The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1956 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1956
Page 17
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[ HOSPITALS and June 4 — Mrs Marie King, Al•i. medical: Mrs W. K. Lallicr. ma, girl; Mrs Robert Fleming, Whillemore. girl. 6-11. June S — Robert Reding, Algona,; John McGra\v. AJ- .unna, T & A: Patrick Hyrios. Wesley, surgery: Elaine Hynes. Wesley, surgery. June 6 — Mrs Wilbur Martin, Corwith, medical: Mrs Gerald SrhmiU, Algona, ooy; Mrs Robert Srhoby. Algona. mcdieal: Mrs Walter Fangman. Bancroft, medical. June 8 — Mr? CeH! Federsen. Algona, boy. 8-13: Mrs William Keslenlehnor. Algona. boy. 7-.15; John KelJogg. Spencer, accident. June 9 — Lynn K. Studer. Wesley, surgery:. Mrs Roger Mortens- bnk. Milfovd. girl. 4-10Vfe: Levoy Fosnaiigh, Algona. medical. June 10 — Mrs Vernon Krull, Algona. girl. 9-2; Mrs William Puff CM-, Algona. maternity; Mrs Frances RiUledgc. Algona, surgery; Baby Jayne Fleming, Whit'emore, boarder: Mrs Gus Sjogrt-n, Algona, medical; Mrs R. F. Perry, Algona, medical. COUNCIL MJNtTTES The City Council met in adjourned .session June 5. ,1956 at 7:30 o'clock P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present except Furst. This was the time set for hearing on estimate of levy for street and sewer construction bond lax. There were no objections. Resolutions were adopted providing for $49,000. street improvement bonds and S6.000. sewer Improvement bonds. Ordin.-iiice No. 379 providing for $35.000. street construction bonds and Ordinance No. 380 providing for S100,- 000. sewer construction bonds were adopted. Ordinance No. 378 establishing street grades was again read and finally adopted. Upon the recommendation of the fire department the Council approved the radio fire alarm system. A builder's permit was granted to the Kelley Lumber Co. and a cigarette permit was granted to Sehultz Bros Meeting adjourned to June 13, 1956 fit 7:30 p.m. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mavor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham. City Clerk. The City Council met in adjourned session June 13. 1958 at 7:30 p.m. with the Mayor and all CouncUmen present except Furst. The minutes were reac and approvcfl. This was the date set for hearing on the proposed improvement of three blocks of W. McGregor Street. A Resolution was adopted approving the plans and specifications. The only bid for said improvement was filed bv Everds Bros.. Algona. for S7.340.35. A Resolution was adopted rejecting the Resolutions granting cigarette beer permits were adopted. Builder's permits were granted to Brighton Mlsbach. Wilfred Laurltson Charles Schlieyert, J. S. Crowe!!,- L! A. Winkcl, Mark Stanton, Leslie Higley. Ed. Goecke. Carol Adams, Grace Turner, Evelyn Cady, James and Helen •t* i te i m °i rc r.? r ! d . the A 'eona Community School District. A proposed traffic control ordinance was approved on the first reading The following claims were allowed General Government Fund Nancy Sands, salary. ^ 72 67 L. K. Ferguson, salary """ ic'q4 Iowa State. Bank, tax _ "" 35'bo Dr. C. C. Shierk. expenses and -'•*• fees ; -....•.._•;.; 3724 Engineering Extension, registrations 2000 Advance Pub], Co.. publ. ___ """147'33 L. S. Muckcy. supp. 2820 Street Fund Jess Lashbrook. salary _ 133 97 Albert Pergande, salary "11430 Glenn Burtis. salary ... 11213 Richard Frar.bnch, salary __ I" 93'05 Ravmond Metzen. Jr., salary 88 95 Jack Mears, salary ,_, D8 95 Donald Prew. salary -103'95 Kenneth Frank!, salary ___'_ 9590 John Bahr. labor s'njj t... K. Ferguson, salary —I"II""Ii4r7S Harry Ward, salary 35'lB Iowa State Bank, tax es'eo Am. Lithographing & Printing. bonds 18004 Mason City Blue Print, supp."II 7'48 Botsford Lumber, supp. _. o 7] Pratt Electric, repairs n'aa E. E. Robinson, repairs 46 64 Sigsbee Plbg., supp. 200 Advance Publ. Co.. publ. 4360 Bituminous Materials, premix.— 8840 Gibbs-Cook Equipment, repairs.. 200 riawkeye Machinery, repairs 14.2(1 Algona Implement, repairs to 44 Algona Welding Wks.. repairs ._ 37 68 Hilton's Service, mdse. 35.06 Kent Motor Co., repairs 17.65 Percival Motors, 'repairs „ 34 90 Ready-Mix, mdse 65.06 Russ & Kv's Service, grease 5.75 Sehultz Bros., service 600 Continental Oil Co., gas ._• -23400 Public Safety Fund Albert Boekelman, salary 179.64 , A. C. Weishaar, salary 137.38 Richard Groen, salary 154.47 Ernest Hutchison, salary 149.10 Peter Jorgenson. salary 125.91 Jowa State Bank, tax 42.20 Harvey Larson, supplies . 41.00 Gene's Radio & TV, repairs 4.05 Ira Kohl, salary 20.00 Algona Fire Co., service 292.00 Fire Engineering, sub. _ 6.00 Stouffer Fire Equip., supplies 20.70 Ed's Fire Service, mdse. 45.00 Hilton's Service, gas 8.15 Kossuth Motor Co., repairs 16.44 Sanitation Fund Harry Ward, salary 54.43 Brandt Buick. repairs 41.55 Hilton's Service, supplies 22.29 Swartz Hardware, supplies l.HO Miller Lumber, mdse. 3220 Botsford Lumber, mdse. 36.24 Am. Lithographing & Printing, bonds 198.92 Collins, Thompson & Willis, eng 3,972.59 James Egli, salary 149.36 Fred Gronbacli. salary U7.97 Iowa State Bank, tax 14.90 Ht-rbst Ins. Agency, ins. 304.46 Si-hram Bros., dirt 177.50 Municipal Utilities, labor 26.25 Algona Laundry, supplies 2.20 R J. Funk, repairs 1.45 Hall-Strahorn Hdwe.. supp. 12.54 Pratt Electric, supplies 3.78 City Clerk, adv. cash 9.17 Security State Bank & Clark & Fitz. Const. Co., contract ....24,346.00 Luiulfll Construction Co., contract 50.127.19 Recreation Fund Howard Stepheiison. salary 100.56 Arthur Glaser, salary - 136.71 Donald Cook, salaiy 92.80 Harry \V.-jrd. salary 18.15 lona StaU- Bank, tax 25.00 Walente Co.. contract £ mdse. 9,272.29 Union Fii.-ightw.iys. fight. _. 19.00 Thompson-Hayward. mdse 3826 Suivilary Supply, mdse 71.80 t'uy Clerk, adv. cash 8.37 Municipal Utilities, labor . 8.75 Davis Paint Sloivj, supp. 8.05 Rapid Tiicrrnogas. mdt,c-. .. .57.54 Russ & Ky's Service, gas 1.44 Sargent & Co.. supplies 1.60 Municipal Band, taxes 1.236.2U Alguisa Tiee Service, cut trees. 135.50 Airport Fund Municipal Utilities, water & incise. 26.00 fresco-Union Electric, elec. ... . 25.11 NW Bvll Telephone, repairs 6.00 MitMin City Blue Print, prints 1.54 E»»rg«ccy Fund General Gov't Fund, transfer .. -500.00 Municipal EntfcrprUe* Fund Cviiciul Gov'l Fund, transfer ._.750.00 Debt Servic* Fund Iowa State Bank, interest 500.00 P-urking Meter Fund Raymond J. Krebs, salary 137.07 l\)v»a Stat« Batik., tax 14,40 Meeting adjourned to June 27, 1356 jv 7 3U p.m. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk. Mayor Att#st. Ivy D Scuttham, City Clerk Proceedins Aptit Session i$S« The Bpard of Supervisors of Kossuth CountY-ynet in regular session pursuant 1x5 adjournment. Those present •wore H. S ' Scheppmann, Chairman In the Chair, and members wore A M Kollasch. C. H. Newel. .Tohn H. Rode, and .lens M. Sortnsen. ABSENT. NONE ' Motion by John H. Rorfp and seconded by C. H. Newel that a refund for Hnmeslead exempt ion he allowed Mrs Ollie Brims of Titonka in the amount ot S43.S5. AYES: ALL. NAYS: NONE MOTION CARRIED. Motion by C. 'H. Newel and seconded by John H Rode thnt. a refund be allowed tor erroneous assessment on two (2\ ncros of ro:id that were nut deducted in Section 35-39-27 to Will Bohrofen. AYES: ALL. NAYS NONE MOTION CARRIED. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and .•seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that the taxes on Ole Rnalson property which is the East 100' of Lot 4 Blk 1 Howards 1st. Add 'to Swea City, be suspended. AYES: ALL. NAYS: NONE. MOTION CARRIED. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by C. H. Newel that bonds and Contracts of John T. McGuire, M. T. McGuire. Everds Bros., and Elmer Dole be approved on said work in Kossulh County. AYES: ALL NAYS: NONE. MOTION CARRIED. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that a refund for Dog Tax erroneously -assessed against Urban Newroth" in the amount 'of S2.00 be granted. AYKS: ALL. NAYS: NONE. MOTION CARRIED. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that Ardlth Henry be appointed Deputy in the Recorder's office beginning May 1. Hiaii and Helen D. Camron as clerk beginning May 7, 195(5. AYES: ALL. NAYS: NONE. MOTION CARRIED. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that a bond be approved and class "B" Beer permit be granted Olmar Fischer of St. Benedict. AYES: ALL. NAYS: NONE. MOTION CARRIED. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by John H. Rode that bond he approved and Class "B" Beer Perfnit be granted Redings Tavern of St. Joseph. AYES: ALL. NAYS: NONE. MOTION CARRIED. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by John II. Rode that th.e Quarterly Report of Justice of the Peace, N. J. Nemmers. of Bancroft be approved, AYES: ALL. NAYS: NONE. MOTION CARRIED. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by John H. Rode that the Employee's Mutual Insurance be awarded "Workmen's Compensation" and "Liability Insurance" for one year. AYES: ALL. NAYS.V---NONE. MOTION CARRIED. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by John H. H. Rode that the Auditor be authorized to buy a new adding machine. AYES: ALL. NAYS: NONE MOTION CARRIED. Motion by Jens M. So,rensen anc seconded by A. M. Kollasch that the payment of the claims at this meeting for those persons and firms listed below be ratified, allowed and con finned. AYES: ALL. NAYS: NONE, MOTION CARRIED. Counly Fund Payroll Fund, county payroll 2.'188.53 W. W. Sullivan, postage 60.00 W. W. Sullivan. P.M., postage.. 100.00 North Central Public Service Co., gas 57.26 Algona Municipal Utilities. utilities 15.11 Algona Municipal Utilities, utilities ..... 157.46 Payroll Fund. co."~payroll 5,664.60 Richard Groen. assists sheriff 6.00 Raymond J. Krebs, assists sheriff 5.00 Peter C. Jorgenson, assists sheriff 2.50 L. Frank Tellier. assists sheriff 15.00 Ernest W. Hutchison, assists sheriff —. 5.50 Hugh Raney. assists sheriff 80.00 Humboldt Co. Jail, care of prisoner 5.50 Ralph W. Lindhorst. meals & mileage ..,1. 9-1.98 Donald M. Wood, meals & rntleagt? £•-..; -v 45.90 Long's Studio, supplies 4.71 Gene's Radio & Television, equipment 201.30 L. W. Nitehnla, attorney commission . —- 115.05 Joyce Haydcn. mileage 61.46 Lcnna's Quality Printing, supp. 6.50 Rusk Drug, supplies .. 3.38 Dr. Dan L. Bray, medical assistance 13.00 E. R. Culle/i, supplies 3.93 John M. Schutter. coroner's fees . — 8.52 Lewis Bosma, trustee meeting 16.00 Chris Dahl, clerk, meeting 4.00 O. R. Patterson, meeting' 4.00 Henry E. Looft, meeting ,., 4.00 Verl Smith, meeting 4.00 Alfred Holz, meeting 10.00 Fern N. Happen, meeting- 16.00 Anton Becker, clerk, meeting,. 4.00 Wayne Smith, meeting 4.00 Peler Kayser. meeting 4.00 John Origer, meeting 4.00 Earl Chambers, meeting 4.00 Edward G.- Hof, meeting 4.00 Elmer Kubly, meeting 4,00 W. A. Marty, clerk, meeting — 4.00 H. W. Harms, meeting 4.00 Leo Hanselman, meeting 4.00 Clair L. Reding, me'etlng 4.00 John P. Simon, clerk, meeting 4.00 Jerome Eisenbarth. meeting ._ 4.00 A. L. Smith, meeting 4.00 J. W. GoeU, meeting 4.00 Ralph TJaden. meeting 4.00 Geo. Yanser, meeting 4.00 Theron Hansen, clerk, meeting 4.00 Orville Ruby, meeting ' 10.00 Matt Borman, meeting 4.00 Howard Raney, meeting 400 John Weber, meeting 4.00 Bernard Capesius, clerk, meeting .'. 4.00 Kenneth, Strayer, clerk, meeting : 4.00 Floyd Gardner, meeting 4.00 luinton, Bjustrom, meeting 4.00 Vcd W. Plumb, meeting 4.00 Clarence Schutjer, meeting _-.._ 4.00 L. G. Huber, meeting 4.00 Ted De Boer, Jr.-, meeting 4.00 K P. Hansen. trustee meeting 400 Glenn Larsen, meeting ... 400 W. J. Stewurt, meeting - 4.00 F. E. Teeter, meeting - 4.00 Floyd H. Bartlett, clerk, meet- ,ig ». 4.00 Harm H. Husinga, meeting _. 4.00 Henry Sleeker, meeting 4.00 John R. Sleper. clerk, meeting 4.00 Department of Health, registrar's fees 36.25 Clean Towel Service, towels cleaned 22.10 West Disinfecting Co., west roll towels 34.05 United Variety Stores Inc.. supplies 7.45 Klipto Loose Leaf Co.. supp. — 15.11 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supp.... 23.98 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies 1.62 Fidlar & Chambers, supp. 178.75 Fidlar & Chambers Co., supp... 4.69 Matt Parrott & Sons Co.. primary election supplies - 307.45 North la. Directory. 11 copies of city directory .... 1G5.00 Jenkius-Fergemann Co., 200 special size envelopes — 177.5:i Friden Calculating Machine Co., Inc.. maintenance- 39.00 E L. Hammond, elevator serv. 18.00 Pratt Electric, supplies - 8.U1 Bohannon Insurance Service, increased insurance 42.53 Town Mutual Dwelling Insurance Co.. insurance — —-- 9 75 Jens M. Sorensen, meals & lodging 12.90 C. H. Newel, meals & lodging 13.20 Upper Dei Momes Publ. Co., board proceedings 150.40 Advance Hubl. Co., notices -J-. 37.05 Bancroft Register, tax notice 8.82 Bancroft Register, board proceedings 150.00 Advance Publ. Co.. supp. 4.50 H. F. Kappler. supp. ... 5.00 Ralph Lindhorst, sheriff's fees 26.00 Rosella Voigt. co treasurer, bounties, express, etc. 213.55 L. W. Nitchals, office expenses 115.00 Court Fund Payroll Fund, i-uun payroll 612.50 C. H. Ostwinkle, J.P.' lees... 700 C. H. Ostwinkle. J.P. fees .. 3.00 C. H. Ostwinkle. J.P. fees 4.70 C. H. Ostwinkle. J P. lees 4.98 C. H Ostwinkle, JP fees 4.00 C. H. Ostwinkle. J P. fees 7.00 C H. Ostwinkle, J.P. fees 3.00 C. H Ostwinkle, J.P. fees 4.08 Fied E. Dutton, J P. fees -• 2.00 Fred E. Button, J.P. fees 200 Hugh Haney, bailiff fees 8.00 Co ', re.-isurer, Juror's fees ______ Co. Treasurer, Juror's fee-9 . Greonherg Auto Supply, supp. (•Arthur J. Craw ford, Jr., attorney fees „_ . ...... ..... '......-.... State Institution Fund Ralph Lindhorst. warrant of arrest ..... . ...... ...... ....... . Ralph Lindhorst, mileage .. . Ralph Lindhorst. mileage, mt-.ils and .isMstani'e _. ____ ...... ........ Road Clearing Fund OH Drums from Swanry Oil S.- Equipment Co., oil drums .1.604.60 Bang's Disease Fund Dr. J. J. Cecil, inspection . . Dr. Paul C.'Gellenffldt. inspection ............ .......... ..... Dr R. J. Diuidns. inspection .. Dr. Donald L. Frit?, inspection Dr, D. J. fihe-y. inspection ... Dr. Jdincs F. Johns, inspection Stanley l.;>r?on, indemnity . . . Dclmnr Angus, indemnity ._ Ho \\.ird \orihrup, indemnity _ Emmet riath. indemnity ..'..'... Assessor Fund Buri-ough's. rental ....... Frlclon Calculating Machine Co., rental ... ....... .... L. J Immerfall. travel expense Fidl.'ir ct Chambers Co.. supp. Jenkins-Fi-rgi'mann Co.. supp. Mnlt Pan-oft & Sons. supp. . Fidlar & Chambers Co., supp. Hawk Products, shelf unit _ .. ......... ... ..... _ ......... . 76.73 P.iyioll fund, assessor payroll 1.566.34 Public Retirement Fund fa Employee's Retirement System. 1st ouarter payment .. 4.RRH67 In. Fmnlovment Security Com in. payment' of 1st quarter ________ 3.004.00 Library Fund Co. Supt. Zell Berryhill, apportionment to Emmet Co ......... 2009 Co Supt. S. T. Tweed, apportionment to Winnehago Co. 33.24 Co. Supt. Charles Whitney, apportionment to Hancock Co. 1866 C«. Supt. J. E. Smith, apportionment to Palo Alto Co. 31.46 Co. Supt. Frances Messor. apportionment to Humboldt Co.._ 5.69 Theodore Ribbon, meeting .. . 4.20 Soldier's Relief fund . Dale Hasty, rent ... ...... _ ...... •_._ St. Ann. medical care _....... • 56.7(1 Jolin M. Schutter. mecl. care 11.25 European Hotel, -lodging ...... . 294 Sleeker'* Store, food _. ______ 40.00 Soi-onsen's Grocery, foofl ..... . 85.00 John Frnndle, rent ____ .. ..... 90.00 A. .7. Enson. dental . .. ....... _ 150.00 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, mcd. 105.50 11.20 36.00 40.00 7.04 40.fiO ! 40.50 46.00 !)8.00 5.50 R2.50 45.00 35.00 12.50 46.12 62.50 12.50 1P.PO 45.00 16.60 1JW.75 18.80 54.50 J36.87 337.05 .75 15"f)l 17.42 9.00 AlRona Coffee Shop, food . Viking Oil Co., fuel R.-ipid Thermogas Co:, fuel H.D. Meyer, care _ ,. Maintenance Fund Jens M. Sorensen. tele, calls.. 1.64 Beed Hardware, supp. 0254 Farmers Coop, coal 4300 International Harvester Co., parts -_ _ _ 7.04 Mid West Service Co.. fuel ' ±. 225.88 Donald A. Potter, fuel (motor) 987.7G Skelly Oil Co., oil 607.54 Central Auto Supply, parts 36.34 Arnold Hainzinger. labor 8.75 M. Johnson, repairs ._ 154.50 Miller Lumber Co.. lumber . . 82.67 Grace Track Service, labor & equipment — 96.00 Warren Deibler, labor 148.50 Harry Greenberg, supp. 73.08 •Northern Lumber Co.. cement, etc. 21.29 Helen Dinglcv, tile across road 60.00 Thompson Yards, inaterials 1.50 Thompson Yards, paints 18.67 Kohlhaas Hardware, supp. 40.34 Meyer's Wrecking Yard, trans. 1500 Skelly Oil Co.. fuel ..•-.. 858.14 Wayne's Body Shop, repairs ... 95.00 All Wheel Drive Co., trailer 1.760.76 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., parts 103.03 Standard Bearings, parts 49.81 Carpenter & Son. supp. 7.66 Bowes, supp. 7.08 Empire Steel & Tool Co., toois 76 85 W. F. Smith Tire & Battery Co., tires 142.22 Warren Deibler. labor 60.00 Opal's D-X. service 3.00 Goplerud Lubricants, lubri- cnnts 72.R4 Armco Drainage & Metal, gates 66.24 Arnold Motor Supply, supplies and Harts _ 107.60 W. C. Brown Supply Co., signs 50.71 Service & Sales Co.. repairs ._ 4.78 Eco Inc.. wipers . , 7150 Pecaut Industrial Supply Co., supplies & tools „.; 50.24. Hawkove Machinery Co., parts 82.6ft' 56.56 W. P. Hemphill. Dr. 58 .Fred Scitz, Dr. 58 G. D. Hart. Dr, 58 6. D.-Matf, Dr. 58 W. P. Hen-chill, Dr. 69 F*t1 Bciti, Dr. 40 ... G O. .Hart, Dr. 69 ', Kelly A Fristedt, Dr. Shumway, Kelly ~t- fristftdt, Dr. 80 Alma Pearson, Dr. 80 W P. Hemphill, Dr. 82 _. E. R. Lester, Dr. 82 G. D. Hart, Dr. 82 Albert H. Mevor, Dr. 83 Shumway, Kelly i Frisroclt, Dr. 83 , I Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, Dr. 110 ...... Payroll Fund Payroll Fund, Poor Payroll .. Florence Bagby, Labor Mary Fraser, Labor Elva L. Rov, Labor Clarence L. Bennett, Labor _. Sylvester Roy, Labor Dore J. Freih, Labor H. Jacqueline Laing, Assists Auditor Betty Carlson, Assists Ai/d. ... Genevicvo Lundell, Assists Recorder Fern V. Miller, Court Reporter Harriettc Peterson, Assists Sheriff 2.50 31. IF 20.70 <6.12 57.49 U.30 5.75 6.12 &150 128.60 Mid la. Industrial Supply, supp. Gibb-Cook Equipment Co.. machinery and parts _ 1.34P.15 F. S. Norton & Son, supplies 10.00 Town of West Bend, electricity 1.25 Algona Welding Works, welding _ 34.64 Central la. Telephone Service, tele, service 11.10 Gambles, supp. 30.30 Co. Treasurer, frght. bills 9.67 Bituminous Materials Co., mat. 396.93 Koch Brothers, supp. 100.00 Dukehart-Hughcs Tractor & Equipment Co., parts 1,079.49 la. Machinery & Supply Co., supplies 67.42 Payroll Fund, maintenance Fund payroll 13.598.65 Collin Oil Co., oil 8.44 Richardson Bros., labor & repairs 11.67 Harry Greenberg, supp. 173.35 Algona Municipal Utilities, util. 24.92 North Central Public Service, gas 113.110" N. W. Bell, tele, service . 12.23 N. W. Bell Tel., tele, serv. 6.05 Charles R. Beed, supp. 50.00 James H. Merryman, use of eqpt. and labor ... 776.00 Thompson Distributing Co., supplies 3232 West la. Telephone Co., tele. service 6.09 Stand.ird Oil Co., motor oil '112 11 L. R. Nolterick-Standard Oil, motor oil , 119.71 Lynch Oil, oil ,' 72.80 Kohlhaas Hardware, supp. 4.59 Advance Publ. Co., supp. ../ 8.30 Construction Fund Payroll Fund, Construction Payroll _.., 1,412.75 Cramer & Bayse Const. Co., Bridge Proj. No. ' 501 10,260.00 Maigaret L. Fmley, Right-of- way 218.00 James H. Merryman, Use of Equipment & Labor 1,336,00 Frank Devitt Estate, Right-of- Way 142.00 Laura M. Veldhouse, R. of W. 1 132.00 Dolorcb Woito, R. of W. 142.00 Kathryn Burtis, R. of W. 140.00 McCorkle Building Co., R. of W. 124.00 Ruth A. Scholtes, R. of W. - 142.00 Concrete Products Corp., Concrete Pipes 2,846.04 Clarence LcRoy Morrall, R. ot W 144.00 E. C. McMahon, R. of W. 146.00 Warren J. Morrison, R. of W. . 14400 A/erle Wellendorf, R. of W. .. 24000 C. M. Gross ,R. of W. 144.00 Bahne K. Bahnson, R. of W. -- 14400 Edith P. Woltz, R. of W. 20000 John W. Scholtes, R. of W. .. 142.00 Drainage Fund G. D. Hart, Dr.* 113 348 W P. Hemphill, Dr. 132 840 G. D. Hart, Dr. 132 1245 Standard Oil Co., Dr. 133 40.15 Stier Flying Service, Dr. 133 _. 120.00 Shumway, Kelly & 'Fristedt, Dr. 166 . 5 00 G D. Hart, Dr. 166 ]J 12 G. D. Hart, Dr. 166 745 G D. Hart, Dr. 166 1224 Robert A. Schwartz, Dr. 184 .. 151.25 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, Dr. 184 .. 2.50 O. E. White, PAK No. 1 305.93 O. E. White, PAK No. 1 809.42 W. P. Hemphill. PAK No. 1 __ 209 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, PAK No. I .... 25.00 G. D. Hart, PAK No. 1 21 37 Sinumway, Kelly & Fristedt, HK No. I 7.50 Chnstcnsen Const. Co., WK No. 35-89 525.45 Shumway, Kelly & Frisredr, Dr. 35-89 1000 W. P. Hemphill, WK 68-136 792 Fred Beitz, WK 68-136 534 G D. Hart, Dr. WK 68-136 . 30.49 Shumway, Kelly & Friitedt, Dr. KW 136-63 5500 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt Dr. KHH Tn. 131 29.00 Schrcim Bros., E Br. 5 650.53 Morton W. Bitringer. E Br. 5 . 49.58 Shumway, Kelly & Friitedt Dr. 25 5,00 G D. Hart, Dr. 25 . 6 82 G D. Hart, Dr. 25 _ A 12 G. D Hart. Dr 33 '.. .1' 343 Shumway, Kelly 4 Fn:,tedt, Dr. No. 45 10.00 Motton W. Bittinger, Dr. 45 .. 33 10 W. P. Hemphill, Dr. 46 5^60 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, Dr. 46 1500 G D. Hart, Dr. 56 ]6'42 Shumway, Kelly & Fristedf, Dr. ; (Jenevieve Lundell, Assists Recorder Norma M. Celkers, Labor A M. Kollasch, Meetings & Mileage Jens M. Sorensen, Meetings,& Mileage H. S. Scheppmann, Meetings & Mileage C. H. Newel, Meetings & Mileage John H. Rode, Meetings & Mileage R. K. Beck, Probation Officer _ Dick Baade, Labor Raymond Baade, Labor EC! Blanchard, Labor _ Noble L. Crouch, Labor Howard O. Essor, Labor £. M. Downs, Labor ._ At Granzow, Labor Ernest Godfredsen, Labor Alvin Ewing, Labor Jess Halverson, Labor Edward Hammond, Labor Arnold Hainzinger, Labor Clifford Johnson, Labor Harrv Hclmke, Labor W. A\ Hedrlck, Labor _._ r .__ Edward Ricke, Labor ._ Earl L. Paulson, Labor Willard Ohm, Labor E.' C. Ohm, Labcr George W. Kockler, Labor Urban Neuroth, Labor __...,__ Herbert C. Nellis, Labor Roelf' E. Miller, Labor Harvey F. Merger), Labor 7.98 1,030.76 22.40 5.00 27.50 11.60 1,345,98 105.42 19.60 124.75 191.92 94.50 56.10 147.53 150.38 15.68 322.37 35.28 67.82 102.02 4 1 6.55 308.12 402.15 377.07 407.35 103.50 218.50 221.19 217.09 230). 17 253.71 250,17 52.84 245.90 231.19 110.56 232.19 240.17 241.19 139.87 230.17 256.79 241.19 220.42 221.19 217.09 259.87 241.19 237.09 250.89 Ralph Markla. Labor . A J. Kollasch, Labor James Walker, Labor ..^ Orville WellJhd, Labor ., N George WfertngA,' Labor 1 .:._ Charles Thorhpsbn, Labor Lem Stockwell, Labor ^_ John Schuelef Jr., Labor .... Bert Shalfmoyer, Labof- LouiJ Schepprnann, Labor Henry Zweifel, Labof C C. Zaugg, Labor ^_ Richard H. Struecker, Labor ._ Clifford Holmes, Labor Roy M. Valvick, Labor Frank Deim, Labor ... Glen F. Burrow. Labor''.^ Duane Darnell, Labor _. Jerry Risk, Labor Paul A. Willey, Labor Erich Willretr, Labor '.. Ferdinand Meyer, Labor . Clarence Hentges, Labor John D. Fraser, Assists Engineer . H. M. Smith, Engineer Richard Tuttlc, Labor James Hoffmann, Labor Hazel ^nllker, ' Labor (Assists Engineer) John Eller, "labor Richard Reynolds, Labor Harlan Wichrendahl, Labor _. Donald Fricleres, Labor Clarence E. Priebe, Labor (Weed Commissioner) Drainage Fund W. P. Hemphill, Dr. 165 _.._ Fieri Beitz, Dr: 165 Shumway, Kelly, & Fristedt, Dr. 165 G. D. Hart, Dr. 165 Charles Wagner, Dr. James Becker, Dr. 2 G D. Hart, Dr. 2 .. G. D. Hart, Dr. EXT Steier Flying Service, Dr. EXT 9 Standard Oil Co., Dr. EXT 9 _. Poor Fund Engstrom Coal, Coal la. Children's Home Society, Care . Mrs. Leona Bruer, Labor • Maple Leaf Nursing Home, Care i Keep Delta H. Falvey, Card ... Ads Flowers, Care Rose Hahle, Care i Adeline Jonstad, Boys' & Girls' Home, Care Department of Social Welfare— Bealmen's Grocery, Food .. Home of the Good Shepherd, Caro , Charles R. Miller, Rent .11.11 Holy Family Hospital, Medical Care , Robert's Nursing Home, Care & Keep Emmetsburg Nursing Home, Care & Keep ., Kohlhaas Hardware, Supplies . Upper Des Moines, Supplies Marie Lampright, 1 Mattresses _ State of Iowa, Aid to the Blind 81 230.89 260.49 240.17 250.17 241.19 217.09 260.52 198.92 221.19 166.32 241.19 26K29 169.49 231.19 86.73 177.90 42.54 24.00 24.00 250.89 250.89 227.09 231.19 343.65 440.85 161.51 161.51 185.95 201.08 229.99 230.61 203.16 277.04 3.99 2.30 7.50 6.26 18.00 10.00 15.00 r 49.48 60.00 19,35 11.25 56.70 53.50 56.70 95.58 45.00 8.00 45.00 50.00 135.00 30.00 44.30 70.00 30.00 13.03 3.19 10.00 •Fund i 101.84 State of Iowa, Aid to Dependent Children Fund ... . M25.25 Statft of Iowa, trnergenty iRtllef Fund ...i^..i- ..^. T . 173.04 Mallei Immerfall, Mileage A1.32 Osrnan Funeral Home, Ambulance Service L 10.00 Bernard Brigg», Mileage , 35.00 Algona Municipal Utilities, Uf- ~:-. ilitics „ 12.39 North Central Public Service, Gas 24.50 G R. Cook, Rent . 2500 Mrs. Veda Hedrick, Rent 10.00 Minnie ThaveSj.Rent 13.00 Council Oak, Feted ..._• 2000 J. G. Clapsaddla, Medical Care 172.50 Dr. B. Raymond Weston, MedU cal Care ._ ._ 300.00 Hood's Super Valu, Food 4750 ft E. Hertzke, Food « ... 9000 Ted Ver*. Food —. ,._ 48.00 E. R. Cullen, Supplies 900 Rapid Thefmogas Co., Gas ._ 8.50 Ky Chaniplin Oil, Fuel 23.21 Kossuth-Oil Co.. Fuel ._;.__ .. 1481 K. & H. Coot) Oil, Fuel 7092 Skelly Oil Co., Fuel C x - 2737 ViWng Oil Co., Fuel 3) 00 Cities Service Oil Co., Fuel .. 2206 Conrad Kliegl, Gas 750 Milton Norton, Coal 20'00 R. V. Wright, Fuel 1620 Larsort Drug, Medicine 300 ft. R. Flickfcjger, M. D., Medical Care .. .i 1300 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Medical Cafe .^ , 6185 F. X. Cretzmeyer, Medical t Care n.OO St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Medical Care i 9.20 Cook's Drug, Medicine' _., 44.00 Larson -Drug, Medicine 1.75 Hugh S. Gelger, M. D., Medical Care 41 00 John J. Lesiak, M. D., Medical Care 22.50 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, «» Medical Care 14059 Dr. H. R. Powers. Medical Caro 62.00 University Hospitals, Medical Care ..<. 79.25 J. R. Lenz, M. D., Medical Care 75.50 Schenk Drug, Medicine 15.00 L. A. Bascom, Medical Care .. 2900 T. 3. Egan, M. D., Medical Care 85.50 C. H. Cretzmeyer, Medical Care 114.50 M. G. Bourne, M. D., Medical Care .. 9300 C V. Lindholm, Medical Care . 263.00 R. R. Horton," Medical Caro .. 68.75 Park Hospital Clinic, Medical ., Care 197.76 Marcus Snyder Memorial, Medical Care ._ 17500 Dr. Harold D. Meyer, Medical Cars +. 51.00 Dr. R. K. Richardson, Medical Care _.* * 49.00 John M. Schutter, M. O., Medical Care 135.00 Rusk -Drug & Jewelry, Medicine 222.60 St, Ann Hospital, Medical Care 407.96 Vooei's Store, Food ___ _ _ 30.00 Wilson W. Brack, feaa ...... 24.00 Faraway Store, fo<jS __:..,__.« 15.00 Council Oak Store, Food ______ 27.00 Potter's Super Market, Food .. 180.00 On motion adjournment was taken ufl- til May J, 1956. H. S, Schepprnaffn, Chairman Board of Supefvlso'rt Marc Moore, Cd. Auditor , SPECIAL AMIL SMJIOM !*»« The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met In regular session pursuant to adjournment. Those present were H. S. Seheppmarm, Chairman in the Chair, and members were A, M. Kollasch, C. H. Newel, John H. Rode, and Jens M. $or- cnsen. Absent: None. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by C. H. Newel that John Rode be given the authority to buy a new 1956 pick-up. Ayes: All. Nays: None, Motion carried. . On motion adjournment was taken until May 1), 1956. H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman .,_..-... B °a r d of Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Moore, Co. Auditor •OAUD MOittDINGS StVENTttNfH DAY MAY 11, 1«S« SPfClAL APRIL SESSION !«» The board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met in regular session pursuant to adjournament. Those present were H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman In the chair, and C. H. Newel, Jerts Sorensen, A. M. Kollasch, and John H. Rode. Absent: None. - ^ Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that projects No. 70 (3) and No. 72 (3) be awarded to Hodgson & Sons Inc, of Fairmont, Minnesota. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by John H. Rode that projects No. 77 (3), 1138 (4), 79 (4), 78 (3), and No. 745 (2) be awarded Everds Bros, of Algona, Iowa tor black topping. Ayes. All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by C. H. Newel that Bridge 1 contracts be awarded James H. Merryman of Algona, Iowa for six (6) 'bridges. Ayes: All. Nays: None, Motion carried. Motion by John H. Rode and*seconded by C. H, Newel that the certified checks be returned to the bidders. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded. by John H. Rode that bond be approved and cigarette Permit be granted Carolyn Stuessy's Supper Club. Ayes. All. Nays: None. Motion carried. RESOLUTION WHEREAS, Mr. Aaron Steussy, of Al- gong, Iowa, has made application to the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, for a "B" Beer Permit on the establishment located on Highway 169, In Cresco Township, approximately one and one-half miles south of the city limits of I Algona, Iowa, and WHEREAS, said application-, for said beer permit did not have the approval of the sheriff or the County Attorney of Kossuth County, Iowa, upon said application, and WHEREAS, in an action previously brought against the Board of Supervisors of this County to rescind a "B" Beer Permit previously issued by the Board of Supervisors of this County W another person at the same establishment was declared null and void by decree entered in the District Court of Iowa, in and for this County, and WHEREAS, it is not shown that said permit could now be legally issued to the applicant, and as It, is well known to all parties concerned that said location. Is not within the limits of a platted village or an incorporated town, NOW, THEREFORE, said application is hereby denied and the County Auditor is hereby directed to return to said applicant the Bond and fee submitted with said application. Moved by Charles H. Newel Seconded by A. M. Kollasch that the above resolution be adopted. Voting aye all Voting nay none Morion carried. On motion adjournment was taken until May 21, 1956. H. S. Schepprnann, Chairman 1 • Board of Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Moore, County Auditor BOARD PAOCetDINGS EIGHTEENTH DAY MAY 21, T>56 SPECIAL APRIL SESSION 1956 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with the following members present: H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman In the chair, and C. H. Newel, Jens M. Sorensen, A. M. Kollasch, and John, H, Rode. Absent: None. Motion by Johrt,H. Rode and seconded by C. H. Newel that weed nfltices be published. Ayes: All.- Nays: Noge. Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by Jens M. Sorensen that Lot 2 Block 192 of Call's Add. to Algona be sold by sealed bid filed in the Kossuth County Auditor's office on or before 2:00 P.M. June 14, 1956. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Jens M. Sorensen and seconded lay John H. Rode that gravel assessments be approved as advertized. Ayes. All. Nays: None. Motion carried. 4 Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by C. H. Newel that roads in Prairio Township West of Section 3-10 be withdrawn from the grading program. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried, Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by John H. Rode that Wednesday, Juno 20, 1956, at 2:00 P.M. be set for gravel letting: Ayes. All. Nays: None. Motion carried. ( On motion adjournment was taken until June 1, 1956. H. S. Scheopmann, Chairman Board of Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Moore, County Auditor . FOURTH OF JULY RATION . Algona Fairgrounds * i 7:30 p. m. $750 Fireworks Show BIG STAGE SHOW ALGONA CITY BAND •..'.' 7:30 to 8:00 BIT & SPUR WRANGLERS 8:00 to 8:15 Composed of boys and girls in the Algona vicinity—Have a flag drill. Trained by J. G. Graham and Jerry McVay. MELODY RAMBLERS g:15 to 8:30 A t«io from Fort Dodge KQTV Station who appear regularly.' BEUTE TRIO 8:30 to 8:15 A group from St. Joe who have appeared as guest artists at Mason City on TV Barn Dance. Sons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Berte. FRED PORTER AND RYTHM RANCH HANDS 8:15 to 9:00 Fort Dodge KQTV Entertainers.' SYLVIA DOWNS 9:00 to 9:10 Girl from Wesley, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Downs. Guest artist on Mason City TV. FRED PORTER AND RYTHM RANCH HANDS 9:10 to 9:30 Fort Dodge KQTV Entertainers. FIREWORKS 9:30 to 10:00 MASTER OF CEREMONIES—Bill McNamara, Furniture Business M. of C. throughout Palo Alto County and vicinity for various activities. Has given talks to various teen-age and school groups. PARKING AND POLICING OF CARS HANDLED BY BOY SCOUTS Under the direction of Everett Barr. Register from June 14 al ew station up lo 8 p. m., July 4 fer 8 FREE TIRES. SPONSORED FREE BY ^^l(^ ^^li^ •^W «•• ^•••^ MMMHi •HP MfenHHl •••••••^••Bfc vB ^fenj^P^ iW|ij»r AT FAIRGROUNDS CORNER — STUDEBAKER & PACKARD CARS COMPLETE GARAGE SERVICE — GATES TIRES — GAS & OIL

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