Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1942 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1942
Page 3
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m 'ANDER: |.:iiere is a sug- pass on. Why e r orchestras Of Star Spangled [ih<J of the night, ,Jfhat the average iuaience can sing? ,_, that our Nahas a wide range 'liift 1 the untrained so hard when xy. IJven the —,... theaters are pittance, last night cording of the r ~-,-'d in the key llfteo high for the .jAjvkey of G would hundreds of others "|*«way through.— ^UppPpfpliSL- feiHilii^'iinates (in Cos- OUR CITY NEIGHBORS CQtJNTY ADVANCE. AI/iONA. IOWA BEEN By Suttex-Sauers '^",f>f ;jir«« IVOO WMEfl .-_JflfeE ILL - IVI AUWV5 LIKED AS A BOLE A PfcBTTY GOOD- i NATUteEP PELUOW BUT I'M GETTIN6 TIEED OF , ,YOOB KNOWING AAV HAT POR A LOOP EVERY MINUTE OB«36-MY NEEVE6 ARE ABOUT TO SNAP— ACTING Ll(« AOflLDSO kl— A «-J«^e ACWUD VE SHALL BE TPEATER ^_^ —-— - , —"— ~- ~ ^ **•"" iYTIBBncDCO.ULjBU H Book Committee Named atlSorwith ded out of control, and upset. The car was completely wrecked, and when Lavoy, who was stunned, returned to consciousness he discovered a trouser leg on fire. He had not been smoking, and it is thought the leg hit the car's cigarette lighter, releas- irig it. The accident hapened six miles south of Corwith on No. 60. After getting out of the wreck!L d . car Larry walked to Neal Wildman's, and there telephoned to Corwith for someone to come and get him. HAMILL WATCH REPAIRING At Bafker't. Algona —Buy Defense Bonds- Attention! Piles Suffered The McCleary Clinic, E101 Elms Blvd., Excelsior Springs, Mo., is putting out a new book, E ' with and othar rectal or Write them to- 'Eftti||other day, the iii^fe? the . executive din fplease. During BOOKS WANTED THAT INTEREST ARMY-NAVY MEN Corwith, Jan. 21—The Victory Book Campaign sponsored by the American Library association has established the center strateT prepkraUon and" caning for this community at Corwith.'of pork chops, while Mrs. Oxley wease. During . A1 * who contribute books are ga X e ih *. S irls a talk on posture >xing, Harry ? sked to be considerate in choos- and Parliamentary low. In a busi- bw are vour, "ig.what they donate. The type n . ess meeting the girls voted to rlDO 11*AH «0 t,r1*~.± — *. _ J^T Till Q Si*fMr3 ».li.l. Jl PfHow are your, » n e.what they donate. The type itner bearing up ? es " ed 1S wha t men prefer. The P^ I books will be sent to army and w Ullll Jo exciting if was in B. E. Sanders, Charles Nygaard, August Studer; and the IrVing- tpn women were Mesdames John Weber, Harold Hunt, Perry Phillips, Bernard, Capesius, William Mayer, and Clarence Seimers. Girls Club Has Program— The Lu Verne-Prairie Girls 4-H club met at Frances Masterson's Saturday, 21 girls and the leader, Mrs. Lafe Oxley, and as-' sistant leader, Mrs. George Wolf, attending, and Mrs. Wolf demon- James, "that more tired." a Sun inter- to some Ad Lib and Its Life."' sprung a Joe and asked for a topper Baker, navy recreational units. Mrs. Lafe Oxley ,has been appointed chairman here, and her committee consists of Mrs. Harvey Enfield, Mrs. Charles Erick» — — • •^^••u* At_k» .U*. 1\»IV Harold Fatka, Mrs. R. ~. Welter, Mrs. J. L. Oxley, Esther Smith, Lucille Miller, Gladys Xanders, and Elva Stambaugh. Boxes have been placed in way out'by bu . smess houses at Corwith to re- JSt way I could ce 've books, also at the Corwith i would be to ad sch ° o1 building. -' silence." Third Training Schoo ,_ The third training school in the project, Food for Health and National Defense, was held 'In Time Wil- plan to re- with a biog... iiu a ~ u . u Yyim mines ana sena , President Roosevelt for the card with dimes and send .,, March hostess Pauline of Dimes" fund. The and assisting hostesses. and Gladys Yeomen, served luncfl., "God'» Acres" at Stilton— An instrumental ensemble directed by J. Worth Miller, with a double quartet and a mixed vocal group from the high school, took part in a God's Acres dedi- catoin at a Stilson church Sunday, January 11. A bishop attended from Kansas City and gave two sermons. Other denom _ , , At Lafe Oxley's were Mrs Shower for a Newlywed— ¥,£« S l ister> Mrs - Edward A post-nuptial shower was giv- wife n^ih** S ° n ™ am - his varied entertainment, the guest terPatE r g Pe derson, daugh- of honor opened her elfts Mrs tore % ee> and Fra nces Mas- Wood Mo., took pta£ DSSS i ™"t 'lav Burhl *<™<. """"ing atCO ™" h - *A»»-H»oHEv» s ,o f Corwith Car Skids Into Ditch, Driver Finds Pants Afire Corwith, Jan. 21—Lavoy Dawson escaped serious injury when , ca ^ ran into the ditch last week Tuesday night. He was returning to Corwith when the car hit an icy spot in the road, skid- Sunday dinner guests at Harry Brown's home were Mr and w^oiT w f uu . spem ^O" 1 last frJHft Eft ^^.^^fS^SSSJi Britt, and the Harold Browns! NiSe ToSnfS at" * e Li " le , o rowns Nine te The Brockmans went home with January the Harold Brown for supper vv sermons. er denom-, propery now occupied by mational leaders were also there, and Mrs. William Woods The church and pastor, the latter the Rev. O. O. Hobson, introduced a new variation of the the Harold Browns and the evening. New Coach for School— John Megson, formerly a teacher at Schaller, has been hired to complete the year as coach here. A vacancy was caused by resignation of Geo. Pederson, coach for the past year and a half. Farmer Plans to Retire— . Peter Kelch lately held a closing out .sale at his farm south of town. He has bought the Beers property now,occupied by Mr. "*"' ' an( i l 1 a FHH. , ' y * John bu * • *-"**«»*-av4ei v week's trip to Texas. to Mullins AD L E R I K A GJOSSI , as e, e a new varaon of the Wednesday January 14, at Mrs. i God's Acres idea by planning it to Harold Hunt's for officers and ; pay 1942 expenses in advance 'iTT.^j-^^*? 1 *' w •* «<«p^*Afc* Lt\ DlTcHy' 5|a»d|be reminded how : — -•**.«v a *\/x uiAiueis ana leaders in Irvington and Prairie f "'"— us — Phase 3 was present"""" Seaton-Hicks to German South tractive ways best tempt Methodist Circles Elect— ..Circle No. 3 of the Methodist C. S. met Wednesday at to serve food to the appetite were " ' ' —*- •**»»***, ATJ.J.O. oyivid Nail; secretary, Mrs. P. E. Wailey; treasurer, Mrs. Fay Scace Circle No. 2 met at the parson- •»• » » .&*.i.jLnjii TT vJUU! will move to it March 1. Sick With Heart Attack— Frank Clapsaddle was confined to home a few days last week with a heart attack. He was improving Monday,and able to be up and around the house. Grandmothers Club Meets I The Grandmothers club was entertained at Mrs. Riggle's on January 8 in honor of Mrs. Jake Riggle's 75th birthday. "warship first it was certain American but :ation, anyway., a breezy reply — Doodle in it contained ipped it. Broadway slang used it wrong- id the suspicion dp and the rest F ^tory books. IjjUie slang word? secret. Barker Drug jiiiiiii^ The air- S idway standing S ^ to scare a few 55 |out of their wits S5 Bts ... The old- ( S i—in the tower ss jB'way and VeseyiS nade in 1798 . . .J5S i>ung men at 90 SB (avy H'quarters) as pass the phys- 55 iburger joynts 55 -giving the hot 55 fenority complex 55 owl Cafeteria on 55 Bowl on Pell SS range Bowl on ==. Jt street in New 55 ptreet, where 55 et meets Trinity 55 SBattery . . . The 5s |e-sized clocks all 55 luare . . . Correct 55 Stuff: if W e |p run a newspa- pow inconsequen- 11 have the editor spig, to the mast- > =£ ^written in the I = |Adams: "Be not 55 |;any terfors, from 5s "the utmost free- S5 fan be warranted 55 your country; nor 55 W to be wheedled 55 prty by any pre- =5 'ness, delicacy or 55 Kyour us this in „ and ; Fritz were litions there. I, 1 ' said Hans, "has •* We now haf 1 T - than ever." »asked Fritz. "Vy «if more (Jand?" he retort. "Be- soldiers." J says that "the jpJhief P f ^ j ap '1 forward to dic- the White House They get that after the fourth H 8 REMOVAL SALE I -am going to move back on the main drag. The building up on State street is smaller than the one I now occupy so I will have to reduce my present stock about half. In order to do this in the next two weeks I am willing to make some sacrifice. You will say I am foolish to pull a sale now. Every, body knows that prices on shoes are going sky-high. All these shoes, outside of a few fill-ins were bought on contract at old prices. The way prices are going there would be more profit in keeping them than selling them, but I can not keep more than my room on State llTtlu iS?- ' rh * t .j 8the1 reason you are *oing to get half of this splendid stock of new shoes at old prices. I will guarantee it will be three or four years before you can buy shoes from me or anyone else the way we are pricing them in this sale. Our sale price, are below the present wholesale prices. It i. up to you to supply your needs and save money. »uppty I have six topcoats, men's underwear, boys' cordu- b7so?d I * ^ * Weater *' neckties and «ox that must ?• at ollce and continue, until is .old. It is a .tore-wide .ale, nothing a jected a religioys _vnsv W topgh, ^ f^-lMpm so He 4 «m«t.' JIMMIE NEVILLE THE SHOE MAN, MONEY ««.*. P«'cha«e of Lire- FRIDAY and SATURDAY, JANUARY 23 and 24 COUNCIL OAK SERVICE SMOKED PICNICS Tendered 4 to 6-lb. Average 27C Per Pound BACON SQUARES Per ~ j - 17c Per Lb. PORK LIVER ...... 14c Va-lb. for ... SLICED BACON 14c Per Lb. Fresh SIDE PORK 16c Shoulder Beef Steak. Ib. ...... .27c der Juicy RING BOLOGNA 19c BEEF ROASTS S=£"ri97 Pork NECK BONES 5 fS 24c Pork Loin Roasts & Chops ~ 19c —mvK AAWUKJ ^JIUftJ^ClT COOKIES, Pound . .ISc || MIX CANDY, Lb. ...17c Robb-Ross Assorted «jjg ^m yn*ff-mxvaf flwsonea 1 • Gelatin Dessert Prepared Buckwheat Svperb Amber Syrup 8-lb. AIMlran White Loaf Flour 49 Ib —^ I Nancy Ann Butter Ib. 340 Bread l'/ 2 -lb. loaf IOC Oil Sardines, 2 r n c * Tall f\ _ let i ** _ _ .. ^"^ ™ 9c|Superb Catsup, 2 S&26c Robb-Kos* Wheat Cereal, Pkg. .. 13c Genuine ———.—___^__ Egg Noodles £f!? 7 C MORNING LIGHT PEANUT BUTTER 2-lb. t- quality spread with the en- '^ar ticing flavor of fresh roasted peanuts. 30 Derby Council Oak Coffee Exchange the empty bags for 22 carat sold pattern dishes. Lb., 28c, 3 IDS. ... 81C Potted Meat fit & 6c MA BROWN BREAD Moraine Ucht COFFEE Fr< 2! 1 E ?*f ***• Ground as directed when sold. Pound, 2O* Lb. 57c CRISCO Pound Can, 24c 64c Pound Out FRUITS &VECETflB»S WASHINGTON ALL-PCBPOSE ^ — Wmesap Apples, 4 ST?,._. 25 C - . ., Applet, j OKAPEST SEEDLESiSGRAPi7ppii TT "£N|9E|| GREEN XOI* Young CarroU ^^^^f^^^^^mrn A BQiygrj "Tac-Out" Coffee »Iar be had In regular or drip grind. Packed in tin or Klasi. Pound. .2?c 2 ji.. 56c STOCK SALT 100 Ib. bag 49* LAVA HANDSOAP §ATg9 t A ' **» IOC OXYDOt WleUBUAgCEPT ORANGE Fnnn SUM*

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