The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1956 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, June 5, 1956
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*: .. -' . , ..*. fiftd.%6 ffiiftoftifiai 'nooieiy Xeta oityj Xa« ASC Committee Nominations Are Now Being Made Forma! nomination of candidates for community ASC committeemen for one-year terms beginning August 1 is now under way in all townships of Kossuth county, according to Virgil Rohlf, office manager. As part of the local administrative set-up of the ASC farm program, each township has a farmer-elected official body known at a community ASC committee. Each such committee, consisting of a chairman, vice chairman and regular member, is elected annually. First and second alternate members are also named lh these annual ASC elections. Ten candidates for the five posts as committeemen and alternates will be nominated in each township by its own community ASC election board appointed by the county ASC election board. The community election boards have until June 22 to make their nominations. Other nominations may be made by petition of .10 or'more eligible voters of the township concerned. Voting will take place from July 5 to July 13, with farmers using printed secret ballots mailed to them by the county ASC office. This procedure will take place simultaneously in every Iowa county, and on July 28 each county will hold an ASC convention to elect its county ASC committeemen for one-year terms beginning on August 1. The county and community committeemen are responsible for local administration of the federal government's price support, production adjustment and cost- sharing conservation programs. Sale of Skelgas Business Here Is Announced An Algona business firm went into the hands of 2 new owners, effective Monday, June 4, when Clair Thomas, who will move to Mason City and enter business there, sold his Thomas Skelgas firm here. The Skelgas appliance phase of the business was sold itf North Iowa Sewing Machine 8c Appliance Co., which is owned and "operated by* Jay Aiherfon and Gene Heimer. of Algona. The Skelgas service was purchased by Al Richardson, son of Everett Richardson of Algona, and just recently returned from two years army service. Thomas will move with his family to Mason City, where he will become a partner in his father's electrical contracting and heating firm, Thomas Electric Co. Thomas has been in business here for the past three years, and is now finishing out a term as president of the Algona Junior Chamber of Commerce. North Iowa Sewing Machine & Appliance Co. will take over the Skelgas appliance franchise formerly owned by Thomas, and will maintain a complete stock of Skelgas appliances, as well as a service department, all added to their other lines. Richardson, who will handle the Skelgas gas service from an office in the North Iowa Sewing Machine & Appliance Co. store, will continue that part of the business under the name Thomas Skelgas Service. Born and raised here, he is a graduate of Algona high school, and is married. The two-way transaction was completed yesterday (Monday) and is further explained in a joint advertisement published in today's Upper Des Moines by all three participants. He'd Rather Gone Fishing Fishing's lots more fun, Joseph Welp Jr., of Bancroft, reflected sadly today as he lay in a hospital bed with a broken leg. Joseph, 10, had looked forward to a fishing trip recently, but those plans were quickly changed by an accident that landed him in Holy Family hospital, "at Estherville. He was helping water chickens on the range, of the Welp hatchery operated by his father at Bancroft when he fell off a tank truck and was run over. The vehicle passed over both his legs and broke one of them. He also has painful bruises. Has Bicycle Wreck * Fenian—John Haack returned home Sunday after .being hospitalized for a week at Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge. Mr Haack suffered internal injuries, after upsetting with a biciycle he was riding last Sunday. 3 Get Degrees Bachelor of arts degrees were conferred on 231 students Friday at Iowa State Teachers College. Students from this area receiving them included Merle Flanders. Algona. Gary Aitchison,'Corwith, and Ruth Quam, Armstrong. MTAUISHID 116) Entered as second class matter at the postottlee at Alfoha, lovta, Nov. 1, 1932, under Act of Congress, of March 3. 1879. ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 1956 3 seetioris - 20 VOL. 93 - NO. Primary Vote 30% Above 1954 * * * * * * * » * * * » * * * * * * * # # P/affie Beats Scheppmann; Lindhorst Big Winner Council Rejects Bryant Addition Thursday Night A mass of building permits flooded the city council chambers Thursday night, and combined with a variety of other business, kept the councilmen busy until 12:08 a.m. Friday. A total of 20 permits were acted upon, including one of an addition to the present Bryant school which was rejected for non-compliance. One other, which 'had been rejected pre 1 - viously, concerning a new home to be built by Phillip Diamond, was okayed due to a decision of the board of adjustment- Other permits approved were for Jens Sorensen, Stanley Black, Jack Limbaugh, Fred H. Erickson, Sieg Co., Bert Palmer, Arthur Odegaard, Florence A. Macumber, Charles Redemske, G. C. Hagg, Frances L. Herbst, Victor Fisher, John Crowell, Russell Sands, Mrs E. L. Kearney, Orval Joseph, Robert and Anna Leason estate and H. S. Roth. A decision on sanitary sewer connections was made, and due to it, all property owners living in Algona within 100 feet of a sanitary sewer now using a cesspool, septic tank or outside toilet must abandon and remove their present system and connect to the city's sanitary sewer. Mayor C. C. Shierk was directed to notify all property owners they have 90 days to comply. Ordinance number 378, which* establishes street grades for ..the West McGregor street blacktopping project, was read and passed. Si Roth, Jim Palmer and Arnie Elbert were appointed to serve on the electrician license board, and a small building, owned by Mrs Cora Martin, was ordered removed to make an alley in town accessible. The council transferred $750 from the municipal enterprise fund to the general fund and $500 from the emergency fund to the general fund. Next regular meeting night is Wednesday, June 13. 'Water' To Be Mayors' Item For the third "Mayors' meeting", attended by mayors of northwest Iowa cities, and to be held Friday, June 8, at Spencer, problems attendant to water supply and watersheds will constitute a main topic of discussion, according to Algona mayor, Dr. C. C. Shierk, who will attend. The series of "Mayors' meetings" was started here, with the second meeting having been held at Storm Lake. The mayors hold a round table discussion on problems and projects of their various cities. Chamber of Commerce secretaries will also meet in Spencer Friday, with Bill Steele, secretary here, present from Algona. Chamber Appoints Two Committees Two important committees have been appointed by the board of directors of the Algona Chamber of Commerce, it was announced by Gene Cook, C of C president. They are the finance committee, headed by Al Buchanan a* chairman, with Wes Bartlett. Gene H/utchins and Dr. L. L Snyder as members, and the membership committee, with Bud Anderson, chairman, and Brail Wright, Phil Diamond, Jack Chrischilles, and Bill Ressler. members. Programs are being set up by both committees al the present time. Injured In Fall An Algonan, Jack Allen, son of Mr and Mrs James Allen, suffered bruises and scrapes when he fell to the pavement near the KC Park on highway 18 Monday morning. Exact nature of the accident is not known, but according to all reports, he is getting along fine. CASE DISMISSED Charges of assault and battery against James R. McGoldrick, Algona, were dismissed in Mayor C. C. Shierk's court Monday. The dismissal c?me on recommendation of the county attorney for lack pf • complaining witness. Cylinder "Landmark'- Blasted The photo above may show what looks like tha Cylinder athletic field score-board, after a victorious visiting team had finished with it — but in reality, it is ,the Cylinder "landmark" city road sign on U. S. 18, after a motorist, failing to make the turn through Cylinder, plowed directly through its center, about 2 a.m. last Sunday morning. : '» * A few inches to the left and the motorist wpuld have met up with a 12-inch pole. As it was, his vehicle cut a neat "car-size" hole in the center of the signboard; The accident, occurring in the early morning hours, was heard by Ronnie Jurgens and Darrell Meier, who are shown above at the -, wrecked sign-board; Meier-is holding a sun visor, stripped off the car by the crash. The two young men were working on a car-inr-a nearby (implement shop when they heard the crash. . • The motorist, W. J. Lleneger, Superior, Iowa, and working in Whittemore, was apprehended by state highway police and Emmets burg officers when he got that far after driving through the sign. According to Emmet County Sheriff R. O. Miller, in whose custody he was placed, Lieneger was charged on three counts, OMVI, second offense, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving 35 miles an hour in a 25 mile zone. According to Miller, Lieneger pleaded guilty before Emmetsburg Justice of the Peace E. S. Ellis on the latter two counts. His bond on the OMVI charge was set at $1,000. G. R. Grishman, Cylinder council member, said Sunday that the sign would be repaired early this week. According to Grishman, the present sign has stood for five years without a nick, although several drivers have had trouble negotiating the sharp turn in that time. The Cylinder sign-board is a familiar landmark to Kossuth drivers going to the lake region. (UDJvI Newsfoto-Engraving) Court Orders Store Into Receivership An Algona business firm, Rovn's Variety store, was ordered into receivership by Judge G. W. Stillman in district court here Saturday morning. The action followed a request for foreclosure of a chattel mortgage by th'o olaintiff, Louis E. Backer, of Fairmont. Total amount involved in the receivership proceedings is $16,268.96, the balance remaining due from a chattel mortgage for $27,491.27, which was delivered June 12, 1951. Rovn and Coult. Inc., including Brady G. Rovn, Algona, :md B. W. and Donna Coult, Minnesota, were named as defendants in the civil action. The court was asked to appoint a receiver to take immediate possession and control of the mortgaged property. The receiver appointed. Ernest A. Mo- liaupt, will continue retail business in the premises under direction of the court until further court order. He will conduct the business and file proper reports with the district court. The original rnortagage was between Rovn and Coult. Inc. and E. E. and Violet M. Koenig. and covered- various items of equipment, including business machines, necessary in the store's operation. The mortgage was later transferred to Backer. In other district court business, Raymond George Weig. Wesley, oleaded guilty to a charge of OMVI and was fined $300 and costs. Appeal bond was fixed at $500. Weig is at present in the county, jail, unable to furnish the fine. He will serve 90 days unless the fine is paid. Four cases of account were filed during the week. R. K. Richardson. D. O., is the plaintiff and Mr and Mrs Milton Bebo, defendants, in one account matter involving $231.50; Farmer's Mutual Hail Insurance Co. of Iowa, plaintiff, is seeking $99.28 from M. J. Ferstl. defendant; Kent Motor Co., plaintiff, is seeking $231.26, from Elmer Jasperson, defendant; and N. B. Best, plaintiff, asks $376 from Eizo Heyes., defendant, West Bend Centennial Is >ia Success Cold weather the first day failed to dim the lustre of West Bend's Centennial Celebration Thursday and Friday, as crowds turned out both days to witness programs that included everything from parades to dances. The Centennial Revue was presented on stage both nights as well as a concert by the community chorus. Cast of the revue, entitled "The Plow and the Prairie" was made up of local citizens .and traced the history of West Bend from pioneer days to 1956. About 200 persons participated. There were prize winners, too. A Laurens man,. H 1 . F, Knaff, and Mrs Katherine Collins, Livermore, each won a week, vacation at drawings made each night. Dale Jergens won the tractor rodeo, Lyle Dodd took the horseshoe pitching tjtle, Kar'en Horsman, Plover, was named band queen, and Ruth Greene was crowned Miss West Bend. Larry Allen and Roger Jensen had the top beards, according to the fudges. Algona Chamber of Commerce Sentral School District Vote On Friday Voters in the Seneca, Lone Rock, Lotts Creek and Fenton areas — in the Sentral School District — will go to the polls for the fourth time Friday to ballot on whether to issue bonds not to exceed $450,000 for the purpose of carrying out a high school building program in the district. The bond issue calls for procuring approximately ten acres of land at the new proposed location, which is east across highway 44 from Fenton. The.Sentral School District at present owns a five- acre tract at this location. The Sentral School District comprises 126 sections, reaching north of Seneca, east of Lone Rock, south of Lotts Creek, and west of Fenton' into Palo Alto county, whose voters as members of the school district will also cast ballots on the proposed bond issue. Voting on Friday Voting will be held in the Lone Rock Gymnasium Friday, June S, with the polls open from 12 noon to 7:00 p.m. This Will be the fourth time voters of the district have gone to the polls on this issue of a new high school for the district. The first vote was held March 14, 1955, with the proposed location set in section 9, approximately the mid-spot of the district. Of 895 ballots cast on that occasion, 497 voted 'yes', 373 voted 'no', and there were- 25 spoiled, ballots. Lacking the necessary 60%, the issue was defeated. On a second occasion, July 18, 1955, the proposed school bond issue for Sentral School District again went down to defeat, with 447 yes votes, 410 no votes, and 11 spoiled ballots. At that voting, the proposed school location was in section 16, approximately a mile south of thn previous one, and two miles east of Fenton. 868 votes were cast in this election, with the necessary 60% agajn lacking . Vote Third Time For the third time, Sentral School District voters cast ballots on April 4, of this year, with the location this time being the same as in the first election, in section 9. Once again the vote was lacking, with 567 yes votes, 420 no votes and 6 spoiled ballots out of 993 cast. Predictions for the coming Friday election are that the total vote will be as large, or larger, than any of the previous ballot- ings. Interest in the proposed bond issue has been running high throughout the Sentral Schpol District over past weeks, with many visiting and inspecting the proposed new location, and indications are that the balloting will be brisk on Friday. 60% of the total vote-cast must be in the affirmative for the bond issue to pass. Bitten By Dog Don Potter, Algona, was bitten by a large dog at Crystal Lake Thursday. He suffered Injuries to an arm and was taKen to a specialist at St. Paul for treatment. ALGONA SHRINEHS CLUB Wool Incentive Payments Likely In August Wesley Livestock Market of Wesley field representative for the Iowa Wool Growers Association, recently announced that it appears the wool incentive payments for the 1955 clip may be forthcoming in August or September. It was further stated, "preliminary figures reflect a payment of at least 40% or more." This means that producers who sold their wool for 30c will receive an incentive payment of 12c per pound; producers who sold wool fur 40c will receive art incentive payment of 16c and producers who sold their wool for 50c will receive 20c. The amount of incentive payment is geared to the price received so that eyery grower will not try to produce good wool, but also prepare and sell it well. Growers must remember that the higher the price received, the higher will be their incentive payment. These payments are being made by the government to encourage greater production of sheep and wool. Keith Edges Plumb By Close Margin, 323-282 With about 1,300 mere voters participating in Kossuth County'* primary elections Monday than in the primaries two years ago, irt 1954, the pre-election forecast of a heavier vote appeared to come true. It is estimated that 4,200 voters went to the polls yesterday (Monday), almost half the total voting in the last general election. Aside from the sheriff's race on the Democratic ticket and the closely watched supervisors' contest* — the only real county contests on the ballots — there were no surprises, except in many instances the siie of the vote drawn. Incumbent sheriff Ralph Lindhorst Won handily from Joe Dahlhauser, receiving 1917 votes to Dahlhauser's 658. Interesting statistics are found in the following brief tabulation of total votes received by other candidates: DEMOCRATIC TICKET Herman Studer, County Auditor __• 1972 Gordon Winkel. County Attorney 1935 Burl Ridout, State Senator ^...„_.,.-. 1524 R. M. (Spike) Evan*, U. S. Senator 1887 Herschel Loveless, Governor 1513 REPUBLICAN TICKET Marc Moore, County Auditor 1603 L, W. Nitchals, County Attorney 1435 Duane Dewel, State Senator 1565 Bourke Mickenlooper, U. S. Senator 1245 Leo Hoegh, Governor t •_'_ 1547 * ' • Here's the way the supervisor races shaped up: First District Scheppmanh Plathe Cresco 39 30 . Garfield J - 22 49 Irvingtpn 73 55 LuVerne - - 42 33 I Riverdale 34 126 Sherman -__.. _. 33 40 Whiitemore 68 98 Second District: Algona, first ward Algona, second ward Algona, third ward Algona, fourth ward _ Plum Creek Union Sorensen 57 . 79 . —108 60 42 47 Wagner 20 29 30 33 15 13 311 Plumb 32 98 43 ' 34 20 57 431 Keith 43 127 63 35 43 12 • Third District: 347 140 282 323 Forburger Godfredsen Buffalo :„_._.„„..:...—^.-:--2;.;:il. 12 German . 2 Portland 10 Prairie ....„..— S3 Ramsey . . 21' Wesley 82 32 8 30 19 29 30 190 Fourth District: Newel Lone Hock ________ ............................. 19 E. Lone Rock ____ - ............. ______ ........ 26 • Hurt ________ . _____________________ ............ Fenton ______________________________________ •_ Greenwood ____ ...... _________ ......... ---- _'__ 9l Lotts Creek _„ ........... . ............ ________ 3 Seneca ------------------ _____________________ 2 Swea ........... ....... ______ . ................ 2 Johnson 12 H . 26 8 <103 7 44 26 356 235 As expected, supervisor races in four districts provided most of the fireworks in the election. One incumbent supervisor, Henry Scheppmann, present chairman of the board; will not be on the Democratic ticket in November as he was defeated in the first district by Charles Plathe, Bode, 431-311, in what was classified a mild upset. Keith. Sorensen Win Kyle Keith edged Fred Plumb, 323-282, for the Republican supervisor nomination in district two in one of the tightest races of the day. Incumbent Jens Sorensen downed Charles Wagner, 347-140, on the- Democratic ballot in the same district. Charles Newel, incumbent Democrat in district four, remained his party's choice as he won out over Edvald Johnson, 356-235, and Tom Forburger downed Ernest Godfredsen, 190148, for the Democratic nomination in district three. Republicans Kenneth Roney, district one, John Rode, district three incumbent and Alton Pettit, district four, were unopposed, and will represent their party in November. All other unopposed county officers received good vote counts on both tickets. t Loveless Choice Bourke B. Hickenlooper easily defeated Dayton Countryman, 1245-653, as expected in the Republican race for nomination as U. S. Senator, Herschel Loveless built up a 1513-721 bulge over Plummer to gain the nomination for Democratic candidate as governor, and Spike Evans was given a 1687-463 bulge over Wilcox in the race for the Democratic nomination for U. S. Senator by county voters. Plathe's outstanding support In Riverdale and Whittemore townships turned, the tide in his run against Scheppmann. He won Riverdale, but by a smaller margin two years ago, while Scheppmann took Whittemore bv over 30 votes in the same primary. Auditor Marc Moore, with 1603 votes, was the top voie- getter for the Republican* in the county while Resell* Voigt, treasurer, and C»**y Loss, state repmeiUiJive. lea the w»y for the pemoei.«Js with 2,18,3 ami 2-132, r «p»cj- ively. Largest vote total for one office was in &« Demo- cratic sheriff race, where Lindhorst and Dahlhauser tdtaled 2.575 between them as Lindhorst raced to an * early lead and .took every precinct in the county. Loveless led Plummer, Hickenlooper led Countryman and Evans led Wilcox from the time the first report came in from Ledyard at 8:45 p.m. Monday night. There was a definite indication that in offices where candidates will have opposition in the general election in November good races will be the general rule. Arts And Crafts For Youngsters An arts and crafts program, designed for Algona children, ages 6-12, will begin Monday, June 11. It will be held Monday through Friday from 9:3011:30 a.m. in the high school gymnasium. The set-up, under the direction of Marilyn Lowman, is part of the city recreation program, and one of the highlights promises to be a bike-trike fun day and parade. All who plan to participate this summer must register by June 22. • The door at the southeas t corner of the high school will be open for entrance to the gymnasium. 4 Top Kossuth Herds For May Nineteen milking herds were tested on DHIA during the month of May, according to Forrest Hofbauer, supervisor, The 19 herds produced a total of 369,660 Ibs, of milk and 12,448 Ibs. of butterfat with an average of 19,456 Ibs. milk and 655 Ibs. of fat per herd. The four top herds in the association for the month of May are as follows: John Ruger, Fenton, 24 cows milking an average 1605 Ibs. milk and 51.2 Ibs. fat; Harry Bartelt, Titonka, 17 cows milking an average 1310 Ibs. milk and 45.0 Ibs. fat; Ralph Walker, Jr. 1 Swea City, ?0 cows milking an average 1269 Ibs. raj Ik «nd *i9 Ibs. fit:, aad. Sidney P»yne, Lecj, yard.-.2$ cows miunin* an average 1400, Ib:,. milk and 44.1 Ibs. fat. .

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