The Post-Register from Idaho Falls, Idaho on October 5, 1937 · Page 7
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The Post-Register from Idaho Falls, Idaho · Page 7

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1937
Page 7
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The HOME Papet THE POST-REGISTER, IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5. 1P37. Page T Italians Off to Africa As Ethiops Revolt • ACE IN CHINA Capt. Ronald Boone Has Relatives in Idaho Falls Capt. Ronald Boone, bother of Mrs. Hoyt Ray and a cousin of j Mrs. Harry Meppen, is a Marine corps captain and chief of the intelligence service in war torn Shanghai, where hundreds of Am-j ericans are now imperilled. No word of Captain Boone has been received for sometime by relatives here or in Twin Falls,' w'here his brother. Hugh, and fath- j er and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Boone reside. An account of Captain Boone, a graduate of the Twin Falls high school, was carried in a recent issue of Liberty magazine, written by Fulton Oursler, editor-in-chief, j and commented upon by the Idaho Evening Times of Twin Falls. The magazine article cites a gathering at Captain Boone's Shanghai home and also tells of an article to be published later on Agnes Smtdley, Iowa school teacher now living in the heart of China s Com-. munist army stronghold. Tells of Boone 4R’ Captain Boone. Oursler s note ; MP*: “One night in Shanghai we. were watching a troupe of Chinese ’ magicians perform in the drawing j room of Captain and Mrs. Ronald j Boone. The captain is chief of the ! intelligence service of the United States marines stationed in the far east, and a busy boy these days.” Oursler then tells of Victor Keen, New’ York Herald-Tribune writer who is author of the forthcoming article on Mirs Sry«"r «* The article, incidentally, may bring in further mention of v Boone. His family here has had no word from the captain since the grave war crisis struck Shanghai, Hugh Boone said today. They expect a letter soon, however. Captain Boone, who can both read and write Chinese, is regarded as one of the ace American intelligence officers in the far east. He was in Shanghai in 1932, during the previous .lapan-China clash which saw Shanghai^ under fire. Before that he was at Pek.n, old capital, from 1926 to 1931. There Since 1933 He has been at Shanghai now since July, 1935, going there from Washington. After graduating from Twin Falls high school, Captain Boone was appointed to the U. S. naval academy at Annapolis, graduated there and then transferred to the Marine corps -----------Order» for 30,000,000 pounds of • eel were brought, to the mills of ie United States through revival of the sport of bicycling during 1936. Health Movement Takes Forward Step in Valley No. 3 as president; H E. Landacre materially from a month ago.” of Dubois, vice president, and Cecil I poultry and dairy product* ad- T, Clemente of Rexburg, secretary- . . , . . .. treasurer; C. L. Lewi» of Rlrle,» vfcnce<* * meat animal» and oth- J. T Selleis of Rexburg and C. er livestock product» declined, h» Bendixen of Idaho Falls, additional! »»id. Co-operative Medical Venture Operating Fourth Month to the assoc cations with at ions A g* ed out to h? West said ton have f.ied appli- iss West for vaccin- plan i» being work- W the requests. Miss directors. Headquarters of the district organization is at Idaho Fall» INDEX OF PRICES TO FARMERS SHOW DROP The "all livestock and products” index, Rom mid, was indicated to be 131 per cent of pre-war price» on September 15, and 11 per cent higher than a year ago. Co-operative IMan rote,non of health in the Upper 'T‘.kn ! ke River Valley is going for- * •d on it co-operative basis much ‘ same «» the w est was pioneered 4i ,, # early days, but in a new en- »ervices immunities of Idaho Falls, •y Rexburg and Roberts have led together in a co-operative mil association, believed by lo- offioiaU to be the only unit of tind in the United States. En- aged by state units of the fed- rrsettlement administration, r communities in Washington, and Ida sociation L. K. Saum specialist of i administrat 101 formation of said while h tween the si the low incon may be v\ ipr medical expn BOISE, Oct 5 of prices paid Idaho farmers for | •‘all commodities" on September I 15 was reported Monday by Rich- j ard C. Ros- federal crop statistician. at 10» per cent of the prewar level. 'Trices dropped eight per cent j from the previous month and were seven per cent lower thin a year' ago,'* he said “The 'All-crop* index, on Sep-1 and failure of'timber IS, stood at A» per cent of j umor is small and pre-war prices, down 13 per cent iut bv unexpected from last month. That ir why the! •■'phe price of grains, feed crops. Tokio, Japan, has ons »tors for 7*5 The Index ! »very 2» of it» inhabitants. under the serv- j .n co-operation s and hospitals, i to obtain dcn- iibers of the as- <\ co-operative ,ho resettlement who assisted in I ley health unit, :he margin be- ho are studying the resettlement admin. m ration. whose : fruits and vegetables and other !rU^P°,8f l* t0 *s*‘Rt ihf drst,tute| crops all declined,” Ross said. res did not change THE IX)CKS of Italy» seaports again are scenes of intense military activity such as attended the embarkation of the expeditionary force that swept across Ethiopia. Garbed in then tropical uniforms. Blackshirt troops swarm up the gangplank at Naples “bound for Libya," North African colony, according to authorities. But from Ethiopia come ominous stories of tribesmens revolts and slaughter of Italian garrisons, so, perhaps, the transport might change its course. SPUD GROWERS PLANT Grazed U, S. Warship II Schilling pure^/an///« ZJhe flavor lasts L-.v ------- Operations here of the Idaho Fills Potato Growers, Inc., were Elarted this week at the n»w location of the association southwest of the Broadway bridge at what is know n as the “terminal" warehouse. Open house ,in the snacious quarters of the co-operative organization was conducted Saturday when townspeople were conducted on a tour of association property. Receiving and sorting of potatoes was started in the new upper floor recently completed. HRrry Young, manager, reported that from 50 to 60 cars could be taken care of by workers in the sorting and receiving room while approximately twm hundred cars could he put in storage below’ w’here storage bins have been renovated and renewed. The property w’as purchased several months ago from Jack Adams, local potato man. An addition was made to house the offices and sorting room The sorting room has six large beams, fifty feet long, 35 inches wide end 12 feet thick, to support the roof, thereby doing away w’ith center posts. Doors to the place are double and an overhead steam heat system has been installed. The upper floor and storage bin space below was improved and constructed at an approximate cost of $20,000, Mr. Young said. GOODING HOG POOL BRINGS $10.90 TOP GOODING. Idaho, Oct. 5. OP)Sixty-three members of the Gooding county hog pool have received returns on 427 hogs marketed at a top price of $20.90 a hundred pounds. The shipment brought $9692.06. Thirty-nine owmers shipped 792 lambs for $5795.61, netting $8.57 each a pool of 235, from Wendell brought $8.25 a hundred, or $2483.41. ,, , , .and low-income farm families to Two Objective*. establish themselvc* on a self-sup- 1 here are two objective* porting basis is interested When plan as advanced by the resettle- hudgfts ip, thoM. f unlUos Hrr pre. mcnt administration: jpared- as done bv the resettle- Frnvidlng medical facilities in ment administration provision Is! communities nm* without the serv- made for the fra necessary for1 ice«, of a physician or nur*e ¡their membership in medical co- j Making it possible for low-In- operatives “ come families in communities Four I nils wh.r» physician, an available to { E>cl) 0( th, f „ ,,h finan« proper rned.o.l attenUon. ,n thp d,„rgRnli.t1oa have 1 hr upper v.llry organiaaUoa' lMted thp otr,crrl, Ar. ho. plrniv of phyaiewna available I tlc)M of ,nI.orpor>„on tor ,h, mih,,-nmmi.nity. ^a purpoar,peoUv, un„. ,„vt h,.fn f,|rd w.,„ the secretary of state. Incorporation papers list the units as nonprofit co-operatives without capital stock Genera! board of directors for »11 units was elected with R. C. Anderson of Idaho Falls R. F. D. “Livestock POTATO GROWERS! Rave potatoes and labor with Wood's Potato Differ attachment! A. M. Moore Ph. 10*0 — Ooy*s Warehouse LrPs.- 't m V, flip , . W.V—.. -trnmm EXPLODING perilously cloae to the U, S. fi. Augusta, at anchor in the Whangpo® river at Shanghai, a Chinese aviator's bomb sprayed the decks of the flagship of the Asiatic fleet, just as the abowe picture was taken. Five days later the Augusta was struck by shells during a night bombardment. One sailor was killed and 17 wounded. -------------------------------------------------------------------EMPLOYMENT OFFICE HAS WORK FOR JOB SEEKERS construction wrork, It was reported at the local office Tuesday. Farmers are requested to direct any employes who have finished The United States employment their work to the employment of- otffice has issued a call for about flee so that labor may be distribut- forty potato pickers, thirty baet toppers and loaders and 25 men for work on construction projects. The pay is 75 cents per ton for topping and loading beets; cents per bag on potatoes without board and 50 cents per hour for ed to others. During 2936, 68,100.000,000 kilowatt hours of electrical pow’er were produced by means of steam in five j the United States, as compared to 555,197,445,000 kilowatt hours the preceding year. In glass or stein . Alt Heiòelbera 6u feine the providing of medical care for the low-income families. 116 I'amlUea on Plan. The upper valley district comprising counties of Bonneville. Jefferson, Madison and Clark has four hundred families ander the resettlement administration of which 116 families are potential members of the rural health service. Total of K6 families are termed active while 71 individuals in the 86 fam- il e.v already have been given service Exact Small Fee. The medical association has been in operation since July 1. The member associations exact a member- j ship fee of $3 for each family serv-! ed. then make a yearly charge for all services. A flat assessment of; $15 Is made when families join. Fee for two parents is $37 and $5 for each child. Expense of belonging to the service costs a family be -1 tween $60 and $95 per year. It is1 believed and earnestly hoped that the fees may be reduced next year, officials here declared, provided 1 more members are secured. Benefits ordinarily available to! each member of the medical cooperative include office consultation and treatment, emergency care and limited home calls, physical examination at least yearly, preventative vaccination for the more common disease*, as smallpox, typhoid and scarlet fever; and obstetrical and surgical services. A full time nurse, Miss Lilia West, ha* been employed by the district and has charge or activities. There have been ten major operations, also four maternity j cases since the plan w as started. Total of 495 individuals belonging HEEL LIFTS IIATHFR 08 COMPOSITION SMOt REPAIR DIPT. WHIII , -U WAIT f J 19c J *Tm practically a commuter on this plane. This is my second trip this week.” WE CARRY A FULL UNE lO F &fu(Ùi'am PR O D U C T S l Shoe* Dyed Black SEARS 466 A St. ......... ■ »■■<»!mmm In the time It takes you to drive to Pocatello, your big WAE plane makes the entire flight to Ralt Lake Next time leave your car at home and travel this swift, comfortable route. “Yes, I figure it costs less as well as saving many hours,” *1 A V r L T II f< N W A I Western Air Express now operates from Great Falls to flan Diego one of the major North- Roufh routes in the nation. WESTERN AIR EXPRESS Tickets: Hotel Bonneville, Tel. 1040 or your Travel Agent. 1 H t N A Î tC NA I 6 A H K 5 R O UT Ì -• ;, f ; f rt ' ■ '■ ’ ■% LEQAL NOTICES Brewed in Idaho by EAST IDAHO BREWING, Inc., Pocatello. NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids will be received until 10:00 A. M„ October 15, 3937, by he State Purchasing Agent <*f . the ‘State of Idaho, 801 Capitol j Building, Boise. Idaho, for furnish- ! in the season’s requirements of I bituminous coal for the following Idaho institutions: Idaho Soldiers' Home, Boise,' Idaho Idaho State Penitentiary, Boise. Idaho Idaho State Capitol, Boise Idaho State School and Colony, Nampa, Idaho Sv-ate School for the Deaf and Blind, Gooding State Normal School. Albion Idaho University of Idaho, Southern Branch. Pocatello State Hospital South. Blackfoot. Idaho Tdaho Industrial Training School, St. Anthony Bids will be opened and publicly read at the above stats hour. Bidders may secure bid forms, specifications and shipping schedule at the office of the State Purchasing Agent, 301 Capitol Building. Boise. Idaho. Publish Oct. 4, 5, 6, 7, *, 1937. PUBLIC NOTICE Public notics is hereby given that pursuant to Sec. 80-708, I. C. A. as amended by Chapter 81 of 1983 Session Laws, the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners. bv order made September 7, J937, will offer for sale at public auction at the court house door at 10:00 a. m.. October 29, 3937. the following described property: WHEH Section 18. Township 1 North Range 88 E. B. M., formerly assessed to Geo. F. Hall Lot 1, Section 19, Township 1 North Range 39 E. B M.. formerly assessed to Geo. F. Hall. ■ The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. W. L. BREWRINK. Cisrk of the Board of Commissioners. Pub. Sept 28, Oct. 5-12-19-26. 1937. Economy Chief SEPARATOR No. 3851 $ 559 s 86 Down, $7 Month Plus Small Carrying Charge ♦ 400 Lb. Capacity ♦ Over S Qt. Per Min. ♦ Rubber Bowl Rings ♦ Made of the Best Metal ♦ Best That Are Built ♦ Ideal for Dairies up to 7 Cows. SeaM. SeaM. HARVEST DAYS SPEC/ALS MILK CANS, 2 qt. 59^ GAS MOTORS $49.95 MILK PAILS, 12 qt. ... 59^ GLASS CHURNS . $2.59 MILK STRAINERS ...25< CREAM CANS, 40 gal. ---- $4.59 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids will be received until 2:00 o’clock P. M.. October 15. 1987, by the State Purchasing Agent of the State of Idaho. 301 Capitol Building, Boise, Idaho, for furnishing the Idaho Industrial Training School. St. Anthony. Idaho on« Farm Tractor, One T Power Mower, one Tractor Cultivator, one Tractor Side Delivery rake and one 9’ Sulky Dump Rake. Bids will be opened and publicly read at the above stated hour. Bidders may secure complete specifications at the office of the State Purchasing Agent. Publish Oct. 4, 5, «, 7, 8. 1937. NOTICE TO BIDDERÜ Sealed bids will be received until 10:00 A. M October 18. 1937. by the State Purchasing Agent of the State of Idaho. »01 Capitol Building, Boise. Idaho, for furnishing the Department of Public Vtorks, Bureau of Highways, St. Anthony, Idaho, and Pocatello, Idaho, various items of lumber, structural steel, plumbing fixtures, roofing, garage doors, electrical materia! and hardware for the construction of a maintenance I^aho t° k* ** St- Anthony. Bids will be opened and publicly read at the above stated hour. Bidders may secure bid forms and detailed specifications for ail materials at the office of tbs PSWtrtT fTV m HARVEST DAYS SPECIALS TRAILER HITCHES, Corop1*«* ...........$4.39 SINGLE TREES .........39<* HARVEST OIL, qt 49f HORSE COLLARS, 19 In..................$2.98 Separator Oil, i/i gal. 49^ WORK HARNESS Complete ...................$49.95 HORSE BRUSH ..........19e Ever Ready WATER SYSTEM ♦ Supplica 250 gal per hour. ♦ Automatic Switch. ♦ \i H.F. Motor *49 95 85.50 Down, 85 Month Plus Carrying Charge Four Days — Wed., Thurs., Fri. and Sat. — Four Days Here Are Reasons to Shop at SEARS Horse Halter $4 49 I 2-Point Barb Wire i98 Heavy oil treated leather. Double riveted. Metal spring snap. A real buy. *3 H&rnet* Lines 98 80 Rod Ron 12 gauge 2-point cattle wire. Ideal for fencing in hay stacks, feed yards. *3 Palf 1% I». wide Highest grsds leather, oil treated. Spring snaps. Ideal. FALK’S, SELLING AGENT SEARS. ROEBUC

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