Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 19, 1942 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1942
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UHN URED BROKEN both ro- and doing Kuhn Saturday 8 Pages 64 Columns ALGONA, IOWA. THURSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 19, 1942 R ^^ — ^^^™ ~ "—~ ; ' "" : - ~ 0 — ~. v~i»miia number 23 NER CITED FOR NAVY CROSS Are B&ilu Hurt as Cars Crash nn In, P/,,™ r^i^uw 1531 Register in Kossuth for New Draft ; . T <v peoS^ire at the K*- »««ste-«"* on,. rfcTAa^iV n jg ht flve the at the top , Algona, the Kos- uffered a se- and was ay; night. He Crash on Icy Plum Creek Hill •m I TO 21 and 35 to 45 registered Monday nilll»4i*««* M*«t_~. -__-iJ ._ • ! m . - • TO in Algona for the r« when two men were —Kossuth County new draft. Two rooms in the old posloffice nd this picture shows activity in the forme 'ing. Hurt. riding four >e. a gash >and he also was re- Ital the^same ^s.ecnnd son Becker, LOANS WANTED OF MACHINES FOR^EWING Local Branch of the Red Cross Issues an Appeal. ; -timm 'at&mm& Kit ^ m ; i were on the id a spssion ibl. Moore , Al- |K»bn, were ih'aken UD. so hospital car. Klsie and nrn-o. a^pom- south at the too The executive committe of the Algona Red Cross' branch, of which F. B. Timm is chairman, met at the Legion hall Tuesday afternobr^^ of plans for organizing a local work center. From now on the rooms at the Legion hall will be open every afternoon, Monuay through Saturday from one o clock. Anyone wishing to sew, whether from Algona or surrounding rural areas, is welcome to work, at the Legion hall. Mrs. Sam Medin is chairman of the sewing committee. At present the first consideration of the committee is to obtain the use of sewing machines. Anyone who will loan a -rowing marhine for a week is asked lo call Mrs. Medin-. The committee is particularly anxious to secure the use of at least one electric Singer in order to make use of a buttonhole machine attachment which is^ available. Material Now Available. Good care will be taken of all machines borrowed. The Botsford Lumber Co. has donated the use of one of. its trucks and will pick up v available 'machines every Wednesday and return them the following Wednesday. The machines will be used-only hy those =«,- "** ~ ™ ho know how to operate them. cTlTpd the '' the ' re ' ^ persons who wil1 frnrn Al- nntibn. will be greally'"'aipbred- ated. Speaker IS EARL HALL. Mason City Globe-Gaiette manag- aging editor, who will speak at 8:30 next Monday evening under auspices of the Algona high school at the auditorium, following sessions of the adult night school classes. Mr. Hall's address will be on South America, which he toured last year. . liehts, |cy, both cars broadside, i-turned com- ii!ii^°' > * Pr w a s lltrh. and knook- iur W£(S g t . n nther car Willrett was ihp.idt, Burt, :onped traffic in INTERSTATE, PIONEER TIED AT BOWLING MISSIONARY INSTITUTE IS DATED HERE Methodist D i s t r i ct Gathering Planned . for Monday. Bishop J. Ralph Magee, Des Moines, will preside at an Algona district Methodist missionary institute at the 'local church Morrdayr -and 1 "gbrSe^~200 s '^feo'i here and from but of town are expected to attend. The meeting will begin at 10 a. m. with devotiphs led by the Rev. L.-.H. Preul, Clarion Methodist pastor. At 10':30 there will be a statement of aims and announcements and at 10:35 a panel discussion 'will take place on the effective use of: The Fourth Sunday, by the Rev. A. P. Schuldt •Emmetsburg; The Local School of Missions, the Rev. H. E Harvey, Klemme; and The Local Board of Missions and Church Extension, by the Rev. O W Brand, Sac City. Kenruckian to Speak. Dr. Hiram Frakes, who has been m the "mountaineers" (Henderson) Settlement in Kentucky since 1925, will give an address at 11:15. During the'noon hour luncheon will be served by jackets were received. There-is the | also material for 100 ''Pitty", bags men's a —-~-M«**t.iib, wibii Interstate and Pioneer in the lead, but Silver Gray only a point behind. Standings follow: Team— , >A Interstate '____ 45 Pioneer 45 Silver Gray 44 D.e Kalb 36 Creamery __l__ L _36 «, Wesley Auto _____36 30 !K,.P.. oo 33 f (Mured. fterday mornr to a skull a brokpn 1 and Moore doing well t Willrett are sspectively of "llrptt. Plum . and Knhn ^community ™ Creek Tuesday 120 yards of material v ( n for children's and women's- bed I'§^ 0 -~-~ ::: .--3|. Wesley Coop. ___Il33 Grain Belt •_ ^31 L. 21 21 22 27 27 ••••MB : Named fcptaincy r |'eldest son of |,»recently been i in the ord- ariny. He is Va. He is B univers- ».. a four.year Itactics, and a en?ineer- 5d by the atipn till enlisted in had steady ried. Sow lurtday Arm- breed- had to to contain service men's accessor- i 0 '' while in the hospital; 100 bedside bags, and 100 bedside table covers. One hundred ' yards .of matprial were made into nightgowns, complete except for buttonholes. The loan of-an eleptrie mftchine, on which 'the''button- hol» attachment can boused, wil »nsble thp women to finish 1 the gowns quickly, Mrs. Medin'states that there is plenty to sewl Knitting Yarn Heady. . Mrs. J. A. Raney is chairman of the knitting committee,. '. She has a new box of 50 pounds o olive grppn yarn which is to be made into v-neck air corps army, and marine sweaters ant hPlmpts. Mrs. Raney will be at the Legion hall every rF^jday af it»rjioon to give instruction ii knitting to any who wish it. Yarn may be \securqd at the Le- eion hall now instead of at. the library any other afternoon; and Mrs. Raney will also have soine at her home. Persons wishing to knit a? the hall are weJconieV Mrs. L. E. Hovey has been named chairman of the bandage committpe, in case the- time comes when local branches w'U be asked to make bandages. P. O, Will ObTerve National Holiday Nex| Monday will be observed as Wafhrnpton's. birthday at the local postoffice. There will be 33 30 32 37 37 39 39 41 41 Pet. 682 682 667 571 571 545 500 500 500 492 439 413 409 409 379 241 i» fsrm • J»re4 i - Becker's Burt. _._ __' 26 Jr. C. C., .27 Peerless Oil 27 <T>M Style Lager _25 Whittemore _____13 'There are 12 men on the "200" "u OI L or m^ 11 ' and Dl P- 'Smith is high. The list: ... • .. ; D. P, Smith, S, Gray __236 Haase, O. S. Lager _____224-216 Intermill, DeKalb 223 Simpson, O. S. Lager _ 219 Sharp. Jr. C. C. ___.218 Young, DeKalb .. _-_r ' 214 Loss, S. Gray I_-_Z"210 Elbert, Cry. , ._. 2 10 Godfredson, Pioneer 209 S. Baker, Peerless __208 Erdnian, Wesley Co-op. ,__,_204 Johannsen, Pioneer — 203 The Elk Cleaners team is well in the lead in the woman's tournament: Team Klk Cleaners ____ 3Q Shilts _ ---- , _____ 26 Modem Dry __ 22 Barker's ________ is \y ' L. 21 19 30 24 Pet. 588 578 433 .410 Matt Lamuth Case Again pn Trial U R Lmnan, / |) a tt Lamuth, -,, —___„ vy en v *o »»m h«« o v * * uw»day for retrial of the case arising from the auto collision near Win- terse* to wh»ch MMWTS. Lamuth, «"— 1< -i»«tt 1 an^i Frankl were «i-rf"a i?** "Wrtty »*°- OP firrt trial a few weeks aco Lam"* ^ •areart *. y«<»ct * S C ' The Rev. Mr. Shuldt, who is district missionary secretary will preside for hymn and prayer at 1:30 p. m., and this will be followed by an address by Dr. Perry O. Hanson, a missionary in the province of Shantung, China since 1903. He came back to the u. S. about a year ago. Address by Bishop. A "truth or consequences program will take place in tne axter- noon on the responsibilities 'in the missionary task of the preachers,, the Board of Education, Youth Leaders, children's workers, tne, W. S. C, S., ana lav- men. ' Tne meeting will be closed witn an aaaress by Bishop Magee. Dr. J. C. Buthman is superintendent of the Algona district, and the-Rev, H. M.'Burns is en- tertammg pastor. School Planned on Grain-Grading and Crop Improvement Kossuth fanners and elevator managers are invited to attend a grain-grading and quality improvement school in the basement at Arlo's Grill here next M °nday. The school will open at a:30 and close at 3;3Q. Grain grading an<J marketing specialists will discuss qualit? factors, as reflected by "Federal Wading standards, with demonstrations ol grain-grading; commercial utilization; diseases, va- r^eties, and cultural practices'* quality in .-relation ,to storage probtems; analysis of locally suo- uuttea seed samples. Fanners are asked to take to the meeting \ for analysis two- quart samples Q* -*•- * to plant ROAD PROGRAM FOR THE YEAR IS COMPLETED Supervisors and the Township Trustees Adopt Plan. Township trustees, the board of supervisors, County Engineer Smith, and County Auditor Kin- spy completed lormation of the 1042 township mud construction program Tuesday morning. The meeting was short and harmonious. The program, by townships, follows: Eagle—Gravel, 1 mile on south of Section .16; % mile on east of Section 15; Vz mile on south of 13. Grant—Gravel, 1 mile on west of 21; one mile on south of 11 Springfield—Gravel, % mile on south of 7; % mile on south of 27; 1 mile on west of 34. Hebron—Gravel, 1 mile on west of 17; 1 mile on south of 28. Grading for Swea. Swea—Grading, 2 miles on south of 3 and 4; 1 mile on south of 29; 1 mile on south of 26. Harrison—Gravel, 1 mile on south of 6; 1 mile on south of 10 Ledyard—Grading, 1 mile on south of 7; 2 miles on west of 20 and 29; 1 mile on south of 30. Lincoln—Gravel, 1 mile on south of 27; grading—1 mile on south of 11; 1 mile on west of 4. Seneca—Gravel, 2 miles on north and east of 34; 1 mile on, the south of 35 and 36. Greenwood—Gravel, % mile n center of 25 1 and 26; grading— Mpmile' OTt~strtrth"of ~23 {^'^"rhile- on south of 1. Ramsey—Gravel, 1 mile on west of 3; 1 mile on south of 11 and 12. German—Gravel, 1 mile on west of 2; 1 mile on south of 27. Fenton Gets Gravel. Fenton—Gravel, 1 mile on west of 11; grading—1 mile on west of 4. Burt—Grading 2 milps on south of 28 and 29; 1 mile on last of 28; 1 mile on west of 25. BuffRlo-Gravpl, 1 mile on west of 17; 1 mile on west of 25 Lotts Creek—Grading, 1 mile on wpst of 4; 1 milp on west of ; 1 mile on west of 26; 1 mile on outh of 3. Union—Gravel, llnile in 11; 1 milf on south of 1. Plum Creek—Gravel, 1 mile in ent°r of 3; 1 mile on west of 22 Wesley—Grading, 2 miles on outh of 4 and 5: 1 mile on west f 4; 1 mile on south of 14. Whittemore Program. Whittemore—Gravel, % mile n south of 8; grading, 3 Honored HELPED MAN PLANE GUN THAT BROUGHT DOWN 2 JAP PLANES Letter Gives Details of Wounding During First Attack and How Bravery Was Shown. SS a^^hf N T V /=' SS award for bravery underjfire, by the commanderVf ^ ™ S * taChed ' a letter * «" AT THE BANQUET sponsored. L * by the Junior Chamber of Commerce Thursday night the annual J. C. C. "key" for the and 35 who the to his sister Ruth disclosed hitherto unre- concerning the death of the Algona youth. To- attac k orss% Ta r e ?r m rnt au r u wHh sn?- geant manning the eun anrt T,,m«, fading it ammunition most public ser- ifVi • *"* —"* °*~" ****** •••«.* .u.ci iteinug it vice for the year was awarded to H®. P j" r return ed the fire of ground-strafing Dr. C. C. Shierk. The award is '" "* 1 """ t —-•••* - *> made annually as a part of a national J. C. C. project, and Colin Kelley, Manila hero, was awarded the national honor. Local hon- shot down at least one of the* and aided in shooting down another. telves «-"«mseives, . ors went to H. B. White last year and Judge G. W. Stillman the year before. TEN PERCENT BOOST IN AAA ALLOTMENTS "Farmers in this. county have been' ; notified'-of their -1942- corn allotments, an increase of 10 per cent over the 1941 allotments," Robert A. Loss, county AAA chairman, announced Tuesday. COUNTY TOTAL REGISTRATION REACHES 1531 A total of 1531 registered in Kossuth county Monday in the third registration for the draft The ages were from 20 to 21, and from 35 to 45. The largest regis- Text of Letter. . The letter from the command-' mg colonel says in part: "Your brother was wounded by a machine gun bullet in the first Japanese air attack on this field at about 8 o'clock Sunday, morning, December 7, 1941. At the nf a sh ° ts that the Japanese planes fired, your brother, together with Master Technical Sergeant ran to an air-/ plane and manned a free machine gun in the rear cockpit. "Sergeant : was doing the shooting and your brother was handling the ammunition r office in Aicrr\«Q -»«j n " • < T_ vr to**-*, --iami .z::« A *gona, and some regis-, i brother and Sergeant trations ;-were- taken"" Saturday down at 'teasF rae L e LM°.. relleve ** congestion on plane. The Japanese, Monday. Daily papers report a new lottery will be " . shot: Japanese in turn, — *-x-»«»^-w^.j ill LUijl tv,fc em °,° nc ?"*, rating their fire on '" "~ your brother was SSX-SftE -j \,[\Q or\T*T\ ITinr* me into consideration the corn held in the ever-normal granar- ! ies on farms and owned by the commodity credit corporation. I Mr. Loss said, however, that production of soy beans and flax' must be increased tremendously,' since they are greatly needed As for "knocking the lid off" on . farm prices, Mr. Loss believes it is best if farm prices are kept at a medium and not allowed'to Po so high that the consuming public cannot pay for the goods, 'f that should happen, the post- period could be a big "down' for the farmer, for prices would fall awav.below parity, as thpy did after World War No. 1. f labor, industry, and agriculture are kept at a balanced - . now, they can stay the miles same after the war and prevent vice. The registration by towns follows: Algona 511 Bancroft ___! 125 Burt ___.:____ .___ 99 Fenton 68 Lakota 10 Q Ledyard $2 Lone Rock 54 Lu Verne . 79 Swea City 150 Titonka '197 Wesley 96 Whittemore gg n south of 27, 28, and 29 Cresco—Grfivpl. 2 miles on 01'tb of 26 and 27. Irvington—Gravel, % mile on outh of 9; 1 mi]p on west of 23 Grading, 1 mile in 20. P 5u ir i e —Gravpl, •% mile on I f-^tortes were producing"c*rs' re- soutn of 9; % mile on west of 28;' frigprators, farm machinery % mile on south of 30; % mile I ^any other so-called essentials of on south of 32. living, but now.they have to pro- uarfield—Gravel, 1 mile on duce war materials instead Ap- of 21; 1 TV.UP on west of 1. i "culture is likewise important in GAGERS PREPARING 'FOR BENEFIT TILT 29; 1 mile on west of 14 "i , Sherman—Gravel, 1 mile in 24;' grading—1% miles on west of 9 and 16. Lu Verne—Gravel, 1 mile ori 1 west of 8; grading — 1 mile on' south of 7; 1 mile on south of 12. Alponian Gets Job at Washington, D. C. John Frankl, son of Mrs. Sadie rankl, has accepted a position "'ith the Foreign Funds Control Division of the Treasury department at Washington, D. C.. and "'ill leave for his new job tomorrow. He had been in Tennessee ---— .. v*». v«»iv4 ^JA c V CI1L another severe depression. Sacri- ficps will have.to be made in all wnlks of life. Fnrmers must co- onprate with our neighbors in Tne A - H. S. «S ut war eff °rt. - - I was defeated by Webster City ^ifhteen months ago U. S.! there . Tuesday evening, 48-23 1 The locals will play Clear Lake here Friday night. A second teams game will be played at 6:45, and the first teams will start at 8. Admission , be 20c and 30c, including tax. A benefit Red Cross ambulance game will be played at the nit^r* ",T tak ^ nfto our «eld hospital and cared for till after the third and last attack. Just as soon as the attack was over we moved your brother to a sugar plantation hospital about a mile and a half from the flying field ' I was in the field hospital between the second and third at- tac , k ' w j"ch was about 9:10 a. m and talked to William. He wTs conscious and in no pain. The group medical officer in S£ med m , e he woul d have to operate. Please be assured that received the best of skill, but the best was |h, and he died from the _. of the wound at 5:40 ., December 12, 1941. „_...„. Official Report. William knew what had « ap d and that the United States declared war the next day a •erdal*—Gravel, 1 mile" on' winning this war, and farmers of_ 35; grading—1 mile on should realize that they must do "'"ir part." • *- SCHOOL CLOSING. cus iv»bt ^!^ SPWflteWWti ' W4 c *ttojft ,hajp' b^en cut short becau ft»ij h.v««o«r ««» sa&of '«| ttaSwOw HiTw ^ FOOD FOR FREEOnM MEETINGS PLANNED County Agent A. L. Brown is beginning a series of cooperators' meetings in the county designed ^ r°"ch evprv farm family in a Food for Freedom" effort and to assist farmers in meeting the production goals. The first of the series was held yesterday at the Algona Legion iuw. x»e naa oeen in Tennessee nql1 for Plum Creek and Vnion VallPy Anthoritv pmploy, but re- to .wnships. The second meeting signed. He and his mothpr got Wl11 he held tomorrow (Friday) home from Knoxville, Tenn.,' at Arlo's Grill, Alpona, for Cres- Monday. Mrs. Frankl had been " T ' ' *hore three months. school gymnasium Saturday — — •«*! ***^uita^ *vl V*J "B™ co and Irvinpton townships. Other meeting dates and places are being arranged. Thesp mpptings are educational and call for volunteer workprs in the national program. The material for the first meetings is to be an explanation of the war I am ficial tions while under fire." A portion of the official report follows, as quoted from the let- iGrc game ; . "Attention is invited to the bravery and extraordinary devo- tlon to dl £yet Master Sergeant -and the late Private liam G: Turner, USMC. - - - fy^r »«.«««*, >_»(» H*A U.OJT .-.-.__ A* * PUtHlliff 1I1LU night. St. Cecelia's Academy will o P e . rat ion a free gun in the rear play Presentation Academy, of ?£ at of °? e of the airplanes of Whittemore, at 7:30, and the J™ 8 squadron which was parked high school will play Humboldt the ,. r . ear ° f 'he ... tents, at 8:45. . --firing the gun and Turner supplying the ammunition / Helped Down Planes. tan'?"^ * the course of the at- ; tack Private Turner received a H W (T 010 which he latlr died! « is believed that the fire from,' the weapon maimed by and Turner was at least utpry to, if not wholly blei for, the shooting ' and possibly two "Airplane ... was in" the open . . . This'position was re' of More Car Licenses ' So Far Than in'41 Surprisingly enough, in view "" " c ai « expianauon 01 the war i tinn in "f tire rationing and rumored emergency livestock and feeding i MonHnv storage of cars and trucks, the bud *et and feed and manage^ofS; number of licenses sold in the ment Practices that will increase' ~ county so far in 1942 is actually Production of dairy, poultry, and prpater than at the same time a P° r * Products to help farmers year ago. Rosella Voipht, license me lt the production goals set up deputy under Treasurer . Carl by the U. S. department of agri- Pearsnn ranni^o/l awii i: culture "* -^«» Supt. Granner, Ledyard, and Andy Anderson, Lakota, will donate services as officials. Admissions will be 20c and 30c, including, tax, and'all proceeds will go to the ambulance fund. Coach Keefer will donate his services at a similar benefit game at Wesley tonight, when Wesley plays Ledyard; and Coach Ridenour will .follow suit at a benefit game at Lone Rock Saturday night between Lone Rock and Fenton. Twenty-ThreTHelp Type the Card* at Registration Here . , Pearson, reported 6371 licenses culture. this year up to yesterday, whereas on February 18 last year the number was $381. 8WS BEAUTY SHOP rs, jftssie Stebritz, who jce- cently.wld a beauty shoo at Bancroft whiieh she had for some yoars-cpnduc^d, has now bought what is known as the Federal * EARLIER SCHQOL CLO8||fG, Sorae^schools throjiffhout Plan to eliminate the Cation Ruth _„„. enson, Ethel , Dailey, typists -, registra- » Saturday and worked m shifts <t a. m. to 6 p. m, to 9 p. m. -- were: -.Shirley. Steph- McNeil, Dorothy Eyth Turner" ne, E1 q i s e Chubb, " Lorraine I-* f ^S ALGONIAM Twrnei 1 , graduate ."commendation of Tur- and five other men followed. The lettei concluded with: "It is needless to say that your Following the Hawaii attack* and as details were released fo? publication, there was co able hews mention o|thi» machine gun operated by mf n whose names were not

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