The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 12, 1956 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1956
Page 18
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4-A!06na (la.) Upper D«s Meine* Tuesday, June 12, 1956 Tidbits From Evelyn Leave it i6 Little Post to get all the enjoyment there is out of any situation. She left a couple of weeks ago for Glendale. Cal., with Mr and Mrs Glen McMurray. They took in Las Vegas, as many tourists do, and had her usual luck-hit the jack pot and left the place "loaded." Which lakes me back to the good old days when Bingo was legal. What fun it was, to which I know Lizzie agrees. * * * Mrs O. A. Campney was recently taken to Park hospital. Mason City, for major surgery. She has room 322 which I had last November and bed 2 which I also had. Isn't that a coincidence? 1 really enjoyed my days there and met. some wonderful hospital personnel. I hope she is as pleased as I. * • • Dr. and Mrs R. A. Evans have a granddaughter Janet, daughter of the son. Mr and Mrs Wallace Evans of Crawfordsville. She has recently been graduated from Ames, taking a course which covers the needs and training of retarted children. She is goin^ to Sitka, Alaska, where she will be employed for the summer. Had she been a student of Spanish, she could have had a position at Puerto Rico. Isn't it wonderful thr opportunities that are dumped in one's lap? * * * Thanks to R. H. Miller my lawn is much better. He sprayed it with "death to dandelions" and it really accomplished the purpose. I've thanked him via phone but I'll add thanks again here. I saw Mrs Harry Boekelman waging a war against them with a knife. I asked her if she was getting ready for a mess of dandelion greens but she answered the negative. My grandmother Henderson was very fond of them, the early, milder plants- cooked with bacon. As for me, pass the spinach, please. « • • I listened to the program that comes on just before the news each morning on WHO and heard the woman tell what my mother discovered years ago. Get the table set for the meal no matter if it is considerable length of time before the meal is ready to serve. The family seeing the dishes in place will figure, "it won't be long now" and win sit contentedly till the time mom is ready to place the food on the table. Mother used to do that and Dad never knew he was hood-winked a little. * * « I wish radio announcers and just plain people would say the correct "coopon" instead of the incorrect "kewpon.", There should be schools for announcers, just plain people don't count. * * * Mr and Mrs Mel Griffin attended the graduation' recently of their daughter, Kathleen, from Briarcliff college, Sioux City. Twenty-nine other girls received B. A. degrees and the speaker was Dr. Kurt Schussnig, ex-chancellor of Austria, who spent some time in a concentration camp. He is now in St. Louis, Mo., at the university and is a professor of government. « * • It is always nice to meet old friends. Lois Newton (Mrs Walter Scott) was here from Newton the day before Memorial. We became acquainted many years ago and she lived with her mother, the former May Weaver, sister of Mart, at the home of the grandparents. This house later became known as the Urch place and is just cast of the F. S. Norton home. Lois and Edna Norton were very good friends too, and the Danson girls, Florence and Mae. Lois looks very much like her mother. Her mother died a year ago and had made her home with Lois a few years. Lois and her husband are retiring from the farm this year and will do a lot of "playing" to make up for the busy years. » • • Other callers Memorial Day were Clarence and Maggie Paiin- kuk and Maggie's sister, Edith Dorothy, of Fairmont, Minn. Both were Platt girls and will be remembered as former Algonans. V * • I was sorry to learn Ralph Moe isn't well. I first knew him when he was projectionist at the (Jd Call Theater. Years later we bought a Model-T Ford two- door car. We always had Ralph diagnose it's ailments and since there were quite a few over the period of years we had the vehicle, I called him our cur's "father." • * • Now is the time to can rhu- baiu. It you want it tu taste garden fresh next winter, process it like this. Wash and peel. Cut in inch pieces and put a few at a tiniu in a IVuit jar. Stomp it with some article that will pound it like you'd fix sauerkraut. It will become juicy. Put it in layers, stomp by stoinp and when the jar is filled to the rounded part, stir with a knife to get the nil 1 out. Seal tight—and thei-e you are. No water, no sugar. Just rhubarb. It's very good. » » » The Bill Aliens left Thursday inuining for Bui bank. Calif. They took a trailer of household goods and did it a way I had never heard of. They used the rent a trailer method. They arranged. for u price, to use the trailer, turn it in at a specified place out there at a given lime, und sonic one coining back thi» way uses it fur their transportation. Seems like a one-sided deal tu me. for while we hear of many •I'"iit>3t vi'i 1 :-'!. we 'I'.'n't hear •.<< :i!ik-h jbuut jx-upje coming ca;t. Oh, I suppose if we were on the west coast we'd find out that a lot of people aren't sold on the Golden State and Arizona and do come back. Anyhow, it's a fine arrangement. The Aliens plan to visit the Stu Thompsons, former residents here, now living at Phoenix, Ariz., enroute. * • • We will have nice additions to our neighborhood this summer. We might be called dwellers on "Honeymoon Row." Mr and Mrs Floyd Hutzell will, be living in the parental apartment of Mr and Mrs Roy Hutzell and Calvin Tschetter and his wife will occupy the D. H. Carver house till fall. Mrs Carver and David arc leaving soon to join Mr Carver at Lawton, Okla.. where he is attending army school. * • • The Carvers have a fenced-in area, a generous sized one. for the Jittle son, David. Mrs Carver has offered the use of it to the Hoy Hutzclls who will have as guests a couple of months their son, Fred's, wife and little two-year old daughter Trudi, c.t Washington, D. C., while Fred ts abroad on his ship. Remember when each residence was fenced in years ago? I sometimes think it would be a good idea to go back to that custom. Especially when the doggies run through our little garden patch and ary careless in their manners. * * * A few items about events back in 1924—Senator Brookhart carried Kossuth county by 1600 and the state by 30,000 in primary. Paul Kenefick (son of Dr. M. J. Kenefick) killed a four foot rattle snake in Union township. Fred Streit married Valina Graves at Mason City. Kiwanis club organized in Algona with 35 members. Olga Carlson (sister of Ellen, R. N.) married John Jordan of Mason City. Dr. Peters (popular I Burl doctor for many years) mar' ried Helen Barrickman. J. W. Sullivan and R. S. Blossom and wives had auto accident near Garner. SENECA NEWS Miss Esther Bierstedt is a patient at !ho Holy Family hospital at Esthervillo, *Sho became suddenly ill, so was taken there for observation and possible treatment. Mr and Mrs Alfred Petersen and daughters attended a family gathering at the Frank Wood beck home at Clare. Iowa on Mothers Day. While there they made plans for the Woodbeck's 50th wedding anniversary which will be observed on July 4. Supt. and Mrs Gordon Christianson of Graf ton wort 1 Thursday evening dinner guests at the Harold Gronhovd home and attended the Seneca Commencement exercises that evening. Commencement exercises were held at the Seneca School gymnasium Thursday evening (or the ten seniors who were members of the graduating class. Mr and Mrs Charles Beavers entertained at their home Thursday evening following commencement exercises, honoring their daughter, Marian who was a member of the graduating class. Some of the addresses deciphered by Uncle Sam's patient postal procugies are: Zizabo, also Cha- quechico for Chicago; "Lcven Hull, Id." for Twin Falls, Idaho; "Pokihunter, I." for Pocahontas, Iowa. DIAMOND'S PAINT WHITE OUTSIDE RED BARN PAINT Gallon 5-GALS. 10.88 Ask Your Ntighbor H« Has Probably Usad TU» Paint DIAMONDS SURPLUS WELL- JEEP-DITCHING WELL-DRILLING JEEP-DITCHING Fairbanks Morse Pressure Systems CLETUS F. ELBERT Phone 1313 1403 E. Locust St. Algona, Iowa SUPER Ready to use, it glides on smooth a* velvet over plaster, wood, previously painted surfaces and wallpaper. It'a easy to get beautiful decoration in your horn* with wonderful SUPER KEM-TONE— even if you've never painted before! Qt S Gal, (D**p Cel«r» Slightly HiahwJ ED WOLF, Owner AlcjQMU ML-J-.I* 11 OPERATIC HOME MODERNIZATION AND "FIX-UP" ,'. Remodeling Costs Less Than You Think Painting of Masonry Has Many Advantages To paint—or not to paint— masonry? It's often a question. Painting masonry has many advantages. It is, for example, an excellent idea to protect such materials as brick, stone, stucco, concrete, hollow tile, cement or cinder blocks against the penetration of moisture. 1 While moisture does not destroy masonry, masonry that is damp can cause costly damage to adjacent materials in a structure. A moisture-repellent coating may, of course, be a transparent one that does not alter the color of .the masonry it protects. Or, it may be a colorful one that improves the appearance of a discolored masonry -ITS HfflVlfe FIX UP TIME Consult Us Al No Obligation! MILLER LUMBER CO. surfacp and makes it easier to keep clean. Still another advantage is provided by light-hued coating materials that reflect more liuht onto surrounding areas. This result is especially beneficial in apartment, courts and arcaways where natural darkness is intensified by dark- colored masonry. In some industrial sections of cities, the light-painted walls of large buildings can actually serve as crime-deterrents. Dark walls provide protective coloration for skulking, shadowy figures. Light walls do not! There are several types of coating materials now available that are suitable for masonry. Basically, they may be classed as either water-thinned or solvent-thinned paints. The water-thinned variety may be used over masonry surfaces that are not entirely dry and that may contain active alkali. One such paint has a cement base. It comes as a dry powder and. is mixed with water. Also suitable are the latex paints that have been intensely studied by both the manufacturers and users. '53 THE YEAR TO FIX RICHARDSON Painters - Decorators "Inside and Outside" FREE ESTIMATES Phone 1298-J ALBERT HAGG Specialist in Interior Decorating 35 Years Experience PHONE 1172-J PLUMBING supplies _ Expert Installation of Modern Plumbing Fixtures ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING 311>/2 East Nebraska Phone 1137 For Beautiful Washable Walls . . . For Woodwork to Match — There's nothing like SUPER KEM-TONE! It's ready to use, glides on smooth as velvet over plaster, wood, wallpaper. It's easy to get beautiful decoration in your home with KEM-TONE, even if you've never painted before! Coast-To-Coast STORE Ed Wolf, Owner d Consult us on your remodeling ox building plans — no obligation! BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. You don't need a lot of money to rejuvenate a room. All it takes is imagination, a little ambition . . . and the right selection among Hie many low-cost, easy to install, smooth surface products for floors and walls. Here is the story of a drab, old-fashioned kitchen —and what one young couple did to bring it to life . Hew Flooring It was decided to decorate from the floor up—using inlaid linoleum with a new geometric d.o- sign. It had a charcoal background with random placed rose, yellow and turquoise stars. These color accents provided virtually unlimited decorating ideas for the entire room. After this floor was installed by a floor covering mechanic — a quick, clean, professional looking job that proved to be very reasonable—the young couple undertook the rest of the renovation themselves. New Walls First the ceiling was painted a bright, cheery yellow to give a sunny glow, and to tie in with the yellow stars on the floor. For the walls, a low-cost enamel- surface wall covering in smart, modern "WhiteBrick" was chosen. This covering is highly practical for it can be washed, and the color is fade-resistant. Next the woodwork, including • the large cabinet, was painted white to give a clean, fresh look. It was dressed up with modern brass pulls for doors and drawers. The cabinet shelf was covered with a yellow plastic countertop product, repeating the yel- I""' ir the floor. Yellow paint left over from the ceiling was used o.i ihe, inside of the shelf and cabinet. A Graceful Touch The only furniture the couple bought was a white wrought iron table with a glass top and four matching chairs. This graceful touch was carried further in a wrought iron wall lamp with a turquoise and white shade aboi/e the table. Since this kitchen w.^s to double as a dining room in the small apartment, this note of elegance was not out of place. All in all. a lovely practical kitchen was created from a plain and uninviting room. From the interesting inlaid linoleum floor, to the plastic place mats on the table top, this room has become a cherry, inviting place . . . easy to work in ... easy to care for. Drab cabinet corner of the old-fasbloncd kitchen before renovating. SOLD Near LuVerne, the 320 acre farm of the Emil Anderson estate was sold recently for $340 per acre. Purchasers were Reuben Erickson of Stratford, and his sisters. '56 THE YEAR TO FIX After inexpensive rcmoilellnff it looks like this! Floor: Gold Seal "Starway" Inlaid Linoleum in Charcoal. Walls: Gold Seal "Consowall"® in "White Brick." Cabinet counter: Gold Seal NaironTop in yellow. When You Think of FLOORS - WAILS Think of Us! We Have a Skilled Service for the Most Modern Treatment of Floors and Walls. Designing and Laying ALGONA FLOOR SERVICE For Estimates - Phone 1040 WORK Of All Kinds We do all types of Residential and Commercial Electrical Work and Contracting. Let Us Estimate For You ALGONA ELECTRIC CO. Harold (Si) Roth Phone 452 WIFELY TIP ON CAR CARE Housewives can tell Iru'ir husbands a tiling or two win/it i! comes to cleaning the cur. Kt'C'p w;ix and polish oil' st;iin1«'-s --I'd trim. Such coatings can do stainless steel more harm than good. Just wash the irim with ><>,ip ana warm water. Rinse or wipe off. PITTSBURGH'S UNBEATABLE PAINT DAVIS "EVER.BRIGHT" HOUSE PAINT SAVE $1.96 a Gallon Perfect balanced formula of pure oils and time tested pigments — titanium for extreme whiteness, zinc oxide for toughness and hardness, and other selected pigments for durability and even wear. You get a pure white painted surface that washes clean after each rain — stays fresh and clean after years of wear. RtGULAR S5.9S VALUf! DAVIS PAINT STORE I0c a Gallon Higher in 1'$ THEME IS A GAS HEATING SYSTEM TO FIT YOUR HOME EXACTLY Home Improvement Begins With Your Heating System! Save Money—As Much As 25°c—On A New or Conversion GAS BURNER. FREE ESTIMATES. North Central Public Service Phone 1412 ALGONA Rubberized SATIN FINISH Enamel If. I'M iMxr- NL>V» . . . reimiMi .ill p.i surf.ucs in jour humc u twin painti—\V.ililiulc H i^cd Sulin 1-ini.ili for \s a Saiinhiile I.ii.i,!ii.I lot uii glide on builih, c. will 1 , dry quickly, wii 1 ,!) u.isi! ; ! No u.ual HARDWAR O M E I P IDEAS AND PROJECTS PRESENTED O V E FORTY ALGONA BUSINESS FIRMS You Can Enjoy The Wonders of Plastics With New Floor Coverings How-To-Ideas by Dick Carpenter Moisture Can Cause Damage If You Don't Watch Out Can your house "breathe" properly? Perhaps that's a strange way to say it, but —after a fashion — a building needs to be able to "inhale" and "exhale" if it is to remain in a healthy state. It adds up mainly to the need for proper ventilation. Many tightly constructed modern houses without adequate ventilation become traps for excessive moisture vapor. When this happens, the captive moisture forces its way through the pores of the walls, causing costly damage as it does so. Where does the moist vapor ~~~~ come from? From such sources as ] a u O n in your attic. The breather oil and-gas furnaces that are not devices are small tubes, wedges properly vented to the outside. 01 . gaps which are placed at the r'rom the kitchen when you're bottom of siding material, rooking and from the bathroom T addit ion to the moisture va- whcn you're bathing and do not n , aa lh ? eatens the walls o{ have a ventilating fan Another £ , { t , j id u source is the laundry when you re a] ° have t guai , d against the drying clothes indoors without f.^uent attacks of moisture from away from the foundation. It's important to check the metal flashing over the roof seams to see that it is adequate and in good repair. If your house is built with crawl space instead of a basement beneath it, you're likely to have a serious moisture- invasion problem if the soil is not covered with asphalt paper. Trouble is also likely to result, if wood siding and studs are not at least 6" from the ground and shrubbery. It's not always easy to trace destructive moisture to its source or its point of invasion. You can't, very well go around ripping off siding or peering under shingles to find the cause of the trouble that's betrayed by rotting lumber or peeling paint. That's why it's wise to take all possible measures to prevent the initial entrance of moisture from indoors or out — from the roof or from the ground. THERMOSTAT AT 76 .Seventy-six degrees is the recommended thermostat setting for summer air conditioning, according to the Coleman Company, Wichitd, Kan. Day and night, this gives the temperature relative humidity combination that keeps most people comfortable, thx manufacturer explains. •56 THE YEAR TO FIX This luxurious looking floor is magnificent new Gold Seal "Venetian"—premium quality W ffaugc tile in the Nairon Custom plastic line. The bold, free, all-over design is reminiscent of the glorious marble in world-famous architectural gems. Deluxe plastic tilo flooring like this elves truly incredible service . . . with ease of cleaning that is outstanding. DonM Overlook Ventilation Possibilities of Perforated Hardboard Perforated hardboard is almost a wonder material because of the hundreds of applications to be found for it around the home. One possible use, of course, is to be found wherever ventilation and air circulation are of importance. For example, for a drawer in which vegetables such as potatoes are stored, use perforated hardboard for the drawer bottom. This will allow adequate ventilation to keep the vegetables in better condition for a long period of time. Or how about using it for making a drying rack for such clumsy utensils as frying pans, cookie trays, etc. Set aside a section of the kitchen cabinet and put in vertical partitions, making large "pigeon holes". Then, when the frying pans are washed, put them into the pigeon holes, where they can dry easily, and where they can be stored until needed again. The perforations permit the air to circulate around the pans to speed up the drying. f f , . . ,-,- outdoors. You need to check gut- of fact, moisture is also given oil t d downspouts to make by a human being as he breathes * fhnt riin _ 0 ft watcr flows . and perspires—at the rate of pint per hour. Such moisture vapor is seldom visible to the eye, of course, un•less you sec steam rising from a tea kettle or collecting on the bathroom mirror when you're taking a shower. Just the same, it's there. You've got to eliminate it efficiently or take the costly consequences. How can you protect your home against it? Ventilating fans can be of great assistance to you. So can louvers and so-called "breather" devices in a house that is built of siding. The louvers are screened openings in such areas us the gables. These will enable you to have adequate air circu- The miracle of plastics brings new dimension to all I he outstanding features of resilient floorings. Never before has resilient flooring had so much to offer in terms of beauty, ease of maintenance and long wear. Never before has there been such luxury, such ruggcdncss, such value') All this is particularly true of the deluxe premium quality plastic products now being made" jn lull-thick '••«" gauge. These floorings are the ultimate in plastics—designed specifically for luxury homes and fine commercial interiors. Truest Colors In her new plastic floor, the hmnenutker will see whites that were never so white . . . color lints and shadings that were never so delicate! There is a brightness and clarity of color in plastics that cannot be obtained with other resilient material. Less Cleaning Time Plastic floor products are so tough and chemical resistant that strong detergents and soaps can be used to speed cleaning..of stubborn grime without fear of harming the floor. The smooth nonporous surface keeps dirt and dulling film from taking hold. Household spills disappear like magic with just the wipe of a damp cloth. Super Resistant Rugged plastic products resist grease, oils, household t'.cid sand cleaners. They are also highly resistant to abrasion. Mosl Durable Extensive testing and actual field installations have proved tK:t thickness for thickness plastic floor products will outwear other types of resilient material. Inlaid colors and designs assure a floor that looks bright and colorful as it wears. Indentation Resistant The full thick plastic products provide high resistance to identa- lion from heavy furniture and appliances. There are some quality products on the market so Uexible that they can be bent double without cracking. This resiliency muffles floor noise and lessens foot fatigue. Many Uses Plastics are made available in sheet goods and tile for floors a.ijd walls and popular-sized sheet goods widths for .courjtertops, shelves, door facings, etc. In tile form an unusual decorative effect can be achieved in addition to the familiar custom - design possibilities inherent to tile flooring. A lovely floor can be carried right up the wall! This is a striking effect that is highly practical too, because of the easy cleaning feature of plastic products. Plastic countertops p r o v i d e easy to clean, resilient, lung- '.YLuYing work surfaces that can be contrasted or blended witli Hours. Not the least of thv many benefits of resilient plastic eoun- ttrlops is the way they muffle the clatter pi dishes and flatware. HEADQUARTERS Lot Algona's most complete hardware store help you wilh your home improvement problems — electric and plumbing supplies — hand and power tools — "Janney-Besl" Paints and Varnishes. Hall-Strahorn HARDWARE BEST BUYS IN TOWN ! 324 New Colors For Your Selection! GAMBLES DOIT YOURSELF .. and we can help! We have a complete line of Sherwin - Williams paints, asphalt shingles, insulation, siding materials and lumber. We'll be most happy to discuss your home improvement plans with you. KELLEY LUMBER COMPANY We Specialize in Building and Remodeling Work • Expert Carpentry Work • Call for Free Estimates O Easy Payment Terms Arranged • Cabinet- Work a Specialty BEN WIBBEN j Building Contractor I Tele. 1255-W or 1255-R Serving Your Building Needs For Sixty Years The Norton Red Trucks Deliver Anywhere in City or County — Right to Your Buliding Site F. S. NORTON & SON Phone 229 LUMBER & FUEL Phone 229 Find Out About the "MASONRY WAY!" Building or remodeling with HAYDITE block is the modern way . . more economical, self-insulating, exceptionally strong. We can give you full details on MASONRY BUILDING. ALGONA BLOCK & TILE Our New Building — South of Sargent & Co. BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE IS HEADQUARTERS FOR CARPET and DRAPERIES _ We Have one of the largest slocks of CARPET and DRAPERY MATERIALS in north lowd. Here are the services we render: We can show you this large siock in our store; We can come to your home with samples for checking; Me lay carpel expertly; we offer a complete drapery service, from making to hanging. USE OUR EASY BUDGET PAYMENTS BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE Three Lane Floors of New Home Furmshings 3 YEARS TO PAY! * YOUNGSTOWN SINKS & CABINETS -K FRIG1DAIRE BUILT-IN OVENS •f. Vv'ESTINGHOUSE WATER HEATERS Beecher Lane Appliances Custom-Made KITCHEN FIXTURES BATHROOM FIXTURES CABINET WORK OF ALL KINDS DONOVAN CABINET SHOP FACTORIES BURN There are 38 factory fires a dav. SEE ME FOR All Remodeling Work New Home Construction LIGHTNING RODS & CABLES my specialty I Can Give Lower Prices, Too! HENRY (Hank) JOHANNSEN Phone 1240 517 E. Lucas Home Decorating • PAINTING • DECORATING • PAPER HANGING FREE ESTIMATES RELIABLE DECORATORS Milo Rentz - Kermil Forbes Phone 698 or 1194, Algona Everything In • Linoleum & Tile Floor Covering! • Wail Covering 1 • Counter Tops! • Paint — Wallpaper! COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION REMODELING - POLE BUILDINGS ALL TYPES FARM BUILDINGS E. E. & R. E. JOHNSON BUILDING CONTRACTORS CALORIC BUILT-INS For new or remodeled nomes. Engineered installation. Build any place in any material. Easiest range to keep clean. Most convenient oven installed at height you want. RAPID So. Phillips St. CO. Algona REMODEL - MODERNIZE - REPAIR ^; READY-MIX CONCRETE & LUMBER CO. No. LanirySi. ready-mix cement Phone 166 RUSS' FLOOR SERVICE Phone 1199-J ASPHALT TILE COUNTER TOPS PLASTIC TILE FLOOR SANDING AND REFINISHING LINOLEUM Put Your Confidence in "General Electric" G. E. "Built-in" Ovens & Refrigerators G. E. Water Healers G. E. Garbage Disposals G. E. Dish Washers Lindsay Water Softeners NORTH IOWA SEWING Let Us Make Your Home Plumbing Perfect • Export Installation • Skilled Repairs • Modern Fixtures SIGSBEE 208 East State Ph. 1070 MERGEN & WEBSTER Painting & Decorating Phone Leo Mergen — 562-J Merle Webster — 756 Algona, Iowa One Contract — One Contractor For Your Home Improvement Our service is complete — planning, materials, labor. All work done under one contract, with one loan. Lei us talk it over with you now! E. E. (Bud) ROBINSON CONTRACTOR Phone 271 or 1249 BUILDEH Enjoy the Luxury, the Beauty of BIGELOW BEAUVAIS Broadloom . . . while you pay for it! Smart folks the counlry over are buying handsome Bigelow carpeting this easy, practical way. ENJOY it while you pay for it. Bigelow's Beauvais is woven of thick, longwearing wool. FOSTER'S ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 'l i* •"> •' •.'.••. Residential and Commercial COMPLETE STOCK OF ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Wiring, Repair and Installation Work PRATT ELECTRIC 214 East State St. Phone 170 A kXlvf* j 0 eriection FURNACES Gas or Oil A SUE FOR EVERY HOME P. R. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING — ALGONA PHONE 523 W

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