Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1942 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 22, 1942
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N OVER 28 10 Pages 80 Columns ^mfc. Y COUNTY OVER THE TOP ON THEJJLLCALL Fifty Per Cent Ciain in Memberships Over 1940. In last fall's Red Cross roll call Kossuth county not only reached its quota of memberships but exceeded it, according to figures released yesterday by the x Rev. F. C. Volzke, county chairman. The total was 3462 memberships, and this was a gain of 1687 memberships over the figure for 1940, Mr. Volzke reported Highly gratified by this result, Mr. Volzke extended personal thanks ot all volunteer workers and complimented them on the efficient .way in which they did their work. He also expressed gratitude to the public. "It is this cooperation of all IFIEDIN1-A —^ ** * i+ +t * ti- razr Annual Meet Comes Heire as a Bum- Leaves as a New Soldier Arnold W. Harla, who gave his address as Brockell N' £iurZ ml f 'T THUrSday «*> br ° ke - d 2S£ Saiurday morning he was assured of meals and lodging for the duration of the war. for he was in the army. He had been deferred from military service because h» was over 28 years old. He was not XS ho Friday morning Harla, the police, and the local draft board cooperated to have Harla examined, fed. "- Moine " whe - he ^Criticised. "****'•' that-the .in the so that /attend, and 1 pending the ew board of «|*ie criticism '•a Sunday, f|.this antag- fin. the coun-, Jggested that! fat at every^ |f, was also -* *« v«»h* *-*-"-ijfci.citj,uii 01 an who joined the Red Cross in 1941 that will make possible the greatest expansion of Red Cross service in history," Mr. Volzke said. List of Captains. Mr. Volzke has prepared a table giving the quotas and results m all towns and townships,' also the names of the captains. In Algona there were two business district captains, • Mrs. R B Waller and City Clerk Adah Carlson, and there were six residence district captains, Mesdames KarUSpffman, Charles Clement, Alf Kresensky, D. L. McDonald Campbell Humphrey, Samuel edin. The captains, for the towns of the county were: Mrs. J. F. Helinsky, Bancroft; .1TPQY1Q T]lir«cir«j-*l d.«J.. H IT *"»T**^ INTERSTATE LEADING IN BOWL FIGHT The bowlers are still waging a fierce battle, with three teams j leading in a nip and tuck war. Interstate is now ahead of Pioneer by two percent on the percentage basis, but Pioneer has won 38 games to Insterstate's 36. Silver Gray team is right on the heels of both with ?5 games won. DRAFT BOARD ACTS ON NEW INSTRUCTIONS Action is Result of Eliminating Age Deferment. Standings follow: Team W Interstate _________ 36 Pioneer ___________ 33 Silver Gray ------ __ 35 Wesley Auto ______ 32 Creamery __________ 31 Courthouse -__i__-- 29 K. of C. ___________ 30 DeKalb ____ ________ 28 Grain Belt ________ 26 ________ Becker's __________ 24 Oldstyle Lager ____ 22 Wesley Coop. _____ 22 Jwsement as rfpal purpose ig an agri- The „.„ 7 camelled ,,,,, „„ „, tt.'. s . Burt --------- _____ 21 Jr. C. of C. -------- 21 Peerless Oil _______ 17 Whittemore ________ 12 L 15 16 16 22 23 -22 24 23 28 30 32 32 33 33 37 36 Pet. 706 704 686 593 574 -569 556 Advance Sales at Smoke Shop Still Approaching 200 Smoke Shop sales of the Advance continue at a high level. Sales last week up io Saturday morning had h u d . 159 ' and ca "s were being made. ALGONA GROUP IS TO ATTEND SCOUTANNUAL 444 There are 14 men on the "200" honor roll this week. M. Baker, Lurena Wessel, Burt;'Mrs Will Weisbrod, Fenton; Mrs. R W Williams, Lakota; Mrs. H. R.' Lewis, Ledyard; Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Lone Rock; Hulda Frjtze- meier, Lu.Verne; Mrs. Ida Larson, Swea City; Mrs. H. A French, Titonka; Mrs. Vee J^ul- lin, Wesley; Mrs. Mary F. Woodward, Whittemore. Captains by Townships. The captains for the townships were: Mrs. rS M R T y M?G U u1re,' T£V£&[ [?"£??' riSS^" 86 "" ££ i Brink and Carl SwV \L ™Z±Creamery 225 444 , . Scout, Prairie, Gold,.Council* 407 ; area tonight (Thursday) at the 407 i Elks clubhouse, Fort Dodse 389 Some 300 Boy Scout executives 389 are expected to attend from the 315 nine-county area. Executives 250 from Kossuth who wflf attend "•-'iiw* AUJ.J, vino wceiv. ivi. jo<nK&r t ^nester jj. George, field exe of the Peerless Oil team, bowled ?.utive for the area; Supt A E a 237 game for highest of the La uritzen, district Boy ' Scout week, and Patrolman Hutchison commissioner; Antone John*™ a 237 game for highest of the ^auritzen, district Boy Scout week, and Patrolman Hutchison Commissioner; .Antone Johnson bowled 232 for second. The hon- & st " ct B °y Scout chairman- w' or list follows: "• k* 0 '"'^™ o«.,_*.. — . >.."• Name Team Score Baker, Peerless Oil 237-207 Courthouse 232 r and P vt Cn> - COU ?^ organization S. nd extension chairman; Dr H D Algona, Cub Pack Jcases is a 182 brought ,._ Jnt, rural IJjffalo Cen- fare Martin ipf; Hebron rests on on No. 9 Ba new car >ith the id on the rhts. Cur- id and he rit ,,., ~e Meier $Mrs. Meier, "ijty, fist as- Jffainst her pnd the cus-, li son. The in this , ; 1937, and |short time Ha. il Year ctors of the ! reelect- ffin the an- kholders of ««!. • • en is Dresi., jand Frank jjsnts. E. A. rectors are 7>d ,T. C. ne, H. M. G. D. COUNTY WOMEN HELP ENGLISH WOMEN IN WAR Long List of Things Badly Needed Sent Overseas, By Masy P. Woodward. Since last March 20 -hundreds of articles of clothing have been shipped from the county by the Red Cross to a port of embar- cation in New Jersey. T^he materials for these articles were purchased-by the United States in the summer of 1940 At that time the Red Cross was already preparing for present The list includes 180 heavy Woolen dresses, sizes 16 to 44; 17 gray flannel shirts for boys' and men ;^ 14 men's flannel pajamas, size 42; 107 heavy wollen shirts, sizes 43-20; 40 heavy convalescent bathrobes, lurgt sizes for men: 24H s-'weatcrs; 46 mittens: A box of cotton dresses made for men and boys; 25 comfort j kits for hospitalized soldiers Workers Praised. At least 100 more layettes are ! now almost ready for shipment, awaiting only the. completion of a few items. Another 100 are ready except for safety pins, which have been delayed in delivery. The women of the county have done a splendid job in complete- AOULT SCHOOL OPENS AT THE H,S, BUILDING •"*•• *•« *»*v.^* UJ.J. t j .LVJ. VC1. U.alC . Mrs. John Brink and Carl Sw|an- spn, Sherman; Mrs. Albert ISd^Hr "' ^ ' a r s IHSr&SSS?i=^ SIHSJES M Stt M - IWeiskamn Praamo™ 01 o ' T.inHV,^!^, . Scoutmasters Going. £ 9' S _ hi erk, s ?a Scout Sprague, Fraser, Courthouse 214 Scoutmaster* Troop 29- Paui ^™ra,™: S*ffi^= Il9°f »• SSS-S k.^^^A'TS'.'fss-1™^ S^B^'!.:;:::::: Ig-LS,* 0 ^ """-'«' *> ** Ier,-Lotts Creek; Mrs. Geo.jW. Barry, Grain Belt 207 Callies, Interstate 201 r. ™ 200-205 •1^ thta'K1i^?««S3- The -w adulTTchool classes and all. are proud of the record were weU attended Tuesday ev- thev h*™, ™ Q ^ :„ production of j ening at the high school. They Groceries Expect to Cut Deliveries -«O** "^**iuwi» illc y were dismissed at 8:15 to let members hear the Fort Dodge's Men's S^ev^'unJ^ifanoSM'-'S 111 ^ In £ rState —--"-"--- 20i! ,Mort of the men's wives Plum Creek; i^&ISfo ^SS^SS^=^S ft ttSitf ^ ' Mrs. Frank Ryerson, Burt; , ^ e . E1 k Cleaners team still.J™*" ! ~ : ~ Mrs. Martin Becker, Portland 1 1 ad ? ln the w °men's tourna-|^ n Mrs. Tom Young, Buffalo; Mrs! I ment: Francis Slagle, Seneca; Mrs. Geo. I Te am W Nyman, Greenwood; Mrs J.I F ' Elk Cleaners . 22 Helinsky, Ramsey; Mrs. Karl i shilts s - S. 17 Modern'Cleaners __ 17 Barker's ifi will All draft-age men previously classified in "1-H" will be classified by the close of this week, it was believed at the draft board oitice if the press of rush business permits the work to be done Men who had been previously classed in "1-H" are those whi were 28 years old or over prior to last July 1. They will now be placed m 1-A and be called for physical examination to be later inducted into the army The board almost daily i s in_ formed of draftees who are enlisting m branches of the ser vice Most of those who seek board permission to enlist are going into the navy. Second is the air division of the army, and third place is the marine corps Volunteers for induction in the wuu4. Ca11 are John S - sim P~ „>--• Whl ttemore, Walter Kilian, Wesley Clarence Bruns, Algona . and Clarence I. Eisenbarthf Algona. Howard A. Willey, Algona, . also volunteered, but was reject e ? £ n fm r al . P h y sical examination at Des Moines. Because of wartime news requirements prior notice of draft AftL^i 11 not b !r given Publicity. Alter the men have left a list is. ' released .for -publication ... Men released from service after the 28-year-old law was pass- vi summe r a £ e ." now ,. being Coiiett j Dacit' silo'- £''{%'•' proiiiD of n~ ^ left last week. It was expected " the remainder might be called before the close of the month. DRAFT BOARD HELP OK-FEiUB WANTED Mayors of Kossuth. towns, out-, < side Algona have'been asked, by the draft board to 'name person* nel and obtain quarters^for-' the * registration of men;.20 ye,ars%ld and those, from. 35^to '44 ^ThS registration .will ..be held-- Feb- rurary 16. • -'." ' • „* H ^l/ 6 ? 1 !? 3 * 10 " in Algona will ," be held at the regular draft board ' headquarters, but men can either register at their home town, the Algona board office the registration place , . Helinsky, Ramsey; Mrs. Sunderman, German. Mrs. Jos. Preston, Swea; Mrs George Harner and Mrs. E. JE. Bel V'Vftlk/ club «Pto«««d by the AI , , Next week's'classes will be . Algona's independent grocer- 2.?° Mon day evening at 7-30 168 ar ^ St !iL S 5 v i cin e,t he Publci!l^ r f5°l th ?, te n weeks sche, K after- .-•w »«4wimiig aiiu IWO^ai noon free .deliveries, but as ..yuu .nee .qeiiveries, but as in ?, many other towns they, may, in / Fe bruary 3, 7:30 p. m .; Feb future,, be_compelled to reduce r uar J 10 - 7:30 p." m.; Februar^ 5i^ e '. , . and spepial programs fol- _ . rw „„„ i^ui deliveries daily I benefi two m the afternoon, two in the i !! nted morning, as does, also, the new' March MocTen Cottage grocery. Mr. Sjogren said: "I don't know how long it will last, though. We may have_to reduce the number of de- bveries before long." snowed nior leqerated clwb, for El with a lish children was forwarded. IpnnQitc m« • .. ' deposits f Bishop re- James 'now rca^»t and I school at 'pefore,be- 7»ent. This 'for seven 1 Mr.rand so at Cpr- Many Layettes. There were 174 layettes mu in- !c la^s BWl"- pyy. ion, son Lr»«r*^ 4^«uiAuiJLlA —' —«-•»• n-v* edges, 3 night »-"«s, 2 dresses. 2 gertrudes, 2 abdominal bands, 2 pairs boot- vv * "fV*«A* diapers, ,6 " • —"-jr•*»**-** vvj Acuuut; i i Qi rj " ****> A trm. titli j 'm? m the effort to saveli 0 ' 4 P- m -» Panel discussion led The Sorensen grocery has D // os - Anderson, member of Already cut out its third morning % a * e sclio °l code commission; delivery at 11 o'clock, but still Fefa f u ary 23, 7 p, m ., Earl Hall has two morning and two after-i Ma j on C^y. on South America! ,««,.««. mu. *,^. „ ., Mar^ g, 7 p . m-> Re( j Cross one-act plays to be pre?y high school students; ), 7:30 p. m.; March 16, Huch Roberts, native ,_—-, .address, civic problems class taught -„ ..... Miller now has 16 persons enrolled, and the topics for discussion Monday evening will be Figuring Income Tax Reports and The Future of Taxation The forum, will be led by Attorney Gaylord O. Shumwey. The husbands of wives enrolled in the class are myitegj to attend. Conservationists Pl*n Annual Meet The County Conservation League will hojd its annual meetufg and election nt n ««i n «— Friday *• *^r "M«*. i-4iiruii for Radio Lessons code school ^*^- v '*s c iiaiijci cinu ivirs. Ej. rj. Berggren, Harrison; Mrs. Geoifgp Heetland, Lincoln; Mrs. O Vt Berggren, Eagle; Mrs. Otto Kbl ly, Grant. f Rather noticeable in the table of quotas and memberships is the fact that Springfield, with a qilo- ta of 25, and Hebron, with a quota of 40, apparently contributed nothing. r Quotas and Returns. by now . Cached members 36, which s and election of officers 7:3 ° at will en r »»»•• it ^ -We- The quotas and results towns and townships follow: Towns— Quota N Algona 990 Bancroft 122 Burt ^ 122 Fenton and Twp, __ 107 / Lakota _" 91 Ledyard . 63 Lone Rock 45 Lu Verne —.. 115 Swea City -_......_ 147 -1(J2 Titonka 115, , ^2 Wesley 92 Whittemore 114 . Township* Quotas Garfield 40 Siverdale 40 Sherman 37 M Verne 50 Vhittemore 70 Cresco — 40 Irvington „_._ 50 Prau-ie —._ 50 Lotts Creek , 20 6! Union- 64 a Plum Creek 75 j£ Wesley _,_„ 70 9^ Burt _. 73 cc Portland ^^. 50 66 Buffalo „ 21 111 Seneca 55 9fi Greenwood 30 21 Bamsey "_.„ 45 |Q German as . ina Swea g- *$ Harrison ty g| |fdyar4 .,_,....J, g |l t-feoolg, ,.„:. $ 2? KocriA ^ WJ f -'•jwrw- ** ..., „--I' 1 lZTJW>»1"B, i"S - ' L 17 16 19 20 Pet. 564 515 . Mr. Johnson, chairman of the Uiu nominating committee of coun- 472 "I officers for 1942, will present the nam or the *=>——« w -w»* t*Acn,c nearest tnem. The personnel for registration, ilia * requests, must be fam- •i-a 77 troops and j cards must be typed. Handwr?^ i, will be represent- I tg n cards have proved a burdon from the prior registration because of similarity in some letters such as "e" and "o" Also Governor to Speak. 'Use' Stamps Going Like Hot Pancakes -*ia -~ —-w»» J.U.L iars^, wui present 444; the names of nominees. Doctor Shierk will rpp P iw 0 * *„„;_.•_! ---- .. ^ „.,. J1LUIU nees. Jjoctor Shierk will receive a training award in Sea Scouting ~ nor Geo. A. Wilson — "• address, and he will call £«« ' Boy Scouts tn ™,,+i donated. —-— Boy Scouts to continue A total of 1500 of the new auto t neir community service activit- use stamps had been sold up to i ies throughout the emergency last evening at the Algona post-1 According to Scout Executi ofice. The sale began a week ago niima..*™;/! *!_•- ., today, and February 1 is the deadline for auto owners to purchase the stamps. The cost o so the penmanship has not been all that could be wished for in many cases. Personnel is to be voluntary and no pay can be given for the patriotic service, and the quarters for registration must also be $2.09, plus a penny for a postal card which must be filled out and mailed back to the government. .ein. According to'instructions on the 837 ! card the stamp is to be placed on oj. j the instrument panel, windshield, (.or some other conspicuous pla"e inside the car. The story that the I stickum" is on the wrong side (0 is untrue, the postoffice employ(6 j es claim, for the stamp is still Invisible inside the car regardless r\T ti rlii sil-. nU «. il *_j«_i *. . ^ •A > r ai«e Gold Area council reached its highest peak of enrollment on December 21, 1941, with a regis- . .»*,«v ***tu.iAv MAC vfcu jregarcucss of which side the 'stickum" is on. Neville Will Move To Statist. Bldg. Jimmie Neville is having the frame building occupied till recently by the Algona Maytag Co prepared for his shoe store. He had intended to wreck the building this year and erect one of brick, but necessary materials cannot be got. Mr. Neville owns two other-buildings in the same the Woodward and Ben Franklin ftTShP^SW* c °«Wnow Orders Received to Ship Storage Corn Hundreds of thousands of bush. , „ icfiia . els °f stored corn in Kossuth . of 1317 Scouts, 455 Scout- Bounty have been, are being,, or ers in 77 troops, plus 149 Cubs ' soon " e shipped to '' other and 24 Cubbers in ten packs, in pom !u to be made in to alcohol the nine-county area. More than or oth . er wa * soods. The Hobar- 700 new boys, 27 new troops, ten J°n elevator is shipping 80, new packs, with 149 new Cubs bus ] 1 . els to Chi cago th£ week,! joined in 1941. I cording to a report Monday U --»- it Was holio-,70^ *V,^t t.£i* f. No Weather Table, Says H. B. Nolte Military restrictions have been Placed on the weatherman. Harry Nolte, local weather reporter in- fnrn,^ ^ Advance P y^^ y ;-v-f -r can no longer publish a table temperature up to date but must wait seven days before giving out the information. This week's weather will not be made *c till next week, etc. How, he did say that the low .,,--. week was 15 above Friday, and that yesterday raar ~-> — ~~>-~l n£lc er\ -tn+* !.«_.„. j_i_ v,«> S t w VW « *CJJI it was believed that tHil wiU be used in the manuf smokeless powder.The 1 E mg elevator, . Algona, has notified that 60,000 bushels be required but hasn't yet re^ or^whereT^ 10118 ° D > heA " read 44 above. Algonian Pictured CREAMERY The annual Algona JSfTl a ^ d b «s^ will be held next week announces M. p. Last- in QW War Photo* Dr. H. C. Aillaud. Wbitt«more dentist, has been called to the V. S. navy and will leave February 2. He has-beon in the reserve* and will, have the ratine of lieutenant cpmmander. Mrs. Aillaud is a sister of Mrs. George Boswell, wife of the Algona Laundry pronriotnr. The Aillauds have no children. , POOR CAMPAIGN. Up to yesterday morning 604 volumes had been delivered or reported at the Algona library in the national Victory drive ™ ' JSLS& i°_ p ^ <2 Pf^e force§. fpr the

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