Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 10, 1973 · Page 1
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 1

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1973
Page 1
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r J : - Homt Ptptr of r W COfflmUfiltlM Chance of Showers Tonight Lew Partly Sunny Saturday High 90 A Bettor Nmmpaptr 1* VOLUME LXXXII GALESBURG, ILLINOIS 61401 — FRIDAY, AUG. 10, 1973 PRICE TEN CENTS 1' 1' •!'h :i '. miiPitfl ;V !l: "" ,, r . i H r • f 'l|H "'.•; I III •IIP 1 " I 1 fttl More Search parties found two more bodies near;? Lake Sam Rayburn, Broaddus, Tex., making 21 bodies of young men that have been ftfemd in the bizarre case of sexual perver murder. UNIFAX, n 't * 1 + 4 4 HOUSTON (UPI) Police found two more bodies today buried In three-foot-deep graves in tan Bast Texas pine forest, raising to 21 the number of murder victims-all believed young ooys WHO were torturea, sexually abused and killed by a bachelor electrician and two teen-^ed 4< asmstmts. n The first two bdoies found today were dug up near Broaddus, Tex., on the shores of Lake Sam Rayburn 125 miles north of Houston. Wrapped In Bags Sheriff John Hoyt of Augustine County said the two bodies found at the lake had been buried for "about six weeks." Uiey were wrapped in dear, plastic bagd and covered with lime-like most of the other •• victims discovered over the past three days, One of the two teen-agers, accused in the killings told police Thursday they will find about 30 bodies. If so. it would San be the worst mass murder in U. » Police learned of the killings S. history. Police pieced together a story of two boys from broken homes who hung around with the older man and thought of him a substitute father. Police unearthed 17 of the bodies under a boat shed in southwest Houston. The other es were found late Thursday north of Houston at an east Texas fishing resort on the shores of Lake Sam Rayburn. Digging operations were ordered continued at this site today. In addition, police said there may be a third burial ground on an island off Texas' Gulf Coast. Parents Spend Thousands Police think (the killii^s took place during the past two years. One victim was believed to be a 13-year-old boy missing since #71. His parents spent thousands of dollars in a search for him. .i when the eledrician involved, Dean Men Corll, 33, was shot to death by one of his teen-age friends, at a paint-sniffing sex "party" Tuesday night. The hoy, Elmer Wayne Henley, 17, called police after killing Corll Henley said Corll had tied him to a board used as a i 1 torture raric with (another young man, 20, and a 15-ysar-old girl and was about to sexually mrilest and kill all three of them. But Henley told police he convinced Corll to set him free, telling him he would help with the attacks. Once free, Henley said he turned on Corll, shooting him six times with a .22-caliber pistol. Henley said CorlJ had previously told him about the burial ground at the boot shed Henley also implicated ithe other teenager involved, David Brooks, 18. Brooks is Apprehended Brooks was apprehended and said he took part in some of the killings. He told police they could find as many as 30 bodies buried in three different warts were naked. One youngster was dressed in a gold shirt. Another wore blue trousers. The loth victim unearthed Wad a cord pulled tight around his neck. "Tills guy must have spent half his time digging graves," Homicide Detective Larry Earls said. "This whole floor is covered with bones Very Close Friends Henley said he and Corll were very close friends, and Henley's mother said, "Dean treated Wayne like a son and Wayne loved him like a fa"ther. He ate Easter dinner with us. He worked on my car. He loved to play with the kids." One of the bodies is thought to be that of David Hilligiest, 13, who left his'home in may, 1971, to go swimming. The Hilligiests spent thousands of dollars for private detectives; they advertised in newspapers, offered a $1,000 reward and consulted mediums and clair­ voyants in the fruitless search for their son. "You fear the iworse and hope for the best," Mrs. Hilligiest said Thursday night. "David had led a very protected life and I always feared that something must have happened to'him." Alton Brooks, David's father* said he hardly knew his son. "I ted no idaa the boy had a problem of any kind," he said. "The boy and I have not been around each other in a number of years. I really don't know fhow you would describe him. He seemed a quiet boy, not teen-aged "assistants." The first two bodies found person in modern U.S. history involved the bodies of 25 farm hands tfound buried California farm Feather in a along the River in 11971. Juan Corona was convicted of die killings earlier this year and sentenced to life in prison. WASfflNG^%^ ; ,. American ^bomktB^^ Cam- the state "He has adtmitted to several of the murders with •3 along and OorU," Police Lt Porter said of Brooks Nixon 'Hit Ceiling' Over Agnew Probe WASHINGTON (UP I) Nixon "hit Agnew the I Nixon for said with iii aia "are that a bloodbath much worse is peri than any that would happen" when the raids are ended next L week, Sen. Harold Hughes, D- Iowa, said today. Rdated Story on Page 17 As U.S. planes conducted produced testimony ^abput false reports, allegations of i bomtogs^ sure • f&t^-^IL Laird raids against Cambodian insurgents so close to Phnom Penh that the concussion cracked windows in the capital, Hughes accused the administration of lying about raids that took place secretly in 1969-70. Hughes had a major hand in Senate Armed Services Committee hearings this week that approved secret; limbing' while defense secretaiy. Tuesday Deadline The bombing is due to end at midnight Tuesday under an agreement between : President Nixon and Congress, and several court actions aimed at halting it immediately-on the ground that it was not authorized by Congreee — have failed. 1 F B Hughes said, "Every day that we bomb is a national tragedy « * in my opinion. "We are creating a bloodbath that is perhaps much worse than any that would happen in the aftermath of our absence.", Hughes said that "while it a Pentagon document; given the! committee Thursday M Laird had initialed the bombing orders, "it doesn't mean he primarily gave the orders." "I'm sure myself," Hughes "They came from the National Security Council and the White House arid that the the secret Cambodia bombings, and misleading reports of them as having, taken place in South Vietnam, were in the interest of national security. • x Court in special session to consider her request. + Justice Thurgood Marshall three times has rebuffed her But Hughes said "it was a (efforts, once last Saturday six complete deception ... It was a hours after Justice William O. matter of fact lies in consider- Douglas granted her petition, ing the (Pentagon's request) U^g^ filed a vigorous protest for Appropriations for the L, , ... Z n * * military " Thursday with the Court to Hughes was interviewed on Marshall ' s . action ' which he secretary just initialed.them as|the CBS-TV Morning News cleared with the seven other 45 minutes Tuesday evening. He described their discussion as "far reaching" but declined to Nixon, the The to a couple of said, a matter of passing through. "But this is at least the first physical evidence that it came from that far (up)." National Security Hughes dismissed as "playing the game of semantics" the administration explanation that program. justices. The attempts of Rep. Eli- Douglas said there could not zabeth Holtzman, R -N .Y., to have adeq uate considera- force a halt to the bombing he met an hour and admitted itaking part in | ceiling" when he learned Vice praictically all of the killings over a threie-yelar period." under investigation in an t In 1969 Corll rented the boat alleged Maryland kickback amplify the remark, stall where the 17 bodies were scheme and tried to talk Agnew Affnpw fl ThiiMdav found. out of holding a news confer- 5 ew . ™day All the victims found bur' - ™ u "* " iJ Ca,lforma for what staff mem in ^taU No. 11 were believed be teen-age boys. Porter said! An "angry" , Corll "never messed with sources said, told Agnew at a The VJCe P res ' dent was anything but boys." meeting they held Tuesday that expected to stay at Palm Some of the victims were silence was a better posture Springs, Calif., until Sunday. burfed in bathing suits. Some than holding a news conference.L. fre ^ nil y s P*nds his free * • . ,, - T , time at the resort, where singer h/Sffh' S Gr ' t0 H d f ™« Sinatra and some other he felt he should go ahead with ^ fHendg have homes the news conference, the Immunity Where To tion of his order "in before the deadline was dealt another setback Thursday when telephonic disposition of this Chief Justice Warren E. Burger grave and crucial constitutional refused to call the Supreme issue." Nix May WASHINGTON (UPI) ine Find It 2 SECTIONS 28 PAGES Abingdon 17 Amusement 5 Bushnell 13 Churches 7 Classified Ads -24-25-26-27 Comics-Radio 18 Editorial 4 Galva 13 Hospital Notes 10 Knoxville 17 Markets 20 Monmouth — 19 sources said. The vice president held the conference Wednesday, Earlier Thursday, the Wash describing the allegations of ln gto n Star-News reported that bribery, extortion, conspiracy Agnew's attorneys in New York and ^ tax evasion as "damned and Washington were exploring ^ es * the possibility of a claim of One source s a i d of Nixon's constitutional immunity for reaction when he learned of Agnew. Should Agnew make Agnew's troubles that he "hit such a claim and should federal the ceiling." prosecutors go ahead with their The White House sources said case, the courts probably would Nixon plans to let Agnew have to resolve any conflicts, "stand alone" in his defense Some observers felt that his against the allegations. Agnew Agnew's performance in indicated at the news confer- news conference had added to ence he is prepared to do this, his stature, in the eyes of the For the first time in history, the President of the United States has to answer a lawsuit filed by a committee of Congress. The Senate Watergate panel wants the constitutional battle over executive privilege to begin Schedule§ Speech WASHINGTON (UPI) President Nixon will make a speech the middle of next week on Watergate, the White House said today. Deputy Press Secretary Gerald L. Warren told reporters at the speech would be de* livered from the White House, but that the day and time had not yet been determined* sooner than the usual procedure calls for. The committee filed suit in U.S. District Court Thursday lemanding that President Nixon turn over five tape recordings of Watergate related conversations made in his office and documents concerning the activities of 25 current or former aides. It asked that Nixon respond within 20 days, the normal time limit for a private citizen, but one-third the time allowed for a government agency. The committee suit named Nixon as both President and as an individual. The committee action followed by two days a White House response to a similar suit filed by Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, contending that releasing the tapes and papers would irreparably damage needed presidential secrecy and that neither Congress nor the courts have the power to force the President to release documents. Committee lawyers followed Cox's lead and argued that whatever claim of privilege Nixon made for the tapes was invalidated by his having let H. R. Haldeman, his former chief of staff, listen to two of them after he no longer worked for the government. The committee subpoenaed the tapes and documents July 23 after testimony from former White House aide Alexander P. Butterfield that Nixon's conversations in the Oval Office and the Executive Office Building were taped. Nixon wrote committee chairman Sen. Sam J. Ervin, D- N.C, that he would not surrender the tapes but would consider "specific requests" for documents. The suit said Nixon's refusal was "unlawful, unwarranted, and in breach of his legal duty to respond to and to comply with such subpoenas." Haldeman Heard Tapes Haldeman told the committee he heard two tapes of conversations between Nixon and his former counsel, John W. Dean HI. The committee asked the court for a declaratory judgment stating that Nixon had no right to refuse, a writ of mandamus requiring him to carry out his official duties and release the subpoenaed material and a mandatory injunction forcing him to release the tapes and documents from his personal possession. A response to the 20-day time limit is expected next week. In another Watergate development, sources in Cox's office say that several corporate officials have admitted donating company money to Nixon's re-election campaign in violation of federal law. Obituary Sports TV _ _ 10 15-16 I think the vice president of public and the press. 11-12 Weather 2 ten in the News „ 6 the United States should stand Nixon today was at his Camp on his own feet," Agnew said. David, Md., retreat with his "So I am not spending my time closest advisers preparing his looking around to see who is public response to Watergate supporting me. I am defending charges that have damaged his myself." second administration. Western White Undertaxed? SANTA ANA, Calif. (UPI) Tax officials are considering asking President Nixon to get a Iwayer to represent him in the dispute over whether the Western White House is under- taxed—or they may appoint one tor ton. The warning came Thursday from two of the three members of toe Orange County Assessment Appeals Board The board's chairman indicated however it may not have the legal authority to act on its own. They commented after the state Board of Equalization in Sacramento voted to ask the county board to look into the dispute over Nixon's estate on the Southern California coast at San Clemente, Charge Value Too Low There have been charges that the county tax assessor assigned too low a value to Nixon's estate, failing to include the hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal money spent on the property. Ihe counter argument is that the money went into security measures, requested by the Secret Service to protect the President, and did not improve the value of the property for tax purposes. Federal property is not taxed by the county. "It is my thought that we ought to invite the President to appear, by counsel, to present evidence," county appeals board member Frank Manzo said Thursday. If the President d&dlines, he said, the County Bar Association should be masked to name a "special counsel" to represent Nixon. Orange County should pay the fee for such an appointed lawyer, he said. nee Motion Manzo said he would introduce a motion at the board's next meeting, in September, to examine the Western White House assessment. "The President is a resident of taxpayers, that we look into this situation," he said. Manzo was joined by another appeals board member, Robert Hostetter, who said that "regardless of what happens, we'll look at it fairly—Democrat, I'm our county and is our neighbor. It is in ' his best interests, and toe interest of the Republican or otherwise, open minded on this thing. We're always impartial." The appeals board chairman, Otfo Christiansen, said he does not think the board has the legal authority to begin its own inquiry. The matter must be brought before the board by the county grand jury or by the owner of similar property, complaining of discrimination, he said. [ ^ l;fl§! Property Tax Questioned The California State Board of Equalization passes a motion asjung Orange County officials to examine the property tax assessments of President Nixon's seaside villa at San Clemente. The motion was made by member John Lynch, Fresno, left, a Democrat. At right is chairman William Bennett. UNIFAX 4

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