The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 9, 1923 · Page 16
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 16

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1923
Page 16
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EIGHT THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1923. Bridgeport Man Jailed in Tram for Stealing Pork -- Danbury Bares Burn WESTPORT'S CLEAN-UP WILL BE UNIQUE THING Mrs. Derosier Claims She Was Defamed, by Arrest at Danbury Fair Grounds. -(Special to ·RY, Oct. S.- Tho of the best legal talent in the stale lia.s been secured by Mrs C i t h e r m e DeRosier. of MilCorcl, to. Hi,!H Hi" dai.iago taut o.f M". O D D \ \ l u c h *iio hn-j hi ought .against t h e D a n b u o Van At,*.ocia- i'tion Cor falbe arrebt and elefam.ution j qf character, m ai rest ins her and charging her w i t h being a suspicious Character at the Fair grounds. ' Mrs. UcRosier. who. w i t h her hus- · band, hub run "concessions at Wailnut jjeach tor seven year.s and at other oast resorts in the s.ta*e, as well, claims that she W*PO accosted by one of k tl.o special policemen employed ly the Fair company, brought to the temporan-y piceinct on the Fair grounds and charged with being; one of the women arrested in a tent raid 'it few nights previous. The women ' arrested at the time were ordered i|ot to l e l u r n to the grounds. " Airs. JJeRosier claims she had »f alighted fioin her automobile with ,, her husband to go to u part of the TTBSTPORT, Oct. 8.-- (Special to the}--The freleetmen ol' | the t o w n have made anangernemta to have 3Mre Prevention week also Clean UP week. Selectman Edward C. ,Nash has volunteered one of his trucks to cart old rubbish. "Wooden boxes and other imflammablc material will be dis,trUbuted-to the poor people of the town. This is one of the f i i » t acts that the new administration has tajken to make the town a "Better Wclstport." The Selectmen a,lso have issued a call asking those who have trucks, teams or men to work on the town The rates, carrying capacity and roads to notify Selectman Nash, other conditions will be taken into consideration. Elko Is Found After a Year's Search in Bridgeport Factory. Fair where the concessions were,-, i when she was arcosted 'by the Fair /chief of police a s u p e r n u m e r a r y who said to her "You are under arrest. Come w i t h men ' Whcn^sho protested . t h a t she knew no reason why she '"'Should bo held, he is alleged to have said, "You d o n ' t need to ask me. You , -know why you are ai rested. A \\o- mpn just like you h.iis been ordered nt to appear on the grounds " Mr.s. DeRosier is w e l l known In Miltord · and has always, born the highest refutation. She w i l l prove it is said, that shf w s at home m Walnut Beach, Milford, tb.p niprht the ratK was made, amd that she had not been on tho grounds several nights pre vious to the time she was arrested. The police on the other hand ciain, that she was not arrested, but was simply taken to the headquarters on 1lie grounds and told that she must stay Successor to Rev. Watson L. ^Phillips Assumes New Pastorate. rt TVESTPORT. Oct. S.--(Special to ithe Telegram.) Donald Ciawford of Riverside avenue is one of the p»," organizers of a new ex-servicemen's ;, _ Association. This new club will be " known as the Past Commander's or", ganization of Fah fls-ld County. Only i ex-service men who have been Com,;?., manders ni the American Legion ·will be permited to join tho organ*"""" " ' will be held 111 Westport. i?atlon. A meeting gometrme this, week i ; the Past Commanders have been 'invited to loin the new organization. John Crawford, of Pt. Cloud, Fla.. \ has sold two tracts ol land in this ' t o w n amounimg to It! 1-3 acres to Jessie R. FreudPnthal. The pui chase price was S5.500. Deputy Sheriff Clifford Nichols is " doing patrol work on the Post road . on his motorcycle. The sheriff will ," be on active patrol work until after the big football games. , Joseph P. Brennan was a -week-end iisito r in town. Brennan is attending Columbia unl-verrlty r n d will re-main SHEI/TON, Oct. S.-- (Special to tlve Telegram?) Although Sheitpn wa; sorry to learn that Rev. Watson L Phillips haci gixen up the pastorate of the Shelton Congregationa' church, they are pleased to Jearn that his succesor "uTIl bo a man of wide expeiience and of a distinguished record. Rev. C II. Wilheliu has taken o\ er the duties of his new pastorate. Rev. Wiiheim received his earliei education in Chicago, where , he attended the graded scnools. He spent seven years in the business uorld there, and durinj; this time he at- tened night schojl At 21 years of n£c, he entered ine Chicago high school and four years, later giacluatcd from the Eureka college. He worked his way through college and ivas graduated with a cum aude degree. He was class president in his senior year and made a record in o. atory and debating. He is a member of the Pi Kappa Delta national, honorary i forensic society nad also of the Delta 1 Sigmo Rho. i lie became pastor of the First Christian chuich at Pontlac, 111., city of Shelton's size. He was theie tor lv,o years and during his two years the congregation greatly increased in "size Dr Wilhelrn becauuse of his earlier business activities conceives the ministry, as a prolesion living without the boundaries o£ tho church as well as viithln. He has a hig-h reputation as a speaker and his Chautauqua engagements were lauded. He has arrived here and he will bo joined by his widowed mother. Mrs. Pauline Wilhelm. He is unmarried. Rev Mr. Wilhelm wilj continue his studies at the Yale Divinity .school working- for a Ph. D. degree Rev. and Mrs. Phillips will share the parsonage with hi into: several wk.s. until they leave here for Miami, Fla. Och S.--(Special to the Telegram)--After being a ··UigrUvo from justice for over a. year when he t i e d f om this town, alter rlcallus t\\ o hams, and a s h o u l d e i , \ u d t e v i l ^ i k n n a * c a u g h t today b j Tile Bridgeport police, .met tiim- rd a\ "i to 1ho local justice ou a charge of theft. Elko, it was chaigrcd, wandered into the barn of Stanley Bouton, of Long Hill, and when he belie-ved he was not seen, stole the ham and shoulder. Hi, ITalil to Bridgeport, and had been working in an East Side factory theie, \\hcn one ot hife companions info, med the Bridgeport police of his thereabouts. Justice Burr F. Beach in his 6outt this afternoon fined the man ?25 and costs, and gave him thirty days in jail for the offense. Elko was taken to tho county jail. Witnesses swore they had seen him take the eatables. Newtown NEWTOWN, Oct. S.-- (Special to The Telegram)--An entertainment and dance for the benef.t of St. Rose's church will be given Friday evening at the Town hall by the St. in New Yoik, all winter. . --- - ^larold Brown, of New York, has Francis Juvenile Minstrels of been spending a few days in town j bury under the auspices of with friends. the Children of Mary. These clever entertainers need no introduction to the people of Newtown, as a number of them have appeared here in the past .und more recently at the summer festival when they were well received. It will be an entertainment which w i l l merit a large attendance probably name an officer to do patrol and it is expected that laige num- The Neighborhood Bridge club will meet October : 6. with Mrs. John A. "Young:, of Bridgeport. William Youngs, of Lincoln street. been confined to Ills home vith Selectman Edward C. Xash will £ e duty in the Greens JTarms section of "*?*£ tJie town this wivite_r. Several of the "(fBouses were broken into last year S'»nd the people ha-ve asked for an of' 4 »oer to be assigned there. HAMILTON HOLT TO SPEAK IN DANBURY DANBURY, Oct. 8.--(Special to Telegram.)--Indications are that a laige audience will irreet Dr. Hamilton Holt, famous editor and jvorld peace advocate, when he steps upon the platform in dip City T hall a u d i t o r i u m tomonow evr-nmg: to ^lecture on the League of Nations. J'1)r. Holt comes to D a i i o u i y under tho '.,It auspices of the Xon-Partiaan League , "*" ' : the Lfas-np of Nations, st lltecl bers will t u r n out in appreciation of their generosity In coming- to town for such a worthy benefit. Dancing will follow the entertainment and the music will be. furnished by am orchestra from Anoma. Rev. and Mrs. James L. Lasher left today for Whiteingham, Vt., wheie they will pass the next ten days as the guests of Mr. and Mrs Edward Barton of that place. Mr. Bmrton and family, it will be remembered, resided in Newtown for some time while Mr. Barton was connected with the Connecticut Light and Power c o m p a n j , in the engineering department. John Haugh, of Shelton, spent the v-c-ek-end v ;th his sister, Miss Mary Haugh, of Sandy Hook Contractor W i l l i a m V Kennedy has '{· He recently returned from Europe vji._, he p res ided at the fourth ··' 7,!''.sembly of the League of Nations " .and -mill speak on tne reasons for menea joining the league. lemodehng the residence of Mlss Ann Anderson next to the Newtown Savings bank. This property was recently bought from A r t h u r JM. Morse *!' 1 · Miss Ruth Johnson Tells How Cuticura Healed Eczema " I was troubled wltli eczema on my hands* It broke out in the form of small pimples that pained so badly when 1 went to bed that I lost my rest. My hands v/eie inflamed and when I put them in hot wter they almost mail'! me scream. The trouble lasted about four months. " I sent for a free sample of Cuti- cura Soap and Ointment and it helped me. I purchased more, and after using one cake of Cuticura Soap and two boxes of Cuticura Ointment I was completely healed." (Signed) Miss Ruth B. Johnson, : D. 1, Belfast, Maine. Tnese fragrant emollients are all yoj need for all toilet purposes, b-cjf) to cleanse and p..ri.~/, Oint- rner.: to ocothe and heal, Talcum to powclei and pcifume. nainplt»"rrMi7K»il A J h . , - "-CoUrtir*Labor- '..oriel. Dtfvt a, Maltltn .S. IOCD ' .iolj OV* - Monroe MOXROK, Oct. 8.-- (Special to the Ulizabeth Hfurd, daughter of Mi u n d 7»lrs K B. Hurd, entertained f i l e n d b at hi;r home feat- urday afternoon, Miss F ancia H u r d , Miss Martha H u i d , Miss Morlam Waled. Miss Dorothy Habrrham. 1 Lady M a r t h a Chapter r [. O. "!;. I K S. w i n bo'd o bpet ial inoeunp, ! V, «di'iy nhilit. in tho Masonic Temple, O c t o l j ' i I D - i t T o ' c l o r k . T h e C'hri'-inn K n d « \ j v m o f t h o Monroe Congregational ehmxn held l a :adio p-irty and 1 o\ supper in the [ c h u i e h pa loi , Saturday nisht. Lo;.- u r I tu ks ol JJricla^ pui t opei a.tod ) the i adio. Mr.s iMaihutJi U e a c l j and M i s Ii. Johnson Loirl v i s i U d U i c n d s at Gti'-itfo fl SuneLiy. U". K. Mix and f,on, Lnoy Mix, returned homa Sunday a f t e r spend- ^ing the \\oek at the Danbury Fair 'with then registerad brown Swiss cattle. Theie he-oms to be an a b u n d a n c e of Irior u p p PS this fall, and less p t o p i f - iiuikiiiK cider. The attendance a Ih-e i d e n u l l s is very pooi Now I sivtot c.i'-U r is b r i n g i n g d«hvercd in ' t h" . i l u s ^1- .1 bairol The apples tn.l \ a i l u u - l . i I I karih n foods noem i.o be f a l l y . as to r h ' t l n i p of )rcviotls .LLir. 1 -, but mint- too o » r h tor the i j u l 11,1} i ml I r o s t v nl I i K COUNTY MILITARY COMMANDS WINNERS OF NATIONAL NOTE Military organizations in Ff county have won distinct honors for drill attendance dunng- the last fiscal year, according to repot ts of the Militia bureau issued in Washington yesterday. Battery L. ot D a n b u i y , 192d Field Artillery, under the command of George ,J. Schoen. Chief of Danbury police took second honors throughout the country -\Mtri an attendance mark of 135 per cent. The Alabama National Guards. Battery D, 141st field artillery carried off first honors with an average attendance of 137 per cent. ^ Amon,g the guard battalions, the second battalion 192d Connecticut Artilliy, composed of Cam bat train and Battery C, of Norwalk and Bat- terv D, of Danbury, took first pri/se with 134 4 per cent. The 192d also led the regiments with a mark ot 117 per cent. Major Edward II Reeves, of New Haven is commander of the battalion, Captai/n Joseph W. L/ockhart is in chaige of the Combat train while Cli» flln Anson F. Wheeler and Captain Georg-e G. Schoen are in command of Battery C. and Battery D, respectively. Langa's Family and Unemployment Secure Leniency for Him. JKEV. JOHN GKANT. Neiv Pastor of Fuirfielcl Congregational Church, Who Has Established Himself In His New Pastorate. WESTPORT, Oct. 8.-- (Sp-ecial to The Telegram)--This rnorning'a session of the Town court was Another d u l l period. Only one case was dis- plosecl of Anthony -Langa, of South- pbrl, was fined ?25 and costs ot $16.10 on charge of reckless driving. Langa figured in ;in a c c i d e n t on thr Shoio roaid several weeks ago in front ol the home OE Frederick Bedford. J3eputy Sheriff Kdgai 11. Purry investigated and ai rested Langa. Attorney Hariy F. Sherwood represented Langa and asked the court to remit the fine. It was brought out that Lansa had a wife aind three children and he was- not working on full time. Langa was plven until Thuisclov to fmnifch the money or go to j a i l . Ho also surrendered his operator's license as he declared he had no moriey to fix his old car. The case of Charles A. Anderson, of !iO Bishop aivenue, Bridgeport, was continued until Octotber 22. Anderson was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Clifford R. Nichols on the charge of reckless driving. The local sheriff alleges that Anderson was driving his truck at the rate of 33 miles an hour on the Post road for a short distance. Attorney Henry, Ireland, of Norwalk, actjod as counsel for Anderson. Present Democratic Incum- , bent Goes Out of Office in March. Lordship REDDING FARMERS WIN PRIZES AT DANBDRY FAIR REDDING, Oct, S --(Special to the Telegram.) Joel G. Hawley and -Son, among tho largest exhibitors of farm produce al the D a n b u i y Fair, won a very large number of prizes this year. Mr. Hawley repeated his successes in previous years and received flist prize for the largest and most attractively aranged table. Notes. Mrs Parmelee Seoflold Clapp has ' returned to Xe\v York after spending most ot the h u m m e r at the home of Miss Julia Sanford Mr. and Mrs A P. B r i n k e i h o f f ara the parents of a new daughter. Mrs. Elizabeth Runyon. of Ohio, is spending a few (3 iys at the home of Mr. and Mrs Charles Hill The Women's auxiliary will hold a meeting at the Community House on Thursday. LIQUOR RAID VICTIMS UNDER HEAVY BONDS NORWICH. (Set. 8.--Two of a group of 13, including- those arrested last night in 1 0 simulUlm-ous" liquor raids in Jewett City 1J s t i t u police headed by o l t l c e r C l i f f o r d N. Gorgaa, pleaded not g u l l t j to chai-BCb ot violating l.ijuor laws before Judse Allyn L. Brown .11 superior court here today. Albert Vor- niadz, 3D and Joseph Solski, ot, the only two put tu plea, denied their guilt. Judge Brown stated lie would accept a simltair plea f t o m the remainder of the defendants and sot bondh of M,500 toi each, to appear at the next torni of the cotat STRATFORD BOY IS STRUCK BY MACHINE NEW CANAAN, Oct. S --(Special to the Telegram.)--A question of keen inteiest to all people in town is who v.ill be tho next yostmastei of the local p'ost office. The term of Hemy Kelley, the present postmaster expires in March of the coming year, and his successor has not yet been appointed. There arc many candidates work- Ing for the position which is one tor the best paying, politically, of any town For the year pnsl rumors have been heard of this per- on and that persons being appointed. The position oC postmaster has been hi Id chiefly by Republicans. Mr. Kelley received his a p p o i n t m e n t u n d e r the Wilson administration. His term of office will terminate in Maich and then he\ states he will go back to \\ork and real lilt? on tho farm. Mr. Kelley, by the way, owns ono of the richest fruit farms in the state, and his crop ot peaches and growth ot special ornamental trees a re ribbon winners. ' RutledRc M a Win. The latest report has it that |j B. Sutton, a previous postmas r ei under the Taft administration, will receive the appointment. Another r u m o r equally as wall substantiated is that Edward C Rutledge, assistant town clerk, will be the lucky person to receive tho appointment. Next in line oC those reooitecl after the job is William B. Simon; warden of the borough, and a member of the Republican Town committee. Mr. Simon possibly has the greatest favor owing to being a m.embcr of tho town committee. f Another person seeking the position is Isaac Nesblt. of the post office staff. Mr. Ncsbitt is the one person having actual office experience and for several years has-been connected \\ith the New Canaan post otifce ,' Still another out for the 1ob, but v/bo statefc he -\\ould not take it handed on a sll\er plater, is William A. Smallhorri of a gio- cery lieie. AH these seekcia of tho highest paid political oltico in town are working under cover ,-ind with a backing of many fri.nds. and each is hoping that he will bo the successful candidate. The person receiving the support of tho Town committee undoubtedly will get the job. TrumbuII STRATFORD, Oct. 8 --(.Special to the Telegram)--Seven year old George Fitzgerald of 113 M i n o r avenue «as p a i n f u l l y m j u i e d h o l e to- h t \ \ h c n he ran from m front of ono autoi l o b i l c f - t i a i g h t in thr p.iMi o l a n o t h e r c n r opt f i t HI! b v ' h : i IL-, W. Got b 1 ot ! U t Washington avenue, .'_« Hav n I ' l t s M j i i a ' i l s n l f e r d two dee petals a b o u t the Jicad and jevi nil HLghl bruises. G o e b f l t u s h e i l the b')J to tin borne of Dr. F. F. lvf\Ms lor tri-atment altei w h K i i he \v.i.s t a k e n to IiK i o n i c . ANIMALS BURNED IN POMFRET FARM FIRE POMPKET, Oct. S --Two horses and a bull were l j u i n e d to death and barn, a house, an Ice house and o u t b u i l d i n g s woi c destroyed by fire m t h e Hamlrt fai m cai ly today. The f a r m , uridei m i p P i M s U ) n of a caretaker, Is ownud bv Spern H a y c t k . ot f j o w c l l , M.'ISH The fire started In the barn and BPI ond to the other buildings. A large numbei of fai m implements v,ero b u r n e d . Tho loss is slimaU'd al M O . O O f l . TUUMBCJJ-iL, Oct. S --(Special to the TeleMam.)--Those f i o m this place who attended tho D A. ft meeting in Bridgeport on M o n d a y wpra Mrs John Ti cadwell, Miss Cora Beach, Mrs Frank L. Wells and Mrs Burr if. IS each. AiTfemf? tho^e from this p l a t e \ v h o expected to attend tho Fan-field C o u n t y 1'oinon ("i.ang-e at Shoiman on Wednesday are Worthy Mastei of T r u m b u l l ( I r a n g e Kd^.u K Tuck- f i and MIM Tucker, M r . ) n d Mis Frank t j Wpllfa and Mr and Mr.s \Villi;,m Kiiller, Mrs T i n k e r K Lac- t u i ' i of JFn.jrf.ield Count-' Pomona' (fr.uifec. Earl D Ward h n s bfon called on niry d u t y in tho C r i m i n a l side of the Court oi C o m m o n Pleas at the County c o u i t The m o n t h l y m e e t i n g ol tho J.a- dics 1 Mihsion.iry socii'ly w i l l bo h e l d ct the paifeonafje Thuisday a f - t c i n o o n " I n d i a " is tlie subject now being s! udit'l M i anil M i s Ttowlaml n c a t h , o f .\cjr\viLlK, ^ ore £"u'Sts on H u r d i v of their g i a n d m o t h e i M I - J M a i y J . B o t u h . The next morlnr, ol T i n m b u l l sn.ia,f will bP Roll C a l l N'ii?ht and CVCM m e m b e r is expected to an.swei' to I l l s or her tuinio in ^0111^ manner othi r t h a n .sajnitj "prcsi'nl," At this inoctiiifc 1"i" bisters wtio lost o u t on C o i n p e U t l v p nifrht w i l l furnish the lirotlier.s a l u n c h . The biothei-s are wondering if they darp p a i t a k p as the last time when they lost and lurmshed tho refreshments they consisted of crackers nnd cheese sandwiches which had been sprinkled ireely with pepper They hardly k n o w whether tnu sister will retah"- a l P Mr nnd Mrs Jo ha Treadu-ell navel been spending the week at Corapo Up-ich Mr and Mis. Frank 1^ Wells ln- terUined fi lends from Miltord 1 over the week-end. Ne\VM and socia' items for Ti-:m- bull may be telephoned to 58-5 , Oct. 8.--(Special to the Telegram) The Lordship Boy Scout* Troop will hold a meeting at 7:15 Tuesday in the Country club. Scoutmaster Perry, of Troop No. 6 Bridgeport, will bp present. John Hayes, ot Clatrk Mills, N. Y., has been the week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Ottaway, of Stratfoid Road. Mr. and Mrs Oiedhill of Fifth Avenue recently entertained Mr. and Mrs Harry Baker and daughter, Lillian, Mrs. M. Corvmgly, and Mrs. Emma Forcoz, of Btidgepirt. Wallter Horkheimer, of Bristol, spent the week-end with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Horkhoimcr, of Fourth Avenue. Guests, at the h o m e ot Mrs. 12. M. Foley this week-end were Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Downs and childien, Waiter and Edith, of Hartford, Mr and Mrs George Whittaker, of Waterbury, and Walter Foley, of Hattod Mrs. B. M E'oley motored back to Harttord with her daug-hter, Mrs. "Downs to spend several days. oVIr. and Mrs. G. Biandt and daughter of Buffalo, N. Y., have been the guests of Miss Gertrude MacDonald and Miss H. Cooke, of Paulm'e street The monthly meeting of the Lordship Fire Co , Inc , was held recently The cotamiUeo appointed tor this month's pinochle g-amos is Mrs. John Allen and Mrs. John Saiuls. Plans for a masquerade ball were made. The committee in chaige is Charles Franz, Robert Fisher and George Hessels. News and social items for the Lordship column may be telephoned to Barnum 7 B 2 0 . Milford M1DFORD, Oct. S.--(Special to The Telegram)--There will toe a special meeting of the Ladies' j\id Society of the Mary T.ilylor M K church in the parlors ot the c h u r c h , Wednesday afternoon of this week, at 2:30 o'clock to f u r t h e r complete plans for the annual harvest f e s t h a l which is to be held in the church parlors October 25 and 2G. Mr. and Mrs F. W. Case, of Pond street, u ere among those who attended the New Haven County Y. M C. A milly held at tho Colonnl Inn, West Haven, Saturday and Sunday, The first meeting of the fall tor the line officers ot the vaiious companies of the Milford File department, including the captains and lieutenants, with Chief Lewis F. Stowo took plaice at Fire headquar- t' j rs Monday evening when plans and o t h e r matters ol interest to the t i l e men wero discussed for the iall and winter. The initiatory degree will be conferred upon a class of candidates at the. regul-ir sveelrly meeting- of Wopo- wage lodge, 1 O O. F , Wednesday evening of thi.s \\ivl, F i n n s are well undorvwy lor tho organization of a F i a t f r n a l Howling leagues hole and a meeting will be held -uithin the near f u t u r e when officers tor the 1D23-1924: season will be elected. The organizations that have .so far .signified their Intentions of joining pire Wopowage lodge, 1 O. ()· F., Royal A i c a u u m , American Le- pion, Fellowcrat t club, Arcue Kn- ginc Company and the Devon A. C AH of these teams were in the local leag-uc last year and efforts are being made to interest Akenash trib o of Redmen aind the Milford Wheel club. (leorjre Peterson, a graduate of the Milford Hish school, class of 1 9 2 2 , b n s entflicd the University of Maine Tho a n n u a l r u m r n a g o sale to be held u n d e r the auspices of Fioelovc B a l d w i n ytowe chapter, D A. R., w i l l take place at the Memorial C'hfiptcr house, Thursday, October ] 1. beginning at 8 a. m. aind c o n t i n u i n g throughout the day and evening. Tho proceeds will 'bo used for the caio and stippoit of two French orphans. Thursday evening- of this week the Milfoicl Wheel c l u b v\ ill hold a mock trial in the club rooms and the following committee has been c o m - pleting arrangements for a most cn- loyable evening, Eugene Earth chairman; David F. Webber, James E. Toocker, Adam Snttipr, William A. Roso and George F Weed. A delegatidii from the Women's Relief corps IB planning to attend thu annual Inspection of Elias Howe Post corps, Bridgeport, on Tliura- d iv aifternoon of this week. Vlr.s J. R. Cochrane, of New York has returned to her h o m o after a pleasant visit of ten days with her parents Mr. and Mrs. William D. Rlialkop, of Prospe* t .street Greenwich Starts Crusade On Personal Tax Evaders GRUENWICH, Oct. S.-- (Special to the Telegram.)--Greenwich is fired of h a v i n g wealthy, and ovon millionlare New Yorkers abandon New STork City and its environs as a place of residence and establish themeselves here, and t h e n dodge thu local taxes by failing to declare their jewelry nnd other personalty which is taxable in their llsto to the cuses- sors. The grand h^t of Greenwich Is one of the largest and wu.ilthicst in the county, b u t , neverthclPhs, tho assessors say, they are not going to tolerate the rich evading taxation in New York state and trying the same tnick here. Hence they arc opening up a crusade against such evaders, chiiefly the niillioniare residents here. ' PUSH FIRE IN DEVON THREATENS NEARBY HOUSES DEVON, Oct. 8 --(Special to the Telegiam ) Tho Walnut Beach Fire Department was called out Sunday afternoon to a brush fire 011 Ploien^e street, Devo n park and the company had some difficulty in. getting it under control. A house nearby was saved from the llamcs only the strenous efforts of the firemen. The Myrtle Beach chapel will hold a Rally social, Tuesday, 8 o'clock --George P. White and family, accompanied by Miss Catherine McBride, motored to Manchester, Saturday, and witnesesd the pageant Regular monthly meeting of the Wanut Beach Fire company to be held Wednesday evening: at the lire house. Miss Margaret Davin, of Lorelei Cottage, Shore Front, Myrl'.e T3each, recently i returned f r o m a two months tour through England and Scotland, visiting .London, Stratl'ord- on-Avon, the home of ShakObpeare, Cambridge and Oxford While in London, she visited. Westminster abbey, Buckingham palace and other Interesting places. Miss Davin spent three weeks in the beautiful lake district ot England and spoke very high.y of the picturesquenefas ot that part of the country. While in Kngr and, Miss Davin, visited several ol tho Industrial Centers such as Birmingham Sheffield and Liverpool and she stated that in all these places in fact all over lUngiiind u n e m p l o y m e n t is quite sreneial and almost c v o r v factory has a hirgo lino of job seekers every day. Howe\er, unlike the American working men the Englishmn takes his il luck w i t h good grace and voiy little complaint is heard. Her stay at Myrtio Beach is to be of short duration as she is planning to go to Miami, Fla|, in company with her mother, Mrs. Julia Davin and enter some business. m that place. Series of Three Fires Cause Damage of $2,000-Origin Unknown. DANBORY, Oct. 8--(Special to the Telegram )--Two barns on the outsMrts of Danbury were burned to the ground nnd the roof of u dwelling, al«o located outride t h e city limits, v a s baxllv damaged in a aeries of fires which occurred last nifjht and early this morning. Ths dealt oyetl buildlnss were owned bv Alexander Trocollo and Mr.s. Marv Walker, while the dwelling damaged is the property of William Berkerle. The Trocollo building, located in Gormantown district, was destroyed last night. The roof of the Berk- erle home in Beaver JTirook d'lstriet, wos also burned off last night Tho Walker barn, which stood on Triangle street, was destroyed early this m'orning. i The to'lal damage ' resulting: from tho three fires is estimated at $2,000. The orig-m of all three is unknown. MILFORD CHAMBER TO ' HEAR CIVIC ECONOMIST · MILtfOED, Oct. S--(Special'to the Telegram ) "Organizalion-Pr- scnt .Day Coal-operation" will Ue the subject of the address to be given Percy V. Morgan, of Mount Version, civic economistrwho will be the.prin- cipal Breaker at the llrst in a series ot luncheon meetings (.0 be hold, by the Milford Chamber of Commerce vvhleh is to take place at the,, fort Trumbull Beach Community clubhouse Tuesday evening at seven o'clock. Fallowing the luncheon which will be served at seven o'clock . sharp there will be a brief business session at which the standing committees appointed by Willam T. Hoyt, president, at the September meeting, will organize for the erisuiintr year. Sev- eral'Other impoiutnt matters To-ill be acted upon at this time. EASTON TEACHER RESIGNS TO ACCEPT DANBURY PLACE DRIVER IN FATAL NORIALK ACCIDENT HAD NO LICENSE (Continued from Page One.) ed that Osborn had. purchased the car from an acquaintance, and that It bore old registration markers when he bought it. "There was no evidence the eithe ho or Eason, who wag an* ex-service man, had .been drinking before '· v " ^ ~ ' ' "·". ^'tbouprh ·is was reported about Xor\valk Neither -na . _ ,.-jLoe that Osborn and ICdson quarried, as was also reported. Accordnig to tha testimony, Osborn was driving Bason home. As the ymall car roundeJ a corner Proing toward Eason's home, the machine bounced violently over a cobblestone gutter, and Eason was thrown from the car and fjAaiiy uijurt-d. Osborn left town, but kept in toucH with affairs through a friend until arrangements for his release on bonds, pending the outcome «jf the coroner's Investigation. IUSTOK Oct. S --(Special to the Telegram.)The school board had a meeting at S. B. Turney's Sat,u'rdny evening-. Among: other business that came up, they received the resignation of Miss Anna Ryan, teacher at the Sport Hill school. Miss Ryan has secured a position in the Danbury schools. Her successor has not been named. Arthur C. Moors and Howard L Moore, of East Grange, N. J., were entertained Sunday, at the home of J. Walker Sherwood. Mr. and Mrs Bradford Hawley, and family, of Monroe, were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bibbins as was Elmer Tryon, of j Haven. | Mrs. Else Wilson, of Bridgepoit, spent Sunday with Mr.s. William Loper. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Godfrey, of Schnectady, 3S T . Y., have recently visited at tho home of Mr. jand Mis. Walker Sherwood, of Sport Hill. Mrs. Flora Tuttle. nad granddaughter. Charlotte, who boarded fo r thceo weeks with Mis. William Loper, havo returned to their home, in Bridgeport. Rev and Mrs. Edward Price, of NPW Haven, were entertained at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. John Candea, Sunday, after the church services. Miss Marjory Jennings, ot Sport Hill, returned to Danbury this morn- ins, to resume her duties at the Daub u r y Normal school. Many local hunteis were out early thiif morning, tho opening-of the season. :imS icport game to bo quits plentiful. SIRS. CROCKER BOETOX, Oct. 8 -- Mrs. Bula J3 Croker, widow of Richard Croker, former Tammany head, was a passenger on the White Star ,lincr Baltic which touched at Boston today from Liveipooi and Queenstowii to New York. 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A good p i n y well done. ur S aisift a.nd the loader bif.Jiop an envelope. The bishop'llned to o.ecept it, I saylns;: "You have a per. ct rig'ht to your | convictions, but you have no rlR'ht | to como into a religious meeting i tvitli masks on your faces." " e ' u r y on I m o t h * r Liu* i great n i c t u o r i n l i d c i l f o r ,11 hoi i k j c i . Ill- G student to acquire a reasonable degree of proficiency ia so ftu^iament- ' r u"j e j'that janitors should not accept al a subject as the English language -r ees f o r W ork in schools. Dr. Fones may well be cited as a case in point. I gald lt seemed to him that the em- The continued expansion of the cur-1 , f tn e Clty o j Bridgeport riculum Increases this failure where as remedial measures are imperative- should be perfectly willing to do civic work of thai: kind without com! ly demanded. nen°atlon j "We, therefore, express the firm | j£ rs _ A ' Uce ]. smith and Wwen belief that this vocational education j jj u r n s ' W ere of the opinion that as should take a more practical t u r n , j as someone was going to get than, we understand, is possible m _ a l a fo (j 0 | n g the work the janitors manual training as Inter- 1 * preted. might as well be the ones. However, It was agreed to let the previ9us For the above reason and because v u l m _ oC the board stand' in relation n_ _ jr.. _ i j.i.^4. * V . ^ J,-. flue '·».i^i I nn+3iT-- ' ""'"o " *· ' - * · * ' " of the fact that the ' n ^ u ^ f ' - i a ' activity of Bridgeport affords the largest opportunity f u r employment and advancement. \K" believe that the great, est ultimate satisfaction will be afforded 'to tbe largest number of both parents and students, if H ia made possible for the student to «»· cure true vocational education con- to the matter. rolling Pjaccs. Permission ivas granted for use of the following .chools: Second district Ji ffi-rson : Third, Whlttier, Fourth, Ellas Howe, Fifth, Junior High school, Sixth, first precinct Shelton; currently with his secondary or high ^^C^rf "id;""«££" Barnumi Eleventh, Franklin; Twelfth, first precinct, SummerfieU; second precinct, Lincoln. Nurse Is Named. Britton, of 59 school education The present Bridgeport State Trade school is conducted in a building so u n f i t for the work that no self respecting citizen should tolerate the conditions found there, it was charged by William E. Webster, a member of the committee. The Trade school can do the same work planned for tho High school by the Board of Kducation, better i and at no cost other than for a 1 building to the city, he said. ; Skill Is liacking. ' Charging that skill is taught in trade aohoolr» whefleas this is a taotor utterly lacking In the present academic school method Mr. Webster Jane street, this city, was Rennell appointed to tion and official and consulting architects of the Warren Hut-cling- Higrh school, as wel.1 as with representatives of tho State Board of Edu- caMon. Information, regarding voca- tianal education in a number of the Cities of the state of Connecticut, has been given careful consideration. "Present facilities Inadequate. . "This committee of tho Knglneers' club is unanimous in its feeling that the Board of Education is entitled to the highest commendation for brinsins to a focus in the public eye the -necessity tor an improved condition in the matter of vocational education in the city of Bridgeport. Present facilities ar* 3 admittedly inadequate and we believe that steps should be promply taken to bring about the required improvement. "This committee, further, agreed that a 1 pupils of high school age snotild be afforded the widest opportunity for the acquirement of as extensive vocational education as pos- continued that the best plan that could be worked out would be a co-operative arrangement between the High and Trajde schools whereby one could acquire both academic and trade subjcata by inter- bchool studies. Gerald S. Pratt, intervened with a statement that he believed the report and remarks of "Webster were from the viewpoint o fan engineer .alone, in that they did not consider committee | generalized education. Attorney Samuel C. Shaw inquired the percentag-e of boys leaving' school before entenlngr Hiph school. Former Superintenclent Pamuel J. Slawson answered, stating ho believed this to be about 40 per cent. The latlor concurred, he said, in the belief that the city needs a new Trade school. The meeting, however, gave him the impression that it was of the "warring" variety, he declared. He urged that the groups get together with the Board of Eclu- j cation and. find sympathetic* sot- j tlement of the matter raither than bo I "constantly Marring." To this | President George K. Crawford said is was not "warring," but rather a working out of the old adage. "Be sure you are right then go ahead." Mr. Fisher pointed out that the Board of Education intends to the position of nurse and instructor of home nursing a nd hygiene in the Bridgeport High school at a salary of $1,500. Her contract starts on O c - i vv , tober 13. She has been with the Har- w , vey Huibbell company ill this city for 'a period of years. . Margreth,a Anderson, of Claverack, N. 1"., was appointed teacher of physical training in the High school to replace Miss Helen Clark, recently Appointed assistant physical director ot public schools. She has been here since September 2-1 and her salary is 51,500. Absence Allowed. Leaves of absence were granted Nor a Allen Dowd, teacher at Grand street school, from September of this year to February. Leave ol absence was aflso granted Maibel J. Beardsworth, teacher at Black Rock school, until February 1, because of ill health The resignation of JStt a K. Ryan, to take effect October 19, was accepted. Registration in the city day schools up to and including- lagt Friday was 2 4 , 0 2 5 , Superintendent Cortrisbt stated in making his report. The elementary day school registration was 21,396 and the registration in Hig-h schools was 3,230, 7 r igures show a very slight change trorn those of a year ajgo, he said. Night School TJ E'ger. Attention of the board was particularly called to the night school department which has a registration of more t h a n 1,000. The Americanization classes have a total registration of 753 and the continuation classes 159 making- a total night class registration of more than 2,000. Superintendent Cortright said he considered tho n i g h t classes one of about 900 boj's training: in general the bigg-cst educational efforts of shop work as an adjunct 1 o the the school sjMtcm because they serve High school court at the new War-1 those whose education plans have ren Harding High school. LillLE THINGS ARE A BIG HELP in c o n t r i b u t i n g to tlio efficiency of an office. Such articles lor uxar.iple, a-; a letter or bill file, a paper or hole out- ter, a stamp nt fixer, a pencil sharpener, -tc., t-um.ll in therriseK *'S, br.t they ss vcj time, j a b u r a n j money. .Let us euu^p you. The FRANK E FARGO Co. KTATIOXERS 147 MIDDLE STREET new War- He asked Mr. "Webster how the State Trade school coud accommodate such a large n u m b e r . The latter replied ho believed it could be done. Harry 15. Harris of the Engineers' committer 1 outlined a plan by means ol a graphic chart by which youths could attain to high positions limited only by their own physical and mental exertions rather than by finances or a lack of opportunity. MEETINGS TONIGHT Editor's Xote --In case of change in tune or place of meeting, please notify in writing the Fraternal Editor, Bridgeport Telegram. Do not telephone. been upset or whose education has been limited because of circunistvime- es. lie expects this to be the biggest year in night school work he said. Running- or the n i g h t schools on the 90 day plan r a t h e r than the 7 j day plan. a s has formerly beon the custom, u-ill make it possible for stu- \ \ l u t " n r d loci; t ;is an exam \ \ h a l -s\ar does Lo ,11111 w l u a. p - i r t m il Ihe y i x a i l«a Britain'--' \var forces dec a reel K ib the destiny of civilised nations to prevent war in the f u t u n . "No man can tell nov, thai war will mojn tu the iiiiman race,' he said. "The futu. t. i.-i in tho tog rising f r o m the muiMss ol wai, ami I cannot tell, no man can toll, \vnal is going to happen. But this I do know that the wa,r a'.tcrtd the destiny of mankind for generations, aye lor ctnturics to come." A Terrible Wusim-s.s. War ib a crucibn- that IcsU the c j u r ^ m , the aotc.-n.iin i t I o n , ' the loyally and Lbc leaaiucsa lo imorUIi-i- ot all thusu v.'iiu' pui'LiCii-aie in it, the speaker added. "It is a t e i r i u L o busi.ii.hs t .l besl: It is a rending business, a shauciiny i usiness, a ruinous business,' he said. The former premier htid oui little hope that the Versail t-h triaty would settle any of the problems of Ihe war. ' The treaty is now in the testing," IiC said, "It may succeed, o.' it may fail IN'o one can tell." ' Tho former premier was at bib | best in delivering the speech. He ' as humorous, he was slcrn, h e ! as eloquent and forcelul. At times j he had his audience in uproars of laughter and again shghtiy lormed women la black whose sons were given to the war, could be obse. vecl silently weiopiju^. It .was a great speech, and it brought to Canada from E n g ' a n d the expression of the empire's gratitude for the f o u r h u n - P ! iy s i c , ' i n \ \ l i o l e t ' u ^ e d l o . c ,i^n M i a . A\ e l i b « d e a t h u e r l i f u aite, on o n i e r c - j ini; I r a n i I h e C-raml , I m v r u u m w l i e i e i h^ luMl been -a " U H n c s * fur an h o u r , in;! a l u i ' l , s.'iu1 he h E i J e x p i a ne.l \ \ l i j lie hail e x c l u d e d M r . \ \ c b b trom h .^ w i f e s stek i OOIH. "J j e i L e t a eil to tne O r a i , u J i i o , " bo saul. "Lhat noitlier I noi .in- otlv r phyyii-ian who l i a i l a l t e n d e d Aim. M'ebb had at any liim- g i v e n her a n y mercury in any f o r m . I t o J t ! uhem I hat none of us . i d m i n U tered any narcotic M to her. The presence on her beily (if m a i k ^ of a h y - imrdpniic needle nni.t bu explained by the fact that h t r j c h n n i c and diK'- tojis were inject d iu s t i m u l a t e her hearl action. Somi- l'oi«oii FiHiiul. Dr. A l e x a n d e r t ) , trO'.'Hk-r, l»-xi- colug-i-il. ul J'.olleMje Wl-jnl i l , M'lio e.s.,uuincd j i a r t s of the body vn.n! i u t h e U i a n d J u r j t h e r u p o i l of liirf f i n d i n g s , which n ua-i undei-H', omi, f = h u v t ed thai some poison was iuuixl in the body, but not in q u a n t i t y to caupe iloath w i t h o u l con t i l h u t o r y causes Dr. K. Sellars Kenn u-d and Ur, T. A. Oonzales, Ne\\ Y ^ r k , spenalibt who perfoi mod the aulopsv oil Airs..' hi-nnc-s Webb's body, als were witnesses During the day a numb'T of Mrs. Webb's trienda, nurses a n d doc'ors x i l i t i i K ' d i'l'oin 1'aRc K i ^ l i l . ) crisis iasl \\crk, ail H i . - pai I he p l a y e d t l i e i o i n . [·leidenl.'illy, l i e r Stlnnorf disposes o f the c u r r e n t Impression u. divided Clerman peoples parly i audeit til" ChanceJor, In -.'. hicl: t l i ^ entire U ' l l . l i e n - Stinnos cites Ihe u i r t j caucus held October 2, at nhlch Dr. K l r r s e m a n n u l s i \.'tvj pr sent. c,nd \\".iuc3] u n a n i m o u u l y adopled a . C H O l u t i n n w h o s e text, Iforr SlinncH at,- scrf, w j s d i . i v n up by lumsoJf anil t h e ( ' h a n c e l l o r , i n w h u J i ihc e n l i r - ' itcieli^Uig c i ' j l p g j t i u n of the indun- liiullbts' p.'irty d . , i . l a n d e d t h e aboli- of a l l roHl i ietiu-18 ' h a L \\"on;cl to b a m p e a r t t u r a tu pea'-u I a l t h o u g h it t e f u s e d to becomo e n - ' tangied in tho s u b s e q u e n t fluctua.- I ! tio.T of Lpinions and ]olitical con| fusion." U'rr h-'tinn^s expres-fcj.y d o u h l wnc 4 - j ' i h ' r the r"stirr % ctnd Strf souu.n!i 1 i o . i ' I t i o n aov^ri-i'iifiil jjosH-s^ii." " U " l i ' - i e n t i,i:iridfit'.!-y an:'"-''ri'^' t.) cfl'i t r a p i d a n d d P c ah e reform*, ,ind !·« lievcti t h ^ r a rion-partj«rui ciMdn 't 05' i.economic lenders ehos-en on a bu'ji.s of t h e i r a c t u a l iu c i f j t i p U h . j ) p n t n in inclust j , I'l^aiu r- and common.* . and u n f e t t e r e d iy u a r h : ~ n j ' u t a i y iiitr-r- i v e n t i n r i , w o u l d h n v e h e l d o u t t h e piomi.,e of lan^ilbie i L c h i e \ e m e n . s . SHIRTS FOR GUNMEN An authority on men's wear nays Xcv. 1 York's ffunmeri jtro among iiie bent dressed men In America. When they sally forth o tlicir evening's !:«.!xr they »re lt to UIH. Bui oven (he must i'astidl- OIIM fi'""*" 111 wouJJ bo lk ased with our di«- lJtiy DEMOCRATIC LEADER \ KILLED m HOLDUP '· \\ATKKV1MJB, lie., O c t . .T«bn I.acombe, active h.-re for ^ as a D L .mocrati'' \\,'iri x a d ' r , killed by a h o i d i i p man t o d a \ . ji.i-sailant escaped. His i dred thousand sons of the d o m n - lon who went abroad to fight on the fields of Prance. It lasted exactly one hour. Tiks Over Itadio. For the first time, tiloyd Geo: ge spoke into the receiving- end of a set of amplifiers suspended above i his head. His v c c was so well carried and he likeil the apparatus so much that he intends to have them j Margaret supplied to him when he makes bin · "*-- """' next camp','gii tour ill England. This who ha attended her, and por"ons, j Dr ) to whom Mr. Webb has spoken after, peopl, . his \vife's death M e r e w tnewies. . s i r cf them were orereO t j vcappe -r when the G r a n d J u r y i .-"/rues itf investigation tomorrow murntriEC To Oi.ntiiixic Prolic. Immediately alter Dr. G-otttler finished his testimony, in which hu sia.- ed that stuliclent poison was not f o u n d in the body to h a v e cause.l death, the Grand Jury voted to continue its investigation . it \\ aa "ni IT fled upon the most reliable, a u t h o r i t y and a*ed -hat M r Webb bo called lo t e = t ' f y Wednesday Tho jury, having hoard those who I believe t h a t Mrs. Webb died an u n I natural death, it was stated, now j wants to .get the other side of t h e i case. lr. Meyer tonight confirmed re- p r o d u c t i o n . \Von i i i Varo'incut.' i "^an'i'llnr Ktvpf niann'y f v i l u r e to n l n ~ u 1111-' cuiiscnl -it the u t n e r eoal- ]ILO i j-'ir;ifs to tJiiH n sola (ion prt-ci- pit'-iLed the ri'iis acordi'ir, lo Merr -,-lio d e u K i i c a : '1 here" y affirm that a l l t l « t t h e Stinnc- 0 dictate, ship' aspired to, met with · complete concurrence of i M-mann and the entire party as represented in the Roic hblag the forepart of last week. BISHOP DECLINES GIFT OFFERED BY KLANSMEN tho striped iMitu»j-ns;-- for Is a, far grvat- '·· vai'k-ly ot f-li'MM-J -liiris llian Ilicy w i l l r-uiuiiall- Iliul in XPIV Turk 01- (Kslnins-. In addition to {fun- iiicu our Uisi-lay «'f .vhlrts is snro to please otherH in I he luirro wcr and Plraigliler \va!kh of lifo. Xot one or two patterns to a size- but twenty or thirty to he-lew, from. MANHATTAN SHIRTS "Known as the best --The best" $3.00 And Up KITTA.NIXG. Pa. Oct. 8--lii-shoj) ' Francis J. MJ-.', of tlie M f - f h - odisl lilpiscopa.! clmrch \va- 'iilir- l u p l e d w h i l e delivering u. hPi ni'in al thf F'rat church here last niijhl bj- nine hooded -ind robed members of the Ku Klux KUn. Tho klansmen maichoU down (V- main ,fOPP.CANNON ST.) . ports t h a t he had been connected in a business v e n t u r e with Mrs. P .Tihnstone. who was with Mrs. Webb when sh° died, anil whowe testimony u p h e l d that of the doc- would inciease by m a n y thousands i tor's. The concein m a n u f a c t u r e d cos- the audiiVces who would hear him. mettcs, and was known as the WU- mnr" Manuficttirlns company. Th« name is eomnosed of th° first syl-, lables of Dr. Ti'leyer's and Mrs. J o h n - j stone's first namt'S. William T. Hunte". of Devon, Pa., ! a relative of Mrs Webb's, declared that Dr. Otto H. Schultze. who w n s present at the autopsy, told him that in his opinion ilrr, Webb had been murdered. T)r. K c h u l t z e w a s the , only expert connected with the case who was not called before tho fiiancl j J m y today. j Mr. Hunter stated he would like ] to appear before the j u r y to test!- I fy reprar'ling the Doctor's statement, i w h i c h he f-aid was m a d e to him s h o r t l y after tho a u t o p s y A\as performed. CANDIDATE FOR ALDERMAN IS NOT ON PRIMARY LIST Demoratic Town Chairman J. McGuinness admitted last nig'lit that a situation had been broug-ht. to hl.s attention, regarding the nomination for alderman of a man who is n o t on the Democratic primary list in the district in which he v ay endorsed, or in any district. Although Chairman McGulness w o u l d not | disclose the name of the candidate referred lo, A f w a t e r adherents among Tenth distnol Democrats declared that the candidate is Herbert TJ. Orton of 3SO B a r n u m ave- nua, n o m i n a t e d by "organization" Democrats for alderman. ROAD LABORER KILLED IN WATERBURY CRASH dents to get credit toward d,iv school) Town chairman McCiuiness diplomas in certJIin classes., it is plan- nridgeport Fire Underwriters' as- sot iation, Algonquin club. Bridgeport Master Builders' exchange, 396 Stratford avenue. Bridgeport Ritle club, State Alm o t y . Konckapotanauh tribe, I. O. R. M., 1188 Main fctreet. Harmony council, Jr., O. U. -S. M., lo K a i r h t l d avenue. Mithra lodge, K. of )'., l O - ' o Mam sti eet. Calanllie temple, Pythian Sisleis, 10^3 Main htreet. Pejuonnock lodge, 1. O. O. F., 1 0 D S Broad street. Carpenters and Jo ! ners, 170 Klin street. Martha W a s h i n g t o n lodRC, D iugh- ters uf Bt. George, 3UIJ Straford avo- n u e . Rea^side hive, Lad es ot the ctabeas, 130 A r c h street. Cou. t X'equonnock, F. of A. Eroad street. Catalpa circle. Broad street. Bruad street K h e n a n d r a h lodgr l l o u s J t o n i c avenue. Corinthl.i'1 'o gc .'I.isomV- Ttmple. Frenndfichaft R e l v k H h O. O F., 164 State street. I m m e d i a t e Ri-liel nsMji-iation, t O. O F., 1087 Broad street. Betsey Hoss council. Sons and Daughters of Liberty, I b l State street. Major Charles H. Bonsteel-auxiliary, A. U. S W. V., State Armory. npd. Eventually, according to plan \vhjch are being w o r k e d out, a stu- Jcnt in n i g h t school classes may sec u r o ,, High school diploma. The hoard received a c o m m u n l - catjon I r o m JIIRS J. JCthcI "VVooster, of Iho children's department of t h e l i b r a r y , t h a n k i n g it for the use of the High school auditorium on September ,'!» w h e n tu party was held for children who had read a specified n u m b e r of library books d u r i n g the summer months. Adjourn Until Tiio,tla,y. Requests from Town Chairman J o h n J. McCJuiness of the Democratic party and R e p u b l i c a n Town Chairman J. Alex. H. Robinson for the use respectively, of the Congress High school a u d i t o r i u m on October 1 U. for t h e Democratic convention and the H i j h school a u d i t o i - ium on October 13, for the Republican c o n v e n t i o n , were granted as were ·five other requests of organizations (or use of the Lyon Terrace High school a u d i t o r i u m . The board ad Journr-a tu next Tuesday at eight o'clock. said ;i ny- enn- he had been unable to f i n d where in the parly rules, that n riidato must be on tlie primary it is contended that Orton's name does not appear on tho Democratic primary list, and there is no name- on the list, at his address. On t h e "Republican list t h p n a m e of George L'mstatter is l i s t e d - a t 380 IJnrniirn a v e n u e , and fjic Atwater supporters in the Tenth say UmstattCr is Ortan's father-in-lay. WATERBURY. Oct. S.-- Vincent! S u v n l l . a road laboi er dic'il t r n i g h t 1 at W u i e r b i ' o hos])ilal as a r e s u l , n f | l . i , f r a c l u i ' e d s k u l l received when ho w a s struck bv a. car drivi n by 'Win-. t h i o p COUP of iN'orl'oik, Cmin C o n e ] claimed t h a t SL \ - a l l , who wa*i w o i k 1 me in the ivivl near T.ioma'-'lon' stepped out s n i u l c n l y and wa n h i i v c k i l / p t o r e hi.' i u ' ' l s w c r \ ' o U^ t h n si'!o ot avoid the u cident. Sa-jll hay a wife in Spam who n said to ]c aw.ii - j ing w o r d fi oni her lui'i'iand tu j o i n , h m hi'iv\ Coroner Saniu»l Herman of Litclilield C o u n t y will h o l r t an in- · l i i i n t in thp v ei l» t ' ( . . l i ' i n m u i t ponsibility l o r t h e a c c i d e n t . 1087 F. of A. 1 0 S 7 Mac- MOTORIST ESCAPES AFTER SENDING CAR OVER RAIL K of P, 4 9 7 an-1 A. M. lods i BUFFALO. N. Y., O c t . S. S t r u c k 1 hy a moto. ist, who tlld not stop, an . i i i i o n i o i ' J o driven by A. t h u r RCJJ It un wiu' f t h r o u g l j the railing ·jf j n a r r o w britlgc over the Penn- . J \ a n l a railrnnd b c t w r , u Hol.'u id . nil P r o t e c t i o n late last night, and 1 plunged to T i n - a'a-lis, 23 feet bo- | iow Ropiui and hi-; :on, Charles, 7 j years old, wo c in.'tanllv k i l l e d . Park City '.Vashir cjton Rc-/l Rosi I Main street. c o u n c i l , K. of C , 480 a- enue. circle, A. O F., M. M. M.'Iu s l r e e t . lodg.-, I. O. B. B., 045 HIS LOOK CHANGES AS LIQUOR BOTTLE BREAKS.; F. of A.. 1 lai.nif in,"- b ' i r . t j f on n K\v-iuj4 in the l i n j h i lab mi Mid,lie hti i-et ittbl nif-'lil, l l o r n e c l;ush, 1J yc.i I-H old, ul 2) UiBh'aml tivenuo fi H anil ) 1 -- v\ f U'e.s i i n d Mother f: act m n(i his le'l ' e l i ow. I!' was I , so- | t r « " i t i " l , i t I Imerg-ejicy u n j I r e i i i o v e « l to hi.s home. FOR MAKING CAKE, BISCUIT AND PASTRY AND FOR WHOLESOME FRYING Snowdrift Packed in a truly ait right can ihac keeps ir as j u as the day it was made. and fresh Special October tasy Payment Offer In order to give every reliable party an opportunity to purchase our Superior Quality sr ^*» ·/ Home Furnishings of every description, we have concluded to offer you choice from our entire magnificent new stock, on extraordinary easy payment terms during the month of October. We invite you to come and inspect our beautiful new fall display and let tell you just how easy we are going to make it for you become the owner of any portion you may desire. This gives a rare opportunity to obtain Nothnagle quality merchandise at a fair price so easily, that it seems foolish to consider inferior kinds on account of terms, while you can get both quality and terms that will please you here. Your Choice of Everything In The Store ¥~~* 9 m | For Bed Room, Dining Room, Living Room, P 1 1 If 11 1 tl I if f* 1 Hal! » Den Sun Parlor an d Kitchen. We now J, ttA M. *» U A ^ · R choics colleclion of Berkey md Gay » 8 fine furniture; some beautiful specimens of our own make luxurious Living 'teora furniture and couches. Our own make superior Box Springs and Hair Mattresses; Foster Ideal Springs and Cribs; Simmons Metal Beds. A wonderful line of Ruga of every description; Carpets, Armstrong's Linoleum; Con- goleuro; CongoLum Rugs ; Draperies, Lace 'Curtains, Nets, Scrims, Cretonnes and Furniture Coverings. A beautiful new line of Lamps, Pictures, Mirrors, Ceclar Chests, and ma.'iy choice decorative novelties suitable for wedding presents and whist prizes which have never been shown here before ; in fact we nov/ have a most attractive gift shop which you will enjoy looking over. Other articles which you can buy o i most convenient terms now are Glen- v/ood Coal and Gas Ranges, Andaa Combination Ranges, Detroit Jewell Gas ianges, Andes Pipeless Furnaces, Pavlor Heating Stoves, Gas Heaters, Oil Heating and Cook Stoves, Domestic Science Fireless Cookers, Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets. Refrigerators, Office Furniture of every description. A swell line of Baby Carriages, besides the Aeolian Vocation Phonographs which are irulj' the most psrfect and sweetest reproducers of tone today. The Sonora is another great favorite. When you can choose from such a wonderful combination you can't go wrong particularly when you can have from six months to a year to pay for many of the above mentioned articles while you are enjoying their use. \ Come and Look Anyway We Are Sure It Will Do Us Both Good 1149 MAIN ST. CORNER ELM ST.

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