Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 11, 1973 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1973
Page 17
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Galesbur ster-Mail, Golesbur Sorufdo BART Train's Time Bomb Stops Niagara Maiden Run SAN FRANCISOO (UPl) - A „ 1 1 ^ Bay Area Rapid T r a n s i t Cabl6 VMTS (BART) train aner** at ft. ^7^^, mt . A time bomb Friday I 1 ' i 1 '• • 1J * h r J * J ill r T - j i ' ., J Showers Over I * M %*JMF m Many Areas Montgomery St. station Friday after a successful maiden run (y™>- w # underwater lube S lw * edil «* teffS^J^ifE the Incline Railway, a cable Of Nation Gil«4burr 1U, Classified Advertising Dial 343*7181 OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday- 1 * ^ m 8 A.M. 4:30 PM. Saturday .8 A.M. -3 P.M. TRANSIENT CASH RATE Effective Match l, 1971 - •••••• • - — — • '•• —^ DRINKING PROBLEM? Want to do aomething about It? L*t us help you help yourself. Phone 342*2179, 24 hours. Confidential. Words 7 -daya through an from Oakland. i-gp I 5.21 I 4-daya 3.78 1-day PREGNANT and NEED HELP? Call Birthright 343-4913 Lost and F*OTd-# WAWHKfl Man e*pett«fteed in tern * -M. * * . I « A A* ft*>lift| in«t*Uations to work full time for new lotai firm or win consider tuttcfttftocting roofing jobs to ejualified^peraon on a profitable basis. Phone 343-7818, 9 to S. MECHANICAL and parts men wanted. tween 8 A _ tomottve and "Toyota, 2132 Grand Apply in person be- JVT -5 P.M. D & D Au- I 1.80 I 8.13 t 4J0 j hH^lvi^l^ 1 SStokiflg Niagara The sleek aluminum thfee-caf 2* &2Z!*^ in BART's Oakland headquar- ™ T ^J!? tefdipped under San Francis- ™' ^f^, ^ co Bay at 70 miles an hour cable Mfoeel and braking carrying some 100 BART mechanism that held the cars officials, local dignitaries and in ptace *we heavily damaged newsmen. and three metal doors were blown off their hinge*, according to <te Niagra Regional Police. The railway was closed at the time and thene were no By United Pre Widely scattered showers continued taherhatlonat 1 as -30 WATCH found Aug. 9, with large 1.W 1 tafety pin attached. Will release \ 8.78 | 4.49 | 1.82| ujon description. Phone .342-4802 thunder- today in I 7.84 I 5.24 | 2.13 er 4 P.M. Blind Ad. Char ge*~80c Card of Thanks, In Memorlam, Lodge NoUces, other Notices, 1 Inch or less—$2.75. Business Service—7 I ' '.i i J ' L 1 '•It's that an historic trip points up what the system can do/' said BART President William Chester oft he first new mass transit network built in the United States in 05 years. The seveiMninute run Friday, part of BART's tests of the transbay tube, was the first all the way into San Francisco's new subway system. Regular service through the tube is predicted for sometime early next year. The fl.4 billion transit system started revenue service 11 months ago on the east side of the bay, operating on 58 miles of track. Bureau Rules Against Bordello many areas of the country. Htundemhowpr* were WideW CASH RATE —Applies whtn ad is l nunrcrsrowers were j paid within 8 dayi from date of scattered over the Rockies and bit insertion, more numerous thunderstorms t*trM-it/ lumbered over Iowa, New| INDLX England, and portions of the J & J PAINTERS, brush or spra Free estimates. 342*6036. Reference. ".\::r -i 1 -i, • =•*. 11. -i i continued PAINT Service — Interior and exterior, minor repairs and roofing. Reasonable rates. Free estimate. Call 462-3986. SUCCESSFUL salesman, wanted, top wages, fringe benefits and plenty reads. Call Mr.^Brown, 9 A.M. to 12 noon, 342*3018 for app't. DRIVER-OWNER*OPERATOR With cabover tandem axle tractor, will need an Indiana base plate, which goes on sale for half price oh Aug. 1. Steady work. For more details call Ringle Express collect, Moline, 111. 309-799*3171. local expand- UNDECIDED?—SAVE NOW Let us fix your roofs, chimneys and foundations. New or repair, at last years prices. Work guaranteed. G. A, Simpson* 343-W37. (UPI) The RENO, Nev. Interior Department has ruled against a Nevada businesswom- who wanted to continue federal land for her injuries. Police said one of the cars, which wias piarked in the center of the embankment for the night, slid to (the bottom of the hill. A timing device was found at the scene. Officers said they believed the bomber had some knowledge of explosive devices and how to use them. There was no word on how long the railway might be shut down. Ttoe railway, which runs up a slope from Queen Victoria Park to Dakes Drive, was installed in 11966. It overlooks both the , - - i' - * f i 1 Canadian and the American foils. an leasing bordello. Beverly Harrell obtained a lease in 1970 for about four of Bureau of Land property in a acres Management remote desert section of Nevada, which permits legal prostitution in cretain areas. She set up a small trailer village and has been operating there ever since. The BLM, when it discovered the land—nearly four acres for $100 a year—was being used for a house of prostitution, canceled the lea$e in 1971. Miss Harrell appealed. That appeal wa$ turned down and the BUM says Miss Harrell will be given 90 days to move her enterprise elsewhere. Chief Gets Copy Of City Laws CAMDEN, N.J. (UPI) - The head of Camden's Police Department has finally solved a year-old problem. Chief Harold Melleby, who had been trying to obtain a copy of the newly codified city laws for more than 12 monfths, succeeded Friday when he decided to speak up at a city council hearing. Council President John R. Marini, expressing shock, told the veteran police chief, "The city code is your biggest tool. I don't know how you go to work without it." Guard Shot During Bank's Second Robbery Radio Operator Mrs. Linda King and Staff Sgt. W. A. Schmidt try to talk with a young boy who has been calling for help over a CB radio since Aug. 7. Mrs. King, whose radio code name is "Blue Eyes," has been in frequent contact with the boy, who said he was* trapped in an overturned pickup truck and his father was dead. The boy hasn't been able to tell searchers his location, but searchers will keep looking at least through this weekend. UNIFAX Search Continues For Mystery Boy southern Atlantic Coast Friday SuiWtaf ^KS K !.I";":::"I """«a night. Many of the storms into the v»u«wn ^S85SS=S8S^S&a-==:i=i::IS hours today. Autos—ggort. foreign 77 Winds of up to oo miles per Autos—used "::::::::::::zz:::::"7» WANTEDod<nobs, home repair, hour were reported 21 miles ®aiB «-"::T-::i» PMI?,lB * - pd • earp ~* r - cen > ent northwest of Des Moines, Iowa, Bogtj ana ^MotoM 70 early today as a thunderstorm coins — stamps'^-"MtYcV A fATtiaHn COUNTRY CORNER— A tOrnaOO Fftrm . Miscellaneous 40 Farms and Acreages—Rent 41 Farms and Acreages—Salt 42 Pasture for Rent 43 Farm Implements - Services..44 buffeted the area. was observed by the Iowa State RARE opportunity — ins: business needs individual experienced in meeting the public for light sales work in this area. Aires 22*55. Better than average position. Dignified work with good future. Replies confidential. Send brief resume and phone number to Post Office Box 379, Galesburg or call 343*7818. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITIES (partial listing) , .Estimator—Constr. Firm $18,000 work, guttering, waterproofing, 1 Project Engr.—New Prod. —#14,000 alnting, Alien Briggs, 343-7884. Indus'l. Tech.—Engr. Dept.. ~$J3,000 BASEMENT CLEANING &&a^^rfi ai l::::li 3 2 'Z Tool Deslffn—Nat'l. Co $12,000 police near Shenandoah, Iowa, early this morning but there were no reports of damage or injuries. Chadron Neb., was buffeted by 58-imle-per-hour winds in a thunderstorm Friday night. Fog and clouds shrouded the southern California coast early today and low clouds hung over western Washington. Clear skies were the rule from Idaho, Nevada and western Arizona westward. Clear skies reigned from the eastern Dakotas and western Minnesota southward through Kansas and Phone 343-2458 WEED MOWING E. J. MARTIN - 342 0521 Feed - Seed - Fertlllieri 45 WANTED: Any type home repair: Poultry and Supplies 46 cement, carpenter work, base- Livestock and Supplies - 47 ment waterproofing, gutters, AucUons. 48 painting. Work guaranteed. 553 E. Commercial Property 59 ferooks. 343-9563. ConstrucUon Equipment - 75 ^ A „ r> _ ^-^^——— Employment Wanted 14 CARPET CLEANING, Dirt is ac- also ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (UPI) ered hundreds of miles ofthe^Texas Panhandle. Volunteers in New Mexi- mountainous terrain in central 1 Humia weainer co and Arizona launch a iNew yf^co Garages 60 Good Things to Eat 21 Help Wanted—Male 11 Help Wanted—Female ——12 Help Wanted—Male, Female — -13 Household Goods 28 Home Improvement 25 Houses for Rent - 55 In Memorlam 2 Instruction „ 15 Insurance 20 Investments 18 Lawn and Garden Needs 34 lost and Found 6 Moving — Storage 8 Money to Loan—Wanted 19 Musical tually extracted, not just surface cleaned with clean, clear soft water steam. No long drying period. Ron's Steamllncr, 3424232. PAINTING Interior or Exterior. For free estimates call 342-3998 any* time. Fully insured. B & R CARPET SERVICE New 9t Used Installed Repairs — AH Kinds 342-4650 , ma . ELLISON'S Mobile Homes for Rent 56 RcfrigeraUon & Appliance Service Mobile Home Spaces _ 57 Tool Design Machinist—Fee Paid ;.$10,000 Diesel Mech.—Area Firm $9,000 Service Mgr.—Trainee 89,000 Maint. Man—Area oppty.! .—$9,000 Foreman—Growth pot'l 89,000 Bulk Driver—Farm bkgrnd. „86,500 Grain Operator—Fee Paid $6,500 Stock Clerk—Local! $6,500 Call Bob Tilton, 342-1112, WltUe. Pryor & Smith Personnel OPERATOR For Small Offset Press Wagoner Printing Co. 306 E. Simmons I NEW YORK (UPI) An elderly guaind only a yera away from retirement was shot Friday rob second during the :y of the day at the First National City Bank in lobby of the busy Pan American building. The final search today for a small boy who has been frantically crying for help over radio tends the last four days. (lis week without finding a trace of the boy. The boy has told searchers he overturned Mobile Homes for Sale 66 Motorcycles - Bicyclea 74 . New Houses for Sale 62A Continued Notices - Lodge 3 over the east of the Mississippi SStiSe? ' s£«ui VpSSSii":::: 5 M^tprn Office Space - —30 eastern p hoto g raphy 29 342-2$?7 Seeding & Sodding E. J. MARTIN - 342-0521 River and of in the the central and Pets and Supplies — 33 Property Management 16 s for Rent CITYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL We furnish metal containers for apts., business offices, stores and factories. 1 cubic yard thru 50 cubic yard sizes. We rent flatbed trucks or containers for is in an truck and is unable to get out. portion southern Plains. kboms 7or Renf v. 51 ^rv.«;«rr t Q mnnMtiirp<! Resorts and Cottages 61 one stop spring cleanup, remod- pickup Early morning temperatures g d Board » 52 u or Honey Do special proj- •" * . - _ . - Call Jow bidder BUl( 342 SALES: Local territory for individual with business or sales background. Degree helpful. $9,000, fee ? aid. Call Jim Scattergood, 342112, WltUe, Pryor & Smith Personnel. two fted the gunmen building with an undisclosed amount of cash 'but one of them may have been wounded, police said. Search coordinators, conced- ifo ^^^t^^y told searchers his father was ing the case may be a "well- planned hoax," said the search for the mystery boy will end dead, but a Phoenix, Ariz., man who said he talked to the boy Earlier in the morning, a holdupman walked into the bank, passed a note to the teller and walked out with $4,000. Sunday —"win, lose or draw." "There is still enough to it that we will continue searching . N , this weekend," said Civil Air| but not senousl y- TTie search in New Mexico Friday quoted the youth as saying his father was injured, ______ _ # Phoenix, Ariz. ranged from 47 degrees at Real Estate for sale 63 4» * ri~i;e *~ oc j°-. ftAB «* Real Estate Wanted 64 Areata, Calif., to 95 degrees at Rea i Estate—out ct Town 65 Sporting Goods _ _ 71 Transportation 9 Trailers - Campers - Equip 72 Tires - Accessories - Parts 73 Trucks - Truck Trailers -— 76 TV - Radio - Stereo ...27 Wanted to Buy - Misc. — 35 Wanted to Rent 58 Miscellaneous 30 Douglases Leave For China Visit SEATTLE, WasEi. (UPI) Notices - Other—4 1134 . 24 y«ars of experience. WEED MOWING 343-5949 LAWN BUILDING Steve Wilson—343-3946 HOME IMPROVEMENTS Remodeling and roofing. Paul Wilson, 343-3946. Patrol S9ardh coordinator Rich-! The search in JNew Mexico iSuptreme court Justice William, AND after ^ datef August ard Damerow. I has concentrated on the Man- The boy, identified only by a zano Mountains east of Al- firat name of Larry, began buquerque, because of strong The Putted Guns involved in the Elizabeth Councilwoman Hawk then gave Mellety her own bound copy of the municipal code, and the council later said it would consider printing paperback copies of the code to distribute to the entire police force. Falls 11 Floors Into Rubbish KLAGENFURT, Austria (UPI) — A 32-year-old foreman survived a fall from the 11th floor of a newly built skyscraper because his workers failed to obey his orders to remove a huge heap of waste paper in front of the house. Otto Meisterl, a bricklayer, told his colleagues to "clear that rubbish" before he went up to the 11th floor to do some repair work. Minutes later he slipped and fell—onto the rubbish. men second attempt waited patiently in line and then as they reached the bank teller, pulled their guns and demanded money, poJice said. The teller, Irma Morales, turned and screamed to the bank guard, Pnank Oarty, 64. j "Frank! Frank!" she yelled. "These (two. These two have guns." Police said Carty was not sure what was happening and the two men Shot at him as tfhey ran past. Carty, wounded in the stomach, cried, "Oh my God, I've been hit." Fired Shots He fell to the floor and fired at tfhe fleeing bandits. Police said about five shots were fired and one of the gunmen was believed wounded in the shoulder. transmitting his distress calls late T\iesdiay. A woman in California monitored his initial then transmission, and since citizens band radios from California to Mississippi have heard the boy crying. Seventeen CAP planes volunteer searchers have cov-1 Mexico- signals received from that area. Damerow, who said the boy could be anywhere in New Mexico, said the search would be expanded into the southern sitate. Five cf O. Douglas and his wife Cathy have left for China where the jurist plans to investigate conservation practices and the country's judicial system. China has long been an interest of Douglas, who was strongly rebuked by President TrunDan when he suggested that G & G PAINTING service, free es- . . timates. Reasonable. Insured. 11, 1973. I will not be responsible Houses, barns, metal roofs, hog for any debts contracted by any sn eds in the field. Will go anywhere and paint anything. Phone Oquawka 867-5101 or Keiths burg 374-2247. WANTED — Roofing and chimney repair. All work guaranteed. 20 years experience, 342-0247. Child Care-10 other than myself. Frank E, Wells 790 E. Knox St. and mountains r •Teamsters Union Chavez At Odds Greek Court Sentences EAN Plot Youths BURLINGAME, Calif. (UPI) Teamsters Union officials denied Cesar Chavez* accusation that they gave him "a stab in the back" and were confident today they could lure the farm workers organizer back to the bargaining table. Chavez stomped out of a peace meeting Friday upon learning that 26 grape growers in the Delano, Calif., area had signed pacts with the Teamsters. part helicopters planned to search)^ United should in southern New jfeaps recognize the Communist ! government following the 1948 revolution. Doug] as, 74, and his wife •boarded a flight for Hong Kong Friday to begin the three-week trip. He said he did not know his exact itinerary in China because the trip wias being set up in Peking. Mrs. Douglas plans to concentrate her attention on women 9 ''Stabbed in Back" "We have been stabbed in the, the Teamsters, back," the United Farm Work-lpresentatives of his union had walked out of the talks, two pickets belonging to his union were shot and wounded in a vineyard near Earlimart in the San Joaquin Valley. Sheriff's deputies said about a dozen shots were fired after a group of pickets entered the field and started turning over grape boxes. Workers in the field said they were fired upon first. After Chavez left the meeting in Burlingame, William Grami, chief farm labor negotiator for confirmed IM­ PRINTER for offset plant in Peoria. ExceUent opportunity. Call for appointment, 674-6922. WANTED — Truck driver and warehouseman. Kllnck's Furniture, Knoxville. Apply in person. no phone calls. WANTED INSURANCE SALES MANAGER Globe Life & Accident Insurance Co., ono of the nation's fastest grow In g companies Is making an unusual offer to the right person: (1) Good solid sales contract—40% commissions paid on Annual sales, 10% renewal for life. Just as good for semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly sales. (2) ExceUent retirement plan. (3) Company group hospitalization & life insurance. (4) Very lltUe travel. (5) Leads. (6) Very generous overwrite of agents under his supervision. If you are unhappy, or Just curious you. owe it to yourself to investigate this opportunity. Call (collect) Manager, (815) 226-8787 or write to 2606 Broadway, Suite 2C, Rockford, 111. they conduct' their the wordl 's most and how lives in populous nation. Young U.S. Drug II ugglers Granted Release WASHINGTON (UPI) Four ATHENS (UPI) tribunal — A military sentenced Pair Visit Iran ROME (UPI) — Constantine, the deposed king of Greece, and his wife, Queen Anne Marie, today sentenced six persons to prison terms ranging from 2V& to 18 years for plotting against the government and bombing foreign diplomatic property, including American automobiles. The six belonged to the Greek Anti-Dictatorial Youth (EAN) resistance organization. All pleaded innocent during the two-day trial in which former Premier Panayotis Kannel- lopoulos was a defense witness. The tribunal deliberated for one hour before handing down the sentences. Ippokrates Savour as, 42, a veterinarian, was sentenced to 18 years in prison on charges he organized EAN and helped [set off 16 bombs that damaged American ers Union leader said, accusing the Teamsters of "not talking in good faith." The Teamsters themselves said the pacts should not have been signed and will be invalidated. About the time Chavez signed with the Delano table grape growers—but said they did so "contrary to instructions." He said the pacts would be repudiated because they were signed without union authority. proper Star Witness Questioned In Gainesville Eight Trial of six young American women held for the past eight months a Turkish jail on drug morid and one man Fla. (UPI) I National Convention at Miami GAINESVILLE, — Tfce defense in the "Gainesville Eight" trial spent Friday questioning the government's star witness about his role as an FBI informer. Ttie witness!later, a in smuggling charges have been granted release on bail, according to a State Department report. Two women were held. The department said Friday that bail of about $3,500 each was granted for Maria Therese Crocki, 25, and Penelope Czarnecki, 23, both of San Francisco, Paula Gibson, 23, of Fairfax, Va*, and Margaret Engle, 20, of Falls Church, Va. The Turkish prosecutor had asked in April that they be given bail, since they were only suits! BABYSITTER needed immediately in my home, MO week. Own transportation. Phone 343-1181, 8 to 5. After 5, 343-3567. L STORY BOOK CHILD CARE CENTER 369 N. Kellogg Hours: 6:30 to 6:00 •fr PROGRAMMED ACTIVITIES # SUPERVISED PLAY NUTRITIOUS MEALS Visitors Welcome State Licensed — Ages 2 to 8 Reserve a Place for Your Child 342-3060 CONSUMER FINANCE Experienced consumer finance manager needed in Rock Island area, fast growing company with excellent starting salary and fringe benefits. If you have 3 years experience contact Bob Cowie, 800-322-2400. BABYSITTER wanted days, Knox- viUe area. Call 343-7960 after 6 P.M. BABYSITTER wanted in my home, beginning Sept. 4, Monroe St. Hours 10 to 4 weekdays. Write Box 967. care Galesburg Register-Mail. RELIABLE babysitter in my home 5 days week, 7:30 AM.-5 P.M. 191 Lake St. Must have own transportation, references required. 342-7155 after 5. Help Wanted-Male—11 HIGH SCHOOL Seniors for piano and organ moving. Gamble Music, Apply in person. MCDONALD'S Boys 16 years old or older. Applications are now being taken for the coming school year. WANTED — Kitchen help. Must apply in person after 5 pjn. Pizza Hut, 896 W. Fremont St. LOCAL Manager needs individual to assist in retail business. Will train. $6,500 plus good bonus. Call Jim Scattergood, 342-1112. Wittle. Pryor Sc Smith Personnel. EXPERIENCED drywall hangers wanted. 4*' 2 c per ft. Phone 2892697. AREA company needs individual to train at home office then move into territory. t7,B00 plus* Jim Scattergood, Call 342-1112, WltUe, Pryor & Smith Personnel. OFFSET Small aggressive company, seeks well qualified and experienced offset pressman, to print on plastic sheets. Excellent op- rtunity to grow and advance. any fringe benefits including profit sharing and pension plans. Write or call. Mr. Margolies, President Key Industries Inc. 215 Taylor, East Peoria, III. 309-694-3138. WHITE SPACE INCREASES READERSHIP OF THE WANT ADS SUPER Help Wanted - Male-11 ARE YOU TIRED Of factories and construction work? We will employ 2 go-getters who want a solid future. Interesting work with opportunity of $150-$175 per week, with rapid advancement. Ex- S erience not required but must e ambitious and able to get along with people. Phone 3432106 before 10 A.M. An equal opportunity employer. Help Wanted - Male— 11 Communicators for Beadu About 200 yards from Old Main, Learuner stopped and turned away, he said. Minutes j passengers in three Volkswagen _ police sitakeout cap-[minibuses which were stopped admitted tiiat he had not tried^tured Mark C. Vanciel insideiat the Turkish border Dec. 10. he taewlwith a molotov cocktail. Ether'customs officials said they a!had been poured on the frontjfound bricks of hashish hidden land- 1 door. Vanciel went to prison ! until his 21st birthday. Provoke Violence PEOPLE to stop planned bomb in the upholstery. The four young women said they had accepted a ride from to Istanbul and knew a youth to fire D AVQ 1 Pai r 18 years in prison on charges University of Arbansas IVU ; m x a " he organized EAN and helped mark. William W. Leramer testified cars oeionging is American;he had already tipped the FBI| Trying to prove LemmeriBeirut diplomatic personnel that a young man he met at a infiltrated the WAW to pro- nothing about the hashish. Accountant Ioannis RoumbosJcampus bonfire planned to fire voke vioBence and discredit the! Robert Ernest Hubbard, 22, 41, was given 15 years for {bomb the luiiversiity's Old Main orgnaization, the defense also.who they said offered them will leave today on a visit to| possession of an( j £>mmu-1 building. !cross-examined Lammer about transportation, and two women Iran, a royal spokesman said. ^ nition He said the were' As he walked toward the!his role at a number of war;said to have been driving two part of a shipment sent to building on the night of Oct. 15, protest demonstraltions, a of the buses-Joanne Mac- Cyprus. 1971, he said the youth "madeinwijuana-picking party Kyriakos Spyriounis, 60, a it clear to me he intended to go \Kansas, a plot to seize former police director, was | through with tfois tiling." ! Washington Monument and "Didn't you try to stop him?" plan to arm the blades of Cairo, jheld without bail. Retired Col. Nickolaos Papa-! defense lawyer Brady Coleman 111. 1 The nickolaou, 53, retired Navy LtJ^ed. THie w . Leonidas Vassilikopoulos, 42,' «i suppose I should have, but charged with conspiring to use Americans were in jail abroad and former Army Capt. Alexan- i di^.'t " answered Lemmer, weapons ranging from sling- on drug charges—including[257 or iffir^ted "after showman P. T. dras Zarkadas, 42, were given an FBI informer who is the "shots to mortars in attacking in Mexico, 112 m Canada 9s» in originates aner ^ W11UUI \; r on .u, ; „.u Tj^„Ki^on convention. Germanv and others in Spain, PLACES TOOL & DIE MAKERS Plant Expansion has created IMMEDIATE OPENINGS For Journeymen or equivalent # Must be able to work afternoon or midnight shift. ^ , i> New plant with well equipped tool room. Excellent wages, fringes and working conditions. Currently working 6 days per week. and THINGS Qualified applicants should apply in person to Personnel Dept. Bower Roller Bearings Federal-Mogul Corp. Macomb, HI. An Equal Opportunity Employer The exiled monarch will spend "10 days to two weeks" as the private guest of the Shah and Empress of Iran, the spokesman said Friday. Now You Know • • • By United Press International The phrase "white elephant" sentended to 31 months in jail. Col. iniDanie! 28, of Coos Bay, Ore., 1 the; and Catherine Zenz, 27, of a Lancaster, Wis—are still being Phone 343-7181 Ask for the WANT AD Dept. Gainesville Eight are that as State Department said! of June 30, 834 Barnum exhibited an elephant, but it did not attract crowds and Barnum foui difficult to dispose of. albino 30 months in prison. in it READ THE WANT ADS! government's star witness the Republican against eight antiwar activists Federal indictments were hand- Britain, Japan, Greece, trance, accused of plotting to disrupt'ed down before the convention Morocco, Turkey and eise- ... \. . . , where. CAREER OPPORTUNITY We are looking for the exceptional individual to fill this lion. He is out there somewhere and, because he is the of person we are ooking for, he is so busy and excited about what he is doing that he doesn't want to take time out to follow this up. Most ad answering seems to be a waste of time anyway. But we insist this is an outstanding opportunity and will persist in search for the high achiever — the person wife a solid track record — preferably a man in sales or sales management. Our sales representative will enjoy up to $300 weekly draw against commissions. We are a chemical manufacturer experiencing good growth in this area, but are looking (or more. Our name is the quality image in our field. If you want unlimited income, call Mr. Charles B. Hathaway, Division Manager, at the Ramada Inn, Peoria. (309) 673-64S1, ali day Monday or Tuesday. August 13 or 14, 1973, or send resume to Oxford Chemicals, P.O. Box $0202, Atlanta, Georgia 30301. | violently last year's Republican;began last August. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER i i \

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