Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 19, 1942 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1942
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Wa-lan-yans Initiate Five— Five new members were initiated into the Algona Wa-Tan-Ye club Tuesday evening at a 6:30 dinner meeting at Arlo's Grill. Twenty-eight women were in attendance. The initiation ceremony was performed by candlelight by the club president, Rose Lampe, the vice president, Darleen Immerfall. and the secretary, Layon Sankey. The new members initiated were Donna Hill, Elizabeth ippcnina) R. J. Willrett was low. 'Mrs. Dwenger received a guest prize? Father and Son Banquet— •'• " . The Congregational Men's Forum will meet at the church) next Wednesday night for an annual Father and Son banquet* There will be a program, and 6:30 dinner will be served by Mrs. T. L. Larson's and Mrs. D. P. Smith's circles. D. A. R. Party Planned— The D. A. R. will have a Colonial party next Monday after-. tiated were Donna Hill, Elizabeth 1UIUCU P a iy ««« monaay aiier-. Kemmer, Leona Seimer, Bernice' noon at Mrs. R. P. Norton's. A Dodds, and Genevieve Sterling.' one o clock luncheon will be Tho 4iv,ioe ,„„,.„ A~~~~~I-~J i_ I served. Instead of havine the The tables were decorated in the Wa-Tan-Ye colors, red. black, and yellow, with tapers and flower centerpieces of carnations, geraniums, and daffodils. Each new member was presented with a corsage at the close of the ceremony. "An informal" initiation then took place, the initiates being put through all kinds of stunts. In charge were Jessie Smith, Darleen Immerfall, Anna Buss, and Laura Mitchell. Wa-Tan-Ye songs were sung, with Flora Tiss at the piano. WRESTLERS FACING DISTRICTTOURNEY Coach Wilson will take the .high-school wrestling team to Fort Dodge Friday night to enter a district wrestling tournament The first and second winners will go to the state tournament at Waterloo next week Friday and Saturday. Algona will , iclloc have the following representatives at Fort Dodge: 95 lb., Nielsen; 105-lb., Banwart; 112 lb., Maharas. 118 lb.; Ditsworth; 123 lb., Marshall; 129 lb., Dale or Klein; 135 lb., Bakken; 145 lb., Gunder; 155 lb., Calhoun; and Hvt., Geigel. Algona has a promising team this season and several members T . ----------- .— -- have outstanding records. Niel^*°L* a £?L2. e sen has won six and lost only two of his matches; Ditsworth has won nine matches, and is undefeated so far this year; Maharas has won eight and lost only one match; Gunder has won flmfMTY ADVANCE. A10ONA. IOWA MARKETS HOGS Med. hvy, 180-220 jviea. nvy., iou-««v ' iTiX Med. hvy., 200-240 -1112.20 *»_ • i _. nAf\ <irrA (:191A 1TACV4* AA»J*J ffvv —-•• — — — — —— -— Med. hvy., 240-270 112.10 Med. hvy, 270-300 f 2.00 wiea. nvy., *iu-ouu _- T*«..W« Packing sows 270-330 $11.70 Packing sows, 330-360 $11.60 Parking sows, 360-400 $11.50 CATTLE Canners and cutters —$4.50-5.50 Fat cows $6.00-7.00 Fat steers $9.50-10.50 Bulls $8.00-8.50 _ A n /\/» *.1 A/1 LONE ROCK LETTER The Henry Kuecks were Soa- day dinner guests at **>*& denwith's, Swea City. M«H«rt« Jensen, Bagley teacher, spent the week-end at the parental Boy Jensen's. A follow-up home project meeting which was scheduled at *••„ t.^.1* SV.;*t«**a * novf WfkAir next ' week Mn,. Urd AMttM*' tefi4*tto M ' PhyUis Seegebarth, Htftert ltat* na, Eugene and Laura Jdadfg, IIB, EIUBCIIC BIIU UBIUB • a f w yy 1 **' Wilhia LMttf, Christina Kftdiftf, Aldon Mitchell, Luellft Aektr< man, Pern Sanders, and Lucille Haack. Five Hundred was played, Robert Hanna winning high. Luella Ackarfflan being.low, and W* 1 A <&*• 4j _j._i^_*_ J__ .**, 1^.—^J.A.t * Alex Krueger's. Louise Wilson, Ledyard, spent the week-end with Mrs. Duda i and Mrs. Lloyd James. Miss h ?,^ ty ** m T" mDute toward de ' Other Society News . The Methodist Home Builders both postponing monthly suppers scheduled for this week and will have them next week instead. This is to avoid conflict with thp preaching mission services this week. The . , i., eight matches . losin g onl y two; Na ' 2 yeUow soybeans $1.78 f n , d Geigel has won ten-seven No . j flax g , 3ed ...$2.20 fal i s and three de «sions—and is No . 2 malting barley 65c with Flora Tiss at the niann The Id 'e Hour bridge club had' T • • uecj& . 10 ?' Adah CarLj/Red^cSs S ^annual "En: lot thfI Year par- £dft£ SU' «„« t — ju_ -i..i_ . tV VPstprHav Ono n'olr.Mr lunnVi- "au live Uldwi. undefeated so far. In the ten wrestling meets in which Algona has participated so far this winter, the boys have won 28 decisions, 30 falls, lost 23 nuns ~— cBfin lOfD'and Mrs. Lloyd James. Miss, ^^!&'^:^S&^ ^^^ i her parental i Veal calves $8.00-11.00j °™£ HilrnTErkkson, Bancroft,! I SHEEP *,, ftn ii R n' came Saturday evening for aj 'Choice $11.00-11.50 f ew ,days at Donald Blanchard's. j Medium ^P^Hf ' M"- Maroellus Madden and I : Common $4.75-6.75 jj r an( j Mrs. Roy Madden, I Culls $4.75 down Marshall, Minn., were Sunday, Fat ewes _ $4.75-6.75 Dinner guests at R. F. Hawcott's, GRAIN | and afternoon callers at James t No. 2 yellow corn ._ -S9c i Wadsworth's. Lottie Stewart, No. 2 white corn 80c Selina Clifton, and Lulu Hawcott, all of Burt, spent Thursday evening at Hawcott's, and the Rev. Mr. Shaper, Good Hope, j was a supper guest there. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Hollister, Lake Park, were Sunday dinner white oats EGGS , man for the club, gave a report and askod for volunteers to sew for the Red Cross. SILVER WEDDING FOR TWOFENTONOLOWEOS Fenton, Nov. 18—Mr. and Mrs. George Siems celebrated their Medium D's and C's Cash Cream No. 1 .... No. 2 Sweet -_. ~27c Puests of Mr. and Mrs ~26 C Heiter. W. C. 36c 34c 37c -««• ty" yesterday. One o'clock luncheon was served at Cook's, and the women then played cards at The next meeting will be a i M f?- W ' G - McCullough's. Three February party next Tuesday i M^ Were 1 " play evening at 7:45 at Mrs. Wm K. j ^ esctarnes W. H. Klamp and Ferguson's, and hostesses will be | , ?P Spongberg were hostesses Elva Ewold. Flora Tiss, Bertha ' n? f S - D - W - knitting club E. Johnson, Frances Schultz and . iT u ay afternoon a * one o'clock George Siems celebrated their - K n,. 6 o, ^<*,j, ~.~ « *~~ —-.. Anita Rose Kohlhaas. ' luncheon at the former's home, j silver wedding anniversary Sat- Springs under 5 Ibs. 13c T^lX'OlTra v*-i nw. Vm«« .. - ._ i I .,__ J TTl _ _ J. __ 1 _ i! 1 T -- 1 - :___ * 1 — Townsend Club Has Meeting— The Townsend club met at the Lepion hall Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton attended open house at Ole Johannesen's Sunday in honor of the Johannesen 50th wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Angus recently returned from California, where Gerald had been employ- XICIIS, U11UC1 1 iua. __ ------- AJ. /*». wiiCAC wcicuu lldU UC£Il eijlpioy- Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. ---------- 15%c ed, and are now living in a ten- Hens, over 5 Ibs. --------- 17%c ant house on Gerald's father's , . --------Springs, heavy, over 5 Ibs. __15c — _. ...^ iUA.nvj. ^ nuiiac. - •_.*"*"&" —^.-^. - —— --Twelve members were present. urday. Forty relatives and Leghorn springs lie Tn e O. E. S. past matrons will ? one °' cl °ck luncheon next afternoon at the Ma- venng Announcement was made of the S m S Tern P ]e - Hostesses will be candidacy of Ray R. Hanna, of Ruthven. former district chair- mes Monlux - M ^' - and Chnt °n Lighter. . i ------------ . friends were dinner guests, and Cocks, under 4% Ibs. -------- 8c farm, where Gerald is helping with the farming. The Emil Krafts attended a Pertl-Dreyer birthday party at ee nner ess, an , . -------- j .- pary a supper guests were the Rev. and Cocks, over 4% Ibs. -------- 10c|Adolph Pertl's, Whittemore, Sun- Mrs. Alfred Rehder, Fairville, No. 2 poultry 3c less .tiuuiviu. iuimei aiStrlC'1 CnaiF- ' 1\/r V,, . ~ ""^., j-i»eaii,ci. i.i^ooij. aii>a JTiCBiaaiucs \_.JtlUUC man of Townsend clubs for ren- l , Mrs ' Elsie Cad >'- daughter Eve- Speley, Frank Humphrey, and resentPtive for Conpress from '>" n ' and Mrs. H. W. Post were ! William Fischer, Mr. and Mrs. this district ° esses a t one o'clock hur-p ' Ernest Votteler sn i son Bert, also the following Fenton people: Messrs, and Mesdames Claude Seeley, Frank Humphrey, and BURT GIRL IS WED. Burt, Feb. 18—Mrs. C. W. Pat- home Saturday from day evening. This was the 30th annual Pertl-Dreyer party. Will Christenson attended a county fair board meeting at Al- - -- -^* v^viip:! coo 11 UII1 this district. Mrs. Jessie Edwards and H. E. Miner were appointed to serve on a farm ad-, ministration committee in the in-1 terest of national defense. ' The program chairman, Mrs. I Frank Johnson, read a hostesses at one o'clock lun^hoon | Ernest Votteler, son Vincent, the Friday at the Cady home. There i Herman Haacks, the Noah Reis- the ----- gona Saturday. ^ «., me v-.au.v nume, j nPre i A J-CI mail xiacicKS, me i\oail rxeiS- . 7 r • — T • were six guests, and the after- ! oners. Mrs. Ida Kuecker. daugh- mamed to Lieut. Louis B. Perry nr,r,n ^,.«^ j. _j . i__ ^t , , — •.. -p last week Sunday. Tterso " , ,, . +LoS ^"^ le ?L 0wh ^ r ,f rietrhadf g ^ I Ewald and Edward Haack en^° at , t . end ™ e wedding of her tertained at a Valentine party daughter Genevieve, who was Q — spent at sewing. ter Gertrude, son Kermit. Mrs. The Baptist Missionary society Mary Miller, Mrs. B. G. Berke- will meet this afternoon at 2:30 j land, and the Hefbert Schickel- at the church Mrs. Newton Hei- ' mans. Sunday evening, and attending were Donna Jean Bates, Helen Nelson, Velma Gregerson, Wil- Jensen, Bonita Jensen, Harold rranK Jonnson. read a story + -n i«rs. wewton Hei- mans. about the Star-Spangled Banner j M, 111 char ee of the les- Other supper guests were Mrs. anr9 +Vto -ill,-];,-. _ ,1 ' Son, SHci Mr^ T.aclin T^-^^^t. "P a iili *->«•* f^.«J« 7i^»« ~c* i* «-»•. •DclIlJlHr, _„_ , ,._ ^~ v * "* - A--.^- — -—r'*"--* t,"v-^tJ VVCAC: J.¥i.l£». r the an- ,?",' , and , Mrs -. Leslie Engstrom Pauline Gade, Mrs. Emelie Siems, i son? _. ... number. H. E. Miner spoke a recent trio to California Dancin? loJIiw^H. \vi1h }1 Heart Hunt under direction of the so cial chaim.-m. Air: Mrs. Jessie Towards and Edw. Mixdorf. who v- P re crowned king and queen .rf the evcnincj led the grand march, with "civde Copper as floor manasor. The Teitz orchestra furnished music Sixty persons were registered - ! s on Ervin, Mr. and Mrs. George Robert Williams enter- > Meyers. Whittemore, and Mr. and and the audience sang the an-' -11 them. Mrs. A. M. Anderson. I.ila ' - - ead Hovn tion«: ochmidt, and Vir.TT Sands Jr ! < • j" v ""' "*""""» eiuer->•"•"-J ci °. vmiiiejijui'e, ana ivir. ana gave a song and instrumental' , * he r bridge club Saturday Mrs. Henry Wichtendahl, West on ' o '° tables - Mrs. R. C. La- Bend. jBarre won high, and Mrs. Wm ' The ' r • Steele was second. Mrs. Harlan Frankl entertain- City and County couple were j with many gifts. presented )f the so-: O j C *•"•".•»" IICUIKI eniertam- MaiT Heard , ; TV, SeWlng dub Wednesday. - , __ •; mere are ten members. Grandparents Twice in Two Weeks Time Union Twp.. Feb. 18—Mr and Mrs. George Kohl have received word that their son and his wife : Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Kohl, St.' TUT * ""•- "-s"ititu. i The C R •RCTOC^I-.KI 4-1. TT ! ^aul, are parents of their first The^xt club meetm, will be I Sle^S d ^f^i^|^ I f^4> girl, bom Sunday n™ T1TONKA held Tuesday evening. March f afternoon. Another Union Card Parry j vere four-day , ; up to Monday r \ somewhat improved. ! The ~ he neighbors at cards ^uniay eveninp. and nine tables were in play. Hieh scores were won bv Mrs. Ben Sloter and Fmil stof- fel, and Mrs. "Jack" Grandjen- Calvin funeral ''s aunt, Mrs. •_• >_-«.^MV*M > 7 A11UJ.11" mg. The baby weighed 7% Ibs. i and Mrs. Kohl grandparents for the second time _ within two child a son born I m, T^~L", s> ^" '• Harrington. ! J hf Knhls also have one other Mrs. Ira Kohl. The Rev. and Mrs. E. P. Lipscomb were at Britt Sunday, and Mr. Lipscomb preached at the Nazarene church there in the absence of the pastor, the Rev. Mr. Leah, who had gone to California to visit a son in U. S. armed service. No one preached at the local church in the morning, members of the congregation attending the preaching mission service in the evening instead. Mrs. M. G. Norton was brought home Monday from the hospital at Carroll where she had been recovering from severe injuries suffered in an auto accident on Christmas day. She is now making rapid progress towards normal, as is, also, Mr. Norton, who was released from the hospital two weeks ago. Mr. Norton is still at home, but expects to be back at the Norton & Son lui beryard before the week ends. Harold Nelson Were Wednesday evening puests nt a surprise party for William Bilsborough's ,79ih birthday at hi" home at AlKona. " Mrs. A. A. Krueger and Mrs. Arthur Priebe entertained at hridpe Saturday evening at the letter's, and attending were Mesdames Roy Jensen, W. J, Cotton, Ray Snyder, E. M. Jensen, and Donald Blanchard. Mrs. Roy Jensen and Donald Blanchard won the high prizes, Mr. and Mrs. Cotton were low, and Donald Blnnchard won a prize. Mrs. Jennie Whitford and her daughter Mrs. Dave Lynch called on Mr. and Mrs. Jack Krebsbach and the Krebsbach infant son at Swea City Friday. Alton Pettit, Mrs. Glen Householder, son Darryl, and Phyllis Seegebarth made a business trip to Fort Dodge Wednesday. Mrs. Hattie Shaser and her son Albert drove to Columbus Junction Saturday, called by news of the death of Mrs. Shaser's brother, Henry Oak. • Funeral Services for Newborn Baby Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at the Mc- Cullouph chapel for Madeline Viola, three-day old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Schipull, farmers near Algona. The Rev. Mr. Richmann, Burt Lutheran pastor, officiated, with burial in Eastlawn cemetery. The baby, first child of the Schipulls, was born at the Kossuth hospital last Thursday. Mrs. Schipull is the former Viola Maharas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Maharas >Ujf • : ; '»!i;fc $32.50 Fashionbilt Suits $25.00 Other Suits $15 $19.75 Destined to be the mainstay of your wardrobe! In superb 'fabrics, competently tailored to look handsome trudging over a country lane or pace making on the higher, brighter avenues. CHRISCHILLES STORE WE 'SIA V:El 'Y'O U, IVl'O N E Y, FNMT »i MTIIMT - FEBHARV 20th I M «%0* CONSUMERS WHOLESALE FOOD ^ FANCY SWEET JUICY CALIFORNIA NAVEL ORANGES BRIMFUL OP RICH IDICE MEDIUM SIZE NAVELS . . MAMOUTH SIZE NAVELS , STORE! nett and John Lrfnin^Tw™ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ low. Travel was wnn h-,- -R^V,^* ™ ^^. a ^°- I a™^ *_„_! namei, r^eun, Al- def^nse stamp books. Mr. and Mrs. George Kohl entertain^d Tuesday evening. Dur- wond MittRe W on first for men Mrs. Wallace McArthur for women, and thp latter field. Mr. and Mrs. air in <K ov, • fitraciuea in the Shrine auditorium, Sioux Craven. JSjJ S$,£«X.'S Mrs. Harry Keith, Algona. Horness Oil 39c gal. DOAST TO COAST STORE GIGANTIC COOKIE SALE! Waterloo Methodist Circles Meet Today— Th<=> Mr.ihnrlist Wnmnn's Sr.rj- will meet this afternoon st "' O'clor-k. with the fnDnivjr,^ ho^'t- essf-s: Mr-? E. A Or-. n rir>h' s cir- C]P. with Mr= J (7 P'.ihr Mrs. r TT Cl-TuWj; v -ith \"TS H A. Tnttlp: Mr= p. A. nln-rrn"; Mr. R w AndPT-con's^with'Mrl' E^thfT He])inru; Mrs. E. J. H«-T- : Harold Miller had business at : Mason City Monday. J ^hn S. Rippentrop enter- Gr-orpe Ripoentrops .. —mn? in honor of her husband s birthday. Cake ice "!l mser ^ ffee ' and sandwiches I.i^htpr's with Mrs. G. L. Vnhs; H^c^/r 1 ^ Ijnuril7p ri' t! . with Mrs! n S MnninnrriPrv; Mr c W C Irelnr,'^ with Mrs.' HfOon Har- T"W T ' C ' Hutchison's, with Mrv. F. L. Thorpe. Training Girls Meet * hisrh school normal train- •1s^ of iunior and senior n-iri a Fpnruarv m LOTTS CREEK Mr. and Mrs. John Schallin attr-nded a 500 party at the Raloh Harberts home, Algonq Fndav evening. Frank Schallin and Mrs. Rudolf Will won high- Mrs. Frank Schallin won travel' Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreyer entertained as Sunday dinner puests the Martin Dreyers Burf the Alfred Meyers, Whittemore-' Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Geilenfeld, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Boettcher, Jackson, Minn.; Mr. &nd Mrs. Mark Hackett and Mr! Wilsnr patrinti, in dpoorationsnd proam. Luncheon Thursdav— Mr<!. L. K. oZ iv"' >!r f ' ss town, Wis., and all were supner Phyllis Max- guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank ^^ - - Schumacher, Whittemore Mr and Mrs. Hackett and Mr. and * ^ rS '_, Stupka ' who left for home out Mondav. had - -' ——...»_ *.•_*» fcA*t AU.li~ pral of their aunt, Mrs. Marie Dreyer. The Aid will meet this week 't the I.in were ifi fiipsts. and thp Hv,,p rs inn. Mrs. F"c!'s, :an . Inn. Mrs. Jos. Bloom. Mrs. M J Strait, and Mrs. L ~ hiph tahl« scores defense stamps. Cf»i'-n«>li«M ci"Vi M»ts— Mrs .T T Chricohillps enter- tamorf ^p r C^nHlolia^t r] u h T"PS- dav =t one o'rlopV luncheon T)PC- or»ti«n<! w°rp v^llnw and white. 3 r,H tv,o t-W^ r-pntprnipr-o r-nn^ist- Pd of ri^ffndils and naroicsus"s P-i<^» was niaved. Mr<;. H M H-uhprP fl nd Mrs. s. K Mc-Ma- at : A rrt w - At hrLdep Mrs - Mrs ' Charles Platt won high, and Mrs. , urday. f , l Frlday ' but the meeting p ? st P 0 " ed because of thl > MrS " Marie Dre y er - ; Mrs " Arnold M e5ne en-' 5 °° in honor of their eviin an T ersar y *«day evening, and attending were- D u sl ?' and • Mesdames Otto »11 for Mrs. Dwenoer— L. A Matern pnt^rtained '°e taV>]ps of l-> v in hnnrvr of 44 VVUH nign, and i. Rusch and Mr. Brandt were T-T M^ r Tf nd ^ Mrs Noah Reisner, _.. last Mrs. Ida Kuecker, and the lit- -..j. B. A. ter's family attended the silver will movp soon to wedding celebration of Mr. and Chrischilles Store Firm Support for Comfort and Figure Perfection Whatever your figure type, if. your figure requires firming, Gossard's front-lacing combination will work beauty miracles. Its comfortable support ends fatigue, keeps you looking and feeling young! Model 3699A.,C,D.,E.orF. A. Average D. Tall Average. C. Full Hip E. Straight Hip F. Short Average WHY BAKE I WHY FU8ST WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF POUNDS ON 3ALBT "OVEN FRESH" COOKIES FRUIT GEMS "^ PI AIM FIG BA ^ S 11^ rLMIII COCOANUT CRISP I I U SPICED WAFERS • • W ALL KINDS—CRISP AND EXTRA GOOD MARSHMALLOW BLOCKS PINK NEWSBOY GOLDEN GLOW iKIRKS ceeo / Mttuwra! 15c • «-^ 14c MIUU-TKST OXYDOL LARGE SIZE FOB BILKS, WOOLENS, IPS 8AFE DREFT LARGE SIZE — |UKB THE NEW SENSATION I GooJued, ; S T!I CH ^ A7£ N ^^ T MORSELS ^ ftkglt. 25$ ASK FOR A ^^AA'^AAJ* Free Recipe Today x=>^^^ J ^^»^ J —^-^^^ ^^-^ W C»P ••! this ,1 tk«M on< -... COBPCB P«cka f . leiou t*.M ... P.ck. f . ,f D7itd7i WHEATIES Rtietm.bl. Mly •t YMF CMMB. • r • Wholcul* '•<* StoTM. •w^rfW* Choice U.J. Insp 8c ted Branded Beef- Roost> b .Oven Roast 25V4< whole or WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY SPEC1| NO. WE CANNOT TELL A LIE. YOU THESE FOR CHERRY PIE. > South Haven Dark Sweet Pitted CHERRIES REDEEMABLE ONLY AT YOUB CONSUMERS WHOLESALE FOOD STORES , ? 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