Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1942 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1942
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EVENING. PESSARY 5, 1942 8 Pages 64 Columns Number 21 B^B^B^B^^. •—• • .-- * Mli«H/^I 4tf & ' DAMAGE CASE SETTLED in January; Seven Refused Permits Annual Creamery Meet Held Saturday •1^ .- • . J ^ _ ( » M » ™. ""«™^ : JI.-^^IB 'uv;wHW^B>:i<; ••••<; ^vaTflHMLO during car nine There ie,:.anuesiour. ere ere 21 truck tires and 17 tubes ld.^ 1 ,;S6inietof|;ttiiiBvttires were ' -- Hiicates issuea in Decem- :sp^£^to1^Ad$|npt exactly Tires|i6||y)spl^^|zes were- is- .ea; : inj;574cjaara#aiiiicK34 .odd-size bGaiw^rpv^.ftnlijj//;^ There were es^sold and two tS$&«:., • OECRETARY M. P CHRISTIAMSPM • d er ' . • ery patrons and 'stoclri,oldeM , at %he President H. J. Bode. In the f roni/ow of Springs. George W. '™ —Kossuth County Advance Flash-Picture. the annual report at the meeting of fhe cream- Saturday afternoon. Seated at the left is Godfredson, director; Frank Bruner, Nora i _•&«**. «*•«• V • . _. » ** •••— »» JUNIOR CHAMBER IS PLANNING A BUILD-BOND DAY PromotesWar Stamps as Prizes at All Parties. William Sharp, seed salesman who makes Algona his home, was elected vice-president of the Algona Junior Chamber by the board of directors of the group £u av / Sharp takes the place of Robert Poindexter, former Pioneer seed corn employe here who moved from Algona, cre- atl ng a vacancy in the office. The Junior Chamber of Commerce "Build a Bond" day will be climaxed next week Thursday evening by a 6:30 o'clock oanquet at the Algona hotel, and the ticket sale for the banquet will be started tomorrow. Clubs to Join. is sponsoring to promote the " bonds. -Lowe Gets Moose Head e 0 was _ a day classif i- OF WAR DAYLIGHT-SAVING WILL NOT CHANGE THE FARM CHORES What Postoffice Expected, i For a reason or reasons not well understood the sale of the new. auto use stamps at the Algona postoffice fell far short of expectations. It was thought that sales in the Algona area ought to be m the neighborhood of 5,000 stamps but only between 2300 and 2500 were actually sold up to February 1. . v It is not yet known here how the presence or absence of the stamps on cars will be officially rf ""*~ I Purchasers were to mail cards to the Des collector of internal' rev- collector reporting pur- i>ust "keep ??"*• description of car, engine $t,vSo many II" 1 ? r^' et , C "- and U is Probable Iroute that Si 8 ! federal internal officers will '"••'°4 hours *i"A' * ,- he cards against part of , ts _ atse au .to license records and thus eliminate all who have |HjLFrederick- ' " ieloed the Boise. .,.. that the gfrnuch more ""here. She ickout at that all ,. black 6r rtdows and A Burl farmer called the ,-. to pay hU^iubscrip- tion, and when asked what " he thought about the daylight-saving proposition replied: "Well. I can't see where U » going to help the farmers much. A lot of our work has to be done by sun-time anyway. In the last war, when we had daylight-saving Hme. I ran two clocks—one to feed my stock by. the other to live by and look after business affairs." Daylight-saving time (one hour earlier than now) goes into effect throughout the country next Monday. Clocks should be set ahead one hoiurwhen people go to bed Sunday night. SCHIPULL IS NEW HEAD OF COU£YFAIR Fair Dalffi ?or 1942 Set for Five Days in August. Albert Schipull was elected president of the county fair association at a meeting of the directors Tuesday. Alex Bonnstetter, of West Bend, was elected vice president, H. J. Bode, treasurer, and E. L. Vincent, secretary. The executive committee is composed of Schipull, Bonn- Seeley! C< Da "' and known as TVlQ /^V*! • f*+*. V*\.h?, Aae oniy requirement is that" the Tnni ° r h°? ts Purchase from the Junior Chamber a 25-cent defense stamp for each guest at the the host or hostess I springs. George W. Godfrey of Ames i w B..J . V"*V\^°a«eason, director; Frank Bruner, Nora PnTtioa "r u olam P s a™ °onds. wrasu-uwr- *-«sjtf sss&'s s. saftj-sst S-E |S^HH h i> SALES OF CAF STAMPS HERE DISAPPOINTING Tdtal Wis OSly HaliF into ' J '"—•"- »»v»HM.WWWIW«WPB«^iJ| —Kossuth County Advance News-Picture. T o^r W i HAT A lawyer would cal1 Kal evidence that J. D i£v r° na ' - aWYer ' s P° rtsman - *""i a member of the State servalion Commission, did «hn«* = * . ° l<a ^ . ... "°"~ «*'— **j.uu cis> 3 TG£lS~ tered party for its meeting next Monday, and the Kiwanis club is expected to do likewise at its meeting this noon. Members of a J> ar t of; the program. Registration Planned. A , registration office is being stabhshed hv «,*, j un i or ™ B her, I M V^A^^IJ will be on duty to register " and a girl the day «ajr Lowe's of- ve's desk and the ALGONANURSE -'•^t:---^.'m W*f*''.-''**-f*'-m-mm-m^m CANCER FIGHT 1Antoil V ette Bonnstetter, R. N., Hey, Miss Spring; ^lucHbird'^rr^eiii: You Better Hurry hotel » e . duc ational and enlistment ^ ot Chamber's an™? i - . - Junior county chairman. - » the ltttlIl ° r Farm Auction Near Corwith Announced third T,r. S earS - ha r S been the ! m f 35 ^ ho has Performed the third Tuesday m January, but m ? st servcie to the town to re objections to this date voiced at celve this honorary awa?d the anuual meeting a counte nf Sr, Ba w. ,*I_ ; __ - *•-• *.«*.&*? uatc vulCtJu at the anuual meeting a couple of wp°ks aPb led to the change. The change in date will also be beneficial for officers who B,r T ...thus eliminate all who have • h P h»n *• a • T/ n aate wil1 also Carl C Across sew- 5T eht stam P g -'then grafter thl - ^ Rosenberger, who lives book mf?^L*™*- ° ffice 5 S who a talk. iSof Bbbtel i de ^3«ent license holders m A1 g° na , but has conducted his J S ite comtns SK *&* CV T tS Nex1 Iverynomel i '' h^ever, would not re- f " rr ' a ha f mile west and a a'nd Janua^v December the hi) Ien7anceil ^whether purchased stamp a ? ua ^ er -.™^. north of Corwith, j The T^f ,v,. ,„.,._. '^gist Speaker Coming. Also as a part of the program arl PnnwraTF «* r\ F ...° . * ! also ., *'»*-i.«ancj'ci as also councillor for 'the second district and Dr. James L. Knipe, Armstrong, is councillor for the third district. The Iowa Women's Field Army [ckinson at- lan church to -be lodate the, couid-cpst >wn," says * • lne Program „ -"--"«» »» omen s c lem Army The bluebirds are here!" At least one of them. Mrs. W. H. St. Clair. who lives at 421 S. Woosler; reported that she saw one in her yard yesterday morning. Surely spring must not be far behind. 'LEASE DEATH TRIAL HALTED BY AGREEMENT Jury Released After Having Served for Two Days. . Settlement of the damage suit brought by L. L. Lease as Administrator of the estate of his son against Richard Youngwirth was. made out of court yesterday, and the jury which had been serving since Tuesday morning was dismissed. Particulars were not re- J.G3SGQ. The next jury case is also a •"^f 6 s , uit br ought by Martin. mdeland against John Jr. and. Ruth Waite, but it is not scheduled to go to trial till next week. Monday, hence the jurors were released till that time. Jurors drawn for service in the Lease-Youngwirth case were W. K Gutknecht, Lakota; Albert Goetz, Ledyard; Harvey Steven Sexton; Mike WiltglJ Bode'- Henry Spear, Titonka; Otta r) C E mid .r' Algona : Helen Wichten- ,, 'TTT- t Bend ; Bemice Russell Winters, Lakota. Three divorces have been, granted so far during this term. of court. Helen Simmons was granted a -diverse from Lafe Simsons; Edna Rcihter from Gustav p i r- Earl Meier. SCHEDULE OUT FOR THE MISSION Party ' and 10 -cent g^ - -~, —*•*./ »• irm glad to ?S'.-. ---,.._.„, WUUJU nol re . fnrr ' a half, mile west and a! a'nd Janua'rv' ' veal .whether purchased stamn«. Barter mile north of Corwith i Thl an , uarv - f A1 _ had been affixed to cars a Tnd on No ' 60 - w "h hired 1300^133 mSL^f £* t he o r g ani ^tion how-that, which-woiiirtlL+i rented the place for the pominw g °f the board of direct-. nr.no,,.,,- W1UL " would be time- ,.„„_ Q _,J ni i. ,j , c °mmg ors was chaneerl frnm +v, Q *• * ~J'~" '" -"" c "«ius me event The ""*««*v consuming and expensive,, will y earand W 111 hold a closing, out Monday in Fphr7i n r« m +u £ rs f dance 1S sponsored by the 'school i The . F ield Army has the conn .•be done remains a mystery It * arm auction next week Thurs- Mondav V e ^ ary u° the flrst , student council eratioh of large national ™^~ ! S t H° St m ° re thao the «venue Aay iA eginnin g at «oon, with L.. changfpermits cZSfon ^ ^ en>s organizations the guiSe" ^^S^^ "» ^$^W8S^%£ ^ffiSS* 0 -^ Th^n^l GE cory RN c^^ ^1SSLS&3 JThe maximum fine for driving ^ e - There a j e two work horses, of fair officers as sociation tournament will be held Sundfy dreds of individuals? physicians" a L^ n fi am ped car, is $25, or 30 !Y?™ C ° WS ' f?ur ^heifers, three, The 1942d^ f«, «L *„,_ .. J a «ernoon beginning at 2 o"cS and health, officers. ' P ^ yS1Clans ' Baptist Men Hosts to Bancroft Group The Algona Council of Baptist men met Monday evening at 7:30 at the church, and ten men from the Bancroft Baptist church were guests The Rev. Mr. Summers, Bancroft, was speaker. Dr R A. Evans and Messrs. George and D-. Sparks, Orville Elkins, George McMahon, ---_ ,.. iiiu ,,, Harrison were in w arg u ?j the P r °gram. Helmuth Huenhpjd showed films on the. Da tes, places, and speakers for JUe -preaching mission here an- nwnced last week by the Algona ministerial union for Sundaj^ February 15, to Sunday, February 22 bothjnclusive, have now been set, as follows: Sunday, February 15— Baptist church, the. Rev. Willis K. Williams, pastor of the Spencer Congregational church, Monday, February 16 — Nazarene church (to be announced) Tuesday, February 17 — First Q i, 5?" Church ' the Re v- A. F , and f orm educational and enlistment i W. Keith, FR Haldeman !a iPassing f,: pohn Gei-=h- »' ~" Haldeman There a j e two work horses, of fair officers ion ournament will be held Sundy reds of individual The maximum fine for driving .an. unstamped car,, is $25 or 30 ~i"~ —" HI ^WM*- _neu.ers, inree Thp 1Q49 riat a <, * n. * • ^ « m « m » y g£ STWTflSB Si^S-; i ft»«£WWE ,« ls "., under stood that the v K W ! remai n on sale dur- February. ---••• pre. That „.... .a nhv- Sthat he hid hi<! •"'iff?, ived bv a fid two „)'-. Klein nnd fJtb on farms 1.; plans wfTe ay morning. *K i • that issue will cost $5 . There has been some specula- tmn on whether stamps on cars Wl] l in some cases be stolen This could be done; but .irt for the H to 28'has dirve to pov windshield: t0 dash -board or Gillingham Plans Farm Sale Feb. 11 AW Gillin eham, a mile west of Algona on the McGregor street road and two miles south his lost his wife an * io tv™!,/ 1 ?* i A L- **i*ico sou in iias §|}ie mercury y^s, and the 1 pyas Monday i •nerature was ge report for pjlows: High J.QW dl * 9 PROMOTED. 30 25 22 He is w a hospital unit s^aicx licit 5 o'clock. , °UT FOR RECORDER. . Mrs. Clara Walker is announcing her candidacy for the democratic nomination for county rec- flfnPT ir» •fV\4c* «Tr^ A i_«_ * •» *• «r • i - l " 1 * 1 *eioUUrg. Wednesday, February 18~ Presbyterian church, the Rev. ate? 7 * C - Pow ers, Des Moines district superintendent of Nazarene churches for Iowa Thursday, February 19—Congregational church, the Rev feLP 13 ^ 0 , 016 ', P a ^or of the Lutheran. — Metho- night), •---•-> v»v*i J.^*± V.WUI11V i CC — this weekfs Advance -—_ is the second time she has been a candidate, and in the primary two yelirs ago she was within a few votes of obtaining the nomination. Mrs. Walker' is a widow, with three children, the youngest 6 years old ---- v...u,.j,i vjuaymen s nigh Herman Knudson, Mason City _ faunday, February 22 Meth'o- vin Dubu h> u? r ' Samue lA Ga?I .buque. 3 * thC >Unive ^ty of Du! County Cage Boys Sft««rt the Annual Fight Here Today The county bovs 1 haqirAtKoii toUFnampTTf 4.1. • wt * 0 "-*-*w«i* Mrt in 01 »? een teams are taWng Part m the tournament, which be in session tonight, Friday t. SatnrHo,, ^:-ux fl * «. t —Kossuth ! County AdvancTFlSJSw "I " *• si - t ™ref8 p:"m.;swelchy vYLed' Sna! ^ 9:15> Sene ^ vs It The junior hieh boys' basket--- county tuornament will 'be held next week Thursday Prf! day, and Saturday.at Algona announces Coach Reefer a - c»rtrt4.I _. TJ - '*'*» *» tournampnt will * . Front row. left to Votg|. both of Fenlon: Aoinonv eiuart AI -, ga l sst?aB,*JssB3%Ss JOINT A joint county L^ion and . mue fti n « will be held . tonieht fThursdav) at the , Curtis" b D U ; A ^ na - Edwi " H ' Curtis, Des Moines, expontive- . ^ the lovlra Solfi ! board, will be speaker! follow^ and qpRPS*GHADUATE. te F^eld, 111., Jan. . Florian L, Neuroth, son Mrs. William . JSTeurotli, Algona V9» graduated recently from the Chanute Field branch of the U corps

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