Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1942 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1942
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Sit VICTORY STATES DEFENSE IDS. STAMPS Ir' m* jijr t»jr BUM tfalveralt? i NewifAper IMeven, vet ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 26, 1942 8 Pages 64 Columns Number 24 1*4 + *••*"*! SSffii FARMER DIES IN CRASH Addresses of Five Missing Men (OUGHT F, B, I, ; of Negro ican Trio it*. IT • „*:"* WW (. ,,, *&4J 949—Ro •-: mv •.•ar^r^rmuBi 2129—Jose exas. ^fw-p*^ - ityv draft board is en- '"'"ilti§ate a few reg'is- ? failed to give pof address. The ire reported as [Uents: i^eroy Jones. '""Bell, [unez. tla. ^•was employed iMlthoP here when ; October 16, sJ940. Mi3isn-ff!i'ssSff!!fe''"d to have i?|^ol&fl>ark, Iowa, but !gar^|^a||tmnble to locate fteip|gHesji|ra's also reported 5i^^^S^i^^ oit ' Mich -. 'ft',A&:'i,M«xlc«Ilk-iMlMin»i ered October ange of ad- io, Tex., but there. He is » Mexico in the first Elmore, Ut efforts; at Cor- fered . October •address Rfd licia, : ,Mich., ' i at eith- Antohio, _K » — ^^^, • ' ' — ... --Red Gross Workroom Now in Action •:W. FSK * f ** ',A' ' •*•** £*C '•%%' :&V ED CROSS R pleied home T work here »c —Kossuth County Advance Flash-Picture, the second floor of the Legion hall. It is open there is plenrv of -work for any woman 1 clothes and wo* work. W8S n °* BEAN SOUP TO BE FREE HERE ON MARCH 7TH Treat Announced for a Week From This Saturday. A week from Saturday is to be "bean soup" day in Algona, when free bean soup will be served to visitors in Algona. Tickets for the soup are to be given out by Algona stores, and there is no requirement of purchase or other cost of any kind. The ticket plan is used so that only those who like the soup will be bothered with getting a ticket. The tickets will be-good at Algona cafes cooperating in the event. Objectives of Event. The bean soup day is being sponsored for two purposes. One is to conduct a drive for the sale of defense saving stamps and bonds, and the other is to provide an appetizing interlude during the afternoon for Algona shoppers. In connection with the event the stores are offering pre-spring bargains in seasonable merchan- "' " will be SUGAR RATIONING CENSUS NOW BEING TAKEN BY SCHOOLS A preliminary census io determine the probable number of March 5. Persons be returned before children in school should contact their nearest board. ^ ^ Schocl SV5llem under direction of the rationing 4*,. C i' A ' PhU . H P s : of flw* rationing board, said this morning that the plans for issuing the books are not yet complete, andfannot i be completed till this survey of population is made, It is not ' tice° W w n il? e b f r£veV hen ^ b °° kS WU1 "^ *aS* PubUc nl LOTTERY FOR FOR MAR, Honor Matt Lamuth at a Swift Banquet Men in Third County Registration Will Be Drawn. .j The daily papers have announced on'Washington author- iw«n«""e"~*r — i-—«j' "uucn,, _ . ity that Monday March 17 St Wells - Swi£t manager at Spen-! Two civil service women from i-»_j • it, r* **«**.»* AI, tit. PAT* nnnnmnan****] *U~ *.-._ AI — • i 01. r\ i _ . in 1940, nton. When he disap- . ng a' change Inotifying his ~ s. ,.,„.,_-ted a delin- ited States dis- r E. Dimqnd, ,. delinquency fjto the Federal atipn. ' t Wanted, (ipws anything puts of .any of pve is asked to Aboard at once, "elinquent has "; of the lo- or a suspected orted volun- ^-rd, the local pVestigates the. ., le board finds fu . *• -•" " w delinquent is ! :. same as m the Preceding lot- 1 intent, thel te £ es ' to consider' Gr - een ca PSules will hold the had.not been (uency. tired as manager of the "local Swift & Co. plant, after serving more than 35 years, was honored at a "retirement" banquet and narty Saturday night at the Kirkwood hotel, Des Moines. The party was given by the company's Iowa branch. Mr. Lamuth was presented with a steel fishing rod and reel and with government- defense stamps. H. B. Dobson, former assistant manager here, has been made manager to succeed Mr. Lamuth, and he attended the party. Robert as yet. but after women had com- sponsored in every kind of merchandise from the roughest to the finest, and the bargains will not be duplicated till after the war closes, if then. 1 Hours for Serving. . It is now planned to have the bean ,soup served between 1:30 p.-m. ana 4:30 p. m. These hours FIVE TYPISTS IN f KTS FOR FEDERAL JOBS Gov'ment Seeks 300 '* for Employment at Washington. FIVE HUNDRED AT FARM LOAN ASSN. DINNER Organization M e e ts Yesterday in the Academy Gym. ity tnat Monday, March 17 St —' ""•" ."'<""»Ber ai Patrick's day, has been set for; f ne l' accompanied the two the next draft lottery. ians> This lottery will be for the men 20 to 44 years old who reg-* istered Monday, February 16. There are between eight and nine millions of them, all subject, to call for .military service. The lottery will determine the order in which these men will be called. The procedure will be to be drawn. In view of ,_ _ v __ **,,»„, in y 4C yy u± the day fixed for the lottery the color is deemed appropriate. The new registration cards bear the printee} letter, "T" before the numbers. This indicates that the registrants are of the third registration. As in former cases men holding the early numbers drawn in the lottery willTje first to be called to the service. , T t is said, however, that no registrants of the third registration will be called till lists pf men available in previous registra- Speaks Program and his Blakinger, both «. college, were IMarshall Bar pm between Saturday morn- ,ja Chicago ra- ff f are members "e team and TV—~~ ••• t»»vnuua icgisu'a- i discussion on I tloTns ]? ave been exhausted. , fr-the Roose-1 * to* county ? it is reported, --j Roose- Plan. S(u i these pro- own subjects U script. The Iguests of the ciation Satur,is the young- hMrs. G. S. Bu- Dick's hoine peport \ Ur Corps ; Dale Kel|y, fjcer, went to Inesday, and the naval air ,,14, who had tlriper Military <v Mp., —" ::?t ' i the lists for previous registrations have not yet been exhrfiis- ed. , i Men in the third registration may be called sometime in the , spring. Questionnaires may be i. issued '— "— fppdfs l v G, mgther, Bfrg, cpusm, Rob- DRAFT BOARD RESHUFFLES REGISTRANTS The county draft board is now reviewing all registrants classi- St. Paul were here Monday to conduct an examination at the postoffice of stenographer-typists for government employ. There were only five applicants. The St. Paul women said they were reqluired to find 300 stenographer-typists in this federal j civil servise distrirt, which consists pf the states of Minnesota and North and South Dakota and part of Wisconsin. They are conducting similar examinations at . -*J — — •»«£,•»«» ***• hhj *.A«Ot31™ fied in 1-B (qualified for limited service), also all classified in IV-F (disqualified for military service). This is in accordance with instructions received from national head :iuar tors through state headquarters. Where relaxed standards per- _„. ._ _ „ mit, registrants in IV-F will be. type furnished copy reclassified 1-B or 1A, and men Names ' and ratings other postoffices in the district Age Jimits are 18 to 53, and women who pass are at once sent to Washington at a beginning salary of $120 a month. The local applicants had to furnish their own tynewriters, take dictation up to 80 words a minute, and The 14th annual meeting of the are most convenient for"the" res-! A ^°^ ^t"?^ Farm Xoan as ' taurants serving the soup be- 1 soclatlon ' held yesterday at the cause they will not be competing gy mna sium of St. Cecelia's acad- with dinner servings till 1:30, em y» was largely attended. More and will have to prepare for .than 450 members and friends evening customers after 4:30. were present. total in the sale of 1 Special entertainment numbers «>t a t t-Tnnn^nn j has been on a Program which followed set at $2,000,000, and committees dinner served by women of St. are now busy preparing a sched- Cecelia's parish, were a piano ule for quotas in various districts solo, "Sunrise" by La Vonne m the county. The bean soup Newel, Fenton, and a vocal ser- aay wia celebrate completion of tette group consisting of Bernice Fnp n? 1 X? ry P f " S> and - the open- Prew> Bettv Jean Schwartz, Baring of the sustained drive. | bara Frank, LaVonne Newel, Complete plans for observance and Kathryn Bleokwenn. Mystifying tricks by John Lentsch, lo- furnished added of the day will be given in next week's papers. Ambulance Benefit Fund Profits From Basket Games Here Gate receipts at the Red Cross ambulance benefit basketball innn io,uuo g ' j — • --*— w»*M * l41f.L41gO OI IOC reclassified as 1-A. women who took the tests here «°«rfSr n ? redass'fication, the were not given out. Some of registrant will receive notice. | them, perhaps all, qualified. It The same rights of appearance.! is said that none wanted to go before the local board and ap-1 to Washington—scared out, per- oeal to the district board are giv- i haps, by stories of overcrowded en the registrant after reclassi-! conditions there and high ex- fication into 1-A -or 1-B as he '• pense of living ^S^I 6 ^, 3 ^. 3 ?^^. 3 . 1 .,'»,f *W« that one of the went to Iowa's , Cross Ambulance fund, which is to purchase ten ambulances. Two-thirds of this has already been raised by the Iowa high school Athletic association. In the games Algona high won from Humboldt 28-20, and Presentation Academy, Whittemore, won from St. Cecelia's 20-18 in a fast, close ga.,^ Officials for the games Supt. H. M. Granner and Anderson, Ledyard. The schools cal magician, entertainment. Charles H. Newel, Fenton, was elected a director of the associa- tion'for the ensuing three years. The annual report of Secretary-Treasurer H. D. Hutchins showed a good increase in loan business for 1941. The association had 499'members as of De- reached cember 31, 1941, and was servicing federal land bank and land bank commissioner loans totaling De more than $4,500,000. The Al- Creamery gona N. F. L. A. has no farms under foreclosure, and has never owned any farms." J. H. Moore, representing the federal land bank at Omaha, discussed conditions leading up to the development of the land bank system, which is this year Temperatures Rise From a Low of 11 Points Under Zero Last week Tuesday's low mark of .11 degrees below zero was the low for the week. A high mark this week was established when the mercury hit 34 Tuesday afternoon, and the snow melted to an icy slush. There have been no abnormal temperatures this week despite -a' storm warning over last week-end that failed to materialize for this section of the state. The report tor the week ending last week Thursday follows: _ , High Low February 12 30 February-13 29 February 14 36 February. 15 30 February 16 29 February 17 7 February 18 7 PIONEEfrOPS NEAR RIVALS BY 44 POINTS GESCHE KILLED WHEN CAR DITCHED Accident Happens on Paved Road South of Elmore. Pioneer team tops the list in the bowling tournament this week by surpassing week by passing Interstate and Silver Gray three points. Standings are: Team— \y t Pioneer 43 ' Interstate .45 Silver Gray 45 .37 Robert M. Loss summarize'd the farmers' part in winning the war, and his address was fol- Wesley Auto "Ills? Courthouse _ 36 K. of C. ______I"35 Grain Belt 33 Wes. Co-op. 34 Burt 29 Peerless '_ 30 Becker's __^____Il29 Oldstyle Lager __~25 Whittemore 13 L. 21 24 24 28 29 32 33 34 33 35 37 29 40 44 44 Pet. 696 652 Benjamin Gesche, 36, Elmore farmer, known familiarly as 'Bennie,' was instantly killed Monday evening a little after 8 o'clock when his car plunged off the No. 169 paving 3% miles south of Elmore.. Gesche, who was alone, had passed two other cars just before the catastrophe. Apparently he was driving at considerable speed. There is more than a suspicion that he had been drinking. Gesche Thrown Out The ditches were not deep at that point, but there was snow- in them. Gesche's car, which was totally wrecked, apparently rolled over and over, then skidded before it came to a stop some 270 feet from the point where it left the paving. There is a flowing well at the side of the road where the accident happened, and there is a hump in the ground around the well. Gesche's body was catapulted out of the car at this point and lay on the hump. The car went on, but from that point skidded in the ditch. Deep. Head Wound. Gesche suffered a head wound I which apparently extended deep --- into the brain. One arm was A » nearly yanked out of the shoul- j> I der. He may also have suffered -° a broken leg. The body was badly bruised otherwise. . Doctor Sommers, of Elmore was called, and a call was also put in for Sheriff Cogley. Cogley was ten miles south of Algona, settling a family rumpus, but his wife knew where he was and relayed the call to him. He drove to the scene of the accident at once, and it was midnight before he came away. The body was taken to Blue Earth in an undertaker's ambulance. Married Ledyard Girl. Gesche was bom on the family farm four miles northeast of • tlmore. A brother now lives on that, farm, but 'Bennie' farmed J. us t across the road. Another brother lives at Blue Earth, and S, S ' S l e f' ^ Rodney Pearson, at 14 652 576 , . on, a Wmore, where the father, Henry , Gesche, also lives. ten or 15 ago The Elk Cleaners team is well the lead in the women's tour- 5611 Gesche married Mae Welfare of 536 .j Ledyard. It is said that they 5221 were later divorced, but that 507 | Mrs. Gesche sometimes served as 500 | her former husband's housekeen- «2'-r' i7 hey . had no childr ^. 439 Gesshe may have been on the 435 way to see his ex-wife when the 420 accident happened. • •••• 362 228 tin., ~.T,i j J »»-«a t ,ui.i.a-• UIB yjtiures, ~rne mver and made S£» ?h°e rSsTr^y %*** ^ C3mpaign to SeU .e a one o e fnr S J 1 ' n ] " A> b "t re <l ues ts eligibles, who, apparently, is not for hearins i for hearings or appeal must be i afraid of the' Japs has made within ten days after date j the St. Paul office to of mailing notice of new classifi- " " cation. * written —- — -»»»• WA&**.*. wf iric)uii*€ whether she can be sent to Honolulu instead of Washington. V.F.W. Entertains Spanish War Veterans Monday a member club expense. defense bonds. At an organization meeting the five directors of the association elected officers for 1942' Henry F. Weber, Corwith, president; A. B. Schenck, Algona, vice; H. D. Hutchins, Algona, secretary-treasurer; E. ~~ " Sewing Room to Be Open on Half Days The Red Cross sewing room at wtn^K."* 1131 - 1 ,,^ 11 not be °P en Algona, acting secretary-treaW 2r&tSs 0 r.?r n cteiStff the foii ° w ^^ <From now on the sewing rooms will be open every week Monday through Saturday at one p. m. unless otherwise announced in the local newspapers. Mrs. Samuel Medin is sewing chairman; and Mrs. T. L. Larson, cochairman; Mrs. J. A. Raney in charge of knitting and yarn for L. 18 20 32 33 Pet 667 698 407 294 Red Cross knitting which can be obtained only .on Friday afternoons at the Legion hall. Grain Grading is Topic at Meeting Twenty Kossuth farmers atr tended a grain-grading school at Arlo's Grill Monday. Speakers were a Mr. Bentley and a Mr. Reddy, pf the Ames extension service, and Mr. Western, of the Quaker Oats company, Chicago. The group discussed grain grad- ingi cleaning, improved varieties, seed treatment, and disease- """'•"'snce varieties, County \ At L, Brown presided. 79 »E WAR NUBSE. """ Palmer. B. .N., left evening for Camp pear Neosho, Mo., will b* in an army Team— W. Elk Cleaners 36 Shilts S. S. 31 Modern Dry 22 Marker's 15 A record has been broken in the men's "200" honor roll, with Burt, topped them all with a score of 245, and Clark and Pearson, on the Court House team, tied for second with a score of 235. The honor roll follows: Higgins, Burt .245 Clark, Courthouse ._ 235 Pearson, Courthouse 235 Hutchison, Courthouse _i^_._225 Er, Peterson, DeKalb _-_.....224 Amfahr, G. Belt ^___22.2 I Baas, Creamery J~~222 {Philip, Creamery 220 . _ . .- .. . -, ^— iRoney, Silver Gray _1 ~_212 Job a^Washington T WtKSy K ±J±=:i8 Walker, office Regular members — Henry F Weber, A. B. Schenck, Charles C. Egel; alternate loan members— W. H. Patterson, Buffalo Center, Olaf Funnemark, Wesley, Hugh Raney, Algona, Joseph Besch, Whittemore, Charles H. Newel, Fenton, and Julius W. Bollig Fenton. » ! • Algona Girl Plans accented be finish her Creek. Miss Walker will 'Exam' Dated Here for Bancroft Nasby M. J. McCall, of the Algona postoffice, local civil, service secretary, announces an examination here next Saturday for postmaster at Bancroft. A daughter of Jos. Sherman held the office till she .was married and resigned, since which time Mrs. Flora Bradley has been acting postmistress. It is not yet known-How many applicants there will be. The examination will probably be given at the postoffice here. H. S. Teacher Will * Leave for New Job G. T. Keefer, .local physical education teacher, and athletic ooach, is tendering his resignation from the Algona public school teaching staff, effective about April 1. He will leave to take a position as farm supervjs-r or for the California Packing Co. at Rochelle, 111. No action has yet been taken^for a substitute. GETS CALIFQIINIA JQ*. , __„___,__, MErfiUCjritc D&lzioL dapghtey C. C. r __..,^_^Zl204 i of Mrs. E. W. Lusby, whp has a&K employment at San " ' been m Credit Bureau employ, i and Dorothy Hoover vill be new office girl for the Credit Bureau. - Over Station WMT -300-200 Job yesterday (Wednesday), She had beep physical education in-i structpr in a .State Teachers college at Superior, Wis., dujing the last few years. AGENCY CHAjm C. B. La Barre, who had tor some years conducted the West- i%4 Richard Keen, senior at Qoe college, now appears op a wjjo program-very Sunday afternoon, 1:30 to 2 o'clock, over station WMT, Cedar Rapidls and Wsfcrtoo. 'ife %J8g 88 £ n &,^! *V!m a *!? Jw»i 1XPECTAHT * I" F< ^ tagh, and among well mien who e; o tfee varmy. h«t account

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