The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 18, 1954
Page 8
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PAQB RIGHT BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.)' t'OUKIER NEWS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 195* East Berlin Beauty Caught Charming Officers for Secrets BERLIN (AP) — An East German beauty.was accused today of delivering the U. S. Army's "order of battle" in Berlin to "the Russians. The charpe was one of three | drawn up against 25-year-old Irmgard Mnrfrareihe Schmidt, who allegedly made love to two U.S. Intelligence officers in Berlin to KCt Hie information. The U.S. High Commission s»id she would be arraigned here on the three counts Tuesday. The top secret "order of battle" details tlie identity, strength nnd deployment of U.S. troops in Soviet-surrounded Berlin. "She was paid by the Russians for whatever information she trans- SHEPPARD Continued from Pago 1 hows Just to examine all this before the discussions get started in earnest. The seven men and five women jurors looked tired, iind some of them seemed a little grim last night when Judge Edward Blythln excused them and sent them to a downtown Cleveland hotel for for the night. There is no time limit to the jury's doliberntions. the Judge said later. He declared: "I don't think there is any limit, and evon Sundns' is a fine dny. As long as the defendant Is in court. I don't think there is any law against deliberating or return- ins a verdict on Sunday." Sheppard confronted them three times during recesses In the deliberations. Each time they left the Criminal Courts Building, for luncheon, dinner and retirement, they were brought back to the courtroom where (lie trial was held. Bach Ume, Blythin cautioned them not to talk with anyone while they were outside the Jury room. Sheppard was in the room each thne. He looked at them closely, hut tee face.-! of the jurors showed little or nothing. One oC the women gave him n quick glance, and then turned her head awny. None of tlie men seemed to notice him nt nil. They all looked like 12 weary people who hnd been working very hard. Sheppnrd's face was a blank, too , each time he WHS brought down from his cell. As he entered the courtroom, his eyes searched through the rows of spectators and reporters until he spotted his two brothers. Stephen and Richard nnd their wives. Mo gave them a small smile. When he left the room, he looked at them again. He holds his head well back nnd keens his chin up. Students Join Honor Group Courier News Editor H. A Halnes wns speaker yesli-rrtaj when seven high -school journalisi students were initiated Into Ihe Quill and Scroll, national high school journalism honor ^roup. Nicky Wceclmnn, Jerry Edwards, Danny Cobb, Gall WhiiMtt. Mnrth- ' anne Hill. Nancy Dlxcm nnd Charles Penn wen- inducted by 1 High School in.slmcUn Thurmmi RowK'tt. got led milled." an ntfirial said. Sh about $375, he -said. Details of the case we're outline a.s an aftermath of yesterday's dLs closure of the arrest and the in telligence angles the voluptuous brunette engaged In while working is a double agent for East and Vest. The charges: 1. The girl transmitted details of U.S. military Intelligence, and it-s •order of battle" In Berlin to the Russians over the past 18 months. 2. She attempted to give to the Russians details of the entire In- ellleence operation of military uid air units here, the location of •operational houses" used by igcnts, the Identities of "sources," he method of training counteragents. 3. She approached a German em- ploye of Intelligence and tried to obtain additional details from him. The High Commission refused to llvulge the Identities of the top- ranking officer nnd civilian chief Miss Schmidt "dated" from time to time. A spokesman Insisted that •no one has been disciplined" as a result of the case and he contended the girl "did not succeed In ob- .aining any Information through these contacts." The spokesman said he was unable to reconcile this statement with the broad charges contained In the Indictment that Information actually was transmitted to the East. UMT (Continued Irom Pngc 1) tinned forces strength to n level of 2,700,000 men In June 1050. Wilson did not cslimnlc the savin this would bring. Sen. Russell (D-Gn), prospective new chairman of the Sennit! Armed Services Committee, withheld Judgment until the program Ifl formally |jre.sont,cd to ConRrnss. Hussi;!! lias been an advocate of UMT In the past. Sen. Kefmivor (D-'I'enn). n member of the committee, said in nn Interview he thinks the plnn It workable and "in Kcnerul, I'm " favor of it." But he said Unit con- MTC.sslotml committees "will havn to work out details" In extending hcfirin^.s. Sen. Kalton-stHll iR-Mnssi, retir- ..iff chiilrmiin of the committee snid in » .statement Ihnt the pro] "ror.nlnjy is it constructive step toward building up our reserve system." Sen. Steimls iD-MKs), nnolhci member of the committee, fore cast approval of what he called "r modified UMT" if it hns 'the strong support of the President. 1 Sen. Humphrey (D-Mlnni. u member of Ihe Senate Foreign Relations Committee, .said he would "look with favor on any reasonable plan" to build up the re- servi's. 4// Survive Crash of Canadian Super Constellation in Ontario BRAMPTON. Out. WV-AII 23 >a.ssenffflns and crewman escaped rom a Trans-Canruln Super Constellation that cra.shed nnd bujned jn a farm near here nifjht. .'wo persons were severely burned and several others received less serious Injurie.s. The big airliner, bound Irom j ramj)a. Flu., to Toronto, .snapped j off two trees and rolled on its side ; is the pilot tried a holly landing in 'OR and rain. A wiriK of the foui- engine aircraft was tossed 100 k-ot, The 18 passengers and 1 crewmen .scrambled from the- v/reck- ige moments before it burst into ["l.ime.s. • The accident occurred just north \ of this town, about 14 miles north- j west of Toronto and about .seven miles west of Malton Airport Tin 1 j pilot had circled the airport .several times trying to land. Twelve of the injured were taken tn Hrampton 'Hospital for treatment. Eleven others were treated U number Memorial Hospital. One of the passengers, Lcn A CHRISTMAS CAROL 1 BY CHARLES DICKENS REDS (Continued from Page H moved into the Korean War. 2. Offer to free the men U the Americans unfreeze more than 100 IHlon dollars in Chinese a-ssets blocked in the United Stales when the Chinese Reds entered the Ko•can War. 3. Con.snt to talk business if the United States would agree not to ipposo Pclplng'ft demands for n U. N. scat. , The 35 Chinese .students have been detained under n presidential _>nici'Kency proclamation because they had acquired certain skills in the United States which would be helpful to the Communists. Negro Children Are Treated Two Christmas parties for Negro ,hool children were given in the city yesterday. Yesterday marked the seventh annual Nc^ro children's Christmas party In Blytheville and about 125 youngsters showed up for the event. It Is .sponsored each year by Beta SlKina Phi sorority and la supported by donations of Blytheville merchants. Mrs. Randall Hawks was general chairman of the affair. Elm Street PTA, with Negro businessmen cooperating, entertained several hundred youngsters with another affair yesterday. Valda Kellli and Mary Strickland represented Elm Street PTA. Campbell, 17. of Burnt River, Out., said the crash came without warning. "It felt like the plane hit a hump There wa.s a terrific bang. The next thing I knew people were rolling in the aisle. Everybody scrambled for the door and ran in every direction us (he plane started U> burn. Nobody had any trouble got- ting out." Ciimpbell, reUirning from school' at St. Petersburg, Pla., for (lie Christmas holiday, was only shaken up. Marlene Stewart. Canada's 17- year-old open golf champion, reportedly suffe.rod « slight hand injury. She also was returning homo from school at Rollias College, Winter Park, Pla. Trans-Canada Airlines listed among the other passengers Jean Shaver, 30, ol Inverness, Fin. There wa.s no report on her condition. The airliner wa,s to have stopped over briefly at Malton and then leaded for Monlreal. There wa.s no immediate explanation of why the plane could not land at the airport. Provincial police reported at that the big plane carried 50 persons, but the airline said it had | only 16 passengers and its usual 7-man crew aboard. Scrooge and the Ghoit of CKretmot YtttoCome The Spirit took Scrooge to showed him, ia a wretched hovel, o gro^i of hwpitt haggling over (he persona* effects of He dud mom. overheard a group of buimsanen. "I thought he'd nerer die," wk) one. "What hoi he done with hn money?" asked another. "He hasn't tett it to me!" laughed a third mom). "The caw of ttm «i>ni(n might be my own." to wpt IKE Negro Deaths Albert Jackson Albert Jackson. 80, died Wednesday night at his home at Dell. Funeral services will be Sunday »t 1 p.m. at Caston Funeral Ilonu.- Chiipcl and will be conducted by Rev. Johnson with burial in Mt, Zion Cemetery. He leaves two sisters, Lucy Jackson and Savannah Jackson, boll: of Senalobia, Miss. Sam Rogers Sam Rogers. 77, died at his home in Number Nine last night. Funeral arraiiiicinents are incomplete. Caston Funeral Home IB in charge. (Continued from Page 1) .satisfied with the fact that they HIT not Communists. Hornet ime.s efforts to persuade nations to stand up and be counted have backfired. Five years ago the United States tried to talk Sweden into joining the North Atlantic Defense Alliance. The Swede-s, fearful that Russia would then move into Finland, refused. Most in Asia In this sense of not being an alliance member, Sweden is technically neutral, Switzerland has maintained a neutral policy in all kinds of conflicts -for many decades, Yugoslavia has a policy which represents a kind of neutrality. It is a Communist .stats not dominated hy Moscow but with close defease as- .soeiiilion with Greece and Turkey, which are allies of the United States. The nations generally considered as neutrals in the cold war are in Asia. First among them Is India. Indonesia, Burma and Ceylon are in the same category. The United States would have liked to see all four of those Asian countries join in the Southeast Asia security treaty signed in Manila in September, but they stayed out. The Asian states which did join were Pakistan, Thailand and the Philippines. Athens Students Strike ATHNK. Giri'cr t.-Pi --University ol Athens .sdulrnis went on .slrlkf tminv In prnU'SU- Uu- rwiU UmU'd Nations Assembly decision .shelv- iiii- demands Hint Ihr people ol Cyprus ln i jilven Vho visht (if M*URT'S CLUB Now is the time fo plan your gala HOLIDAY PARTY at HUBERT'S CLUB The Mosl Ri'iiiilifully Dccnrnfcrl Chili In I In- South . SSk a $>. -OPEN EVERY NIGHT— UTIEY'S DRIVE-IN LIQUOR STORE Give liquor for Christmas. Follow the crowds to Utiey's Drive-In Liquor Store and save money on all items! —Open Regular Hours— Gins and Cordinln CUT RATE On Al1 |ir 'in d s ° f x * w Liquors Wines, Scotch, PRICES Handy 6 Pack Carton Canned BEER 60 C » Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p. m. Admission ISc & 3fic At All Times LAST TIMICS TODAY Doulile Feature "PUBLIC ENEMY" Slnrrinij ,l;inics .lean ('ACNKY & HARI.OW SiM'i;il "Hiitnian" No S I'arloon "Little Bov With a Horn" I.lslcn to KI.CN at 10:11) 11.111. nnil 4 p.m. tor Ritz it Roxy I'roj;rain An noun cements a(sawysijswa-,-* n?^-~ ONLY SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature Program IsJ&l'Z'^OLQsr ( UsjiliBlDCll • Vi-» MlllS • M»!jmt $Hl8iDJiH AN MUtD ACIIili riOUJl CARTOON "OILY AMERICAN" SUNDAY and MONDAY DMA DM1D junniiv iivr. 5 A ^ r ^r 1 It took 3 safaris into 40 ^~j \ i "African thrill-locales to ^ { I capture this raging story! 6. i HUBERT UTLEY For Reservations Phone 3241 or 9411 Highway 61 Holland, Mo. SUN., & 11 ON. Double Fealiire Every Girl Should b« Married 1- i) f>\ 4 ; \ * J ^ s «%1^^4! \J , f ,•>. .•<".•. l ..J,' .'. SrT'n&Rx .«T J.MORRISON • rrsrw 1 AMOULINpRooucnoN - ... MARCEL HEUMANw TONY OWEN- .«.,., GEORGE MARSHALL itripj —WARNER BROS. W Paramount News & Cat'toon "Bewitched Bunny" NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the I and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1955. undersigned has filed with the De- TED THOMAS, Applicant, rtment of Alcoholic Beverage) Subscribed and sworn to before Control of the State of Arkansas} me this 17th day of December, permit to sell and dispense ieer at retail on ihe premises described as: 813 S. First St., Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkan- The undersigned states that he a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never >een convicted of ft felony or oth- tr crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer jy the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; ind that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the aws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alco- lolic liquors. Application is for permit to be ssued for operation beginning on the 18th day of necemoer, 1954, 1954. ELIZABETH MASON, Notary Public. SEAL My Commission expire*: 4/M/M. Grass cut shorter than one and one half inches may not bav» enough leaf surface to manufw* ture food for new growth. Down Deliveri 25 A Week Pay* tor HI $5 Y °«' Beautyresf Mattress Ho Carrying Charge—Now 'Till Christmas HUBBARD & SON, Furniture THEATRE On W. Main St. \ j- I" Blytheville \^ \|11 Phone 3-4621 Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p.m., Sat.,'& Sun. 1:00 p.m. TODAY ONLY SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18—DOUBLE FEATURE These Wonderful Words FJave Warmed the Hearts of Millions the World Over ^ ^^ Screen L *4f$» », fl Triumph! l"Jf$ " 9, •,, l*i &-/V-* « *,„«-,,™ AUSTAIR SIM„ w. am nv "A CHRISTMAS CAROL".*-, »«* ,,«*..«,» *,„* _AND— —ALSO— i tfrnut PIIIIII Cartoon & Serial OWL SHOW TONIGHT Our Sat. Owl Show- Starts 11:30 p. m. SUNDAY and MONDAY Double Feature Also CartObn & Serial Released thru UNITED ARTISTS —AND— " Give A Girl A Break" With Debbie Reynold*, Marge and Gow«r Champion ALSO CARTOON

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