The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1956 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1956
Page 19
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6-Algona (Id.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, June 12, 1956 favings by CHRIS REESE A Little of This, a Little of That; Not Much of Anything Yep, the season of the summer bug is with us again because- on (im>unt of it was one day last week I drove to Fort Dodge and 1 I have one of thoFi- big screens on (tie Buick and after the drive when I got home 1 done some arithmaticinfi and I counted the number of bugs which had been murdered by flying against the screen in a 6-inch square measurement and accordingly there were just 2.400 still stuck on the screen and I imagine that almost 1he same number could have been killed but did not stick, so to .speak. Accordingly could it be possible that there had a near 5,000 of those bugs contacted my screen in the about 80-mile drive? Well, it's a cinch that there are plenty bugs doing their activities in the air at this time of year. If you have a screen on your car, next drive you make why not do some arithmatieing? •—o— And while speaking of arilh- maticing I am reminded that we have other gents in Algona who are good at arithmatieing and one of them is Oliver S. Carlson, who lives on Highway 18, just east of town. And it wns on Memorial Day while Oliver was taking it easy on bis north porch that he took on some arithmatie- ing as to the number and kind of cars which passed his home on three different half hour periods from 11:10 to 12:10, and from 3:30 to 4:00 and from 7:30 to 8:00. And Oliver got a big kick out of the arithmatieing as well as being astonished at the number and kinds of motor vehicles which pass places throughout a traffic day, so to speak, During the first period there were 84 >ars, the second period there R-ere 40 cars and the third period Counted 150 cars, in the half /iour, 7:30 to. 8:00.- And the titles counted meant 72 Ford, 89 Chevy, 29 Plymouth, 18 Buick, 17 Oldsmobile, 13 Pontiac, 10 Mer- cury, 8 Chrysler, 3 Nash. 5 Stu'debaker. 4 Hudson, 2 Cadillac, 1 Dodge. 1 Packard, 1 Fi.i/.er and 1 Lincoln, a total of 27-! >-;irs counted during the three half hour periods. Just think of that, even if only half the number were counted per period am' the total day would mean 1(5 a total of 1.45(5 Oliver's north counted, or 2.912 during the if the traffic continued ste the same throughout the Yep, Oliver admits that he if eight hours, periods, and so cars would porch if pass half day idily day. got a big kick out of the arithmatieing. —c>— And here's some more ariih- maticing and which has to do with cigaret puffing by of us who really puff them, so to speak. According to a federal government report those of us who puff a cig lighted up 400.000.000.000 of them last year, and by way of tax the government was one and one-half billion dollars richer. And. according to the report, the increase was reflected in a doubling of the sales of filter tip cigs because 21 per cent of all cigs smoked were filter tipped. And here's something—total collection of tobacco taxes were Sl,59fi,520.000 and 96 per cent of this came from cig- aret, 3 pei' cent from cigars and 1 per cent from chewing tobacco and snuff. Evidently the chewing and snuff habits are thinning out. Cigarets were rare during the civil war period and the tax on them in 18(34 brought in only $15.000. Factory made cigavots began to replace the "roll your own" type in 1866, but the widespread popularity of cigarets dates from Work! War I. when they were shipped to doughboys abroad by parents, friends and organizations. —o— And Ihis is the big and happy and enjoyable fishing activity now-a-days. And there have been some mighty big catches as well as inferior catches going on, too. And it was at a picnic recently enjoyed by Harry Barton and Ronnie, Dick Barry, Mr and Mrs Mike Rent/, Mr and Mr>Glenn Harms, Mr and Mrs Bob Ellis, Dick Strayer and family, Dr. Thissen, Mr and Mrs "Soup" Briggs, Harlan Sigsbee and family, T. Simpson and family, Mr and Mrs Glenn Strayer, and Dore Freeh at Virgin Lake one Sunday that plenty serious fishing was put on and yet wilb all of the experienced and professional fishing put. on by this group there was only one little bullhead by "Shorty" Strayer and one little walleye''by llarian Sigsbee laken in and taken off a hook. Talk about "bites", eh? Not so with Mr and Mrs "Soup" Briggs though because on account of theey pulled in 10 walleyes one evening and in walleyes the next morning—now, that's fishing. Paul Erdman and Ole Olson and son. of Wesley, have pulled in over 100 walleyes since May lo. and Jim Egli and Floyd Turner pulled in a nice string of %valH-yes at Spirit Lake recently, so (lie planned Moose fish fry will have some fish steaks after ;'ll. Yep. the fishing seems to be good with some and not so good with some, so to speak. Irvington News Mr and Mrs Frank Harness and two grandchildren from Wai- worth. Wis. spent last week at the Kd Ditswor'h home. Mrs Marie Frankl and Marguerite Mulligan visited relatives ;,t Bancroft last Sunday. Mr and Mrs Elmer Dole drove to Des Moines last Sunday: their son ,Tohn joined them al Ames and spent the day with them. The Tony Thilgos family have moved to DuMont, Iowa for the summer where Tony is employed with CJerber & Buscher Construction Co. Mr and Mrs Ed Ditsworth visited Wednesday at Winthrop, Minn, with their son Harry and family. Mrs Wm. Boldridge Sr. is recovering from a seige of bronchial pneumonia. Their daughter, Albertha Grace from Des Moines has been caring for her for several days. Mr and Mrs Lee Colwell and Claude Fowler left Thursday for Pine River. Minn, where they will visit relatives and then on to lakes on a fishing trip for a week. Jeffrey and Terri VanderWaal spent last weekend at B. O. Davis home while their parents were making arrangements to move to Iowa City. Henry Hahle of Surnner, Iowa is spending a few weeks here with is son George. Despite competition of highway and air carriers, there still are about 15,000 railway mail clerks in the United States. She Has A $10,200 DADDY! When a few dollars invested in hail insurance on your growing crops will turn a 'Bad Bet* into GOOD BUSINESS. Bohcmnon Insurance HOME OFFICE • 2323 GRAND AVENUI East o f Iowa State Bank DES MOINES. IOWA phone 103 f xf \. >:&&&;?* From "PUREBRED MAGAZINE" Notice the sleek, trim, superb meat-type lines on the "lady" pictured above — a masterful example of the meat-type hog. She is Miss Sturdi Model, Junior Champion at the Illinois State Fair. She was sired by the famous Hampshire boar, Great Western. Martin's Rock River Farms purchased Great Western for the all-time record price of $10,200. Her dam was Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at the Ohio State Fair. IT'S A FACT: Meat-Type Hogs Bring MORE — Overfat Hogs Bring LESS Smart Iowa hog raisers aren't perhaps commanding such a price «s was paid for "Great Western", daddy of the splendid specimen shown above . . . but the smart ones ARE GETTING a differential of as much as 30c, 40c, up to 50c a hundredweight MORE FOR THEIR NO. 1 MEAT-TYPE HOGS, and by remaining smart raisers, will continue to do so. Hogs that meet standards of meat-type quality are most acceptable to packers, because they are more ac- ceptable to the consumer preference for lean meat. Thus, such hogs always will command "premium prices." Payment of these "premium prices" for the meat- type hog has developed fast in Iowa. Packers and dealers following official grading standards is on the increase, and means that hogmen, by tending to the better meat-type hog, and by becoming familiar with the marketing side of the picture, can join in the benefits of this development. WE PAY PREMIUM PRICES FOR MEAT-TYPE HOGS...delivered to us any working day of the week and WE BUY THEM ALL WITHOUT FILLING Today's Storz Beer is an adventure in modern living. It is the pause that adds a touch of lightness to leisure — refreshing as the whole Outdoors. With smart moderns, Storz belongs — brewed to the taste of the times. Here is sparkling pleasure that satisfies without filling. Yes, for light leisure living, serve Storz, the mark of gracious hospitality. AMKRICA'9 REFRESHING BEER •TOW iBSWINO SPMPANT. OMAHA. Nf 8>*A$KA. PHONE US AT 107 OR SEE YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE RAY KRANTZ Titonka MURRAY ELEVATOR & WELP LIVESTOCK - Bancroft J. B. MERTZ West Bend LOU NITZ Lakota-Ledyard E. K. JOHNSON Fenton WHITTEMORE CO-OP ELEV. Whittemore MURPHY LIVESTOCK Livermore - LuVerne - Corwith DALE DUNDAS Burt GAYLE JOHNSON Swea City ALEX RADIG Lone Rock HERMAN NORLAND Cylinder WESTERN BUYERS YOUR BEST MARKET - SELLING TO OVER 200 PROCESSORS OF PORK PHONE 170 * ALGONA, IOWA

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