The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1954 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1954
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 17, 1954 THE BLYTHEVILLK COURIER NEWS THl COURIIR NIW8 CO. H. W KAINI8, PublUner •ARRT * HA1NES Editor, MsUUnt Publisher PAUL D. HUMAN, Adrtrtbint M«n»iw 8ol» Nntlon»l Wiertlstai ReprewnUtiKs: W.11.M Witmer Co.. Kew York, Chlcigo. Detroit. Atlmtm, Memphli. infered M wcond cl»is matter »t the pojt- offlM »t BlrtheTllle, Arkansai. under act ol Con- tnm. Octobtr t, 1811. Member of The Associated Prem SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Bl carrier In the city ot Blythevllle or any mburbui town where carrier terrlce li main- teined. We per week By mail, within a radlis ol. 50 miles, »5.00 per THr »2 50 for sil months. 11.25 for three months; br mail outside 50 mile lone. 112.50 per year payable In adrance. Meditations Nevertheless we made our prayer unto our God, and §et a watch (gainst lliem day and night, be- caise of them.—Nchemlah 4:9. t- * * It is so natural lor a man to pray that no theory can prevent him from doing it.—Clarke. Barbs If all your arguments are with yourself, you're bound to win—and so is everybody else. * * * When a woman's age starts telling on her Is fe when a woman stops telling her age. ' •* * * You can go to a circus and see elephants, or hear them walking around in the apartment above jou. ¥ * * Bible* want more sleep than grownups, Myi a doctor. So, why don't they do it at night? * * * The Ohio plumber who was charged with disorderly conduct at least was different. He forgot htmtelf. McCarthy's Future Where does Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy go, now that he has openly shattered all ties with a President of his own party? The courses available to him would appear to be several: 1. He could help to form or take part in a third political party. The senator says at the "present time" he hag no such thought, but he has not quite closed the door. 2. He might try to lead or participate in the right-wing move to seize control of the Republican Party from Mr. Eisenhower, with the specific aim of denying him the GOP presidential nomination in 1956. McCarthy's statement that h« will go on working -within the party —at least for now—is not a clear indication of intent with respect to party control. 8. He might seek to build for himself a sort of solitary citadel of individual power, counting upon his considerable popular following to assure him the strength for continued political existence. As the President noted in commenting on the break, the third-party road is a hard one to travel. The forces McCarthy represents are a minority in a party that is now the minority party in the nation. Faced with the decision to leave the GOP fold and follow the senator to new fields, some of his supporters might well say no. The history of third parties in America is not encouraging. What could a new one thus composed hope to achieve? Most likely not its own success, but the defeat of the Republican Party at the polls in 1956. Certainly that defeat would not necessarily follow, for in 1948 the Democrats survived both the Wallace and Dix- iecrat defections to keep the presidency and regain the Congress. As for McCarthy and others attempting to seize the GOP veins and push the President out, this too is not an easy path. The Democrats, who want very much to get the White House in Iflofi. nevertheless show a very cagey respect for Mr. Eisenhower's high stature with the American people. One cannot help wondering how many Republicans would wish to engage in the spectacle of trying to cast into oblivion a President of their own party who broke all voting records in 1952 and maintains almost undiminished popularity. Naturally, the story would be different if the President chose not to run. Then the GOP almost surely would be torn by an internal struggle that would eclipse even the bitter Taft-Eisenhower contest of 1952. Instead of these two dificult avenues, McCarthy might choose, or be forced to accept, a kind of isolation. Being (till fairly younj?, he might be content with this of course in the hope that sooner or later tides would turn and bring large elements of the GOP back to him. At least temporarily, McCarthy is isolated now. He has abandoned that part of the party which controls it and with him in this break. Until that Is yet plain who and how many he takes is governing the United States. It is not clear, the full meaning of his act cannot be measured. Eden, a Friend It ought not to be overlooked that Sir Anthony Eden, British foreign secretary, is doing a great deal to foster improved relations between his country and our own. Recently a bemused Laborite of leftist leanings protested strong action against Red China for its imprisonment of the 13 alleged American "spies." The Labor member implied the Reds probably were telling the truth. Eden slapped him down in blunt language. Again and again he has shown refreshing sympathy for the American viewpoint, recognition of the incredible burdens we bear in the world struggle, and understanding of our national character. The very least we can do, it would seem, is to repay such generous- spirited leadership in kindness. VIEWS OF OTHERS After All, Who Spends It? With some Justification the women in this country felt cheated and thought their Interest* wore overlooked when the new Income tax revision laws went Into effect. Many of them feel, and rightly so, thai as long as women spend 90 percent of the country's money, some consideration should be made of their viewpoint when income tax InWB are passed or changed. Two organizations, whose membership Include* the nation's "most calculating" females (accountants and CPA's), have declared at their annual joint meeting that women should be consulted when tax measures are up lor Congressional consideration. As a result of this non-consultation, the tux revision law this year made inadequate provision lor deduction of money spent by work- Ing mothers for child care. To the suggestion put forward by the American Society of Womnn, Accountnnts and the American Women's Society of Certified Public Accountants, we would like to acid a few of our own. We have been told "never to underestimate the power of a woman." Why don't the women, with so much untapped power, get behind Congress to reduce taxes? As women spent! so much of the country's money, it should still be natural for them to want more to spend. Reduction of taxes would give thrm a little more spending money. It mlfiht help out the husbands too, for after all, the present ten percent alloti'd them is pretty small potatoes. The percentage might remain the same under tax reduction, but the amount would be greater. What about it, Ladies?—Portsmouth (Vo.) Star. Of All Places-ln Texas! Of America's 3.0t>7 counties the .smallest now Is—of all places on earth—in Texas! So says the Census Burenu. Four years ago the in point of population was Arms! FOUR County in South Dakota, with 52 Inhubitanns—43 of them Indians. But Armstrong uo\v hat. merged with Dowey County and lost the distinction. Today it's Loving County, with 227 at the last count. With the well known bigiu\st. of everything else, our Lone Star (riond must find a solution (or this by round up time in I960. We know not what, but something suroly. May be some enterprising metro- poli. 1 - can reach out u feu- more hundred miles and cinbnu-p it. Never If I it br said that Loving, in Texas, is as ummpnrtiini us the Census Bureau mnkcs n sound.—Nashville rrcnn.i Banner. Literacy Upheld Among the ninny IPSSOIIS tnught by (lie Thurmond victory is thtU South Ci\voHmi\ns are uol illiterate. They not only were able to "read the political new:; and understand It correctly, but they were able to write in their cmididnte's name on n ballot ringed for his opponent. National Democratic Chairman Stephen Mitchell before the election said that unless the intellisenc? level in South Carolina is higher than the leyel of his home .state of Illinois, the write-in campaign would full. Well?— Charleston News and Courier. SO THEY SAY I think they icollese students) should be allowed to debate it <U.S. recognition of Red Chiniu. I think there's no greiu merit in lynonmce. —Sen. J. Wlliam Fulbriehl (D., Ark. I Roosevelt's good - neighbor polli-'y i toward Latin America! is virtually dead, and (nothing has been put In its place.— Prof. Seymour E. Harris, Harvard authority on Latin-America's economy. McCarthy's Rubicon Erskme Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —(NEA)— Exclusively Yours: Tita Phillips is telling absolutely all in her serialized story of marriage to Edmund " in in Peter tdson's Washington Column — Administration Has a Job Getting Its Foreign Policy Coordinated WASHINGTON —(NEA)— One of the biggest problems of the Elsenhower administration in the coming year will be to get its foreign economic policies straightened out. The lack of coordination on these matters was most recently demonstrated at the Inter-Ameri- cnn Conference of Finance and Economic Ministers in Rio tic Janeiro, Brazil. The U. S. delegation to this all- Important meeting went to Hio with a very definite, carefully worked-out program. Its basis was Unit there would not be any grandiose giveaway to the Latin-Ameri- cnn good neighbors. Instead, they were to be treated as business partners. Individual loans and other assistance were to be offered instead, for sound projects only. The American team to sell this program svns headed by RtcreUry of the Treasury George M. Humphrey. Undersecretary " f Stale Herbert Hoover, Jr., Assistant Secretary of State Henry F. Holland, who Is in charge of intcr-Americfin affairs. Secretary Holland had made a swing around South America hist summer to lay the groundwork for Ibis new policy. Secretary Hoover had previously been employed irs geologist by a number of Latin-American republics, so he knew his Way around, it WHS Sec- relary Humphrey's (rip to the Southern Hemisphere, but he was Mr. U. S. Money. The American delegation had no more tlian arrived in Bio and opened the conference than three things happened. One—Foreign Operations Administrator Harold E. Stassen held a news conference in Washington in which he revealed that the Administration Was considering a new and enlarged Asia aid program, smaller but on the order of the Marshall Plan for Europe. This news, cnbleti to Rio, threw the Latinos into an uproar. The new good-partner program wasn't nny too popular with them in the first place. They all fell that they were Uncle Sam's oldest and best friends and that they had been given the short end of the stick. The United States had given billions of while it American cousins. Now the U. S. was proposing to give other billions to Asia, while It still held out on Latin America. As one Latin-American delegation sokesman explained to Secretary Humphrey In effect: "We know" that what you are proposing for us is right, but you have done such foolish things all over the world, that we think you should give us more, too." Two — Congressman James G. Fulton (R about the opened. postwar aid to Europe, had shortchanged the Pa.) time arrived in Rio the conference ,. ,*...-.., "observer" for the House Foreign Affairs Committee. as But he made a public statement to the effect that Secretary Humphrey had come to Rio "with an empty briefcase." The effect was to make other delegations feel that the policy ol Messrs. Humphrey, Hoover anc Holland did not have the approval of the American Congress. Fulton proposed a billion-dollar aid program for Latin America as a substitute. Three—This idea was further encouraged by Sen. Homer E Cspehart (R., Ind.) who was an official member of the delegation. He announced In Rio that in the next Congress he would propose priority for Latin-American economic aid. It took all the persuasion that Secretaries Humphrey, Hoover and Holland could muster, ably backed up by Assistant Secretary of Uie Treasury Andrew Overby, to prevent the conference from being wrecked. In the end, they think they succeeded. The effects of all this hullabaloo, however, are apt to be just as pronounced in Washington as they were in Rio. In the first place. U is now admitted that Governor Stassen's trial balloon for an Asia aid program was most unfortunate as to timing. This break may hurt more than help what was intended to be a well-meant effort to keep free Asia from going Communist. ("The Egyptian") Purdom London newspaper. It's the frankest printed word age about a Hollywood sta many years. There may be fireworks over their adopted son if Agnes Moore- rcead goes through with her reported plan to divorce Robert Gist. ae's in the cast of the New York company, of "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial." Dennis Morgan is rehearsing a night-club act for Las Vegas and points east. . . . Bill Bendix's wife is in the hospital for a checkup. . . . Time-rushes note: Margaret O'Brien will be 18 In January. Pinky ("The Object of My Affections") Tomlin may have a new song hit In "One. Two, Three, Jump Right Into My Heart." Composed the ballad with Gordon Bishop, who plunks the ivories at the House of Murphy piano bar. BUDDV EBSEN received a cut over his eye on a film location in Nashville. While a doctor was repairing the damage, a native with camera came up and said: "Stand a little closer, make-up man, so I can get a good shot while you're making him up. "Boy, that SURE looks like real blood." The movie slapstick Mack Sennett tells about In his autobiography, "King of Comedy," is being revived in U-I's new flicker, "Third Girl From the Right." Piper Laurie tosses a souffle al Rory Calhoun, empties a plate ol hors d'oeuvres on i sailor and dumps a dish of mashed potatoes on a dowager. Rhonda Fleming Insists there's no new husband Just around the corner following her Switzerland divorce. She's due back in Hollywood next month. . . . Margarel Whiting is preparing a concer ates near it are being chopped up to make room for new houses. Owner Mary Plckford plans to will he hlstorlc-to-movies showplace to a school. PREVIEW r LASHES: "Cry Vengenace" — Msrk Steve-is picks up where he left off as TV's Marin Kane in a cops-and-robbers story. . . . "The Shanghai Story" —Edmund O'Brien escapes from the Reds with the help of Ruth Roman during the Korean War. . . "Trouble in the Glen"—Orson Welles inherits a castle in Scot- and and feuds with his neighbors. . . "The Country Girl" — The 'llm version of Broadway's I960 lit, with Bing Crosby as the alco- lolic stage singer; Grace Kelly as his suffering wife and Bill Hoiden playing the director who helps ilm triumph over the bottle. As potent as a double Martini. tour. . Now it's Diana Lynn . . . . in the race for the Broadway musical version of "Seventh Heaven. ' Hollywood's most famous estate, Pickfair, will not be subdivided even though other large es- ing of an extra point for holding the queen of partner's bid suit The count seemed to come to 12 points, but this was sheer non jnse. Every experienced bridge play er should keep it in the back o his mind that the 4-3-2-1 poin count tends to overvalue queens and jacks. This doesn't mean very much in a hand that has an assortment of aces and. kings as well as queens and jacks, sine everything evens out in such hands. But when a hand contains only queens and jacks, without a single ace or king, the point coun will be quite a bit higher than the true value of the hand. Sunday School Lesson— Written for NTCA Service By WILLIAM E. GILKOY. D.D. of any blessedness of religion that What is glory? And what does it we ourselves have found: fellow- mean to he glorified? ! ship in seeking for ourselves and My dictionary gives eight vari-j others higher attainments in the ous meanings. Glory is distill-1 Christian way; and fulfilling the guisbed honor. exaltation. or ] Master's commission in winning praise" it is the cause or occ.usioiv the world for Him, of such exultation; it is splendor, It is a large and unlimited task grandeur, magnificence: the bliss lor should we call It a privilege) of heaven: Ihe halo that surrounds; o( bearing fruit for God. But a salnl ii is majesty enthroned. 'Christmas, as it emphasizes the I suppose that all such definitions, task, gives resources for its fulflll- arc in our minds as we think of mem. The task flnd the fulfillment the carol of the angels: "Glory lollies in the round of daily privilege God in the highest, and on earth and duty, peace, good will toward men." i "wee Magregor•• jll a famous Bui all these definitions, framed Scottish story asked his father, somewhat in a sense of earthly; "Whit way does Christmas come and human magnificence, seem to but Once a year?" Older folk might me lo fade in the light of the deli- well ask it in nil seriousness. For nitiou of story !hnt Jesus save M Christmas belongs to Ihe woole His disciples. Always in the ntti- year, or it has no really Christian lude and teaching of Jesus, reality : .significance at all. was determined by action and re-! I have never forgotten how once sl|ll i in the hymns lor an ordinary Sun- • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Common Sense Will Pay Dividends By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service Another thing that a queen or unbld to remember 1 Jack in a. shor „„ ..... is very often quite worthless. A queen or jack is a Its most valuable when it is sup porting a king or an ace; and I' is part of a short suit with n higher card. For this reason, Nor* Angela Greene's looking through •ose - colored glasses again now that hubby Stuart Martin is out of the hospital. Nearly lost his life in . an auto accident. Liberace . . . . „„. a passenger in a plane that almost didn't make it to the landing field. Henry Fonda will . . . . repeat his stage starring role in "Point of No Return" when Leland Hayward turns it into a movie. CBS and NBC are bidding for Vanessa Brown's TV show, "Sundays at Vanessa's." Movletown's brainier notables gather in her living room to discuss world affairs instead of box-office totals. Here's one way to bypass the censorship code. Rex Harrison marries six women during a memory lapse in a new British film. Title: "The Constant Husband." AROUND THE TOWN: MoviB star customers provided most of the entertainment at Giro's until now. The new policy of showgirls and variety acts puts the glitter spot on the after-dark must list. . . . Shouldn't Liberace be the star of "Smilin' Through" instead of Van Johnson? . . .. The Mutual television network is considering tel- efilm production. Howard Hughes will premier* Jane Russell's "Underwater" underwater In crystal-clear waterl of Silver Springs, Fla., in January. The press will wear aqualungs or sit in diving bells. At last!—an escape from popcorn munchers .The ushers at this new type of "depthie" will, no doubt, be salmon, and Instead of "Two on the aisle, please," It will be "Two in the isle balcony." If the press doesn't applaud, the trained seals will. Risky, though. No favorable reaction during the film and Hughes has the lost word—no air! IF WE PASS our national debt on the next generation, It will be the end of ancestor worship.—Carlsbad (K.M.) Current-Argus. 15 /n Ago .. rth I should tend to subtract something from the value of his queen of hearts and his Jack of clubs. After North finished subtracting for one thing and another, he had no further bids. He was correct in passing the bid of three spades even though he seemed to have 12 points. The defenders In the actual hand easily won a club, a diamond, and two hearts, holding- the declarer to nine tricks. Q — The bidding has been: South West North East I have been advising players toil club Pass 1 Diamond Pass Mrs. Ramsey Duncan will go to Milan. Tenn.. tomorrow to spend Christmas with her sister, Mrs. W. B. Martin. Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary today when they entertained a few guests at a family dinner at tiieir home. E. C. "Took" Gathings, United States congressman, win be a guest of Dud Cason Post 24 of the American Legion at the barbecue supper tonight at the Hut. Special guests at the supper will be C. J. Evrard and Dan Stout, fathers of veterans. use a point count for about twenty years, so perhaps nobody will object too strongly if I backpedal a bit. Today's hand shows how to do your counting with an admixture tlie presence of ft living Lord. They neetied lo hear no aniie! voices in' the glory of what He was. NORTH * Q J 9 5 * QJ974 4J4 , EAST » A 10 86 YA85 *32 *KQ10732 SOUTH (D) 4 AK1084 V J74 «K5 4 A 95 East-West vul. West North Pass 2 4 Pass Pass South 1 4 3 4 Opening lead — 4 K fast Pass Pass j of common sense. North had no question at his respond. He had an ,« iTirtrv nf whit He was WORTH remeniberinc: A smile is : ,. le gloi J 01 \vn.ii nt. " a". tvvivin .^ j (jj-j;^ turn LO ii;suuiiu. "c unu We need the carol ol the anfels. a curved line <!m strunluens out all ' tomntlc rnisc to two spn des. the glory in the heavens, the a\\v many ways. — Greenmtle derm.I _ _,_,_. _, Hid majesty ol ihe Divine, the joy Sun. to the world m the coming Lord and Savior. Rut. if wi know (ho Lord is eomo. if His spu- . ,fri r 117 itual Presence is a vital experi- tl I I us kit, ence. Ihe Master's words to His disciples concerning i;lory will be I our call lo action and our guide. ; Christmas will be for us ool only' tile, plory on the hills of P.ilcslme. as the angels snni;. bill a uloryj real and near as our lives bear t'.i?, test ot dlsctpleship. the bearing .if I much fruit. ' What does it mean to bear much fruit for Ooci our Fatter? It is ihe fruitfulness of gracious living, u is Ihe fniitlulne s toward the Ka- 1 ther, which means iruUmlness i toward His children: brotherly' love and knu'-rv; ihe he';- -. •! hand; bringing others into (he joy' A misinformed parent is one who thinks his troubles ore over when the k!.-'-, ccl married. <«*• question — to rebid or not? The original count of the South hand was 15 points in high cards and 1 point for the doubleum. After the raise, however. South was entitled to count an additional point for his length in soaries. This made his total count 17 points. It was possible for North to have about 9 points for the raise to two spades, so South could see some reasonable chance for game. Hence South made the invitational rebid of three spades. In such a situation. North Is expected to go on to game If he has 8 or n points but to pass below game if he has only 6 or 7 points. North counted 9 points in high cards and 2 points for I the two doublcfgm, to sny noli*- Help Wanted Answer to Previous Puzzl* ACROSS '• 1 Taxi driver 4 clerk 8 Flag . sitter 12 Winslike part 13 Individuals 14 Region 15 Posed 16 Limits 18 Landed properties 20 Expunge i 21 Worm : 22 Finishes ' 24 Harbor 26 Kind of cheese . 27 Likely 30 Each 32 Closer ! 34 Swerved i 35 Realm 36 Abstract being 37 Tears 39 Grade I 40 store clerk i 41 Male child j 42 Pigpens : 45 Silly 49 Met for discussion '51 Placed. '52 Poker stake 53 Toward the sheltered side 54 Handy 55 Uncouth person 56 Cheats 57 Musical. direction I DOWN I 1 Social — worker 2 Sorrowiul cry 3 Electric current producers 4 Strongholds 5 Arrow poison 6 Inferior 7 Suffix 8Coup!ss 9 Whale genus 10 Permits 11 Relax 17 Ransom 19 Fall flower 23 Baseball '-earns 1'. 'repare the •-ay 25 Jnclosed 2d Cloud u o e R P A E T R O R ID C A A U '3 T T O -3 M I N V A n> S A R V_ f= N S *» E t: e N 1 | R E p e M O CJ & bi £ K E M 1 T 1= M e A R A H O V A U Y E U L_ S *J o !p K[A O|T 5|A E|N -J. M A ^ G S K V A A 1 D b£ « ^ "S O B T A & O R B A T T R E T G E T R E E K B B LE|R EiS Tp U E e T 27 poctrines of Arius 28 Impudent 29 Woody plant 31 Shade, of red 33 Dress protector 38 Lustrous ' 40 Postpone 42 Wound covering 43 H. G. Wells' Bungay" 44 Preposition 46 Ooze 47 Tidy 48 Volcano 41 Lateral parts 50 Scrap of clot! 1 IZ 15 IS 1 li 30 J) % n VI 52 55 15 ,}"" 3 21 W 4 <;'/ *) 5 » '%. 31 il ^ 26 ^ W 63 U •) 22 '/-•', 35 * l i ' // ':-'. U a * ty: % 1 A) <4 •ii & <\ €: V> in i U >l W B p a « 17 "W 17

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