The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 22, 1956 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1956
Page 22
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8—Algona (la.) Upper Oes Moine* Tuesday, May 22, 1956 Tidbits From Evelyn Mti LuelU Baker has returned from Tuscon. Ariz., where she spent the past 5'i months. She spent a few weeks in California, going first to Palm Springs to visit her brother-in-law and sister, Dr. and Mrs H. H. Stewart. At Arcadia she visited Mr and Mrs George Free and at Burbank she was euest of Mrs Lee Reed, all former Algonans. The Reed children, twins, Carolyn and Rosalyn, and Mary Elizabeth, are growing up rapidly and are beautiful children. Mary Elizabeth is a lovely golden blonde with pink cheeks, fair complexion and brown eyes. The twins are also .most attractive Mrs Baker says. • • • * At a women's meeting recently each person was asked to relate their most embarrassing moment. This is really the prize story. Two ladies were on vacation at a distant point and had a room for a few weeks in a hotel which employed a Chinese lad to whom the ladies became quite attached for his excellent service and general behavior. One of the ladies developed a pain in her forearms and decided to use Vicks Vapp-rub to allay the pain. Not wanting to soil the sheets and not having anything to cover DIAMOND'S PAINT ALE WHITE OUTSIDE RED BARN PAJNT Gallon 5-GALS. 10.88 Ask Your Neighbor — He Has Probably Used This Paint SURPLUS her arms, she bought a pair of rockford socks. In the morning she slipped them off and when she came back to her room several hours later, the bed had been made and the socks placed thereon. The accusing eyes of the servant coupled with his reproachful manner told her plainly what interpretation he had placed on the innocent socks. (I don't know whether the lady made anv explanation or not) * * » Mrs Emma Dehnert called on me the other morning to show me a stole she had just completed. It is a beautiful accessory and is made of soft yarn, Lavender color. I asked her"how she made it and she said, "Hair pin lace crocheted together." She makes the lace in strips the desired length, then they are crocheted together to the desired width. There is a fringe on the ends to give it the finished look. I had a stole given me for Christmas, otherwise I'd be duplicating hers. I told her she should exhibit it at the Kossuth County fair. I think there is a revised premium list which includes stoles. * * * Spring is here. Jimmy Allen went fshng Wednesday! Haven't heard what luck he had. * * * I didn't attend the school musical a week or so ago but one who did told me about the novel instruments. One was a "homemade" marimba, the other a zylaphone, made under the direction of Walter McBride, principal of Bryant building. The marimba was made of various sized flower pots suspended from a rack like those used in stores to display women's dresses. One pot got broken awhile ago and it was with some difficulty one was found of the right pitch. The xylaphone was made of wooden pieces and the McBride's sons. Don and Dale, played the unique instruments. I was told it was a project Mr McBride had used in his Boy Scout activities. Background accompaniment was paper and comb combination, washboard, home made tambourine and sticks, a veritable "Spike Jones" arrangement. One particularly enjoyable feature was a dance by Carol Richman and Lynn Kueck. All in all the program was voted one of the finest ever presented to the public here. * * * Emmajean Lighter had a birthday anniversary Saturday, May 5, and was given, a bang-up celebration. Fifteen members of her Sunday school class dropped in that forenoon, armed with STRICTLY BUSINESS by ^ t |kp -~T^f~~ iV M\/J AMMUNITION "He'i new in the gun department — just made hi* first sale!" serves so man/... costs so little NO MONEY DOWN As Little As $3.00 A Month North Central Public Service Co. VOTE FOR \x\ FRED W. PLUMB REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE For Supervisor in the 2nd District EXPERIENCED QUALIFIED DEPENDABLE Believes in economy without sacrifice to the district. Landowner in Union Township. Resident of Kossuth County 43 years. War veteran. Served his country overseas World War I. His character and record of service for the people in various organizations and associations, both local and county wide will stand investigation. YOUR VOTE WILL BE APPRECIATED JUNE 4th 20-21-22 When a few dollars invested in hail insurance on your growing crops will turn a 'Bad Bet' into GOOD BUSINESS. M9MI . till etAM0 iff yomw, IOWA Bohannon Insurance lair of Iowa Stale Phon* 103 picnic fare and a birthday cake. The original plan for a picnic had been to use the Shelter House at Call State park, but it was not in readiness, so the picnic had been postponed. However, the young folk took things into their own hands and descended on Emmajean, much to her surprise. The picnic was highly successful, right there in the living room, for it was a rainy day. Later they ^ went to the Owen .Hurt's and spent the afternoon playing ping pong. The class is composed of seventh grade boys and girls. * • * Eldora is an unusual name" and I had never heard it except as my mother's middle name. Then the other day I learned Mrs Agena's name is Eldora. Zada Brunson's grandmother's name was Eudora. That is one I've never heard duplicated. Yes, mother was Elsie Eldora. * * * You have heard of the suggestion that to catch a bird, sprinkle salt on it's tail. This is a story about asparagus benefiting from a dose of salt. Mrs Towne and I were discussing gardens. She told of a person who put salt on a bed of that delectable spring vegetable to discourage it's growth, plus surrounding weeds. The asparagus grew larger and better from the application. * * • Many Algonans will remember Vi Heller, who married Norman Johnson. In a recent letter to friends here, Mrs Johnson wrote that a refreshment stand is beint? built next to their home and it is assumed that she will operate it as her husband is otherwise employed. The Johnsons are located at Eldorado Springs, Colo., honeymoon place of Mamie and Ike. From the description of the commodities installed and the foods they are prepared to serve, it sounded like an ideal place for a vacation. * * • Kathy Chrischilles look her little neighbor, Rickie Post, to school to visit on guest day last week. Rickie was disgusted thai he wasn't permitted to do numbers. Asked by the members of his family if he had a recess he replied, "No. I only went out doors once.' 1 * » * Kent Jergenson, son of Mr and Mrs Harold Jergenson, celebrated his eleventh birthday May 11 How many of you recall that was V.E. day. * • « I don't like the way radio programs are listed now. It wouldn't be quite so bad if they'd put them in the same place each day, but no—they have to juggle from one place to another, to my vexation. * » • I have mentioned Jimmy Allen which reminds me that I asked him a question the other night but I haven't had an answer yet. With Lizzie Post and Esther Benson the other evening, we passed the store where he is employed. Since Lizzie knows him well through his wife Bernadine and Esther is his sister-in-law, I decided to ask a question which has puzzled me for some time. Every now and then I hear of a fifth. Now I know it's an amount of liquor, but what amount, I've never known—or cared about much, to be truthful. I called in to him "what is a fifth?" Just then a friendly voice answered me, "Five bucks." Now I wasn't asking the price, and the friend who gave the answer knows I'm not interested in "the cup that cheers," but my question still L> what id a fifth? * » • What was happening back in May 1924 — Sunday, May 11, observed as Mothers Day by churches. Contest for North and South sides for Community Club membership, resulted in a tie. City Clerk's office moved to new quarters in city jail. Carload of Mexicans arrived at Ledyard to work in beet fields. L. Laidley moved to Lone Rock to accept position as creamery manager. Daughter born to Mr and Mrs Seth Cairy of Whittemore. Miscreants broke into high school and did much damage. Daughters of American Revolution organized in Algona, Mrs J. O. Paxson elected president. Charles Curtis, Vice President of the U.S. under Herbert Hoover, once claimed fame as a jockey. Whittemore By Art Heidenwith First Communion Twenty three boys and girls of St. Michael's parish received their first communion Sunday morning in St. Michael's Catholic church, at 7 o'clock mass by the Rev. William Veil. Those who participated were Janel Bailey, Catherine Besch, Rachel Capesius, Lawrence Dahlhauser, Gordon Elbert, Kathleen Elbert, Shirley Elbert, Donald Fickbohm, Richard Frieders, Joseph Haag, Lorraine Kemna, Leonard Keene, Paul Kollasch, Sherry Ludwin, David Loebach, Thomas Loebach, Madonna Mullin, Sandra Potratz, Barbara Reo- ing, Mary Jane Russell. Lawrence Vigdal, John Zohbon, and Mary Emily Meinke. Flower girls were Carol Besch, Charlotte Elbert, Ruth Elbert, and Marybeth Foley. Patricia Crotty and Thomas Fuchsen were Page boys. Altar boys were John Loebach, Robert Russell, Thomas Haag and Mark Capesius. During the mass hymns were sung by a selected group from the grades three to six.- After the mass the children and their parents were guests to the Rosary Society to a breakfast held in the Academy hall. 8th Grade Graduates The following pupils who received their diplomas, and graduated in the eighth grade in St. Paul's Lutheran church Friday evening were St. Paul's Marjorie Behnke, Betty Berninghaus, Lorraine Butzke, Mary Fouss, Ellen Maahs, Eldon Meyer, Donna Ostwald, Shirley Simonson, Ann Vaudt, Warren Wood, Craig Zimmerman and Allen Zumach: Emmanuel of Lotts Creek, Marlys Radig and Darrell Wichtendahl; St. John's of Fenton, Kathryn Alt, Faye Hantelman, Earl Jentz, Susan Hantelman, James Henricksen, Charles Kerns, Loren Krause, Lynn Mentz, Joanne Mitchell, Vergene Norland, Bunnie Pertl, Mary Rossiter and Nancy Sunde. A number of relatives, friends and neighbors of Mr and Mrs Archie Voigt gathered at the Voigt home Sunday evening to cele- Make Sure Your Hail Insurance Policy Has A.F.A. •Sfaft farm Guarantees A(tual fair Ad'iuttmint • fin, lightning Cmragt You don't have to wait for your money when you have State Farm Hail Insurance. You get your check right when your Actual Fair Adjustment is mad* , , . and State Farm has an ex(client lost) paying record. Your choice of percentage or bushel protection for crops on your farm plus Fir* and Lightning coverage on your growing crop* until they are at the storage sit« •-even while in transit from th« field. Find out how little State farm Hail Insurance costs. Call today . . . there a no obligation —and you may i*vc money. Harold C. Sundet 300 E. Elm St. Phone 841 ALGONA/ IOWA bra to Mr Voigt's birthday. Herman Schumacher of Sioux Falls, S. D. and Mr and Mrs Edwin Schumacher and daughter of Algona spent Mother's Day at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Frank Schumacher. Mr and Mrs George J. Elbert accompanied by Mr and Mrs J. B. Geelan, left Saturday morning for Lake Okoboji in the Elbert's new trailer home where they spent the weekend and enjoyed their luck at fishing. Mr and Mrs Ross Vaux of West Bend and Mr and Mrs Allen Vaux and children of Melvin, were Friday evening dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith. The former are parents and the latter a brother of Mrs Heidenwith. Clara Vaudt of Estherville. Rosella Voigt of Algona, and Mr and Mrs Joseph Kollasch of Elmore, Minn, spent Mothers Day with their respective parents, Mrs Anna Vaudt, Herman Voigts and Mr and Mrs Louis Greinert. Mr and Mrs Lloyd Wa'lker and son Gary, and daughter Helen Lynette of Albert Lea, Minn, anci Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith and son Lyle. Dorothy Rosendahl and children and Agnes Schipporeit were Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith. Mr and Mrs George Meyer, Mr and Mrs Lawrence Meyer, Mr nntl Mrq Bert Scely. Mrs William Ostwald, Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt and Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith attended the funeral of Gus Nissen in Webster City Friday afternoon. Mr Nissen was a brother of Mrs George Meyer. Mr and Mrs Delbert Wichtendahl and son Vernon, Mr and Mrs Leonard Frost and family, Mr and Mrs Gordon Jensen and family of here, Mr and Mrs Harlan Wichtendahl and family of Alcona, spent Sunday at the George Wichtendahl home. Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith and son Lyle, visited at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Ross Vaux home in West Bend Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Loren Barker and family, Lola and Lavonne Pring, of Cedar Rapids, Mr and Mrs Richard Potratz and .son Martin, of here, Mr and Mrs Wilmar Wichtendahl of Fentnn were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Herbert Potratz. Sunday evening dinner guests at the Herman Voigt home were Mr and Mrs Milton Espe and sons, Mr and Mrs Raymond Voigt and children of here, Mr and Mrs Harold Voigt. Mr and Mrs Gerald Ollom and Rosella Voigt of Algona. Mrs Myrtle Frost had as dinner guests at her home Sunday Mr and Mrs Kenneth Thompson, Joy Thompson and Harry Widdel of Fenton: Mr and Mrs Myron Gilbert of Milford, Mr and Mrs Abel Hauge and Genora Charlson of Joice, -Mr and Mrs Duane Dau of Algona spent Mothers Day at the home of the former's parents, Mr and Mrs Victor Dau. Mr and Mrs Andrew S. Elbert drove to Omaha, Neb. Wednesday where they met their son ancl family, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Elbert of San Diego, Calif., whn are visiting here at the parental home and other relatives. 5 Residents Of County "Beat The Experts 11 Five Kossuth County residents have been honored as outstanding poultry raisers by the Moorman Manufacturing Co., Quincy, 111. They are: Melvin Post of Titonka: Mike Elbert, A. J. Elbert and Everett Lock wood of Algona; and David Berklancl of Fenton. They have been awarded membership in the national "Beat the Experts" Egg Club. During a recent 90-day period, their laying flocks produced each dozen eggs with an average of less than 5 Ibs. of total feed.. The national average is 8 Ibs. of feed per doz. eggs. Poultry experts say that 5M> Ibs. is "very good" and that 5 Ibs. is "outstanding." The automobile industry estimates that $17.69 of the price of every car is spent in advertising. Seven 'Float! Moke it with 7-Up and your favorif* ke cream t»ut ft scoop of y6uf cronm in n tnll glass. Then tilt th» glass and pour chilled 7»Up gently down the side.' Faster Gains WHh Beef implements With stilbestrol, or if you prefer, without stilbeslro! . . . either way, FELCO Beef Supplements can put fast, low-cost gains on your feeders. FELCO Beef Supplements have: MOLASSES to stimulate appetites and to promote bacterial activity in the paunch; MINERALS to build bones for fast gaining cattle; VITAMINS to aid feed efficiency. Stop in this week, and get the story on FELCO Beef Supplements. Or, aslt your neighbor. He'll tell you FELCO can't be beat., FELCO S THE BEST- SAVINGS THE REST YOUR NEIGHBOR West Bend Elevator Co., West Bend. Burt Cooperative Elevator, Burt. Lone Rock Cooperative Elevator Co., Lon« Rock Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co., Fenton. Whittemore Cooperative Elevator, Whittemore. The Farmers Elevator, Bode. Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., Swea City. What to modem truck for your job! Here are some of the modern features that put you way out ahead in a new Chevrolet Task-Force truck. You'll find them all-and lots more besides-right here, at your Chevrolet dealer's! So take a moment to look them over. Then come in and talk over your truck needs. Modem cabs with High-Level ventilation, panoramic windshield and concealed Safety Steps. Advanced Work Styling—modern truck beauty that's good advertising for your business. Automatic transmissions like Hydra-Matic* and revolutionary new Powermatict. Ball-Gear steering that cuts friction and makes your job easier at every turnl Modem features such as those shown above are found everywhere in new Chevrolet trucks! For example, there are famous Chevrolet high-compression 6's—the world's most popular Modern short-stroke V8's, which are either standard or optional at extra cost in every model. "An extra-cost option in 3000 and 4000 tenet tnda, ^Optional ai extra cost in 1000-10000 series truck engines! A great new 5-speed transmission, optional at extra cost, handles tough jobs with ease in a wide range of models. Big, tough Triple-Torque tandems, tool Kfow Chevrolet TasK'Foirce Drive with care . * , EVERYWHEREI KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. Seuthwatt Courthouse Squort Phon» 700

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