The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1956 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1956
Page 19
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(la.) Upper, Be* Moines Tuesday, June 26, 1956 Tidbih From Evelyn Thank you Corrine Gabtielsdn for your nice note. I wouldn't be human if I didn't strain the vest buttons a little at your kind remarks. » * » Anolher letter which will interest many of his class mates is one written by Earl Crane, well known former resident here back in 1906 to 1918 or 20. He and his wife live at Long Beach and till recently Earl was employed at Douglas Aircraft. "— My health has left much to be desired since the first of the year. Early in March 1 had major'sur- gery and am just now beginning to feel like my normal self. Stili a bit shaky as you will observe in my writing. Mary Ellen (the daughter) and the twins and the other members of her family are real well. It keeps Mary busy all day long to take care of them all. My son John leaves next Sunday for New York where he will^go to the I.B.M. school for six weeks to study the new mechanics. He will drive Inez and the children to her Eitfoy a parent's home in South Dakota where they will stay until he returns for them. Henry, (the third child of Earl's family) is studying Electronics Engineering at. California State Polytechnic College, San Louis Obispo. We iust received a transcript of his quarter grades and we are very proud c»f him." Earl's address is 4218 Marwick Ave, Long Beach, 8, Calif * * # Now I've seen and can hardly wait for Lizzie Post to get home from California to tell her about it. Mrs Emma Dehnert came over the other day with the cutest fly swatters. Just ordinary win- swatters but the handles' gilded, pretty braid sewed around the swat part, a bouquet of tiny flowers sewed to where the handle is fastened to the main part, and bows at the "neck" of' the swat and at the handle where the wires are twisted to a small handle. Any fly should be glad to die by such ornate means. Tho swatters would make nice Christmas gifts or bazaar material.' I vowed I'd not make covered coat Meet Your NEW NEIGHBORS Float'! Make it with >-tf/> and your favorite ice cream Put a scoop of your favorite ice cream in a tall glass. Then tilt the glass and pour chilled 7-Up> gently down the side. Perhaos one of ihe happiest families in Algeria, Mr and Mrs Frank Duerr and sons, Fred, 15, and Lutz, 13, are shown in the above photo. The Duerrs are newcomers, not only to Algona. but to the United States, for they arrived here January 11 after a long boat trip from Germany, and their faces reflect exactly how well they like it on this side of the Atlantic. Mr Duerr is employed by the Livingston Tool Co. here, learning to be a machinist. He was korn at Olmuetz, Czechoslovakia. His parents were German, and at the age of 23, in 1930. Frank went to Germany and was a farm hand for five years. He met and married Magdalene Kowalsky. Dec. 25, '1938. at Zielanzie. and the Duerrs moved to Dessau, a citv of 80,000, situated 80 miles (100 kilometers) southwest of Berlin, in 1940. Of course. Adolf Hitler was in command of Germany during this time, and practically all manufacturing plants, were engaged in building war products. Frank was employed for four years in the Junkers airplane factory at Dessau, where he helped make eneines for one of Germany's most famous dive bombers, the Stukka. Following the end of the second World War, Dessau happened to be in a portion of Germany which was in Russian hands. Frank was employed by t.he Russians until 1949 repairing railroad equioment of all kinds. About this time, the iron curtain began being a real obstacle, so the Duerrs moved to Cologne, near the western border of Germany. According to the Duerrs, the Russians got a little tougher so they decided it was time to move. It proved to be a wise decision. Frank got another job. this time with the Ford Motor Co., where he worked until coming tq the states. Mrs Duerr was born and raised at Zielanzie, Germany, and lived there, until her marriage. She has two sisters who ?,^?,. 1 ^ e in the United States. They are Gertrude (Mrs Wilh Gruner), Aleoha; and Dorothy (Mrs George Dutton), who married an Algona hoy and now lives at San Francisco Her oarents, Mr and Mrs Willie Kowalski, also live in Algona. The Duerr's sons, Fred and Lutz, are both sports enthusiasts. Fred summed up the entire family's feelings toward the United States when he said, "In Germany we eat not so much meat and lots of potatoes, here we eat not so much potatoes and lots of meat. I like it here" /TT e T-, ue »i s . a11 s S em to like meat better than potatoes. (Upper Des Moines Flashfoto-Engraving) hangers a la Lizzie, but I've started one. so don't be surprised to learn I'm in the fancy swaltei business too. It's awful to get up' around 2 a.m. That's when I'm getting in my best snores. But when it's to meet a train, that's different. Hazel Lusby and her daughter, Irene Hutchins, got up Monday before the dawn began cracking & birds began singing and drove to Perry to meet the train-'froni California which bore Marquerite Dalziel, Hazel's daughter and Irene's sister from Corona Mel Mar. I haven't seen her yet but the other two members of the "Hen House" saw her at the clothesline and report she has a beautiful California tan. She expects to be here till July 5, unless there are later plans' I haven't heard. You can depend pn FELCO FEEDS ancj on the FELCO organization. FELCO is a cooperative of lowa'f leading farmer cooperatives. Aj a member of your cooperative you and youi neighbors own and control FELCO. ' You can rely on FELCO feeds, too Stop in and watch us mix a batch of those high, qual-ty FELCO feed* that will be fed right in th, s area FELCO feeds have been formulated by «pert nutritiomsts We m » FELCO feeds according to those formulas every week. So you know you're getting fresh feed. And remembor YOU share in the cooperative saving$ when you feed FELCO feeds. Ajk youi neighhoi about FELCO Stop in and see us soon. The Farmers Elevator, Bode, Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., Swea City, West Bend Elevator Co,, West Bend Burt Cooperative Elevator, Burt lone Rock Cooperative Elevator Co,, Lone Rock Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co., Fenton Whittemore Cooperative Elevator, Whittemore Picture one woman and three men on a fishing trio. That's what happened to Elvie Vera Hutchinson. With her husband Melvin and father Frank and Gordon Kuhn. she has gone to La Pas, Canada, almost as far north as one can get. I hope the men pitch in and help do a lot of the cooking and dish washing. * • • Il's . sure to happen — sonr? catastrophe when Ma is away* Mrs Chester Willey and Shirley were at Lansing awhile ago am} Bobby, left at home, got his fooi cut in a power mower. He is now pretty well recovered but it was a most unpleasant experience. •. « • • Dolores Woiio, who leaches school at Mason City, has rented an apartment and was here recently selecting the things from her late mother's home which -he wants. That is a sad bit of business to take care of. Delores has rented the house.' * * * Patty McGinnis was breathless .when she answered the phone Monday morning. She was haying wringer troubles. Husband Dick hadn't the time to take care of the job before he went to work, so Patty .was doing the best she c6uld to get out the family wash. "The little woman" in most cases isn't mechanically adept though I do know of a couple who have made Hollywood beds of old fashioned bedsteads, and a very good job it was in each case. Still, a wringer is more tricky. I had a little chat with Mrs Mattie McWhorter the other day. I don't know how we got to talking about a Sunday morning radio sermon, but each had .listened to Rev. McCracken. (I wonder if he is a branch of my family tree. My great-grandmother "Henderson was a McCracken) We thought the sermon hit the nail on the head of all of us for each of us are always so concerned with 'I", "Me" and "Mine." If you think this isn't a motorized age sit with me on my back porch these warrp evenings and count the cars ' that go past 22 in less than 12 minutes. Of course the swimming pool is responsible for much of it. It's nice and cool on the back porch and we've been watching the moon change from a quarter to now almost full. So far the mosquitoes have been in the minority due to the dry weather, I suppose. We overlook Lizzie Post's garden and my Esther and Mrs Gilles agreed to "adopt" it it while she was gone. The tomatoes are doing surprisingly well and it is possible Lizzie may have Texas melons and cukes before she gets back from California. Our garden consists of half a dozen tomato plants, which with watering like Lizzie's, have grown from spindley little plants to sturdy growths and one even dared put out a blossom. The rest of the garden is snapdragons, (we have had a few blooms and there are many buds) asters which are growing rapidly and dill which is rampant. In fact the dill is so ambitious it has to be pulled out, not from the flower patch, but bordering it. » • » * Mr and Mrs BUI Allen and children arrived at'Burbank, Calif just a week after they left here. They called the parents, Mr and Mrs Jijn Align, Monday and said there had been no car or tire trouble and everything was fine. They have, an apartment there and Bill Has a job. The Jim Aliens afcto talked with their niece Evelyn Allen Keith. There was a family get-together Sunday at the Keiths, Mr and Mrs Loyola O'Brien, who are vacationing in California, Don Cook, son of Mr and Mrs Ray Cook, who went there several months ago, and the Aliens. * * * ft you want to mend a pail in a place that a "mendet" won't fix, chew a wad of gum and press firmly over the leak. It works fine. In witness where of we have a pail which is set out doors with water to warm to sprinkle the garden. It recently had another application of gum and "by gum", the leak is stopped. .Reminds me of old car radiators. What was it that was use'd? Ginger—that was it. Just think of carrying ginger ale in the water tank! * * * One mothef told me one of these hot days her older children had gone to the pool but the two- year-old was fussing and hard to ple.lfe because of the heat. 1 said, "Do as I saw Elaine Samp do years' ago when Iref two older boys were little tikes and they lived across the street from me. She put them in a wash tub out under the trees and let them sit ana play in the water. It kept them cool, and every kid likes water." Try it, you harrassed moms. •» * * Myra folium told m« he* grandson, Jim, is with the army stationed at Leiphehn, Germany. He has written he will be back in the States next April. Myra vowed she'd go see him no matter where he was located. * * * . Mrs Leighfon Misbach and daughter Mary and Mrs Misbach's mother, Mrs E. A. Carlson, of Des Moines recently made a trip through the Ozarks. Mrs Mis' bach says many of the little shacks have given way t6 new homes, Very modern and respectable looking, since she was last there. All the old folk-lore and picturesque dwellings will be just memories ere long—but recorded in books we hope. You can't stop progress. I'll bet 90 percent of the old timers have i.V. too. * * * Old limes and old timers? Well, back in June 1924 Adam Palmer, Civil War veteran, died, aged 82. County auditor Bertha Johnson had Chevrolet coupe stolen from street near court hdiise. Eugene Murtagh with other. Harvard men left for Europe. (Wonder how changed he'd »find it). Fred Amesbury, former Titonka ( businelss men died at Sheffield Mr and Mrs George Duryea celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary;, Two bandits 7 held up traveling mart on pike near Garner. 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