The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 22, 1956 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1956
Page 16
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Breaks Arm Swea & fcagle —'Mrs William Thompson fell at the home of her son, Wayne, May 12, and fractured her left arm. She was taken to a hospital at Estherville where the fracture was. set. She return- ed home May 13. DIES Cresco lost one of its oldest residents recently, in the death of Henry J. Webber, 95. He'd lived in or near Cresco most of his life. There are reams of articles and tons of books written on child psychology but very little has been said about parent psychology. It's rather odd, too, because there are probably fully as many parental delinquents as there are juvenile delinquents. It's time, I think, for somebody to write a good authoritative work on the subject of The Care and Feeding of Parents. » . * * Child guidance authorities are sometimes pretty hard on par- 1 /77 ^t ortlogs iiucnoN fO« THrwHOi A BRILLIANT SELECTION PLAYTIME FASHION DOESN'T COST A FORTUNE AT PENNEY'S! LI FAMILY! 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MEN'S CANVAS FOOT WEAR sizes 6-1 OH 4,49 GIRLS' CANVAS FOOT WEAR sizes 12-23 Iff LADIES' CANVAS FOOT WEAR sizes 4-10 I BOYS' CANVAS FOOT WEAR sizes 3h-10 REMEMBER "POP" FATHERS DAY - SUNDAY, JUNE 10 ents. They blame them for almost everything. So if anyone does write on bringing up Pa and Ma it should be thoroughly understood that this should be one book that sticks up for the parents. Or if that isn't possible, at least they should stay with the turnabout and when a patent goes bad, blame the entire thing on the children. , • * * Parents are people, loo, just like children! There are some very bad ones in this world but the vast majority of them are decent. When one particular pair of parents shamefully neglects their duties, it makes headlines while we never seem to hear much about the millions who are plugging along trying to do their best for their offspring. As with the teen-agers, the bad parents are the ones who are the most conspicuous and it often gives a bad name to parents on the whole. • • » ' Parents are people who rwf- pond to good treatment. A little kindness and understanding can make up for lots of minor neglects. Parents may groan and grumble, feel sorry for themselves and act up outragioiisly but it is often only a little attention that they want. Parents should be loved and they should know that they are loved. • * • Only in the most dire emergency should parents be spanked. Striking parents, except in self defense, is likely to give them inhibitions. When Mom gets up on her high-horse and forbids the use of her perfume or Dad gets stubborn about shelling out with an extra buck, try reasoning with them. They may be convinced that there are more acceptable ways of getting along Cijc 5l(ctona Clipper Qcs fHoinrs ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1956 VOL. 93 - NO. 2t than throwing tantrums and if they know what is expected of (hem they usually calm down and act almost human. • • * It is well to remember that many of the difficulties with parents occur at the end of a long, hard day. Things that wouldn't bother them when they are fresh and rested, loom like mountains when they are tired. Children should see to it that parents get lots of sleep, good nutrition and regular check-ups with their dentist and doctor. Mother's disposition is very unreliable when she is dieting and when Father is trying to give up smoking cigarettes, it's best to steer a wide path around him. • * * Parents appreciate a firm hand. It gives them a sense of security which is very important to their upbringing. Even though they may object violently and say, "But all the other parents are doing it!", don't give in. Just because everybody else is doing it, doesn't necessarily make it a good thing and the same excuses are being given in all the homes of their friends. Somebody has to hold the line and if you object to your parents staying out late or eating too many pretzels, be firm about it. It may set the exact example others have been waiting for and it could uphold the standards for the entire crowd. • • * Frequently the trouble with parents is due to a stage they are going through. One week, Mother may be going through a neatness stage and nobody can keep things orderly enough for her. The next week a little sloppiness may not bother her a bit for by that time she may be off on a germ conscious stage when she boils everything and insists on lots of gargling. Dad's stages may include a period of physical fitness phobia when he dreams up exercises for the THESE WOMEN! "Of COURSE I ask myself if we can afford it befon lj buy something! Can I help it if the answer is always 'yes'?" Council Sells $190,000 Bonds The city of Algona sold a total of $190,000 worth of street and sewer bonds at a special meeting of the city council Tuesday evening, May 15. Bonds sold were $35,000 street construction bonds, for curb tmd gutter construction; $49,000 street improvement bonds, special a.t- sesment curb and gutter, which will eventually be collected from property owners: $100,000 sewer construction bonds for the east side storm sewer project; and $6,000 sewer improvement bonds, special assessment set-up Cor the east side outlet. Farmer's Trust and Savings Bank, Spencer, got the street construction bonds at an interest rate of 2 3 i %; Carleton D. Beh Co. and Farmers Trust and Savings Bank, purchased the street improvement bonds at a rate of 4Vi %; Shaw & McDermott, Des Moines, got the sewer construction bonds at 2i8 % interest; and Carleton D. Beh and Farmers Trust and Savings Bank the sower improvement bonda at 4'^ % interest. Total interest to be paid by the city on the $190,000 bond issues will amount to between 25 and 30 thousands dollars. whole family and lots of deep breathing. Or it could be an economy stage where he turns off unnecessary lights and lectures about the amount of water used in the bathtub. The best thing to do when parents are going through a stage is to sit tight. They'll forget all about it sooner or later. * * * Another of the problems in bringing up parents comes with the use of the telephone. They tend to monopolize it with their endless conversations on such subjects as club committee projects, chats with Aunt Martha and long-distance business transactions. It should be kept in mind that, to parents, these things are important and they do have some rights as members of the family. And although it is wise? to encourage them in their interests, phone calls should be limited to five minutes each. Otherwise children would have little or no access to the telephone for such important items as comparing arithmetic answers, decisions on what dress to wear WITHOUT FILLING T94*X*t Iton i« brtwed to the taite of the tlmei. It'i Uit touch of light leisure living—the beer (Ml MtifAtl wtthovt filling, refreshes with never ft kiifh ftfttMMtf. Give your carefree moment! • tin, l»rv« ItortMa the light bottle that reveal* t)M fpu-kling pleasure in every *p. to the Sock Hop and relaying the information about who is dating whom this week. • * * There are very few parent* who are not problems in the financial department. They keep insisting on spending perfectly good money for such things as rent, mortgage payments, meat, bread and potatoes and a new roof for the garage. Why the cash they lay out for shoes, overcoats and gol ashes alone would make a mighty nice down-payment on a jalopy! But it is perfectly natural that parents put these things before such real necessities as bubble gum, Bermuda shorts, model airplanes and rock-and-roll phonograph records for they don't get around very much and it's hard for them to realize just how tough things are. • • • The care and feeding of parents is not an easy job and it never has been. It takes much patience, courage, understanding and fortitude. But children who have lived through the job say it can be most rewarding and that one's own parents can be your very best friends. And children have a way of turning into parents themselves by-and-by. Then they can take their turn at being problems. • • • There was a fine letter from Mrs Lorenz Gade this week- She says, "Just couldn't resist commenting on your column concerning fishing." Something came up that kept the head of their house from going fishing with the boys up in Canada. He was most unhappy about it so she told him to read Grace's column. All is not too dark for the Gades for they hope to go on a family fishing vacation, "when the schools are out and the crops are in." I hope they get to go and also that they get to catch "one of those big ones in Winnebegosh- ish" they are dreaming of. . • • Mrs Gade also sent me this week's recipe. It's for rhubarb pie — just right because it's that time of the year. 3 cups rhurbarb, cut fine 1 \z cups sugar 2 tablsp. tapioca M> teasp. salt 2 eggs, well beaten '4 cup cream V.\ teasp. nutmeg Combine all ingredients and mix well. Prepare pastry for a two crust pie. Pour rhubarb mixture into shell and put on top crust. Then top it with the following crumb mixture: 2 tablsp. butter 2 tablsp. sugar 1 tablsp. flour 'A teasp. salt Va teasp. cinnamon Mix in order given and pat onto top crust. Bake in moderate oven. This'topping is also good on apple pie. —GRACE. §TO*Z BREWING COMPANY. OMAHA. Nf S»4»*4. YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT FOR JOHNH. : RODE Republican Candidate For SUPERVISOR 3rd District KOSSUTH COUNTY Will B« Greatly Appreciated! j Asking For « Second Ttrm , JUKE 4th PRIMARY i 20-21-22*11

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