Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 8, 1973 · Page 37
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 37

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1973
Page 37
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JS.,-(Bpl^^M..Rfg )stcr *Mai.! # Galtsburg, |ILWednesday, Aug. 8, 1,973 | Market Reports Today | <*AL »«tnMl <«0BllBtrYK1tthlgh«r under m lb, heavier iMiiglMrfrrtfctfi Shards MM.W higher; No 1 -2 MO.240 No. kicking Sows: Sfrftfio 38O -S00 148 .50 -949 .50 CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ; ATKINSON MARKET :Vo1ume: 1500. , Butcher Trend: .5041 higher :No. 1-2: • 210-230 \m 2-4: -200*240 240-270 210-300 ;;Sow Trend: 300-350 „ 450-400 ...$59.75460.15 .. $59.25459.75 ..158.50459.50 $57.25-58.25 $142 higher. .$50.50454.00 .$46.75448.00 -/,, Poorla Livestock APEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: ..Cattle 1,000; steers uneven generally steady to strong; hell era fully steady; choice steers 54.50-56.25; $hott load choice and prime 54.00; good and choice 53.00-54.50; good 51.0053.00; 2 loads choice and prime heifers 55.35; choice 53.50-55.00; good and choice 52.50 - 53.50; good 48.00-52.50 Hogs 3,400; mostly 75-1.00 ALL STAR - HOMO MILK Sal. 99c OSCAR MAYER WIENERS Lb. n .09 OSCAR MAYER BACON Lb. $ 1.49 Pork Chops End Cuts * n .i9 Soft Pack TISSUE 10 Rolls 89c DENNIS IONED CHICKEN 10 es. Jar 89c NEW POTATOES 10 Lbs. $ 1.19 Del Monte TUNA N*. K Can 45c Reg. 69c BROADCAST LUNCHEON MEAT 12 os. Can 49c Horn* Mad* Potato Salad I Downy Fabric Softener 33 os. With ThU Coupon Without Cpn. 78c TRADING POST Expires 1-11 -73 Maxwell House COFFEE 2 Lb $159 Can I With TbU Coupon Without Cpn. TRADING POST Byslm S-Jl-71 TRADING POST Super Mkr. 1515 I. Main St some 245 lb 5d.7840.00; No 14 200-260 lb some 1*6 lb 59,25 50.75; No 2-3 240-270 lb 59.0050.50, few 270-300 lb 57.50-59.00. 900420 lb 57.00-57.50; 1 lot No 34 375 lb 55.00. Jollet Livestock JOL1ET, 111. (UPI) - Live stock: Cattle 2,300; steers and heifers 1.00-1.50 higher; high choice and prime steers 57.75 - 50.00; choice 56.75 - 57.75; good and choice 56.00 • 57.25; high choice and prime heifers 57.00 - 57.25; choice 56.00 - 57.00; good and choice 55.00-56.00; no canner or cutter cows. Hogs 700; 50-75, instances 1.00, higher; No 1-2 200 -240 lb 59.50 - 60.00; No 1-3 200-250 lb 59.00 - 59.50; No 24 270400 lb lb 56.00-59.00. Thursday estimated receipts 25 cattle, 700 hogs. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - Interior hogs: 15,000; 1.00 higher; No 1-2 200230 lb 58.75-59.00; No 1-3 200-245 lb 58.25-58.75, few 58.00; No 2-3 240-260 lb 57.50-58.25. ChicagoOnto ftangt CHICAGO (UPD-Wheart and corn were substantially higher and soybeans irregularly high er at noon today on the Board lot Trade. Prices at Noon Wheat Sep 4.24 up 10 Dec 4.09% up 10 Mar 4.01V4 up 10 Corn Sep 3.11V* up 10 Dec 2.90 up 7 Mar 2.94 up 7 Soybeans Aug 9.59 Up 4 Sep 8.50 unch. Nov 7.68 up 11% Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese: Processed loaf 76-25 • 81.25; single daisies 81.5047; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 8992.50, B 8748.50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest egs: Steady; prices unchanged; extra large 87; large 83; medium 80; pullets 58; standard 75; checks 61. Markatt at a Glanco By United Press International Stocks lower in slow trading. Bonds lower. U.S. government bonds higher in moderate trading. American stocks lower in slow trading. Cotton futures mostly higher. Chicago grain futures higher. Catty? 1.00 to 1.50 higher; top 56.00. GALtSSBUftG GRAIN MARKET I XtfirUpt RGUOTI Consumer Grain A Supply Co. |.w«™*§- *wfw™ Market may either go up or dawn by 1:30 p.m. when final bid iff Ives. 11:30 o'eweR old, _ Corn 12.88 New Corn $2.78 Oats .... IU3 New Beans Naw York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral 11% Inland Stl 28% Alld Chem35%IBM305 Alld Strs 25y4 Iht Harv WA Allis Chal 9% Int Nick 32y« Alcoa 69'/4 Int Paper 37% Am Air IOV2 Int T&T 31U Am Can 30V4 Iowa P&L\ 21% Am Cyan 22% Johns-Mn 20V2 AmElPwr 25% Kennecott 30% Am Mtrs 7% Kresge 37% Am T&T 48V4 Kroger 16 Anaconda 22% Lib McN 6% Ashl Oil 28% Litton 8% Atl Rich 87 Lockhd 6% Avco 10% Mar Oil 30% Bea Fds 20 Maytag 27% Bendix 35% McD Dgls 20 Beth Stl 28 5 /s Merck 89% Boeing 19% Minn Min 86% Borden 23V4 Mobil Oil 58% Cap C Bdg 48% Monsanto 56% Catplr 61% Nat Bis 41% Celanese 33% Cen II Lt 20% Cen Tel 23% Cessna 21% Chrysler 25% Cities Svc 44 Olin Corp 13% Outbd M 36% Owens-Ill 32% Penn Cen 2% Penney 80 Pepsi Cola 84V. Grain Grain Futures CHICAGO (UPI) range: High Low Close Prev. Wheat Coca-COla 144% Pfizer 49% Colum Gas 26% Phil Pet 53% Comm Ed 28% Procter G 111% Comsat 51% Cons Ed 21% Cont Can 25% Cont Oil 29% CPC Intl 28% Dana 28% Deere 47% Du Pont 165% Quak Oats 36% RCA 25 Rep Stl 23% Revlon 63% Safeway 31% St. Regis 41% SanFelnd 23% Sears 99% Sep 424 424 424 414 Dec 409% 409% 409% 399% Mar 401% 401% 401% 391% May 383% 383% 383% 373% Jly 333% 333% 333% 323% Corn Sep 11% 311% 3U% 301 Dec 299 292 299 289 Mar 297 291% 296% 287 May _ 295 288 292% 285 Jly 291 282 296% 281% Oats Sep 144 139% 142 141% Dec 150 143% 143 146% Mar 154% 148 150% 149 May 153 148 149 149 Jly 150 146 146 146% Soybeans Aug 965 950 950 955 Sep 850 850 850 850 Nov 787 752 773 758 Jan 775 738 757 742 Mar 773 738% 756 742 May 767 733 746 733 Jly 750 735 744 730 Eastman 138% Shell Oil 54% Exxon 94% Simmons 19% iFalstaff 3% So Pac 29% Firestone 20% Sperry 47% Ford Mtrs 53% Std Bds 50 Fruehauf 26 SO Ind 82% Gam' Skog 28 Stvns JP 29 Gen Dyna 20% Stude 37% Gen El 61% Texaco 32 Gen Fds.24% Tex Inst 1U6% Mercantile Exchange CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Low Close Prev. Uve Beef Cattle Aug 50.85 58.20 56.60 57.02 Oct 58.5 57.70 57.80 58.35 Dec 58.77 58.00 58.25 58.45 Feb 58.75 58.05 58.75 58.20 Apr 58.20 57.55 58.10 57.70 Jun 58.15 57.55 58.00 57.70 Aug 57.50 56.62 56.62 56.50 Uve Hogs Aug 59.50 58.50 58.70 59.00 Oct 53.80 52.90 53.20 53.15 Dec 55.25 54.60 54.70 54.55 Feb 55.35 54.10 54.65 54.80 Apr 53.25 52.90 53.10 52.05 Jun 53.25 52.10 52.60 52.00 Jly 52.85 52.00 52.25 51.80 Aug 50.70 49.70 50.10 49.20 Frozen Pork Bellies 77.90 76.75 77.37 76.50 75.95 74.85 74.85 74.65 74.17 73.50 74.17 72.67 71.70 71.30 71.70 70.20 68.60 68.60 68.60 67.10 Feb Mar May Jiy Aug Gen Mtrs 65% Gen Tel 29% Gen Tire 19% Goodrich 22% Goodyear 22% Greyhnd 13% Gulf Oil 22% 111 Cent 19% III Pwr 25% Un Carb 37% Un El 16% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 21% US Stl 27% West Un 18% Wstghs El 34% Weyerh 69% Woolwrth 21% Says Blue Chip Stocks Hit town NEW YORK (UPI) - "Ml cations are that dampens on market sentirnent are gradually lifting and that an important bottoming process is under way," says The Sptat Market Report. The continued strength of lowfriced issues suggests, the letter s»vs, theft "July witnessed at least intermediate lows for blue chips and top drawer growth stacks, while the Iowa of May and June were of a more permanent nature for many issues of secondary quality.*' Worker productivity in the nonfarm private, economy dropped in the second quarter of 1973 after olimbing steadily over the past year, according to Manufacturers Hanover Trust's Financial Digest. This drop went beyond expectations for a gradual slowing in productivity as the economy moves closer to full utilization of resources, the letter says. If the preliminary productivity figure for the second quarter is accurate, it adds, "TTie implfcaltion for prices, in view of steadily rising labor costs, is quite disturbing." The upsurge in interest rates is "at this stage influenced more by inflationary psychology than by economics," Standard & Poor's The Outlook says. The letter, says borrowing demands have lost all relationship to the growth in economic activity. Although there is no way of knowing wten interest rates will peak, it says "the rapid acceleration that has taken place in just the past two weeks strongly suggest that a climax is that much closer." The stock market started a summer rally on July 9 reversing a six months' downtrend, aocortijiinig to Abraham & Co.'s The Technical Review. "The recovery could help the Dow to a gain of 10 per cent or more from the July, intraday low at 864," says the letter. Despite the recent strength of the market, it cautions there is "a distinct risk of another siteep decline in the over-all stock price movement after the summer rally has run its course." Sluggish Day Stocks Lower NEW YORK (UM) - I general luck of entliusiasm, stemming largely from concern ever rising interest rates and inflation, sent stocks broadly lower today in sluggish trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Shortly before noon, the Dow Jones industrial average had declined 5.27 to 908.88. Declines held a itswo-to-one lead over advances among 1,447 issues traded. Volume totaled about 5,430,000 shares by noon, compared with 6,880,000 shares Tuesday. Topping the actives, CNA Financial Corp. gained % to 11% on 120,600 shares. Alcan Aluminum, up % to 33% on 80,000 shares, and Magnavox up 1% to 12% on 70,500 shares, followed. Jonathan Logna fell 1%. The company reported six month earnings of $1.98 a share, compared with $1.75 a share for the same period last year. Glamors were among the hardest hit. Polaroid dropped 3, Avon Products 1% Upjohn 1, and Conning Glass %. Texas Instruments fell 2%, IBM 1%, Burroughs 1%, among computet and electronics is* sues. Chemicals weakened. DuPont eased 1%. Dow 1% and Monsanto 1%. Superior Oil declined 3, Kerr McGee and Halliburton a point each. Missouri Pacific dipped 1%, leading Whe rails to the downside. Motors and airlines took smaller losses, and steels and aircrafts were little changed. On the American Stock Exchange, prices declined in light activity. FOR SALE 1966 MUSTANG BEST OFFEIl Phone 343-6508 After 5:30 Legal Notice POLLUTION VARIANCE Consumer's Grain and Supply Company, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois has filed with the Environmental Protection Agency and Pollution Control Board a Petition for a Variance. Title IX of the Environmental Protection Act provides for individual variances upon proof by the petitioner that compliance with specific provisions of the Act, related regulations and/or Board Opinions would impose upon the petitioner an "arbitrary or unreasonable hardship/' The petitioner alleges such a hardship, and seeks permission to operate its grain handling facility in violation of Section 9 (a) of the Environmental Protection Act for a period of one year to participate in a task force study. The Environmental Protection Agency solicits the views of persons who might be adversely affected by the granting of the variance. Any comments or inquiries should be addressed to: Variance Section, Division of Air Pollution Control, Springfield, Illinois 62706 (217/5255811). 8/1-8-15; 3T OARAGE SALE »! N. PLEASANT WED., Auf. •—4-1 p.m. THUMB.. Aug. •—• a.m.-? School clothes, jewelry, tires, shoes, 13 ft. Jon boat it brand now electric fishing motor, 14- ft. Runabout & 40 hp. motor, $500. RUMMAGE SALE tai ARNOLD THuns.-rm.—• a.m.-5 p.m. •AT.—I u, - 2 p.m Odda & and*, men's, women's tt children's clothing Free kittens. ' Yard Sole 1402 W. LOSEY ST. Thurs , Aug. 9-9-5 Men's clothing, dishes, household items, misc.. ex on Road Back, By RICHARD M. HARNETT HBftWOOO CW¥, Calif; (UPT) - Ampex Corporation, the enrnpany that brinp you tape recorded music end the instant TV replsy, dtrrtiat went bankrupt 1ft months ago. Today Ms top executives say the "New Ampex" is on the road back , Business Today During the fiscal year ended April 28, Ampex had a $3.6 million profit-compered with a l of $85.7 million the previous fiscal year. Alexander M. Portal**, • former Russian Navy A* Force pilot, founded Ampex In 1944 to produce radar equipment. The name was made by adding "ex" for excellent to his initials. Crosby Liked It When World "War II ended, the little electronics firm on the San Francisco peninsula picked up magnetic retarding tech* nofogy in occupied Germany and set about making racor- ders. : •<• • In October, 1947, Bing Crosby listened to the first recorder built by Ampex. He liked it and bought it to prerecord his radio show, a technique that quickly spread (through radio broadcasting. Crosby Enterprises helped promote Ampex. In 1956 the company introduced the videotape recorder. It became indispensable to the television industry, making possible broadcasts across time zones land Uhe instant replay enjoyed by sports fane. In the Ml of 1971, San Francisco financier Richard Elkus, an Ampex board member, became concerned about a relatively modest loss the previous fiscal year which seerntd to In continuing. He ifr^Uffctod and uncovered a situation whtoh iliowed that the losses 'mm mount** at ah alarming rate. Wiaiai'a #4taWakfte *kJii Aaa^Aaaalai When the extant of (be i in an cia 1 disaster became known it was mostly on the basis Of EUcus' prestige that Ampex creuwors gave me comjpany time to save itself, There wis a general housecleaning dtrtUghout management. Arthur H. Hausman came in as president. Elkus became the full-time "top policy officer." * . ' Unprofitable fields such as the home taaa raoorder atid oroaaosit KrsnsiiuBMrs were Ampex had gone into a number of expensive royalty contracts for music to use on its tapes. Ibis alone accounted for many millions of dollars toss. That division was shaken up. The company wntinued making tope recorders and automated tope-playing equipment tor broaldcaiting. It also kept its computer storage equipment lines, recording devices Such as those used In Skylafb, and the music tape business. Antttr stock, ^ubich tut a hlaji of m to life, slipped to a low of 344 earlier shU year. It is new sefling a Utttonajnw. A year ago, says Jflkue, Ampex was In "a c*a*twphic situation » . , W/had no agreement with our batift? He is not making ptedlctlont for ttfits this year but told a meeting of analysts recently that "it is going to be A good year^and good year to defined is a better year than last Saveniy per cant of the pt<kbio(8 Ampex now msnufac- turas did not exist three years ago. One cleveiopinent Is a system for recycling music tapes. Instead of forcing retailers to dtoaount and lose money on music that doesn't sell, Ampex takes the tape back, electronically wipes away the music, changes the tune, and i*tabefe the tape. The U.S. tape market is about 108 million tapes a year, of which 25 million are Ampex. Frontyord Sole 313 HACKBERRY Wed. Eve. -5-8 P.M. Thuri. - 8 A.M.- 12 EVERYTHING GOES OPENING experienced Farm Worker $150—plue modern home, meat, vacation, free weekend, good schools. Close to town. Write Box 864, care Galesburf Register-Mail. READ THE WANT ADS! Yard Sale 456 Lombard Thursday A Friday Play pen, baby awing, clothing & rniac. YARD SALE Next I* Caihello Church on old Route M — Wataga, III. THURS., Aug. • — Depression glass, carnival glass, pressed ana etched glass, collectible*, what-nots, 2 Antique chairs and misc. items. Garage Sale 909 S. 2nd ST. MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS THURS. and FRIDAY, Aug. 1 -10 t ill 3 From Jr. High age to adult clothing. The best of everything. Moving Sale 718 E. BROOKS Wed., Aug. 8 » % • Dark Double oven stove, TV, beds, stereo, clothing, odds & ends, many 5c & 10c items. NOTICE is hereby given that the Gamage Agency of 594 Filer St., Galesburg, 111. is owned and operated solely by myself and that I win not be responsible for any com* mitments, promises, or representations made for said agency other than myself or a member of my family. LOUIS GAMAGE Wanted TO RENT FARMLAND For 1974. Present farm told. Caah or cash and grain. Write to Box S63, care Galesburg Register-Mail. Galesburg Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning . 2140 Grand Ave. Phone 342-3479 — PRBS1YTERIAN — RESALE SHOP ECONOMY CORNER Knoxvilla, III. OPEN THURS., 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Baby buggy, baby walker, expanding play yard, childs record player. Wanted To Buy FARM SCRAP IRON (Will Pick Up) Junk Cars Removed D&D SERVICES 529-9431 5299493 SALE 1605 North Seminary St. Thursday, Aug. 9th 1:00 un. - 1:00 sj.m. 8mm projector. .1 pr. E78xl4 studded snow tires, 1—14x6 rims for 1968 Dodge. Wood ironing board, Maytag wringer washer, clothing, household items, blankets, Snow-Pup. Furniture will be shown by appointment only. 342-5343. AU Sales Caah. Hot Responsible For Accident!. Dew Jones Averages 30 indus 902.8% off 9.11 20 trans 159.63 off 2.01 15 utils 98.08 off 0.90 65 stocks 271.83 off 2.85 WANTED MAINTENANCE MAN With some plumbing & electrical experience. Salary negotiable. Write P.O. Box 1425 Gsleabursf, 111. (1401 FOR SALE IM PARKVIEW no. THURS, Aug. •—| ».n»..j p.m. WGIL SHOPPERS CHEClCaOOlCS-il.W each 39 Coupons plus 2 Color Portraits, Limited Supply, they must go. RUMMAGE SALE HENDERSON TOWN HALL Henderson, 111. Thurs.. Aug. 9—6:30 p.m.-9 p.m. Friday morn.—9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Infants, children & adult clothing, all sizes; other misc. items. CATU! — $40-? BEANS — $10 or $6 CORN — $2 or $4 30S-342-I12S STOTIIR 4t CO. 210 BONDI BLDG. Galesburg PAUL WEBB CEMENT WORK FREE ESTIMATE PHONE 343-1494 or 375-6590 NITE HOUSEHOLD AUCTION "MOORE'S" Auction Heuso — 534 f. South St., Gelesburg SATURDAY NIGHT, AUO, 11 —7 O'CLOCK P.M. SHARP "Zenith" Console Color Home entertainment center leu than two years old; modern 5 It. steel bath tub Ac lavatory; cast iron cabinet sink; good Pink reclining chair; occasional chain; high boy oak chest of drawers, 6 other good chests; cedar cheet; 2-pc. living room suite; steel wardrobe; sjtcel utility cabinets; Anil«ue dishes; old lantern; shoe last; riding mower; radios; tools; outside house door; garage overhead doors; hundred* of household goods bric-a-brac too numerous to mention. Auctioneer: CECIL R. MOORE — Phone 343-1171 Clerk*: DCLPKA and TERRY MOOftS TERMS - CASH Not R *spon*l»l* for Accident* - HELP WANTED NURSES AIDES & LAUNDRY WORKERS Top Wages — Paid Vacations, Holidays and Sick Leave — Retirement Plan. Apply in Person KNOX COUNTY NURSING HOME An Equal Opportunity Employer 1968 HEAVY DUTY OMC >A TON TRUCK With Told Down Stock Rack, 24,000 Mile*, in A-l,Shape. 343-4085 MICHIOAN PEACHES For r reeling e Canning Goodwin's Markot 1949 Grand Av«. 205 N. W«nt St., Knftxvill* TliuTt., Aung. 9 — • - 4 Frl., Aflg. 10 - t-4 Good school clothes, most sizes, women's 12-14-10. Antiques, diahea, boys 30" 3-speed bicycle, mtec. item*. Nothing sold before • AJ1 Not responsible for accident* Yard Sale ELUBVILLE, ILL. Next to SkeUr Station Thurs. - Prl. • Sat. a A.M.-t C o u oh, electrical appliances, dishes. nlc-iMcs, bedspreads, toys,,' books, clothing, all sises, infants to size 30 including formats, shoes & maternity wear. PROTEXALL CLOTHING POSITIVE ATTITUDES, INC. 115-135 I. South 342-6169 Shirts, pants, coveralls, work caps, quitted jackets, windbreakers. ALSO TAKING ORDERS FOR MALLARD DUCK DECOYS. Real Estate Auction At North Front Door of Knox County Court House, Galesburg, Illinois on Friday, August 17th, 1973 Commencing at 10 A.M. in the Forenoon of Said Day REAL ESTATE TO-IE SOLO IS THE FORMER RESIDENCE OF H. B. and LILLIB STEELE,, commonly known as 41 Outlaid Avenue, Galesburf. Illinois. It has been vacant for some lime and Is now vacant. Hons* has six rooms with lft bathrooms. Lot is 4IVi ft. x 131 ft. and Is sened »-2, Commercial. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: The North 3 Rods of Lots 17 and 18 in the Subdivision of Ten-Acre Lot 11, as per Plat by Parley M. Johnson, Robert Chappell, Charles Waste and George Churchill, as Administrators of the Estate of Mary C. Weeks, and at record in Page 368, in Voluma 1SB, Deed Records of Knox County, Illinois. TERMS OF SALE: 18% of the amount bid. cash in hand on day of. sale, with the balance thereof to be payable upon approval of said sale by the Circuit Court of Knox County, Illinois, at which time possession and a proper deed of conveyance shall be given. Sale is to be made free and clear of all liens and encumbrance* and free of the Homestead Estate of Lillie Steele. Said sal* shall be made subject to taxes levied for 1073 and subsequent year*. PREMISES WILL BE OPEN FOR INSPECTION on THURSDAY. AUGUST lib and WEDNESDAY. AUGUST lUh. from »t00 P .M. until 1*00 *P*M RAYDER L. PETERSON, Sheriff Xnox County. Illinois F. E. CORBIN—Broker and Auctioneer M. w. KENT—Salesman and Auctioneer Telephone — S41-M1I MCLAUGHLIN at HATTERY — Plaintiffs Attorneys , . NOTICE Thomas Plumbing A Heating is proud to announce the appointment of JOHN MILLER to SIRVICI MAN* AGER. JOHN has ably handled the Heating & Air Conditioning service for some time and now will offer the same prompt service & quality workman* ship for all service & sales ... At on introduction for you to moot ond gtr oquointtd with John wo oro offering tho following tpociol FREE HUMIDIFIER Don't let rising costs discourage you, our suppliers have an over Inventory of Central Air ConditiftBing Units. Due to Heir Inventory tt price reductions we are able to offer with every Central Air Conditioning installation « FREE HUMIDIFIER. For winter comfort as well as summer Comfort dur* iog the month of August. , . , THOMAS PLUMBING i MATING 22*2 QRAND AVI., OALISIURO, III. #1401 Rhone (JOf ) 20*1101 BACKYARD SALES Goroge, Ratio, Driveway, Basement, Front loom, type must bo in our off it* by noon tho day before Private Household Sales and all other salts of this ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phono 343.7111

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