The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1956 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1956
Page 4
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ANOTHER OPEN LETTER To TheVoters Of The Sent ml School District Next Friday, ihe 8th day of June, is the fourth, In what has turned into a series, of bond elections In our district. But for ihe selfish interests of a few people, we of the Sehiral Community School District are required by law, to vote on a site for our school, in Fenton. WE ARE BEING PUSHED TOO FAfU However, we still have faith enough in mankind to believe that the great majority of ihe people are basically honest, and so we also believe that the majority of the people believe in being fair and honest in their dealings with their neighbors, That belief prompts this message. AS TO THE FENTON SITE: In the first place, we invite each of you to drive to Fenton, and to inspect this proposed site from an unbiased viewpoint. We think that you will agree, thai all you will find is a small knoll, surrounded by low land, which would require an enormous amount of fill to make it suitable for any type of building. And just where is this fill available? An engineer, looking the site over, said thai he would hesitate to estimate the expense of building this 4,7 acre plot up, making it as a site for a school of ihe magnitude which we anticipate. Further, the plat on file in ihe drainage clerk's office in Algona shows this site to be a SLOUGH. As for drainage facilities, some people would like you to think that all we need to do is hook up with the Fenion town drain, and we'll save so much money. A Fenton man made the remark that by building in town, we'll iave $100,000.00. Yet the bond is for ihe same $450,000.00 as in previous elections. It's for sure that we'll not save on drainage. How foolish can a man get? The present Fenton drain consists of two 12" tile, side by side, as outlet, and runs very nearly Hi miles to the outlet. This is by far, the longest distance to drain of any site yet proposed. In view of some the statements being made by Fenton people, one almost wonders if the town isn't expecting the school district to build a new sewer system for them. A new home is being built in Fenton, and one Fenton business man, walking around the foundation and watching the installation of septic tank and sewer, etc., laughed and said, you sure threw some money away here, it won't be long and we'll have a whole new sewer system. As for water, the supporters of this present proposal continually comment on the fact that water is available. Now, is this a reality, or a supposition? An architect figures water at the rate of 20 gallon per pupil, per day, or 4,000 gallon -per 'day in a 200 pupil high school. Is water of this volume re all v available in Fenton? We do not think so. A time ago, the Fenton Community Club became industry conscious, and extended an invitation" io a small industry to move io town. However, when a representative of industry was contacted, it was discovered that Fenton could not qualify for a small industry, on either water or sewer system. They could not qualify for a small industry, ..but would have you think that they can qualify for our school. Further, $2,000 would build a most adequate well, if used for school purposes, and a reliable source estimates that water our- chased from the town would cost about $400.00 per year. Water rates are high in Fenion. It takes but simple arithmetic to show that the school could pay for their own well in 5 years. Thus, it would prove to be much cheaper over a period of years, for the school to own their own well. As for insurance, the supporters of this present proposal would haVe you believe that ihe insurance rate* would ba cheaper in town, ihan in the country. Again, let's face the facts. A reliable insurance man advises us that rates aren't based much on location, but more so on construction. Modern architecture is such that all buildings are .as nearly fireproof as is possible to construct them. Others will tell you that by building in town, a fire truck would be so readily available. We say that by building in ihe center, two trucks will be as readily available; Double Projection. Then, the statement has been made that adjoining land will be donated the district. We understand that the first 4.72 acres came the hard way, start of condemnation, etc. Can it be a fact, thai more should come so easily? There is an old saying, that "Politics make strange bedfellows." Can it be possible that politics have entered into our school situation? It does seem strange that the same people, previously so opposed io everything, should suddenly join forces in a selfish venture to get this building in their town. It seem* evident that these "Selfish Few" are much more concerned with their own pocketbook. than with ihe welfare of their friends and neighbors, or the children of the district as a whole. "Consistency, thou are a jewel." Along this same thought,'we would like to refer you io the fourth chapter of Genesis, verse 9, which reads, "And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?" We feel that this selfish attitude shown by a few people, is quite similar io thai of Cain. Who signed ihe petition calling for this election in Fenton? Only a FEW1 No one in Lone Rock, Seneca or Lotts" Creek was considered or contacted in this undermining manner to create animosity." Further, this location is directly against ihe facts and conditions contained in the original reorganization of the district. The ballot you used at that time clearly states that the school would be located centrally. The town of Fenton is not a central location (see map) as there are 29'/ 2 sections of land west of Highway 44. and 96 Mz sections east of the road. Is this Fair? The Fenton site is poor, not only geographically, but would be a most expensive proposition all the way around. Actually, we would get less school for $450,000.00 in Fenton than at any other site, because of enormous costs of landscaping, drainage, etc. We stand to get less value received on 'this site, than most any other. To refresh your memory as to location, and Io quote from the ballot used on October 21, 1953, "Shall the following public measure or proposition be adopted? Shall- a new school corporation be formed and established for the maintenance of a CENTRAL school . ." Then too, there is on file in Algona at the County Superintendent's office, a proposal, signed by a representative of each of the thirteen areas, affected by the formation of the new district, calling for a new school district to be formed and also calling for a centrally located high school. Still, some of our good Fenion people maintain that there never was an agreement as to site. Either these people are terribly misinformed, or they arc deliberately mis-representing the facts. MORAL: All good stories have a moral, and it would seem that the only one to be drawn from this, as we study the facts, must come in the form of a warning. If Fenton is able to pull this shenanigan sucessfully, then what is the ultimate? The future may hold nothing for Seneca, Letts Creek, Lone Rock and vicinity. Our grade schools may end up in Fenton, our school board members may all come from Fenion, and in other words, everything. They are not a motipsl group. Seven Reasons To Vote VOTE NO: For the school in Fenton; your children will / suffer extra-curricularily. Fenton children, and • Fenton are the only ones to benefit. VOTE NO: For the school which in a few years will be commonly known as the Fenton school, rather than Sentral, and our taxes are helping to support this. VOTE NO: We do not want a site located in town. This is a rural area, let's keep our school rural, and for the benefit of the majority. VOTE NO: From a moral standpoint. The children of the district need not cross the busy streets of any town, during the school day. VOTE NO: For your integrity. Everyone, honest with himself, knows that we organized for a central school. VOTE NO; As a personal rebuke to those promoters of this infamous scheme. VOTE NO: SO THAT WE CAN CALL A NEW ELECTION, ON A SITE LOCATED CENTRALLY. Quips, As Heard On The Street: One farmer said, "I wouldn't build a hog house on that site. Ifs nothing but a swamp." A lady of the district said, "I call it a dam site. I mean you'd have to dam it up to mflke it pny good." Another men said, "The (and if hilly and swampy, with poor drainage. And ifs located right next to a highway with heavy traffic." Another farmer said, "We'll have to move in another farm to get enough fill to raise the land level." Another fellow, "Thi joker of the whole thing to me is the strong* joining of forces. People that formerly couldn't see eye to eye a* ell, suddenly wprking together." And still another lady said, "From where we live, the location doesn't make much difference, but I can't understand why Fenton should be so hoggish." A prominent Fenton business man said, after a previous bond election was voted down, "We'll wait a year or so, then pull p fast one." At least two other Fenton citizens are known to have advised Fenton voters at previous elections, "Vote NO this time, and eventually we'll get the school in Fenton." LOTTS CREEK The above map, drawn to scale, is a map of tha Sentral Community School District. Site "F" marks the proposed Fenton location. The line drawn through site "F" pretty well follows Highway 44. quite obvious, at a glance, that this site is ridiculous. To further emphasize this point, a count of sections of land shows there to be but 29Vi sections to the west of this line, and 96'/2 sections of land to the east. Please, let's use a little good sense! Food For Thought Perhaps many of you read the above caption in the Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines of Tuesday, May 29, 1956. Assuming that the message w a* sponsored by citizens of Fenton and immediate vicinity, although it does not say so, we of the rest of the district are most gratified that they have at long last "digested" the basic elements in the formation of the Sentral District. With but few exceptions, everything as it appeared in the story is exactly as we have been desperately attempting to sell Fenton for 31 months, or since the formation of our district. The story was very nicely written, extremely well presented, with pictures of our crowded condi j tions and all, but isn't it a shame that "Food for Thought" came so late. Either of our previous elections on the central location could have carried well over 60°° majority had Fenton worked so hard to improve the "Education under a Handicap" condition before. A mention was made in the ad about ending needless expense of repeated elections, and the wear and tear on the friendships in our district. Seems so strange that a desire of this nature should be so long in coming. The story most conveniently omitted a most vitcl fact, and that is: Where is this building to be located, as we vote on June 8th? A very nice story on education and our needs, but so INCOMPLETE, it would appear to an outsider, that this story was motivated by the highest of ideals, but to those of us in the district who have followed this thing since its formation, it is HYPOCRISY IN ITS RAWEST FORM. It could be said, that we cpn easily see the wolf in sheep's clothing. Sponsors of the ad said "(This Advertisement Prepared and Inserted by a Group of Citizens for Better School Facilities in Sentraj School District.)" It would have been much more appropriate to change it to read "Better School Facilities in Fenton School." A RESOLUTION Whereas, the Sentral Community School District was formed with the idea of having a centrally located high school, and Whereas, all areas involved voted overwhelmingly in favor of this proposal, and Whereas/ the location selected by this present proposal is completely unfair to the patrons of Lone Rock and Seneca; therefore BE IT RESOLVED, that the voters of this District go tp the polls on Friday, June 8th and vote ''NO" on this scheming proposition. Vote Next Friday, June 8, At Lone Rock School Gym -12,00 Noon To 7:00 P.M. This Adverlisemeni Sponsored and Paid For By a Committee of Cilizens Interested In Presenting Facts On The Sentral School District Bond Issue

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