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Raleigh, North Carolina
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5 rflEflV7B-AND OBSfittVEit; FBI DAY UOBIIIIia. JULY 24 IC03. to instruct ia. the foundations of pro A Brilliant Close of the only 'right that every; child should have couftl ormortunitiea for an education, and HECK Oii SOUTI Industrial News. FORSYTH COUNTY INDUSTRY.

Th fhnrrh timber ComDany, of For- Farmers' Convention Continued from First Page.) and civilization, those vital forces of nature, not those distinguished by tele- scope and microscope, but those that appeal to the eye and mind out In the onit.i iho fl.Ua ThnRA HPcrt forces working is harmony, JJQ that I possess power for defying the heat of summer and overcoming the cold of iff Brakeman E. Sowe Point of Death. at Et.tira Freight Fan ln'o Locomotive If Ucit Frtight That lavu Here at cm a jl AM I I mJ5 I 1 i- winter, throughout the ages contending vantages, both to teacher and scholar dis-agalnst all strong forces for existence, appear, maleatt hP9VPn ar no more Second--You must be willing to put VRfcCX oh. et-taoi sbrdlu shrdl KING Upon this deienda rural education in rural sen 00 is. xne education in rurw lYonona nrwin th -imnrovement of rural Th nw not adeauate.

You tmi a lane can them and you have got to jt. There is only one ay to do it. It requires money, There aretwo ways, to get money: First By economy. "1 RUl'(CUiUllU( till) local laxaiion. First Reduce the number of sclioow, make larger districts, and air the disi-d c.hildren are horses and cowa.

Better be willina to put more money in this seed corn of civiliza- tion we call children. Each community mut ettle the problem for itself. It not possible for the State to enlarge it appropriation of $200,000. I shall not di cuss, the wwdom of thia pohxry. I would rather imppewj upon you neCeKity of opening their hearts and minds and eyes to the transcendent beauties of that grand mother nature, with a new Joy in that life Jas.

mdf, POible for them. Mix their brains with the soih Make the farm cosmopolitan by bringing the world into the country. Make if more enlightened by the telephone, rural free delivery and all modern improvements, Give the 'children their rights! We must do ifc ad will do it, so help me God. You uiuai, qo iv, ao lor ine woria, ior civilization and for humanity. I bring to you a message, of hope.

I have been in- to heat gra-nd T- Bl" Tl tion in Norlh Carolina. I have an abiding faith these farmers of North Carolina with the purekt Anglo-Saxon blood coursing through their vein, and they will ore this problem as they have solved all acce and indomitable determination. God helping us we are going to do it. Mr. Poe aked President Scott -to take the chair, and after the following iresolu wonderfully adjusted than are the fields xu iub c.

templatlon of the EOlar system. ui every 2,500 persons In the city, there hardly one that can tell which phase I Of the moon now js. In the country the mind loves to reason concerning 1 those heavenly bodiesv 'Nine-tenths of the men of profes- fdnns. of ereat. lawyers, great doctors, wHtora thinkers, vigorous bod- les, come from the farm.

Thli Is al- Ufe ready recognized but! this life con- auces 10 me nigues uu and capacities of humanity. I at- tacking no books or Institutions. I nlpad for a hieher thing, that our Chil- ron'R Hivfn rlehta be recognized and thpm given iueiu. "WTien the angels Bang that morning Tickles the -palate and quenchea the thirst. If; you prefer an Ice, a Sher-aoinf jodaio 'oBpung sceve it a manner to please yotj.

We hlvre a list of about 130 "thirst aptidotes," and every drink served is as good as pure materials and competent service can make it. nunciation and to train tbe ear by read ing text in French and by lessons dictation. The class just beginning this language have put most of their time on grammar and the reading or simple stories. The Intermediate class are doing work in grammar alxo, but win this class the conversational method is partially used. while their text has been Molitre's Come dies and IjAvare.

The? advanced class use a grammar en tirely" in French and are reading Victor Hugo's Ruy Bias. Miss Page is thoroughly acquainted with her subject, and her classes have evinced the deepest and most flattering interest in her work. It is te deeply regretted that her connection withrPeace Institute, where she has taugh so successfully, bas been sever. d. The Raleigh people will feel a per sonal losa in her departure.

T4ie cominsr week has many attractions to offer to the students of the summer school, and to the people of our city. Sunday there will be a special service at Christ Church for the numbers of the school. Monday there will be an address by Judge Clark. Tuesday, Miss Graham's class' will halve an exhibit of Raphia work. Tuesday evening, the grand festi val concert at the Academy of Music by the summer school chorus, and Tburs-1 day the closing piano and fong recital by, the department of music ot the summer school.

11 WAKBKH C0UHTT E01D- That Good County it Making From 15 to 20 ViletaCay Mr. Grant Beardsley, Superintendent of Roads in Warren county, waa in the city yesterday, and when aiked by a News and Observer -reporter about' the progress of the work in his county, tad: "We are now turn-piking our roads and covering them with sand or gravel, the best that we can find from the fields near by, and grading down the steeper hills. AVe make about -15 to 20 miles a year. 'This work was stopped during the Fusion adminis tration, and everything-was sold out ex cept the machine. It wad re-commenced ADMINISTRATION of III Fame in Raleign hymn, 'Peace on earth, good "will to- spired with a new hope and a new It was not sunsr In the citv: Us I travelled over North Carolina and EXHIBIT FINE CONTEMPT FOR was sung In the field.

Not to those men who work in shops. In the leglsla- tlve halls, ot In the studio, but to the men witn meir nocKS and herds, watching the bright and morning star, and-except for these shepherds the nfhAr mn -wmitrl hivA tnnwn nhihlni? about It It is the country that makes character and strength and life and makes civilization. I plead for the ed ucation that maltes for this power." PROFESSOR After President Winston had spoken Dr. F. L.

Stevens lectured on "A Study of Na. ture aa an Aid to" the Farmer." Mr. Steven first discuraed the feasibility of the introduction of this subject He iaid that jail, realize there are some things that cannot be taught that ought to be taught. The question is. Is it advisable and feasible? One great thing needed is interest, and we can arouse interest pn this Looking tipon agriculture from the standpoint of a ques tion would be, Are my pupils interested in agriculture? There in do subject in the curriculum that appeals to the student' more than 'does agriculture.

It is nature, and no child ever studies nature that is not afterwards! interested in agriculture. So we have the prima factor of education in this subject. Such stories of plants, insect and birds never rail to eu if syth, has increased its capital stock from $6,600 to $12,000, the additional iuwis iw be used in erecting and equipping a new plant anil in paying outstanding indebtedness. The necessity for this is because the Hearing River plant of the company was iWtrnvwI bv fire. The action taken is addition to an action of a like nature made on August 28, 1901.

HOFFMAN DISTILLING COMPANY. The Hoff man Distilling Company was in eorporated yesterday with headquarters at Hoffmanl in Richmond county. The moor pora tors are: Messrs. Z. F.

Long. J. M. Smith. J.

ML Dockery and Jonn cam ron. The company is to manufacture, rectify, buy and sell liquors, deal in hve stock and do anything that may be neces sary 4o manufacture, rectify and sell jh quors and wine at wholesale and retail. NEW BERN OIL MILLS. A The capital stock of the New Bern Cot ton Oil Mills has been increased frOm 000 to $100,000. RAEFOHD HARDWARE COMPANY, Ine Raeford Hardware Company, of Raeford, ias been incorporated.

with a capital stock ot Tne com- pany will do a general mercnandise busi- ness and deal in real estate arid lumber. The incorporators are: D. B. MeReary, Ashboro; W. L.

Trotter, Greensboro; F. B. Sexton, Raeford; Jno. W. Moore, and others, of Raieford, N.

C. The cost of the new dam across Haw River at liynum, is estimated at $10,000. The abutments are being built of granite obtained from a newly discovered quarry in tw'o or three hundred yards of the dam. This granite is of excellent quality and in considerable quantity, and, when our new railroad jj built, may be shipped for building purposes. -Chatham Record.

The Cumnock correspondent i-f the Chatham Record says: R. Burns will move his lumber plant to a point on the Raleigh and Western Railroad, near this Mr. Burns will enlarge bis plant to about double its present size," Greeruiboro, N. July 23. What is reported to be one of the finest, stores in Greensboro, will be opened here August 15tb, by the Sperry and Hutchinson Ccm- pany, of New York, a corporation with $1,000,000 capital, doing' business in six sutes.

The tock win include everything Iin uerui and ornamental articles ior tne home, and will be disposed of only for re- I ueeiujiig green -n a'jiutt riuuipB. jmi. cj. m. jBeeson, who will be the Greensboro mana ger, Bays tiiaii 11.

i muiiij iiu auritiaiug proposition for merchants who use the wmpa ana sysiem dm ceen aimosi universally aaopteu an wiae-awage i tL t- Dora nwren wiu use wiese euiinp pre miums'on sales. The larae building next door to the Greensboro National Bank is being fitted up for the new enterprise. i The raolia" correspondent of the tilling- ton Pilot says: "The Harnett Lumber company have purchased several thousand acre of timber near this place and built railroad from. Manchester out here and it ori to tbe Upper Little IRtver. where they intend running a branch mill.

They have onte of the largest lum ber plants in the State at this place, and are furnishing employment for a large number of hands. They have Just had an lanesian wen uyiru uic tunn'u i.t gallons of water per minute. Aiier Juiy 1st, we will nave a daily man, wiucn win tc quite an Mr. J. J.

RoyaJ, is preparing to nave erected a shad factory between here and Carolina uy. moreueua ATflDAVITl AWt TilT. Iforally Ucflt for Hta Position. (By the Associated Press.) tlVchlnorton -Ttjl 1 TrMiii1nf Tlnrrptf of the local Bookbinders' Union, today- called on Secretary Cortelyou and Public Printer Palmer and submitted affidavits supplementary to the communications al ready filed with those officials regarding the, case of W. A.

Miller, the assistant foreman in the government printing office, whose re-instatement was ordered by the President. These affidavits relate to the charges which formed the basis of Miller's expulsion from the union and to his actions during his encumbency as assistant foreman, The communications sent by the union to Secretary Cortelyou and Public Prin ter Palmer are identical. In these the un ion insists that Miller should not be re instated and urges as the reason therefor the charge or moral unfitness, which it points out was the cause of his expul sion from the union, and which the book binders claim was thoroughly investigat ed and proved. Fit Excellent interest of a child. Do not bring thfl 3C 3d When a man's thirsty and brings his thirst to our Fountain he is always plsassd with the results KOL i Ilaleifjh, i 3 Minimum.

Maximum. $2,500. POLICY $5,000. $5,000. POLICY Whether you travel or atay at home, a policy is always desirable which covers Every Accident and Every illness Surgeons' fees paid for operations, in addition to i Weellly Indemnity No.

better accident and Health In3ranc ever issued. Call and examine a policy. Employers Liability. Surety Bond. Steam Boiler.

Plate Elevator. Burglary and Fire Insurance Issued' Real Estate in every form handled Raleigh Real Estate and Trust Co0 13O Fayettevills Ct. Its reputation costs rca aolMav, Appeals to yon on Itz a Bobbins. OJ3i Charles E. Bryani.

0. a. noBDiusac and Mill En-taesri -V 'T" CHARLOTTE, JOHN W. HAYS. m.

am Civil Engineer Water Powers, Water Supply, Sewerage. No. S. Adams Street, Petersburg.

Va. Pricco Linv I A freight train and. a locomotive dashed topetber at Auburn on tho Southern Rail way early yesterday morning. As a result1 a brake man. E.

J. Sower, white man, lies tonight in ix Hoe-fuol almost at the point of death with a i i aetfred tkull. The way it happened was this: The local freight No. 150 left hef about the usual time yesterday mornisg. 6:30, on its way to Goldsboro.

At Auburn the locomotive left the train and proceeded to the water tank just below to git wa 'tor. While ti stood there an extra freight, So. 535. beaded west, came thundering ground the curve Just beyond th tank. It hit the standing engine a 1 awful Liow that sent it back with terri ic force.

llie jar, itrangely enough, ou broke up one care cf the long freight train of i-ome forty car. On this car, a fate would have it, stood Brakeman Sower. The force of the collision literal mashed car flat from both and shot Sower thirty feet into the air. He f'll 04 hi had, fracturing the ull. He -wi unconscious hen picked up, and baa rema, ned no- mcst of the time md No one else was injured, and damage doa to either engine, lion of the pilot Of the local ut little )ne por-ngioc i a.

broken away; that is all.j --The accident occurred' at Knd the track was cleared by aljout two tiock" in the I A toon a possible after the accident tLo injured brakernan was ouht to -Keigh on a special traiu and aken at once to- Rex Hospital, where Ik wa by Df. II. A. Royster, su geon for -Vlw Southern Raihvay here. Yesterday afternoon an operation was jtrfurued, in the hope of relieving the i'M'rtwure on the brain caused by the broken pieces of skull.

Late last night his rendition was reported from th hospital very low. The caiiMi of the collision i naid to been misreading of order ot. federate Kosteri br. II. F.

Dixon, the State jaditor, is Wck from Atlanta, where Jie went lutt the members of the1 -lioni -other Southern Statt-i. lpe object of meeting was to perfect a roster of the Confederate veterans, al to sug-yit seme plan br which this vork may l'v Only even repcsentatives of the Cori-- federate States were prenent at his meet- thoe being from 4 one each fr Louia-utua, Alabama, South Carolin North Carolina, Miisippi, while Ge rgia was -4 1 jpreented by two. Letters une from the other States. General Aimsworth. who represents the United Sta es in the matter, was kept away by sickness and tuhiuesu.

The commission prepared a eport for the lnited States War Depart no ent, and asked for sufsicient time to up the 'reiords, requeistiiig also that he proofs be sent to the various commit loners for correction that they be illowed to t-upplenient auy missing official records by Vcrtitied. copies approved by the Governor. Dr. Dixon was delighted witli his trip With 'the hoMtitahty of Governor Ter- itll' and of all he met in AtUmta. The was ia session and be 6ays it is a fine looking, body of mjpn rr.

Dixon relate! a BineuJir circum- Fiance which occurred while hi was walk 1 ir.jr'dn th stieets of Atlanta. Some one uMd 'hU name in' convedationL and then front the passing crowd thefts stepped forth an old gentleman who said 4'I this Dr. Dixon, State North Carolina?" 4 Auditor of 1 sir." waa Dr. Dixon's reply. "Let me introIuce myself My name is ffrorre W.

Brooks and in lf4 while Gov einor Bragg" was the chief kecutive of Sort Carolina occupie 1 theosr lion of Auditor which you nokv hold. It was a singular and a '8sant cir- cunis'tenfe which Dr. Dixon epjoyod.1" He KnvH that ex Auditor Brooks is now a practicing attorney in Atknt Too llucli Holie The colored picnickers who on retura- ing from a day's outing a dai ago nearly a.rynaway. Tlie pany was making 'and fright much noi in their enjoymen ened a horse itacuea 10 a iiggy -wiklh a a il broke its fastening. A gentleman, speaking of tne matter, riystiiat mere uimiu 1 1 1 fl n-, A Crri lation as to the moixes tnad Dy rciuin- ing picnickers, ana mat i.e for it.

Horses, are frighten td and reople are annoyed and aorie regulation oL tliis is aked. Healthy Hyde tendent J. S. Mann, bf the State is It CvniniisitniVtlie aifkjjg Two Stores Tour of Inspection. Governor Aycock left yesterday moring with the other members of the Board of Internal Improvements, B.

C. Betkwith, of th'ia city, and B. Ballard, of Franklinton to inspect the Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad. The party will go on to Morchead City, and on the Governor will inspect the Second Kesi-ment encampment there, The Haioaic Bazaar. Grand Secretary, Jno.

C. Drewry has a letter from Col. Noble Martin, who has been, specially engaged io manage the great Masonic Bazaar to be held in this city Wit October. Col. Martin is now in the midst Jot "a big bazaar under his management in the North, ami will bejin Raleigh the of August.

Checki and donations being received Xor the ba-taar here promise a great big affair. The Dunwody Eecital. The municj recital given last night at the Baptist Female Uiiverbity by Trof. Marion Dunwoody" most delightful one and the various numbers were greatly appreciated by the cultured audience present. Dr.

Skinner Improving. News received from Asheville is that Dr. Thomas E. Skinner is improving steadily. lie' writes that he ill remain in the mountains until frost before returning to Raleigh.

eontinuea to advance' In prica, and supplies continue scarce and difficult to get. Prices tor the present are: Beat Free Burning White Ash, Egg. Stove and Nut, 13.00 ton; Red Ash, Egg. ton. Wa can't tell what the prices will be ia future.

We have a limited quantity on hand for early delivery. Fowe Raleigh, N. C. question of dollars and cents to the six or seven, years old child, but5 teach him nature, and wait until he is sixteen aad (eventccn, and then give him studies that introduce thoe 'subjects. Tell the children what kind 6f and ears the largest kind cf yield, and dem onstrate practically in the school-room.

Dont teach exclusively frona books, but use natural objects, I would have fhc: luidren taken out into the broad open fields and teach 'them the of the many plants, Irbw to bud and graft. is a large per cent of farmers in North k-m Teach these things to the children, and tempting to induce witnesses in th? case to leave town, 'IIowve; this, could not be provei. 5 In Federal Court the Tannehill woman, ,1 n.f, a Tlart rtUaA guilty, "but said that she had obtained a Federal license after bejng indidted. Judgment was suspended on payment of costs, amounting to $31.40. The other two women wbo seem to nave A I f- such: a wholesome of the Federal courts and but little Ziar our city and! State administration are Mollie Trimble, of No.

22 E. Davie Street, and Emma Richardson, of No. 546 E. Davie street. Both of these woman are recorded on! the books of the Collector of Internal ReV- enue as having' taken out the regular Re tail Liquor Dealer's offense, which costs S25.U0 tor one year, aaung irom JUiy m.

The Tanneh II woman's license is marked on the book R- D. M. 1. which means for retail dealer in malt liquora only, beera of vourU na Pvprv on, fenown. thpfwl licenses granted by thetrnited States Gov- Miment cannot protect the holders from A 1 consequences oi iaiiure 10 ooey city ana couniy laws wnerever luey may nvr, The street numbers of the three women it Ja I when they becom men they wiU stay on -the farmand many will stay from interest Janua7 eTm of Wake Superior given above show that they live within thelTht Bookbinders' Union DecTarra Hiller la 4 CITY STATE Three Keepers of nouses Several of the keepera of houses of ill fame in this city have recently put thenr? fves on record as having a fine contempt for our city and State law-enforcing ma ftf th( hav- nnt v-Jtat- in liquor on the record books of the Unit- State Revenue Department in this clty.

althoush they hold no city and county li t-ense permitting them to enjage in thia business, as may be seen by an examination of the books of thtf city 'of Raleigh and the county of Wake. One of the three is Ruth Tannehill. of No. 523 E. BaVie street, who it will be remembered figured in both the- county and Federal courts last fall and winter for sell ing liquor on Sunday and retailing with.

out a icense first arrested on October 13th, 1wv, gdi unt, unc tur rwiiins liquor oa c-ense; She plead guilty to both chargv i us pen tea on paymenv. tuntii, nuitii Kiiiuuuicu On, October 16th. 1902, she was taken be fore Unitetl States Commissioner John NichoU on a charge of retailing without license. The hearing was continued until the 20th. when Mr.

Nichols bound ber over to the December term of Federal court in a bond 1200. An interesting feature of the case before Mr. Nichols was that he tried also three young men who were charged with at- tion by Mr. A. L.

French, of Fitzgerald, Resolved by the Farmers Xonven tion assembled at the Agricultural and Mechanical College: First, that this con-venfton tenders its heatty thanks to President Winston, Prof. Burkett fand Mr. S. Skinner fork hospitable and cordal iehtlrtaSnment ax 'ie college; second, that We, as farmers, have been much benefitted by the exceedingly practical addresses and informal discussion on line of agricultural topics and appreciate the efforts of those who have addressed us; 'Third, that it is our sincere belief that this convention ought to be held annually, and that we urge our fellow-farmers to attend." tUHMIE SCHOOL B0 HI. jj, Kttmi- 0f Handeraon.

to Lector Today ha Coming Waek. Mr. Thomaa M. Pittman, of Henderson, will lecture this morning ati 12:45 o'clock to the class in North Carolina History. This evening at 8:30 o'clock theris will be a piano, violin and wng recital in pulien Auditorium.

Hie representative musicians of Raleigh will take part, and i Lat Mr 11,11 roiii chaHotte lr Lr, jn' address upon Andrew Um Youngs work jn Cermaa has been very helpful, definite. systematic and clear. The Beginners' class are reading Fairy tales and doing incidental work in grammar and conversation. The Interme- aim biuuiuk uarrui immensee this week. The advanced claw arc giving their attention to Joynes- Meissaer's grammar and Schieler's Ceifterseheu.

Miss Young's aim has been to teach the pronunciation of German in its purest jfcirm. She has had tho advantage nf I the laneuce is sDoken. with m-t-nt mtritv that I and has also sojourned in Leipsic and I is Pcgo, in her course in French, eadeavon lLiCeriSeS i i inspired by from the profits they will gain. teacher to teach it. I think every teach- er in this -human school will go homel andpply iti.

They have received instruc tion as it appealed to them, and theywilJ impart it "to others. I once lectured tp an audience of farmers who were interest- ed in the money returns. When I bad finished, an old white-haired man arost and said he was sorry I did not speak more about the pleasures, the culture, the knowledge and in farm wrork. for the love of this knowledge surpasses all others; professor burkett: The next speech waa by Prof. C.

W. Burkett. whose subject was, "Agriculture in the Rural Schools. Dr. Burkett the first lesson he ever received, in school, he remembered because his teacher brought an old clod of earth in the 'school roonC and explained all about it.

I remember nothing I believe this can be-taught to infinite advantage, for it is conducive to greater good'than anything else in our schools. Never is it taught in the schools that- on the farm is a good place to live. From now on Just as sure as the sun rises and seta 13,000 young men will yearly go. back to the farm. But hare we given them anything to n- courage them to make this decision? jit not time that we teach them aomethins I i about their business? The agricultural 'is jthe highest standard.

I believe in other but supremely in this. We have got the facts and. the only way we can cive them is to have them taught in to" develop' our youth along these lines. ne rural scnoois, ana our greatest am jn this respect the rural school is of a great importance as the college. New I York, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, have taken it up and are teaching it in their schools.

Aenculture is teachable. Agri- I cultural papers, and books are supplement- ary studies 'from which the teachers can get the facU they may wish to discern 10 tie school-room. Where can our boys cn I I SWELL DRESSERS WEAR OUR city limits. Tfee laws regarding retail liquor license issued by the Board of Aldermen "and the County Commissioners are perfectly clear. These three women have advertised thei fact that they are selling liquor at Shall they continue -so to do without li cense from the city or county? three years ago last fall and our system of work has been very- much compliment ed by people in other parts of the State and also from other States.

We have now some fifty or sixtyj mile of road turn-piked, most of it covered with gravel. and for a county that has no large towns and no large wealth and worth about three million dollars, we think our sys- tem much" better than the costly system of macadam. The people are pleased with tire road improvement and are willing to be taxed, and show their willingness by being taxed to the limit of 23 cents on the $100." Farmers' Intitutei. The list of Farmers Institutes just is sued showa the following dates for August in the counties named Rockingham, Wadesboro, Monroe, 5, Stele Creek, Stanley Creek, Lin- colnton. Newton, 10; StatesviUe, 11; Mooresville.

12: Sharp Institute, 14; Reidsville, 15; Yanceyvillc, 17; Roxboro, 1j. Other institutes will also be held at Oxford Uttlfton. Ridgeway, Henderson and Franklinton in August. Prof. W.

F. iMafsey, B. W. Kilgore, Tait Butler and? williama will coaiuct these in stitutes. -1 Blight BUze at Meat Home.

af Ahot ouarter to one o'clock yes terday a fire alarm was rung iron oox 321, which is at Mill'' wagon factory. There waa a slight Diaze rnce meat hmiMi on Worth street which, however. hA wn Mtincuished before the fire vrnni roached the scene, ine oamage amounted to notmng. kw 0 1 a hose wagon responded 10 ine can ner mas-cot, the fox terrior, owned by the driver, fcill while trying juiuy vue wagon. For Sanday Cchcoti.

The headquarters of the State Sunday School Associated, located over Hughes-store, thw city, i most attractive place. (- sundav school people. Prof. S. M.

Smith, the general secretary, has an excellent collection Zt utnt helps, samples fo ht rureVnd the he uas arranged A rvl.lV. an attractive Prison, who is Just back froib: Hyde coun-. ty. says the crops there at in' Pn7 die is emphatic as tt the health nn r' mi Make Excellent the tarms et these tacts ana nnncioiesin rf unices mey Mre taugiib tnrm iu vise lumi schools? This fact is self evident. Edti- eaton, and farmer, should go hand In hand with this great work that will bring knowledge, education hope and inspire into our country homes, 4 Fl! in Hyde ana fays vuav n.v artesian water became no county in the State which health; that in an area of from home there lias no of nickness in eighteen tne vi that of Representative w.

CaventicaPcitpCffl The Yadkin County Sunda School, Con venlirin -wHiph wan to haveJ been neia Iuionville. begicning on Fri ppearance Isrs. N. lotitpouod because the 'smallpox in the county. llsrs find J.

M. Iiroughtoa.of 't on its programme for add his city, were esses. iai enjoys better been a case intha, except Lucas- ai B. Our New Models for Springs are a rev-latloa to th buyers of Fashionable Apparel Einbodylng all the stylish features de. sired by fashion.

unhesitatingly say that our stock for this season la the most thorough, up-to-date line tbat you will find anywhere, and an Inspection ot our exhibit and a Hr on" of our garments will convince you and substantiate our assertion. SUPERINTENDENT JOYNER. The last apeaker on the programme waa Sirperintendent J. T. Joyner.

He Raid: I uw nu cf the friend of education i I Everywhere these facts it is the farmers are shown, should move us to believe in the supreme and stupendous' duty of educating the child. Eighty-two per cent pfj North Car- olina's population live in the country und are cducatel by the rural schools. Eight and Splendid Sprinc Specimens Ton wia find tl. Kew 4 Kc- 0rihlgOril 0 ut of every ten are absolutely dependent eDendinz many months in Hanover, vher fl tl upon the rural schools. They will remain A Titanic Battleship launched.

(By the Associated 'London, July 23. -The TCinjf Ildward Vllf, the world, was succeHefully la Piince of Wales at Davei ing. The veHsel cost Pre.) rgsi in 1 I nchea Dy port this 00. ew battleshipi 0n the farm ao long as there remains IV. il 4 A I I.

to Date Clothiers and Furnishers! lucjiiiose auvauiuscn Anuisuiy uoa nas given i Up 1 i 1 1 ine mem. ana noi. m. moment longer. There 1 Theuworlt in languages at the summer even ha more reMponsiDinty upon the school has been especiall gratifying.

Mis; schools than upon any thing else. It 1'.

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