrs.. Hol.comb was Emma Nelson, Swea City. Mr. Holcomb's first wife died three years ago, leaving three sons of school age. An older boy joined the coast guards recently. . * * * * • P. C. Hansen, who lives on the second farm north of the Doan church, was busy cleaning out the barn when we arrived a week ago. Every. year at about this time we call there, and always we find P. C. at his chores. * * * ' * P. L. Person, east of Lone Rock, and a s'on had just come j have a comfortable modern home. Godfrey is a good farmer. * * * * We recently had a visit with John Carlson, who lives northwest of Wesley, Where he is one of the neighborhood's substantial farmers. He has helped improve the neighborhood in many ways, particularly 'as regards roads, and he was one of the first farmers to , help get electricity into the homes. * * * * • When we dropped in at Percy Brink's the other day there were all busy, A son who had been home from town when we arriv-1 farming with his father was ed one day last midweek, Mr. moving to the farm where and Mrs. Person will have to George Schutjer formerly lived, farm it alojie this year, for their ' " — - — son will soon leave for the army. That's the story in the case of many farmers now. It looks like hired help will be scarce and from Mason City in the afternoon. Other lu Verne News. Russell German visited his parents at Blue Earth over the week-end. Arlepe Boysen, Edna Schutt, and Evelyn Van Court spent the week-end at their respective home's at Le Mars, Sioux Center, and Akron. The Tom Maspns, Clarion and Alfred Stat- lander, Belmo'nd,' were at Lottie and Jennie, Mason's - Sunday, James Eckrosch, Des Moines, spent the week-end here. The Conrad Ristaus, Ventura, visited local relatives last Thursday, Dan Higgins spent Sunday with relatives at Odebolt. Mrs. Bert Sankey, Algona, and the ; children were guests of Mrs. Anna Sankey Sunday. Walter Lenz, Fairmont, visited lopal relatives. Marjorie and Frances Toohey, employed at Des Moines, spent the week-end with their mother, Mrs. D. C. Toohey. Frances Kabele, Goldfield, visited Saturday at her sister Mrs. Irvin Chapman's. Josephine Donelson, who teaches at Minneapolis, spent the week-end here. Kathryn Sanford, employee} in offices of the Bath Packing Co., Waterloo, was at home here early In the week, {apriannj? Stevens, who,-teaches at Sheffield, • spent the week-end at William Knopf s. Mys. W, F. Rubjiy, St. James, W«ek-enjd at H. north of Wesley. The elder Brinks live north of the Doan church. 46-INCH OILCLOTH STILL 27c yard at Woodward's. u24 BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office, Algrona, Iowa, January 30, 1942. 9:00 o'cloc'c a. in. Board of 'Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion 'by Cos&rove and seconded by McDonald that the budget for blind to reimburse the State Fund in the amount of $214.86 be approved. Ayes: All, Motion by Helken and seconded by Quinn that the following reports of C. TV. Pearson, Treasurer, be approved: Annual Report, Semi-Annual Report and 'Report of Feea collected. Ayesr All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Quinn that the following reports be aproved: C. P. Specht, Mayor of Algona, Annual Report; W. B, Leslie, Justice .of Peace of 'Ledyard Township, Annual Report and Delia Weler, Justice of Peace of Algona township, Annual (Report. Ayes: AH. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by Helken that the following Official IBonds be approved: H. Mi Smith, County IBngineer, $2,000.00; UT»l»*4-l.n m«U S*l1n_1. '' 1_ T» _ _~ >__,« icimty Ayea: Motion McDonald J. F. Do Us ,as Seneca Township Trustee t> fill vacancy Incurred by the reslgratlon of I. F. Engeaser, be Ayes: All. >y McDonald and seconded by Cosgrcve that Helken be appolnt- e'd to mcke necessary repairs on Drainage Districts No. 110, No. 165, and No. : 25. Ayes: All. Motion .y Quinn and seconded by Helken tiat Cosgrove be appointed to rii!il<<> 'K-cssiify repairs f,n Drain- Districts No. 78 and No. 20. Ayes: All. Motion jy McDonald and seconded :>y Cosgrcve that Quinn be appointed io make lecessary repairs on Drainage Dlstr ct No. 2. Ayes: Motion by Cosgrove and by McDorald that February 24th, 1942, at 2 o'clo u.1. u ir l*luk>JV I-*, Ill,, vuul I. Jluunc, J\.l~ ?ona, Iowa, be the date and place set by the Eoard for hearing Gravel A Motion Cosgrove payment sonal tax known as isessments. Ayes: )y Helken and seconded by that $17.23 be accepted as in full for delinquent pcr- !S of Lawrence Saxton, also W. Saxton In /Harrison and 'Grart Townships for years of 1933, 1935, ally on s Motion and' 1938, Total being abat- whlch IB Interest and pen- ime. Ayes: All. by McDonald and seconded by Cossn ve that the following 'Resolution be WOHKRiHAS, the title to the south- half of Nvra%- of North, 'Rmgo, 28, West of the 6th P. :he Northeast Quarter Section 17, Township SO M. has the State of the m estate to the use Fund of recorded Recorder In Book NOW, SODVTOD All. Motion All. Attest: Board to adjou members Cosgrove Donald. Motion mates or All. seconded :k p. m., Court House, Al- on 1941 All. adopted: .herefore bi en conveyed to of Iowa ,ln full settlement ortgage conveying said real Kossuth County, Iowa, for and benefit of the School the State of Iowa, which Is In the office of the County of Kossuth County, Iowa, 2, on Pace 116: CKE IT •HIE- that the Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, be and Is herer by directed to release of record the mortgage! above described. Ayes: by McDonald and seconded by Helken that a refund in amount of $82.02 be made to M. P. Weaver for cancellation of certificate purchased a; tax sale, on land which Is a School Fund mortgage was held by the County. Ayes:- All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by Cosgrove that the Board adjourn to o'clock a. m., February 2. Ayes: J. H. FRARTCR, E. S. KINSET, Secretary. Chairman. Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, February 2, 1912. 8:00 o'c ock a. m. it Supervisors met pursuant G. W. Blelch, mtg. Clark Scuffham, mt Alfred Jergenton, tntg. Roscoe MawdBley, mtg. Henry 'Bailey, mtg, T. Jj. Thorsen, mtg. J. P. Peterson, mg. Joe Von Bank, mtg. P. At. Chrlstenson, mtg. Alex 'Radlg, mtg. " O. B. Johnson, mtg _ . H. H. Dreyer, mtg. Joe Schaller, mtg. R. 13. IBernlnghaus, mtg. H. W. Harms, mtg. _ """ Mike Wagner, mtg. R. W. Gingrich, mtg. Harry Ricklefs, mtg. John Cordes, mtg. _."! Robert Kruse, mtg. _I_II Walter Engstrom, mtg. I Richard I. Anderson, mtg. .II ISly Anderson, mtg. Floyd coldwell, mtg. " U W. Enrich, mtg. Thomas Berg, mtg. I H. O. Larson, mtg. VVm. Oldenburg, mtg. Oarl TTutchlns, mtg, J. F. Black, mtg. "" Henry Elscheld, mtg. Edw. iR. Mawdsley, mtg7 Jerry Heetlaml, mtg. J. IT. Ilolcomb, mtg. S. 'P. Powers, mtg. S. P. Powers, mtg. fidw. Looft, mtg C. W. Klbert, mtg. L. Hackbarth, mtg. O. E. Ruhnke, mtg. ATartln Meyer, mtg. IS. B. Thomas, mtg. Frank Clapsaddle, mtgi Albert A. 'Schlpull, mtg. H. C. Allen, mtg. W. W. Rlngsdorf, ~mtg7 W. J. Stewart, mtg. Russell Shipler, mtg. .II""" E. O. Mann, mtg. E. H. Cushman, mtg. "II Leo Goche, mtg. George Griese, mtg7~I"I A. B. Lappe, mg. O. R, Jensen, mtg. L. C. Gast, mtg. _..H L. 'P. Engesser, mtg. Chris Dahl, mtg. J. W. Bolllg, mtg7""I"I"~" John P. Byson, mtg. Henry TJaden, mtg. Jens Sorensen, mtg. 4.00 J. 1. Merrymari, bridge work 1«.60 8.00 C. W. Pearson, adv. freight 3.85 8.00 Bancroft Oil Co., sup. 1255.07 8.00 Qreenberg Auto Supply, sup7I 202.54 I^eander Vaake, labor 14.00 Thompson Yards Inc., sup7 11.73 Overton Chemical Co., sup. 805.80 8.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 Tire Re-Tread Co., sup. Norton Machine Works, sup7I 23.78 43.23 73.20 2.08 4.00 I Tire Re-Cappers Co., sup. 4.00 I Coast to Coast Store, sup. 4000 J11. J. Tank Distributor, suf)7" 33.20 4.00 | Dutch's Super Service, sup. 93.30 4.00 i Johnson Implement Co., aup. 3 24 4.00 ! O. 'P. McDonald & Co., sup. " 11.79 4.00 I V. V. Naudain, sup. 87 79 16.80 Grover Keagle, sup. 25 CO 14.00 Funk & Delm, sup. _ 6.37 Paul W. Larson, sup. "II G.CO Jack Frojt. sup. IIIIIII 2.41 Lalng & Muekey, "sup. "IIIHI .41 R. A. Harvey, mtg. Fred Kollasch, mtg. H. F. Schultz, mtg. Edwin Wlchtendahl, mtg7 Chas. Bormann, mtg. Kossuth County Faim Bu~reau7 approp. Algona Insurance Agency" 14.00 14.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 , 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.01) 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.50 4.00 4.00 17.90 8.00 8.00 4.00 8.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4 70 4.00 4.00 7.85 41C.OG 2.'70 Farmers Cooperative Society"! sup. ____________________ Tltonka Implement Co., sup. Thompson Yards Incorp., sup. Newel Hardware, sup. _ Arnold Motor Sup., sup7"II" Dau Garage, sup. _ " Walsh Electric Serv7,"sup7 F. S. Norton & Son, sup. Botsford Lumber Co., sup. Kossuth Oil Co., sup. ___ "~ Kohlhaan & Spilles, sup7 W. C. Boehm, sup. 5.85 Andrew Peters, sup. 5.00 Swea City Oil Co., sup7"II 41.70 Brady Transfer & Storage, sup. 24.89 33.82 5.91 3.07 187.20 50 B.45 12.61 31 01 7.95 Interstate Power Co.,~sup7 Central States Electric Co.", light serv. Central State Elect r/c"""c"o.7 light serv. Iowa Public Serv.~~Co7, light serv. 3.42 6.86 1.53 4.20 3.06 Lone Rock Telephone Co., tel. serv. 13.52 Tltonka Telephone Co., tel. 45.17 87.27 26.00 Don's Oil Lubricant Co., siip7~ K. & H. Co-op. Oil Co., sup." 3 eerlesB Oil Co., sup. 515.4i 'nterstate Oil Co., sup. 1D5.50 Jlbbs Cook Tractor Co., sup7" 7687.47 D. W. Onan & Sons, sup. Allls Chalmers Mfg. Co., sup. Sioux City Iron Co., sup. J. D. Adams Co., sup. Balbach Co., sup. IIIIII Barton Warner Co., sup7 Dwatonna Tool Co., sup. rl lobo Machine & Sup. "co.7 sup. Waterloo Construction Co., Kossuth Hospital, hosp. car«.not all'd . ICossuth Hospital, hosp. care. 613.00 General iHospltal, hoap. care_ 43.00 Dolmage Hospital, hosp. care 82.60 Broadlawns Polk! County Hospital, hosp. care 117.94 University 'Hospital, hosp. care SS.'iO Ella Brlggs, care 26.50 Marvel Dole, salary 75.00 Mildred A man, salary 65.00 Marvel Dole, mileage 28.25 Augusta 'Bteltz, rare lfi.60 House of the 'Good Shepherd, care j Graham's Store, sup. Walsh Electric 'Serv., sup. Fred Mlehe, opening grave Newel Hardware, burial G. D. Curtis, burial W. G. McCulIough, burial WE HAVE A tflClfc GROW new wash dresses at 94e af Woodward's. uJ4 20.00 71.16 16.36 8.00 7:>.76 71.20 79.GO rnment with the following present: Fraser, Helken, and Quinn. Absent: Mc- by Heiken and seconded by Quinn tlat the Final Grading TUsti- No. 18, No. 16, No. 17, No. 14, No. 15, and No. VA of M. T. and John M :Guire be approved. Ayes: Motion by Cossrove and . seconded by Helken that refund in the amount of $12.50 DC made to Harold and Leatha Van Allen for unused value of Surrendered Cigarette Permit at Wallburf's Cafe. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by Quini that the schedule of pay abor and extra help be set for tile for the local Addition to Charl ensuing year of 1942 as fol- 1st man, 45c per hour. 2nd man, 40e per hour. lelp. Including work putting talcing down of snow fence, hour. All. by Helken and seconded by Tillng- Tillng- • Extra up and .Too per Ayes: Motion Cosgrovel .. . .... _„, „ County Highway Engineer for road and bricge work County trunk and Farmers Co-op. Society, fuel 1.70 Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison. O. A" P. exp. Chas. MorHs,""b~d.""social"we7- fare mtg. • C. \V. Pearson, "f reas~~~adv7 bty. George F. Graham, bty7"777~~ G. O. Anderson, bty. ' R. A. Evans, coroner ~teea Guy Stokes, jury fees _ B. H. Wray, jury fees August Harig, jury fees Irene Haines, reporter fees Darlo Flowers, witness fees Donald Brandon, witness feea Ralph Llndhorst, witness fees Ralph JSlbert, witness fees Ira Kohl, witness fees_ Bancroft Register, board"~p~ro~c7 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., sup whittemore Champion, sup. Koch Brothers, sup. Jenkins Fergeman Co.~~sup~ Loring Supply Co., sup. Fcnton IBieporter, sup. Hoilcy Supply Co., sup. Metropolitan Supply Co., sup" City of Algona, sup. Bureau of ' Dental Hygfene" supplies H. A. Phillips coTsup7"~ Omaha School Supply Co7,"sup~ Towa Art Program, sup. Baker Paper Co., sup. Remington Rand Inc., sup Cowan Building & Sup. Co" sup. '' A. & P. Food StoYes7,~sup7 Richardson Hardware, sup. Norton Machine Works, sup." Jack Staebler, sup. Laing & Muekey, suii V. V. Naudain, fuel Botsford Lumber Co~~sup Walsh Electric Serv., sup ~~ A. H. Borchardt, sup. ' ~~ -iimty reads, In Kosnuth County irom January 1st, 1941, to De- that the Official Report of I Dr - H. L. MoCorkle, denal "-' •"---• -•-- - * G. F. Towne, sup. J. H. Welch Prlntlng"Co7,"sup7 Fidlar & Chambers Co, sup _ Klipto Loose Leaf Co., sup7 LIBRARY FOND Row Peterson Co., sup. ^ " ., sup. 7777, . Jo., sup Bobbs Merrll Co., sup. World Book Co., soip. 7.17.77." comber All. Motion by Quinh hat 'Lot 1, IBllock 49 Call's ll, 1941. be approved. Ayes: by McDonald and seconded to Algona Incorp., be sold 23 Fouhy for the amount' of back tafces. Interest, and penalty, also cost of tux deed, and that J. H. Frasbr, 'Chairman of the Board, be and Is hereby directed to sign deed, conveying* County's Interest in said lot. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to Audit ard Allow 1 bills as "per 'Schedule of Claims Hereinafter 'Written." COIUNTiy FOND Sullivan, P. M., post.* 15.03 W. W. age Northwestern OBell ~~Tefephone Co., tel. serv. 81.12 A E. Lauritzen; travel"exp7 47.80 W. W. liullivan, P, »M., postage City of W. W. age Alma C L. C. Hutchins, asses. mtg.i_ J. F. Q linn, comm. and ses- . llgona, Ilgnt~Ye'rv7"r"" 88.82 Sullivan, P. M., post.—-• -_ 2.00 Junkermeler, salary. €0.00 slon W. S. iCosgrove, comm7~~and session P. J. H iken, comm. and~~sei£ sion J. H. 'F aser, comm. and session W. E. teDonald,~comm7"~an<i session E. S. K nsey, attend. Auditor's mtg. 8.46 H. B. Y< r hite, del, tax coll. 310.30 Alma Pearson, assist. In clerk's office j 23.75 •Katharite McEvoy, office" exp7 1.25 -A. J. Oagley, bd. and lodge prls. A. J. C gley, mlfeYge~and~ln- vest. 1 Camilla Ihno A. (Ray E. Eleanors Will Ch Michael mtg. (Robert mtg. Oscar P iHollis Martha Platt. . Clerk ' in Recorder's ' mtg. . . . Office, $1,000.00! L. A. Haglund, As- ' Emll Ea]aer£ sessor of Swea City IncoFp, JSOO.OO; olto w«lt and A. H. CHanna, Assessor of Burt Hterbert Township , WM.' Atherton and, family; John Motion by fiutan and Becwided by **««* j **»* ««.««I«£L—^,-A _« 4.40 195.10 195.60 23691 213.95 188.40 122.00 ;es __, SG.TouJGeo. tie Tony Sdler, labor " 77.60 W. L. Whitney, assist. In sheriffs office 4,00 Bulie O-ton, assist. In fiupt7 office 12.60 Shirley Stephensonr'assfsT'ln Supt. )ffice ___,. 18,75 Ada ti. Lauritzen, assist, lii Supt. Jffice , T _ 6.00 A. E. Idurltzen, travel exp7~~ 68.30 Phil C. Uchty, rent i " 2.00 Bert Cr>nan, labor ~ 5.50 Harold Miller, labor 3.75 Imelda Engesser, assist, in • Recorder's office 20.00 L. A. "P'inkel, office exp7 III 208.02 Bertha E. Johnson, assess7 mtg. 4.00 Joe Cogey,. assess. <mtg. • 6.60 Roy A. Clark, asssess. mtg. 4.90 W. C. £ tamer, assess, mtg. 6.00 J. E. Smith, assess, mtg. " 7.00 Harry, S:hroeder, assess, mis. 6.90 A, Blanchard, assess. Donald mtg. D. C. Ells, assess, mtg. A. Eaglund, assess, mtg. 6.00 . .._ .__. . r 7.00 Cooper, assess, <mtg. 6.20 Geerdes, assess, mtg. 6.20 Palo Alto County Superintendent, sup. Wilcox & Follett"cV7.7"sup7 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., sup. Junior Literary Guild sup Wheeler Publishing Co., sup7 Webster Publishing Co.. sup Omaha Supply (?o., sup. " ~ H. A. Phillip* co., sup. Bureau of Dental Hygiene"! sup. D. C. Heath & Co.,"sup7 Silver 'Bur'dett Co., sup. Carberry School Serv., flupT,™ L. W. Singer Co., sup. United Toy Book PubHshers" sup. Pioneer PiiblFs~hTnY"Co7,"sup"~" Clarkson (Publishing Co., sup"Midwest Bindery & Sup. Co, sup. National Forum, sup. 10.92 3.00 33.40 9.50 2.00 13.50 2.10 .2.10 2.10 "2.25 2.10 2.10 2.10 2.10 2.10 6.7.01 21.65 42,33 C24.89 58.60 7.77 2.73 2.60 40.37 14.76 5.72 8.37 2.20 10.40 181.16 7.50 2.24 .61 .85 .50 11.50 19.77 115.18 8.71 24.7B 1.02 2.00 65.18 4.66 23.06 10.59 1.98 18.73 6.21 20.08 2790 116.42 3.00 34.93 133.27 5.58 2.50 45.77 25.00 S7.61 62.S4 15.00 1.94 84.58 10.38 18.69 37.65 14.00 Kossuth County 'Fair Ass'n, approp. INSTITUTE "FUND"" Mrs. Rena Jean Tesch, demonstration INSA-NB" 200.00 55.50 , Katharine MoEvoy, clerk's fees A. J. Cogley7.~snerTff~fees~r C. H. Cretzmeyer, comm. fees T. C. Hutchison, comm. fees Hobert Clark, witness fees Mrs. W. W. Glllespie, witness fees Dr. M. G. Bourne7 wlfnesV^ees Boone County Auditor, costs ' T. B. 'FUND "" Dr. H. H. Raney, t. b. Insp. Godfrey, indem. cat- Robert A. HaTvey,~In3em."'cat- tle Homer 'I indhorst, 7Fnderrr.~^a~t- tle Chaster R. Schoby, fndern! cattle Herman F. Wlrtjes, Indem7 cattle Dr. J. A. Sanftner, t. b. Inspection CONSTRUCTION FUND J. I. Merryman, bridge work H. M. Smith, salary __j I John D. Fraser, salary John Dorweiler, sup. Frank V. Blbert, assess, mtg. Hansen, assess, mg.. A. H. Hanna, assess, jntg. _I 6.00 6.20 5.20 4.60 , . - . S.20 Istenson, assess, mtg. 6.00 F. Potter, assess! O. W. I!erggren,"aasess.~~mtg7 Hejderschoidl, assess. Bunkofske, assesa. 5.50 7.00 W. L. Reynolds, assess."'mtg7 7.70 ' , . Unua 'ViLake, assess, mtg. „_ andle, asssss.' nitg..I John Heetland, assess. mt?.._ W. H. latteraon, assess, mtg. Hugo 'Fi.ulstich',. assess, mtg, Ed. Chambers, assess, mtg. Benschoter, assess. Schilti assesa . Jilts'. _i_ mtg. ^_ 6.00 8.00 7.00 7.40 £.40 6.80 4.60 5.'00 4.30 6.00 6.10 6.60 6.10 Hoenk Motor Serv., storage Trust Estate of Eva Germann (deceased) gravel land MAINTENANCE 'FUND Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., tel. serv. ___________ Frank D. Fisher, sup. _______ State Treasurer, use tax ___ ~~ City of Algona, Jlght eerv. Raymond M. IBesch, labor _ Otto W. Gaunt, labor _____ Arnold W. Delperdang, labor Clifford Holmes, labor _. ____ ~ M. L. 'Worby, patrol ________ Milo Patterson, patrol ____ Peter Movlck, atropl ______ • Nyle Movlck, patrol _________ Joe M. Esser, patrol _______ ~ Hubert Mergen, patrol ______ Ralph Markla, patrol ________ Harry Helmk«, patrol James Keiso, patrol _______ ~7J Ed Fuchsen, parol ________ ~_ Wm. F. Gronbach, patrol Tom Weir, patrqj ______ „__ Archie Dodds, patrol ^ _____ Bert Shellmyer, patrol Claxencp Hentges, patrol""" •?$'$>. 'Ffrik, patrol ___ ....... A. J. Hlldman, patrol PJpk £B.aade. patrol __ C. H. Cooper; labor ' " ' ' "" Lem Stookwell, patrol ____ " James C. Lloyd, patrol ____ , OHver Young, parol _ John Stott, patrol _„ ___ Olaf Oftedahl, patrol _____ ._ MelvJjji R. Hiwks, patrol __ Calyin Householder, patrol _ Jajnes M.' Long 1 ;, patiol ______ Doyal Sanders, patrol „.; ___ Joe H, Culbertaon, patrol ___ 21.00 6S.SO 12.00 12.00 2.10 2.10 2.10 28.00 22.30 63.11 18.83 11.40 89.12 17.03 197.00 262.00 265.00 13o.0n 60.30 5.00 4280.00 18.25 10.43 14.38 14.84 10.16 69.60 69.GO 134.80 146.39 135.20 50.40 117.60 99.0125.20 208.00 111.80 129.20 128.00 122.40 125.20 127.20 111.20 147.16 123.20 127.80 12.00 132.40 120.00 122.40 12S40 es.so ~~i~* TW #n,t**wv. patrol »-—»—— Hugh, BuMsrfteld, pft j rol ; Klrow~ £twiR£, patrol' Joe Welsh, pfUol ^Z-~~.l~Jl 327.90 114.00 122.00 123.20 86.40 129.90 132.30 Alvtaf Wbpr HM sup. Ft. Dodge Machine ~~&~~~Sup7 Co., sup. Slegr Ft. Dodge Co7,~sTip7 nontvni Auto QSlectrlc ~Co7, sup. 11.96 93.03 n.31 93.52 S.76 2^.62 36.04 22.65 £3.01 25S.2G 55.84 51.31 W. F. Smith Tire & IBlattery Co., sup. _ 178.24 Economy Welding &' Machine Works, sup. _ _ .67 DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 4— Geo. Lboft, labor 27.00 John Welch, labor " 24.00 C. Albln Peterson, labor 7.20 E. iG. Stenstrom, labor _ 9.33 Dr. No. 5— Geo. Noone, labor 197.20 Geo. Noone, labor 186.80 Chas. E. Chubb, rabor 39.20 Homer Nolte, labor _ 3.50 Concrete Products Corp" sup. 83.19 Dr. No. 60- Elmore Cement l& Tile Co.. sup. 27.00 Rock Island Lumber Co., sup. 2.06 Dr. No. G7- .TaTnes Kelso, labor 10.35 Clarence Hentges, labor 8.00 Dr. No. SO— Oeo. Looft, labor 9.90 John Welch, labor ~ 8.80 C. Albin Peterson, labor"* 3.60 E. G. Stenstrom, labor __. 4.05 Rock Island Lumber Co., sup. 8.75 Dr. No. 85— Geo. Looft, labor _ 6.75 John Welch, labor 7 6.00 Rock Island Lumber""Co." sup. _ c 00 Dr. No. 90- Rock Island Lumber Co., sup. 1,60 Dr. No. Ill— Rock Island Lumber Co., sup. 1.93 Dr. No. 116- J. c. Mawdsley, sup. 20.40 Dr. No. 125- Elmore Cement & Tile Co., sup. , Dr. No. 165 ' George l.ooft, labor £.00 John Welch, Inbor GOO Rock Island Lumber sup. 3.12 Dr. No. 166— George Looft, labor 7.20 John Welch, labor i.40 E. G. Stenstrom, labor 4.05 Elmore Cement & 'Hie Co., sup. 3.43 Rock Island Lumber Co., sup. 3.41 Dr. P. A. K. No. 1— Royal Lumber Co., sup. 1.61 Kossuth County Road MafnE Fund, sup. 83.15 Dr. Trl No. 131— Adam Heiderscheldt, labor 16.28 POOR FTJ'NID Stamp Issuing Officer, prov. JS9.00 Stamp Issuing Officer, prov. IZ.OO Sorensen Grocery, prov. gs.77 Hoods I. G. A., prov. 45.90 East End Grocery, prov7 16.21 H. R. Zumach, prov. 7 SO.OO Anderson Jack Sprat, prov. 11.Z2 Aim & Boles, prov. _ _ 10.29 C. S. Johnson, prov. 7.11717"! 30.40 McMullen Grocry, prov. "7 3.67 C. J. Applequist, prov. 18.53 Fredericks & Wessels, provT." 12.50 Kraus Cash Store, prov. U.87 Huff 'Restaurant, piov. .7 5.10 Joe Schmltt, prov. •_ 3.1C F. & F. Food MarketTprovT3.10 Fred C. Huettner, prov. "" 4.96 Whittemore Creamery, prov." 3.10 S. & L. Co.. clothing . " 2S.14 Citizens Service Co., fuel " 423 Dr. F. E. Walley, med. e!.50 Cities Service Oil Co., fuel "~ 19.90 Farmers Grain Co., fuel 23 98 Farmers Elevator, fuel Norton Lumber Co., fuel 6822 V. V. Naudain, fuel se'ss W. A. Murray, fuel _ 49^38 Rock Island Lumber Co. fuel 24 82 Lu Verne Elevator, fuel 714 Raesly Lumber Co., fuel 7,14 Farmers Co-op. Soc , fuel ~ Whitemore Elevator, fuel , u . uv Botsford Lumber Co., fuel 126 9 C Quaker Oats Co., fuel ~~ e'46 O. P. McDonald & Co., fuel"" 4757 Dr. H. L. Corbln, med. "" 31.50 Dr. 'Bahne K. Bahnson. med. ' 34.00 Dr. J A. Meuller, med. 26 5C Dr. C. A. Newman, med. 10.5C Dr. W. D. Andrews, med. " 60.00 Dr. H. D. Meyer, med, 9.00 Dr. Sherman Meyer, med. 13408 Dr. M. G. Bourne, med. 8950 Dr. J. G. Clapsaddl, med. not all'd Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle. med. ~ 45.25 Dr. P. V. Janse, raed. ~ 55.00 Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, med."not all'd Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. 297.60 Dr D. IG. Booren, classes 3.0* Dr. H. L. MoCorkle, dental 3.00 Dr. C. D. Schaap, dental "~ 29.00 K. D. James, med, sup. 7. 16.06 A. H. Borchardt, med. sup. 13.01 L,u Verne Pharmacy, med. sup. W. L. Martin, rent :.not all'd Kay L. Setchell, rent 50/01 C. H. Lichty, rent 6.001 W. A. Smith, rent 10.00 : <:. W. Nicoulln, rent " 10.001 Donald E. Cook, rent _ 5.00 E. Ross, rent 20.00 F. O. Hahn, rent _ 20.00 U W. Fox, rent 10.00 D. D. Monliix, rent .. 10.00 Hugh Raney, rent 10.00 Paul Pugsley, rent ^ 10.00 TCrnma Jiichem, rent 10.00 Lydla Ilelnhart, rent 10.00 Jake Keller, rent .. 10.00 Henry J. Kline, rent _ 10.00 iThoB. A. McManon, "mbl. service 38.75 Chas. Morris, transp. 16.80 Safe Way Garage, repairs 27.70 Department of Social Welfare, blind aid „ 15.61 Ben Bakken, labor 50.09 COUNTY FARM Roy Larson, labor 80.00 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. serv. .77 L. E. Stephens, light serv. 67.36 F. S. Norton & Son, sup. 377.45 D ratt Electric Co., sup. 6.70 Norton Machine Works, sup. _ .CO Algona Food Market, prov. SC.32 Anderson Jack 'Spratt, prov._ 11.34 Algona Ice Cream Factory, storage 26.54 raham's Store, sup. 7.38 3r. C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. 1.00 Dr. P. V Janse, med. I_ 34.00 K D. James, sup. 4.26 Bill Runge, shoe rep. 6.15 C. S. Johnson, sup. .40 R\ J. Burke, mileage 7.7. 1.25 Kohlhaas & Spilles, sup. 3.21 Richardson Hardware, sup. ' 6.91 Bancroft Oil Co., sup. 5.67 W. E. Lane, sup. 115.00 D. W. Mlttag, sun. 29.64 A. B. Schenck, sup. 87.76 RiBSO'LVEID: Th,at the County Auditor is hereby authorized to issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as "per 'Schedule of laims Hreinbefore Written," Motion by Quinn and seconded by Heiken that the Board adjourn until 9 o'clock a. m., February 17, 1942. Ayes: All. J. H. 'FRASER, Chairman Attest: E. S. KINSEIY, Countv Auditor. FARM LOANS NO COMMISSION NO APPRAISAL FEE * Refinance now while rates are low. * EDW. CAPESIUS Heise Bldg. Algona Iowa Wisconsin Holstein Guernsey and Brown Swiss ______ _ _____ C. L. Cavanaugh, med7~eup~77_ 332 * Monday, March 2 at Spencer Livestock Pavilion SPENCER, IOWA Start at 1 p. m. 75 HEAD 75 Strictly Choice Fresh Cows With Calves at Side. HEAVY SPRINGERS and HEIFERS These*, have been selected from some of the finest herds in West Central Wisconsin. A number of mature cows having records of over 500 pounds butterfat. If you are looking for foundation cattle or wish to add a good cow or two to your present herd you will find them here PAUL ROLFSMEIER Owner NELSON G. KRASCHEL Auctioneer. Attention Farmers In order to produce strong healthy pigs your brood sows need a dependable Mineral in her ration This you will find in WALNUT GROVE, a mineral that has proven its merit right in your community *7v'o many ye * re ' Tne P rice °* our best minerals is ,$6.30 per 100 Ibs. in 500-lb. lots. This price will advance soon. Take advantage of the present low price, It is impossible for me to call on, you as often as I would like to, therefore a postcard or telephone call will do. For those that have never tried our goods, I would advise you to ask your neighbor, as that is our Dest reference, and you will be convinced that you need as good a mineral. . H. S, FAIN Phoie HUHBOI.DT, STATEMENT * I wish to say to all roten in the First Supervisor District of Kossulh county that I have been a resident and taxpayer in the county 30 years, also have served 20 years as trustee, and 17 years on the school board, in Lu Verne township. I have been in charge of the counting board at elections ever since Lu Verne township had this board. 7 have served on many, other, boards and committees. I farm largely, and in view of the shortage of help this year I shall have to call on voters early, even before spring work begins. F. K. Clapsaddle Candidate for Republican Nomination for Supervisor First District PAUL HAMILL Guaranteed WATCH REPAIRING At Barker's, Algona JoRelieve Misery of LIQUID. TABLETS. SALVE. NOSE MOM WELL DRILLING A SPECIALTY GUY BEEMER Lakota, Iowa Phone 2901 17tf H.W. POST Dray and Transfer STORAGE OFALL KINDS L ng Distance Hauling Every load insured against lo.ss and damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling & draying. PHONE 298 Algona. la. FURNITURE Upholstering Will remodel all kinds of 'urniture. First-class work guaranteed. Richardson Furniture Store Phone 852. SAM KAUFMAN Sam Kaufman YOUR STOMACH CANT TALK but It complains when abused! Far* ties with late eating and drinking ' •can upset the strongest stomach, fry, ADLA Tablets for quick relief front indigestion and heartburn. Get AXXLIAI Tablets from your druggist. LUSBY & GIOSSI, Druggists. DR, G, C, SHIERK PODIATRIST (Foot Specialist) Corns, Callouses, Hammer Toes, etc., are often the symptoms of more eeriouft trouble. Avoid more serious trouble by prompt attention. Don't neglect your feet Hutchison Bldg. - Algon» Phone 250-W. , Barker Drug FUTURO Abdominal Br?ce

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