Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1942 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1942
Page 8
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koeauTit COUNTY ADVANCE. AIXIONA, IOWA, THtJftHDA WHITTEMORE SHORTS , Mr. and Mrs. Louis Duffy entertained Mr. and Mrs. James Geelan, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Martini, and Mr. and Mrs. George Elbert at Sunday evening dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Esser, Algona, drove to Algona several evenings last week to help care for their brother-in-law, Henry Felder, who is seriously sick. The Roman Eisenbachers have moved to Wesley, vacating the old Carmody house here. Joan O'Conner, Fort Dodge, is spending this week at James Geelan's. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Dixon moved to Mason City Sunday. Mr. Dixon had been employed as a repairman for an insurance company during the last year. They vacated the Jnhn Waldron house. Supt. and Mrs. Frank Rochford and Mr. and Mrs. John Waldron visited the Russell Bradys at Milford Sunday. Mr. and Mrs James Geelan, sons Jimmie and Jack, were with Mrs. Geelan's father, Mr. Shilts, Fort Dodge. Francis Mullin spent the day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mullin, in Hutchins. Mr. and Mrs. Loyola O'Brien, Bancroft, and Frances Hurley, Rolfe, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Catherine O'Brien. Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Aillaud visited the Doctor's father's at Newton and with friends at Des Moines over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Benschoter, Bancroft, called at G. L. Benschoter's Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Saunders, Britt, visited Mrs. Saunders' father, William Oliver the same day. Mr. and Mrs. .Francis Kollasch moved Monday to the John Henry farm near Algona, exchanging places with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Henry, who moved to the John Henry farm northwest of Whittemore. ALGONUN CAPTAIN BASKETBALL TEAM Mitchell, S. D., Jan. 16—Eight teams of eight men each began competition at Dakota Wesleyan university Wednesday in an annual intramural basketball program. Four freshman teams, two from the sophomore class, and one each from the two upper classes are entered. The opening game brought together two freshman teams captained respectively by Volne: Johnson, of Letcher, and Pau Pryor, of Mitchell. A sophomori team captained by Warren Stech mann, St. Lawrence, was match ed against a freshman team lee by Bob Pearson, Langford. Other games of the first round find Jay Barns, of White Lake, leading a freshman quinl against the juniors, captained by Ray Berneking, of Wheaton, VTinn., and a sophomore team captained by Roger Michel, of Algona, la., taking on the sen- ors co-captained by Dale Mead. Wheaton, Minn., and Earle Win- ers, Danville, 111. . . .. MdCormlck Decrlng Store, Patterson Electric Shop. sup. . J.J1 Knn* Grain Co., sup. »1.M Lea«e & Lease, sup. .J.JJ Frank Flalft, sup. 18.95 Pratt Electric Co., sw>. H.J' August Pljohn. sup J.OO E. C. Faucrby. sup l.QO Paul Ernst, sup. -.-Funk & Delm, sup 4.0J 1> sup sup Wesley Auto Co.. A. C. Hench. sup ........... -o J. M. Blanchard, sup. ...... 33.61 Brady Transfer & Storage, Power Co., . Power Co., light light ••* 0 J 10.22 109.69 4.88 12.S2 66.90 24.02 27.11 41.54 75.0 Board Proceedings Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa December 30. 1941 9:00 O'clock A. M. Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that Kossuth County sell to Guy W. Ash lots 2 and S of Block 12 Way's and Barrett's Park Addition to Wesley Incorp. for a sum of $150.00 and that Chairman Cosgrove be and is hereby direcu-d to slfrn a Quit Claim I».-&d of County's interest. Ayes: ail. Motion by Heiker. and second by Fraser that a I'Huper's notice be served on W. C. Porter and Jair.ily. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second ty Fraser that the -annual report of W. J. Davison. Justice of the i'-eace. Burt Township, be approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by McDonald that the following claims for open ditch right-of-way exemptions be approved as shown by engineers certificate: EH XEU Section 31 Township 9-i Ranne 29. 1.9 acres; N"',A SEVi .Section 31 Township 94 Range 29. !!." Acres; f-w. NE'/j Section 25 Township 100 Range 29. 10.2 Acres: SWVi XW>1 Section 30 Township 100 Range 2.V. 3 Acres Refund of J1S.S2: NW>,i SWVi Section 10 Township 9C Range 30, 4.4 Acres; S% S\V 14 Section '16 Township 96 Range 30, 5.5 Acres. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by Fra.ser that transfer of $75,000.00 be made from the Construction Fund to the County Cash Road Bond Fund, and that a transfer of $18,141.00 be made from the Constructon Fund to the Maintenance Fund Ayes: Ail On motion by Morris and second by McDonald that the Board adjourn Ayes: all. W. B. COSGROVE, Chairman. E. S. KINSEY. County Auditor. Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa January 2. 1942 8:00 o'clock A. M. Board of Supervisors met at regular session with the following members present: Helken, Morris McDonald. Cosgrovo and Fraser. Absent: none. The cash on hand in the various county offices as counted by Supervisor Helken, Morris and McDonald was found to be as follows: Recorder's Office, cash and checks $16350 Sheriff's Office, cash and checks none Auditor's Office, casli and checks none Treasurer's Office, cash and' ' checks 5,456.35 Signed: P. J. Heiken Chas. Morris ,, , W. E. McDonald ' Motion by Morris and second by Helken that the minutes of the last regular session and all adjourned sessions stand approved as read by the .secretary. Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser and second by Heiken that the following reports be approved: Clerk's quarterly report of fees collected; Recorder's quarterly report of fees collected- Sheriff s quarterly report to Board of supervisors; and Auditor's quarterly report of fees collected. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that a refund in the amount of $2.90 be made to Gertie Kverts for Old Age Assistance Tax- paid twice in the year of 1936 receipts on file. Ayes: all 2.00 1.00 .70 2.00 13.50 10.SO .50 .70 1.05 .90 2.00 12.50 1.25 20.00 9.00 S.OO S.OO 6.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 17.S5 18.15 5.04 12.00 1.53 211.92 3.00 45.00 37S.89 65.19 ln'g T pro ; j <! ec T tH h No r ' S^No " 13"'NO To" No. 9, No. 23, No. 11, No' 1" ' No' 10 and No. 7 be approved, ami' that the final estimate of .1. I. Merrvman on New Bridge work done In •Kossuth county In 1941 also be approv- On motion Board proceeded to Audit and Allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter writ _ r ' COUNTY FUND West Disinfecting Co., sup. ..$ W. W. Sullivan P. M.. postage Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., tele, serv . * **• rsullivnn, I 3 . At, post *if G W. R McDonald, comm. & session ... . Paul Hamill, reps'.".'.'. City of Algona, light «c-rv" ' iVr c< H eike ». eormn & session liilib' W S. Cosgrove, comm. & session J. H. Fraser, comm.' & 'sess'oii Chas. Morris, comm & session .. W W. Sullivan P.'M.','postage Alma C. Junkermeier, salary • btw - Pearson. Treas., adv. Martha 'pl'a'tY,'salary Tony Seller, labor ..'.'.'.'. C. W. Pearson. Treas., office J - H- Fraser, school of instruction exp W. S. Cosgrove, school'of'in- structlon exp .. Clvas. Morris, school of" instruction exp. P. J. Helken, school "of ' in- TT StructIon exp B. JU'hlte. del. tax coll."! . assist In clerk's 59.6S 5.00 86 8!) 52.D3 125.30 5.00 02.79 203.25 25.00 45.00 4C.54 f.5.00 55.00 22.70 22.25 26.00 30.80 244.7 Dr. K. R. Hoffman, dental .. Kenneth Bauman. bty Junior Christ, bty G. O. Anderson, bty C. H. Ostwlnkle. J. P. fees .. F. A. Newvllle, const, fees Wayne Riddle, wit. fees .... George Stewart, Jr., wit. fees Mike Bartels. wit. fees .... Stewart Thompson, wit. fees . Delia Welter. J. P. fees .. A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees .. A. R. Moulds, marshal fees . Bertha E. Johnson, bal. due on assessing E. R. Woltz. meeting G. W. Bleich. mtg K. G. Ewoldt. mtg E. E. Hanna. mtg Jerry Heetland. mtg S. P. Powers, mtg J. H. Holcomb. mtg Ed Looft. mtg Ed Looft. weed comm S. F. Powers, weed comm. .. John Freiders. weed comm. Dau Garage, sup 14.6S Burroughs Adding Mach Co., sup 35.00 C. W. Pearson. Treas.. transfer 230 00 W. A. Button, bd. Social Welfare mtgs 44.20 Elvira Monlux, bd. Social Welfare mtgs M. N". Phillips, quar. exp Klipto Loose Leaf Co.. sup. .. COURT FUND Gladys Watts, bailiff W. L. Whitney, bailiff Matthew C. Grler. court reporter F. H. Keml.s. court reporter Frances Davidson, court reporter 5l).n."> Dermands Cafe, juror meals 7.65 E. .1. Van Ness, attorney fees 10.00 Katharine McEvny. court exp. 10.SO INSANE FUND Katharine McEvoy. clerks fees A. .1. Cogley. sheriff fees .'.'.'. C. H. Cretzmeyer, comm. fees T. C. Hutchison, comm. fee-s . FAIR GROUND FUND Kossuth County Fair Ass'n, approp INSTITUTE FUND Lena B. Hecker, demonstration Mary MoCluskey. demonstration BANGS DISEASE" FUND Martin F. Meyer, Indem. cat- tlo jo Quarton & Bosworth, Indem. cattle Dr. M. I. LIchter, Inspection S. r - J-B.Wlr.kel, inspection v\ m. H. Meyer, indem. cattle 16'.5 Martin F. Meyer. Indem. cattle 21 6 _ T. B. FUND J? r - ,?•-"• Fox - T. B. Insp. 19-1.C Dr. H. H. Ranev. T. B insp £ r ' J. B. Wlnkel. T. B. insn. 203.S Dr. H. E. Woodward, T B Insp ' go i CONSTRUCTION' FUND H. M. Smith, salary 260.0 John D. Fraser. salary 115 f Mildred Amnn. salary . 61 n w" 1 •£ . w »Hnms. graveling 32S.'j Wm. Watts, rortman fin H M. Smith, salarv ... o^n'n John D. Fraser. salary ...'.'.' isn n Hnenlc Motor Serv.. storage 5 n T.-"nj'r?M (e jp Pl ' f !' 1ucts Oorn -- H " p '- Sfi2 ' f .... T.'& Joh'n' OI T. 0 McGulr'e. 362 ' 8 gradlncr iT'Jo •> MAINTENANCE'FUND Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., tele serv Peerless oil Co' siip Standard Oil Co., sup' Bancroft Oil Co.. sup K. & H. Coon Oil f'n 3J, m - F. Gronbacb. labor . Walter T, Johnson, labor .. ,,.,. •J- H. Hahle. labor ... i., n Oitv of Alirnna. llTht serv '" fl'4 [•eon Johnson, labor ' 14 n Harold Johnson, labor 14 n Clarence NV>mmers. labor .'" 14 n TTonry Ewoldt. labor 140 7-zr.f Dorlds. labor \ 4n p Txr r>~ n m •_• • ii.V 10.50 19.00 6.00 6.00 70.00 45.0 20.0 Hfl.f freight Interstate gerv Interstate serv ....................... ' Central States Electric Co., light serv. ................ 2-2< Central States Electric Co.. light serv ................. !•" Central States Electric Co.. light serv ................. 1-JJ Mlro Flex Co.. sup ........... ,!?•?? Glbbs Cook Tractor Co.. sup. 161.68 Central Auto Electric Co.. SUP ...................... 128. SD Globe Machine & Sup. Co., sup .................... 60.0! Owatonnn. Tool Co., sup. .. """' Barton Warner Co., sup. . . Sargent Machine Co.. sup. Ft. Dodge Machine & Sup Co.. sup ................ Sleg Ft Dodge Co.. sup. . Herman M. Brown Co.. sup. Standard B«arlngs Co.. sup. Retco Alloy Co., sup Sioux City Iron Co.. sup Balbach Co., sup Quick Supply Co., sup ....... 55.SO J. D. Adams Co., sup ....... n<1 -19 Peerless Oil Co.. sup. , ... ---- s * 2 .-Si Standard Oil. Co.. sup ........ ,?l Clement Super Serv., sup ..... 318. Bancroft .Oil Co., sup Arnold Delperdang, labor ---- J??-J| Otto Gaunt, labor ........... 111.3S C. H. Cooper, labor ........ 44.45 COUNTY FUND Rand McNally. sup ......... Houjrhton Mlfflln Co.. stiprf University Publishing Co., sup. ...................... Row Peterson Co., sup ..... American Book Co., sup ..... Klipto Loose Leaf Co., sup. . , Lyons & Carnahan, sup ..... Follett Publishing Co., sup. Scott Foresman Co., sup ..... 1065.22 Glnn & Co.. sup ........... 2692.64 Charles Scrlbners, sup ....... 256.32 McCormlck Mathers, sup ..... 424.2-1 A. M. Palmer, sup ......... 112.88 DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 4 — Kossuth County Maintenance Fund, «up. and labor adv ..................... 3960.37 George Looft, labor ........ 16.00 John Welch, labor ........ 14.00 J. 1. Merryman, labor .... 49.55 W. A, Murray, sup ....... 36.00 Northern Lumber Co.. sup. .97 109.65 24.67 34.E6 729.5G 266.10 25.27 367.97 40.62 P*ul Putsi*y, ..,... Smith Dtp»rtmfnt Stot*. Uror. 1J.S8 Burl Cr*«Ji«*ry Co., prof £.$S O. P. McDonald. lu*l ...... 1«<JS W. A.Murtftr, txrtl SS-SJ Lappe D-X Station. fu*l .... .81 Dr. T. J. Kgon, m*d IS.50 Park Hospital Clinic, ho»j>. care J-JS Rapp Hardware, sup, ........ 3.09 Jakob Keller, rent , 10.00 Mrs. Cecil ton*, rent J.SO Lydla Relr.hart. r*nt 10.JO J. H. Sheridan, rent JS.OO San born Cash Store, prov. .. 10.00 Fred C, Huettner, prov 4.S8 Citizens Service, fuel 4.« W. A. Smith, rent 10.00 Henry J. Kline, rent JO.OO Marvel Dole, salary 6S.OO Evelyn Thllges, salary SO.OO Marvel Dole, mileage ...... 89.10 Council Oak Store, sup 8.35 Department of Social Welfare, bind aid 11.38 Council Oak Store, sup. . .not allowed Courty Farm— Roy Larson, labor 80.00 Ben Bakken. labor 60.00 Pratt Electric Co., sup 11.6J Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., tele. serv. 31 L. E. Stephens, light serv... SS.S9 Anderson Jack Sprat Store, prov 137.98 Shlltz Shoe Store, shoes 14.61 Dr. .P. V. Janse, med 41.00 that C. Count* 2.00 10.00 11.94 . 10.66 .25 1.2S 11.67 Standard Explosives, sup. ..1189.73 Barton Warner Co.. sup 197.12 Dr. No. 5— George Noone. labor 166.40 Chas. E. Chubb, engineer ,. 43.60 Homer Nolle, labor 4.50 Concrete Products Corp., sup 1010.36 S. B. French Lumber Co., sup 26.17 Dr. No. 12— George Looft, labor 4.00 John Welch, labor 3.50 Dr. No. 18— C. H. Cooper, labor 3.50 Dr. No. 20— Dick Baade. labor 8.00 S. B. French Lumber Co., sup 1.23 Earl Stott Hardware, sup. 1.99 C. H. Cooper, labor 3.50 Dr. No. 23— A. W. Glaus, labor 2.10 Chas. Glaus, labor 2.40 Dr. No. 45— Dick Baade, labor 2.40 C. H. Cooper, labor 2.10 Dr. No. 60— George Looft. labor 18.00 John Welch, labor 15.75 Dr. No. 67— James Kelso. labor S.OO Clarence Hentges. labor .. 7.00 Dr. No. 69— Charles Glaus, labor 3.20 A. W. Glaus, labor 2.80 J. I. Merryman, labor .... 64.30 Dr. No. 72— A. W. Glaus, labor 3.50 Chas. Glaus, labor 4.00 Concrete Products Corp., sup 26.31 Dr. No. 75— S. B. French Lumber Co., sup 10 33 Dr. No. SO— George Looft, labor 7.00 John Welch, labor 5.25 Dr. No. 82— George Looft, labor John Welch, labor R. Pomeroy. labor 2 SO Theo. Dorenbusch, labor .. 4!so Dr. No. 85— Geprge_Looft, labor Katherlne Park, mlscl. exp. Clarence Metzger, labor .... Monarch Products Co.. sup. .. Kohlhaas & Spilles, sup ..... Richardson Hardware,. sup.. . . Bradley & Klassle, Sup ..... McCormlck Decrlng Store, sup. K. D. James, sup ........... Bai.croft Oil Co.. sup ....... 28.63 J. C. Skow, sun, ... ....... 60.00 RESOLVED: Tmit the County Auditor is hereby authorized to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as per "Schedule ' of Claims" hereinbefore written. Motion by Helken and second by Frnser that the old Board of Supervisors adjourn as all work has now been completed for the year 1941. Ayes: all. W. S. COSGROVE, Chairman. Attest: E. S. KINSET. County Auditor. Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa January 2, 1942 1:30 o'clock P. SL Supervisors Oosgrove, Helken ard Fraser and SuperVJsors-elect McDonald and Quinn assembled to organize the new Board of Supervisors for the ensulnj;, year of 1942. Supervisors McDonald and Quinn qualified according to law and the members at once proceeded to elect a chairman for 1942. Motion by Cosgrove and second by Quinn that J. H. Fraser be appointed as chairman of the Koseuth County Board for the year of 1942. Ayes: all. Motion by Cosgrove and second by Quinn that the following Budget Estimates of the various county offices for the 1942 be approved as follows: Clerk of the Distrct Court $4,266.25 Recorder's Officte ' ........ 5.000UO County Treasurer .......... S 700 00 Sheriff's Office ............ 8.610.'00 Auditor's Office ........... 8.000.00 County Attorney Office .... 3.502.00 Superintendent of Schools . Office ................... 6,345.00 Ayes: all. by Helken that tlve following Oftlc- by Helken that tho allowing Official Bonds be approved: W. E. McDonald, Supervisor, $5.000.00; J F Quinn. Supervisor, $5,000.00; H B' White, Delinquent Tax Collector- C. F. McGregor, Assessor, $500.00; Ernst G. Thlel. Constable. $500.00 Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Cosgrove that the following appointments be approved for the year C. S. Pearson. Deputy Auditor L. J. Immerfall, Deputy Auditor. John Bestenlehner, clerk In Auditor's office. Earl F. Griffith, first Deputy Treasurer. Mary K. Sands, second Deputy Treasurer. Rosella Voigt, auto clerk. Trade Holtzbauer, Deputy Clerk of Court. Rita Dooley, Deputy Recorder. Martha Platt. clerk in Recorder Oftic,e. Ralph Lindhorst. Deputy Sheriff. Marvel Dole, Stamp Issuing Officer. Ayes. all. Motion by McDonald and second py osffrovo that H. M. Smith be urar of Kwnttth C^nt*. Jaw, u h«r*by directed to dfti>o»U funds In the rfepos toty M»nk» h **«'2*iJ** mentioned which are *•««£*«>*; tinted and approved gs d»»o»ltotl*i of Fubllc Funds of KoMUth Coun> ty. lo\r», to-wit: , iotra SUte Bank, Alrona. low*. .. Security Stale Bank. Anrona, low* SUte Bank of t*dyard. Ledrard IO TUonka Saving* Bank. Tltonka, 10 ExchanKe State Bank. Wesley. Farmers A Traders Savlnics Bank. Bancroft. Iowa, Burt Savings Bank. BurL Iowa. Farmers State Bank, LuVern*. °Lnkota Office of Farmer* Trust A Savings Bank, Buffalo Center, lowr Fenton Office of First Trust SnvlnRS Bank. Armstrong. Iowa. Lone Rock Bank. Lone Rock. Iowa. Farmers State Bank, Whlttemore and that all public funds now possession of said County Treasure of Kossuth Counts-, Iowa, shall be deposited In said Banks herelnafte 1 43 designated and the said Count - " Treasurer is hereby authorised an required to use said banks as sue! depositories, that the maximum am ounts of County Funds authorize! to be- deposited In said banks, which are hereinafter approved as depos Itorles for 'said County Funds anal be as follows: Iowa State Bank, Algona, Iowa 1600.000.00 Security State Bank, Algona, Iowa 600.000.0i State Bank of Ledyard, Ledyard, Iowa 86,000.00 Tltonka Savings Bank, Tltonka. Iowa 86,000.00 Exchange State Bank, Wesley, Iowa .-... 86,000.00 Farmers & Traders Savings Bank. Bancroft, Iowa 86.000.00 Lone Rock Bank, Lone Iowa 86.000.00 Farmers State Bank, Whlttemore, Iowa 86,000.00 Burt Savings Bank, Burt, Iowa 85.000.00 Farmers State Bank, Lu- Verne, Iowa 86,000.00 Lakota Office of Farmers Trust & Savings Bank, Buffalo Center, Iowa .. 60,000.00 Fenton Office of First Trust & Savings Bank of Armstrong, Iowa 60.000.00 and hereinafter the said County Treasurer shall keep the Public Funds belonging to said County In said depositories not exceeding the maximum amounts hereinafter authorized In any one bank so designated. Ayes: alL Resolution adopted this 2nd day of January, 1942. J. H. FRASER, Chairman. Attest: B. S. KINSET. County Auditor. Motion by McDonald and second by Helken that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION It Is hereby resolved by the Kossuth County Board of Supervisors !n regular session this 2nd day of January, 1942, pursuant to and In accordance with Chapter 2 of the Acts of the 44th General Assembly of the State of Iowa, that the lawn. State Bank and the Security State Bank, both banking corporations doing business In Algona. Iowa, be and the same are hereby selected and ap- engineer for 1942. Ayes: 15.25 labor 12.25 2.00 1.75 sup. 17.S 331.4 111.3 9R5 0 63 1 21 0 14.0 Hnhprt Mprn-pn nntrnl " Archie Tlortds. pntrol " .Tamps TOlso. patrol ., " •Toe M. KSSPP. pntrol rMfipenre TTr-nttrPS. patrol' WmF. Oronhach. patrol Rnlnh Mnrkln. patrol . Tr, m Wolr. natrnl ITarrv TTplmkp. nntrol'.!; M. T.. Wrvrhv. patrol Crn ff0 ^ 1 . TTn '"iPs. patrol'.'!! Mlln Pntlorson. nntrol . PMp r M n o Vl0kl Pafr °' ••'•• Oliver Vniinir.' patrol A. J. TTIlilmnn. patrol"'" : ^i' f "r'p£ 1 ,i TP ' ov .' 1 j natroi.;: J K Fnlk.' natrnl '. John Slntt. natrnl JO^H R rn7h™' Patro1 ' " " A ton TVtllt. patrol lvl 's. patrol nldor. natrol 1. nntrol . patrol .. patrol McEvoy. invest.' offlce- fees and lodge 1.2.) 2.21 151.3T 102.75 8.42 89.35 Advance Pubilshlnp Co '. 'board 34 ' 87 .proceed, and sup. .'... 102 SK 'par'r^^^o'nT'^ ™* Katharine exp A. .T. Cnifley. and mlleape A. J. Cocrley, bd. prisoners . .. J. J. A r y - office' exp'.' ...... A. Wlr.kcl. office exp Refrlster ' Matt Kohlhaas '&' Spiil'eV. 'sub T " M "' " 1 """ Hardware, sup.'.' ' <,„„ Buiidl'n'g' &' Sup.' 'Co.', sup Parawax Co.. sup. '.'.'.'. nr.-""",-, Kansas Chemic-ai 1.84 3.22 3.00 1.68 9.21 V P ,-n .Too Pr. nntrol . nntrn) P,,M,.r flr .i r1 nntro Vwlnrr. nntrol plph. pntrol ' W. H. TflPklp. w° A -S' 1 ^ H. A. Ti r ,,, 1R . Jacob Jv'.»iip r A . ahor . ln)m r r " ''"'or ' ] a tior Mot ^ Tlovr) nians, lahnr jiflns. i.nbor .;;;;; T, .Tnhnsnn. labor '. i Wne-npr. inbnr ... T.pnprtr. labor .. . mft. labor !. Filvon. labor'.'.'.' 9S.1 SS.4 ni.n ha t S-l n si' n 1 Rfi 0 10° 4 gr, p 77'fti 17 Ri S1 m 90 71 !)1 m ins KI p 9 41 In.ni !)1 ni ss si S3 I' S1 If sa ss m s? OR S1 nn fla.in 90 nr K4 ]R nn S nn Ifi r.i 5 Kn 17.Rn s 21 nn R Rn 7 Br w T ? yer - med - • • Dr. H. L, McCorkle, dental . H FnpKs. ;«„„. Orppnbprar Autn Sunnlv' 'sun " Tbomnson niHtrlbutins Co.', Cohlhqna &• Rntllp'ia'Bi]T\' A rnnlrt Motor Simnl'v sun " ' ' Vnrtbprn T.limbor Po Sllf) '" Rarl ptntt Hardware. BUP " A. R. Twpplon. sun ' np-rpn Rer"lo P Station, sup"' HPtffrson Oaraisre. sup ' 17 Mattson Garage, sup. . ......'. {{' 4 nn 233.S3 R 79 I! R» 270 41 in n? 28.13 21.31 14 M 17.9K 01 Co., 1.15 5.16 16.00 15.20 6.00 5.25 6.40 5.60 33.62 23.45 4.40 1.15 John Welch. Dr. No. 86— Dick Baade, labor ... C. H. Cooper, labor . Dr. No. 91— Dr. No. 99— S. B. French Lumber sup S. B. French Lumber sup Hllbert Severeins. labor Dr. No. 105— Chas. Emanuel, labor .. Dr. No. 108— Charles Glaus, labor ... A. W. Glaus, labor Dr. No. 110— Georfre Looft. labor ... John Welch, labor Dr. No. 125— Tlieo. Dorenbush. labor . H. Pomeroy, labor ... Dr. No. 132— Dr. No. 157— Chas. Kmanuel. labor . S. B. French Lumber sup Dr. No. 165— George Looft. labor 13 05 John Welch, labor 10.50 Dr. 166—• Henry Johnson, labor .. Dr. No. 177— Chas. Bmanuel, labor .... Dr. H.-K. No. 3-46— Jerry B. Knapper, labor .. Dr. H.-K. No. 6-87— Kossuth County Maintenance Fund, use of drag- line Dr. H.-K. No.2— Kossuth County Road Maintenance Fund, sup ... Dr. P. A.-K. No. 1— Charles Glaus, labor .... A. W. Glaus, labor .... Dr. W.-K. No. 35-89— Dick Baade, labor S. B. French Lumber Co., «up Earl Stott Hardware', Vu'p ' '.' Ted Gerdes, sup. Geo. Smith, sup. .. JJay G. Smith, labor C. H. Cooper, labor Dr. W.-K. No. 6S-13G— Ted Gerdes, labor Geo. Smith, labor .'.'.'.'.'" Rock Island Lumber Co.. Dr. Trl.' No.' '84— ' Kossuth County -Maintenance Fund, sup POOR FUND* Dr It G. Bourne, med not allowed " Keneflck, med not •00 appointed" as County' Engineer"and °-- D 'hat J. D. Fraser be appointed as fiKsistcint all. Motion by Quinn and second by McDonald that an increase of 5c per hour be made for all road Patrolmen for the ensuing year of 1942. Ayes: all. Motion by Heiken and second by Cosgrove that the list of salaries as fixed by the Board for 1942 be approved as follows: 3.50 13.1C 6.G6 102.40 183.45 5.08 4.45 E.24 1.02 .81 B.12 5.89 4.19 5.09 2.10 1.21 L. J. $125.00 _ t n v°n!ii BeSt . e0I J 1 i?J 1 "" er ' Clerk ln Auditor Office, $95.00 per month. Earl F. Griffith, First Deputy Treasurer, J125.00 per mor.th. Mary K. Sands, Second Deputy Treasurer $95.00 per month. pe? mono,.™**' AUt ° C ' erk ' $95 ' ft ° Tracie Holtzbauer, Deputy Clerk of Court, $105.00 per month Dooley, Deputy Recorder, per month, rim?,!' 1 '*™ En attl clerk ln Recorder Office, $70.00 per month. Deputy Sheriff, .192.50 $2p.O/per' m m t onth COlinty E "^^''. Fraser, assistant per month. , -. .. $135.00 engineer, 50c per hour man and team. horsl PeA ye 180 . U an 0r 6ac bv M Ou'inn by h nM °% nald , and 11 y iv , tnat the Algona Upper Des Moines the Kossuth Courty the Bancroft ReelstPr Advance and 5442 WHEREAS, Chanter 173 of proved as the depositories for public funds from and after January 2, 1942. The maximum amount which each particular office of Kossuth County. Iowa, shall deposit in compliance with the resolution shall be as follows: Auditor's Office .......... $10.000.00 Recorder Office .......... 5,080.00 Clerk of District Court ... 10,000.00 Sheriff Office ............ 5,000.00 Ayes: all. Resolution declared adopted this 2nd day of January, 1942. J. H. FRASER, Chairman. Attest: E. S. KINSEY. Secretary. Motion by McDonald and second by Quinn that the following cash and care allowances bo approved or the year 1942: David W. Ramm. $15.00 per month on contract; Ed Goetsch. $20.00 per month on contract; Nina Dutton, $15.00 per month on contract;' Mary Wltte, $55.00 per month; Lena Godrfedson, $10.00 per month; Mrs. Peter Thompson. $6.00 per month, for care of Evert Grant: Mrs. Julius Shumski. $5.00 per month, for care of Virginia Stefanski; Mrs. Dora Dale, $15.00 per month on contract; Edith Smith, $25.00 per month on contract; Mary Alma O'Brien. $55.00 per month; Minnie Stelnman, $20.00 per month or. contract; Minnie Thampson, $10.00 per month on contract; Martha Rentz, $10 00 per month for care of Anna Tietzr'Emmn Juchem, $6.00 per month for care of •ohn Juchem; Mrs. Marie Sathoff, per month; Mrs. Anna Tletz, per month; Myrtle Klocke, for care of Florence Klocke- n. Schmidt. $10.00 per month; Mrs. Eliza O'Dell. $10.00 per mortth 1 Mrs. Augusta Beltz. $5.00 per month- Mrs. Tom Carney. $45.00 per month; Wm E. Huff. $10.00 per month: John D. Magnusson, $15.00 per month on contract; Mrs. Monte Scobba, $20 00 per month; Mrs. Anna Meyer, $1000 per month; Edna Staley, $15.00 per mh for caro of Betty and Lynn for car °. °f Mrs. Herb • $10.00 I JJ.OO $10.00 . cl ' t ,' . . . er Staley; Mrs. J. G. Thaves, .$10.00 per ?£ mA 1 £ rs -»? ylvla O'Connor. $1000 per month; Mrs. Em Iv Guy $1000 Mrs m w n1 i 1 t f0r ^ ot Helen Vessels; Mrs. Walter Nlelson, $16.00 -per month; Mrs. Harriett Matzner $12 00 per month: W.m. G. Flaig $10 00 rier 5??%™^'°*,' M '2 S H &* SpVank- ™ ra -. Ornle Behrends, $24.00 per month for care of Burgeson childre" Mrs. Myra Peltzke, $20.00 per month on contract; Levant R Moore Tuifin P". month for care of Moore chlid? ren; Nels Pederser., $15 00 ner month on contract. Ayes: all month Construction for . Motion Cosgrove by the fatamp Issuing Officer, prov. Issuing Officer, prov „•- Restaurant, prov. whittemore Creamery, Toe Schmltt, prov. Kresenskys, clothing & h u'l tt « ^T t0r ' fU ^ Dr. H. D. Meyer, med!*.'.'; LJr. \\. j}, Andrews, med r ' T P \r V ^ Janse - m ed. .. I p 'JvKeneflck. med. ... .. i- H. Cretzmeyer, med. iv. D. James, sup. . -. L. Cavanaugh, sup! ".'.'. -uVerne Pharmacy, sup rv-ossuth Hospital, hosp Unive^slty 108 ^ 1 ' - h< ? sp 42.39 prov. 261.00 1.43 27.50 22.00 85.60 75.00 140,50 22.19 13.25 17.34 care 239.50 care 79.00 DISTRICT TOWNS Algona , Bancroft . Bun ....:.. Fenton . Lakota Ledyard . . Lone Rock . LuVerne .., Swea City . Titonka .. Wesley ...'.' ... Whlttemore ! lit TOWNSHIPS oi'S? Buffalo 22.34 Burt ., Cresco . i' " ' tflo Heiken and second by aSfffeffig^ AMT Bertha E Johnson Joe Cogley . . Hoy ciark .. .121 . 27 6.00 6.10 3.06 .. L. A. Haglund '.'. Camilla Cooper Ihno A. Gerdes Prank JS" mma C. Curtis, ' care' Kossuth County Mutual Ali'-s G v I3 * c P l i louBh -"burial' Alls. Hugh Raney, rent .. Lichty, rent .. Knudsen, transp. .'. . - - V. Janse, med rn Hoods I. G. A., prov Aim & Boies, prov. ' Algona Creamery, prov Uaesly Lumber Co.. fuel \\\'. V Naudaln, fuel rw S ah £ 6 ^ c Bahnson, med Jr ^ \£' v? ourne . rned > T ' r> Meyer, med T',, yp- Chipsaddle, med med . Unty Medica l Society, Ilia BriggV,' care' ugusta Beitz. care '" carl ° £ . the Good Shephe'rd'. 157.84 4.00 2.80 . 69.50 . 20.00 6.00 . 27.00 allowed . 14.06 . 10.20 . 24.80 . 30.60 27.16 25.00 29.00 21.76 55.00 Fenton Garfield German .... Grant ... Greenwood Harrison ... Hebron .. Irvlngton . I Ledyard ... ! Lincoln Lotts Creek , LuVerne ! Plum Creek Portland Prairie ..... Ramsey . Riverdale ..'. Seneca ... Sherman .. Springfield . iSwea Union ....!'.'. Wesley .. Whlttemore ". Motion . Hansen ... A. H. Hanna ... Eleanore Potter '.'.;' pscar Berggren . . w . m - Chrlstensen Mike Helderscheidt 8° b ? r ' Bunkofske , . . W. L. Reynolds Linus Vaske . ' U A. Barslou Oscar Prandle nCe 36 24 38 39 s Elmers Otto Wolf ... 35 31 32 44 30 32 36 33 31 31 . Hammer Joe Crowley ... Jolin Gelshecker O ?' J , un £ e "neler $435 10? 90 12 9« El 74 12 74 8 188 13 14 1G2 -J6« 158 98 140 12. 128 176 12« 121 14< 132 184 12< 1C! 31 38 33 26 36 38 38 38 m 1S2 104 144 152 162 . 152 Ayes: all. l . > rent v . Nicoulln. rent w B ,gettcher. rent Pox. rent ... Cook, second Mrs. •-* «•"«*• -••"-^'wis^^vjiSjii served on Lee. J. H. FRA9KR. Attest: ac !»!SMn. . Coucty AuVitor. Collect 2i Ton* of WafttepAper at L. R. Lone Rock, Jwt *1 — Scotit* here collected 4600 pounds of paper afld sold It to ft Mr. Cook at Algeria, The Rev. Mt. Whitehouae is local scoutmaster. The Cubs and the Scouts will Greatest Albert LM • Muikato ONE DAY ONLY SAT. 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