Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 10, 1973 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1973
Page 19
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Golesburq Register-Mail; Golesburq, Friday, Aug, 10, I973 1 7 More Bloody In Vietnam's SAIGON (UPI) - A Saigon military ipokwman today reported mora bloody Central Highlands fitting that has killed neatly 200 Vietnamese this week, and a field commander said he can spare troops for Oatflbodia it ordered to (0o there. A South Vietnamese military command spokesman said 40 Communists were killed at a cost of one government troop dead, 29 wounded in two battles Thursday six miles west of Kontum, 260 mites north of Saigon. Military sources staid the notion consisted of two Communist ground attacks on an infantry division's headquar­ ters, defended by two battalions totaling about 1,000 men. Reserve Strength Brig. Gen. Nguyen Vlnh Nghl, oummnnoer oc vie enure Mekong Delta south of Saigon, said his 7th, 9th and 21st divisions "have the reserve strength to fight in Oambodla if necessary, but up to now we have no orders to do so." Rebel troops recently have been tightening their grip around the Cambodiitan capital of Phnom Penh and a South Vietnamese government spokesman, said fast week Saigon would ''consider" any request for military help from President Lon Nol. But he said no ing Central Highlands such request had been made. Nghl also said Communist soKBers nave retaxen n porvon of the swampy u Minh rain forest along the Gulf of Thailand, 135 miles south of Two years ago Prime Minister Ttran Thien Khietm had declared the U Minh area "pacified" after a year long operation by the government's 21st Infantry Division. Still Contested Nghl said the Communists control 21,416 persons living in the U Minh but that 280 hamlets with a population of 271,243 are still "contested." Command spokesman Lt. Col. Le Trung Hien reported 108 Communist truce violations in the 24 hours ending at noon today, 13 more than in the previous reporting period. Fighting Has raged in the (highlands for about a month and this week alone, the South Vietnamese government claims about J185 troops on both sides have been killed. A Viet Cong spokesman Thursday said Communist troops killed "more ithan 1,000" government soldiers in the area a week ago. The South Vietnamese military spokesman also reported 12 Communists were killed and three government infantrymen were wounded in a midmorning skirmish Thursday in fighting near Long My, 105 miles southwest of Saigon in the Mekong Delta province of Chuong Thien. Land Grabbing? The Viet Cong claims the South Vietnamese army has been staging "land grabbing operations" in the area around) Kontum since July 30. The Communists said Saigon has sent in seven infantry battalions, two tank battalions and two artillery batteries backed by planes. The South Vietnamese government responded that the Viet Cong is trying to grab control of Highway 1 on the central coast so it can set up an arms port. Pressure Eases on Phnom Penh's Perimeter Two Persons Killed Two persons were killed Thursday afternoon in a fiery two-truck collision on 1-70 near Wheeling, W. Va. State Police said the two trucks crashed head-on. UNIFAX Sunday Church Services Set For Knoxville KNOXVILLE — Sunday worship services at Knoxville churches include: Orange Chapel — CanoOI Ochsner, pastor. Church school at 9. Worship at 10. Maxey . Chapel — Raymond Bassett, pastor. Worship at 9. Church school at 10. Grace Lutheran — Lloyd Kittlaus, pastor. Worship at 10. Guest speaker, Clark Kilgard of Augustana College. United Presbyterian — Dr, Stafford Weeks,-pastor. Church school at 9:45. Worship at 11. United Methodist — Prosper Tdurnear, pastor. Worship at 8:15 and 10:45. Sermon:' Being Alive and Dead. ; • , ; Christian — Clifford Parke, pastor. Church school at 9:30, Worship at 10:30. Speakers, Myron Higgins, Karalee Goff and Anita Behymer. Pilgrim Congregational — E. D. Lyon, pastor. Worship at 10. Sermon: Stand By, God Speaks. Gilson — Smith D. Terpening, pastor. Worship at 9. Sermon: Watergate, the Sign of the End. Church school at 10:15. Jehovah's Witnesses — Raymond Meeee, speaker. Topic: Coping With Your Feelings. Watchtower study at 10:30. We can view three planets without a telescope — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Abingdon Bowlers Winners In Peoria Family Tourney ABINGDON — Several Abdng- don bowlers have been named winners in the Peoria Plaza Lane Family Bowing Tournament which ended late last month. Awarded trophies were Chuck Johnson and Randy, father and son, Class B; Kalthy White, daughter high game; William White and Kalthy, father and daughter; Mm Max Thurman, high mother's game, CUass C; Roger Thurman, son's high game; Mrs. Max Thurman and Roger, mother and son. first place ; s 'Mrs. Chuck Armstrong and Jon, rtiother and son second plaice; Mrs. Pat Thurman and Ronnie, mother and son fourth place; Chuck Armstrong and Jon, farther and son first plllace, and William White and Sheryil, farther and daughter, sixth pliaiae. Mr. and Mrs. Danny Agans are moving to the Don Shoen bein home southeast of Abingdon. He wail teach in Abingdon sdiocfls in the fall. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Powers, former Abingdon residents, have leflt for their home at Rhoda, Spain, alter, spending the past four weeks 'visating their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Plaul Bro- Abingdon MRS. GERALDINE BAUER Correspondent RFD St. Augustine, IU. Phone 462-2477 Put your 'foot down for STYLE • • .THAT'S RAND kaw and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Powers. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne. Green and Mrs. Sherman Winchdl returned Wednesday from Chicago after spending several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warren ..Weaver. List Services United Methodist— Frank Deninger, pastier. Church school at 9:30. Worship at the Congirega- tionail Church at 10:45. Berean Baptist — Joseph Wilser, pastor. Church school at 9:30. Worship at 10:30. Sermon The Happy Christian Life Protected From Legalsm. Service at 7 p.m. Sermon: How To Have a Clear Conscience. Christian—Donald T. Hogan, pastor. Church school at 9:45, Worship at 10:50. Sermon: Easy Religion Is Fatal. Congregational — Kenneth Srifoufitz, pastor. Church school at 9:30. Worship at 10:45. Sacred Heart Catholic — Joseph C. O'Connor Hunt, pastor. Saturday Mass at 6 p.m. Sunday Masses ait 8 and 10. First Assembly of God— Kenneth File, pastor. Church school at 9:30. Worship at 10:40. Service at 7 p.m. General Baptist — James A. Jennings, pastor. Church school at 10. Worship at 11. Service at p.m. The annual Schisler reunion will be held Aug. 19 at the Abingdon City Park on North Maon Street. Coffee and drinks will be furnished 1 . That big, big Great Gatsby look: New versions of the classy, classic spectators. Or today's higher heels. With a snatch of patch on the side. Snatch a pair! 99 »12 BLOOMl*7UIS'I' iAlCSBURfl). UUNOIS PHNOM PENH (UPI) — Pressure by insurgents on Phnom Penh's southern defense perimeter eased today, enabling government troops to recaptture one highway and secure another. U.S. warplanes again blasted insurgent holdouts around the city in raids so fierce that concussions from the bombs cracked some window panes in the city and shook building foundhtbions. The air raids today came with only five days to go before the Ameircan air campaign in Cambodia ends. Military sources said they were puzzled at the disappearance of rebel troops who last week advanced from the south to within three miles of Phnom Penh. But some Intelligence reports said Communists pulled back to regroup after several weeks of heavy fighting and devastating U .S. bombing. The military command said southern Highway 1, lost to the rebels nearly a mortth ago, was opened by government troops today all the wtay to Neak Luong, the Mekong River town 32 miles from Phnom Penh that U.S. warlpanes mistakenly hit earlier this week. Although the road was open, field reports said heavy concentrations of rebels were spotted about two miles off the road and about five miles from Phnom Penh. The reports said American warplanes flew heavy raids against the insurgents. Field reports said govern­ ment soldiers (recaptured nearly three miles of Highway 3 about 12 miles south of the capital. That road was lost to the Communists in early July. The reports said U.S. warplanes pounded rebel positions before government troops began their push down the highway. Newsmen in the field Thursday said villagers told them insurgent troops retreated along Highway 3 because of heavy losses from American bombing. Egyptian Army Spokesman: Israel Is Creating Tension CAIRO (UPI) — An Egyptian army spokesman said today an aerial battle with Israeli jets 20 miles west of the Suez Canal proves that Israel is creating tensions in the Middle East. . "The enemy is continuing its aggressive actions and causing tension in the area,'' the spokesman said. "But our aimed forces aire capable of repelling his aggression and preventing it from achieving its goals." (In Tel Aviv, Israeli authori ties said only that Israeli planes were on a reconnaissance mission in the area of the Suez Canal when clash reportedly occurred Thursday. (An Israeli spokesman said all the Israeli planes returned safely.) The Egyptian spokesman said jet interceptors hit one of the Israeli jets, a U.S.-made F4 Phantom, with an air-to-air Lottery Winner Takes Lessons GASTONVILLE, Pa. (UPI) Now that Mrs. Annabelle Hamilton is the first winner of bonus automobile in Pennsylvania's 50-cent lottery, she plans to take her first driving lesson. I'm kind of excited," said the 61-year-old widow who lives in this southwestern Pennsylvania community. "I'm going to learn to drive and plan to have an eye examination." SHOES «8 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 342*2013 DOWNTOWN GAIE5BURO II Plan AH of Your Bonking at The 'Money Store' Bonk Where There Is FREE CHECKING (Absolutely No Service Charge on Any Account. This Includes Business, Organizations and Personal Accounts). and FREE CHECKS Some of their Many Services Includes # Savings Account! # Mortgage loam # Postage Paid Bank-By-Moil # Night Depository At "The'Money Store' Bank". Cone See Us. , . where Customer* Are Friends." Saving* Certificates Personal Loans Checking Account* Drive-In Ranking The "Money" Store The Formers Notional Bonk Member F.D.I.C Knoxville, Illinois G missile. He said all Egyptian planes returned safely. The spokesman, whose state ment was broadcast by the official Cairo radio, said the incident started when "six hostile Phantom /aircraft attempted to penetrate our airspace over the Gulf of Suez in formations of two each." "Our fighter planes intercept ed them, clashed with them in a dogfight land hilt one of them by an air-to-air missile and forced the rest to flee eastward." The spokesman did hot make it clear whether the plane which was hit was shot down or merely damaged. The incident was the second this year in the Gulf of Suez and the third in the Suez region. The Egyptians said June 28 that they shot down an Israeli plane land that it crashed in flames on the occupied eastern bank of the Suez Canal. U. S., East Germany Begin Discussing Diplomatic Ties Doctor Says Use Bodies As Fertlilizer LONDON (UPI) - A British doctor land conservationist said Thursday that bodies should not be buried or cremated, but instead should be reprocessed with sewage to make fertilizer and fuel. "We do not burn sewage. Why burn the dead?" Dr. S. L. Henderson Smith said in a letter ito the magazine World Medicine. Most people, he staid, have a Victorian attitude to death and are too squeamish to face the facts. But he sudd a new approach to itihe disposal of bodies' could provide useful,. „ n ^- r . r r» * ~ fertilizer and even help solve " wn East Germany the world (fuel crisis. WASHINGTON (UPI) - The United States expects to send a team of State Department experts to. East Germany in August to find a site for a future American Embassy in East Berlin, department officials said today. The team will hold the first official talks with East German representatives in East Berlin since that Communist govern fluent was established in 1949. On Thursday, the United States began the lengthy process of negotiating diplomat "I got the idea reading about the American Indians," Smith said. "They had the right idea in depositing the dead in earth without coffins so the enrichment of humus might occur. Since Victorian times, Smith said, men have gone to great lengths to preserve bodies, using lead-lined coffins and embalming. when Walter J. Stoessel Jr., assistant U.S. secretary of state for European affairs, conferred for 30 minutes with Dietmar Hucke, the acting East German observer to the United Nations. The longnaiwiaited meeting marked a further turning point in the dismantling of the Cold War period which (followed World War II. Stoessel proposed the sending of a U.S. team to East Berlin and the start of substantive negotiations on diplomatic recognition of East Germany in Washington in September. The United States has been moving slowly in recognizing East Germany In order not to create an unfounded feeling of detente euphoria in Central Europe or generate further pressures for the withdrawal of the 300,000 U.S. troops it maintains in Europe. Great Britain and France, however, have already extended diplomatic recognition to East Germany following the "basic treaty" between that Communist government and West Germany. Under the "basic treaty" the Bonn and Berlin governments exchanged diplomatic representatives. Both West Germany and East Germany now expect to be admitted to the United Nations when the U.N. General Assembly convenes in New York in September. ENROLL IN THE H.I.A. 365 DAY Blue Cross-Blue Shield AUGUST 7 -21, 1973 Plan WE'RE PROUD TO OFFER THESE SPECIAL Blue Cross and Blue Shield 365 day programs which have boon developed in cooperation with Illinois H.I.A. and 95 County H.I.A.'s throughout the State. NOW, persons over 65 or those on medical disability with Medicare may apply for membership in the special program that supplements Medicare benefits. Contact H.I.A. office or your Township Director and get complete information about these plans. DON'T ACCEPT A SUBSTITUTE — when you get the best right through your own local County H.I.A. TOWNSHIP Cedar — Glenn Schrodt Chestnut — Mrs. Donald Farr City of Knoxville — Mrs. Estella Cook Copley — Vincent Fredrickson Elba — Lynn Sherman Galesburg — Tom Connell Henderson — Kenneth Stock Knox — Marshall Fields Hawcreek — Alvin Capps DIRECTORS Ontario — Gayle Krantz Orange — Sidney F. Smith Persifer — Mrs. Robert C. Asbury Rio — Don Fritz Sparta — Mr, & Mrs. Ora Olson Truro — Mrs. Clyde Huber Maquon — David Bailey Walnut Grove — Mrs. Glen L. Molberg KNOX COUNTY HEALTH IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION MRS. PAULINE FANSLER, Ofifce Secretary — Phone 342-2022 Farm Bureau B!dg. — 95 N. Seminary, Galesburg, III.

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