The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 19, 1956 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1956
Page 18
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4-Algona (la.) Upper Des M*in«s Tuesday, June 1$, 1956 If you were, as Ihe popular song goes, "standing on the corner watching all the girls go by", last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you may have noticed that a hundred or so of them were missing. Especially young ladies between the ages ef seven and twelve. I can tell you where they were. They and several dozen mothers, high school j,'irJs and volunteer workers, were out at the Call State Park attending the Brownie and Gin Scout Day Camp. Mary Ann and I were among those present, and though we can hardly hold out heads up tonight because of fatigue, we all had a wonderful time. * * * It was holler than Hades, as you well know, but excepting for the times we climbed cliffs on trail hikes or snatched food out of hot coals it was probably not much worse than washing dishes in our own kitchens. It was lot? more fun. But for an inexperienced outdoor gal like Grace, camming out for the better part of three days really makes me appreciate modern conveniences. * * * Ours' was unil 8 and our prescribed camp ground was, according to the girls, a quarter of a .nile from the center of supplies— ihe shelter house. I walked thit- trip several times daily and I believe it was much farther. Right after the flag ceremony at the beginning of the camp day, totery Were selected to carry the orange crate, pots and pans and other paraphernalia essential to our outdoor household. This was considered a plum job, and all the girls clamoured for it! Lugging twenty or thirty pounds has never been my idea of fun, but I'm finding every day that I don't know as much about kids as 1 thought I did. * * * There were lots of other things Day Camp taught me that I did not know before. One was about rope. You bring sjx feet of clothes line in your ditty bag, not because of a whim of the camp director, but because you really need it. You tie the orange crate to a tree with it to make a cupboard, you clothespin the ditty bags to a line made of it to keep everything off the ground and when we went hiking, a piece of rope came in mighty handy to pull ourselves up an incline. And after three years of cub scouting and two of Brownies, I finally learned to tie a square knot without a granny. Marge Bartholomew taught me with a postgraduate course from Helen Mikes. * * * I learned about Sil-Upons (made of woven newspapers), chopping with a hatchet, and, by the very hardest way, aluminum foil cookery. Food is very good when cooked this way, I guess, but I'll have to wait for another time to find out. We smeared the hamburger into the correct sized patties. The girls peeled and sliced the potatoes, carrots and onions with their jackniyes and only a minimum of dropping in the dust, retrieving and washing. We sealed the whole works into foil packets and placed them on the fire which had burned to a nice bed of coals. We roasted fifteen minutes, turned the packets, and roasted another fifteen minutes. The roasting wa.s about evenly divided between the food and the fa(/es of the cooks. When we opened the packets we found the meal had also burned to a nice bed of coals. * * * Dessert was mock angel food and it was delicious, excepting for a slight tendency for the stuff to fall into the fire while being toasted. We had been too enthusiastic about soaking the bread in the Eagle Brand milk. We had company for supper — BCM Holt, camp nurse and her little daughter, Luannc. Quite a few of us, both campers and guests rose from the table a little empty. Bea would have starved altogether if she hadn't gone around resurrecting tidbits of hamburger from under charred carrots. » » » Velva Lupke and J were leaders for the day and we were kind of chagrined about the meal. We weren't going to talk about it lest it reflect on our camping ability. But we checked around a little and found units had been having much the same troubles all over the park! Opinion ran that while aluminum foil food can be very tasty, you must use- two layers of foil. * • » The r-ext day, some little girls in another unit turned up with brown paper sacks. They weren't taking any chances with burned fiiod this day: they brought their own lunch. The next day's meal turned out to be excellent. Toasted cheese sandwiches, fruit salad, ice cream and cookies. "The best tood I ever ate, indoors or out", said one Brownie. And just as we were beginning to get the hung of things, Day Camp was over. But we have the memories, and next year I expect to be out there again, an older, and. I hope, much wiser camper. * * « Helen Brunson. former Algonan who wj'ilos the column, "The Commuter's Wife", in the Birmingham, Mich. Eccentric, has been going in for the outdoor life, also. She writes, "James, 1, has an Inciian binge on, and has caused his mother to dress up like Pocahontas. I'm too old to go out looking for John Smith, but can be seen almost any day in the week, wandering in the forest with my bow and arrow, accompanied by Chief Pain-in-the Neck. All of which gets a lot of writing done, you can be ?ure. But somehow I "think he's more fun than writing." • » • Helen's column won Ihe selfsame award in the 1954 Nfc'.A contest that Woman's World did last week. I was so pleased to get her letter of congratulation, bhe sends their very best to Algona friends and reports that the Brunsons are all fine. The daughter, Mary will be a Senior next year in Home Economic at Michigan State University. • « « A most welcome letter came from my uncle, Carl Pratt who is a hospital patient at Lemmon, S. D. His eyesight is very poor and he depends on friends to read this column to him and write his letter. So you can see what a pleasant occasion it is when we hear from him. • » « Betty Vinson wrote from Rock Rapids .to add* her good wishes. She's just been up to Mitchell. S. D. vvherc they were celebrating their 75th jubilee. She knew I'd be interested in their pageant and reports it wasn't nearly so good as Algona's during the Centennial. It was a packaged deal and seemed a little canned. The dancers in ours, says Betty, were far, far superior. I must remember to tell Delia Moxley that. Betty has been threatening to come for a visit, but, she writes, "I sometimes feel a conspiracy to keep me out of Algona—probably sponsored by the citizens ot Algona! But I never seem to have much effect on getting Craig to bring me. When he's through work he says he's not about to ride anywhere." Craig is a highway patrolman. • * » Qkorrine Gabrielson wrote from Sexton to say that they found the discourse on worms, "both iri- structive and humorous." Another reader asked me if there was any connection in the choice of subjects for the part two weeks—first worms and then fathers! The Gabrielson kids want to know if we still hav\: our dog, Wiener. We do, and she's frisky as a pup again after being nearly paralyzed for weeks, several months ago. Don't know what rejuvenated her, but if I did I'd try a double order of the same, myself. • * * This week's recipe is for Baked Chicken, is a la king. I found it in a paper Mrs Gladys Barker has sent to me from Childress, Texas. Vt cup butter Va cup flour 3 ,4 tsp. salt dash of pepper 1'i tsp. MSG powder 1 \2 tesp. paprika 1 can (ti 02.) broiled mushrooms 4 cups milk 3 to 4 cups diced cold chicken 1/3 cup diced pimiento 2 cups peas 4 cups cooked rice Melt butter; blend in flour, salt, pepper, MSG powder and paprika. Drain liquid from mushrooms into measuring cup; add milk to make 4 cups; add to fitrl mixture. Cook pimiento and peas. Line oblong baking dish, 12x7'-x2 inches with rice. Fill with chicken mixture. Dot rice with butter. Bake in moderate oven. 325 degrees, for 15 to 20 minutes. —GRACE. Algona Airport Log May 17—W. A. Holiday, White Bear, Minn., Cessna 140. May 19 — Jay Oppenhinsfn. Kulamazoo, Mich!, Stinson; Minneapolis Const. 09., Minneapolis, Navion: Merle Humphrey, Webster City. Cessna 140. May 20 — Hal Huesen, Fairmont, Tri-Pacer; Emil Brenne- inan, Iowa City, Air-coupe; Earl Eden, Kanawha, Aeronua: Student from Estherville, Aenmea. May 26 — Bill Reidesel. Park Rapids, Minn., Cessna 170: Bob Knudsun, Ft. Dodge, Aerunca: McC'ullough air ambulance to Iowa City: Mr Reese, New Providence, Stinson; Jay Oppen- hinsen, Kalamazoo, Mich., Stinson; H. A. Campbell, DCS Moines, Cessna, 140; Ralph Lawsun. Estherville. L u s c o m b e; DL". Moines, Bonanza. June 3 — Mr and Mrs Eldnn Deal, Allison, Aircoupe. June 5 — Delo Marken. Dt- Moines, Cessna 170: Lundt.ll Const. Co., Cherokee. Cruisui. June 6 — F. B. Kn^op. Cincinnati. Ohio. Cessna 195. June 7 — J.-mi. s H W::l-i. Spencer. BuiUiiiZ,.; HL-IUN J. K'->e nig, Lockhaven. Pa., Cessna 180; Bill Clark, £)es Moines, Swift. Jutife 10 — Student from Hum- bodt. Cub; W. B. Wright, Cloai Lake. Taylorcraft. Burt Youth To Texas AF Base A/B James Miller A/B James J. Miller, son of Mr and Mrs John Miller, Burt. was recently transferred to Am- anllo, Tex.. Air Force Base from Parks AFB. California. Miller, who entered the air force Mar. 29 this year, is in jot mechanics. He attended school at Titonka where he played football, basketball and baseball. He enlisted for four years in the air force in March, and is 17 years old. 84 County 4-H Youths In Camp If you want to have a good time — go camping with 581 4-H boys and girls for three days. That's what was clone at District 4-H Camp at Clear Lake, June 68. There were eleven county groups in this camp. Kt,-;suth County's group of 84 was the largest in camp. The men leaders accompanying our 4-H campers to District 4-H camps on June G-8 were Ernest Hcidecker, Lakota; Louis Wingert, Buffalo Center and Leander Vaske, Bancroft. DEER Recently, two deer passed through O s c e o 1 a, apparently making a short cut through town instead of going around. Lack of water in the area has apparently made deer less fearful of humans. Swea Girl Wed May 25 At Nashua Swea City—Tho Little Brown Church, Nashua, was the scene of Hie wedding of Lorae Mae Osgood, daughter of Mr and Mrs Homer L. Osgood pf Swea City, and Allan Harry Johnson, son of Mr and Mrs Arthur Johnson pf Swea City, May 25. The ceremony, performed at 8 p.m. by Rev. Glenn L. Utterbeck, took plnccd in the presence of the immediate families. T he b''ide wore a white suit with pink accessories and a purple ovchid corsage. Her sister, joan Osgood, was bridesmaid. Following the ceremony thera was a wedding dinner at Charles City. After a few day:; spent in noithern Minnesota, the couple has returned to Swea Cit.y where they will make their home. Mrs Johnson is a 193(i graduate of the Swea City high school and Mr Johnson, a 1955 graduate of the same school, is employed at the Gamble store. DIAMOND'S P I A T I 0 HOME MODERNIZATION AND "FIX-UP" -Owners "Beat The Heat' With Basement Modernizing A New Lease On Leisure Living WHITE OUTSIDE REO BARN PAINT Gallon 5-GALS. 10.88 Ask Your Neighbor — He HM Probably Uwsd I This P»int _.:, ;, >c SURPLUS | WELL-DRILLIN JEEP-DITCHING FAIRBANKS MORSE PRESSURE SYSTEMS CLETUS F. ELBERT Phone 1313 1403 E. Locust St. Algona, Iowa PLUMBING - Supplies __ Expert Installation of Modern Plumbing Fixtures ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING 311V'z East Nebraska Phone 1137 A good mulch around plants conserves moisture and nutrients, says the American Association of, Murserymen. Not only is it nature's method, but it saves a lot of work as frequent cultivation is no longer necessary. '56 THE YEAR TO FIX Basements arc getting a- now lease on life, thanks to a remarkable unit recently developed by the Ras industry vhich combines healing, -cooling and air-condi- tioninp on a year-round basis. Because these units are so com- and handsomely stvlerl. they can be fitted anywheiv. even a closet wiM suffice'. When installed iti the basement, llu-y not only keep that area warm in the winter and cool in the siuu- PVT, but enable families to i:.-i > this valuable space for recreational centers. Best of all, tho homeowner can add on air-condiiionins now or at some future date. Tho snino ductwork used for tin; torced i'ir heating system provides a readymade system for cool air dis- ui'Mitjon in the summer. If your basement is in Die clutches of a space-eating monster, otherwise known as a gravity f*-nnee. you can easily release it from the grip of the i;ld octopus by installing a warm air gas heating system. Because the old fashioned !H';>I^ ing svstem depended on sravitv to move the air through I ho house, it was necessary to use large ducts to make it easy for the air to flow through them. I MleLuxe \ValllW SUPER Consult us on your remodeling or building plans — no obligation! BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. When You Think of FLOORS - WALLS Think of Us! We Have a Skilled Service for the Most Modern Treatment, of Floors and Walls. Designing and Laying ALGONA FLOOR SERVICE For Estimates - Phone 1040 WORK Of All Kinds We do all types of Residential and Commercial Electrical Work and Contracting. Let Us Estimate For You ALGONA ELECTRIC CO. Harold (Si) Roth Phone 452 RUSS' FLOOR SERVICE 402 W. State St. • Phone 1199-J ASPHALT TILE COUNTER TOPS PLASTIC TILE FLOOR SANDING AND REFINISHING LINOLEUM Put Your Confidence in "General Electric" G. E. "Built-in" Ovens & Refrigerators G. E. Water Heaters G. E, Garbage Disposals G. E. Dish Washers Lindsay Water Softeners NORTH IOWA SEWING MACHINE CO. For Beautiful Washable Walls . . . For Woodwork to Match — There's nothing like SUPER KEM-TONE! It's ready to use, glides on smooth as velvet over plaster, wgod, wallpaper. It's easy to get beautiful decoration in your home with KEM-TONE, even if you've nevsr painted before! Ccast-To-Coast STORE Ed Wolf, Owner PITTSBURGH'S UNBEATABLE PAINT TEAM ... for beautiful washable walls ... for woodwork to match ,,. there's no paint like Ready to use, it glides on smooth as velvet over plaster, wood, previously painted surfaces and wallpaper. It's eaay to get beautiful decoration in your horn* with wonderful SUPER KEM-TONE— even if you've never painted before! $189 I Qt 0 Gal. IO COIOM (P*tp Colors Slightly Hlghtr) ED WOLF, Owner Alcjona "EV£R.3RiGKT" HHU^ SAVE $1.96 a Gallon Perfect balanced formula of pure oils and time tested pigments — titanium for extreme, whiteness, zinc oxide for toughness ond( hardness, and other selected pigments for. durability and even wear. You get a pure' white painted surface that woshcs clean after each rain — stays fresh and clean after years of wear. KKGULAR S5.95 VALUE! DAVIS PAINT STORE GaUin S'« 10c 4 Gallon Ki|het in ITS HOME Consult Us At No Obligation! MILLE! LUMBER CO. !Pi >-;1 'c' THERE IS A GAS HEATING SYSTEM TO FIT YOUR HOME EXACTLY Home Improvement Begins With Your Heating System I Save Money—As Much As 25°o—On A New or Conversion GAS BURNER. FREE ESTIMATES. North Central Public Service Phone 1412 ALGONA WALLHIDE Rubberized SATIN FINISH ^v — *^ —"^__^ SATINHIDg Cnamef No\« . , . re/inish all paintable lurfaces in your home with the twin paiim—Wallhide Kubher- izcj Satin finish for \\alls . . . Satifihide tnamel furtriin! Uoth. glide on swiftly, evenly, dry quickly, wunh caiiJj! Nu u;ual paint udur! KOHLHAAS HARDWARE ALBERT HAGG Specialist in Interior Decorating 35 Years Experience PHONC 1172-J RICHARDSON Painters • Decorators "Inside und Outride" FREE ESTIMATES Phone J2a8-J O M E I PROVE IDEAS AND PROJECTS PRESENTED BY MANY ALGONA ^^^^^^^U ^^^^. ^^^u ^^^^j*U^^^ BU SINESS FIRMS OLD HOUSE LOOKED LIKE THIS WHEN NEW OWNER PURCHASED IT Buys A 100-Year-Old House; Modernizes Into Fine New Home THE SAME HOUSE, MODERNIZED, AND AS IT LOOKS TODAY Whole Job Is Done At Low Cost Here is a home modernizing project that took an old, ramshackle house — 100 years old, in fact, fur the place was built originally about 18(30 — and made it over into a beautiful, modern home that is an object of beauty. And all done at a surprising low outlay of money! Near A Small Town The- home is located on the outskirts of a small middle western city, and was rapidly going into a state of utter decay when the -nevw owner found it and bought it. It was a roomy farm house, and basically had withstood the ravages of time and weather. New studding was put in to raise walls which had sagged under the weight of years. The kitchen was completely modernized, and new partitions placed at strategic points in the house. The old dining room was remodeled into a combination study, play and TV room. Several layers of paint were removed froiji the floor, revealing a beautiful inlaid floor of walnut and mahogany — much to everyone's delight. Outside Changes Modernizing plans also called for some exterior changes and a fresh paint job. Small windows restricted daylight and gave the house a "boxed-in" look. These were removed and big picture windows installed in their place. Thermopane was chosen for glazing the windows .because of its insulating value. Its sealecl- in air space minimizes heat loss in winter and acts as a barrier against the inflow of summer heat. The house immediately took on a modern look, and the owners were afforded an unbroken view of the interesting large yard. Now A "New Home" So an old house that was about to go into the discard has been rescued by an imaginative own- er, who with the help of building and decorating firms has created a "new home" that will go for many score years yet. SEE ME FOR Al! Remodeling Work New Home Construction LIGHTNING RODS & CABLES my specialty I Can Give Lower Prices, Too! HENRY (Hank) JOHANNSEN Phone 1240 517 E. Lucas "56 THE YEAR TO FIX BEST BUYS IN TOWN! 324 New Colors For Your Selection! GAMBLES Custom-Made • KITCHEN FIXTURES • BATHROOM FIXTURES CABINET WORK OF ALL KINDS DONOVAN CABINET SHOP DOIT YOURSELF . .. and we can help! We have a complete line of Sherwin - Williams paints, asphalt shingles, insulation, siding materials and lumber. We'll be most happy to discuss your home improvement plans with you. KELLEY LUMBER COMPANY Home..~ Decorating • PAINTING • DECORATING • PAPER HANGING FREE ESTIMATES RELIABLE DECORATORS Milo Rentz - Kermii Forbes Phone 698 or 1194, Algona Everything In • Linoleum & Tile Floor Covering! • Wall Covering! • Counter Tops! • Paint — Wallpaper! COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY Let Us Make Your Home Plumbing Perfect Expert Installation Skilled Repairs Modern Fixtures SIGSBEE 208 East State Ph. 1070 HEADQUARTERS Let Algona's most complete hardware store help you with your home improvement problems — electric and plumbing supplies — hand and power tools — "Janney-Best" Paints and Varnishes. Hall-Strahorn HARDWARE FIX UP YOUR HOME We Specialize in Building and Remodeling Work • Expert Carpentry Work • Call for Free Estimates • Easy Payment Terms Arranged • Cabinet-Work a Specialty BEN WIBBEN Building Contractor Tele. 1255-W or 12S5-R NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION REMODELING - POLE BUILDINGS ALL TYPES FARM BUILDINGS E. E. & R. E. JOHNSON BUILDING CONTRACTORS REPAIR & REMODEL NOW!-«B One Contract — One Contractor For Your Home Improvement Our service is complete — planning, materials, labor. All work done under one contract, with one loan. Let us talk it over with you now!. E. E. (Bud) ROBINSON CONTRACTOR Phone 271 or 1249 BUILDER Serving Your Building Needs For Sixty Years The Norton Red Trucks Deliver Anywhere in City or County — Right to Your Buliding Site F. S. NORTON & SON Phone 229 LUMBER & FUEL Phone 229 Find Out About the "MASONRY WAY!" Building or remodeling with HAYDITE block is the modern way . . . more economical, self-insulating, exceptionally sirong. We can give you full details on MASONRY BUILDING. ALGONA BLOCK & TILE Our New Building — South of Sargent & Co. RAPID So. Phillips St. CALORIC BUILT-INS For new or remodeled nomes. Engineered installation. Build any place in any material. Easiest range to keep clean. Most convenient oven installed at height you want. CO. Algona Enjoy the Luxury, the Beauty oi BIGELOW BEAUVAIS Broadloom . . . while you pay for it! Smart folks the country over are buying handsome Bigelow carpeting this easy, practical way. ENJOY it while you pay for it. Bigelow's Beauvais is woven of thick, longwearing wool. * FOSTER'S ElECTRICAl CONTRACTOR Residential and Commercial COMPLETE STOCK OF ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Wiring, Repair and Installation Work PRATT ELECTRIC 214 East State St. Phone 170 BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE IS HEADQUARTERS FOR CARPET and DRAPERIES We Have one of the largest stocks of CARPET and DRAPERY MATERIALS in north Iowa. Here arc the services we render: We can show you this large siock in our store; We can come to your homo with samples for checking: We lay carpet expertly: we offer a complete drapery service, from making to hanging. USE OUR EASY BUDGET PAYMENTS BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE Three Large Floors of New Home Furnishings 3 YEARS TO PAY! -K YOUNGSTOWN SINKS & CABINETS * FRIGIDAIRE BUILT-IN OVENS * WESTINGHOUSE WATER HEATERS Beecher Lane Appliances REMODEL MODERNIZE - REPAIR READY-MIX CONCRETE & LUMBER CO. No. LanlrySt. ready-mix cement Phone 166 Perfection URNACES •Hi HUl IP Gas or Oil A SIZE FOR EVERY HOME P. R. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING — ALGONA PHONE 523-W

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