The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1954
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 17, 1954 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUKJOT NEWS PAGE SPv"EN Western Leaders at Paris Face Basic, Crucial Question By JAMES MARLOW | WASHINGTON (AP) — The Western democracies, traditionally keeping their military commanders under civil control, face a decision which may someday mean the difference between survival and destruction. The foreign ministers of the H member nations of the North Atlantic. Treaty Organization, meeting In Paris now, encounter this basic question: If the Russians attack, with or without atomic weapons, should the military commanders of NATO have the right to order instant retaliation with atomic weapons? When Russia and the West have filled their atomic arsenals, each will be a deterrent to the other's inclination to begin a war. But suppose one side made a sudden, surprise atomic attack of vast proportions. Little Time It might win if it could knock out the other side's ability to retaliate. If Russia made such a surprise attack, the NATO Allies wouldn't have much time to make up their minds about retaliating, If they still could. In case of such a Russian attack, the NATO commanders would almost have to have authority to repay Russia with atomic bombing without waiting for the civilian heads of NATO's , government to get together and say "go ahead." But suppose Russia, anxious to escape atomic reprisals but bent on aggression, made an attack somewhere without using nuclear weapons. What should the West do—begin an atomic attack on Russia? If it did, Russia would certainly respond with an atomic attack of its own and the world would be* in the atomic war It had dreaded. Who then should make the decision on using atomic weapons against Russia If it committed aggression with or without atomic weapons? NATO's military commanders? Or the civilian heads f the NATO governments? Secretary of State Dulles and the (her 13 NATO ministers in Paris lave to wrestle with that one, mowing how far-reaching may be he decision they finally work out. Lattltude Needed In Paris, a U.S. spokesman said [ils country takes the position no ure-fire system can be set up in advance to determine how the big .eclsion on use of atomic weapons can be made. It would be the United States vhlch had the great atomic arsenal or use if Russia did try an attack although NATO forces now are •eady to be equipped with new 'wonder weapons." A surprise attack by Russia might, In the American view, wipe jut any machinery set up by NATO o make the decision on retalia- ion. But the West Europeans live closer to Russian bombs than the United States. And both the British and French want some say in a crisis. Some Europeans have expressed fear this country might be "trigger lappy" in a touchy situation and .hey want in on any decision which night end in atomic war. The British want NATO's military commanders to consult civilian government leaders before us- ng a nuclear weapon. The French have suggested a Big Three "standing group" with power to act in an emergency. Film Puts Dent In Lawsuit Claim BALTIMORE HI—In his $100.000 eult against the Baltimore Transit Co., F. Albert Glombowski, 64 claimed he received "permanent injuries" when his car was hit by a company bus. He contended he waf unable to now do "laborious work. During the trial, movies of Olom- bowstu were shown by defense lawyers. The films showed the plaintiff carrying a heavy auto battery crawling under an auto and bending over an engine. The jurors yesterday scale( Glombowskl's demands down and awarded him $6,000. 81 Entertainers Off on Yule Tour HOLLYWOOD (.<P) — Penny Sin gleton, screen and radio actress and actor Forrest Tucker will bi among 81 entertainers departing today by Air Force transports tc entertain military personel over sens over Christmas. The group, largest ever assem Wed for Christmas shows by th Hollywood Coordinating Commit tee, will visit the Par East, North Africa, Alaska. Europe and th Northeast Air Command. Scotland Yard, headquarters o the London Metropolitan police, go Its name from the building it which the London police wer housed until 1880. 15 •r minute k waving lotions! • No Guesswork.' • No Test Curls! • No Clock Watching! CHOOSE ih« SELF-IIMINO TONI cuitom-madt far you. • f* rher.'» a eomplltt 5O • •••Clio" °> n«» >S- ptus Kir.",*"!,?.!" 1 ™,: TAX .v.ry ilylt of wo»«. KIRBY DRUG STORES NOW WE'VE GOT IT IN A CONSOLE! Crosley <..._>» •« *• • BIIIC ^^ SUPER-V 21 II6GI5T2VTVMCTUM. Cinema-Wide Screen. tEVOLUTIONAMY NEW VERTICAL CHASSIS. MOT! compact. Side control high up—no bending. NEWEST TV FEATURES. Aluminiied picture lobe. Le» power comuftiption. UHF reception optional, extra. Mahogany-, walnut- of blond- flmirted cobintti. 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