Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 11, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1973
Page 21
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''"Gb'Utbufd RtQitw^Mci'l/'GciUibufQ, Ifi." Saturday, Aua,,.11, 1973 21 Buy With Confidence From One Of These Auto Dealers Lincoln-Mercury and DICK MORRISON PRESENTS - AUGUST SPECIALS 70 jagSK,??!^- --• $ 3295 70 «ffe 4 ±-.„,...„ =i .,*329S — IUDGET BUYS— 68 MERCURY $1095 rtn COMBW (2) 4-Dr.-D»tly Ratjtaja, / O miles, Myl.. power ateajjnf, Automatic, Air Cond. — r *~,.~- rfi MONTBGO MX 4-Dr.—7,000 miles, / O power steering, power brakes, air. 70 FORD W'Tpn Pickup - 6-oyl., / It Auto., Our service truck. — 70 COMET 4-Dr,— 14* 6<Cyl., Auto., PowOr Steering. —n MERCURY Marquis 8-Dr, Hdtp.— rull Power, AM-FM, Low Mileage, ,71 LINCOLN Continental 4-Dr.— / 1 fully Rftujpped. — , 71 MARqyi3 BrouAam 4.Dr.-- / 1 Fully Equipped, Individual Seats. 7H CHEVROLET Chevelle— /U d -Cyl,, Automatic. - CQ CHEVROLET Impala 4-Dr,-~ Q9 Automatic, Power, Air. —- CQ PONTIAC CaUHna 2-pr.- 09 Pow. Steering, Pow. Brakes, Air. 8,000*7,000' $3300 $3700 $2595 $2295 $349S $4795 $3695 $1595 $1595 $1595. 63 RAMBLER 68 PLYMOUTH 88 CHEVY 68 ^S^yjSdtp. 67 C7 PONTIAC— 0/ Wagon nn PONTIAC— D / Tempest 67 OH PONTIAC— Or Tempest .... 67 MERCURY , 67 PORD 66 OLDSMOBILE— Convertible — 'empest LEVY— pala Hdtp, DODGE— Wagon ... .$ 895 .$995 .» 995 .$1095 .» 895 495 .$ 695 .$ 895 * 895 .» 795 .$ 495 .$ 495 SEE: Harold Thompgon-DIek WtHy-JIm SHtrwood Jr. Dick Morrison-Ed Klipp-Pnnk Carter 120 N. Brood St. Ph. 342-4121 Datsun Pickup The Little Truck That Could, and Did. Up to 2$ MUes Per Gallon Amtrico's No. 1 Selling Import Truck Hos Evtn Mort Standard Feoturti This Y«ar! • 6-Foot Load Bed with Tie-Down Hooka • 3-Spted Heater/Defroster • 2 -Speed Wipers with Washers • Up To 25 Milea Per Gallon . . Then Decide! • Two-Stage Rear Suspension • Power-Assist Front Disc Brakes • 4 -Speed Stick (Optional Automatic • Contoured Bench Seat • Heavy-Duty Whitewalls Drive A Partun -- FEATURE CARS OF THE WEEK 1971 DATgUN 810 a-DH.'-Stick Shift. Vinyl Top 1968 DATSUN S000 SERIES—Convertible, »-Speed. DATSUN a AVE B GAS \m MUSTANG Grtnde—Air & Power 1970 COUOER-Chaciiered Vinyl, Sharp 1900 T.BIRD 4 -Or. Brome 1968 MERCURY Cyclone 2-Dr. H.T,—A.T. 1971 G.T.O— Has Air & Power 1970 MERCURY Wfn^Air & ptswer 196J -Dr. H.T.— 3-Speed. "A DATIUN PICKUP WITH TOPPER 18 TOPS" JOIN THE HVNPREDf Of HAPPY OWNERS THIS WEEK Galesburg Datsun 1621 N. Henderson - Ph. 343-5131 - Open Mon..Wtd..Fri. Eves. STEP UP TO A DEPENDABLE USED CAR irom LERSCH DODGE 1973 ww* 1972 KR AT A USED PRICE! Radio, BUY 0 Mo. or A NEW CAR DODOS DART 4-DR, SEDAN - tottery Air, Mill V -l, A.T., P.S., V.R. PORD U TON P.U.— V-8, A.T., Niee. OLDSMOBILE TORONADO — Pull Power, Air. PONTIAC CATALtNA 4 -DR. - Factory Atf, AU the Goodies, Real Sharp. DODGE CORONET 2-DR. H.T. - V.R., Air, P.8., A.T., •WHIV4, — SPECIAL — 1QC7 MERCURY COUOAR-Anall V4, 4 on $CQC 130/ the floor, Radio. Good Cond ...„ TRfi) •ft: BEN OOAT >-BtlXPC*TEIl-DON LER8CK LERSCH DODGE 674 8, MAW - 34M1M - Open Man., Wed. * Fri. Nights 1970 1970 1970 1969 CMONW "Compore Our Deal" Goad Selection of Lete Mpdtl Core 1Q79 MERCURY COMET 8-DR;~ £09Q«; Auto,, Power steering, t-Cyl. "ii&Vd 1 Q7ft ROADRUNNER 440- *i QQC 1?/U | Pack, 4 Speed. 19,000 milM. „,„,„,—,*1990 i&-t&!m*:~^-~- .:;..:....»i495 1969 RSJIft, „,.„ »1495 imW^^^z.^ $1495 •ACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALS Your Choice— $695 IQfiC PORD OALAXUB WO 4.DR.-MI V-l, Auto, trans., 13W power atetring, orakts, Air, 1QCC DODO» POLARO 4-DR. HARDTOP -9W VI, Auto. XJJOU Trans., Power steering, BraJwi, Air. VQCe PLYMOUTH FURY III 4-DR. HARDTOP—011 V'», isJOO Auto, trans., Power Steering, B»akes, Air, 1 QRR CHEVROLET IMPALA 4 -DR. — 327 Auto. Trans., 1CJUD Power Steering, Brake., Air. 1QCR CHRYSLER NEWPORT 4-DR.-383, Auto. Trans., 1900 Power Steering, Brakes. s .t; Jim L..xtr, Dick Gottenborf, Norm Hill, Jay Whil. GOTTENBORG-HILL, INC. jfo Chrysler-Plymouth W 1611 Grand Ave.~342-0141 HEY LOOK In need of '67 thru 71 V.W. of once. Or any other Compact or Intermediate size, # High trade-in allowances or we'll buy outright. ft Come in Now for Free Appraisal! ft On Hand for Immediate Delivery, ft Good Selection of Colors. Beetle — Super Beetle — Squorebock ond Station Wagon — (1) Camper NOW IS THE TIME TO TRADE 1970 VOLKSWAGEN 4-Speed — Radio. 1965 VOLKSWAGEN CAMPER 4-Speed — Radio. 1968 VOLKSWAGEN SQUAREBACK 4-Speed — Radio. 1967 VOLKSWAGEN SQUAREBACK 4-Speed — Radio. 1970 OPEL KADETTE 4-Speed — Radio. 1970 OPEL WAGON 4-Speed — Radio. 1QC7 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4-DR. HARD- 130/ TOP - V-8, Automatic, P.S., $1 HQC P.B., Radio, Fac. Air Cond— lUvW Salesmen: Jerry Liggett — Dick Olson — Dan Sullivan Jim Bevard — Vera Hermie OPEN MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY EVES TILL 9 P.M. GALESBURG Volkswagen, Inc. W 2181 Grand Ave., Galesburg Phone 343 5191 Fair Trade-in SPECIALS See Ut On These 1971 FORD F2M. V-8 Engine. Auto. Trans., Power Steering, Perfect Shape. 1970 CHEVY tt-Ton, V-8, Power Steering, 4-Spd. 1970 CIJEVY tt/Ton, V-8, 4-Spd. 1968 GMC %-Ton, V-6 Engine, Auto. Trani,, Power Steering. 1970 FORD F250, V-8 Engine, 4 -Spd. Trans, 1971 GMC 14-Ton, 6 -Cyl., 3-Spd. SM TIUM aii Several Other GOOD USED TRUCKS AU SUN RANDELL IN/I 1973 LESABRE a.Door Hardtop, 4,000 mi,, like new, List 15300-NOW14400 1173 MONTE CARLO "Chevy's Nictst Car". Was 54700-NOW |4200 1078 CENTURY LUXUS 2-Dr Hardtop, Air Cond,, Vinyl Top. List W760-NOW t41N 1171 IMPALA Custom Coupe, Low ml,. One Owner, sharpest in town, Was $2995-NOW $f7M 1971 ELECTRA 2-Door Hardtop, on White." "White Was $4095~NOW $3550 1971 L.T.D. 4-Dr. Sedan. One owner, clean. Wag $2795-NOW I23S0 1971 SKYLARK 2-Door Hardtop, Bucket Seats, Air Conditioning, Extra clean, 90,000 miles. Was S3250-NOWI29M 1971 SKYLARK 2 -Dr. Hardtop, Automatic Transmission. Air Conditioning, Sharp, Was 52995-NOW $2170 1970 ELECTRA 4- Door Stdan. Silver with Black Top, good running oar. "Extra Clean." Was t29t*~~NOW $2400 1970 NOVA 2 -Door Coupe, 6, Standard Transmission. Was $1795-NOW $1S00 1570 ESTATE WAGON 9 Passenger, Groat lor the Big Family, Was taaw-Now woo 1970 SPORT FURY 4 'Door Hardtop, fully Equipped. Was I169S-NOW $1200 1970 KINOSWOOD Estate Wagon, 9 Pans., Extra Clean with Low mi. Was $3095 -NOW $2800 1969 LESABRE 4-Poor Sedan, full Power with Air Cond. Was $1695 -NOW $1570 1919 IMPERIAL "Chryajer 's Finest Car" Was $Sm -NOW $1500 1918 COUGAR Huna food, Great lot Teenager. Was $1395-NOW $1000 1988 IMPALA •Little* Rough." Was 8705-NOW $350 1852 Monmouth Blvd. Phone 342-ll.l-Galeiburg, 111. HERE is THE MAGIC NUMBER TO RESULTS 343-7181 1170 G.M .C. *i Ton Pickup, V-8, 4- Speed, New Topper. Was $2395-NOW $1900 1988 PONTIAC Executive 4-Dr. Hardtop, "needs a valve job," Was $1095-NOW 8899 Twenty Cars Under $ 600 01ds«oWle, he Ml LUXURY AT A LOW rRICE 1 070 OLDS 98 LUXURY COUPE — Pinemist areen with Grteft VUMfl TOP, PuU P** er VolL Door Locks, Paetory Atr, Cruise Control, TUt Wheal, AM-PM S**fto, BtJJMl Jlflr WSW Tires, Sold & Serviced By Only Us, 12,000 MUe^frai^^ ^ fQQ/S 1071 OLDS 98 LUXURY SEDAN — Soverign Gold Finish wlUl Matchln* Vtoyl Top, lo/ 1 Pull Power, Factory Air CondiUonlng, AM -FM Stereo, Ctula* Control, rlgwjadlaj WSW Tires, Complot* service Pile. 1J .000 MUe Warranty^ p mefi of i2875 1 07H LINCOLN CONTINENTAL SEDAN — Colorful Champagn* GOldFlnish with Dark io/U Brown Vinyl Top. Brown Leather Interior, Full PoW.f, AM-FM Stereo, Cruiae Control, Plus Much More, In Top Condition Throughout. mmt „^ A _ #2725 —-^OW PRICE OF as # an%# 1Q70 VtOA — Only 12 ,000 miles, on this pop- k&fo Ular Compact and condition Is near showroom Maw, has Radio. WSW Tirest Automa- lQ7rt CHBW NOVA-II you desire economy 1070 Jto/y took no larthar. has Economical, but powerful I cylinder engine, Automatic Trans., Power Stoaring, Radio, and 4 Brand New WSW fir ^bw 'R ^xiSBi l> v * * ver '» e—PERFECT F0R 1071 CADILLAC SEDAN DEVILLE — Check iy/ 1 this one thoroughly, tolk to the former pwnor it needed, U's.ihe meat immacujato '71 we had in pamttlmt. PullTowjr. AM -FM Stereo, new 1 QAQ CHBVROLBT KINOSWOOD - Finished 1909 In Palamino Gold with Matching Vinyl or. Fully Reoondjtloned. New Brakes, Ex. Tune-up, Wto a Ready to Go. Has Factory onaltlonlng, P.S., HydramaUe, P.S. — ROAD Interior, haust. 1 1969 IMPALA 'CUSTOM COUPE-We've fully Reconditioned this one mechanically throughout) has unique Burnt Brown Finish with White Vinyl fop and White Vinyl Interior, Faery Air Conditioning, plus all the usual—SHARP KINO. 1Q71 DODGE CHARGER — Has 318 V.B, Tnr« 19/1 quefllte Trans,, P.S.. Bucket Scats, Wide Black Tires, not many miles. Gold color with Bleok interior— LOTS OF STYtE. 1079 CADILLAC SEDAN DeVlLLE - Full Ivf Ct Power, Comfortron Air Conditioner, AM>FM Storeo, plus many luxurious Cadillac features, brand new WSW tires. Just traded on a new Toronado, well»cared tor — SHARP. dramatic — NICE CONDITION" THROUGHOUT, MAVERICK — Light Blue color, economical 0 cylinder, standard shift, low mileage, good tlr«e-OAS SAVER, 1QAQ L EM AN 8 COUPE - Economy and an lOUC/ Intermediate size, plus Low Mileage make this 6 cylinder Sharpie a Real AttracUve purchase, has new WSW Tires and Light Groan Finish — LADY OWNED. 1Q70 TOR'NO OT SPORTSROOF — Shiny . „y . Candyapple Red finish with complimenting Black Vinyl Interior, 351 V-8 Cleveland motor, Shaker Hood Scoop. Crutseomatle, P.S., P.B., Later Strlpcs-A BEAUTY. 1 Q£Q OLDS DELTA 88 SEDAN — Soverign IpW Gold color with White Vinyl Top, Gold Cloth Interior, P.S., P.B., Factory Air Conditioning, has had the best of car., sold tt serviced since New only by Us—VERY NICE. 1 QfiQ CUTLASS SUPREME SEDAN — Shiny lOUO ArUo White bottom with Black Vinyl Top and Blaek Cloth Interior, Factory Air Conditioning, Good Tires. Condition is Very Good Throughout, ICm LeMANS COUPE - Only 11,000 actual la/ I miles on this 1-own.r, Bucket Seats. Console Factory Air, P.S.. P.B., Hvdramatic, Burnt Orange Color with Beige Top & interior — ONLY 1 UKE IT - HURRY I 1Q7P1 VALIANT DUSTER - This popular U Model has the 318 V-8 engine, torquifllte Trans., P.S.. Radio, brand new WSW tires, nice color, Drango Bluo with White top. RIGHT SIZE it GOOD PERFORMANCE, ¥ SEEi DtWayae Swanson—Bill Richsrdson—Earl Shay—Jim Fineran Bill Pcttit-Mike Fester Fesler Oldsmobile, Inc. 120 N. Chofflbtn St. — 342-4148 Lets Work Together For A Good Vacation Deal For You 1972 LTD 2-Dr. H.T.—V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Air — $3295 1971 OLDS 4-Dr.—V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Air $2495 1971 CHRYSLER 2-Dr. H.T.—V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Air $2495 1970 FORD 4-Dr.—V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Air $1795 1970 FORD 2-Dr. H.T.—-V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Air $1895 1970 PONTIAC Sta, Wag.—V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Air _-$1895 1969 IMPALA 2-Dr. H.T.—V-8, 4-Spd., B'ket Seats, P.S. $1495 1968 OLDS 4-Dr.—V-8, Aura, P.S./P.B., Air _ .$1095 1968 FORD Sta. Wag.—V-8, Auto., P.S. $1195 1968 RAMBLER 4-Dr.—6-Cyl., Auto. $ 995 1968 T.BIRD 2-Dr. H.T—V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B., Air —$1595 1966 DODGE Wag.—V-8, Auto., P.S., P.B -$ 595 TRUCKS 1972 CHEVY Vi Ton—6-Cyl., 3-Spd. $2695 1972 CHEVY V% Ton—6-Cyl., 3-Spd. _ $2695 1969 FORD VA Ton—6-Cyl., 4-Spd. —$1395 See One Of (be Following Sala.tnen Jay rraburg. BUI Rosenberg, Ray Whito, Jim Stev.nson, Mlka Addis. Larry Shawgo, Jack Ball, Gene Btull, Duane Watters, Harry Hoppings Jr., Gene Horn, Bob Parker, Gary Sage, Louis Lakii AT i&LAKIS FORD ^ ^gUM YOUR VOLUME DEALER vusiu«^ KELLOGG Si TOMPKiNS - 342 0177 SUPER JEEPS Are Here '73 AMBASSADOR Brougham 4-Dr, Air, P.S., V-roof. '72 CHEVROLET Blazer—4-Wheel Drive. '72 JEEP Commando—4-Wheel Drive. '72 FORD Fjnto 2-Dr. Sedan. '71 AMBASSADOR SST Station Wagon—Air. '71 MATADOR—6-Cyl-. SST, 4-Dr., Air, P.S. '70 PONTIAC Catalina 4-Dr.—Air, P.S. '70 AMBASSADOR SST 4-Dr., P.S., Air. '69 MERCURY Marauder 2-Dr. H.T. -Air. '68 AMBASSADOR SST 4-Dr.-Air, P.S. '67 OLDS Cutlass Wagon. Stierwalt Buick Gerry Fesler PONTIAC-CADILLAC. Inc. 1 Q7 1 MONTE CARLO—Just lo/ i Traded on a '73 Gran Prix, Dark Moss Green finish with Black Vinyl Top, and , Black Cloth Interior, Rally • Wheels, Factory Air Conditioning, P.S., P.B., plus much mora, 1-own.r—REAL SHARP. 1 Q71 MAVERICK GRABBER 19 /1 —Bright Grabber Yellow finish with Shiny 302 V-8 Engine, Cruiseomatic, Special Grabber Trim & Wheel Covers, near New WSW Tires, Radio; performs real quick and smooth -A STAND OUT. 1Q71 PONTIAC LEMANS 19/ J. H.T. — Our best selling model and with a Lime Green finish with matching Green Vinyl interior with Black Vinyl Top, has Factory Air Conditioning, 390 V-8, regular gas motor, 4 Brand New WSW Tires —VERY SHARP LOOKING. 1Q7H MUSTANG, SPORTS- 19/ U ROOF —Color is Grabber Blue with Black Stripping and Black Vinyl Interior with Bucket Seats, has GT wheels, Wide Black Tires, 302 V-8 engine, 4 speed. Radio; BRIGHT APPEARANCE. CAMARO RALLY - _ SPORT — Here is the real performer—327 V-8, Factory 4 speed, Rally Sport Package, Console. Bucket Seats, Power Steering, Tires are near new; Moss Green finish with Park Green Top—IN SHORT SUPPLY 1969 1 079 GRAND PRIX - This 19/4 near new unit is hardly a year old; finished in Baroque Gold with Beige Top and Beige Vnyl interior, Factory Air Conditioning, P.S., P.B., Rally Wheels, Brand New Promlum WSW Radials — STYLISH & LUXURIOUS. 1071 GRANVILLE 4-DOOR 19/1 H.T. - Has been sold and serviced by only us and has had excellent care, lull power. Factory Air Conditioning. Luxury Brocade Cloth Interior, 30,000 actual miles; Full 12.000 Mile Warranty — SUPER SHARP. 1Q71 CORVETTE Stingray. 19/1 Traded in on a new '73 Cad., has factory air conditioning, hydramatic, AM-FM radio, 35o V-8 engine, power, gauges, rally factory wheels. 27,000 actual miles. ONLY 1 LIKE IT. 1 Q7D ROADRUNNER. ReaUy 19/U fancy, has special wheel*, 383 V-8, automatic, vinyl top and Roadrunner package. 1 owner. New LeMans trade-in. NEAT. 1970 LEMANS 2-Dr. H.T. Has had better than average care, new tires, factory air conditioning, PS., P.B.. mag wheels, dark green, black vinyl interior. GOOD. OFFICE .m-5ioj MAIN & WEST CAR LOT 343-3312 S M: ED STEVENS CHRIS BUKGDJ P ' UCKETT/ American ond Jeep 342-3146-143 B. Ferris "EASY ON MONEY 1968 CHEVEIXE MALIBU—Economical 6 cylinder engine, automatic, P.S., good Yellow Sc. Black color. ONLY $99$ 1967 MUSTANG — Has 289 V-8, Cniiseomatic, trans., P.S., runs good, mag wheels, well worth $8 7, 5 1966 PONTIAC WAGON — All kinds of room, pick your use at ... _ f450 1967 OLDS 88 2-Dr. H.T.—Factory Air, P.S., P.B., Drive away for $395 1SJ68 GTO CONVERTIBLE $850 1968 CATALINA SEDAN - W50 1986 BUICK SEDAN $375 1965 PONTIAC SEDAN $250 1965 RIVERIA , SJP SEE: Bob Blevins-Dave Swanson—Harold Inman—Gerry Feslef 17J S. PRAIRIE — Open Mon.. Wed., Fri. Eve. — 34M1II

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