Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 6, 1931 · Page 14
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 14

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1931
Page 14
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The HOME ^etcspaper THE LINCOLN EVENING JOI RN V^ IKN Al Capone attends baseball games the players auto- grapn baseballs for him. When he extends football tilts, they boo him {4i hlOOPLUAiJ,^ Nebraska Lineup Changed As Work Starts For Oklahoma Sooners V —— ---------------------—................................ e _________________________________ STS' ME THICK ' “®'° bellow gets bronx cheer N 010 PHILAOEIP ERSON,'MIEEER iHAES EOO IÍARSITY OEGÜEÄOS BELIEVE IT OR NOT! (Reg. U. S. Patent Office.) By Ripley iC\ Ì from stands. There seems to be a "iffesence of opinion among baseball and football fans as to who are the heroes in this country. Dick Hanley, Northwestern co.ach, will not book a game with a team which will be a pushover. *‘My team leam.s nothing by bowling over an easy opponent and lunning up a prodigious score and I don’t get any line on the players. We’ll take the major opponents all the way thru, win, lose or draw,” Hanley stated. John Waldorf’s Nebraska Wesleyan football team manages to maintain its tradition of never losing football games by more than one point, , Dope around Evanston was that I Ohio State has a bigger team than Northw'estern and may prove the ' dark horse of the Big Ten race. It doesn’t seem possible that any i team could be bigger. ; Dick Hanley, Northwestern coach, stated after the game that! he had no intention of using Reb; Russell to any extent against the Huskers as a ball lugger, figuring , that the Nebrauskans would be set j to stop their former teammate, i l hat was what happened. Reb carried the ball seven times, fumbling twice, losing two yards once and eight yards another time, j Ills gains on the five other plays' were for 3. 3, 7, 1 .and 5 yards, 1 making a total of 20 giv- j ing him an average of .almost three . yavds a try. His nal yardage was 10 , having gained 20 and lost 10 . i SCORECARD. j From this distance, it appears' that Connie Mack will have to do a bit of frantic scorecard waving between now and the end of the worlu’s series, if his Athletics are able to win their third straight pennant. Bible Shifts First String for Sooner Mix—Stage Scrimmage. PLAY FROSHJA/EDNESDAY BY WALTER E. DOBBINS. With Bernie Ma.sterson and Jack Miller making their debut as first string quarterbacks. Coach Bible sent his charges thru a long scrimmage Monday afternoon in preparation for the Big SLx inaugural with Oklahoma here Saturday. Disappointed over the showing of the veterans against Northwestern, Bible nominated a first eleven that included Forrest McPherson, center: Charles Justice and Jerry Adam, guards; Corwin | Hulbert and Gail O’Brien, tackles; Norris Nesmith and Bruce Kilbourne, end.s; Masterson and Miller, quarters; Hub Boswell and Everett Kreizinger, halfbacks and George Sauer, fullback. This varsity combination was pitted against an outfit that included some of the players w’ho .started the Wildcat fracas Saturday: the backfield including Brown and Mathis, quarterbacks: Roby and Paul, halfbacks and Penny, fullback. I Wednesday the Huskers will engage Fid W’eir’s freshmen on the stadium rectangle in a regulation battle, the scrimmage starting around 4 p. m. “Oklahoma showed surprising strength against Rice,” Bill Day, Husker line coach who scouted the Saturday scuffle, stated upon his return Monday. “In Dunlap and EU.strom Coach Lindsey has a pair of fine .sophomore backs. Both are six footers and weigh in the neighborhood of 190 pounds. Bill Panze is exceptionally fast and shifty while rGaalman, a fine tackle, was the big show of the line along with another sophomore, Watkins, an end.” The Sooners are scheduled to arrive in the Husker camp Friday in time for a workout. Officials for Saturday’s game w’ere announced as referee. Leslie Ed- Douglòs ELUS - oí Ctevelûrsd ■Rie MAN VíiTriOüT A SKULL. / His HE^O CAME IN CONTACT WITH A 22000 VOLT LINE. -60 SQuARt INCHES OF Hlb SKULL Bone VJERE P,6N0VED.^ SlAi^ESE APPLE.Ô Or own bv, Albert t. Cooper PLi\ò4elpK)ò.,PA. A SHEEP THAT WALKS ON ITS front FEET IS Ownc<i by Cldrence Boswortn Càqton,Càli\. \<b^\ ‘p’- 10-6 e IMI, Kin* Fr.lurrt SsnrtirMf, Inc, Crc»» Brrtun nghU rc.cnnd Portable Typewriters Under Every Man’s Arm as “By Line” Stories Burn Wires. 5 CH 00 L 50 Y PUKIEO 90 * , VAROS. &ILU C o T c HA l L 01 CloîiServ HigiS School OKlôihom a ClAssen Tulsa Oc-t BY H. ALLEN SMITH. PHILADELPHIA. (UP). This story is being written in a haunted hotel -a hotel with a ghost on every floor. Edgar Allan Poe should he here. The ghost w'alks every ten minutes in this hotel for everbody but an elevator operator who volunteered the information that he has depression due to his bank having dropped out from under his feet last Friday. To make matters worse, these ghosts are not shadow'y creatures. Some of them stand six feet tw'o and will fight at the drop of a Eugenie hat. John McGraw' is supposed to be a little short fellow but a man twice as big as Primo Camera stepped out of a corridor at dawn Tuesday shoved hl.s hat on the back of his head and yelled: "I am John McGraw’. saying no line up and I shall take same,” The “Spook" Writer. He was what is known as a ghost, or ghost writer. Half the pepole in Philadelphia are carrying portable typewriters and half of those are writing under a.s.sumed names. The grand jury would call it false pretenses. Think of poor Mickey Cochrane. All thru those heart-yanking hours of Monday he stood out there in the baleful glare of a collar wilting sun, busier than Albert Einstein figuring up last week’s grocery bill. _ Aitociated Ptaas Photo Scarface Al" Capone. Chicago gang chief, found some territory il! ^ »I« fr>d to go collegiate by attending the Northwestern.Nebraska football game. The collegian* hailed his departure in the third quarter with hearty boo*. Capon* i* the hatle** figure front and center, above. (;ABBY HIKES OFF TO FOLLIES Street Leaves His Boys for Rroodivay (ials—(arinies Sure Somethinfi Should Be Done ihout It — IT'hat May Happen to Cards. BY HENRY M’LEMORE. ! PHILADELPHIA. (UP). Gabby Street, manager and night nurs# Thon fh« .. i Douis NationaLs, Tuesday w as holder of the all-time lor hi * record for ingratitude, assuming that he gives a continental tinker’.s EXPLANATION OF YESTERDAY’S CARTOON Many of those holding the number 5 in the billion or so world’s series pools, have little to say in support of that home run which A1 Simmons (Aloysious Szmanski to his folks) hit with tw'o gone in the ninth Monday. The real reason that Nebraska kst that game at Evanston? Keep tliis under your hat, not that 1 care if it’s known but 1 want to tell it first: Whoever brought Henry Bauer’s rpiota of sunflower seeds to the t ain in Lincoln, was ’way short, 'ihe beg only contained two pounds and by the time all mem- Lois of the party had tried Henry’s favorite tidbit there wasn’t enough left for Bauer the remainder of the journey. How could be keep his mind on football knowing that he was COO miles from his pet fruit? HCOiiTlGH LOOKS EftlRICL TOSS Bo.ller Stresses Defense in Workout — Shurtleff and Price to Be Ready for Next Tilt. With Beatrice coming up next on the Lincoln high footbali slate Coach Bailer ordered his gridders thru a stiff defensive drill Monday afternoon. He intimated that the Red and Black crcw’ would work on defensive tactics the remainde' of the week. Two r e g 11 1 ar linemen, Don Shurtleff and Gifford Price who were on the injured list when the Schuyler game was played, will be in shape for the encounter with the Gage county eleven. Both got into the opening tilt but only for a few plays. Dave Bork, guard, displayed ability as a drop kicker and may be used to kick the extra point after touchdown. Lincoln was especially weak in this department against Schuyler, scoring two extra tallies in seven attempts. Several players were tried at kickoffs and passing was also stressed. Dick Smith and Harolo Miller were punting the oall | around fifty yards while some time ‘ was spent on fundamentals. Bal- | ler also reviewed the errors made in Saturday’s game. I Two lineups were put thru sev- i eral plays which stressed block- j ing. The offensive eleven had Bob i Ray at center; Bill Weaver and | Dave Bork, guards; Dick Smitn I and Shurtleff. tackles; Herod and j Harold Miller, ends. The backfield ; quartet was composed of Dawson ^ Hawkins, quarter; Ray Baldwin and Bir Kulper, halves with .»ohn Williams, full. i The defensive lineup had Jack I Green and Lewis Mackay, ends; Richard Chowins and Dave Rankin, tackles; Reed Christian and Bob Heilig, guards: Don North, center. Ray Schwartz, Boyd Bronn, Bob Ochsner and Dick Geisler were in the backfield. LawTence Reed, former Wesleyan athlete, is assisting Coach Bailer with the first string. St. Louis Judge Takes Out Time Talk Series ST. LOUIS. (UP). When Circuit Judge Ryan, hearing an automobile theft case, heard that the Cardinals had won their second game Monday he thought the jurors ought to know about it. The judge adjourned court to announce the result and give the jurors time to give their views on the Cardinals’ series prospects. rnond», Ottawa; umpire, Dwight if TsOTTnLi“',' ' Ream. Washburn; headllnesman, i Monroe Sweenev Bethanv field * ® carrying out his scheme of Sr LarT^ OmVlfv Tredwell wore home-made juage, Larry Quigley, St. Marys. , raveled ' into yarn. He covered the yarn with soap and rolled it in sand and over, he had to head for town and sit down at a typewriter. He had to write something like 1500 word.s about his reactions to baseball and baseballs. So did Jimmy Foxx. So did Connie Mack. So did Gabby Street. So did Babe Ruth. So did all the rest of them, presumably, but they didn’t. The answer is. viz: phantoms. There is nothing really earthshaking in the revelation that people wiuld stoop so low as to ghost write these days. For all you Know for example, these very words may be coming straight to you dam (whatever that is and it isn’t cussing, Mr. Editor) about the Cardinals chances of winning the 1931 world aeries. You won’t believe me when I tcU you where Gabby Street (Latin for l(X}uacious, voluble and glib »«> 7 , was Monday night. Folk.s, take hold of something steady and bend your ears my way. as a rasp, and each 1 marvel in that state because of his Socks. Fred Tredwell, arrested for ; night the prisoner drew the strand ability on the gridiron. From a burglary and incarcerated in the | over the cell bars, eventually | yannigan to quarterback in one severing them completely. season is the record of his rise. ® grocery clerk After his escape he was again 1 Never before a grid candidate, jailed, and revealed his careRilly 1 Steinbeck reported for practice at laid and laboriously executed ! the start of the 1930 season .and in a few weeks he played sensa- PD AAPA lanAA*! n ^ • - - - , O®''"»'’ Stcinbock Averaged 16 tional football. During the sea-V V - V M JVIlM ? P ^^® Carried the .son he carried the ball eighty-one U Ü Ü V Ü M I f "^®nt part cles which he scraped; Ball. Steinbock, of the Frederick. 1 times and averaged 16 ylrds per LÜ LUULU m UUM I from the cell w alls. The sanded i Okl., high school, u considered a'run y P who w'as determined to have a bicycle or an armadillo basket by next summer if he had to sell his soul for it^ RBI OF GR TOMORROW: Darliiioiith P um I Master at Passing THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.” AMES, Iowa.—A broken leg bone sustained in the final quarter of the low'a state Morningslde SOUTH BEND, (UP). ; preparation fc^ Saturday’s game game will rob coach George Veen- admitted ¡with Michigan State. Monday’s ‘ services of Ivan Imp- i ^ I workout was limit ‘ ker of the services of Ivan Impson, one of his most reliable halfbacks, for the remainer of the season. Impson, a first string man who has given an excellent account of himself in the two games the Cyclones have played, will be a serious loss to the Iowa state much chance to beat Northtvestem Saturdav, but predicted another undefeated season for the fighting Irish if they do win from the Wildcats. NORTHWESTERN. limited to calisthenics and a blackboard talk. NAVY. ANNAPOLIS, Md. (UP). The naval academy football team is in for a week of hard drill in preparation for the game with Mary- EVANSTON, 111. (UP). Reb Rus- ; lanij four days hence. team because of the dearth of 1 sell, Northwestern’s powerful iull- backfield reserves from whom his ! back, failed to report for practice : Gatelv Seeks Kecrilit successor will be picked. Monday Veenker set about the task of rebuilding his backfield and selecting a substiAite for his injured star. Schafroth, Imson’s understudy so far, appeared to be the moat likely candidate, altho it is not improbable that i.ther shifts may be made and someone else groomed to take over the position. NDSiy SAIISFIEO WIFfI SOONER SOOftD Oklahoma Mentor Plans to Start the Sophomores /Against Huskers Saturday. NORMAN, Okla. (UP). The Oklahoma Sooners will spend the week scrimmaging against Ne- Monday but Coach Dick Hanley i I’m i'» „ ' ci said Russell would be ready *to i I/oriiier « Sliors _ play against Notre Dame. Russell | ^an Dormer for at I oraska formations and .smoothing . was injured in the Nebra.ska ' weeks, on account of a ! roughnews in their play demo- j game. I ankle which was reinjured in nstrated last week in defeating CHICAGO. CHICAGO. (UP). Pat Page, jr., considered the best back the Chicago Maroons have had in years, took an examination in German to determine whether he will be eli- the Lincoln reserve game Frid.iy, j Rice. Coach Adrian Lindsay ex has Coach “Chuck” Gately searching for a man to take his place. Monday afternoon, Wheeler, who had been holding down one of the wing positions, was shifted back into the Shoptown backfield. and pressed himself as satisfied with the lineup he started against Rice and intimated he would use the same eleven Saturday against Nebraska. i pible for the 1011 ti«nm TF Pmoo i “‘V,' ¡mu KANSAS AGGIES. ! BY SOL METZGER. pa.sses he will play against Michi-1 and on nlunees*^ ^ MANHATTAN. Kas. (UP). The} Kver since the days of “Swede” i gan Saturday. t ^nn a Probable return of Capt. Henry i Oberländer, Dartmouth’s elevens CHICAGO iin to fiU wwiili ! Cronkite to the Aggies have been past masters at forward CHICAGO. ¡‘-eup will add atrenRth to^he ; P-™g. They were among the team when it takes the field Sat- I accurately time such plays, urday against Missouri in the first I ^^hat is, the receiver counts from CHAMPAIGN, 111. (UP). “Beat | The Havelock mentor was dis- Purdue” is the battle cry of Bob \ pleased with the blocking in Fri- Zunpke’s young sophomore team j day’s game and most of th« work- onK.\TKB HM'oi.N i.r..%ori-;. ; ¿^.uopxe s young aopnoniore team , a g«me ana most ot in« work- ronferporp phoip nf f «,-1 the moment he starts downfield Aldfd by three Individual aeries of over I «•F.lfh farpa thp RnilprToobora at OUt Mondav aftprnnnn wn>i ««npnt f ^°^^^*^ence game Of the season foi , . » arts aowniieiU 600 . Mixdema idled up a team total of J'A cf * , Boilermakers at ^as spent teams. Cronkite, ill during ^‘"til the ball is hurled at him. 3.006 pins for high aggregate of th- tve- I ■*> «atm-Hax, T-v.« on this ripnartmpnt Annthor T^hocn'.. uuhur and Dutton with 633 and Sharrar with 503 furnished the punch for the Moderns. Other good scores were Morrison 631, Hansen 596. Gartner 629 and Cordell with ,595. Killians with a total of 2,824, OuTeaus and Woods won the other matches. Chris Beck’s. I Woods. Fayette Saturday. The success on this department. Another phase , early part of the season bears i Then, and not until then, does he the enUre Illinois season prob- of the game in which the I avelock , punting burden and is ito look for it. Full speed is y will hinge on this game. team w;as weak ^ the Lincoln r^ | unusually adLt at ?atchine nasses. : thus gained. Here is such a pass: I 139 186 215 Kahey 159 243 162 Cook 179 214 153-Irwin 163 145 171 Vlcek 185 168 193 Straw Lafayette of ably MICHIGAN. ANN ARBOR. Mich. (UP). Coach Harry Kipke has devised several new plays for Michigan to use against Chicago here Saturday. The Wolverines are expected to use a hard running attack fea- I nlng Monday, winning three game* from Dutch Masters. Moderns finished the evening with a game of 1,028. It was a tough _ _ match for the Dutch Masters to lose for Miruir-AM serve game was the punting. After they piled up a total of 2,954 aided by a ivi II a M lUAIX. trvinff out a niimhpr of niintprsj final game of 1 , 018 . . ANN ARROR MirK« iiiPi “y*“X “ numoer oi punters, George Smith with 651, imiay with 618 ^ _ J Coach Gately said he may pull Ewing, a guard, back to do the kicking. The Engineers entertain the Cardinals from Crete, Friday. unusually adept at catching pa.sses. ' KANSAS. LAWRENCE, Kas. (UP). The Kansas Jayhawkers. realizing that Haskell’s 6 to 0 victory last week next I could be laid directly to their over- I confidence, were to go thru a stiff 167 164 200 157 172 203 139 145 153 Foglsn Moriti 161 167 148 Stransky Beal 169 223 126 Stark Dye 158 195 178 Gaughan Dlmo 176 199 170 Sipe 213180 194 I taring Hudson, Fay. Everhardus i . Pleased 176 196 160 ' and Jack Heston. „ , riedsea With Bethany Offense i Despite the fact that Bethany took Friend into camp last Friday by a large score. Coach Clark was not altogether pleased with the showing of his team’s offense. The Bethany crew had a forty pound Taber Towne MKlbbn Koontz Amepkr Totals 825 356 894' Totals Kinsey jig i on lowa’s tackles in an effort to 154 177 188 bolster the.Hawkeye’s line for this 159 144 169 week’s garne against the Texas 182 173 234 Aggies at Dallas. He is satisfied , scrimmage drill. The Kansans all are in good condition for their IOWA. IOWA CITY, la. (UP). Coach M2 857 910 ' Burt Ingwerson is concentrating IOWA STATE. pass The ball is snapped to back (3), who turns to his left, hands it to 4 running to his right rear, and then blocks the defensive right end following. Back (2) swings across in front of 3 to take the defensive right tackle. Back (1) takes the defensive left tackle, and lineman (6) the left end. Thus, the four men usually used to rush the , passer are disposed of. AMES, I. (UP). Coach George | Veenker’s Iowa state Cveinne.s ^ break downfield, 7 Gabby (Burmese for garrulous) wa.s in New York seeing the Follies. Burleigh Grimes’ epithets w'ere still echoing thru Shibe park Monday when the boss hot-footed it thru a gate marked “Standera only," caught a taxi, then a train and headed for Helen Morgan. Harry Richman. Ruth Etting and 100 dazzling, breath-taking, heart- palpitating doll babies. You can’t Imagine the way the Cards felt about it. As tough as I am, it sorta gripped me to see old Burleigh after the third game, his I baby eyes full of tears, his wad I of tobacco lying untouched on the ! dresser, here he was, all worn out, , needing a mother’s love, and where ! was Gabby? (cherchex la femme) ! At the Follies. Let Burleigh speak, j “All afternoon we worked like ¡dogs. And what for? So we’d I have an edge on the Athletics ? No. ! Jimminy crickets, no. So he could I go to the Follies. Nobody Love* Me. “We went back to the hotel winners. We figured Gab would lie there to set us up to some fudge suncjaes. We had the idea Gab would be glad we won. Here I am. all fagged and nobody to thank me, but the hotel clerk, and he’s nobody to thank a fellow. He’s been calling me Mr. Maranville for three days. Good evenin'.” Really as far as the sports writers are concerned, this affair should be dismissed with a knowing wink, and understanding nod of the head toward the Cardinals dugout. and a sly smile. But if can’t be. It is, mayhap of national significance. Suppose Gabby (Missouri for Charles) gets the Follies fever. Better men than Gabby have been smitten with (or by) it. Suppose he decides to fetch out the boys Tuesday in the following style: I James Bottomley sitting cross- I legged on a piano. | Sparky Adams doing an adagio, ! doubling in brass. Burleigh Grimes singing ((Boop- ' oop-a-Doop” with a mouthful of slippery ellum. And all of them dressed up in wisps of chiffon, gilt pumps, and wearing hair ribbons. Such a rash act on Street’s part would com- | pletely shatter the aura of double- ' dipped, extra-thick dignity which ' has surrounded this autumn fall cllassic (by courtesy of the Great I Northern Sheep Dip corporation), I and rob the Cardinals of their j winding up the season in a verlt- | able blaze of glory (courtesy of ! the Adams Chowder and Marching i club). Now— Lowest Price In History Exide 13 Plate Battery Drive In for Free Battery Service Weston & Griffin 329 So. 11th St. B2627. We Give Green Trading Stamps LON FUE EXCURSION E m H Friday, Saturday and Sunday During 1931 BtfivetR all Union Pacific and St J. A 8.1. Stationa where ona way fare it not more than 11.00 Round Trip One Way Fara Plus 2S Cents Return Trip Must Be Completed by Midmght ol the Monday following Purchase ol Ticket Ask Agent about Fares and Serxnce UNION PACIFIC The Overland Route Travel aad Shla fev Trala Travel By Train It Costs Less state Cvclones ■ ' ^ oownneia, t W’ere to scrimmace ae'ainst' Da- I cutting to the right, 5 tv ’*-! . tt ” , troit unWersity fornfation.s. as fvemually does the same. The play | ^ Wine, French wfth the backfield. but is working ' advantag^e per man on Buchn Grimes Hudson CoohL. J Doerck Totals 148 178 19òiFinley 173 182 205 Garther 147 175 ■'42iHall 181 175 183,Hansen 159 171 172 Brown 158 218 211 201 224 203 167 183 177 182 205 209 181 145 160 889 974 961 Totals ^^^844 858 956 to build ’ up the tackll I strength. Foster. 210 pound tackle,; Greater Lincoln became eligible Monday. ¿earn. , , , , tviftrnwciM ! Bethany mentor had a long WISCONSIN. ¡chalk talk on offense Monday M.ADISON, Wis. (UP). Wiscon-I night, and then worked on new sin’s new backfield is composed of i plays. The last of the practice i Tct“* | GoWenberg at quarterback, Reb- was spent on pass defense, for the I siturday Cap“ Traik®'Bittne7 ' Ray PoFnter "and Sneth Kerby 808 859 8971 Totals .Modem Dutch Masters. O. Smith 213 216 222, Lebrock 186’¿37 162 Kossek 162 182 167 Meste imlay 217 197 204|Po!nts Sharrar 206 178 209 Culmore Dutton 193 214 2201 Morrsn Totals 991 987 10201 Totals 954 982 1018 played by the freshman team. dovtiSfeld tn 7 k ^ Iowa State meets Detroit Saturday , in an intersectional feature.' ' e® opposing backs at- asieecMio, , tempting to covet him. Thrilling MiSSOURrl. ¡football when .such a pass works! COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP). The i Tomorrow—Dartmouth’s scoring Missouri Tigers, badly crippled in | line thrust. their last w’eek with Texas, j ----------------------------will present an improved iineup | College View DiHolaVK ISF thA AcrcrioQ \ ^ _ I / 194183 214 I bolz and McGuire halfbacks and 173 231 192 Schmeller Coon Hound Field Trial at Scribner November 1 SCRIBNER. — Nebraska’s first licensed United Kennel club coon hound field trial will be held at the Lee Burkink farm near here Nov. 1. Entries may be made to Hoiv- ard Robart of Scribner or E. P. Christensen of Pilger and will be received until noon the day of the meet. Elimination heats will start at 1 p..m. A derby for dogs unde» fullback. Goldenberg’s 224 161 246 | guperb blocking finally won him ' the regular quarterback job. OHIO STATE. COLUMBUS, O. (UP). Coach Sam Willaman expects one of the hardest games of the year when Vanderbilt comes here Saturday to play Ohio State. The Buckeyes had little chance to test their real strength against the inferior Cincinnati team last week. INDIANA. BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (UP). With no game this week, the Indi- Teani May Stay at Home PARIS. (UP). Participation cf the French teams in the 1932 Olympics at Los Angeles, Calif., m.Ty depend on how strict enforcement of the American prohibition law will be, it was learned. The French Olympic committee will BARGAIN FARES TO MANY PLACES ■* m 4 m* Week-M Fu«f frMiOaialia Travel lo comforuble coaches. Auttai .................................$5.10 Fort Dodge.........................s.SO Maoon aty..........................5.00 St.Paiil.. ... Mlimeapollf . . 7.05 A.iuajf, aiiu uavn.auu suuwcu cuii- , ^ pame siderable strength with an aerial _ game, attack against Wymore. Beck, regular center did not suit up Monday, but was on the sidelines with some boils. He should be ready for the Greater Lincoln league mix this week. Cardinal Fan Hears Series as Operated JEFFERSON CITY.' (UP), and with more experience should Here’s a baseball fan the Cardinals go a long way. The College View meet Thursday to decide Plenty of Promise ! ci»Tick«offic# Altho tak*en into camp by the ^ ® l8,ws pre-, s©. ie*h St strong Seward team Friday, Coach Robson was not at all disappointeo in his team’s showing. The College View eleven displayed plenty of promise in its opening game. Libmrat r«fam limito Half fan for ChiUrgn vent the athletes from having the Atkntlc 9688 wines they ordinarily drink here. Buriingtoo Station Î Ith and Maaon Sta. ,|. ... Omaha, Nab. *hooa Atlantic 6831 6S4 can be proud of. Auburn Sets Pace in coach was not so pleased with the Fred Dew, local sportsman, sat offense, but he approved the spirit ♦h- I shown by his inexperienced team. The loss of FALLS CITY.—With a centage of 1.002 under the ScuLn- eastem Nebraska conference’s scoring plan. Auburn high gridders ana squad, battered and bruised ^9PP®*^ ^® schools in the after the Notre Dame battle, will two years will be held at 10 a. m. j take things easy for several days. followed by a bench show. The entries must be registered. CaaL prizes will he awarded. A $2 entry fee will be charged. MINNESOTA. OGDEN, Utah. (UP). Minnesota broke the long jump to Palo Alto, Calif., with a brief workout here Monday. The Gophers, thirty-four strong, appeared in good condition | The standings: for Saturday’s battle against Stsn- ‘ on the operating table while doc- Southeastern League i a major operation, I and listened to the radio broadcast P of Monday’s world series game. He had refused an anaesthetic. Injections in his arm and the exhortations of doctors and nurses To mtaVmlM'thrpo'sslbi- i IfI,™ tie for the championship. I î“,"* ball was pitched ^ ^ did he close his eyes, altho he had become so drowsy he couldn’t flick the ashes from his cigaret. Cubs and Sox Tied at Three Games Each CHICAGO. (UP). All square at ^^^d threi! games each, the Chicago ARMY. While Sox at.d Cubs meet Tuesday WEST POINT, N. Y. (UP), The circuit. ity of a tie for the championship conference members agreed to aUd one point for each victory and subtract ten points for each tie game. In second place in the loop is Peru Prep. Falls City. Peru and Humboldt have all suffered reverses. Center Brunsback, who broke his arm in the Seward fray, is a hard blow to the College View squad. It was learned Monday that Boyer, tackle and Had-, den, a back, were lost to the squad for the rest of the season, on account of ineligibility. The Adventists take on the Wahoo team this Friday. Wahoo won last week to Oakland, 24 to 7. at Wriglev field for the deciding ' Army eleven was scheduled for its , Pawne« city first hard workout Tuesday m' Nel‘“*city K Auburn ................................. 2 Peru Prep ............................. 2 Kails City ............................. i Humboldt ........................ 1 Tecumseh ............................. 0 w 1 game of the 1931 city series. p<rt 1002 .500 .000 .000 .000 .000 Of-O .000 m b. »¡"nob" Robinson mnxA SKRvf» ‘muBS GUARANTEED TO OUT-WEAR ANY TIRE MADE—BAR NONÉ AHE VOL LISTENING TO STATIC or TOUCHDOWNS? INTERFERENCE or BASE HITS? FADING or MUSIC? PROGRAM SERVICE (Telephone Radio) can be connected to your radio—and cheaply, too. Program Service Co* (Telephone Radio) 136 So. 12th St. B2737

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