The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1956 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1956
Page 20
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4-A! fen a do.) Upp»r DM M«!n«i Tu«»dt.y, June S, 1956 Tidbits from Evelyn Mere's a fisherman who will go places—just give him time. Of course he's only five years old now, but a little fellow that age who can pull in 32 bullheads from a creek at the back of his father's farm is surely good. "Buz" Fairbanks, the fisherman of this story, was given a rod and reel by his grandfather, Al Adams. Armed with these tools and a pail, he went to the creek and in no time had the excellent catch. He was too small to carry the pail of fish back home but his father lent a willing hand. Asked about the feat he remarked, "Oh, you just throw the line in, the fish bite fast, and there you are." Asked how he got the fish off the hook he said. "I open their mouth, pull out the hook, and sometimes they haven't even eaten the worm." * * * Mrs Hatlie Burlingame and Mrs Edna Harr were recently visited by Mrs Philo Tabor of Humboldt. As conversation went from one topic to another it was discovered Mrs Harr and Mrs Tabor each have a son-in-law and daughter at Fairbanks, Alaska, both there with soldier husbands and both men in the air corps. * * * Oh hum! A year ago loday Lizzie Post and I were on our . way to Houston, Tex., to attend the wedding of my cousin Edwin Cady's daughter, Frances, to Bob Zchappel. Wish I was on the way again. But this year Lizzie is deserting me. She is leaving tomorrow with the Glen Me Murrays for Glendale, Calif. She will be gone a month at least maybe mor6. Well, I could take a dose of that too. ' * * The Bartholomew twins, Fred and Maurice, have returned from a two week vacation at points in Canada. They caught 20 nice fish but were allowed to bring home only a dozen. Well, a dozen makes a nice showing. « « • Joe Bradley was at Fort Dodge last week Friday and appeared on a T.V. program, the "Turnabout" hour and introduced the speaker "Spike" Evans, Democratic candidate from Arnolds Park for senator. Sen.. Bourke Hickenlooper was to have debated with "Spike" but fie was delayed and wasn't able to fill the engagement. Mrs John Claude recently received a letter from Mrs Jess Manor, former resident here. The Manors were managers of the Algona rendering works and were transferred to Wichita, Kan, I told Mrs Manor it gets pretty hot there and she has verified my report in this letter to Mrs Claude. I also told Mrs Manor about the storms and about tho Udal cyclone. By the way, there was a picture and write-up in the. Register a few days ago about the village and it's new growth over the old site. We drove to Udal shortly after the storm and it was a sorry looking place. Mrs Manor said, "After all you have told me, it seems to me a good cellar is the first consideration in getting a house." I agreed with her. • * « Mrs Daniel Bray, Mrs John Schutter and Mrs Claude Single attended a recent meeting of the League of Women Voters at the Savery hotel, Des Moines. They had a most interesting time and one of the speakers told of Mrs Carrie Chapman Catt, who had a valuable sapphire she sold and donated the precedes to the furtherment of women's suffer- age. Henceforth the color for the organization has been sap. phire blue. I told her there was a stamp issued a few years ago on which is the likeness of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott and Carrie Chapman Catt. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a cousin of my grandfather Cady. « • • It isn't always fishermen, Often it's fisherwoinen and here is a group of nimrods who recently went to Lost Island—Mrs Robert Leisner, Mrs A. A. KacliiiR, Mrs Douglas Wildin, Mrs August Hang and Mrs Albert Hugg. Nope — that's not tor me, except the ride and the picnic lunch. And, of course, I do like getting out in the woods and ne;tr lakes. When I think of nature I always think of an English class many years ago. We were studying authors—Colleridge I believe it was, a nature lover. Daisy Laird was called upon and wasn't prepared apparently. She had the class in stitches when she said, "He liked nature and loved to be with it." « • • Auto races interest me very little but I did listen to the Indianapolis Memorial Day reports just because a local woman's brother-in-law. Sam Hanks, was a participant. He is related to Mrs Merlon Baker and she told 'me he had followed this profession 11 years. He'? been lucky to stay alive and this is his last year of racing. I'll be! his family is glad. He came in second which won him more than $30,000. * * * I bragged about my peonies toe soon. The buds would have been completely out for May 30 if the weather had stayed nice. Oh well, it means a bouquet for the cemetery a little later, and my sole purpose of planting them was for that. * • • The wheel-barrow of plants I recently mentioned is covered with a blanket this evening (May 31) and our snap dragons, asters and a few other plants are nestled under a strip of old carpeting. The tomato plants are sheltered with tin cans. Where is that elusive Dame Summer? * * » The Roy Hutzells are a very happy couple. They will soon have their whole faniily here. Fred, of the navy, will be gone several months on a necessary voyage, his wife and little daughter, Trudy, will spend a couple of months here while Fred is gone, and will then return to Maryland where her home was formerly. Floyd, who is being married June 10 to Carol Collins, will occupy the Hutzell's apartment and there is the whole family, all under one roof. Doesn't that sound cozy and like a happy situation? Fred will be here for Floyd's wedding and will spend a couple of weeks at the parental homo. He will be on the U.S.S. Carrier Essex and will be located off Japan about six months. . The Couples Club of the St. Thomas Episcopal church held a party at the church Friday evening- -a "Gay Nineties" "affair. I'd liked to have been there to see what rigs were worn. My grandmother Cady's bonnet was in attendance and worn by a very close friend. I am particular where the bonnet goes for it is very old and I treasure it very- much. Grandmother would never wear a hat, even in 1909. a your certainly not given over to little bonnets. * * * I saw a very pretty emerald cut diamond the other day and worn by a June 28 bride-elect. It was a square stone, the first I had seen, I recently saw an oblong one, very pretty, but I like the square one better. There were baguettes on each side and I was told the wedding ring will have three baguette stones. Doesn't that sound elegant and different? The girl? Um-m- I won't tell except to say she has all the qualifications for making a comfortable home as well as balanced meals. « * * D. H. Carver has gone to Lav/ton. Okla., to attend the army school and will be gone for the summer. He took his son, Craig, to Clarinda where he will be with his paternal grandparents Mr and Mrs D. E. Carver. The younger son, David, was expected to "erupt" with measles, having been exposed, so he and his mother remained here to see what would happen. At my latest talk with Mrs Carver the little fellow was still all right and she and the child will go via plane to join Mr Carver. He took the trailer house and has informed his wife the court is a very nice one. One hundred yards from it is a swimming poo which they can use gratis. Across, the road is a children's amuse ment park. The only drawback is the very hot weather but they are going to get an air condi tioner for the trailer which will make it very comfortable Not many years ago one woulc have just had to sweat it out grin and bear it. Now, with science always bent on making mankind more comfortable, summer can be met with a smile. * * « Does the name August Siocum ring a bell in anyone's mind? I was asked to make inquiries foi a Mrs Walter Norman of Fairmont, Minn. Anyone knowing Ihis person or anything about tiim, please let me know. Mr.s Norman believes he is a relative ind she wonders on which aranch of her family tree he be- ongs. DIAMOND'S PAINT SALE WHITE OUTSIDE Of RED BARN PAINT Gallon AIS. 10.WS DIAMONDS WELL-DRILLING JEEP-DITCHING WELL-DRILLING JEEP-DITCHING Fairbanks Morse Pressure Systems DLETUS F. ELBERT Phone 1313 1403 i. locust St, Algona, Iowa OPE A T I O N HOME MODERNIZATION AND "FIX-UP" Old, Neglected Barns, Too, Can Be Remodeled; For New Usefulness VALEDICTORIANS At Afton, all four children of Mi- and Mrs Fred Warrior have been valedictorians of their respective graduating classes. central air conditioning held way down with the new LENNOX ALBERT HAGG Specialist in Interior Decorating 35 Years Experience PHONE 1172-J ... for beautiful washable walls ... for woodwork to match ... there's no paint lik* Ready to use, it glides on smooth a* velvet over plaster, wood, previously painted surfaces and wallpaper. It's easy to get beautiful decoration in your horn* with wonderful SUPER KEM-TONE— even if you've never painted before! _ , Gal. Cslwt Slightly Higher) ED WOLF, Owner • No water! • Easily installed! • Easy terms! L S. MUCKEY PLUMBING & HEATING Your Certified LENNOX Dealer ITS HOME '¥ I Consult Us At No Obligation! MILLER LUMBER CO. , RICHARDSON Painters - Decorators "Inside and Outside" FREE ESTIMATES Phone 1298-J PLUMBING ^ supplies __ Expert Installation of Modern Plumbing Fixtures ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING 311! 2 Easl Nebraska Phone 1137 For Beautiful Washable Walls . . . For Woodwork io Match — There's nothing like SUPER KEM-TONE! It's ready to use, glides on smooth as velvet over plaster, wood, wallpaper. It's easy to get beautiful decoration in your home with KEM-TONE, even if you've never painled before! Ccasf-To-Coast STORE Ed Wolf, Owner *** t/0M£ Consult us on your remodeling or building plans — no obligation! BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. Remodeling an old barn will pay for itself in improved care of animals and better storage of feed. Most barns take a terrible beating. Often located on high ground, they are exposed to the full lash of the elements. Because barns have few partitions, strong internal, wind pressures develop when a door is opened. The roof should be given first attention. New rafters "and joists should be installed where needed. In most cases, if the roof deck is in sound condition, new fire resistant asphalt roofing can be laid over the old covering. Agricultural experts suggest insulating the barn. Mineral wool insulation should be applied along the walls and ceiling. A study made at the University of Missouri found that cows produced much more milk when housed in an insulated barn where the temperature was kept relatively constant, winter arid summer. Though has.. Jcally sound, this barn suffered from long: neglect. Remodeling vastly Improved its usefulness and appearance. Easy - To - Install Countertop Combines Beauty and Utility SEAMLESS SURFACE of durable plastic, running from top of backlash to front of no-drip edge, makes Micarla Uniiop easy ijo keep clean. Sold in a selection of lengths, this ready-made sink' lop and work surface can be installed by home craftsmen. The best places to look for home improvement ideas are the aivcis of hardest wear. Kitchen and bathroom sinktops and counter surfaces, for example, are good places to begin. In recent years, plastics have become the overwhelmingly favorite material for these iYnpor- Umt areas of the home. Only the most durable plastics, such as Wcstinghouso Micarta, provide the combination of bright, cheerful appearance and hard wearing qualities which women want. A brand new feature for sink- lops and counter surfaces is the Micarta Unitop, a single unit which combines back splash, hori/.ontal work surface and no- drip front edge. To the housewife 1 , it means a continuous surface of easy-to-clean plastic from the top of the backsplasli to the front edge of the counter — with no seams. No longer can dirt find crevices in which to hide. The Unitop, a product of United States Plywood Corporation is sold by retail lumber and floor covering dealers in ready-to-install form. Ten Micarta colors and patterns make possible a wide variety of color schemes. Thev are yellow, light grev and charcoal Mardis Grns (the spatter pattern); green and rod Linen; white Mother of Pearl; and yellow lime, red and grey Grid, a new pattern designed exclusively for the Unitop. Packaged in convenient lengths of (iU, 72 and i)(i inches, the Uni- top is engineered for easy do-it- yourself installation. Each package contains complete, illustrated instructions and a template for cutting mitres to form L or 'U shaped counters. Home craftsmen (careiully guided by their wives) can produce th'jir own custom kitchens and bathrooms. Dealers can provide all accessories used for insinuation. These include end caps and divider strips for joining sections. For families who prefer riot to do their own work, dealers can provide Unitops tailored to their specifications by approved local fabricators. These fabricators can do sni'h .iobs as making mitres, providing sink cut-outs and rims, i-iic' spia;-nes and lazy susan corners. Worn, dull looking counter sur- fr.ce., can be replaced by modern Unitops in a single weekend. Witli the job done, no further replacement should be necessary. Micarta resists dents, scratches and high concentrations of heat without losing its fresh, colorful appearance. Marble Beauty for Bath Having Ihe distinctive beauty of marble for the walls of homo balhrcoms is a practical mailer through the use of Marlile plastic- finished panels. Rare irrjporjed marbles arc faithfully reproduced on these panels for a product costing a fraction of Ihe originals. Fivo patterns are available, each wilh harmonizing moldings. The hard, durable plastic finish, fused lo a Masonile hardboard base, is easy lo keep clean. When You Think of FLOORS - WALLS ' Think of Usl We Have a Skilled Service for Ihe Most Modern Treatment of Floors and Walls. Designing and Laying ALGONA FLOOR SERVICE For Estimates - Phone 1040 WORK Of AM Kinds We do all lypes of Residential and Commercial Electrical Work and Contracting. Lei Us Estimate For You ALGONA ELECTRIC CO. Harold (Si) Rolh Phone 452 Amelia Knrhart \V;IM the first woman .to make a solo flight across the Atlantic. Marriages in ' Iowa in 1!).~>L' totaled 22.(if>l; there were 5,1.14 divorcvs. PITTSBURGH'S UNBEATABLE DAVIS "EVER-BRIGHT" SAVE $1.96 a Gallon' Perfect balanced formula of pure oils and time tested pigtnent* — titanium for extreme whiteness, cine oxide for toughness and hardness, and other selected pigments for durability and even wear. You get a pure white painted surface that washes clean after each rain — stays fresh and clean after years of wear. REGULAR S5.95 VALUE! DAVIS PAINT STORE 5'* 'itlc a Gallon Higher in r» Rubberized SATIN FINISH THERE IS A GAS HEATING SYSTEM TO FIT YOUR HOME EXACTLY Home Improvement Begins With Your Heating System! Save Money—As Much As 25%— On A New or Conversion GAS BUHNER. FREE ESTIMATES. North Central Public Service Phone 1412 ALGONA Enamel J\'<>\\ . . . rcfmi'.h all I'.iini.ihls surl.ucs in \our home wiili ih.j twi.i p.iiiilv--\Y;ill|ii<.lc I'.uhl.cT- i/cil Satin I'inM] lor \\alli . . . S.iiiiihi\!c J-n.i.ih.-l fur trim: ]!<>ih pii.-K' on .suih'.y, L.rnl;., iliy i«i:ii, \\.p.h cMMh! No U u.J Ji.uiil mini! it O M E IMPROVEMENT IDEAS AND PROJECTS PRESENTED BY FORTY ALGONA BUSINESS FIRMS •••••••BMMM^ . :.„ Outdoor Living Room Solves Indoor Space Problems Idea Here Outdoor Living Room. This handsome, modern outdoor living room solved all his indoor space problems for architect Whitney R. Smith. Flat roof structure is single plywood construction with exposed studs on exterior, creating handsome joint pattern. Room is attached to older home, serves as all-purpose area for living, dining, music and entertaining. New Livability. Outdoor living room is paneled with fir plywood painted light blue. Ceiling is natural finish plywood extending past wall supports into soffits, lending an illusion of more space in the area. Dining area in background is on same level as older home, main floor is on same level as garden and patio. BEST BUYS IN TOWN ! 324 New Colors For Your Selection! GAMBLES DOIT YOURSELF . ., and we can help! We have a complete line of Sherwin - Williams paints, asphalt shingles, insulation, siding materials and lumber. We'll be most happy to discuss your home improvement plans with you. KELLEY LUMBER COMPANY Serving Your Building Needs For Sixty Years The Norton Red Trucks Deliver Anywhere in City or County — Right to Your Buliding Site F. S. NORTON & SON Phone 229 LUMBER & FUEL Phone 229 BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE IS HEADQUARTERS FOR CARPET and DRAPERIES We Have one of the largest stocks of CARPET and DRAPERY MATERIALS in north Iowa,. Here are the services we tender: We can show you this large slock in our store; We can come lo your home wilh samples for checking; We lay carpel exporlly; we offer a complele drapery service, from making lo hanging. USE OUR EASY BUDGET PAYMENTS BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE Three I.arqo Floors of New Home Furnishings You May Like Whitney R. Smith's family was rapidly outgrowing his home. Me didn't have an expandable attic and there wasn't any basement but he found an answer and if you face the same kind of space problem in your own home, it has a lesson for you. Smith, an architect, designed and built an outdoor living room conveniently attached to the main house. Using modern building materials, he came up with a simple handsome design for an all-purpose room suitable for living, dining and entertaining. It not only solved his space problems inside the older house, but the idea may be applicable to your own home. His "outdoor living" room is situated in an April-like garden providing an intimate link between the house and outdoors. This is accomplished by placing the floor of the room at the same level as the garden which surrounds the addition on three sides. Double, full-glazed doors open right into the garden patio. Smith combined a pattern of plywood paneling with ceiling high windows broken up by slender supports for the flat roof. The ceiling, which is also paneled ALL THAT GLITTERS, ETC. in plywood, extends past the rn^an^fe^^fSioSs^eL 1 ^ A-IO-OH.. *im that you con- yond the actual size of the room. Slder chrome may be stainless New Home of Louis Ferstl Cows and People In New Southeast Addition Both Like It Cool Air conditioning is going to the dogs. It's also going to the chickens, pigs, cows, and other animals as well as to humans. It's all due to man, of course, and his discovery that non-humans as well as humans live healthier and more productive lives with air conditioning. Pug dogs, for example, due to the construction of their pug noses have respiratory trouble which leads to heat exhaustion in the summer. Cows produce the most milk, pigs put on more poundage, and chickens lay better when the surrounding atmospheric conditions are favorable. Eight Wood Patterns Offered in Marlite Large panels of Marlile plastic- finished panels for walls and ceilings are offered in a variety of eight wood grain patterns, in addition to plain colors and marble patterns. The wood grain patterns include silver walnut, natural walnut, birch, golden mahogany, striped mahogany, gray prima vera, natural prima vcia and limed combed oak. Stainless Screens, Doors Of small comfort to mosquitoes, but good news to home-ownefi, is the trend toward stainless (steel screens and storm sash. Manufacturers say that the new stainless products will not corrode and show unsightly pits and marks. Nor will they drip water-soluble corrosion products that can stain the new light colored paints used on homes today. Other advantages claimed for stainless screens ate greater strength and resistance to damage. Pictured above is the partially completed home of Louis Fersil who has named his home and the 40 acres which surround it the CIRCLE "F" RANCH. The house is one of the largest to be built in Algona in recent years, being 111 ft. long and 32 ft. wide. The house is being built on trusses which is something new in home building. There are 12 rooms, including a 40 x 14.6 ft. living room and three, bedrooms. One of the two bathrooms will be unique in many ways. It is so arranged that three persons can be in the room and yet be completely private from one another. The two lavratories will have flower boxes above and overhanging the room. The* smallest closet measures 10 ft. wide. Two furnaces are required to heat the house. An air- conditioning unit has also been installed to cool the entire building. The exterior of the house will be finished with pink brick veneer. Custom-Made • KITCHEN FIXTURES • BATHROOM FIXTURES CABINET WORK OF ALL KINDS DONOVAN CABINET SHOP The walls are single skin construction with vertical plywood cause panels meeting over exposed studs which -enhance the whole appearance of the structure. The room has been built on a flat concrete slab extending out into the garden to form the floor of an outdoor patio, further heightening the effect of union with the outdoors, inside, floor coverings of Danish cork proved a resilient, handsome finish floor. The dining area was raised 15 inches inside the structure to correspond with the floor level of the main house. The area is adjacent to, a planting of ferns softly lighted from above by,,a, translucent skylight cleverly nested in a U-shaped area between the older portion of the house and the new room. To further the feeling of "indoor-outdoor living" both exterior and interior plywood wall surfaces have been painted the same pleasing grey-green. Ply wood ceiling and soffits are finished with a light stain which softens the grain but retains the real wood appearance of the material. This was done by first using a thin coat of white subsequently wiped before dry. The final protective coat was shellac. Varnish was used on the soffits because they are exposed to weather. steel. Stainless is often used be- of its rust and corrosion resistance. In plated metals once the plating is scratched or peels off, the metal is free to rust or corrode. Stainless is not affected because it is solid all the way through. SEE ME FOR All Remodeling Work New Home Construction LIGHTNING RODS & CABLES my specialty I Can Give Lower Prices, Too! HENRY (Hank) JOHANNSEN Phone 1240 517 E. Lucas HEADQUARTERS Let Algona's most complete hardware store help you with your home improvement problems — electric and plumbing supplies — hand and power tools — "Janney-Best" Paints and Varnishes. Hall-Sfrahorn HARDWARE Home Decorating • PAINTING • DECORATING • PAPER HANGING FREE ESTIMATES RELIABLE DECORATORS Milo Rentz - Kermit Forbes Phone 696 or 1194, Algona Everything In • Linoleum & Tile Floor Covering! • Wall Covering! • Counter Tops! • Paint — Wallpaper! COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY FIX U YOUR HOME We Specialize in Building and Remodeling Work • Expert Carpentry Work • Call for Free Estimates • Easy Payment Terms Arranged • Cabinet.Work a Specialty . BEN WIBBEN Building Contractor Tele. 1255-W or 1255-R NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION REMODELING - POLE BUILDINGS ALL TYPES FARM BUILDINGS E. E. & R. E. JOHNSON BUILDING CONTRACTORS Find Out About the "MASONRY WAY!" Building or remodeling with HAYDITE block is the modern way . . . more economical, self-insulating, exceptionally strong. We can give you full details on MASONRY BUILDING. ALGONA BLOCK & TILE Our New Building — South of Sargent & Co. CALORIC BUILT-INS For new or remodeled lomes. Engineered installation. Build any place in any material. Easiest range to keep clean. Most convenient oven installed at height you want. RAPID So. Phillips St. CO. Algona 3 YEARS TO PAY! * YOUNGSTOWN SINKS & CABINETS •fc FHIGIDAIRE BUILT-IN OVENS * WESTINGHOUSE WATER HEATERS Beecher Lane Appliances - MODERNIZE - REPAIR READY-MIX CONCRETE & LUMBER CO. No. LantrySt. ready-mix cement Phone RUSS' FLOOR SERVICE ASPHALT TILE COUNTER TOPS PLASTIC TILE FLOOR SANDING AND REFINISHING LINOLEUM Put Your Confidence in "General Electric" G. E. '-'Built-in" Ovens & Refrigerators G. E. Water Heaters G. E. Garbage Disposals G. E. Dish Washers Lindsay Water Softeners NORTH IOWA SEWING Let 'Us Make Your Home Plumbing Perfect • Expert Installation • Skilled Repairs • Modern Fixtures SIGSBEE 208 East State Ph. 1070 MERGEN & WEBSTER Painting & Decorating Phone Leo Mergen — 562-J Merle Webster — 756 Algona, Iowa I REPAIR&REMODEL : NOW! fttt One Contract — One Contractor For Your Home Improvement Our service is complete — planning, materials, labor. All work done under one contract, with one loan. Let us talk .it over wilh you now! E. E. (Bud) ROBINSON CONTRACTOR Phone 271 or 1249 BUILDER Enjoy the Luxury, the Beauty of BIGELOW BEAUVAIS Broadloom . . . while you pay for it! Smart folks the country over are buying handsome Bigelow carpeting this easy, practical way. ENJOY it while you pay for it. Bigelow's Beauvais is woven of thick, longwearing wool. FOSTER'S RECTRICAL CONTRACTOR _^N- v '- .- "'•'•• • "Residential and Commercial COMPLETE STOCK OF ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Wiring, Repair and Installation Work PRATT ELECTRIC 214 East Slate St. Phone 170 Perfection "III Gas or Oil A SIZE FOR EVERY HOME P. R. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING — ALGONA PHONE 523-W

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