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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 18
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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 18

London, Greater London, England
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18 FRIDAY MAY 12 1995 THE DAILY TELEGRAPH NEW RELEASES Hugo Davenport on Bullets over Broadway an offbeat weepie girls growing up in Ireland and the abuse of childhood innocence Woody remixes the old cocktail BULLETS OVER BROADWAY (15 cert 99 mins) general release BOYS ON THE SIDE (15 cert 117 mins) general release irretrievably unravelled The picture is a bit of a shambles in narrative terms but not without beguiling moments Jane (Goldberg) falls for someone she cannot have and must settle for sisterly solidarity while Robin (Parker) wooed in vain by a barman faces the fact that her desire for husband and children will not be fulfilled Barrymore imparts a delicious spark of delinquent spontaneity to Holly finding the man of her dreams in one Abe Lincoln (Matthew McConaughey) a cop of impeccable uprightness in law as in bed As the three party quarrel and make up on a spacious Arizona ranch estranged mother (Anita Gillette) joins the tribe for a quavering singa-long of You Got It which should irrigate all but the most drought-stricken A A vain Broadway legend hustles a high-minded playwright into romance: Dianne Wiest and John Cusack in over A pawn wins the game EVEN devoted Woody Allen fans could reasonably suspect the New York joker of thumbing the same old pack of thematic cards for too long Of late each film has seemed a shuffle with a dog-eared deck the cut the deal and the play all a bit familiar a touch of pastiche and a midlife crisis here a love-tangle and a collision of worlds there Not that all his recent work has lacked entertainment value A kinder analogy for method might be jazz of which he is an enthusiastic off-screen practitioner: you know the riffs but there is usually some ingenious variation to refresh the ear So perhaps not unduly damning to say that Bullets over Broadway recalls Broadway Danny Rose in its Runyonesque cocktail of show-business eccentrics and gangsters True Allen stays behind the camera this time directing and sharing the credit with Douglas McGrath The theme is that old chestnut the integrity of the artist Or rather The Artist It was the Surrealists who first drew subversive parallels between art and crime: in characteristic faux-naif style Allen takes the conceit literally by making the only real artist of the piece a mobster All of which is little more than a pretext for a broad farcical send-up of backstage rivalry egomania and galloping neurosis among the pampered darlings of the Great White Way Set in the Twenties the picture charts the career of a writer David Shayne (John Cusack) who trumpets lofty aims until he finds the only way to get his play staged and direct it is to cast a shrill moll in a major role as yes a psychiatrist Olive Neal (Jennifer Tilly) is so hopeless that she pronounces as something equine and cannot recall drift after be Her boyfriend is Nick Valenti who bellows down the phone about extracting an vitals through his windpipe when the showgirl producer (Jack Warden) and director meet for introductory drinks The show receives a fillip as Helen Sinclair (Dianne Wiest winner of this best supporting actress Oscar for the role after an identical success in Hannah and Her Sisters nine years ago) takes the lead A posturing vamp self-described with false humility as vain Broadway leg- night out: Minnie Driver (Benny) and Saffron Burrows (Nan) get ready Cost of ignorance nousness to build an EEC Brylcreem-mountain: small wonder that Benny falls for handsome Jack Foley (Chris a college rugby star agonising about following his vocation as a doctor when she arrives to study in Dublin Catholic repression is amusingly offset with lectures on anthropological classic about the sexual freedom enjoyecF by adolescent Trobriand Islanders The Sexual Life of Savages but the costs of ignorance are revealed when Nan seduced and dropped by weak wealthy Simon Westward (Colin Firth) feels driven to an act of betrayal The obligatory happy ending is a mite contrived but there is much else to enjoy especially the strength and vulnerability of performance she flatters pretensions and draws him into a romantic liaison with a finger pressed to his lips and husky urgent murmurs of: There is much bitching and intrigue none of it very subtle Our own Jim Broad-bent is splendid as a rotund thespian who has an eating disorder so severe he hides a swiss roll in his script or chomps a chicken-leg in midseduction and who is ejected into the street to meet his public in a high-tensile corset Tracey Ullman is suitably abrasive as an actress doting on a chihuahua Mr Woofles that she claims to breast-feed But the key character is Cheech (Chazz Palminteri) reluctant mobster minder His testy observations unwelcome at first sharpen the play eventually he resorts to his automatic in defence of artistic purity bringing on a crisis for David and a pat happy ending though Rob Reiner as the tubby Lothario consoling the spurned girlfriend (Mary-Louise Parker) adds a welcome flourish Shot in old gold and sepia opulent in design adorned with atmospheric period music this is balsa-weight fun: Woody without splinters Mary-Louise Parker underused in film pulls out the stops in Herbert Boys on the Side The film is a self-consciously off-centre weepie concerning the adventures of three women on the road Whoopi Goldberg plays a lesbian singer Drew Barrymore a pregnant wild-child fleeing a murder rap after bashing her violent drug-dealer boyfriend on the head Parker is a prim estate agent devoted to the Carpenters and suffering from Aids At first glance the trio presents a menu of fashionable female deviance of such inclusive political correctness it almost hurts To the credit of Don gentlypaced script however the view of relations between the sexes is far from separatist: more about accepting frustration and trying to create a sense of family in a world where the old definitions have HOW TO PLAY Find 16 words including at least 1x8 letters and 2x6 letters Letters must adjoin but not necessarily in a straight line For example in the game alongside you can make SIRE and PEER No letter cube may be used more than once in the same word and words must be a minimum of four letters With no proper names vain to stop the cruelty of the local Tonton Macoute boss Janvier (a performance of dead-eyed menace from Jean-Michel Martial) The story unfolds in flashback three decades on with a reflective voice-over commenting on the obscurations of a memory clouded by terror Janvier coils round the family like a python helping himself to goods from the their small shop awaiting his chance it comes when Grandmother Des-rouillere bravely stands up to the petty demands of the vulgar spiteful Mme Janvier A haunting film lingering in the mind like a bad dream Just as grim in its way is Sin Compasion an impressive updating of Crime and Punishment from Peruvian director Francisco Lombardi It stars Diego Bertie as Ramon a poor student who murders his rapacious landlady and her husband then seeks redemption with a teenaged prostitute Sonia (Adriana Davila) struggling to support her younger siblings An odd mixture of ideals arrogance and nihilism Ramon establishes a complex relationship with the patient detective (Jorge Chiarella) investigating the killings while a creepy old man (Hernan Romero) tries to lure Sonia with the promise of wealth preoccupations translate rather well to modern Lima a testament to his modernity and a Catholic context VICTORIA PALACE Box Off CC (No bkg fee) 0171 834 1317 CC (bkg fqe) 0171 344 4444420 0000 Groups 0171 413 33210171 930 6123 BUDDY The Buddy Holly Story Sun BUDDY Sun Tel BUDDY Mon-Thurs 800 Fri 530 830 Sat 500 830 ALL SEATS 12 PRICE FRI 530 PERF 6TH STUNNING YEAR OVER 2200 PERFORMANCES Booking till the year 2000! FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED WHITEHALL 0171 369 1735344 4444 OLIVIER AWARD WINNER 1995 MARIA FRIEDMAN BY EXTRA SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT Sings Gershwin Porter Sondheim Previewing Now Opens 16 May Tues-Fri 8 Sat 6 845 Sun 4 WYNDHAMS 0171 369 1746 cc (no bkg fee) 0171 344 4444 JULIET STEVENSON SEXY HEARTBREAKING Tel SIMON RUSSELL BEALE ROBERT GLENISTER THE DUCHESS OF MALFI by John Webster PHILIP FRANKS PRODUCTION IS Eve Std Eves 730 Mats Wed Sat 300 CINEMAS CURZON MAYFAIR Curzon St 0171 369 1720 (no bkg fee) LE COLONEL CHABERT (PG) Progs at 115 (not Sun) 335 600 830 CURZON PHOENIX Phoenix St off Charing Cross Rd 0171 369 1721 (no bkg fee) THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE (PG) Progs at (not Sun) 355 615 835 CURZON WEST END Shaftesbury Ave W1 0171 369 1722 (no bkg fee) DEATH AND THE MAIDEN (18) Progs at 125 (not Sun) 345 610 835 THE GREEN ROOM at The Cafe Royal London Premier Cabaret Nightclub BLOSSOM DEARIE 16 May 3 June 1995 RESIDENT BAND BAR DANCING TIL 3am Tues-Sat Dinner 7pm Cabaret 915 pm Dinner Cabaret £48 Cabaret only £20 For bookings please call: 071 437 9090 FRESH (18 cert 113 mins) THE MAN BY THE SHORE (no cert 105 mins) SIN COMPASION (15 cert 117 mins) games of survival is innocence No 12-year-old should have to be this manly nor this ruthless The beauty of it wish-fulfilment maybe is that for once a pawn wins the game and for the noblest of reasons Adult violence is seen through the eyes of a much more helpless innocent an eight-year-old girl growing up under Doc Haitian regime during the Sixties in Raoul subtle chilling The Man by the Shore Homme sur les Quais) Here we find a pervasive sense of evil festering beneath the tropical heat among empty sun-blinded streets Sarah (Jennifer Zubar) a dreamy girl lives with her redoubtable grandmother (Toto Bissainthe) while her parents remain in enforced exile She plays solitary games in a shady attic for friendship is difficult in such a fearful climate One day Sarah accidentally witnesses the brutal beating of her uncle Sorel (Patrick Rameau) whom we meet later as a pathetic clowning cripple She cries out from a balcony as her soldier father (Francois Latour) tries in 0171 494 5041 cc 420 0000 344 4444 Groups 930 6123 EXPLOSIVE DANCE COOL JAZZ HOT MIKADO Previews from 18 May Opens 24 May ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY LONDON (0171 638 8891) BARBICAN: TWELFTH NIGHT 715 Tomor 200 715 THE PIT: AFTER EASTER 715 Tomor 200 715 STRATFORD (01789 295623) RST: THE TAMING OF THE SHREW 730 Tomor 130 SWAN: THE RELAPSE 730 Tomor 130 SAVOY 0171 836 8888 cc 24hr7 days no bkg fee 420 0000 Grps 413 3321312 8000 Winner 5 1995 Laurence Olivier Musical Awards JOHN GORDON RUTHIE SINCLAIR HENSHALL BEST ACTOR BEST ACTRESS BEST DIRECTOR BEST SUPPORTING PERFORMANCE BEST MUSICAL REVIVAL SHE LOVES ME BEST MUSICAL Critics Circle Award Mon-Sat 745 Mats Wed Sat 300 SHAFTESBURY BO 0171 379 5399 cc 24hr 344 4444 Grps 930 6123 GORDEN RUE KAYE McCLANAHAN HARVEY by MARY CHASE Dir by CLIFFORD WILLIAMS Prevs 1617 May Opens 18 May Eves 745 Mats Thu Sat 230 FOR A LIMITED SEASON ST MARTINS 071 836 1443 (no bkg fee) 071 497 9977 (bkg fee) groups 071 312 1994 (no bkf fee) Eves 8 Tues 245 Sat 5 8 43rd YEAR OF AGATHA THE MOUSETRAP STRAND 0171 930 8800 or 0171 344 4444420 0000 24hrsno bkg fee MISS Gdn A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE Tue- Sat 745 Mats Thu 20 SatSun 30 FINAL 5 WEEKS BOOK NOW! VAUDEVILLE 0171 836 9987 cc 0171 420 0000 (No Fees) DIRECT FROM SELL OUT SUCCESS AT THE NATIONAL THEATRE CHOICE by PATRICK MARBER Evgs 745 Sat 50 815 Mats Wed 30 ENTERTAINMENTS IRELAND is fast becoming not just a tax-friendly location for Hollywood moguls but also a domain of quasi-mythical rural innocence among indigenous film-makers on both sides of the Irish Sea From Peak to The War of the Buttons we have lately seen several sunny forays into the eccentric rivalries and minor scandals of village life Pat Circle of Friends adapted from a Maeve Binchy novel looks like more of the same Yet for all its delicacy of tone there is a more robust thematic underpinning to the lyricism a pointed critique of the Catholic Church which fostered so much ignorance and misery among young people through its blinkered approach to sexuality during the Fifties The film traces the path to OPERA AND BALLET COLISEUM 0171 632 8300 (24HR) ENGLISH NATIONAL OPERA (LAST PERF) 700 COSI FAN TUTTE Tomor 715 DON GIOVANNI ROYAL OPERA HOUSE 0171 304 4000 for Box Office Standby info Tickets available on the day The Royal Ballet 730 (Last Night) FIRSTEXT STEPTEXT LA RONDE RHAPSODY The Birmingham Royal Ballet Tue (First Night) Wed 730 COPPELIA Thur 730 (First Night) THEME AND VARIATIONS PILLAR OF LE TRICORNE WELLS 0171 713 6000 BALLET PRELJOCAJ seeing it believing Times 9 14 May 730pm (13 May 330pm 8pm) THEATRES ADELPHI LLOYD Wall St Journal SUNSET BOULEVARD Starring ELAINE PAIGE and JOHN BARROWMAN 24HR CREDIT CARD BOOKINGS CALL 0171 344 0055 (bkg fee) GROUP BOOKINGS 0171 413 3302 (bkg fee) NO BOOKING FEE FOR PERSONAL CALLERS AT THE ADELPHI BOX OFFICE Recorded information 0171 379 8884 Mon-Sat 745 Mats Thur Sat 300 ALBERY BO 0171 369 1730 cc 344 4444 (no bkg fee) The Brand New Production of FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE With the hit international company The again from Thursday Opening Night 25 May Mon-Thurs 8pm Fri Sat 600 845 ALDWYCH cc 416 6003420 0000 (No Fee) Evenings 730 Matinees Wed Sat 30 FELICITY KENDAL MARGARET TYZACK ART MALIK in INDIAN INK STOPPARDS TRIUMPH A BEAUTIFUL AND FUNNY FIREBALL OF A PLAY TO ILLUMINATE THE Directed by PETER WOOD CIRCLE OF FRIENDS (15 cert 102 mins) general release adulthood of three young women in provincial Knockg-len between 1949 and 1957 Benny (Minnie Driver) bigboned and buxom outspoken but sensitive is the heart of the drama She is flanked by glamorous Nan (Saffron Burrows) who dreams of marrying into the Anglo-Irish Ascendancy and Eve (Geraldine As an orphan with access to the private Eden of a tumbledown cottage in the woods Eve is the freest of them unsuspecting father the town draper coaxes her to marry his scheming assistant Sean Alan Cumming invests the latter with enough sly oleagi AMBASSADORS 0171 836 6111836 1171 cc 0171 420 00000171 344 4444 (No Fees) glowing moving and utterly hilarious Sunday Times MIRIAM MARGOLYES JOSEPHINE SERENA TEWSON EVANS THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE FRANK COMEDY can only cheer and Daily Mail Eves 8 Mats Thur 3 Sat 530 830 APOLLO 0171 494 5068344 4444420 0000 PETER BOWLES LISA HARROW in TERENCE IN PRAISE OF LOVE SUBLIME DMail Today Eves 8pm Mat Thurs 3pm Sat 5pm APOLLO VICTORIA cc 0171 416 6045 cc 24 hrs 0171 344 44440171 420 0000 Groups 0171 416 60750171 413 3321 Andrew Lloyd New production of STARLIGHT EXPRESS "A REBORN THEATRICAL Daily Mail White knuckle runs 1945 daily Tue Sat 1500 Tickets from £1250 CAMBRIDGE BO CC 0171 494 5054 cc (no Bkg Fee) 312 1992344 4444 Grps 413 3321312 1970 FAME THE MUSICAL Reduced Price Prevs from 16 June CAMBRIDGE THEATRE 0171 494 5080 CC 420 0000344 4444 (24hrs 7 days bkg fee) New smash hit musical MAMA I WANT TO SING Featuring MICA PARIS hot Std Mon-Thurs 745pm Fri 530pm 815pm Sat 3pm 745pm Friday 530pm only all tickets £1250 COMEDY BO 0171 369 1731 CC 344 4444 Groups 413 3321 THE MOST ACCLAIMED COMEDY OF THE YEAR STEPHANIE COLE Daily Mail A PASSIONATE WOMAN by KAY MELLOR Directed by NED SHERRIN Tue-Sat 8pmMats Wed 3pm Sat Sun 4pm CRITERION 839 4488 344 4444 420 0000 BEST COMEDY Olivier Award Evening Standard Awards MY NIGHT WITH REG By Kevin Elyot David Bamber Best Actor Olivier Awards Eves 8pm Wed Sat Mats 4pm Extended due to popular demand Booking to August DOWN in Brooklyn life is a remorseless hustle for Michael (Sean Nelson) the bright taciturn 12-year-old hero of Boaz intriguing debut Fresh This is a ghetto picture with a difference No rap soundtrack instead a dark seething wash of guitar and strings from Stewart Copeland And despite some shocking violence both provocative and moving Those who believe children grow up too fast nowadays will have that conviction redoubled by the story of Fresh for such is street name Living in a crowded foster-home the boy cuts classes to run errands for drug-dealers learning speed-chess moves between times from his talented but broken father (Samuel Jackson of Pulp Fiction fame in a performance of angry integrity) Fresh has an with the pimpish local heroin dealer Esteban (Giancarlo Esposito) who exacts sexual favours from addicted elder sister Nichole Wright) and with the psychotic crack-dealer Corky (Ron Brice) After witnessing the tragic murder of a young girl the boy plays off the two sides against each other a cool strategist with a hidden agenda a gritty slow-burning poetry in the film coupled with a recognition that the worst casualty of inner-city poverty as children are pushed into perilous LONDON PALLADIUM BOCC 0171 494 5020344 4444 (£1 tkt serv 420 0000 Grps 0171 420 0200 JONATHAN PRYCE in OLIVER! MASTERPIECE YOU ASK FOR Times Eves 730 Mats Wed Sat 230 CHECK DAILY WITH BO FOR RETURNS AND CANCELLATIONS LYRIC Shafts Ave BO cc 0171 494 5045 cc 416 6066 Grps 494 5454413 3321416 6075312 1970420 0200 STAR Times THE FATS WALLER MUSICAL GENIUS TAKES YOUR BREATH Mail Eves 8pm Mats Thur 3pm Sat 5pm NATIONAL THEATRE BO 0171 928 2252: Grps 0171 620 0741 24hr cc bkg fee 0171 420 0000 OLIVIER 715 Tomor 200 715 WOMEN OF TROY Euripides in a translation by Kenneth McLeish LYTTELTON Tomor (PREVIEW) 730 ABSOLUTE HELL Rodney Ackland COTTESLOE 730 Tomor 230 730 (LAST PERFS) THE BLUE BALL Paul Godfrey NEW LONDON Drury Lane WC2 BO 0171 405 0072 CC 0171 404 4079 24hr 0171 344 44440171 420 0000 Groups 0171 930 6123 THE ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER TS ELIOT INTERNATIONAL AWARD-WINNING MUSICAL CATS Eves 745 Mats Tue Sat 300 LATECOMERS NOT ADMITTED WHILE AUDITORIUM IS IN MOTION PLEASE BE PROMPT Bars open at 645 LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS AVAIL DAILY FROM BOX OFFICE OPEN AIR THEATRE Regents Park 0171 486 2431 cc 0171 486 19330171 344 4444 (Bkg Fee) RICHARD III Prevs from May 26 A MIDSUMMER DREAM Joins Rep June 12 THE MUSIC MAN Joins Rep July 25 BOOK NOW! PALACE THEATRE BO 0171 434 0909 cc 24hrs (bkg fee) 0171 344 4444420 0000 Group Sales 0171 930 6123 Groups 0171 494 1671 THE MOST POPULAR MUSICAL LES MISERABLES Eves 730 Mats Thu Sat 230 Latecomers not admitted until the interval LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS AVAIL DAILY FROM BOX OFFICE PHOENIX BOCC 0171 369 17330171 344 4444 0171 420 0000 Groups 0171 930 6123 BEST MUSICAL OlivierDrama Awards Plays and PlayersIvor Novello Awards WILLY BLOOD BROTHERS STEPHANIE LAWRENCE Express the audience to its feet and roaring its Mail Eves 745 Mats Thur 300 Sat 400 PICCADILLY 369 1734344 4444420 0000 NEW MUSICAL IN TOWN MoS ONLY THE LONELY THE ROY ORBISON STORY Cap Rad Tue-Thu 8Fri 515815Sat 5830 Sun 4 ALL SEATS 12 PRICE FRI 515 PERF NB: SUNDAY MATINEE AT 4PM PRINCE EDWARD 0171 734 8951 cc (24hr no bkg fee) First Call 0171 420 01000171 344 4444 Groups 930 6123 BEST MUSICAL Laurence Olivier Awards 1993 ALL SINGING ALL DANCING ALL GERSHWIN CRAZY FOR YOU THE BRIGHT LIGHTS BACK IN THE WEST END IN DAZZLING Mail on Sunday Eves 745 Mats Thu Sat 300 GOOD SEATS AVAIL THIS WEEK PRINCE OF WALES 0171 839 5987 420 0232416 6020344 4444 0171 413 3321 Barry COPACABANA Evening of Pure Mail The Hit Musical Starring DARREN DAY Can Possibly Top This Tel COPACABANA Nominated Best Musical Olivier Awards Eves 8 pm Mats Wed Sat 3 pm Group discounts available SEATS NOW AVAILABLE PLAY TODAY TO WIN ONE OF TWO SHEAFFER PEN SETS Play Boggle today and you could win one of two classic Crest fountain pens with matching bail-points from SheafFer These stylish pens have an unusual hand-finished red lacquer barrel with 23 carat electroplating cap The 1 8 carat gold wrap-around nib bears the unmistakable SheafFer signature SHEAFFER SheafFer writing instruments are admired and renowned worldwide as much for their beauty as their excellence The pleasure of smooth effortless writing is assured by the nib on every SheafFer fountain pen each crafted by hand to provide the precise balance of flexibility and strength DOMINION Ticketlines 0171 416 6060 420 0000 (bkg fee) Grps 0171 416 6075 413 3321420 0200 GREASE Starring SHANE RICHIE and SAMANTHA JANUS furious Mirror Eves 730 Mats Wed Sat 3pm SOME GREAT SEATS AVAIL MON-THUR DONMAR WAREHOUSE 369 1732 OUR BOYS DRURY LANE THEATRE ROYAL SS cc (bkg fee) 24hr 7 days 0171 494 50000171 344 44440171 420 0000 Groups 0471 312 8000494 5454 MISS SAIGON CLASSIC LOVE STORY OF OUR TIME" NOW IN ITS 6TH SENSATIONAL YEAR! Eves 745 Mats Wed Sat at 3pm Good seats available for Wed Mat some perfs apply BO TELEPHONEPOSTAL BOOKINGS PERSONAL CALLERS (0171 494 5060) (bkg feel DUCHESS cc 0171-494 5070 cc 344 4444 (no bkg fee) 836 2428 (bkg fee) Groups 0171 413 3321 Eves 8 Wed Mat 3 Sat 830 NOW IN ITS 5th YEAR SAUCY EStd DRESS FOR DINNER DUKE OF 0171 836 51229837 CC 420 0000344 4444 (no fee) Gps 413 3321240 7941 ROBIN COUSINS NICHOLAS PARSONS Star in RICHARD THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW The Worlds Most Popular Rock Roll Musical "so funny so fast so DMail '94 Opens 17 May FORTUNE BO CC 0171-836 2238 CC 420 0000 (24hrs no fee) 344 4444 (no fee) Grps 413 3321 FEAST OF THEATRICALITY DMail JOHN MICHAEL NORMINGTON GRANDAGE Susan THE WOMAN IN BLACK Adapted by Stephen Mallatratt MOST THRILLING PLAY FOR Gdn Mon-Sat 8pm Mats Tues 3pm Sat 4pm GARRICK 0171 494 5510 CC 344 4444420 0000 greatest play a near-perfect production by Joe Dowling Obs THE PLOUGH AND THE STARS blazes with passion feeling NOT TO BE Sun Times Strictly limited season to 10 June only Eves 745 Mats Thurs Sat 230pm GIELGUD 0171 494 5065344 4444 Rupert Graves Marcus Rachel Weisz Nicholas Clay in NOEL DESIGN FOR LIVING Dir by SEAN MATHIAS Mail Eves 745pm Thur Sat Mats 3 pm FINAL 5 WEEKS OF MOST SENSATIONAL PRODUCTION HAYMARKET BOCC 0171 930 8800 24hr 7 Day cc with Fee 344 4444420 0000 Evenings 730 Matinees Wed Sat 230 DEARBHLA MOLLOY PAUL SHELLEY The National Theatre Production of Tom DTel ARCADIA Directed by TREVOR NUNN BEST PLAY OF THE YEAR Evening Standard Drama Award 1993 Laurence Olivier Award 199394 LAST 4 WEEKS! ENDS JUNE 3 HER 24hr 494 5400 (bkg fee) CC 0171 344 4444420 0000 (bkg fee) Group Sales 0171 930 6123 ANDREW LLOYD AWARD WINNING MUSICAL THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Directed by HAROLD PRINCE NOW BOOKING TO 9 DECEMBER 1995 Eves 745 Mats Wed Sat 300 Apply to Box Office Daily for Returns 5 CPjt Sails delcgraph telegraph Books SUB rarsra EjEEl EMPLOYMENT LAW 1995 The Practical Guide for Personnel Managers Trade Union Officials Employers Employees and Lawyers by Christopher Waud £1495 Paperback (add £100 overseas) Available from bookshops or by telephoning THE 24 HOUR BOOKLINE ON 01279 626100 for AccessVisa American Express Or send your cheque postal order (made payable to Telegraph Books) to: Telegraph Books PO Box 50 Harlow Essex CM 17 ODZ Please allow 21 days for delivery (50 overseas) If you do not wish to receive mailings of offers or services from other companies carefully selected by The Telegraph pic please tick this box Eg KOGAN PACE THE DUKE OF HEADQUARTERS CHELSEA LONDON SW3 10th-16th MAY 1995 WEEKDAYS? 1 1 00am-800pm SATURDAY SUNDAY LAST DAY: 1 1 00am-600pm ORGANIZERS TEL: 0171 823 5901 FAX: 0171 823 5903 Write today's words on a piece of paper and send them together with your name address and postcode to: Boggle (15) PO Box 2340 Dorchester Dorset DT2 7YN to arrive by Friday May 19 The winners will be the first correct entries drawn after the closing date and their names will be published together with some example words on Saturday May 27 Standard Telegraph Competition rules apply Competition is open to all residents of the UK Channel Islands Isle of Man and Eire If you would rather not receive post from other companies carefully selected by The Telegraph please write to: Reader Relations Department The Telegraph Pic 1 Canada Square Canary Wharf London El 4 5DT.

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