The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1956 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1956
Page 7
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he fell asieep, £,an large semi-unit went into » near New Hampton, its 12 tons of cargo. He onfr slightly injured KEN & LEO'S "1*0 it always tickled to get ANOTHER CUSTOMER!" There'* nothing we won't do id please any of our many fine customer*. KtH & LtO'S Bulk Tank Wagon Service Phillips "66" Service Phone 967 last State St. Rwings CHttIS REESE A tllll* «f fhli, • tl»l« Of Thi»; Net MnCh e< Afljrthlftg Yep, you'r* fight—th*r« was Ho column Bunk in last week's Upper Des Moines because on account of I was having fun in Tucson, Arizona, on vacation, and there sure is a part of these United States where it is swell to exist. Yes, it was plenty hot but it was a heat which doesn't warp a guy all to pieces like we experience in KossUth county, or Iowa, so to speak. Somehow the heat in Arizona doesn't hurt a bit. And there are some wonderful places to see and visit True, Arizona is really'a big desert. But if you sprinkle the ground with water, in a short time there cOmes grass shooting out of the earth, nice green grass like we grow in jowa. Yes, Arizona grows beautiful lawns, where they are sprinkled with water, and the lot next to your lawn is just really gravelly 'desert. And the sun has extra-ordinary rays which push against a gent in a sort of heating fashion, but they don't soak into your hide like hot sun rays in Iowa, so to speak. And then when the sun hides it- self for the night thermometer readings go down enough so that you can sure snore your head off all night. Yep, Arizona is a nice big state of deserts galore but they are held at bay in swell fashion with water sprinkling and flowers and brush and grass stand out in the same green fashion as is the style in Iowa. Yep, ihe farmer population in Arizona is of a good per cent, too, but there are no fields of corn. Fields of grain and extensive pastures make up the farm area. And it's a cinch that cattle bo- come one of the big production ' in the stale. True you find no cattle barns like we have in Iowa, but talk about herds of cattle, yes they have them in Arizona. And so it was that I saw cowboys, lots of them, just dressed like they are in T-V, a bushel basket sort of hat and a real six-shotter belt, and a sort of boot instead of shoes. But the Arizona cowboys are nice folks at that. I met several and their visiting was really good and they sure know what they are talking about regarding the" herd and cattle growth in that country; ___()___• Made Ihe trip to Tucson, Ariz., by way of airship—and it was a real airship at that. Seats for 80 passengers. And the air sailing was really a pleasure. The only objection I could file against the air flight was that the ship traveled at a 10,000 foot height and as a result you couldn't get much of earth sight. And while ALGONA, IOWA, TUtSDAY, JUNE 26, 1956 VOL. 93 - NO. you are a passenger on one of the flight ships you are fastened into your seat by way of a heavy belt and the hostesses march back and forth through the aisle and keep a close watch on you— the belt must be tight about you every minute. Yes, it was flying alright but I would have gotten a bigger kick out of the trip had they sailed at about a 5,000 feet altitude so I could have gotten a better view of mother earth as we traveled through the heights. —O~—« And those airship* sure are speedy—an average of 300 miles an hour. And they have no cross-roj\ds stops or other traffic problems, they just speed ahead. But it is noticeable how the air speed acts upon folks in different ways. For instance there was one lady passenger who stuffed cotton in her ears anil leaned forward sickly when there' was a seeming shake on the part of the plane. In fact she became, so ill that she had to be carried off the plane at Tucson. After a few minutes on the ground and n on her feet she was alright again. That seems to be the way an air flight affects some people. And when the plane is landing, with turns and curves as it lowers, some folks approach a sickness and weakness. Yes, air flight sure does have different affects on folks. We were four hours in the air, over 10,000 feet ' above the fields. Truly air flight traveling is good to get places in the shorter time but it has a distinctive effect on passengers in many different ways. But if you ever want to make a trip of travel where the distance reaches into the 1,500 or 2,000 mileage then I suggest you take the plane, because on account of you get there much quicker. And, after all, a travel amongst the clouds is a most unusual one, so to speak. And of one thing you can be certain, travel by air is most distinctively smooth, none of the shaking and bumping you get driving the car over the bumpy highway like we have in many areas today. Father Schumacher Will Head Fall Tour, Europe Rev. L. C. Schumacher, well- known pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic church, Bode, will be off to Europe again early this fall. He will serve as spiritual director of the 1956 National Autumn Pilgrimage to Ireland and western Europe, sponsored by the Guild of Catholic Travel, to begin in September. Persons interested in taking the tour may travel by steamer or plane. The party will leave New York, and those taking to the sea will leave on the Cunard Line Brittanica Sept. 6. arriving home 41 days later. Those wishing to fly will make the trip across the Atlantic by Swissair Sept. 12, and their trip will last 31 days. The ten day difference in length of the two trips is due only to the length of time taken by ship, compared to airliner. The rest of the trip is identical. After a tour of many scenic points of interest in Ireland, a night steamer will take the party to London for two days of sightseeing. Another night steamer trip will lake the group to Holland for a sightseeing tour of the Hague. The tourists then go by train to Cologne and Heidelberg, Germany, then to Lucerne, Switzerland. The next stop is Venice, Italy, then on to Rome for four days, where an audience with Pope Pius XII will be petitioned. From Rome, on to Pisa &nd the leaning tower, then to Nice, Carcassonne, Lourdes and Paris, France. Members of Ihe party making the trip by air will leave directly from Paris for New York, the sea-going members will travel Fr. L. C. Schumacher from Paris to Cherbourg for the return voyage on the Queen ( Mary. There will be special devotions along the way at some of the most famous churches and shrines in the world, and there will also be plenty of chances for tourists to do a little extracurricular sightseeing on theh' own during the trip. According to Fr. Schumacher, "Autumn is the most glorious time to visit Europe. The weather is delightfully comfortable and transportation facilities are un- crowded." Bon Voyage! Thrifty Shopping Tips FROM YOUR FRIENDLY STORE RANDOM RAMBLINGS by RUSK THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDAY SPECIALS Hope all you good folks have • fine time over the coming holiday. Also hope you will remember to drive carefully — let's all do our part to prevent accidents. If you are troubled with weeds growing in sidewalk cracks, sprinkle a little common salt on them. Will do the job. The pesky ants are coming to life in droves — or have you noticed? Keep food covered up. If you want something to deal with ants, we have it. If you are tired -and jumpy try stretching out on your livingroom floor for 10 or 15 minutes. They say it really relaxes a person. In the words of Chief Himbeokay of the Sioux Indians: "Stay Loose", Wear comfortable clothing, get enough rest and quit worrying. You won't mind the heat so much. People aren't suffering from the heat half as much as farm animals. Now is the time when a little shade in the pasture is worth its weight in gold, the farmers tell us. • • * Drop in and try one of our "Fountain Coolers" the next time you are in our neighborhood. We have some new recipes. Coty Face Powder AND FRENCH FORMULA Liquid Make-Up fp Regular $2.10 Value BOTH fj 50 1 1-Doz. Target FOR MASTITIS Strip Cup Free Regular $10.80 Vajoe Johnson's Baby Castile Soap Regularly 19e Bar 3 Bars 49c Revion Sunbath In Plastic Bottle For Normal Skin LET US RESET YOUR OWN ORIGINAL DIAMOND in glamorous new 1956 fashion For As Little As $ 34 50 Two Graduate Registered Pharmacists " To Serve You BOTH RINGS (with your old mounting) NO MONEY DOWN! EASY CREDIT TERMS! CAMERA CORNER Everybody's going to be taking pictures over the 4th! Check your camera equipment now for what you need, and- find it in Rusk's Camera Corner. Everything here from film and Brownie cameras to latest photo equipment for the expert. DIFFERENT HEARING AID Aurcwess CONVSNHNCS AND varsAmirr/ This Item Is Recommended For Those Who May Be Self-Con- scious Due to a Rather Prevalent Leg Condition VAftTCOSE VEIN* ail new Toni Look like regular nylons on your legs, , . BAUER & BLACK COMPLETE NEW STOCK JUST ARRIVED iOTH VERY GENTLE REGULAR SUPER LOTIONS FRESH AIR WAVING LOTIONSI [LANOLIN TREATED I END PAPERS! 10 MINUTE WAVING TIME! NO-DAB NEUTRALIZING! AND for ute"between permanent; We give <*-//. GREEN STAMPS

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