Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1942 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1942
Page 3
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i$— An A - c L.,, ; «eed corn show |p;:day Saturday Hfr-iri every way. p6Wn hall and registered for Opened at 1:30, "y, of Spencer, Fort Dodge, of slides and ;,T r «l explinatidrtfbf^IMures. An esti- , mited fOOO pancakes with butter, , Si^pV «nd COffeie-y were served at „-, >. noon Mtdj iftdjj the show. '" V ' J<M. Johli»6nw6n as first prize a butfi^oi hybrid seed corn, and Bert Dehr- KOBStmt CQttrWY AJSIfAScm Af/iftMA t5WA s Served at Lakota^Day' "** Mi *^^"«^"^""""^^*«^^^aj«aaiM M ^i^iMinmt—_L- ^ .-..-' t . . .. •^ Ung, w« 100 pounds of conccnt: ' flour. - ^Heetlands " Becker, Meyer, recently Meyers ter had been months, and March 1. the restaur- Inberg, Mrs. live with William Tkavei, of Lakota^is Stricken Lakota, Feb.. "25 — William ThaVes suffered a stroke at his home in town Friday noon. He had walked up town in, the morning as usual to get his mail, and after visiting with friends had walked home. He was stricken as he was sitting in a chair. Up to Monday morning he had not recovered^ consciousness, and little hope was held for recovery. PORTLANDERS BID FAREWELL TOWINCHELLS Portland Twp., Feb. 25—Mrs. Edw. Smith honored Mrs. Samuel Wincheli with a farewell party Sunday. The guests included Mesdames Henry Smith, Ralph Roberts, David Weber, George Koestler Jr., Edw. Dittmer, and Charles Larsen, also Mr. and Mrs. George L'anning, Mr. and Mrs- James Draper, and Mrs. Fred Larsen, all of Algona. Lois Weber was also a guest. ,, TA ?ift was presented to Mrs. Wincheli, who fulfills the maxim, "To have a friend one must be a friend." Mr.> and Weaver, who house there »iiew one this uncheon— ,-Sauer, I. E. _--«. ,..jurry Mussman ,..w. «....v.v.;fihe* Acorn club at wJte^iotcIoikpluitaieon Thursday at the Sauer? homo. Tiny flags is rftiyors, and the dr|SLf;patriotic color- ..jjttjjjSjfoll call. Mrs. *|re;mwed the Etude. ^§p|tM^trio, Dorothy '"""eetland, and ig, and John rivfiplayedjfta piano solo. ^^.JiirMISutknecht, club .l$|Itt^^J«I ; .Hn patriotic ids have lived „ oh the Stein- Wincheli are ... southwest of they purchased was sold last .Minn. Mrs. moving to a farm near Madelia, are MANY UNION FOLKS AMONG THE MOVERS Union Twp., Feb. 24—Mr. and Mrs. Ray Huff, from Cedar Rapids, will move Jo the Olaf Romstad house on No. 169, and Mr. Huff will work for Mr. Brophy. Melvin Ellingson, on the Frank Hofius farm, just north of the Black Cat, will move to a farm =35 £&-«» near Bancroft, will conic"'to"the" Hofius farm. The Durwood Mittags will move to a farm near Lakota which they have bought. Mr. Mittag has farmed the George Kohl place two years, but Clarion Long, a neighbor, will now have the Kohl farm. The Louis Lowmans will take possession of 'a farm they bought south of *"—»--- also at Camp Woltefs, Tex., and he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Alt. His address is Co. B, 53rd T. N. G. Bn. Farewell for Two FamiUeft— Guests other than parents who attended a farewell party at the No. 4 schoolhouse Friday for the Lowman and Sloter families were Ruby Alt, Mrs. Chester Bailey, Mrs. Floyd Gardner, Mrs. Geo. w. Boevers, Mrs. Laura Hohenstein and Mrs. Neb Davis Af ter a program by the pupils and their band lunch was served. Hard Water in Cisterns— Many Union women complain of the present hardness of soft water in cisterns. One woman „ .. -—nk surface water was seeping in, but so many have offered the same complaint that it sets one to'wondering. The water turns milky when soap is added. Could it be that the war has affected even the water? i Bernard Bode Joins Navy— -Bernard, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bode, went to Des Moines last week and was sworn ~i~;~~ — r v;—• [into the U. S. naval rp<jprvps! Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sloter con- Thursday. He severedI conSon „ a * T.,..» »_„- I ^ ihe R] g A ^ p ocah()ntas g ta . urday, and is spending a week or ten days here with his family be- before leaving for duty. The farm the Winchells vacating will be farmed by ex- i M r Blair with .Sheriff Casey Loss, Algona, and Wlth it is reported that people up this way are not just sure whether er they will feel at ease qr uneasy. Case's ea- Casey's eaple-eye still in practice. . is probably '' But if any jailbreakers or Japs get lost around here, one won't need to worry now. Casey will take care of them. Casey is a genuine farmer, having been born and reared on a farm south of Algona, and he They are now tenants on the Chester Bailey farm, and will be replaced by Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gardner. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Leek will farm the "Dearchs place" near the Center schoolhouse. "Bill" Dearchs, who was farming it was called to the army. Mr. and Mrs. Newton Bolin will go to Minnesota, where they will live with a daughter, Mrs. Dale Blair. Mr. Bolin will help th the letter's farming. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Smith will leave the Vogel farm and move i^Cl-Aw.".;. • *"»*"•*"— ,inual>young people's pro- !^p%i^>-fhe Presby r -^ISlM^fefay evening. _ie;?iopte|w.fa|iBjiild .Today for a :oii8l[i|edg;6f?|j»^piure and pray- i^^fecjalViSriiuilcWihbrt talks, and PsCT^'IBfrft^Our Candles. ' n «* i>n "i;i?rn'iatiejSal»i ! is sent out by •* Bi *'*^-Man Education •»;(j.y««v,vj«;*i;pu»M;«Bui^ church. The !lpsm^£8on§a|MiffiW,e'Would Be '--""'--'" '^1ai|Still Undone. JeavSr|S^tSi|imiished music. ^iiiSil^^ bterved _ • icn's Sunday - a hearty welcome to the Loss family. Behrends Family Departs The Gerry Behrends family moved last week to a small farm south of Algona, which they bought, and the Jos. Heider- scheidts, who come from near Algona, are moving to the 80- acre place in southwest Portland 1 -losing, H Building kflrhefint! Lin fU Sunda; ' W i*v>irtia&id Jacob Smiths to Move— The Jacob Smiths will move to the farm they bought in north central Portland some time ago £L C ° b A Zmd ,, Edw - are brothers! The Alfred Godfredson family lived on this farm some years before buying a farm near Seneca two years ago. Farewell for the Webers— Neighbors and other , ,—™7/ „ --— 0 "~«*.» «"«u umer friends jhurch, with | gathered- . at David Weber's CMrs. Charles I Thursday evening for a farewell H. Warbur- iparty before the Webers move to (Mrs. Eggerth|the farm where the Fox familv stty and Eva j now lives. Victor Fitch bought the farm the Webers had and will hve there. an berevo- ,j n r ^^t&'ii™'^" • * ..J§if3£ arl y !m*e$il ? ;' ' - • g&'l'r^. • -' ^'^iFurlouqh— ..«'•—^'^ " • • t . -mir ' v 1 Mrs. Jas- 3-day fur- as Friday hv home. Other Portland News. George Moore and Frank Becker are both improving satisfactorily from injuries received in a car collision reported last wppt w ? ? th - b ° ys suff ^ red severe head He injuries. George is stiU a hos- i Saturday, j pita][patient army more] The Ray Webbs il rnt Day— §g,day» in La- [yation Army. '.Was chairman a City. The tags and did $17 worth. tinted $18.50. have moved ., —=— -" 3 tenant house M w ?u y - McWh «rter farm, and Mr. Webb is working for Ray, , — - —^3__ ..»..»« Miaw. IH\J v c to their own place east of Burt in Portland township. A family named Wallace, from pear Fenton, will come to the Vogel farm. Leonard Cruikshank has rented his farm land to neighbors, but will continue to live on the place. The George Sears family will move to a farm east of Irving- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Knoll. Peter Kollasch, near Burt, will take the place vacated by the Sears family- Frank Hofius will not move to his farm, contrary to an earlier plan, but will remain another year on the farm he is renting. The Strayers and Soren Did- riksens have exchanged places. The Didriksens bought the late Ben Gould eighty, and will live there. The Strayers rented the Didfiksen farm of 100 acres east of Algona, where the Didriksens had been living. Anniversary Celebrated— Mr. and Mrs. John Gisch celebrated their wedding anniversary last Thursday night, and guests included Mr. and Mrs F C. Mescher, Dorothy, Helen, and Clarence Mescher, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mescher, daughter Judy Mr. and Mrs. Glen McCleish, son Dennie, all of Bancroft; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Heerdt, Ruth, Buddy, Margaret Heerdt, Fern, Dorothy, Ruth, Bernard, and Rachel Gisch, all of Union. "Hearts" was 1 played and was followed by lunch. Mrs.. Gisch was Mary Mescher before marriage. Union Boys in Texas— v Leroy Stoffel, brother of Mrs. Jack Grandjennett, well known as a former Union boy, is now at CampvWolters, Mineral Springs Tex., and his address is Co C 53rd T. N. G. Btn. He was a recent draftee, and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Stoffel now of Plum Creek. Elmer Alt, another recent Union draftee, is Two Off for California- Mrs. William Rich, with Mary Dunn, Ledyard, left Sunday night for California, Mrs. Rich to visit her son George at Camp Roberts. She will also visit a daughter, Mrs. Robert Ward (Ruth Rich), Woodcross, Utah. She expects to be gone a month. QUADRIGA 80-SQUARE prints, 27c at Woodward's. U 24 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 4868. State of Iowa, Kosuth County, ss. In District Court, January term, 1942. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Philip Schemel, deceased, dated March 17, 1930, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday, the 9th day of March, 1942, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 b'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned all per- 1 sons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased.,, at A1 g° n Clowa, Feb. 10, KATHARINE McEVOY, Clerk of District Court By T. HOLTZBAUER, LINNAN & LYNCH, Attorneys. 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