Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 18, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1896
Page 3
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That terrible wai^tubt: This is" the way it looks tpytfije- women 'who;:' 1 " do 'their; washing .in the old-fashi'bried' Avay. • They , dread ^t~- and ;'; ncr 'wonder?'.^ ,'AU' ; because they won't use;'Pearline. , 'Use' Pearline — use it ^-ju'st as directed^ soaK/ ; boil xand rinse the clothes — and the wash-tub won't be a bugbear. * You won't have to be over it enough for that. No: hard work — no inhaling of fetid, steam — no wearing rubbing — no, torn clothes nothing but economy., O~ — J Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will OCllU tell you " this is as Rood as" or "the same it TJ 1 as Pearline." IT'S FALSE— Pearline _ lr JjelCK is never peddled, and if your grocer sends you something in .place of Pcarline, be honest— send it back. 510 3NON UIOJJ OpGUl 9C| UB' THE Mufison Typewriter Is a Good Machine. Ahlgti standard ol excellence. Mam ol tbe -ilunson" consider It THE BEST. lou wlH and It a valuable assistant In jour office. Address for particulars THEMUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MAMTJFACTirBEBS. 140-344 W«st X.alce St., Chicago, 111. Greatest Discovery of tfie 19th Century.. MmUcnted Air For the Cure ol Catarrh,- A»thm» and all Pulmonary Dlteaaef, It hu no equal lor BIokHDd Nerrons Hcad- acbe,l.<»O.OCO people die annually from the named Ulsea»M. ledieated Air and Drug Co., , ' Blchmond, Ind.,'U. S. A. It to the beat remedy on earth for L» *u«pe.' tt will tf™ In""** 110 * 6 wllef •4 'will feffect a cure where all other MMdlea fall, .•old by B. F. Heading. STATE NATIONALBANK fcOGANSPOBT, IND. ••. • • S200.000 • • i, P. - Johnion, Prealdent . . ' ' B. W. tniery. Vice Pr*rtd«nt H. J. Heltbtfnk, Cuhler. DIRECTORS. ». T. John«on. B. W. Ullery. J. T. BUlott. W. M. Elliott ,W. H. Snider. Buy Mid •»'! Qovernment \xaAt. •OM7 »n perBontl lecurlty and oollater- M. Iitue special oertlflcate» of deposit* mrlDg I per cent Interest, when -left on« r»»r; 1 per o«nt. per, annum, when depoi- 'tolLlity Depoiit V»ult§ of thli the depOBlt of deed. . morttMe* and ether SSteTit from $6 to Hi r«r r«*r. KROEGER & STRAIN, m 610 BBOADWAY. CHA8.L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER " N* ta Har)tet Street . Calif attended to promptly, W • ""^JtralColon and Mutual telephone*.' Office. No. !«;. Residence, No. -UL Hill, OWcijoiOr. F. Bitfold, Pre». »r »»«i« **vt.v, iwe- , J-ottimxt InMtuUm of America. ollltle»lor»tliproii|jl>.<>ouMolB IU8IC and DRAMATIC A RT. "" «"' *"• »», «n< itlOth . What you ; want when you/are 'aill'og' s a- meillclne that will cure y,ou. Tra Jood's SaisaporlUa and be convinced THE RAILROADS Jack Reagan, a Wabash Fireman * Killed at Marshf ield. THE BY-LAWS UNJUST General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. A Wabash flrcnian-named .Tuck Rcix- gau lost liis life in an \musiial manner near JUarshflold lust evening Ho was on nu oust bound freight, train nml wis in Uio net of shoveling coal Into the furnace, stnndlnjr ouc foot on the cab and the other on the tender. The coupling holding the onpine and tender parted and Resiwiu fell to the track nod the entire train passed over Ills body, He w:ia ground nlniost to pleeti. His home is at Detroit. Tills Is tl$ third fatal accident of the kind that has occurred In this, locality within a few years. CHANGE IN BY-LAW'S. A number oL' the members of the Pennsylvania Relief Association Is ngitatiuR the question of revising the by-laws. They think as now framed, they are hardly just to the membership. 'When a new man Is employed by the company he is urped to become a member of the organization. A .few months later this employe may be dismissed from the company's* service owlus to business depression and after paying a sum of money he receives no benefit and Is not allowed to pay his dues 'and continue 'his membership. The ground taken Is that In'such a'case the member be allowed to pay his dues and continue his membership or that' he shall receive a portion of the money' hu paid in, , RAILROAD NOTES. Gus Faber was at work yesterday after n week's sickness, Dick Hazel of the boiler shops Is at work again after a week's illness. . S.' H/ Sellers of the' car department has returned to work after a month's Illness. ',•'''.. The Walwish Is adding a considerable number of new 00,000-pound box' cars to.Its equipment Baggage car Xo. 7-10 Is on the road again after receiving class three repairs at the shop*. ' ' William Murphy of the blacksmith shop returned to'work yesterday morn- Ing after an illness of 'six months. \X Dali ill has resumed wo'rk.ln the blacksmith shop after a lay off of two weeks on account of a mashed finger. Joseph Ramsay, general manager of the "Wabash, has given orders that to- day-employes In the shops be set at work. '' , Sup't Walton uiid his staff went over. the Bradford division yesterday on an Inspecting tour.' The'party had n special train. ,,Two more of the large freight engines the Plttsburg locomotive works are building for the Vandalla passed, west yesterday. The Pennsylvania lines will continue to icarry nil communications pertain-. Ing to the operation of Its fast freight lines free of charge! John McGlllin of tun blacksmith shop has Invested In 'several fl.no specimens of fruit tree's which'he wlH'replant on his lots on the Westslde. .A. W. Hutchlnson of 'the Panhandle freight depot'will leave this morning for a tour of the east. He will be.gone a week or ten 'days. '.' Panhandle Freight Conductor Mon: roe DIxon was called to' Winchester Saturday ntght by a telegram announcing the serious Illness of his father. < The laying of a- second track on the Panhandle between'Plttsburg and. Columbus Is still being'carireil, on, requiring the ''expenditure of hundreds of, thousands of dollars. . , A. J. Smith, secretary of the American Association of General Passenger, and Ticket Agents,' has;.Issued a call for the fifty-first scml-annuel meeting of : the'-association at; Atlantic. 'Clt^, sept: is. • ••' •".• L •. ; i ' ii ".;;!';,:''... ;: The Brooks locomotive works last week received an order for two standard locomotives to be used on tli'c Nnn- wa' railway, .Tnpan. A 1 '.Tapn.ne.se.- 6f- Qci'a! who recently visited the 1 ,-works c.tbjpd -the locomotive- 'works company the! order. An order ; was receiycd last week,for 0,000 tons of steel rails to go to Japan, being the second order filled by the Illinois steel mills for. export to that country. v Frank Wilson, the Panhandle conductor, has imrchased "Shovedown,", H. "V, Ullwy's swift pacer, 'for a consideration oL' J?200, Trainer Glasco win try and iin. T -? him in shape for,the races, this fall. , The Y. P. C. U. delegates from the Eastern States who are.enroute to'the national convention at Omaha, Neb., passed through the city this morning nt 5 o'clock. The party occupied an excursion train of six cars. H. L. MeGuIrk, chief dispatcher of the Peprla division of the Vandalia, has been appointed chief clerk of Benjamin Mckeen, superintendent and' Thomas Ragau succeeds Mr. McGulrk •us chief train dispatcher on that 'division. Tlic first suit has been brought against the Philadelphia & Reading and the Pennsylvania road for damages for Injuries' roceiyed by the ill-fated passengers in trie Atlantic City wreck. Tho suit 'is brought against 'both railroad companies.' AVhilo the loss to equipment in that wreck was not great It is believed that it will cost the com- p.any In fault '$500,000 to adjust the claims of relatives of those killed.and for the" injuries of those who survive the disaster. SPRING NEKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. TRAVELING MEN. Loganspori. Post, T. P. A. Defeats Fort Wayne. Ft. Wayne Gazette: The long-looked for pa me'of ball between Post F.; T. P. A..- of Logansport, and Post A., of Ft; Wayne, was played yesterday afternoon. On account of the races, .the attendance was not as large as It otherwise would have been, but those pros- cut were entirely disabused of the oft- repeated statements that the "drum- mers"--ean't play ball. They .can. The fact is duly attested by the score. M. Bolger acted as-umpire, and he kept two masks on'all the time to prevent Injuries. The game resulted in a victory for the'yisitors by..a score,of 26] to 20. So many of the players took turns that it is almost Impossible to give, the batteries. Ft. Wayne made seventeen hits.and twelve errors, and Logarjsport. eighteen hits and four, errors, Tli'e , Logausport boys arc a fine set of fellows, and their.visit, to the city'was greatly enjoyed, .by their brother, travelers. ... WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR LESSMONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER s • IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway <, P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing There [a more Catarrh In this section of the country than, all .other diseases .put together, and' until the last few years 'It was supposed to be. Incurable. . For a great manyyeats doctors pronounced It a . local' disease, and prescribed local remedies, .and by constantly' falling , to! ^^ t(ed tue j reo en q 01 lu e une TO cure with local treatment', pronounced It t]l > c be am and jumped off- He'was l_.X»«rtts1r> Grtlan'fif* foo'ct Tkt*i~i If OT1 I^Jllffl TT*n . ''.'-, •. ' ± i_ "_! til- T- I *. J.^-™ i.m«n1t HANGED HIHSELF. Prominent Jliami County Farmer . Commits Suicide. ; Gabriel Whites'ell, a prominent farm- i cr living ten miles n'orthenst oC Peru, in Miami county, com,mitted suicide Sunday; morning at about 3 o'clock by hanging. Mr. Whltesell arose in his usual'.good, health and spirits Sunday morning,.fed his live stock, took a bath and blacked his boots, preparing himself to go-to church. At about 9 o'clock •he went-to his corner!!), took a line off > a'set of harness, and made a loop on | •one end, placing the loop about his. neck. He then climbed' to:a beam over- tied the free end of the line'to Incurable. Science ha's proren' catarrh to;be a constltutlonal.disease, and theri- fore requires constltvtlprial •treatment. Hall's Catarrh- Oure, manufactured'by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,. Ohio, Is the only institutional cure on'the market.' It la taken Internally] >n doses from 10 drops-to a teaspoorifui. It acts directly on'the blood and' mucous' surfaces of-the system. They offer one Hundred dollars for any case It falls to cure! Send'for circulars and testimonials. 1 Address • • -•--•••• F. J. CHENEY & COi, : Toledo, O. .Sold by Dru'gjelsts, 75c. ' : COOU AS A CTJCTJMBER ; Some people'wonder how' : cucumbers manage to'keep cool these' days.'A dealer In the street who claims to know' something about vegetables In gener-- al^said that cucumbers were-about three-degrees cooler tbkir any of the' other products. When the' : cucumber grows, the dealer ; said; ; the; vegetable has the power'to throw 'off hfeat'and take In coldness: : It does' this'until It Is ripe; and then It closes : lts pores, secludes the 1 cold among its'seeds and faces the "scorchers" without a complaint. ' • TO CLEANSE THE' SYSTEM Effectually yet gently, whua costive or bilious, or when the blood »'Impure, or sluggish, to peraaneiitly overcpme. ha- blrunl constlpatfon, to awakp the'Wd- neye and Urjer to a."healthy .activity, without irritating or weakening .them,, to dispel heaaaches. colds, or fevers, use Syrup of ; Flgs.. . . r . : . ,.,. . strangled to death with his toes touching the floor of the crib.. There ,1s no cause known for the suicide. THE LATEST' WRINKLE. Wabash Tribune: The prestige which' the : bald headed'man has always enjoyed of sitting on the front row of seats at the .theatre and-other places, where he has no business to be, is vei-y • apt to : be encroached upon ' by the .younger generation.' A new fad has lately been Introduced rendering a bald head decidedly fashionable and a'num- ,ber of young men In the city who are the -staunch -advocates of anything I which'Is In style halve had'the tops'of. their heads shaved and'are now a sight 1 for the gods'. You ml'gh't 'as well be out of the world as but-of'the fashion, you know. '"V 'On account of the^G. A. R. Encampment The North-Western Line-(Chicago &.North-Western Railway) will on-Aug- ; nst 31 and, September. 1,1896, sell excur- ; slon- tickets from .Chicago to St. Paul and return at rate.of ?8.00 for the round: trip, good fori return passage until September 15, .with privilege of further extension, , to, ^September. 30, 1896.. :For tickets and full Information apply to agents of .connecting lines,- or -address A. H. Waggoner,- T. P. A., 7 Jackeoo Place, .Indianapolis,: Ind. • -. : - , The list .of- speakers at the disposal: of :the Indiana State -committee has been received., The-list Is ;a: long one, and Cass county eloquence is well represented. ;-. •.:'... The T^ansientBuyer May ahvays be made .a Permanent Patron by means of , The PeerieM Prince of nv«ent ; , No wide-awake *«terc«ii fiy. Indianapolis A. Kitfer -",'•'• „,:SOLE DISTRIBUTERS... Drawings of All Kinds Made by B. Spiy Block Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Logansport Q.A,'R;'AT.ST. PAUL. Special Bates'via Pennsylvania Lines for National Encampment. .'..August.SOtb and 31st and September 1st are the dates, upon which low rate •round 'trip : tlckets to St. Paul .will be 'soOjl via Pennsylvania Llna/^eeUorJ route ithrou^hcailicaga Tickets will be good Teturniinff until September 15th, .Incliusive, and'if deposited 'with, the joint-agent at'St. Paul on or before September 15, thie return limit will'be extended to include September; SOtii. The : rates 'for, thto, occasion '.will lie excep- Oy low , via Pennsylvania .Lines, •the; only uystem >ofi railways over which strains run from Western Pennsylvania, Weet Vlrglilai Ohio and : Indiana to Chi- ''cago Union Station, the natural gateway from^ those States to the Northwest.. Dally trains, fnxm^^ .Pittsburgh,. Columbus; Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louis- ivllle 'make . convenient connection at Chicago with St., Pa'ul! trains. Arrangements inay be'.iriade.by-Q.-'A.. R. Posta or parties of .friends to travel, together on special, trains or special.carsjthat wllli ^gp' throug-li'from, starting point to the "Encampment, w.ltbouit cliange,.. If, the: . : numbef. JustMiea it.. Information- on 'the subject'w.lli. be^eertullyi furnished by representatives of the Pennsylvania 'Liies... ., -.,!-. .-• • -•-. - ;-'• ' • • .proposes to construct sls- teen'miles of sewers. SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS •" : " " ' -TO- " . : VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July I9th, 36th, and August and, 9th, i6th, 33rd. Fare for the round trip $1.00: TralB leaves Vandalla station at 9:56 a m. EXCURSION TO OMAHA, VI*- : PENNSYL-VANIA LINES... August 17th. as^d 18th. excuretoni Odt- ete to Omaha will be sold via PenBByl- vanlia Lines, for meettng of Y-. P. C. U. of United Presbyterian Churchi; retnni coupoj» vaM August 25th, toclusive. Those who enjoy a day's ontlnff •honld not fall to take advantage of the exceedingly low : rate' to St Joseph via 'the ,Tandalla Line. Train^ leaves the • station every Sunday at 7'ai m. ^ r *! for the round trip, 52: ; \'' . . The. Globe Clothing Co. will open- with a full new stock of clothing September 1st., at the' comer : .of- 'Market and Fourth- streets:''.-T!)e'»'-'firm'v,is> ;RptheMWL Bros., and-they;:are^recoiii- mcnded as sterllcg business,men.

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