Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1942 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1942
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT KOSSUTtt COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA,IOWA Book Dtire Dance Planned— The Townsend club announces a Victory book drive dance at the Legion hall next Tuesday evening at 9, following a club business session at 7:45. This will be the club's part in the campaign to gather ten million books for U. S. O. centers in camps of the U. S. armed forces. Everyone attending the dance is to contribute a book. Dance tickets for men will be 20c, for women, lOc, and a good orchestra has been engaged and the attendance of the public is invited. New Club in First Parly— A newly organized Seventy- Five club (combined ages of couples do not exceed 75) of the Presbyterian church had its first party Friday evening at the church, 17 couples in attendance. Games, shuffleboard, and ping- pong were played, and a two- course lunch was served following a program. The committee in charge included the Rev. and Mrs. C. C. Richardson, and Messrs, and Mesdames W. A. Hardy, Robert Nealy, Nyle Latch and Keith Strayer. Music Club Will Meet— The Bel Canto music club will meet at 2 o'clock Friday at the library, Mrs. Ralph Weber,' Bancroft, and Mrs. A. E. Kresensky. Algona, hostesses. Mrs. C. C. Shierk will give a paper on Contemporary Composers, and Mrs. F. C. Volzke kill read one on current events. A concerto, with two pianos, will be presented by Mrs. Eugene Murtagh and Mrs. Shierk, and Mrs. Dan Jensen will play a violin solo, ac- '' companied at the piano by Mrs ' Sylvia Gunn. Surprise Honors Birthday Fourteen senior girls surprised Charlotte Johnson by going to her home last week Thursday evening to help her celebrate a birthday. The time was spent at bridge and lunch. The self- invited guests were Meredith Larson, Maxine Dailey, Shirley Wittern, Audrey Slagle, Bernice Venema, Phyllis Maxwell, Adella Lemkee, Mary Ellen Halpin, tfosalie Swanson, Louise Wadleigh, Maxine Moore, Harriet Brown, and Emmajeane Rine- genberg. 6 Centenary S. S. Class Meets- Mr, and Mrs. E. A. Genrich were chairmen of the committee m charge of a Methodist Centenary S. S. class party Tuesday i evening at the church. Assisting ' hostesses were Mrs. Fred Bartholomew and Messrs, and Mesdames W L. Whitney, Julius Will, C. L. IngersoU, Roy Adams; Gus Torine, and Henry •Phillips, also the Rev. and Mrs H. M. Burns, Mrs. F. L. Triboni Mrs. Perry Thompson, and Mrs S. C. Spear. Townsend Auxiliary Meets The Townsend Auxiliary met Monday evening at Mrs. Mary Heard's, Mrs. Lolla Ladendorff assisting. Preceding business a short patriotic program was given. Plans were laid for the auxiliary civilian defense service, also for a bazaar next December.' Lunch was served. The next meeting will be held Monday afternoon, February 23, at Mrs. Mary Pedersen's on west State street. groitSDAY r,... H Night Classes for Adults at High School Farewell for Poindexfers— The Robert Poindexters were honorees at a farewell party Friday evening at Arlo's Grill. Fifty members of the Pioneer hi-bred force, also members of Mr. Poindexter's bowling team, with the wives in both cases, attended. The time was spent dancing, and a midnight lunch was served. The Pioneer company has transferred Mr. Poindexter to Des Moines. Trinity Y. P. Mpelino— Members of the Young People's society of the Trinity Lutheran church will meet this evening at 8 o'clock at the church. Louise Gade and Bernice Geilenfeld will be in charge of program and refreshments. Other Society News. Women of the Baptist church aro hnvms nn all-dav Red Cross sewing session today at the church. Mesdames Samuel Mo- dm, George McMahon, Alvis Hill Nowtnn Heit-r, and William Prosnnll are in charge of noon luncheon. Mrs. R. R. Hut/ell will be hostess to her sewing club Friday. There are eight members HOSPITALS KOSSUTH Jan. 21—Mrs. John Pollard, Woden, surgical; Mrs. Ralph Albright, Algona, girl; Mrs. L. C Hobbs, Algona, girl, January 26 Jan. 22—Mrs. Stanley Muckey, Algona, surgical. , Jan - 24-Fred Asa, Algona, boy; Mrs Merlin Cunningham Algona, boy; Mrs. Martin Zimmerman, Algona, boy; Richard Johnson, Algona, medical Jan 25-Mrs. Jos. Loebach, Whittemore, boy; Mrs. Paul Knopf, Algona, boy Jan. 26-Mrs. Ernest Kearney, Algona, died same day. MEASLES. Like Algona and other section* of the county, the Irvington neighborhood has been having an epidemic of the measles. Nearly all children in Dist. No. 4 have had or are having the disease. The Ralph Lage and Halph Murlburt children are having it, and the J. C. Mawdsley children have had it. WANT ADS MORT-0-DINE Mineral & M«»t Meal cost* lew than tantulgf, goes twice as fat with Wttef f*> suits. Algona* Flour ft Feed Co,, * "*~ " • - " - " or local Mott-O-Dlne dealer. 26-w-50-tf MAKE MONEY SPARE TIME. Watkins route open, Algona, to man or woman devoting 3 or 4 hours daily calling up customers. No investment.—J. R. Watkins Co., D-96, Winona,/Minn. 29(2)17-20 FOR SALE — 10 TONS Alfalfa hay in barn. — Inquire Advance. 10p20 FOR SALE^-1937 PLYMOUTH tories.— Write E.W.D., came this 16p20 paper. FOR SALE—FEEDER PIGS and dairy cattle. — Andy Phillips, Woden. 9pl9-21 FOR SALE— TWO TRUCK tires. One 30x5, one 32x6. — Mike Borman, Bode. 12p20 HYBRID SEED CORN — IOWA 939-306-303. State certified. 306 and 303 are two of the newest Iowa State Hybrids. Their rnaturity is about the same as, 939. Prices reasonable. -^ M. A. Sorlien, Bode, la. 33pl8-20-22epw ££&4 BASKETBJl taaaa ff$j& fim A, If. s. Friday, January* ALGOffA ,t», IOWA FA l,|,,s, s SECONDS VS . LAKOTA sue,,' HEAT WITH QUAKER BURN- Oil. They're striking in appearance, remarkable in low-cost operation. We'll measure your home, provide a Quaker model to fit your needs. See new models. Ask about prices.—C. S. Jolm- son. 20 WELL DRILLING — Spear & Phillips, phone 255. 1007 North vlain, Algona, Iowa 35tf FOR SALE —12x20 HOUSE, 22' rooms, new 2 years ago.—Herman Studer, Corwith. 12p20 FOR SALE— 12 HEAD OF sheep. Raymond Nelson, 3 miles northeast Lone Rock. Il)o20 CALL ALGONA SKELGAS service' for Skelgas. You can use Skelgas on any gas range. We are showing a complete line of gas ranges, gas water heaters and gas refrigerators. Have a few used ranges left. —Phone 221W or221R. 37U20-21 WE WISH TO THANK OUR friends and neighbors for the many acts of kindness shown during the illness and death of our beloved husband and father, A /-. A TUT T,r^, . ^^ I a ^ so f 01 * t" e many beautiful floral AGAIN WE ARE BUYING tires. offerings.-Mrs.'F. W. Davidson, Bring them Saturday or Sun- J. F. Davidson and family, Clara day to 433 North Dodge. 14p20 and Dale. P 2I FOR SALE—REGISTERED Fall AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE^ r™nr7v, SP A nn !i, Ham ? IS r hi ,' e boal>s H We have over 100 ° cars and Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. P 15tf trucks insured through the office '^^tt^\^^i3S%*S r £ ».ana e er.-I nq ui reJ Adv.ngVg ^"SK^ C^TT FOR SALE—HOLSTEIN COWS Store> Phone 130. 4- U ««JT> . j .. _ i i », ..M *A ft\ O/l , t. b. and Bang tested.— Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft, la. 34(2)20-22-24-26-28-30 12ul7tf USED MACHINEAY—10-20 Mc- 1 Dg. regular Farmall; spread_.__. _._„ —- "&• J^suiar rarmaii; spread- FOR SALE —PUREBRED Spot- ers; oil heaters, ranges, refrigerated Poland China gilts. — Roy tors; attractive prices ' on New Ennen, 2 miles northeast Lone Monarch ranges, seven models on Rock - 12p20 display; 1942- Stewart-Warner, ^^^^^^l^SSS. ^aSS-iSnp 1 ^; A-^t^^^rSkaugS 34 (2u)20-21 B °de. I3 p2 d SALESMAN WANTED — „„- WA^Em=iSnrTOirTO DiSSS a^ a Ll°I e a CCe d e e d ale R r fn tnriP, ^ rfc ri n ,,r a ^ craft &C- North Kossuth county-9 town- tones. _ Write E.W.D., care of ships, 1800 families. Selling ex- Advance - 16p20 perience unnecessary to start ^^^^l^r^l^^S^^ tTsTiTn': . to tram for work in aircraft | to a permanent and profitable INSTRUME^ ^* l| ; ' '! TEST can be made on your heati t , greater efficiency and tru^* Whether oil or stoker fired i tory performance of a heating w , pends on thexsorrect air adjustrnL proper stack temperature. Tha' draft, temperature and CO-2 of »L ! gases should be checked on alH plants. nei The test is so inexpensive it can J* s pay for itself. ™ P. R. IRON! 812 E. McGregor St. Phone 523. factories. — Write Advance. E.W.D. care 16p20 FOR SALE—1928 Ford sedan with MODEL A three extra — —„„.. »m,n nmji^ trxira tires.:—Bin Vanderwerf, west of new light plant. I 6p2 o REG SHORTHORN AND Angus bulls; Duroc, Hereford, Berkshire, and Yorkshire boars.—Ben Studer, Wesley. 14(2)14tf FOR SALE—TRIO-MATER EM- dext white- geese.—Alfred Jergenson, 6 miles northeast Al- 12p20 FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR stock— 1938 V-8 truck in good shape.—Inquire Frankl's Service btation, west State street. 17p20 FOR SALE - 6 HIGH GRADE £ ^, heifers - One-half mile m°nr ' ^ J^ & C3St Whille- more.—Ralph. Reimers. 15p20-21 REGISTERED MILKING Short-' horn bulls. Get the cream of «» i£° P K £ ge f' 4 mos ' U P- Sire Verne' ' f - Aaron Steussy, Lu verne - 16p20-21 business where Rawloigh Products have been sold for many years. Good profits for a hustler. For particulars write Rawleigh's, Dept. IAA-10-IO, Freeport, III 60pl9-20 SALE DATES Removal Sale ie m •and ises, ere Id. r ce ;r sc WEDNESDAY, FEB. 11 — A. Gillinghum, mile west Algona on McGregor street, 2 miles south, general farm sale. MONDAY. FEB. 2—Mike Hig- ns. 12 miles west Algona on No. 18, half mile north, closing out farm sale; "SALE IS NOW IN FULL 151,0031. bes . Bargains for everybody at, NeviM&oi We have more goods than we can pack i n ,«Dur our new location. Stock has to be reduced before My loss is your gain. nan FOR SALE—RENT OR TRADE for property in Algona, well ""Proved acreage, 13 acres near Algona, priced at $270000 Terms._D. D. Monlux. 21p20 --— ^au be seen at mv nlnpp Owner has gone to army -J n ^ter.JWes^nd.™ 3 " 2 3p?6 Shropfer, 441 North D^dge^f™ 3 20p20&SS THURSDAY, FEB. 5—Sale at auction at Lu Verne of half sec lion Kbssuih farm. Attention! Piles Sufferers The McCleary Clinic, E101 21ms Blvd., Excelsior Springs, M " '- putting out a new book, m T. an y° ne afflicted with °$z^"j$r t ss?ff FURNITURE Upholstering Will remodel all kinds of furniture. First-class work guaranteed. Richardson Furniture Store Phone 852. SAM KAUFMAN Sam Kaufman t0 8u PP J y the wh shoes and stockings. Cheaper than you will ever buy them$H again. I have turned the entire stock into pi Mrs,' A BARGAIN FESTIVAL Hi '•-iV'f . at BARGAINS BARGAINS BARGAINS Two weeks of real bargains. Jimmie Neville m MAN THIRTY-EIGHT ARE ATTENDING RADIO SCHOOL THESE PICTURES SHOW Pnr ~Kossuth County Advance News-Picture Y. P, PROGRAM AT A LUVERNE CHURCH SUNDAY ( Lu Verne, Jan. 28 — Young -eopie s day was observed at the Presbyterian church Sunday with a candle-lighting ceremony^ five young women taking par t led by the Rev. J. E. Rankin. ' ine young people, who renre sentpd the various protestant de" nominations in the United States in. session at Estes Park, Colo S tvfTT 1 " 1 P led e e< J themse°ves Sl-rivx's s&firsas.A-'-Vi First, personal preparednpw second, .enlisting others? thirl' I developing a Christian attitude hall. enrolled. .. , the instructors, "doing fine." code school „ at the Leare now 38 men Members of the radio school SFG! David Smith, Ralph Lindhorst, Ernest Anfmson, Gerald Peter- ?Swir n 1 - 1 1 A^unson, Kenneth Bakken, Dick Potter, Arnie Ped- f i Sen A R v ay Besch " Michael Stof- rel, Arthur Wiese, Lloyd Pratt Soencer Shore John Kohlhaas Jr., Blane Phillips, Frank Beckw Charles Bilsborough, David Weisbrod- John Johnston. A " d y J- Phillips, Ray Bilsbor- I Siii ' ^° h ", Wood ' Robert Bla^k, Thiwarthe fourth session and ^locl^'r^, SSSg^ week 8Ch o? m ^i ^ 8t another s « " ch[ Wayne Bjustrom^rest Ma-" p kS is° r neS be S^ciL-Ts i fe B J^D 1 2f a ^ T ^ zs^s^^-J* o w s-j, wa - -a? as o v**x. j.»iuj.ae Code some know it, they are im proving speed, etc. The other in- The next meeting will he at 7:30 next Wednesday evenntg a the same place. Class hours are alternated between Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to 'conflict with the adult F. B. WOMEN MEET. Farm Bureau ' *m ^IK - _ "•"""'"'""Hiiiiimmiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiw J 0 ^ CAN GET IT IN ALGONA VOU CAN HAVE mitten. in big . e , ecti THE ™ *" '• YOU CAN HAVE glove, .IFYOUBUYITNO» •^ a ^'-'KAN<QE • BUY DEFENSE BONDS WITH THE SAVINGS H UB CLOTHIER LeuthoW—Williat-. *^w ^^ " "» VPflMaMMIK ' •-'• '• ••"•'-•"•' '. *•'•« .v---a*--.' _ _ -. •=«» low*

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