Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1942 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1942
Page 7
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FOR VICTORY were pres- volun- home HOT organ- ted. This towns of Wes- _, yer will be Friday after- gEvangelical is spon- ary groups Methodist, Evangel- churches, by the of Churchwill be a the Sunday the- Pres- BANCROFT BRIEFS f <$Lichty, Mr. Grace McCall, s daugh- Charles Welp and Donald Mur- | ed from the Hatten apartment St. I to Ringsted. of St. Thomas college, KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA PAOB8HVMI 'mdse. - 492.70 Mall. Iron Range Co., mdse. 260.95 Graybar Elec. Co., mdse. 14.47 Pratt Elec. Co., mdse. _- 63.96 Algona Ldry., serv. — 13.40 Greenberg Auto Sup. Co., mdse. 16.78 Chefs Used Auto Parts, mdse. —- - 1.00 I Dutch's Super Serv., mdse. 94.22 Johnson DX Serv., gas_ 16.45 Harris Bros., gas _ 10.98 H. W. Post, freight 21.12 R'y Exp. Agcy., exp. — 2.28 Jefferson Elec. Co., mdse. 7-01 t. Dodge Awning Co., mdse. , — 203.87 !owan Bldg. Sup. Co., mdse. 2.19 Botsford Lbr Co., mdse. 75.76 Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. 6.56 Barker Drug Store, mdse. 5.30 Thorpe Wood Wks, repairs 28.00 Reliable Dec., labor _._ 6.30 Adv. Pub. Co. 48.80 Power, sub. 4.00 Cresco Union Elec. Co., signs _ 5.62 N. W. Bell Tel., service. 16.47 WATER DEPARTMENT Harry Barton, salary __ 73.60 Frank Ostrum, salary — 51.60 Joe Dunn, salary 30.25 R. S. Barton, salary — 14.50 C. U. Pollard, salary ___ 30.00 Ira Kohl, salary 15.00 Laura Mitchell, salary _ 60.00 Fred Gronbach, labor __ 10.35 Nep. Meter Co., mdse. _ 5.23 Funk & Deim, mdse. __ 63.51 Culligan Zeolite Co., mdse. 236.94 John Clark, refund .... 5.00 SNOW REMOVAL FUND Jesse Lashbrook, overtime _ 10.00 Elliott Skilling, overtime __ 10.00 Oliver Bakken, overtime 10.00 John Helmers, overtime 10.00 Chas. Harvey, overtime 10.00 Herman Lyon, overtime 10.00 COMFORT STATION FUND Dr. F. E. Sawyer, rent— 25.00 Mrs. A. M. Collinson, salary 20.00 Passed and approved this 29th day of January, 1942. C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON,' City Clerk. County Auditor, to discontinue the reusing of said claim and hold. In beyance the collection of Bald ac- ount until otherwise ordered by this "oard, and, WHEREAS, this Board now beeves that said claim, as mentioned n said Resolution of December 20, 940, should now be pressed to com- Jletlon. It Is therefore the order of this Board, that pursuant to Section 3595 BOARD PROCEEDINGS of the Code of Iowa, E. 8. Klnsey, as County Auditor of Kossuth. County, Iowa, Is now directed to make Immediate demand'upon and to otherwise enforce collection against Abble Heese and Ernest H. Reese of the said sum so advanced by Kossuth County, Iowa, as h«relnabove stated In the total amount of $7392.22 for the support of the said Abble Reese, all In accordance with said resolution of December 20, 1940, here- inabove mentioned. Seconded by Qulnn. : <_,, __ Ay«*: W. 8. "Cosurove, W; B, M*M Donald, Peter 3> Helken, S. F. Quint*. J. H. Fraser. Nays: none. Motion by Cosgrove and ae«oa4 by McDonald that thla Board i Ing be adjourned to January SO. Ayes: all. J. H. FRASBR, Chairman. Attest: E. S. KINSET. County Auditor. ; , ;i ^ticKw?i||Sttnday, the nc-, their respective parents here. ot•'•'. •tMlnirSiWtylSTii'ohtv's birth- ,-._•• »ii^_ j i_i _* Joivibei ;aj«6f Sunday. Trip- _______ , . . fChange— iHafiseiiifiho had been **»i 'i-i.-J— -^IT"! ^.-'Jf^:^m « . Patricia, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hatten, has been confined to bed with pneumonia. Mrs. Paul Mulligan and Mrs. .„, John Govern attended a shower infon left Mon- Sunday for Wanda Mpyne, Armier, Ted Lar- strong, at Mrs. Herbert Trenary's, .,«,«,, and his twin Ledyard. The honoree .will be jjif!£atil, for Comp- married to Earl Trenary next """ ' rlwas to join Monday at Ledyard. i City, and all Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hatten en- gblden wedding tertained Corp. Robert Hiller at and Staff-Sergeant James Wilson, Fort Snelling, Minn., at dinner Monday. Corporal Hiller is a nephew of Mrs. Hatten. spent the week-end with I family, has moved into the Vo» kum house. Mrs. A. E. O'Dell left last Thursday for Iowa City, where she entered the university hospital for treatment. Viggo Christensen attended a three-day Masonic conference at Clear Lake last week. He is secretary of the local lodge. Rosemary Welp, Joliet, 111., is spending a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and, Mrs. R. J. Welp. parents 25. Funeral services were held Sat- SEarrners State , ur( jay here for the infant daugh- ..—.,>.,,,,-..,.---. .^resigned last ter o j Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Men- fndfetogjccep^,; a like posi- k e> p 0 meroy. The baby was born. - Mankato; bank. Elnora Friday at a Storm Lake hospital. ^,_^«^ r. work Richard and Gera i d Nurre, with Arthur Devine, all of Ames, I spent the week-end with their o., n ,j 0 ,r respective home folks. Sunday, ^ ha Rt John , s Seniors Electric Dept., mdse. __ Wm. C. Dau Garage, repairs Harris Bros., gas Adv. Pub. Co., printing- R'y Exp. Agcy., exp. — GENERAL FUND Arthur -Moulds! salary _ Cecil McGinnis, salary _ Tim O'Brien, salary — N. W. Bell Tel. Co., serv. J. W. Neville, rent Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse. Council Oak Store,. mdse. Barker Drug Store., mdse. Thorpe Wood Works, re- CITY BILLS [bnday. W, ire he enlist- e. News.". inners, Eagle of Howard's jjnid Mrs. E. C. "";The Harold the Hollis . mt the day itz home. -• The will present a class play, Trail of the Lonesome Pine, at St John's hall next Sunday. Mrs. Helen Simmons has mov- PORTLAND January 29, 1942. The City Council -met at the City Hall with the Mayor and all of the Council members present. Minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted. A motion carried that the purchase of a Chlorinator in the amount of $1178.00 be approved. App. Ord. No. 565 was passed. The meeting was adjourned to February 12, 1942. ELECTRIC FUND L'. M. Bellock, salary —$ A shower for Mary hostess L 9 n S was given at Mrs. E. L. fast week Dickmeyer's Saturday. Maxine, _ T chapter of Dickmeyer sang two songs, ac- Chester Webb, salary ._ cnapter^oi companied by her mothe r on a I Frank Ostrum, salary ._ F. C. Dailey, salary Tom Halpin, salary Walter Gorman, salary. C, C. Wright, salary... Earl Bowman, salary Wm. O. Ludwig, labor _ Tjaden- Alvis Hill, labor ~ Ray Barton, salary H. E. Steohenson, salary pairs Kos. Motor Sales, repairs Jesse Lasbrook, salary _ Elliott Skilling, repairs- Oliver Bakken, salary. _ John Helmers, salary __ Chas. Harvey, salary — Herman Lyons, salary- Globe Mach. & Sup. Co., mdse. Thorpe Wood Wks., repairs Funk & Deim, mdse. __ V. V. Naudain, coal Pratt Elec. Co., mdse. __ Laing & Muckey, mdse. Botsford Lbr. Co., mdse. Kohlhaas & Spilles, lalternoon was an'ij piano-harp. Mrs. Cecil Long was , in charge of a game, and Mrs. Ivan Long won the' prize. The <snpnt- the honoree received many gifts. p - The bride is a,former Portland rural teacher in Districts 4 and It Hardy Sun- 6 > ancl sne is now teaching in Un- IlMerkles spent. i?^ H. Johnson the week- Portanci Progress club will meet Thursday with Mesdames Charles ahd , Bernard was at home fhelps roll call to be Washington or Lincoln quotations. A re- McCall, Chi- P or t will be given on the recent - Joe Dunn, salary H. S. Roth, salary C. U. Pollard, salary___ Ira Kohl, salary ___ Adah Carlson, salary — Fulton Iron Wks., mdse. Pet. Prod., oil ^ ____ ____ 581.77 Diesel Serv. Co., oil ... 287.50 C. M. St. P. & P. R'y, freight 542.82 Soc.-Vac. Oil Co., oil "• 40.78 West. Elec. & Mfg. Co., on contract - 2359.00 West. Elec. & Mfg. Co., eng. 178.76 mdse. C. A. Heard, repairs — Standard Oil Co., mdse. Greenberg Auto Sup., mdse. -------------Percival Motors, repairs Wm C. Dau Garage, repairs --------------Kent Motor Co., repairs Dutr-h's Super Serv., repairs .- ------------Sinclair Ref. Co., fuel ._ Mid-Cont. Pet. Corp., fuel __i __________ — ' Johnson DX Serv.,,gas._ Harris Bros., gas ------73.75 j L. L. Corypll & Son, gas 90!00 | Oliyer Bakken, chauffeur license --------Jesse LRshbrook et al, chauffeur license _- — Johnson DX Service, gas Moore's DX Service, gas 75.00 93.75 73.60 73.60 65.5 61.00 60.50 50.00 50.50 67.50 50.00 12.00 17.50 40.00 75.00 145.19 iSSiVehter Arienne Red Cross meeting at Burt. As- eng. ._. K£ a week with sisting hostesses will be Mrs.! Globe Mach. & Sup. ents, Mr and Martin Larsen and Mesdames !_ mdse -_ -----— 343.28 Mr. ana „,..,„.._. _._., ~- nald R m g sf d or f. | N Iowa . Mach. & Sup.. Vernon Strib- William and Donald „ ,, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Sheehan, of | A mdse —----——- ik-end at Henry Algona spent last •Thursday ; Am. Cottoned, mdse. with Mr. and Mrs. Ray McWhor- ^ rrv uu ^ m UOJ -' ™i~ter. Many basketball fans from here attended the county tournament at Algonawonday evening. Theo. B. Robertson Prod., mdse. Metal Hose Co., mdse. 77.85 137.22 250.75 37.00 85.69 Gporpe Dettman, salary Adv. Pub. Co., sprv. — Clement's Serv. Sta., pas SEWER FUND C. U. Pollard, salary — Frank Ostrum, salary. _ JOP Dunn, salary 35.24 37.3'l 8.82 84.80 .61 67.50 60.00 60.00 5.20 10.42 3.21 7.30 1.85 1.00 20.80 72.50 72.50 42.50 42.50 42.50 42.50 11.88 32.47 10.28 30.80 .90 2.33 53.93 i , 13.82 I 15.80 35.80 24.09 12.50 48.12 4.15 3.25 22.66 23.69 13.50 3.42 .99 2.00 6.00 35.04 25,52 30.00 57.40 93.80 17.50 3.90 3.25 Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa „ ' January 20, 1941 2:00 O'clock A M. Board of Supervisors met pursu ant to adjournment with all mem bers present. Sealed bids for proposed tile work on Sub 9 of Drainage District No. \ were opened and read by Secretary as directed by Chairman Eraser. Motion by Cosgrove and second by Qulnn that the contract be awardei to W. B. Llnnan of Pocahontas, Iowa for the digging, laying and back filling and to completion of 2BOO fee of 15 Inch tile work In Bub 9 o Drainage District No. 4. Ayes: al Motion by Qulnn and second b Helken that Mrs. lona Mabus b given a cash allowance of $25.00 pe month as of January 1, 1942, upo her direct verbal application to th Board of Supervisors tof- relief am maintenance of her three mlno children, Eleanor Mabus, Arline Ma bus and Lois Mabus. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Helken that a transfer of J446.01 be made from the special building fund to the General County Fund. Ayes: all. Motion by Qulnn and second by McDonald that Lyle M. Peddlcord be appointed -as overseer of the poor for Kossuth County for the ensuing year of 1942 and that the salary be fixed at $150.00 per month. Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove and second by Qulnn that $65.88 be accepted from Julius G. Studer as a compromise settlement In full for personal taxes In Prairie ''township and Lu- Verne Township for the years 193:i to 1940 Inclusive, total amount abated $1Q:92. Ayes: all. Motion by Qulnn and second by Helken that a refund In the amount of $2.00 be made to Chas. Ehver for 1941 dog tax paid twice. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Helken that the application for retail cigarette permit and bond of Bernadlne Allen be approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove and second by McDonald that the County Auditor be and Is hereby directed to file a claim In the office of Clerk of District Court against Simon P. .Weber, executor of the estate of Simon Weber or sums advanced for coroner fees by Kossuth County, and also to file a claim against John Brink, executor of the estate of Bernard Brink for sums advanced for coroner fees by Kossuth County. Ayes: all. RESOLUTION Motion by Cosgrove: THAT WHEREAS, a motion was duly adopted by this Board on December 20, 1940, directing E. S. Kinsey. as County Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, .to make immediate demand upon and otherwise enforce collection against A.bble Reese arc Ernset H. Reese for the sum of • $7392.22, for the support of the said Abbie Reese In the State Hospital at Cherokee. Iowa, from December 20, 1904, until June 17. 1940 and. WHEREAS, on December 23, 1940 this Board adopted a resolution directing the said E. S. Kinaey, a? RKINM , CONSEm GAS and outstanding leader of the CAR CONSERVATION PLAN' Designed to keep America's cars serving for the duration.... To prolong the life of your car—to avoid many major repair bills —to protect your pocketbook—to preserve your motor car transportation.... See your Chevrolet dealer today for full details of Chevrolet's original "Car Conservation Plan/' and keep your car serving well by keeping it well serviced. 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Friends here have sent cards ,re- fPtto Jensen, Hal- cently. Her address is 1552 Haw- Andrew Berg, thorne street. Mr. and Mrs. G. O. McFarland , were recent visitors at D. E. „. ?. C. McGregor Burnett's, near Bancroft. Mr. fending Farm and Burnett suffered a stroke in January and js in critical cohdi- entertamed all tion. Mrs. Burnett is a sister of school class at Mr. McFarland. five moved to a er. The Warren now at Pres- son, East Chain, was hpn- at the Baptist City, Monday iests made up purse towards shower host- James Martin Ol- Floyd Treat, • n, and Kenneth Erickson. Midwes); Piping and Sup,. Co., mdse. 150.80 West. Electric Supply, FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND Ralph Elbert. labor 16.50 Kureka Fire Hose, mdse. 160.88 C. S.'John son. mdse. — 1047 Kossuth Oil Co., serv.__ 37.76 Kos. Motor Sales, repairs ___i 20.87 Moore's DX Serv., gas__ 2.57 Altrona ^ire Co., serv. _ 96.00 Harris Bros., gas 1.40 DEPOSIT FUND J. E. 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