Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1942 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1942
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR CHAUARLON IN THICK OF OAHHATTLE Jap Plane May Have Been Hit by His i Gun Fire. Mrs D. P. Smith has recently had word from her brother, Chas. B. Carlon, former Algona boy now in the navy and in command of a fleet of four minesweepers at Pearl Harbor. Charles survived the December Jap raid and was not even hurt, though he was aboard his flagship, which was moored within a stone's throw of Hickam Field. He wrote: "My second officer was spending the weekend on the other side of the island, it being our time off for repairs. Others of my men were on shore with their families. The boys on shore later reported that the Japs flew so low over housetops that the ships could have been hit with •stones thrown by hand. "I had shaved and was debating whether to take a shower before or after breakfast. Then I heard a couple of distant explosions in the navy yard and saw planes diving. Next there were explosions and fires at Hickam t Field, and the air was full of planes. Fires at Jap Plane. "The planes circled us, but no one in my ship was hurt; per- } haps we were too small to be, noticed. My ship did get guns ; mounted and operating, puny as • they are, but whether we got a ' Jap plane will never be known, j "I saw one Jap plane on the ! tail of an army bomber coming | in to land, and the Jap was gain- j ing fast, almost ready for the j kill. I yelled, 'Get that so-and-1 so!' And our guns turned on him. j I couldn't tell whether he fired, i but he pulled straight up, turned ! on his side, and made off behind j a point of land behind where I j couldn't see him. The m c n j claimed he fell into the ocean. ] "Other Jap planes were flying j "by, most of them so low that we I could make out their pilots' den- , tal bridgework—even the slant of their eyes; but,, short a few ! men and with no other officer j aboard, I was kept too busy get- i ting under way to pay much attention to them. I didn't have time to eat till night, and it was two days before I had my clothes off. Hopes Japs Return. "Like all others in the U. S. •armed service here we have been hopeful every day that the Japs I would come back; but they know ! well enough what mass suicide it i •would be, and so are keeping their distance. I'm not idly "boasting either. There are more planes and everything else here now than to begin with, despite the destruction of December 7, and we are all ready. "Christmas with us was just another day. No one was allowed to go ashore. I have had only iour (Jays off in a month. New Year's was more like Christmas for me, for I received a package from home. With blackouts at •night, life has been rather mon- •otonous here of late. In an Ad- •vance I noticed a list of Kossuth boys here, but Mel Peter- .son is the only one I know." 4 GROUP HERE ATTENDS WEDDING AT EM'BURG Among Algonians who attended the wedding of Ellen Newell, Emmetsburg, former Algona teacher, to Merrill, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Myers, of Des Moines, Sunday afternoon at the Emmetsburg Methodist church •were Supt and Mrs. O. B. Laing, Christine Michaelson, Lucia Wallace, Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, Robert McCullough, Helen Fishback" and Clarice Powers, Algona. On conclusion of the ceremony a reception was held in the church basement, with Helen Schilling, Des Moines, and Stella Broholm, Algona, presiding at a lea table. Mesdames W. H. "Morling and A. A. Theile, Em- metsbure, received guests at the door. Mrs. Theile is the former Delia Darling, once an Algona nurse. Miss Newell, who had been a teacher in the Algona schools, Tecently resigned. ^. _ _ Algonian Notified of Sister's Death Levi . Henclren has received •word that his sister, Mrs Maude •Fmnpll. Wolf Point. Mont., died Saturday, aftrr having been in poor health for some time. She was once a rnsirlont of Kossuth count.v. Besides Lc-vi, she is sur- •vived bv nn mint, Mrs. Rose Steb- fcms. Santa Ana. Calif.: a niece, Mrs. Paul Clooo, Pawhuska, Okla.; ,-ind :i cousin. Harry Steb"bins. Wolf Point. Funeral services WC-TO held at Vida, Mont., and burial was made there. WESLEYAN'S SISTER IN AUSTRIA PASSES Wesley, Jan. 28-1. A. Eisenbacher received word Fnajjy from Vienna, Austria, of the death of her sister, Sister Mary Flavia, D. O. S., on November 18. Sister Flavia was bom in Ritz- ladt, Batavia, December 1, 1870. At 15 she and an older sister entered the convent of the Daughters of Our Saviour at Vienna, and there she died at 71. She celebrated her golden jubilee as a nun on July 26, 1935. . Sister Flavia was preceded in death by her parents, Sister Materna, a brother, a sister in childhood, and the brother Frank who came to America with Mr. Eisenbacher and died at Wesley in 1905. One brother suryives. Mr. Eisenbacher last saw his sister in the summer of 1894, when after having been in America ten years he returned to Germany for a visit. scoufsitvER BEAVER HONOR FORAPASTOR Lone Rock, Jan. 24—The Rev. C. S. Whitehouse, Haflan Blanchard, Walter Thompson, and N. L. Cotton attended a nine-county meeting of the Boy Scout Prairie Gold Area council at the Elks club rooms at Fort Dodge Thursday evening. Mr. Whitehouse, district commissioner, the president, and the vice president were awarded the Silver Beaver, highest rank in scouting. This award is given only for "distinguished service to boyhood." Mr. Whitehouse has an outstanding record in the field of scouting. Quoting from the Fort Dodge Messenger: "Mr. Whitehouse, long a scoutmaster 'on the firing line' with boys at Omaha and Paton, also with continuous service in various capacities, was one of the most surprised leaders at the meeting when his silver beaver award was presented. "A life scout, 9-year veteran, and recipient of the highest training award (the scoutmaster's key), Whitehouse has served his boys well and as scoutmaster of a troop in a small community has been the salvation of many boys. "As a member of the Fort Dodge camp staff, Whitehouse's work has been highly valuable to the camp director. Scouters throughput the council area were well pleased to hear that Whitehouse had received this high honor, and they expect him to be inspired to do a bigger and better job of scouting during 1942." FIFTY-TWO ON H, S, LIST OF HONOR PUPILS Fifty-two Algona high school; students and student post-gradu^ i ates were on the school's honor; roll for the second quarter of the first semester just closed. The, requirement for the honor roll is a "B" average, with no grade lower than C-plus. ' Two students, Mary Francis Carney and Jean' Guderian, were the only students having a straight A average. Both are- juniors. Miss Guderian also had j the only "A" average in the first | quarter. The list of honor roll students is as follows: Freshmen — Mary Anderson, Jack Brownell, James Burns, Robert Fuerstenau, Phyllis Kain, Virginia King, Ardis Kresensky, i Kermit Kuecker, David Laing, 1 Nadine Olin, Margaret Pelisek, Georgia Scribner, Wayne Will. Sophomores — Arlene Bast, Phyllis Crawford, Donna Deen, Irwin Forbes, Phyllis Jackman, Malcolm Lund, Bill Pletch, Bob Reed, Floyd Sawyer, June Scan- Ian, Dewey Skilling, Jean Thorpe, Margaret Wildin, Esther Will. Juniors—Gloria Baker, Valeria Butts, 'Francis Carney, Doris Cooper, Jean Guderian, Jahue,, Hardgrove, La Verlle Long, Patricia Lynch, Prudence Morrison, Miriam Norton. Meredith Raney. Seniors — Max Bartholomew, Maxine Dailey, Ruth Heerdt, Charlotte Johnson, James Kenefick, Meredith Larson, Richard Palmer, Mart Schemel, Audrey Slagle, Bernice Venema, Cecil Will. Post-graduates—Verona Hagg, Dorothy Hoover, Margaret Shell- myer. «, TO BROADCAST SONG. Vera, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Forburger, Wesley, a student nurse at Sioux Citv, will sing over the Victory Theater program, station KRIT, Sioux City, Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Se 'will sing We Fight For Our Stars and Stripes, a song written and copyrighted by her father. JL * . BRENNANS LEAVING. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brennan, with two small sons, will leave February 1 for Kearney, Neb., where Mr. Brennan is being transferred by Swift & Co. Mr. Brennan, a graduate of Ames college, lias been manager of the Swift hatchery here. Si»tcr of Wife of • Algona Paator Wed Hazel McClure and William Davis, Marshalltown, who were here for the holidays with the Rev. and Mrs. C. C. Richardson, were married Saturday, January 17, at Princeton, Mo. The bride, a sister of Mrs. Richardson, has for some years been stenographer-secretary of a coal and lumber company at Marshalltown. The bridegroom, an electrician, has been called into the service, and he left a week after marriage for a point in the East He will be in an electrical branch of the service. TWO LOCAL YOUTHS HOME FROM COAST Duane Jensen, Seven Up distributor in this area, and Eugene Kelley, recent Advance employe, got home Monday from a few weeks in California. They drove out and back via southern routes, and spent most of the time in the Los Angeles neighborhood. At Hermosa the boys looked up John Guderian, brother of R. H., Advance linotypist. After John left Algona he was for some years publisher of the Kanawha Reporter. He is now employed in a newspaper and job shdfc. The boys also met Clifford and Earl Byson, sons of Mr. and Mrs. John Byson here. Clifford is a qontractor and builder, and Earl is employed in a Lockheed plant at Burbank. Eddie Geilenfeld is also employed there. Eugene has an uncle, H. C. Kelley, in cafe employ at North Hollywood, and another uncle, Maurice, draftsman at Tulsa, Okla. On the way back the boys did not strike winter till they reached Kansas City, where water was frozen. They struck the first snow/at St. Joseph, Mo. PASTOR HAS MEASLES. Burt, Jan. 28—The ' Rev. Paul Figge \yas unable to fill his pulpit again Sunday, beirfg still sick with the measles. A program by the young people in charge of Delmar Angus was given at the preaching hour. MBS. KEARNEY, ONLY 35, DIES HERE MONDAY Mrs. B. t. Kearney, 35, died Monday morning at the Kossuth hospital, after having been there only a few hours. She had not been in good health for several months, and had been bedfast since the first of January. Funeral services were held Wednesday afterndon at the Baptist church, the Rev. F. C. Volzke officiating, and burial was made at Britt. Mrs. Volzke and Eve Presnell sang three numbers at the services, accom- 'panied at the piano by Mrs. R. G. Richardson. Mrs. Kearney's maiden name was Sylvia Earles, and she was born December. 29, 1907, at Tuscola, 111., fifth child of Mr. and Mrs. John Earles. When she was five the family moved to a farm near Corwith, and she lived there till she was married June 25, 1930. , 4 Mr. and Mrs. Kearney lived at Britt a year or two following marriage, but since theri had lived here. Mr. Kearney is station- attendant at Wallburg's Cabin Camp. Besides her husband, Mrs. Kearney is survived by a five- year-old daughter, Marilyn, also by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Earles, Corwith; three sisters, Mary Earles, London, Minn.; Mrs. Ella Fellenwordf, Britt, and Mrs. Nona Van Deeseldorp, Fort Dodge; five brothers, Willie, Britt; Harlow, Swaledale; Herschel, Kanawha; Berkeley and John, Fort Dodge. MINISTER INSTALLED. . The Rev. C. C. Richardson, local Presbyterian pastor, spoke at the installation of the Rev. Peter Skhoff, new minister of the First Presbyterian church at West Bend, Tuesday evening. Mr. Ekhoff is formerly of Waterloo. Frank Geigel and Jos. Wadleigh also attended the services. Insertion of a correction line W the wrong place ^ • Mrt^jw" lead editorial on Millet and th* Highway Patrol, also the.wort 'commission' instead of, 'patrolmen,' "balled up" the flMt ttyo paragraphs, which should have been as follows! "Governor Wilson recently told the state highway patrolmen to stay out of politics, even as regards himself. . _ t ., "Secretary of State Earl G. Miller says that was a direct slap at his own self." In.the last paragraph correction of impolite,' which should have been 'impolitic,' was not made. ^ ^ WOMEN'S 'REFORMATORY JOB FOR ALGONA GIRL Georgia Ann Geigel, music teacher in the Fenton schools for the last year and a half, resigned last week and left Saturday evening for Alderson, W. Va., where she had accepted a place as orchestra, vocal, piano, and organ music teacher in a women's federal reformatory, only one of its kind in the U. S. In the reformatory there are 460 women who are being taught arts or trades. The place is situated on a 640-acre tract in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains. Miss Geigel, a graduate of Buena Vista college, Storm Lake, taught music two years in the Cushing schools before going to Fenton. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Geigel. Irvington farmers, and a granddaughter of George Hackman, former Kossuth sheriff, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Geigel, Algona. —Buy Defense Bonds— Letts Creek Youth on Cornell Debate Team in Wisconsin Mount Vernon, Jan. 16—"Ed" Schmiel, Lone Rock, will participate in one of three tournaments scheduled for the spring debate program at Cornell college. February 20-21, four varsity debaters, including "Ed," will be at Stevens Point, Wis., to compete in a tournament on the Central Wisconsin Teachers college campus. The topic for debates in the tournament is, "Resolved, that after the war the nations should form a new federation to establish the eight Churchill-Roosevelt principles." In addition to this trip to Wisconsin, two other debate teams will participate in tournaments at Central college, Pella, and Iowa Wesleyan, Mount Pleasant. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 4861. IN DISTRICT COURT. STATE of Iowa, Kossuth County, ss, January term, 1942. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of F. W. Davidson, deceased, dated September 21, 1941, having been this day filed, opened and read, Saturday, the 28th day of February, 1942, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, January 27th, 1942. KATHARINE McEVOY, Clerk of District Court By T. HOLTZBAUER, Deputy L. A. WINKEL, Attorney. 20-22 —Buy Defense Bonds— Bleich Takes Bancroft Job Bancroft. J an . 26 — Martin :Bleirh. Titonka. has bepn hiroH as buttprmakpr for the Bancroft co-onprativp rrpamprv. and will "fcpffin work HPI-P March 1. H>nrv Thies, who had hnen the hnt.fpr- makpr sinrp ]Qia. h a $ notified •the hoard somp time a<?o that hp •wanted to rptirp when his vear •was ur>. Mr Thipq has not bppn 5n good hpnlth. His son Frpd has Taeen assistant buttprmaker 12 •years. Mr. Bleich has won many Ihonors in 13 years at Titonka. Barker Drug BERKSHIRE BRED SOW SALE THURSDAY, FEB. 12 12:30 p. in. Promptly At Humboldt County Fair Grounds HUMBOLDT, IOWA eaturing the sale of Type- etter II, that champion of hampions, and 25 of his aughters. Write for catalog JENNINGS BROS. Miller, South Dakota Program—Annual Meeting Algona Co-Operative Creamery Company * 11:00—1:00—Dinner in high school gymnasium. Music by Algona High School Band. 11:00—12:45—Films shown in High School" Auditorium - by Prof. A. W. Rudnick, of Iowa State College. 11:00-12:45—Tap and Piano Numbers under direction of Carolyn Steussy. \ Skaters Waltz Marcia Stone Summery Summer— Barbara Wilden, Marcia Stone, Strawberry Blonde — Joan Hintz, Kay Cayau (Buck Routine). , Rosary Piano Parade of The Wooden Soldiers _._' Piano 12:40—Cooper Quartette. 12:50—Von Bank Duet. 1:00—Business meeting. Address—Prof. A. W. Rudnick, Dairy Extension Service, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa. Address—Geo. W. Godfrey, Director Agricultural Relations, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa. Address—Frank Brunner, Nora Springs Iowa, President of Iowa State Brand Creameries, Inc. Address—Dairy Industry Commissioner of State of Iowa. 3:00—Quiz Program—Conducted by Prof. A. W. Rudnick Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa. ($15.00 in Defense Stamps will be awarded as prizes.) AT YOUR GROCER'S NOW! with purchase of 49 Ibs. or more GOLD MEDAL tf Kitchen- ft All B Nesfed" FLOUR IF you go to your grocer'sYrfe*/ now, before his^ supplies are gone : ; ; you [can receive this handy, all-purpose enamelware SAUCE PAN free with every purchase of 24 Ibs. or more of Gold Medal "Kitchen- tested" Flour. This'useful, seamless sauce pan is just the thing for your kitchen. It's durable. Easy to clean. Air-cooled handle, too. And you get your choice of three attractive colors. This sensational offer is made solely to induce you to try Gold Medal "Kitchen-tested" Flour ;.. the brand used by 'more women than anv others ,, , , ... , , P ans JS strictly limited. Gold Me Made from specially selected wheats, blended to per- Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn. - Bc«, Crocker aad "Kitcb^^d" «« roistered wde mark, of General Mill,. l oc .. Lneapolis. 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