Kingsport Times from Kingsport, Tennessee on October 20, 1947 · Page 4
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Kingsport Times from Kingsport, Tennessee · Page 4

Kingsport, Tennessee
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Monday, October 20, 1947
Page 4
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Mnndny. Ortolwr 20, 11)17 K t n g s p i i r t Suites In Tennessee 130-33 K. R*t ·tr««t. l£inir*porv l*nn Mem Dei oi tn« AUDciniea fre*», bouinero Newspaper FubUberK Aiaoclatlon and tne Audit Bureau ol Circulation* PublUhed each afternoon, except Saturday and Buadaj Tb* Associated Preac la exclusively entitled to tb» ut» foi publication 01 all new* dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper «.nd mso the local new* published Herein Entered tit oost office at Klngspon Term as cecond elus mall matUr October 97. 1944. unde UM Act of tiarcU 8, 1870 Subscription rate by mail: First and Second PostaJ Zone, Daily and Sunday, One 5cnr Sp.OO. By carrier: Dally and Sunday. One Week 30c, Today's Bible Though! Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this Is right.--Eplicskins (1:1, "A" " " Washington Merry-Go-Round By Drew Pearson ., Washington--One of the most important treasures of war information in existence are the Nazi ,,,,,,_,, _ o ._.. files seized by the U. S. Army after it entered wncn the area was annexed by Germany. The Nazis were methodical keepers of jf or ih Carolina, and Evan Shelby, records, and almost everything they did, ranging wno wag gj vcn the same position n.y Hilton Under Slate Adjutant General s The early inhabitants of Tennessee took an active part in the American Revolution, but in general it was a guerrilla type of warfare. Their operations took place' under the command of John Sovler, who had been appointed colonel-commandant in Washington County f r o m conferences with Hitler to actions by deputy f u e h r e r s , was f a i t h f u l l y recorded and filed away. In the opinion of Secretary of the Army Ken- in S u l l i v a n County when it wan formed later. Their distant and inaccessible ______ _____ ..... ____ ..... _________ neth Royall, these papers, which throw significant position among the mountain fast- The Times' DaJly Tonic Let thy child's first lesson be obedience, and the ·econd will be what thou wilt. -- Franklin. Three Reasons A southern writer, saying he is sick of hearing that the United States must continue to pour its material wealth into Europe, or else -- asks the question, "Is it charity, blackmail or cold war with Russia?" By blackmail, he means are the nations of Europe forcing us to take care of them under threat of turning to Russia? If it is supposed to be charity, why limit our efforts to western Europe? People are also starving in eastern Europe and in Asia. If it is "blackmail," why don't we tell Europe to go ahead and turn to Russia and see how they like it? And if it is a "cold war" with Russia, what is it about? The conclusion seems to be that there is not sufficient reason for this extraordinary program, and we are pauperizing ourselves, or at least greatly weakening ourselves, for no good purpose. The trouble is that behind the present program is a very complex situation, and there is something of all three reasons for it. It is charity, certainly. People are desperately in need of help, little people, women and children. It doesn't make it less charity as far as they are concerned, that lots of other people are hungry too and we are doing more for some than for others. It does not make it less charity that there are other and more selfish motives for giving them this help. They do need it desperately. Blackmail is a harsh word. We do have a "fear" that unless the people get relief from us they will turn to communism. That is not a threat on their part, but an inevitable eventuality. They will have no other recourse. That is best made clear by saying that to the average person in Europe, the situation between democracy and communism is something like the difference between Republicans and Democrats to us. When one party by failure and ineptitude convinces the people that they cannot do the job, the people turn to the other. It isn't a threat. It's an inevitability. Today there are two forces pulling the people of Europe. It's a mistake to think that it is a question of which way the people lean. The masses of the people are not leaning either way- They are not pro- democracy or pro-communism. They are not pro anything in particular. The bulk of the people are the almost inert metal in the center. The active protagonists for democracy and communism are the two magnets at either end. The iron is going to answer to the pull of the stronger magnet. "If the forces of democracy in western Europe are weak and cannot get outside help, the forces of communism will almost certainly be given the chance to see what they can do with the outside help they can get. So, if we are agreed that we have 4ome interest in keeping democracy alive in western Europe, then there is reason to say we are forced, or if you prefer, "blackmailed," by circumstances to do something about it. The answer to, "Is it a cold war with Russia?" is also yes. It is yes because it is generally agreed there is no if about our own selfish interest in keeping democracy alive in western Europe. If we say that it makes no difference to us, of course the selfish motive for action is eliminated. But it should not be difficult to see what will happen if western Europe goes the way of eastern Europe. It should not be difficult to see that political control means economic control. If we look no further forward than that, we see a picture of Europe with puppet Communist governments on strings attached to the strong fingers in Moscow. There will be plenty of Titos allowed to strut as Strong Men with all the trappings of a self-sufficient government, but who, like Tito, do not dare breathe a thought in conflict with their master's voice. It should not be difficult to see that our foreign trade under conditions like that will be subject to Russian control. Oho, so it's cold-blooded business? Exactly. Because "cold-blooded business" is a synonym* for "jobs for American people," and the standard of living in this country which is based on those jobs. When the United States does not have free access to the markets of the world (and it will not have if Russia ever controls the eastern hemisphere, which is undoubtedly the goal of Moscow), the United States' economic strength, and its standard of living will shrink up considerably. Yes, it is charity, and blackmail and cold war. light on how we "can avoid, war in the future, should be made available to the "American people. American soldiers gave their blood' to capture them, and Royall has tried to" persuade the State Department the files to the public. nesses and in the obscurity of the valleys of the Holston River was well adapted to sudden, forceful attack and immediate retreat. Although this was the general However, Wall Street banker Bob Lovett, Act- type of fighting called for in their ing Secretary of State, feels otherwise. And fol- area of operations, these leaders lowing his usual hush-hush policy, these revealing possessed s u f f i c i e n t tactical skill papers have been kept secret. This column, however, has been able to obtain one sensational Nazi document giving the minutes of the meeting at which Hitler's advisers plotted the master-plan for the extermination of European Jews. The meeting was held on Jan. 20, 1942. And while history has now shown what happened since, the public does not know the names of the men who planned this mass extermination and the detailed way in which they worked it out. Furthermore, despite the long-drawn-out war to wage battles of fixed positions as well. In 1780, Sevier and Shelby were two of the four'leaders serving under a guerrilla captain named McDowell. In the latter part of that year, when they were encamped on the French Broad River, McDowell sent Shelby and another leader to disperse a force of Tories on the Enoree River. Riding hard, they crimes trials at Nuremburg, these men have not -made a wide detour of Patrick yet been indicted. Minutes of this Berlin conference record in cold type the plan to put Jews in work camps and literally, work them to death, or as the Nazi record puts it "fall out through natural diminution." "The remnant that finally is able to survive all this," states the conference memo, "must be given, treatment accordingly," since they might become "the gerrn cell of a new Jewish movement, should they be allowed to go free." Pertinent parts of the minutes of this conferr ence to decide the fate of European Jewry follows: "1. The following persons took part in the conference on the final solution of the Jewish problem held on 20 January 1942 in Berlin, am Grossen Warinsee No. 56/58: "Gauleiter Dr. Meyer and Reichsamtsleiter Dr. Leibrandt, Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories; State Secretary Dr. Stuckart, Reich Ministry of the Interior; State Secretary Naumann, Commissioner for the Four-Year Plan; State Secretary Dr. Freisler, Reich Ministry of Justice; State Secretary Dr. Buehler, Office of the Governor General; Under State Secretary Luther, Foreign Office; SS-Oberfuehrer Klopfer, Party Ferguson's encampment of British regulars and Tories between them and their objective. When . they arrived near daybreak a short distance from the enemy's camp, the Tories broke and fled without putting up any resistance. The Tennesseans pursued them hotly, but in the course of the chase, a farmer warned them of a large force of regular troops near,by coming to reinforce the enemy. Both men and horses were tired. Retreat was impossible. Breastworks were hastily improvised, and other preparations were made for a desperate defense. A short time later, the British Colonel Innes arrived with six hundred regulars and a rabble of Tories. He attacked immediately and pushed back a small detachment the Americans had sent out to try to keep him from crossing the river. But when he struck Harvest Moon Chancellery, Ministerialdlrekter Kritzinger, Reich" their main defense, the frontiers- Chancellery; SS-Gruppenfuerher Hofmann, Race and Settlement Main Office. men held their position and drove back the attackers time and again. "II. At the beginning of the meeting the Chief But the onslaught was stubborn, of the Security Police and the SD, SS-Obcrgrup- p e n f i i e h r c r Heydrich, reported his appointment by and the Americans were j u s t , beginning to yield when Colonel the Reichsmarschall to Commissioner for' Innes was wounded severely, the preparation of the final solution of the European Jewish problem, and he pointed out then that the officials had been invited to this conference in order to clear up the fundamental problems. The Rcichsmarschall's request to have a draft submitted to him on the organizational, physical and material requirements with respect to the final solution of the European Jewish problem necessitated this previous general cpnsulta- tlon by all the central offices directly concerned, in order that there should be coordination in the policy. "The primary responsibility for the administrative handling of the final solution of the Jewish problem will rest centrally with the Reichsfuehrer- SS and the Chief of the German Police (Chief of the Security Police and the SD)--regardless of geographic-boundaries. "The Chief of the Security Police and the SD thereafter gave a brief review of the. battle conducted up to now against these enemies. The most important phases are "A/ Forcing the Jews out of the various phases of the community life of the German people. "B/ Forcing the Jews out of the lebensraum-of the German people. 'Final Solution' Of Jews '· "Meanwhile, in view of the dangers of an emigration during the war and in view of the possibilities in the East, the Reichsfuehrer-SS and the Chief of the German Police had forbidden the emigrating of the Jews. "III. The emigration program has now been replaced by the evacuation of the Jews to the East as a f u r t h e r solution possibility, in accordance with previous authorization by the Fuehrer. "These actions are of course to be regarded only aa a temporary substitute; nonetheless here already the practical experience has been acquired which in view of the coming final solution of the Jewish problem is of great importance. "In the course of this final solution of the European Jewish problem approximately eleven million Jews are involved. They are distributed among the individual countries as follows: (then follows a list of all European countries and their Jewish population, even including England, Ireland, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries not occupied by Hitler. The fact that these countries, together with Russia were included in Nazi tabulations, would Indicate that Hitler planned to take all the countries of Europe and exterminate the Jews. At the time of this conference, Jan. 20, 1942, Pearl Harbor had just crippled the American fleet, the Japs were rushing toward India and the Germans still figured on taking Stalingrad.) "In the Jewish population figures given for the various foreign countries, however, only those of Jewish faith are included, as the stipulations for defining Jews along racial lines still are in part lacking there. The treatment of the problem as regards the general attitude and viewpoint will meet with certain difficulties in the v'arious countries, especially in Hungary and Rumania. It is still possible today In Rumania, for example, for the Jew to acquire for money the right documents to give him official proof of a foreign nationality. "The influence of the Jews in all territories in the USSR\ is known. In the European part of 'Russia there arc perhaps five million Jews, in Asiatic Russia hardly one-fourth million. "Broken · down according to occupations, the Jews living In the European part of the USSR were about as follows: In agriculture, 9-1 per cent; as urban workers, 14.8 per cent; in commerce, 20.0 per cent; employed as government workers, 23.4 per cent; in private professions--medicine, press, theater, etc., 32.7 per cent. "Under proper direction the Jews should now, in the course of the final solution, be brought to the East in a suitable way for use as labor, in big labor gangs, with separation of the' sexes, the Jews capable of work are brought to these areas and employed in roadbuilding, in which task undoubtedly a great part will fall out through natural diminution. "The remnant that finally is able to survive all this--since this is undoubtedly the part with the strongest resistance--must be given treatment accordingly, since these people, representing a natural .selection, are to bo regarded as the germ cell of a new Jewish problem in the Government Genera! is primarily the responsibility of the Chief of the Security Police and the SD and his work was supported by the agencies of the Government _Gcnoral. He had only one request, that the Jewish problem in this territory be solved as quickly as possible. "In conclusion the various kinds of solutions were discussed, a.nd here both Gauleiter Dr. Meyer and also State Secretary Dr. Buehler advocated that certain preparatory tasks in the course of the final solution be performed immediately in the territories concerned; in this, however, any disturbing; of the population must be avoided. "With the request of the Chief of the Security Police and the SD to those participating in the conference to afford him their support in the carrying out of the tasks in connection with the solution, the conference was concluded." Let's stop talking about the next war and try to stress a way to attain a present peace.--Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Chaos ought to be eliminated by Britain and her people by going to work. Before they us for a n y t h i n g more, they ought to show some evidence of good faith and willingness to work. My answer to him (Bevin) would be "forget it and go to work."--Rep. John Taber (R) of New York. When their leader fell, the Tories retreated immediately, and their action demoralized the regulars. Recognizing and seizing the opportunity of the moment, the Americans pursued the enemy to win a decided victory. The Tories all escaped, but the Americans rode back home that night with two h u n - dred prisoners, all British regulars. From that day until this, Tennessee's military men, her citizen- soldiers, have been highly important in fighting the nation's battles. Among m a n y instances, there were Andrew Jackson and his Tennesseans at New Orleans, and the brilliant record of the Tennessee National Guard units in both World Wars. In Hollywood By Erskine Johnson NEA Staff Correspondent Washington Calling Book Guidepost By Marquis Childs By W. O. Rogers "The Saxon Charm," by Frederic Wakeman (Rinehart; $2.75). First it was the Army, at ease, in "Shore Leave"; then the radio, behind the scones, In "The Hucksters," and in Wakeman's third novel, it's the theater, with Matt Saxon the producer and Eric Busch the playwright. Saxon has something, a charm that slays the women, a brilliance that i n t r i g u e s Eric, and a reputation that extends from New York to Hollywood and London. But he has something else, u possessivencss, a domineering attitude, an irresistible urge to make playwrights work their stuff over and over and, above all, a savage and uncontrollable temper. In some respects Wakeman ha.s done better than this and in others, worse. The brashness and the ex- Hollywood-- Back-stage gossip' to aggerations that helped importantly to secure a wide reading for him before are toned down. On the other hand the little faults that' marred the first two books are being corrected; this is more mature. I resented the others, though they held the contrary, Loretta Young swears she and Gary Grant hit 'it off fine as co-stars of "The Bishop's Wife." She told me: "I was worried about working with .Cary, so I talked to Irene Dunne and'MyrnaLoy before start- my interest; this one I could read ing the picture. They told me: 'He'll wear you clown, Loretta, but only because he's such a perfectionist.' After two daya I got used to him but I don't think Sam Goldwyn ever did." · Loretta just got back to Holly- or not, but I respect it. -M · TwT By Tom O'Neill "How to Figure the Odds," by Oswald Jacoby (Doubleday; $2.50). Ozzie Jacoby admits he can't tell London -- Anyone who travels?! across Europe today must, if he looks at the facts, come to at least one conclusion: The tides of political and social change cannot be reversed by any fiat laid down in America. Here in the home of the mother of parliaments and the mother of parliamentary socialism, that becomes even more obvious than it is on the Continent. MlllidYis of Britons have grown up to believe that socialism will bring greater rewards and satisfactions than capitalism ever could. Other millions of Britons believe their fellow citizens have a right to choose socialism if they are In the majority, Shortly before he left for home, Congressman Christian H e r t e r, chairman of the important House committee surveying Europe's resources, called on three leaders of the Conservative Party -- Lord Woolton, Anthony Eden and R. A. Butler. The latter is the author of the party's official program, so far- reaching in terms of social responsibility as to scare so-called conservatives in America out of their wits. Herter asked all jthree men the same question. What would be the effect on the Conservative Party, of a provision written into- the Marshall Plan f o r b i d d i n g f u r t h e r nationalization? They all gave the same reply--it would be absolutely fatal. The Conservative Party could not support the plan if it contained such a provision even though the Conservatives here at home are violently 'op- Our Yesterdays 10 Years Ago A man arrested on a public drunkenness charge and handcuffed shook loose from officers in Old Kingsport, plunged into the Holston River and was carried helplessly 100 yards downstream before being rescued in a boat. 15 Years Ago Police Chief C. G. Crawford announced he would have policemen stationed at each corner of the ring to keep irate fans off an unpopular wrestler who was to make a second appearance at the Kingsport Athletic Club Arena. The East Tennessee Division of the Southern Baptist Women's Missionary Union met at Kingsport's First Baptist Church. A torchlight parade was held to boost the 1932 "Kingsport Days" trade event, ' . Corner Window By W. .1. McAuIiffe For .some yearn the dog haa not only had his day, but his Week, and if you have wondered why somebody didn't so. a similar lerv- ice for Cats, you can relax. It'* been done. There is a National Cat Week. National Cat Week is the tim« when we must all pitch in and ssvv« American cats. What we are to save them from is a little hazy but sav« 'cm we must. The cat is a wonderful ereaturt. She (also he) has marvelous qualities. In fact the cat is the Purrfect Animal. Cats for some reason are always thought of as females, just as Doga are usually thought of as Males. Possibly there is some connection with the fact that dogs alwayf chase cats, and cats always rua away in pretended fear. The cat however is not the weak creature she leads the poor dumb dog to believe and when she decides there has been enough running, Air. Dog who has been trying to catch her wishes he hadn't So cats do not need to be saved from Dogs. Quite Vice Versa in fact. ' A cat is notoriously clean and is always washing her face. However pointing this out as a good example to Junior is not wise. Suppose he started spitting on his hands and ' smearing his face? Yet we call the Cat an animal with clean habits. Cats also catch mice. And eat them. Which really is a most disgusting diet for a creature that pretends to be aa fastidious -as a cat. ft Cat lovers want to do something about the way the Cat's character has been defamed. For one thing they insist that something should be done to stop referring to a disagreeable woman as a cat. That's an insult--to the cat. They also point out that real cats do not go about making nasty remarks about their fellow cats, so that the use of the expression "catty remarks" is completely indefensible. The cat is one of the most beautiful animala in creation, also one of the most innocent looking. But' she can use those wicked claws in the most unexpected way. ·ti It is also lamentable that cats have a bad reputation for night life. That, says a cat lover, is simply due to the fact that the cat doesn't keep quiet about his philandering as some other creatures do, but lets the whole neighborhood know. And how! Anyway the country is called upon to rally the week of November 2 and go all out to Save Our Cats. And if you don't know from what, you should find out at once. If they aren't saved, it will be m national cat-astrophe. Program For WKPT, NBC, Kingsport wood after seven weeks of location you how to win when you gamble, posed to any more nationalization. at Eugene, Ore., on "Rachel." The morning after her arrival in Eugene, she went to mass at the only Catholic Church there and then whispered to the priest: "I want to get home to my husband in a hurry. Please pray that it doesn't rain." There were only seven days of rain in the entire seven weeks. If he knew any sure way he would keep it to himself. But he thinks if true odds are known it's a cinch to stay out of the sucker class whether betting on the world series or taking out double indemnity insurance. Ozzie, mathematical wizard and insurance actuary, is one of the best bridge players in the world, dozen tables Such a provision would be taken as a barrier to the sovereign right of the free British citizen. The word of Woolton, chairman of the party, and Eden, former foreign secretary and one of the most influential Conservatives, can hardly be challenged. It therefore becomes clear that any attempt to write in a provision forbidding na- His book contains a T-T « T-r giving the correct odds in various tionalization will be in reality an Joan Fontaine celebrated her 10th 8 am es of chance. One can hardly attempt to defeat cooperation be- anniversary in Hollywood. No, tote his book around and peruse it tween Europe and America. Olivia de Havilland didn't send her * efore tossing, coins for a drink or On the other h a n d / t his does not playing a rubber, but some knowl- m ean that the United States will edge of his principle, he thinks, be powe rless to influence European would correct the ignorance of most .. . . people. He has some distinctive congratulations. Tierney Gains Weight Lawrence ' (Dillinger) Tierney economic policy in the spending of American dollars for American .-1400 ON XOOB 01*1.- Mondny P. M. 3: JO--News 3:45--Right to Hnpplness 4:00--Backstage Wile 4:15--Stclltt Dallas 4:30--Lorenzo, Jones 4:45--Young Wlddcr Brown 5:00--When A Girl Marries 5:15--Portia Faces Life 5:30--Music from the Movies 5:45--Dance time 6:00--News 6:15--Time Out 6:20--Interlude 6:JO--Sports News 6:45--Orchids for Remembrance 1:00--Supper Club 7:15--News of the, "World 7:30--Music In the Morgan Manner 7:45--Kenny Baker 8:00--Cavalcade of America 8:30--Nostalgia 8:00--Telephone Hour 9:30--Frankle Carle 9:45--Mr. Jaycee 10:00--Contented Hour 10:30--Fred Waring 11:00--Dance Music 11:15--News of the World 11:30--1400 Frolic 12:00--News 12:05--Sllen* Tuesday A.M. 5:30--Gloom chaser 6:25--News «:30-- Gloom. Chaser 8:45-- News 6:51) -- Spike Jones 0:55 -- Gloom Chnser 7:00 -- Nova time 7:06-- QJoom Chaser 7:15 -- News 7:20 -- Gloom Chaser 7:25 -- Fun at Breakfast 7:30 -- Frank Sinatra 7:J5 -- Gloom Chaser 7:40 -- News 7:45 -- Gloom chaser 8:00 -- World News Roundup 8:15 -- Meet the Band 8:30 -- Richard Lelbert. Organ 8:45 -- Morning Meditation* 8:00-- News 9:05-- Nine O'clock KP 9:30 -- crib club 9:49-- Claudia 10:00 -- Fred Waring 10:30 -- Road of Life 10:49 -- Joyce Jordan 11:00-- News 11:05-- Interlude 11:19 -- Katie's Daughter 11:30-- Dance Music 11:45-- Carolina Pali P.M. 13:00 -- Man On Th« Strwt 12:15-- Harkneil 12:30 -- Carolina Pali 12:46 -- New: 1J:50 -- Luncheon Music 1:00 -- Siesta Serenade 1-30 -- Robert McCormick 1:45-- Believe It Or Not 3:00--Today'i Children 2:15--Woman In Whlt« 2:27--Holly Sloane 2:40--Betty Crocker 2:45--Light of the World 3:00--Life Can Be Beautiful 3:15--Ma Perkins 3:30--News 3:35--Tills Rhythmic Age 3:45--Right to Happiness 4:00--Backstage Wl» 4:15--Stella Dallas 4:30--Lorenzo Jones 4-45--Young wldder Browi- - 5:00--When A Girl Marri«» 5:15--Portia Faces Llf« 5:30--Music From The Movies 5:45--Dance tim« 8:00--News 6:15--Time Out 6:20--Interlude 6:30--Sports. News 5:45^-Blue Barron's OrtjL. 7:00--Sunaer Club 7:15--News oi th« World 7:30--Sammy Kaye'a Orem. 7-45--Sports Review 8:00--Milton Berle 8ho» 8:30--Date With Judy 9:0--Amos n* Andy 1:30--Fibber McOe« * Molly 10:00--It's Dreamtlm* 10:30--Red Skelton 11:00--Dane* Music 11:19--Newi oi th« WorM 11:30--1400 Frolic 12:00--News 12:05--SUent looks so well and has gained so views on insurance, based urjpn his commodities. But the influence much weight, since escaping from those Lost Week-Ends, that I didn't recognize him visiting an RKO set. He's still on milk punch and is ready to return to the screen. RKO wanted to give him,another.gang- ster role in "The Window," but he turned it down, and is holding, out for a sympathetic role. views of the odds and gives tips on how to choose an employer. If the total program of the men in power today is advice to eat less --we shall eat less and less and less as inflation increases and a depression is made inevitable.-Henry A. Wallace. Side Glances "I'm glad to be home! When, after only three weeks, relatives say they can't think of any place else to take you, it's time to leave!" must be.indirect rather than direct. Thus, conditions might be laid, down in the Marshall Plan law specifying definite increases in production from year to year. It could be made perfectly plain that, in the America view, further nationalization would interfere with increased productivity. Some such reasonable approach, satisfactory to the American taxpayer, can be worked out. Anf/ arbitrary dictate is certain to mean the death of all hope of cooperation for recovery and reconstruction of the West. This is precisely the opportunity that the extreme left wing of the British Labor Party and the Communist leftists on the continent of Europe are praying for. They are prepared to exploit it to the fullest to isolate America, both economically and politically, f r o m the rest, of the world. Both in Britain and the United States, the actuality of Britain's plight is too often ignored or it is deliberately obscured. It happened that a socialist government came to powc£ at the very moment of the gravest British economic crisis of the past 125 years. When the Conservative Party went down to defeat two years ago, a colleague is said to have remarked to Winston Churchill that it was a blessing in disguise, since whatever government was in power would be faced with the cumulative troubles of a century or more. Churchill is reported to have replied that, so far as he was concerned, the disguise was complete. ,To many the disguise is complete. This includes many who want to exploit the crisis to discredit the Labor Party. But the fact is that Britain's economic Dunkirk has little to do with socialism or the tri- umph'of the Labor Party. The causes of that crisis are complex and varied. They extend back to the time when England was at the peak of her economic and military power at the end of Queen Victoria's long reign. During that long period of power and prosperity, Britain had b u i l t up an economic umbrella consisting of Investments held in various parts of the world and particularly in America. Program For WNVA, Mutual, Norton ·1450 ON VOUK DIAL' M«n«a? P.M. 3:35--Tin Pan Alloy 4:15--Johnson Family 4:30--HI Neighbor Club (con'tt 5:00--Hop Harrigan 5:15--Superman 5:30--Captain Midnight 6:45--Tom Mix 6:00--Pops! Cola World News 0:15--Time Round-Op 6:30--Pleasure Parade 6:45--Five Minute Mystery 6:50--Musical Scoreboard 7:00--Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:la--K-B Supper Club 7:30--Henry J. Taylor 7:45--Inside Of Sports 8:00--Scotland Yard '8:30--Clmrlie Chan B:55--Newa 0:00--Gabriel Hcatter 0:15--Real Stories 0:30--Guy Lombarclo 10:00--Fishing And Hunting Club 10:30--Sign Oft A.M. «:00--aim On 6:00--Hillbilly Roundup 7:00 Poor Man's Alarm Clock--Part 1 1:lfl--Morning News With Bill Bcncscb 7:30--Poor Man's Alarm Clock--Part 1 7:50--Virginia News 8:00--Homes On The Land 1:15--Halsllp Blrthdaj CluD 1:30--Apron Strings Serenade 9:00--Editor's Diary B:15--Shopper's Quid* 9:30--MornlnR Devotional i: 4B--Mld-Mornlni ttuslcsle 10.00--Cecil Brown 10:15--1450 Club 11:15--Tell Your Neighbor 11:30--Heart's Desire e.M 13:00--Kate Smith Speaks 12: IS--Boiling's Hit of th« 12:20--Virginia News--World Briefs 13:30--Cumberland Valley Boys 12:45--Treasury Ouxt »t«* 1:00--Ma Perkins 1:15--Red Hook--31 1:30--Quaker City amoad* 1:45--checkerboard Jamboree 3:00--Queen For A Day 3:30--Martin Block Show 3:30--HI Neighbor Club 4:15--Johnson Family 4:30--Hi Neighbor Club (Con't) 5:00--Hop Harrigan 5:15--Superman 5:30--Captain Midnight 5:45--Tom Mix 6:00--Pepsi Cola World News 6:15--Time Roundup 6:30--Norhi Program 7:00--Pulton Lewis, Jr. 7:15--K-B Supper Club 7:30--Klwanis 8:00--Mysterloua Travels? C30--Official DetlctlT* 9:00--Gabriel Butter 9:15--Real Stories 9:30--Zane Grey 8ho« 10:00--American Forum ol tht Air Out Our Way MA, WILL VOU MAKE HIM STOP THIS? WHEN THE ^BV GCTS HOME HE'LL WANT HIS PA. TO DO IT, AKJD HIS PA CAM'T" I KNOW/ WHV MOTHERS GET (SRAV

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