Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 19, 1942 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1942
Page 6
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PAOK SIX KCB8UTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA OUR CITY NEIGHBORS By Stittex-Sauer* PEPPB2, WHAT DOVOU SUPPOSE ItS NAME MILLION OF THEM MOW- BUT SO AHEAD CAT-lYS SO COLD AND. WOULD LIKET0 PUT IT IN THE SHED t=oe THE NI6HT— MAYBE ELMEie/ , THENAMi AIN'T *. ELMTC-.' Swea City Lutheran Choir Presents Musicale ELABORATE PROGRAM IS PRESENTED Swea City, Feb. 18—The Im- tnanual Lutheran choir gave a Schubert musicale at Luther hall Friday night. The program took the form of a musical dramatization of the .life of young Franz, and was interspersed with musical selections. The numbers were announced by Mrs. Borg, who gave a sketch of the composer's life and works. This was followed by a vocal solo, Who is Sylvia?, by Mrs. Cecil Thoresen, and a violin solo, The Bee, by Fred Infelt. WHEN MERCHANTS GO TO THE MARKET | Characters in tion were Schoolmaster, _„ „„.„„„„, Mother Schubert, a cook, Bernice Larson; Franz, Mareta Thoreson; Brothers Ignatz and Ferdinand, Keith Anderson and Kenneth Anderson; Theresa, a sister, Lillian Kvamsdale; Michael, choirmaster and first teacher, Rheuben Holcomb; Antonio Salieri, Italian composer, master teacher, Ray Pehrson. Music on the stage consisted of a clarinet trio, Kathryn Tweeten, Inez Larson, and Evelyn Larson, who played a selection composed by Franz's father and directed by Franz; Excerpts from Mozart, piano, Esther Johnson; and Sol- feggietto, by Bach, piano solo by Louise Borg. Music off stage included Serenade, violin solo, Fred Infelf Moment Musical, Shirby Sampson, piano; Hark! Hark; the Lark, Phyllis ' ' By T. II. Chrischilles. Another curious custom originated in an east-front room in the famous hostelry. The sun shown into the room so early in August that I conceived the brilliant idea of tying a sock around my eyes. The stunt worked so effectively that I am still employing it on occasion; but I now substitute a worn-out pair of my wife's silk hose, smoother and less irritating; and also the knot is smaller and doesn't leave your face looking like a wrinkled blanket. Only once in that long period of attending market weeks was I sick, and then it happened, ironically enough, that I was berthed on the top floor, 45 stories aloft . I had a the dramatiza- slight fever, and I remember distinctly that iTno-n QsiVinltfwvf- I • , -. . * in my semi-delirium I developed a phobia about jumping out of the window! I was standing down on Market street one balmy summer afternoon some 20 years ago, watching a huge Goodyear blimp cruising leisurely over the Loop. Suddenly the great ship was enveloped in a sheet of flame. The occupants jumped out in parachutes but the air was so still that they hung below the ship like dragon flies. As the flaming mass of wreckage came hurtling down, it caught these helpless men, one by one, and finally crashed through a glass top bank building, killing a score of innocent victims. It was the most terrible tragedy I have ever witnessed and it ties itself up very definitely with market trips in my mind. But enough of these personal reminiscences. Over the long span of years many amusing and pathetic incidents flash back to memory, little human dramas enacted in some style show or some secluded salesroom; recollections from the pages of "history"—five, ten, fifteen, twenty years ago; friends or acquaintances made around fes- tives tables, in hotel lobbys, on the street, in night clubs, wherever men meet Some merchants never return, others fail in business, still others retire and are otherwise lost in the whirlpool of our rapidly changing world; some once prominent manufacturers now penniless and alone; erstwhile struggling salesmen now suddenly dead, killed in* an automobile accident!" "And Max, how's good old Max?" "He's gone, too; died suddenly on the road, away from friends and family." "Too bad, market week isn't the same without Max." But, forgotten .nevertheless in a few short years. But many true friends, the same year after year; a few grey hairs, a bald spot, but the good old heart of gold. Minor incidents live vividly through the years: a southern Iowa merchant, in a style show, admires beautiful young feminine buyer across table. Introduction. Girl turns out to be the man's childhood sweetheart!" Neither recognizes other after 20 years. Or here's a fellow merchant from a neighboring Iowa town; been coming to market for two decades, but you've never met him. Another new friend; someone to look forward to seeing next trip. Yes, market week is more than a cold business propositi6n; it is an institution, and a very human one, indeed. It is friendship on a grand scale; companionship on a wholesale basis; an ever-changing panorama with SENECA GIRLS FACE BODE IN CAGE TOURNEY Seneca, Feb. 17—The Sfcneca basketball girls Won another tfo-* phy In a sectional tournament at Armstrong Saturday evening by defeating the Armstrong girls in the finals. The local girls had already won a Kossuth girls' tournament at Wesley. The local girls now go to a district tournament at Gruver, where they will meet the Bode girls next week Thursday evening. The Seneca girls have so far won 18 games, lost only two, and tied one. Scores- for .the season to date follow: Seneca, 35, Gruver, 25; Seneca, members ^attending, and Mrs. Merwin Widdel was a guest Mrs. George Jorgcnson was appointed to act on a Red Cross committee. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Laage were dinner guests Sunday at Howard Long's, Algona. 53, Lone Hock 28; Seneca 67, Lefte Reek 1: tenet* 82, alumni eci 73",'~G&tnV 137 k S«tieea 62, Rihgtted MS SefteUija^Bifant 12; SetteC* «4, Wesley 2«; Seneca 35, Ledyard 24; Seneca 32, Havelock M£«0Ufe«Mtlj CHfoiMM4, • |ne alt County fourttMftetit *- Seneca' f ft »u n> WHltteWotts 34; Seneca 51,i fat J? er Wesley 14; Senec. 34, Lodyard M "'~ 22. - \. • .. '. -. : ••• , Sectional 'f- Seneca 5ft, Grant 17; Seneca 47, Ledyard 30, Seneca 65, Armstrong 34. The local girls are paced by Lois Looft, Settlor, Jean Wilberg, and Donna Jean Cody, freshmen, In the front court, with Blanche Olsen and Jeatin<* Kennedy, seniors, and Donna Jean BolJig, a junior, ably taking care of the back court > The Seneca reserves are Marjorie OSborn, Marjorie Kennedy, Donna Jean Fpley, Jean Kennedy, Evelyn Clemmensen, and Jean Looft. • •>••< ^ —-,,+ ,,-— FAREWELL FOR PLUMBS. Hurt, Feb. 16—Members of the Legion post and the Auxiliary gathered at Fred Plumb's Sunday evening to bid farewell to the Plumbs, who are to move to a farm southwest of Hobarton. The party was a surprise. Mr. and Mrs. Plumb were presented with a gift - * -™^ uuoio, cm cvci-v.naiigiiiK panorama wizi' prosperous, heads of important industries. | a differing cast of characters. Time marches Where is Joe?" "Haven't you heard?—Jon! SHOWER GIVEN FOR A FORMER PORTLAND GIRL ig * rmy THE WEEK'S FENTON NEWS Arlet Skaar, Estherville, spent to visit the Carl Sieverts. week-end at Albert Mitch- M, and Mrs. John Menz, Mr. £ the Fred Kluss home | The Fatme°ATd entertained Lampson; Ave Marie (Schubert) Mr. Infelt, violin; Unfinished Symphony (Schubert), Shirley Lampson, piano. Christmas Girls Entertained— Portland Twp., Feb. 17 — n. DV wpi<?n™rr<: n ™ v, * • shower was given in honor of JL- , S J ^ members at-. tertained at dinni Zola Shipler-Gamble at h e r . I " t u g> an , a . devotl °ns were led ; Edw. Weicsbrod's erandmothpr Mrs Wm Rins?<: i EX . * chairman, Mrs. S. S. T,T.,^ „ ... ' ' - Kln 8 s - Whitmore. Mrs. Arthur Voigt is ' If you do not like high quality, this advertisement will J interest you. If You buy furniture today, thinking H in terms of future years of beauty and service, stock of solid walnut suites will take youreye. * Ste . Ernest Votteler had charge of the •••*•««•» «-* ^Ljia J-jiiic± leiiiitJCl^— f •. ...^.•. *, .. Ufc j tll ^,iictj. Kc Mrs. William Guyer, Mrs Al-' ? rs " Roy Rin gsdorf, assisting Ian Hungerford. and Mrs P \V '< 59 stess ' as was also Mrs. Donald Larson entertained at the Sper- ; Rm S sdOT f- beck home, Mrs. Sperbeck assist- i T' 1 ^ '' nrle . a daughter of Mr. ins. at a 6 D. m Valontir, Q ^;.,_ i and Airs. W. B. Shinier, nnw nf d^sTi^ThuSav^r l*^ Whitmore^^rT.^^ 3 Voigt ?s W f llace *"**. who has been : P-^am. "After gameT^OO was andfriefdPattSdnU Datives secretary; Mrs. Carl Iton treas- ! f mp ^ d in a bank at Washing- g?«yed at ten tables. Mrs. John celvedmanygfts & "' urer " The study course"^Author ' ton P' C, got home Sunday for a K .«*er and Edw. Priebe had Entertainment w^ in j, of Liberty. It was desired to ™ eekTW i th hls P are nts, Mr. and hl f h f. core h °nors. There was a .f\T 6 D1 " I ? e ^: t __ was , ln cha fg e sew for th P Warriot T»,fSf,1.-° Mrs - J- A. G. Smith. valentine exchange, and a not- ing ner I, at a 6 p. m. Valentine din-1 a ? d M "- W - B - Shipler, now of - Thursday. Guests were the ' r X } V< i' was born nere and girls who collected money for I e ? here as a child - She is a Christmas gifts for soldier boys graduate of the Maxwell high from here. The girls were Patty ^hoo! and of a Des Moines beau- Blomster, Coreda Stone, Bernice - y sch ° o1 . and she was employed "Ro+Vi T\^i».;.-,.« ~n i _ . -r-i i in H nPPlittr cV»r\r\ «i*. TU—. 11 • •*» urer. xne study course is Author ; , .' s " v ""me ounaay lor a r.. .; " "" u ^uw. rneoe naa of Liberty. It was desired to ™ W his P aren ts, Mr. and hl f h score honors. There was a sew for the Harriet Ballou nurs- M ™- J - TA - G. Smith, valentine exchange, and a pot- ery at Sioux City A ten-cent '• Independence Farm Bu- ' luclc 11lnnhDnrl "'== -"— J lunch was served i reau met Friday night at the The Jos. Maddens drove to! Center school, west of Fenton, Minneapolis Monday, returning i u Community singing was led Wednesday. returning. by Don Trenary, Pocahontas. Mr. and Mrs. John Kerber en- Z °{l° win g a business meeting a toT*4'»si'r»Q/4 «*. . j;„. .1 i . L^liC On 3 TTIPTYIV^QfohJT^ rl**!** n «..«._ and a was served. The Legion Auxiliary met Fri; day at Mrs. Tena Newel's, 12 5aYh Miriam Preston EvTlyn * a beauty shop at Ma^lS S& Wh ° C ? lebrat ^ their TsTh Butterfield, Donna Emerson i re ^ ntl y- -_ It^^i annlversa , 1 7' Other din- — -•-•» «j. u \JLIH AXCi UC1 Cll"' tertained at dinner Sunday to • honor Mrs. Kerber's parents Mr A'^V? and Mrs. J. W. Bell, Emmets- ^j^' ^ vaiemme song was burg, who celebrated their 48th ^-^ Sherr y and Todd Olsen, wedding anniversary OthoT- ^;^_ and . JV ? r - Trenary presented col- on a membership drive was by ^ County Agent R. W. valentine song was iiLiv. o ******ivtAocii v, vyLiiGr uin~ j i• ^-is^^B^^^ Gmble »••«^sSsBv^^ja Es^i by Lawte ^ „ presented col- of Mt. Vernon. Other G. C, SHIERK PODIA THIS 7 We now Have North Iowa's Largest Stock o DINING ROOM and BEDROOM SUITK Provincial and Modern. We have delivered these suites in several of our la.™, cities at a Great Savings in Cost over City Sices tfl€ Ro ing 1 • — i-^m^ iiciin.jr vjuyei was rpv v . , also there. The table was decor- • ihe brlde and her mother ated in valentine style, the cen- ! Came up from Maxwell Thursday terpiece being a doll dressed a- : went home Friday morning. Is-A^rilonfiM^ iififVi 1««_ ^ n ! —— " — — a hat. "Favors" wereTomirvaY- Tu^Hnv'^ 6 ™ Club here met entines camouflaged in red ce - Sf^rK™^ il' W " h MrS ' lophane. The evening was spent tendi™ m ^ ' -, 15 women at- at contests P > , n ?, ln | made a <WM and did otli- j ed Ked Cross work. (Foot Specialist) ueorge tiatrell and Mr. and Mrs £'"" WKI ^ snown oy Lawrence I P O rn<? f^n«,,o rr G. E. Whorley, also Emmetsburs Brennan - Emmetsburg, and lunch r S " Call °"ses. Hammer Mrs. Elmer WeishmH h^ « was served by Messrs, and MPS- ! ' oes - pf C-- are often f.hp by Messrs, and Mes- B. G. Berkeland, Oscar major operation Saturday at the c iE ' Berke land, Osc Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge ^° rs ' ?nd Thorn as Twaiten. She is renortpH rlninn ,,^n ': Mr - and Mrs. Albert RnVimHr Shipping Association Meets ,u At > he annu!l1 meetine here of the North Kossuth Pot= TT . ~ ° Unlm P'«>ved^ ep0rts ' Mrs ' S - M - •n j " --'fWAil.u, AT-H.^. vj IVl^ Pftersen. who is critically sick at her daughter Mrs. Clarence Lar- Waterloo, is not improv- •i\Tiiptoms of more . -—, ^^v. K c. M,. j •»» A , f roiihle. Avoid more is reported doing well. —L ,,.,... ,, i "'"'« Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jensen and vi ^ ;—• """• -n.»vui, ii,,,,', „„„, , . Mrs. Anna Osborn were Sunday KI ^V G % son Wil "s, and Mr. I " ' n «K'«ft your fe. dinner guests at J. H. Jensen's d Mrs ' Glen Kluss - Armstrong, Hulchison |{| ( | u . . and in the afternoon attended Were ^^ at Sunday dinner It I PI,,,,,,. » 50 . w open house for the Ole Johane- ' sens golden wedding annivers- •^LR"," 6 * Bollingers serioiif- mg. ngers and Mr. and Mrs. Otto WiditendaW attended the 20th wedding anni- i " R JL e *t Wi i fred Stoe bers and Lyle lundal I 1 " 0 " 6 t0 Mi ™ea P olis Sunday, the men to attend a hardware dealers' convention re-elected manager. ( oni Thoreson, secretary, Harold Carr, Leonard Mino, Wai-, ter Thompson, and Arthur An- Of],p r Portl^.l derson. directors. A free lunch ; iu I •»/ n " •""••" was served. The speaker was a -^ ^ MrS ' Patrick Ra smus- r-oro.pntative oi the Central nor p "^ t! " ne d at 7 o'clock din- Livestock Co-operative ShippTng' "»L t f r ' day _fvening. and the , _, „„.„, association at South St Paul w,n ^ Dr ' and Mrs - R - M - Floren ce Anderson, -- ' ™ UL Wai lace>A1 pona; Marie Grover, who had been Sw=a Citvan Loses Sister Kurt- T^., m ,_,.„, ,, • i , Mrs. Fred Peterson has receiv- -n ^ ^: — ••* ed v.-nrd of the sudden death of Donald Rmgsdorfs. hor s^ter. Mrs. Pet^r Morgan, of r,;^ llpn Lorene arrived at the .who left four small «°.l suth ., . hos Pital Wednesday, of Mr and Mrs. Eland first grandchild Nelson. 9-rge and the Blue Earth The funeral service Friday at the Methodist Thompson, Mrs. L. A. Haglund" Amanda Looft, and Mrs. Gio. K.' World Day of Prayer— A World Day of Prayer will be observed at the local Baptist church Friday. The Rev. S A pastor, has arranged a vnicn will include short Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Sel- Holgar Peterson vocal solos. EAST THRONGED BY ARMY MEN, TRAVELER FINDS ••' M "- Rn S h^ a Ci i y 'v, Feb ' 1& -Mrs. Chas. 2 twolM 1 "^. her _ daughter Hazel, Walker Home From Tour— 5^.. and . Mrs " Ernest Witte, of! give two R M na fter dau L?.- cam £ VP from to helo Mrs. ,*""'-;"• " 4 -«»j' Heth- eelebrate her 84th birth- City, accompanied the party to Minneapolis. Mrs. Stoeber w« was MONEY FOB TODAY'S NEEDS To buy LICENSES, WINTER FUEL and CLOTHINC * make HOME and Car renairs nr f^r =„ ^-i-winiNG; to extra cash *=yc"rs or lor any purpose requiring ^Special Crodit Plan to Farmers for the purchase of Live- n tMs hel P ful your requirements. We have a ALGONA. IOWA Phil J. Kohlhaas S in 4U£i"* e !L was brou s ht _ r ' un"^ "52?.!^ Se ^ng men in Two in Poor Health— J. E. Vaughn has been confined to home a few weeks by fail- i"*L ^ ealth - .Olaf Pearson, who nad been seriously sick at home is able to be about town again. ' i«»t at HomTA^in— "r.-"'" 01 . c °uneous, but. of the J to "to »*icii 111 everywhere in the east— Sa ^ S '^.^ es ' n ,°t only . pendicitis operation. WED FIFTY W B H r S F h eb -- l 7 - Mr - r* W. H_ Schwietert, pioneer Port- 50th w rP Z rS ' WU1 ( :' debrate thek 50th wedding anniversary n^xt Tuesday by holding open house from 2 to 5 p. m .„, , -— measured u uui o^vn bovs The Rohlins returned to v*?"!? Sunda y- Hazel is on I vate duty at th* Methodist THREE JOIN me NAVY Bancroft, Feb. 18—James Ci'nk Raymond Ditsworth, and Cecil Collar left Saturday for the naval training station near Chicago Notice to Car Owners Protect Ypui Tires 9 Keep Your Spare Tire Locked at All Times, and Make a Record Now of the Serial Number ot Fvery Tire You Own! ^^ it ^ Spring Calls for Bright Beautiful Rooms i *{-) Jo ucrc 0.111 i ^ „ j. j i season. $L &! Notice to Garage and Oil Station Managers •^•yxfsas?**? ™** «>, «„, niunb e r8 rtn J: '" aild S«rs ART COGLEY Sheriff of Kossuth County «xtcsive stocks ad m«W- *» ARE HIGHER- SHOWING TODAY AT

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