Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1942 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1942
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It Pearl Harbor #3&3E& ANISH r L. "n i^* ~~" "—'~""" w w^Mfiiim MipRoadTrustees to Hold Annual Meet Here Feb 17 TO BE Quartet of Cheerleaders H as l^~^-Tn^^^ ^^^_T CO. L / TO BE IB 1942 MAM tan» • • r ship is to anted at eting. trustees will meeting in the j week Tuesday,' lip and county 'be adopted, lip .proposals for Hhin the town- to the meet- |ds available for ited according •••W-'fr *•'. W& mm ^ ?>,; & "•* -,. ^: W '•% ?iv^ a» tuested, conditions "| townships, and |and grading are lie meeting, and ids are pretty - between the if a township Deling it grading .--. Lu Verne imed trustees ,Jig and adopt .,._;; list follows: •Thoreson; Grant, igfield, Guy O. Larson; . Ledyard, Dave An» Anderson; ^Greenwood, P-iey, A. B. ijjohn Cordes; Ichutter; Port- at; Penton, P. itts Creek, L. •'John Byson; ;Bailey; Wes- iPrairie, John gton, E. R. nore; H. F. B. Berning- hn Frideres; JAPS WILL NOT FIND HONOLULU NAPPING AGAIN Mrs. Peterson Tells of Conditions in Islands. Mrs. Mell Peterson, who is here from Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, ''f or the duratlon ,, k bef °re the Kiwanis club last week Thursday and before the Rotary club Monday noon. Shej also spoke last week Wednesday night at a Presbyterian family' iner at the church, and again SL^g^SL? 11 -^^,: Thar's Gold in Them Piles FENTON *«"» wa. eliminated in of enlhuriasm and effective chwrTadto? * ** " """ had Advance "ash-Piciure. * F " day nisht * wa ">'* *'om a had been A. H, S, PLANS Every body, Wanted the Ball VICTORY B ALL ^ FOR WEEK-END iioiiV<T' "i"^ 100 " 8 husband is a lieutenant commander on a ship °wh Wh M e " in the Pacific 7 n^f attack of December i — z ".« «re iney orow reS Mr? « e / e a11 surprised," Sa *"day *he pile of old iires relates Mrs. Peterson, and it was wer ? a cou P le of dozen " ds narrt Tni* ...I A. i i? i «.v H ..A * - -. TO BE DINNER GUESTS HERE OF THEV, F, W. Oldtimers to Recall Slogan of the War of 1898. Kossuth Post No. 2541, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will entertain the Spanish-American War Nor thern Iowa at an away. "As soon turned on i had T AST FAT T w » - Ko «uth County Advance News-Piinire L^j^d £ ty°^ g rro yh r 9s ^ a *— >P «- jSatoday ihe pile of oM^SJ^^^S^ ^ «H«" <"»* — - for recapping, reclaimed rubber. . The Spanish -American war veterans will commemorate the sinking of the battleship Maine ™ hlch . Carted off the SpaS American war in tafament period" hae as all radios were e knew that t hW T s ? attat *ed, but we th 3t first by whom that we werp instructed to our radios turned on day Benefit Basket Game For an Ambulance Also Dated. i $*tjfji*itf f J'£$* f '' -^ ? ' " £ ^V 4* *•- *• .-*..».: },5ft£'-^ •.<-.«* * V /•'»!* Blackouts at Night. i W t re not Permitted to use h e - ephones ' unlpss f or something important. The fire warden gave us instructions on in- j? ry ?nd explosive bombs 'The-ni ? ht-of:December:7 we had a complete blackout, which has been carried out every night Algona high school y Bal1 students UGH WILL IHERE junior high tournament n and all been made, i 14 teams, invitational 8th, and 9th schools. To etc., the year been in the county. , . |High team, so JJS year, is out I of first place lum. Admissions will be defense stamps, and the stamps went on sale yesterday noon* The students are holding the ball m connection with the Junior Chamber of Commerce Buy a Bond campaign this week All Algona students are cooperating in the stamp and bond campaign m addition to various social organizations of the city and ser- Junior high students are con- ibuting by purchasing defense Shffiffif f °u admissi on to a junior high" basketball tournament here this week-end. iry students, sixth below, are buying de» "" iu: 3 week from the of Commerce —Kossuth County 'iw'-'T.i^V/* the Cal1 T HIS SC HAMBLE for the ball occu ' M he Silo* DeS / rt J S in *> ask6 *aU Same Friday evenrng the office, and she re- in an effort to nab the ball after mg ring. REGISTRANTS MAY REGISTER AT OWN TOWNS All Mayors Asked to Provide Places for Registration. ' Dermand Cafe Give Cash for Six Hrs. to Red Cross ti. C Armstrong, of Britt, will be toastmaster. Ray Echternacht, Monticello, state V. F W commander Dr. F. M. Minnich, ££. rens state senior V. F. W commander, and Sherman Olson ™ Present Soldiers Invited. Mr tou the ««& Cross ^American war veterans con" * »rfi^w io et u O Clt nated his cafe's receipts to the Registration of between i(uu and 2000 men 20-21 and 36-46 in! "- third registration for the' wishes to - - — — «••»«-* W.WI1 in"cr"»i,""' v "*" a om dinners ing ihe noon hour, as well the afternoon coffee ° n will as »» -»—•»•"»• •'"Jii.-iieH. ^,Mlf nn ? nd said regu ar pric- g*& no,- s?1 -^ * ^^*««» ; L ^e,laterha{fbluean°d Ve h r a e 5 ^?Bffir^J?£ rpstpri -f^r. i«_—• ,, , wd& _ ar- eted srss «rasc, •ft- registration place win v><» provided in every town fa the' county under direction of thl 'everias tt Store Changes Name. Japanese stores kept operat- o mav °r of the town, who has been asked by the draft board to select registrars to help with the work. As in all draft board work there is no pay, and the time are required i to be asked for the are: Full na m e , soldier sailor, or marine vited t War ln uniform is in- H. S. Montgomery is local-V'^* W. commander. /S! S^'nSYSS! ASaX, 0 " the SpaS for WEATHER FOR JANUARY WAS ABOVyORMAL The weather report foi * Weather Observer anyone c ^ u ?. a nad for centuries been a possession. The island TonS -SSffinKS, ^d ^^ ^ ' X^ S S^L C .f^onl mSsrol down by Spanish —•*-» v««*v* aiic 1 c™ sales have been excel- fi« A ^ ed i C ^ ss "ambulance bene- F . • f V ba sketball game will be |had to check %%?*'** th e high school gym"• that players "f,5" m A " ex t week .Saturday, f ' night. A double-header program ' en arranged, with St. Co- Academy playing Presen- Academy, of .Whittemore, :45 p. m., and the Algona •• ] ea . m Playing Humboldt at i 9n Admissions will be the usual Friday after- f?? f hnd 2P C \ e Y, er y Penny to go to the Red Cross ambulance - 9-Ledyard fUnd ' Lu Veme vs. esley vs. Lana at 5 p. m •Ledyard vs vs. Bancroft Lone Rock Flash-Picture, during ihe Fento shows some high . r , had failed to hit ihe count' "Most people kept their Japan- registr'atTon if H»~EF'° ^ir«S'S£ S* firs. mors got around that our food , Urns of meas- (regular mem- disease, and , but both articipate and Bht for- the ! B:30 to hold Saturday • 4:30 p. m . ^, hold semi- rday morning In the after- will be 20c »w His Lessons dward, Whit- Cross chair?rpt from a ow that First " • isi worth ptudying s "*nall pig at the Me- were ready i Donald Mead asked for Stered arti- 1 the pig ' the proud Auto Stamp Sales Rise to 2500 Here COUNTY FOB BOOKS TO END SATURDAY Farmer at Lu Verne Has Three Sons in U. S. Armed Forces F. K. Clapsaddle, Lu Verne township candidate for the re- i publican candidate for supervisor, was an Aleona vsiitor Mon- He has three sons in the U. I _ •*• —--."wa mice suns m ine u. Bath Annis, Algona librarian S ar r; ed { or< :f s - and one of them, • ..——.." «.".!«, ^iiguim norarian w " i j 7 , "' " uu une or mem, who is county chairman for the i tera i, c1 ' who has been in .the navy Vmtnrv Book drive for army and e last seven and - '• ., . * a .« years and for two and half half n^vy camps, reports that up to ""« % *v.viwu c>na a naif yesterday afternoon 1,639 books y ? 8 £ s h . ad had' a land assignment h ,£l b ! enturned - in « t ^ Algona ±S^l n Jh^Philippines, is l^»"»rv. were sold the Algona O T are sti11 a nu ™ber of 'Ice up to February 2 tL Head f u ? ch ^ s> sc . hools - a n d other or- line, reports Postmaster Sullivan" K am2atl ° ns in the county which Jt was expected that more would 6ont n0t H Ur ^ d ^ their collec - b nd the fin u ppn . Proba.bly now fiffhting with ! Ar ' .-—, ,_^ u . .„ ^ luuuaaiei punivan Tt was expected that more would be sold here, but perhaps car owners bought their stamps in other Kossuth postoffices Mr Sullivan added that many families which have two cars, have stored one to save tires and, other expense. In addition many cars owned by men now in the army or navy are stored; A few purchases each day were still-being made last week, tyew $5 • 6 July their collec final number •-• »*" exceed the present ^ m io Pr> ? he drive be san January 12 and ends this week Miss Annjs says cooperation and response have been uniform- 1 '" excellent. She hopes now that ks can be deliv- iiorary by Saturday, be packed and sent camps-and tp the . »--"""." i J r <iuw AtKimne witn jMij"- number of : , rf i, , r ' S i besie e ed ar my- He rates ' other or- ^i"^ 1 ''?*} 1 '™^'*™^ Voth'"" hn = of late been heard from •~>t a cabled Christmas One of the other boys the navy air corps on the id the third is in- the air corps in Michigan. All volunteers. There is also a vho was formerly in the >ut is now in other gov- employ in California. Another "Remember" Slogan. n,? 8 ° ne °t th ^ rebellions th CT Way ,' but on a la rger United I? f USUal " Interest in the united States rose to fever me camp nf it TOW j — :"""!, "-6"»«auib aaaress; S^-^S'asiSSCSJ'i'gBSi'- iTtf-isa~i?««-»j~^ gsppsr's Mis ss '&\^^s^&/'^^r- frior,^ * . e " 4UUlel aamagpft. A i preiixed with the letter "T" s^vr at s- s?' j^ffss^ E».^ me. - .-- were evacuating cer- card " the reVCTSe Slde of the | decrees, below t«in di.=triots. and all who had no _ nlace to eo were housed in nub- r> f» ic school buildines after the at- County Council of l^CK, TnG ~* * ~ "~ *"^ ^ " but peoole, generally ' calm and orderly, martial law prevailed. Plenty of Food. "Stores closed earlv in the af- 31?'* an i? foo ^ b "ying was »• ^± dm *° baskets of groceries. ID. FSA Holds Session —• TU *• ~ " t 1 " 1 "Mt on a The first ten days! aver- mercurv reading pf 4 6 which is 19^5 '"'. . - the the pr< issued later. Hainan, n seiwion JSeipvicp rvr*i".£'"" f .^ONFIPENT, Grant Twp., Feb. 1Q -^ Grace Barrow here has received a let- er from a Honolulu relatives re^ porting the writer well and adr no worry, jor residents SJS"^ 9 ^ 118 ^.' 8 ^** confidence blllat (ilG ****'*"»«-—— — ••»•* es can " attack. QNLT QifB LICENSE. only one marriage license has oeen issued by the district court clerk +*>'«* »~——iu. «_!***" >""*• •*.w4.A»ic <*iiu uuai>L Euara . Books which need repairing will be sent to a W P A bmdery,;,and then ,wili go direct to men in th» C Q ^,,;«« ° wivv " M. G. Norton Home; Mrs, Norton Later NortorTwas brought ft The county council of the ent ' re month 20 degrees °or 5? brought I? & TV? r f ama . ge su ** Farm Security administration I deprees^above normal ' acninc* T u v5r a Tindeland i>v»i- u rt *. in • i au|i| mioirdiion i mi_ ""we uuiniai. against John W^»ito T*. n ~j T> A»^ £>,n hore Fn-Jay. Attending W pr Q i The weather report for"thp laef Waite Thl He ' and Ruth 1'i^^ifirl-lisa.sssi!^ — Plpich, Burt; Albert Johnson'' January 29 '42 ' and'count • m .damages SS^i, T rP'^P^rson, _ La- | January 30 ~~"~~~~4'l « Jurors .in^the^Lf^i"^ 1 ^ H E . i"*i iriHjrv^nrisi- * »***- f^iJujiiH^t; uas€*m shonping as usual, but only'also in attendance, and or the expected 16,000 McCord, administrative nmas trpps arrived for * rom Ames, spoke. The obiecV =tmas, so we used an artifi-1 the meeting was to study in «fn ee> and Jt served 3 US * as| crpasfi d production goals and • I methods Mr St Clair an Mrs, Norton Later th,r^m?L 0 d n'a^d^d! «^^with m Sll^'of p"" home from N th t0n c~ WaS b *° U?hi ^ — "™ ^nnr^l? 8 ^' ! fami " eS ' - PSA u ji n l,^? bot > ks - The highest in- 1 £ om , Buries received that day "™ ."H* 0 ? C( ; id « n t- Mrs. Norton, ' in C . In 3 u , r ed ui the accident, is came furthM- contributed 72. *»v of the .1. . 152 books. WINS AT "0RB9AQE, If E CAGE GAME, hi«* school team will ,; Arto's annual score Arlrt'c r^*.Sll TT' - —-"--T JTP^^ ww ^rw? trirui. His score w^g 1,185 SSJsIrS women h "Tativ , ., ui e accdent, is came furthM- iia«^ u ° JSfc most neon i lowa has a s o-c»llpd "unem- fA oyment compensation" the ex» st ° nce °? JSfhich most neonL Sm ? ke §*«* Sports sale co co l les °* last Ads - Peterson. They Norton is .' yf crutches V W* * WB \^°rwn ar r . Nnrtni, '• * are dom S wel1 - Mr. th«v have any" w "* v " " prson, mothp? of Lieutenant- . have powVwenin Al- given period obtain what amounts to a pension. - The ~ "mpiovmpnt Security ~~ sion occasionally gives ports of claims and payme; and the report for January is now out Perhaps most Kossutii neonle win ho ^L«t;2:-r'? s ? UWl 126 — — »-•* i^t_t4, jr j, February 2 February 3 February 4 04 Adult CNss Hour Half Hour Sooner The adult nirtt"school closes will meet at 7 o'clock next Won- I day evenine inst» n ^ „«••,?«>«"5." oc next day evening instead of 7^0 Sf ause . 9' a Public program the auditorium at 8:30 changes of instructors have made. The P PV . David day ,-• _—"• Will an V'*'- , M - Q- Bourne Dr. Kenefick taught diring f ? ve weeks, and D<«tor TRIAL STILL ON IN COURT 52 30 25 13 16 11 22 $1500 in aims are the case are a! Joe Cinkr Ui ferSi Wode ' n tWs in erm of court is scheduled this week, and Judge is scheduled to open another county ?here is one case rema _ trial—a suit against estate, but «•»•«*«— «iT.--"! M«et Monday Night ' ~ n , a buii

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