Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1942 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1942
Page 9
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P I BY •OPLE I ft—Farmers their clocks Ihg to do ment has this benefit pfefhment in :As a farming ill'governed by letting of the sun, 1942, COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGK)NA, IOWA titties the farm- Hence more in- is bound are now but how must send e public (tich incon- the care. be so rid- farmer -do liich short- ips he will ihildren to to do the "Jack" evening Stoffel, Charles Ul• Bnd Mrs • * . 1 j ^ • birthday an- from Tour — • ived fgeople here •it- 'Shreveport, make stops 1RARMS C. H. KljAMP, Field George Ennen, south of Lakota, was hauling manure when Ve saw • him last Friday. He keeps his barn clean, and his stock shows good care. He has a fine herd of shorthorn cbvdS, and he keeps a purebred Black Angus bull at the head of the herd. * * » * We had a fine visit at the E. B. Dittmer farm home near Burt last week Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Dittmer take life easy. Mr. Dittmer can tell a lot of funny stories. He showed us a Last week Wednesday we called at Louis Scott's near Burt, and when we told Mrs. Scott she was looking younger, she said that was "some more always Scott's. LAKOTA GROUP TO C, E, RALLY AT ARMSTRONG •\'j At S. C. Shipler's, west of Lakota, one -always finds well fed last week white ice-skating on a pond west of town. By exerting will power he rode his bicycle home, but he has suffered much pain since. He > missed his first day of school,' but the second day a neighbor carried him to school, and he has since been limping his way there. Creamery Meeting Meld— The annual creamery meeting was held recently, and John d ! Steenhard was elected director to take the place of Ernest Trasa- mar. Other board members are nt Arm<?trnnff •SnnHav nftpr- Carl Christ, George Griese, and at Armstrong Sunday after- August steinberg) the ^^ _ e _ elected president. John Smith is secretary, and Nick Behrends is buttermaker. Lakota, Feb. 11—The Rev. E. G. Sauer, John Wortman, Aflis Heetland, Virgil Wirtjes, and Dorothy Ukena attended a Presbyterian Christian .Endeavor ral- . - . . . ly at Armstrong Sunday after- have a fine visit at noon, and the four young people put on a short playlet to emphasize titheing. In the evening the Rev. Mr. Sauer and some carloads of young people drove to stock and fine horses. Sam is par- Algona for a meeting celebrating 4-is>lil fi*<lYr n lnvr«\v* s*f r#*tM*l I* «•.**««..« .« — j . . u _ .. c * postcard he, had his son Watson. received from The Dittmers _____ ____ .. _____ . San Ahtoriibi and Dallas, Tex., «ivo_wittPvj lo'^ J^miy™"• .--_ .---/MSib'tierf^KGjiiwiger, Minn., as a guest Sunday at his broth- W'-w» ! '_•• -i''i''jji-f *'•.-'••*•• *:V.-^«' ' . .. mother, was- also a guest. , . Duis leaves sthis/ week for army rylce|:|s||||||fff : itloiiSoi-'Kent Seeley, Mrs. Wil- greatly im- on the was given s Monday «eningfj|Ui|tneslioi»a- where the iit$s:-?aij^:Iwtti£ : bn. the Mrs. nnis farm,'; tenanted by the Roy '' are. mov- which . Grandien- and Mma to Des !6iniBS"Sunday|tpiiiee.Leroy Stof- Ivan'scamJK4thw!il»ut found he id justileft'fOT!I(Camp in Texas. VE»-_-.'™—:iji>,*jKii£;ii*££i'.#s(*»r A. IT__ • __ Union, she had to go ' army with Hofius vis- lothar, Mrs. sister, Mrs. pilmore City STHICKEN. ;0— J. P. Mou- itical condition was reported mday. are great readers and they take a number of the best magazines. * * * » We called at Robert Weiler's ten days ago, and Mr. Weiler was feeding his cattle. The little twin girls, Janet and Janice, will be a year old the day this week's Advance comes out. This is Lincoln's birthday, so they are called Lincoln girls. There is another girl In the family, Marlys, now four years old, and she likes to help her mother. Mr. Weiler was hauling fodder for his stock. The Weilers live 'four miles south of Elmore. * * * * At the Al Buckels farm, southeast of Lakota,' cobs were being loaded, last week Wednesday. Al said he and the Missus were lucky to be alive, for they had been in California, and on their way home they had an accident. Mrs. Buckels had most of her scalp taken off, but she is now doing well. The accident happened in Oklahoma. ' Mr. and Mrs. Buckels, the son Clifford, and the latter's family will move this spring to a farm near Thompson. * * * * Glen Behse, southeast of Ledyard, was too busy for a visit when we called on him on February 2nd. He said he and Mrs. Behse were freezing ice cream for a party that evening. Some of the school teachers were to be guests, so it was up to him to see that the ice cream was extra good. * * * * We were at Henry Meyer's, west of Lakota, one day early last week, and he was putting firewood into the basement. A few years ago he went back to Germany for a visit, and when he returned he brought a wife. He said a recent letter from his wife's folks claimed they were "getting along fine." ticularly a lover of good horses, the 61st anniversary of brother Cornelius, who was founding of the Christian t ^, er . e> , ,, 1S e.u- , er TJ cnown as deavor movement. 'Brink" Shipler. He moved to Maxwell in Story county 13 years the En- There was a worship service, a conference program, and a fellowship meeting. Acorn Club Has Program— Mrs. Jerry Ukena was hostess spring, and we shall be glad to see "Brink" back in Kossuth county. Years ago he bought from us a new automobile when we ran a garage near the Advance shop. * * * * C. O. Peterson, fortner Swea City supervisor now living west — J} T n l. n 4«. _—. 1kT_ t\ .-!_•__ -t.! ago, having bought a farm there, but he sold it recently, and now has bought the farm where Godfrey Anderson lives. "Brink" and _, —_„„ „„» „_„«„„ his family will move there this to the Acorn club last Thursday. « o«^ — -u.,,1 u- -,-„ - Following business were roll call and a salute to the flag. Mrs. C. I A. Gutknecht led in God Bless America, with Mrs. Sauer as accompanist. Mrs. Harry Warbur- toh read a paper on recent djs-. coveries in drugs for medical use, and Mrs. H. H. Murray read one on dental health. Mrs^Jerry Heetland gave a lesson on nutrition for defense, and a discussion on price ranges on commodities followed. The next meeting will be a luncheon at Mrs. Sauer's. Boy Suffers Sprained Ankle— Roger, young son of Superintendent and Mrs. E. L. Grabau, sprained an ankle badly one day At + * * * Leonard Heerdt's, southwest of Burtj we found him feed- made ing calves in the bam last week Tuesday. TKese calves are dan-, dies, if we are any judge, Leonard said he likes to care for cattle and raise good ones. The Heerdtsjwill move March 1 to a place near Ringsted which they have bought, and we shall hereafter miss them on our rounds. * * * * When we called at the /Powers farm, west bf Lakota, one day a week or so ago, feed was born Harig is the Mr. and Mrs. taking beau- Moines, has w days with ently induct: now at Camp division, ation wires, acted into the was sent Mo. et this week :i church, Mrs. of Mr. and had an ap- Kossuth hos- , She is em-. & • Muckey's gona. p.reportedjto be """ ' medical at- ily frozen in Dearly in the Sioux City, supply depot j William Clay~"_ has been re- is Over turf, who aterloo. other friends stson, inducted ently with a ell gift. reopened her p after a two Curing which a and the teach- iglish resumed higre Feb. 1, vacation. Beay the services hour of 10 CREEK schoolhouse this .Wtifay, ;r hpstess. ; at the Qn the en- are Me^gr§. Hiutz, Louis Hack- On on being ground for the stock. this farm the barn burned New Year's day, and a new one is to be built. The sand for the foundation and cement for the floors are already in the barnyard. • * • * * * * At Bernard Jensen's, southwest of Burt, w« found Bernard looking after his spring pigs when we called last week Tuesday. These were the first new pigs we had found this year. Bernard has 13, and he thinks number. that is a lucky chores when we saw him the other day. He said that a December 27 letter from the son Cecil, stationed at the Hawaiian Islands, had not reached home till January 27. Cecil said he was feeling fine, but that the December 7 raid was an experience he will never forget, though he was ten miles away from where the principal damage was done. Cecil is an army cook, and he must be a good one, for we -know him as a fine, clean, capable young man. While we were at Peterson's, the daughter Lois, 12, had company, Bernadine Gerzema, also 12, of Lakota.' There is an ice pond near the hquse, and the girls were having a fine time at skating. * * * * Peter Trpff, Ledyard, who had been working at a gypsum mine at Fort Dodge, lately returned to Ledyard. Since we had seen the Troffs before, a boy, now four months old, had been added to the family. He has been named Robert Peter, and he is a first child. Peter, who is now operating a portable mill, has one of the latest.. type. He said his grinding business had been good and both he and Mrs. Troff were glad to be back to Ledyard. Mrs. Aielt Troff was visiting at Peter's, and she showed us her own new boy, now six months old. He was named Arno William. There are two older boys, Darrell, --11, and Wendell, 9. Mrs. Troff said the older boys were proud of their little brother. Girl Scouts Take Course— The Girl Scouts are taking a 30-hour Junior Red Cross course, beginning a week ago Saturday, and will continue 15 weeks. The meetings are held at the town hall, with Mrs. R. L. Williams in charge, and include first aid and home nursing, with 16 persons taking part. Farm Auction is Success— John Heetland held a successful closing out farm sale Saturday. Everything brought good prices. Cows and heifers sold from $65 to $85, and feeder hogs brought $22 each. Some 400 hens sold averaged 95c each. Elder Nitzes to Ledyard— Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Nitz, north of town farmers, have moved to Ledyard, leaving the son Laurence and his wife to operate the farm. Mr. Nitz is a cattle buyer and has stockyards at Ledyard. Two to Short Course— Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eggerth and Mrs. J. H. Holcomb laft Monday morning for Ames to attend a short course two days. Charles goes in the interests of his hybrid seed corn. Young People's Get-Together— The Presbyterian young people were hosts to the local Metho- ! dist and Lutheran young people at a party Friday evening, 40 attending. They had a song fest, I games, and lunch. Second Son for Ravns— A 7-lb, 10-oz. son was born to' Mr. and Mrs. Einer Ravn at the' Buffalo Center hospital Friday.! He has been named Paul. This i made two boys for the Ravns. Roller-Skater in Accident— Clarence Swartz, high school )oy, fell while roller skating here Saturday night, and anoth- ir skater skated into his hands, :utting some fingers badly. Two Enlist in' Air Corps— Edwin Steenhard and Richard 'eterson left for Des Moines Sunday to enlist in the army, both in the air corps. Shower for Recent Bride— A group of 30 friends gathered at Roland Smith's Jjk Friday night for a post-nuptial shower honoring Mrt. Paul Kollasch, n«« Margaret Smith. SENECA The Roy and Caleb Hartshorn families entertained neighbors and other friends at two tables of 500 Saturday evening. Harriett Olsen and Dale Newby won high, Ruby Paulsen and Alfred Hurlburt were low, and Eva Kracht won travel. Olaf Oftedahl left Saturday for Two Harbors, Minn., on receipt of word of his father's death there. The Curtis Olsens and Irvin Classons attended a silver wedding anniversary party for Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stafford, Mallard, Saturday. Ralph Drinnan and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Conlon spent Sunday at Fort Dodge with Conlon relatives. Mrs. J. B. Nolan spent a few days last week at her sister Arlene Petersen's, Fort Dodge. Moving WE HAVE TOO MANY SHOES Can not get them all into the building up street. ' On top of'this heavy stock I bought 1,000 pairs of children's shoes and 500 pairrf of women's slippers in 3t. 1'aul last Friday; ' So we will be at the old stand where we are now until about March 1st. We have to sell a lot of shoes this month. The 1500 pairs I bought in St. -Paul was a real snap. Children's oxfords and straps, worth up to $1.98, will go into, this sale at $1.19, all sizes up to big 3. Women's low-heel slippers with leather soles, rubber soles, and cork soles, sizes from 3% to 10, go at $1.19. Fifty dozen, 600 pairs of Milwaukee King men's work shoes just arrived, I UUT loaded them in the new location. They are welt construction with leather soles and very easy on your feet. This particular shoe has always retailed at $3-75 to' $4.00. For the. balance of this month you ^can have them at $2.98, Someone will be there to wrap them up for you. Jf ever there was a bargain, this is it, and if ever there was a year tp buy your spring work shoes early this is the year. They will be higher than a cat's bawjk later ojr and hard to get. Jimmie Neville THE SHOE TITONKA BRIEFS Ebert Buss, north of town farmer, is critically sick at a Rochester hospital. His son Melvin, in an army camp, was caMed home. Mrs. Homer Downs entertained her bridge club last Thursday. Guests attending: Mcsdames Henry Orthel, T. A. Dunmire, Everett Rippentrop, Wm. Boyken, Wijbur Schram, and Mary Oesterreicher. Prizes were won by Mrs. Orthel, Mrs. A. M. Peterson, and Mrs. Pierre Sartor. The William Schrams were Sunday dinner guests at the Rev. C.- B. Mitchell's, /Woden, in honor of Mr. Mitchell's birthday. < Mrs. Harry Beed was released Monday from a Mason City hospital, where she recently had a major operation. She is spending the week with Mrs. Laura Beed, Hampton. Dr. and Mrs. H. I. Torgersen spent a few days with Des Moines relatives last week. Joyce, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Calvin Schnucker, had an appendectomy at the Buffalo Center hospital Friday. • The Walter Tappers left Saturday for Triumph, Minn., for a couple of days with Mrs. Tapper's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abbas. James,.youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meinders, fell sick at church Sunday and was rushed to the hospital at Buffalo Center for an appendectomy. Mrs. William Rickleffs entertained the U-Deal-M club Thursday, and club guests were Mrs Ben U. Meyer, Mrs. John S. Rippentrop, and Mrs. Frank Fisher, Prizes were won by Mrs. George Higgins, high, Mrs. Frank Fisher, low. Mr. and Mrs. J,ohn Beenken entertained their 500 club Thursday evening, and club guests were Mr. and Mrs. Kobus Tjaden. High for women was Mrs Ben U. Meyer; for men. John S RinDpntrop; and Henry Beenken was low. The Bert C. Meyers, Buffalo Center, and the Harm Kettwicks called on B. H. Meyer Saturday evening. Mr. Meyer has been sick, but is improving. Mr. and Mrs. John Tapper, of Oskaloosa, arrived Saturday for Sunday with John's parents, Mr and Mrs. Jos. H. Tapper, and others who called at Jos. Tapper's Sunday were Mr. and,Mrs. Harm Huisinga, Woden, and Mr. anc Mrs. Dick B. Meyer. Mrs. Marshall Friest gave party for her sons Donald anc Jimmie Saturday in honor o: their birthdays. Eleven boys anc girls were guests. Coast-to-Coast Store Lucky Friday and Saturday 1 Bargains \ u_—••» 39c 39c Black Dipping HARNESS OIL, gallon HALTEBS 4 large Hijack I • MILK PAILS- — MANURE FORKS, 4-tine__ MANURE FORK HANDLES,. Hammer Handles 5c Axe Handles __;.___17c Galvanized PAILS, 10-qt, _. Galvanized WASH TUBS—__ _ Galvanized BUSHEL BASKET—. 29c £C .DO 98c 98c 98c Coast-to-Coast Store Flash Light BATTERIES Lg. size, H. D. ea. Super Quality HOUSE PAINT, gal. Red BARN PAINT 4 5 gal. lots, gal. I STEP LADDERS 4-ft. — _ ------- „ $1.29 5-ft, ---- _ ------- $1.59 6-ftv _____ ...... _ $1.89 Keystone Interior GLOSS 70«_ ENAMEL, quart I 5JC Gallon __________ $2.49 VARNISH 4-hr, dry, at. __ 7-QT. TEA KETTLE _:_. MOTOR OIL S.A.E. 20, gal. _ MONEY FOB TODAY'S NFEDS To >w W9ENSES, WUfTEH fTO wui eLOTHJWG; to m«k« HOME and Car ttpnira or for any purpose Cwdit Ww» to Faraw, for «* purch**. of Mnio-. W« haw * Cow* in and M ip •xplaiQ this plan to *»** you* r*q[u Phil 4. KohlhM. mmm. Purebred Chester White SOW SALE The best in C! farm, located 5 Verne; ten miles 6 miles north, onij; Renwick; ten mil ihester Whites to be sold at my m|iles east, 1% miles north of Lu s|outh of Wesley, on graveled road; mile west and % m n e north of west of Kanawha, on Wednesday Feb. 18 35 head to farrow March and April. Settlement on day^ of sale. Write for catalog. GEORGE WOLF Herman Brummond, Auctioneer Iowa State Bank, Algona, Clerk • ..,.. ,. Commemorated'to the memory of George Rasmusse'n, founder of the ; National^ Tea Co-., and to his far- siqh.te'd pioneering and .leadership . of our modern form of-economical FORT DEARBORN Il-Ofc. t PACKAGS Asstd. Soups, Except Chicken, Mushroom CAMPBELL'S 3 , FRENCH STYLE 1 Salad MUSTARD COME AGAIN BRAND Salad DRESSING JUMBO TWIN SLICED WHITE BREAD NATIONAL FRESH PAN ROLLS lO'/a-OZ. Cans Quart Jar Quart Jar I'/a-lb. LoaJ (V-0'URV THOMPSON SEEDLESS LB. BAG Doien I HAZEL BRAND PASTRY AND 3-lb. Bag 1 CAKE FLOUR BAKING POWDER CALUMET ARM & HAMMER BAKING SODA HAZEL BRAND PANCAKE FLOUR {£ I ALL-PURPOSE SHORTENINGS ' CRISCO or SPRY V, D 16-oz. Can 16-oz. Pkg. «*»SflW., ^**®*®i!%m8g"^ FINEST QUALITY BLADE CUTS—NONE HIGHI BEEF RO AS 1 Sliced or Piece PORKLIVEI BIST CUTS Dressed Northern Pike lOc Ib. Fresh SIDE PORK Pork FRESH LEAN LINKS Slab BACON 11) ib Lake 17c SMELTS ib. Perch 25c FILLETS «,25c Salmon 25c STEAKS 29c GROUND BEEff !^™^^^ LETTUCE LB. FRESH, CRISP SOLID HEADS FOR Fresh Peas • Radishes Wtil FILLED PODi 29c lOc Cauliflower 17 C Oranges G Soap LARGf, HiSH SNO-WHITE 'HEAPS 'EACH CALIF. "SUMMIT" IffPlESS NAVELS woJowRY's 3 <*„,. 25c HAZEL BR4ND TOILET SOAP 3**,J3c CREASE-DISSOLVING , BABO CLEANER 2 }j~ ffi« WAX PAPER " ^"^ »»W WAX PAPEB RAMH-WAX MJhtt. **U \\ -N " HT i»'!!l Plenty Parking Si ,-tr-trt-f ,'j * ' l ;V' ;^M

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