The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 23, 1923 · Page 18
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 18

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1923
Page 18
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*$· TEN THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, TUESDAY, OjCTOBER 23, 1923. erts Differ on Outcome of BogasK-Greb Bout^-Healy to SKake up Local . . . . ' · · · ' · ·· " , : - . ' ' ' -.- · - · · . .' . ^ " :·..'·- ' · · ' · . ·'-· : : .'. ' . . . , . ' · " ·" .·-·"«/ : ' ? ··· ::. ' -':. ·· * · · " : 'v . ·';" - ' . - . ? /* ONE WRITER FAVORS BOGASft ANOTHER PICKS GREB WHILE THIRD CALLS CONTENT DRAW Ef/ Boxing experts differed on the outcome of the Bogash-GreB boul in Newark last night. One writer gav: the decision to the middleweight champion, while another, favored Bo- frash and a third called the' bout a -draw. The title was not at stake ! both .fighters were over the middleweight" limit of 160 pounds. Bogash A - eigh'ecl lS3-;and G t e b 1 ; C6. According- t'u all reports the fight ivaa furious f r o m stax't to. finish. :· ' ' . feaus Boo Qreb. Grob's-lough style Of flghtuis an- -iagonUed tho fans and he was booed f r e q u e n t l y throughout the progress ot the contest and also when ho left the ring. He sJioved and butted continually, several times pushing his opponent through the ropes. At close .quarters the champion would clamp Eogrash to him with one haatl and pound the base of Bogash's skull. Bogash went into the rinjr with two .bruised eyes and by the sixth r o u n d Jus left eye was half closed, 'but this ·lifl not seem to bother him to any ureat extent. ' · . . . Greb had the honors in the first, k e'sth and seventh, taking tho last ramed two stanzas by wide margins fc.nd apparently having the fight weli in hand at th'e close of the seventh only to be foiight to a stand still in the eight and .ninth, then Bogash came in and won in the stretch. Boj;ash captured the second, as well as the last three sessions. There were no apparent advantasa for either in the thivd, fourth, f'.fth, eighth and' ninth. ' " ' Slow First Round. The first round gave no indication o£ the furious action to follow. Gr«b Iid a lot of slapping and cuffing at :lose quarters. Bogash- landed one hard right to the .head but it was School Soccer , West Side, Class A. W. L. Elias Howe 1 Longfellow 1 Webster 1 Maplewood Prospect .Black Rock Pts. 4 4 3 1 i o Ccluiubus Whittier Jefferson Wheeie- Washing'ton Madison West Side, Class B. W. L,. D. rts. DONBULLIAN TOPS BRIDGEPORT HIGH FOOTBALL SCORERS Believe It or Not By Ripley l j aroe!»iixl Scbool League. St. Augustine St. John D. Pts. 1 3 1 1 0 0 .L. 1 0 0 0 Sacred Heart . 0 1 Yesterday's Results. Elias Howe, 4; Black Rock, -O. Maiplewood, 0; Webster, 0. FIGHT RESULTS VILLA DEFEATS WHITE. Harry's r o u n d . . The second was a warm one. Bogash started- With a hard fight to the head and Greb rushed, each hammering away' with both hands. Bogash was trying- to land one liiircl j fusely. punch and did f put several but never [ right on tho button.' They were in a mix-up at the bell and fought several seconds after the gong sounded. Both worked hard in tho next three rounds, but without any outstanding damage, ou either side. Bo- PHILADELPHIA, 'Oct. 20.-- Panclio Villa, flyweight champi-ori, went out of his division tonight and won the popular decision over Jabex White. Albany, N. Y., bantamweight. White had an advantage of nine pounds in weight, but'his handicap apparently did not bother ' the Filipin-o, who. In tfte oriinion of the majority of the newspaper men at the ringside, had the better of the bout throughout. Villa landed a hard blow on White's face In the third round and at the end of the Tight the Albany boxer's nose was still bleeding.:pro- gash worked his left to the .body ·With success but- Greb had the better of it at close quarters and these j'ounds were even,- Greb was at his best .in the sixth, almost dropping . the Bridgeport scrapper \yith one right to the head. They had one long exchange . in ·which they traded punches, Greb having the advantage. Greb In Seventh. The champion took the seventh by a good margin but in the eighth and ninth Bogash picked up and held the champion even. Bogash came to life in the tenth- landing lefts and rights to. the head and driving Greb Into the ropes with another right to the jaw. Bogash also had the better of the infigjiting in this stanza. Bogash also took the llth rhakii/.g -Greb miss his hooks consistently. Again in the twelfth Bogash landed Imrdcr punches. Grab's only points coming at close quarters. Lou Chester AVlns. ' . Lou Chester, Bridgeport middle'- j , weight, outpointed dailor Roy Ben- i soW. of Newark, in another eight rounder. '"Chester had the better oi it all the way and In the eighth'stan- 2a he. llooreci 'Benson, who was not In condition and dead tired, five times. It was here'that Referee Danny Sullivan gave an'-atrocious exhibition. On each knockdown he permitted Cheste'i'- to stand only a step away from Benson making no at- · tempt to send Chester to a corner.. As a result Benson was walloped before he was-ialrly on his feet a f t e r each Knockdown. Chester .weighed , j ~ 1 6 1 1-2 and -Benson 16.9 3-4 pounds. Harry Martahe,, Jersey City welterweight, del'eaiea Ritz-Walters, of Atlantic City, iri the semi-final, a haid battle. Both boys were hard p u n c h - ers and willing mixers. Martone dropped- Walters 'toil.-short' c6un : ts in the second and f i l t h rounds. Walters took a severe beating iii-'the seventh and eighth, i'he crowd oC 7,000 gave 'both boxers a good hand at the I'in- ish. Walters .weighed 146 1-2 and Marton.149 1-4. . GANS KAYOES BLACK. ROCHESTER, N. Y.. Oct. 22.-Panama Joe Gans of New York tb.- night knocked out "Wnltey" . Black of Detroit in the eigrhth, round of a ten round bout. Black took, .the count while resting on one knee, going down after a light blow. Referee Dick Nugent, of. Buffalo, thirty-three seconds before the ..knockout came, ordered Black to fight .andJJireaten- ed to stop the- bout, he said afterwards. Clarence Jennings,. Deputy State Athletic commis-ioner, ordered Black's money held ,up until the fight could be lnvestigat.ed^.,N.either man landed a telling blow during the eight rounds. They are welterweights. YALE SHAKES DP TEAM FOR GAME WITH OLD BRUINS Coach Eddie Relliy gave his Hilltop team aiday of rest yesterday after their sterling victory over tlie New York Higlv Scliool of Commerce on Saturday. Today the .Red and Black will start its'campaign for the game with Crosby High at Waterbury -on Saturday. Crosby was defeated --'by Hartford last, week: and as the locals blanked the Capitol City eleven they expect to have · no trouble in trimming- the Brass City boys. , Crosby will go to Toledo on Nov. 3 to play. Scott High, the champions of the United States, and it appears as 1C they .are due to lose three games in a row. Reilly is not going to let' his team get over confident tends to put .the.players through.stiff . paces every day until Friday.-' " ' . All the players carrie out of Saturday's game without injury .'and Reilly expects to line the same team up against Crosby that has started in all the games this season: Donbullian is' the ' leading scorer of the team; He has pushed' over five touchdowns for 30 points with Ray Shea second with -11 points. The team and individual records follow;. ' .Team KccuVls, . - - ··. B. H. S. 7, United Workers B. H.. S. 14, Hartford. B. H. S. G, Torrington -,B. H. S. 38, .N. Y. Commerce Donbiillian Shea . Anderson Schernip Fennell ' i Jacowbosky ' Individual Records. I'D.. G. · 1' 1 1 10 Team v-Sunianary. Games played--4." ' . ' Games won--3 Games tied--1 Points scored--"65. .Opponents Points---14. "ihe schedule f j.' the-remainder oC t h e year follows.. . · · · · · - - · . · : -,'. : . Oet. 27--^Crosby at W.aterbury. · Nov; · 2r-r-New Haven Commercial at Bridgeport. . . , · . - . : . . - ' , Nov.'Naugatuck. .Nov. 17--^Stamford at Bridgeport.. Nov.' 24--Stamford at "Stamford. MAROJJETTEfflLL PLAY BOSTON "11" NEXT SATURDAY FORWARD ' CAUGHT THAT was YflRD5 r PHIL MAttOX Alt 15 DOZEN t 4 Dubopoe. IN 0.9 Minutes. CAN IMITATE FOUR HAWAHAMS 32,000 PEARL BOTTOMS OMXlSSUlT OU Boss RADBOURNe PITCHED 745 72- PLANS TOSEClflETHREENEW ALL-HARTFORS Oct. 22.-- MILWAUKEE, Wis., "On to Boston!" - ' ' · ' · " I That is tire battle-cry at Mar- I que»-te University "here this week I with Coach Frank J. Murray's "hill- j top gridders, leaving Wednesday af- i ternoon for Boston, Mass., where on 1 Saturday they will .meet Boston I College in a great intersectional bat: tie on Braves Field. N E W - HAVEN, Oct. started out this afternoon up its football sqxiad for 22.---Yale to build the rest of theseason without its triple threat, Charlie O'Hearn, who is out foi- the rest of the year with a broken ankle. Stevens was given a tryout at left halfback, which -was O'Hearn's position," during the practice today. Blair rep'aced Miller at right'tackle,' It was stated today t h a t , Luman and Lovejoy were injured slightly during the game with Bucknell on The game promises to be an - Interesting' event, although Marquett.e will sro into battle outweighed and with the Letting against them. Odds like that, however, cannot dishearten a Murray teami and Boston fans are ; gomg to see a, regular' bunch of scrappers, Western fforii end to end, take the field in the Hub' city,' Saturdaj Saturday, but they will be able_ to j ciuent i y , perhaps as many' as joy was bruised. YOSMAYSOON . OjJIT A|GOACH AT MICHIGAN U. AxV ARBOR,"-M'loh.. Oct. 21-Fielding 'H. '-Yost, athletic director at the University.':of.- Michigan pro- babi'y will not. coacii. Michigan'!, f o o t 1 The Hilltop.pers will board the rattlers here Wednesday afternoon and are scheduled to arrive in Boston Thursday night, giving them a chance for 'Friday rests and workouts: Coaeh Murray has been authorized by the Marquette athletic board to 'take every man whom lie thinks 'he may need, and, canse- -- - - T i ciuentlv, perhaps as many as * 30 play against Brqwn this week Lu-| iaaers will be on the squad that man has a, Charley; horse and Love-1 takes t h e tri . besideg a corpg oC ma.yjn-e:erg and writers. Thus far, : the Blue and Gold machine has been working splendidly i a n d - has "shown gradual improve- I ment, day after day. In the '"first ' game, and i n f o r m a l no score affair w i t h Lombard, which a few days later gave Notre Dame a scare, Marquette was easily 'the. best team, and a week later, in the first official, they defeated · St. Mary's, 32 toO. -Ripon, who' had been tied. 32 to fl. ' Rippeh, who had been tied beaten a week later, 31 to 0, and o.n .last Saturday the Murray machine again proved its strength by SOUTH AFRICAN IS AFTER PADDOCK FOR SPRINTING TITLE LONDON, Oct. 22:^--South Africa- has a young'runner who is expected to win high honors at the Olympic game in Paris next year. Judging from the reports brought back by the members of - t h e Oxford .team who m e t " him in competition there this summer, L. B. B. Belts is the r u n n e r of the age, a real rival of Charlie Padlock and the fastest quarter-miler of air time. Belts is a Johannesburg schoolboy not yet nineteen years old. He weighs 169 pounds, has p o w e r f u l . _ .legs and a chest as thick and brofid elevensv-after tHe close of the | a s that of a heavyweight puglist. His season. Yost made this intimation address before the'-:7 r :niversi'y w o n d e r f u l lung capacity is unques- In an [ tionably the secret of his marvelous Press I speed, for ho .finishes his races ZEV-MY OWI WILL MEET IN tATONIA KY.STAKES ON NOV. 3; My Own Is Returned Home with Bad Cold WASHINGTON, Oct. 22.--My Own, Admiral Grayson's three y^ear old thoroughbred, returned 'to his stable at Laurel,.today, with a cold and coughing badly. .The colt caught the .cold, . Trainer said, in the v hurried, trip to New York and back, and. being worked out in the rain at the New York track last Saturday. "I hope we will have My Own ,in shape to meet all engagements, including the -race at Latonla," said Admiral Grayson.. "He has been keyed up since September for the international match race and..I, hope he won't go stale-. His cold, is bad but not necessarily serious .and I hope to have hini'-in. condition again soon." : doing the expected against Carroll. Coach Murray has been fortunate, as far as injuries arc concerned and w i l l . b e a,hle to start an eleven-corii:- .posed .almost .'entirely of lettirmen from t h e . undefeated ' J 9 2 2 Marquette team: A guess at the starting- lineup .would be: Dilwig and Fahay, onds; Luna and Lane, tackles; Bentzin and Cartwright,. guards; Kennedy, centre; Captain Dunn, quarterback; Lolchtfuss and Skemp, halfbacks; Duf'ord, fullback. Of these, Lane and Cartwright a r e ' t h e only nonemblem men. Strict eligibility rules at Mar-* quette this year, however, have sear- eel, their way into Hilltop prospects, club -oT Miciugan;.-when, with.tears I fresh and showing not tho least j taking- Fischer, varsity halfback; "' . - · -- . ~ .«..·· ' In bra eyes, j.^; ..-.'J(i.;u t!io spirit of j sign of fatigue. Michigan's football teams i l u r i n g tltie j Two years ago Belts .twenty-throe years of hi.s connection y a r d s in 10:00 flat, and ; With its gridiron' representatives. The burden o j developing Michlr- gan's football. .tHev*ns, .Yost, i n t i m - ated, will fall u p o n George Little, I'br t\vo years an assistant eouieh. Yost pointed out t h a t his contract with the university contained no clause concerning- development Uffi of football elevens, nor placed upon him the duties of 'coach. He added,, had devised the technical work however, that he ,ajor part of the id out f o r the--football teams'. Y o r t was appointed director of athletics thrse years ago. In this capaicity he has direct charge or all .(competitive athletics at the university. ' ' Dr. Marion I,. Burton, president' of the university. Yost will r e m a i n ' i n this capacity as long as he chooses. . BOAKIX HARRISBURGH, Pa., October 22. WUaam H. . Kocaj.',. of the' PhiJa3-jl- Whia. P u l j i i r L,etl(,-i-i ; H. J. Boy\.. of Pittsburgh a;:tl Cl )TIBK Fred v V h i t p , of PJiiiaui:lij-,ia, ' i c ' d u y wcr«.!i,;p -»:·- ed b G o v e r n o r P . i u U o t as mc'ii::-;-s O f ; tiii: State A U . l e . i c r o m m U s I i m , cr«ivted by vho l(,'J!t Jcgislat jro to and C G ' J u o f boxing and ran 100 y a r d s in 10:00 flat, and this year unrU-r v?xpert tiniing he lowered his m a r k to 1) 4-5 seconds. He is even f a s t e r at the fill-long, an din one of the meets against Oxford Betts ran thp q u a r t e r in 48 3-5 seconds. An far ter at the f u r l p n g , and in one of tio-n at t h a t time believes he will hang up a m a r k of 47 seconds next year. Climatic conditions in South Africa are Ideal for sprinters and some good men have been produced, one of the most recent r u n n e r s being J. K. Oosterloa'k,. who competed at Antwerp in 1920. Betts has run rings a r o u n d him. FRICKE WILL NOT PLAY AGAIN FOR TWO WEEKS MIDDLETOWN, Oct. 22;--While no bones were broken, A'.frod K. Fricke, quarterback of the .Wesleyan football 'team, will be .out of, the game two weeks as a r e s u l t . o f a hard tackle and throw in the fourth period of Saturday's game w.;.t'i Tuff.-; The a n k l e appears to ue badly sprain" ed. ' . . ' · . Fricke has scored must of Wesley- a u ' s t o u c h d o w n s KO I'-tr t h i s season be-Oacs doing the |jj.'iiin.?. Ho lias been captain of the baseball team for t h j f c t years and is on tlia Univ.-tsiiy baVUetbail team . R u b e Coleman, varsity f u l l and f o r - mer freshman . f u l l at Notre Dame.; Laclwig, f u l l and McCormlck and Dillett-, halts. A b o u t 80 per cent of Coach Murray's team is self-supporting and between seeing that his men keep up t h e i r studies, are employed and do w h a t they should in practice, the m e n t o r has his hands full. Tbijjg fa.r, Coach. Murray has been drilling his team heavily on o f f e n - sive tactics and last week gave them a .neat .assortment of new stuff to p u l l in the Boston game. He did not have a line on Boston tactics and ; w l l l rely on his powerful forward wall to stop advances of Major Cavanaugli's highly touted 1 eleven. The Marquette line will not · as heavy as the opposing wall but it Is clever and well-schooled and will provide plenty of work for the easterners. '. KELLY'S HOME HUN FEAT. George ICelly, first baseman of the -New York Giants, recently established a baseball record which is sure to stand for years. He hit h o m e runs in three consecutive in- nin.ys w h i l e p l a y i n g ajrainst t h e Cubs in Chicago. Kd D e l o i i a n t y and Bobby Lowe are credited, w i t h having hit f o u r homers in a single contest, but Kelly's feat of making three in consecutive innings stands alone, and is likely to do so for some titae. UNBEATEN HORSES TO RACE FRIDAY FOR $15,000 PURSE . LAUREL, Md., Oct. 22.--Mrs. K. W . ' V a n d e r b i l t ' s Sarazen, : arid E 1 . F. Sims' Happy Thoughts have been matched f o r a s i x f u r l o n g race a l ' - t , this, track Friday, t h e ' w i n n e r to r e - 1 unl ess.the track Is- in fast condition; Zev,' .con- · querei- of Papyrus, England's best flesli, will meet My Own, Admiral T. Grayson's famous colt, · in the-Lat««.i'a l -championship- at '-La: tonia, Ky., Nov. 3. Definite matching .of these two great three-year-olds, was made today. The stake .will be $50,000. They will run a mile and six f u r - , longs: . ' , · . '. , - ' . Sam Hildreth, trainer of Zev, announced this afternoon that the Sin. clalr champion had been entered in the Latonia. stake, and word came f r o m Latonla. this evening that Ad- ·mira'l Grayson had entered'My. Own" in the same race. On account . o f - t h e great distance My Own probably w'ill be the favorite, as this horse has travelled well even at two miles. ..However, be- .fore .Saturday's great event at Bel- .niont park, when Zev beat Papyrus, there were those who said the Sinclair .colt could not go a mile and » half and win, b u t ' Z e v ran awa.y from P a p y r u s / a n d was going easy at the end of the race in spite of the' sloppy -track. . Z e v and .My Own will not run this race^ alone, as many of the best horses in the country also w i l l run a n d . a h y o n e of them m i g h t break away arid leave " "' ~ Own 'behind. PRINCETON AFl'ER THIRD STRAIGHT SOCCER CROWN both Zey and My Admiral Grayson sends his horse- to. Latonia-with, only one string at- r in the big races. Own will not run ceive $15,000, it was announced by Spalding Lowe 'Jenkins, president of the Maryland State Fair association', which operates the track Both horses are unbeaten, SarazeM having scored eight and Happy Thoughts six consecutive victoTies. i Earl Sande, who rode Zev to vie-! tory over Papyrus Saturday, will j have tho m o u n t on Sarazen. A n d y Sch.uttlnger is to- ride H a p p y Thoughts. Mrn. Vanderbilt's horse will carry 118 pounds in the race a n d - t h e Sims' colt 115. as his helpless in heavy going and the veriest plug might make him.-look bad in 1 the mud. TITLE RACE MAY BE STAGED HERE MOSES SOLOMON IS FAVORITE AT N.Y. NEW YORK, Oct. 22.--"Hickory Mose" Solomon new o u t f i e l d e r o'f the Giants', already is a big favorite w i t h , the baseball fans of this -city. Solomon is the only Jewish member of. the Natiorial League, c h u m - , pions, a.nd hi the. few .games that he: Played at (he IPol'o'Grounds and Ebbets Field he was loudly cheered, ,., A modest, lad. is ."Hickory. Mose." He.'. .Still has. .his bush, league ways, but, according, to Hutrhie Jennings; The Senior Cross C o u n t r y State w i n develop into a real ball player championships may be staged in this n n d o n e of h e m o s L P°P"l'ir t h a t city this season. The Connecticut A ove1 ' performed at the Polo Grounds. · " · · · · ·-- - t h e aaiiction ! " ' "Hickory Mose" already has gain- r .... __.. haa'-offerod" 1 ''^ td '"«'-. ' Before one of t h e ' W o r l d ' s tlie event to two Bridgeport' o r g a n - 1 Series games started Hugie J e n n i n g s izations. If both refuse to stage t h e ! i n t r o d u c e d "Doc" S l o f k i n , a rabid meet it will be given to tho Cygnet ; baseball fan, to the outfielder. "The A. C., of East Port Chester. . · - : · ' J J " i -- 1J '"-- 1 - --'The Junior championships will be staged by Yale university 'on November 27, the Bamo as tho Yale- Harvard game. The Junior and Senior championships were : both staged by Y a l e last year. A. U. has not awarded for that event yet, but ·RACING POPULAR IN BRITAIN. No f e w e r than 7 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 people in tho British Isles--men, women and children--are (he closest followers of horse raMnejWln the world. " ' " - good-doctor would like you to auto-, graph a ball for him." said Jennings to the .outfielder. . And Solomon, In a modest sort of way, autographed - ' h i s first big league babeball. · · That's one way a baseball player knows he's f u m o u s -- w h e n the fans begin asking hi nito a u t o g r a p h baseballs. B u b e R u t h has autographed thousands of balls, they' say, sine? ho became*famous. But ho never autographed ·'a baseball for a ifan In : his first month as a .big leaguer. PRINCETON, Oct. . . 2.2.--The Princeton eleven will start-'its journey toward what is hoped here will be a third 'successive intercollegiate championship next Saturday, when the Tigers plaj' their first league game ' with · Cornell. The Orange and Black eleven already has played three preparatory contest's, all of which it has won, including a 3 to 0 victory over Dartmouth. Coach Al Nies is confronted with the hardest problem in four years, and if Princeton is to wrest the championship from Penn and the other · league leaders .another year gren.t.. improvement must be shown in the coming league contests. Capt. Tom Smart at center half and Joe Cooper at center forward are players that probably could not be bettered at their positions, and Colebrook, a product .of last fall's freshman eleven, seems to tie filling Crossan Cooper's boots at goal quite adequately.- As for Ihe rest of the team, however, Nies had been at his wit's end to discover a good combination. Princeton lost both its f u l l b a c k s last J u n e , Jerry Fisher, ca.ptain of (he yearlings last year, has been moved back f r o m halfback to one of the f u l l b a c k positions, while the I other berth has been .keenly contested for by a large number of candidates, the best of whom seems to be Steve Woolston. However, Brairierd Innes, who has been out with a slight injury, probably will be the regular in the latter games of the % Steve Donoghue Fails Again On U. S. Turf NEW YORK, .Oct. 2§.--Steve Donoghue, .Eng'and's leading jockey, failed again this afternoon in his attempt to ride a winner on the American-turf. " ' Donoghue had the mount on August Belmont's Ladldrij' second choice in tiio fourth' race at Empire.'He finished third i'n a field of four, trailing. H. T. 'Waters, a 16 to 1 shot, ridden by Clarence Kummer'. Earl Sande was expected to ride the Raricocaa entry Br'acadale but the mount was ridden" by L. Fator. ' · ··· J® BONES WILL FIGHT AT ARMORY BOUTS ON MONDAY Jim Bones, Bridgeport's popular little bantamweight, will fight Bud Murphy .in. the second, preliminary bout at the. first Indoor boxing showing, of the Season at the Armory Monday night. Boriea will meet Kid Lucas, -of Detroit, at Yonkers Thursday. : · ' .-' · ; ' · - . In the 12 round main go Young Luby will take on Young Montreal, the clever contender for" Joe Lynch's title. Luby is · n o w - u n d e r the management of Terry Lee and is training hard for the bout. _ Steve Smith, -the West End slugger; -will tackle Willie Angelo, of Stamford in the semi-final go. CRASHOSLQSETO MERIDEN ELEVEN BY 20 TO 6 SCORE The Crasho A. C. football team lost to the West Sides, of Meriden, 20 to 6, on Sunday at Hanover park. The West End eleven was slow and showed the lack of practice while the well trained upstaters had little trouble in working their forward ipa^sing attack. ' The Jackson Stars defeated the West Sides, 6 to 0, three weeks ago. The Jacksons hold the city title and the Crashes will play them on Thanksgiving, day at Newfield park for the title. ·le. The summary: West Sides Schbski : F. Spencer. H. Deno " lg. Frobel . . . . c . Sernreau rg. Larrabeo rt. Delesdernia re. Harris qb. Steudtner -Ihb. Johnson rhb. Stevens fb. Score by quarters: West Ends . Crashos Craslios · Callahan Connors Kelly Bartett Sova Reed Hanley Duncan Mahoney Rosenbauni Brown 1 4 0 6 0--20 0 0 ' READING STARTS TO BUILD CLUB FOR 1924 SEASON READING, Pa., Oct. 22.--Spencer A r t h u r Abbott, manager of tho Read- Ing International League team, who has signed a contract to again manage the team in 1 9 2 4 , is making an early start on his plans for next year. Abbott looks for Juclcl, Mamaux, Smallwood, Martin, Knzniann and Lambke to give him a seasoned pitching staff. He is regretful at this time t h a t the trade for Gilhooley to Rochester did not go through. G!lhooley has been in To'tulo for some t i m e having l e f t tho team and noe expected t o r e t u r n . Thesr.e is talk that Bates, Washburn Ward arid Tliomas will be used for trading, Elliott of York is booked to p ' n y short next year with Cumlskey, a Sally LeaKiio possibility, at t h i r d . It is said tliut Abbott's contract .calls for $S,000 a year. President Mao Moore stated as f o l l o w s : "With the wealth of material Abbott .has to start h!s 1924 season we s h o u l d and expect to have a pennant winner..He,hns" gained the knnwledge of the league's .strength and will have tlie fans' supp'prt. He will be given free rein to handle the job as he -has done this season." CZECIIO AVOMAN HOLDS. Tho world's, record for. women tor 100 yards la 11 2 - u soconcla, and is held by Miss B. Moizllkova, of Czecho-Slovakla."' She also holds the record broad jump of 17 feet 4.8 Inches. 0 6--' 6 Touchdowns--Johnson, Stevens, 2; Duncan. .Goal f r o m touchdown-- Dolesdernia, 2. Substitutes--Carl for Johnson; Masslow for Schoski; Anderson for Deno; White for Semreau: Stoltman f o r . Deiesdernia. Referee--Hall. Umpire--Art Smith. Head linesman--Welch. Time keep- ers--Bro.wn and Bauchman. Periods ^--Four, 12 minutes,. MILFORMEFEATS SHELTON HIGH, 7-0 Manager Mike Healy is not satisfied with the showing of the Bridgeport football team to date :and hands out .the-' information that two: and probably three new players -will b« seen inithe:iine up against the, All- Hartfords at Newfteld' Eark-rnext Sunday afternoon* Mike-states . that the locals have reached··,the stage.In.· the year when they ought to be play-' ing ehampiowship ball and despite th'e fa,ct that the locals have not been defeated tlreSr showing in-all games has hot been the befit. : : , . - « , ' · · Hcaly states: "Bridgeport fan» have given me proof that 'they will support a'football club. They :have stood by me in two aeasVna and this year they have not been given..:the kind of -football that I want them have. We have a strong team:-but there .are several weak spots notice-. able and I intend to have Coach Flanagan spend any amount of money neccessary to get the players he needs to bring: the state champton^ ship to Bridgeport. . ·.- : ... Made Blast Money. "Last year Bridgeport, players made more money individually tha,n any other club in the state.. Some our local boys have an enlargement of »the cranium and refuse to,play with us without guarantees. We will not give any player a guarantee but we will let them know that at the end of the season they will receive more money thata any others In .the state. As our local boys refuse to ·play here we are going but of town' to get players. I have three in'inihd but it is probable that I will, .only be able to secure two before.neit Sunday. We have three bis games ahead and I want to see Bridgeport w i n them all. . - . ' · ' "The club will report:to practice three nights this week Instead . o'f two. Flanagan wants to. work out many new plays and we are going have some one in there who can call the right plays at the right moment." Ths club has been ordered to re- port for practice on Tuesday, Wetf-1 nesday and Friday nights. The .glaT-. ing weak spot in Bridgeport's .ploty all season has be^n at quarterback. Seeley, the former B. H. S. star,, has not had enough experience to handle a team and lacks the strength to. play, real professional football. ' .V." Not Scored Upon. '··*·· ; · , * Bridgeport has not only not 'been defeated this season, but no team has been able to chalk up a point against them. In four games the,locals have scored 34 points to 0 for their op-. ponents. Allie Bakos is the leading scorer with 13 'while Mullaney, Bfc- Avoy, Bakos and Callahan are fled ' in honors for the J. J. Johnson company overcoat with one touchdown each. , \. · The team and individual record* follow: Team Record. - -.. · Bridgeport 0, N. H. Blues f Bridgeport 2, Torrington ', '0 Bridgeport 20, St. James · 0 Bridgeport 3, N. H. Blues - : 0 Individual Records, Bakos Mullaney Callahan McAvoy Luddy . TD. 1 1. 1' 1 0 13 i ' «. S 1' . 4 2 ' 2 X34 x---Safety against Torrington, scor-' ed two points. ·"'_ . " Team Summary. Games played--4. Games won--3 ' ' ; Games Tied--1: Points 'scor.ed-^34. · ' Opponents points--0 The team schedule follows: ^ Oct. 28--All-Hartfords'at Bridgeport. . Nov. 4--Williams at Bridgeport; Nov. 11--We.^t Sides at Hartford. ' Nov. 18'--Opeifr . : '.-'· Nov. 29--"Williams at New 1-Ia.ven. WESTPORT OWLS IN WINONLAKEYIEWS SHELTON, Oct. 2'2.--She'lton High i met Milford Saturday afternoon and went down to defeat, 7 to 0. This evens up the score between the two teams as Shelton defeated Milford earlier in the season. The game was slow and uninteresting and it was In the third quarter after a forward pass that Milford was able to put the ball across for a t o u c h d o w n . The field was. muddy and this accounted for th.e slow game. RIVERSIDES CHALLENGE. The Riversides football team, of Seymour, would like to meet any fast eleven in the state. For game call Seymour 323 any evening. WESTPORT, Oct. 22. The Owls oC Westport defeated the Lakeviews o'f Bridgeport yesterday afternooti on the Kiaski Lot 18 to 0. Tom Ireland, former Norwalk High school star playedta great game at halfback fo_r the Owls. Ireland intercepted two forward passes thrown by the Lake- views'and made scores out of eac-h p ay. Ireland also pushed the ball across the line. Again the Owls -were without th«Ir.. regular backileld due to injuries of their heaviest men, This was the^ jghtest backfleld that.-the Owls have*, had in several;'years. Harold Brown t directed the team, from- quarterback with Ireland aiid Leo XJan;oll as halfbacks. Steve Mills -pttyed fullback and made several::loiig gains through the lino. .'· /. ;, In the final period -the Lakeviews. opened up with an aerial game and qarrlcd the ball down/tb,e field un-r til- Ireland intercepted' another pass. 1 ; ARATEX SEMI COLLARS SOFT Dd not wrinkle, shrinkj change color or wilt--there's not a weak ?pot in 'them. 35 cents each - 3 for $1.00 Madt by tkt Mahtrs of ARROW COLLARS iNEWSPAPERl MEWSPAPERI

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