Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 8, 1973 · Page 32
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 32

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1973
Page 32
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Four Bjr fHAMCEB DRAKE IXJOK in IB nmn n unm Jl \jwlam VpHWHPU *^"llivW Bira 1VI <what von 1 omttook to. aBBBrttei (6 the ate*. FOR THUMDAY, v AUGUST I, m Maft* 11 to Afril * (Art*) —A fear day. You can manage In DNVVMmalB ••nOu* yet nm w prasnm m* Href to iikhfttttBiBte nor over* evaluate Haw propositions. April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) —N«wr «nd unusual ideas, ttwMt^tliufly presentied, could bring added gains. A good period, abo, (or making long- range plans. May It to June 21 (Gemini) —You can be very t too extravagant; can indulge other extremes also, if not alert to thai tendency now. Look Cor that "middle rood" and stick to it. B 22 to July 23 (Cancer) WWUKT mo inexrooDea arises I kill Cracker* Mtcoronl TOP PUY Flavon DIIUXI HANDltS Burgercheese Cool Whip Cooler Chest jliiii 1 '. *5 ^1 he going to "as usual day to wett planned, you can flare wefli if continually on the alert And DO ignore rumors. July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo)Face realties and correct deficiencies as effectually as possible. Your innate foresight and good judgment should make relatively easy. Aog. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo)Be alert to intricacies if several tried in your don't overtook USDA KARL BRAND OCEAN FRESH Quoon Snopp FILLETS MRS. OWYNN FLAMBDAU I Saved $5.45 on A $25.31 Order "I shopped Giant and one other store and I saved $2.74 at Giant. Giant was first with Everyday low Prices and tru-price. Today's shopping trip proved that Giant still has the lowest prices and Giant has the very best beef. They sell only Certified Quality Beef and Grade A Poultry. When I Shop at Giant using tru-price I know I am paying the lowest possible price of each brand and site." h- * AM _ Ml 4. * * ii^v il i T\ flt wv> aW Sizes 1 V 1 - h 1 HI >-I GIANTS NIW Porky-Plus Sliced Quartered Pork Loin PORK CHOPS people BK activities but your own intuitive facilities in CV a JBIK* Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Lilbra)- An aiusptoous day far business ventures. Thti/s is a period in wMrih to give your finest formance, to capitalize on your gift of good management. Oct. 24 to Nov. ,22 (Scorpio)— Counting one's blessings makes every ptature rosier, but DON'T count returns you have not and MAY NOT receive. Mixed influences; use care in all things. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — Without much planetary assistance, you can still net top returns now but, before acting, plan well, be sure of facts and details, and DON'T pwcraisti-|LARQE RIPE narte. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) important now: Common sense, logical analysis, ease of VITALITY PLUS SLICED PORK LIVER HILBERG FLASH FROZEN BEEF STEAK CERTIFIED QUALITY BONELESS STEW BEEF TASTY PEELED DEVIENED SALAD SHRIMP Enrlehad Wllh Vsg«Ubl« Prottln Vitamin LEAN PORK Boneless Minute Steaks Lean Meaty Country Style FULLY COOKED Center Horn OSCAR MAYER BACON, 1-Lb $1.54 BACON, 2-Lb ALL MEAT WIENERS Lb. $1.15 ALL BEEF WIENERS Lb. $1.03 ALL MEAT BOLOGNA 8-Oz. 70c MRS. JAMES DAGGS Saved $3.77 $23.60 Order (|IIini .|fARM « PFSH f-ronijrF [U.S. No. 1 All Purpose Large RUSSET POTATOES limnUfRESH BAKED PASTRY business and favored. action. Regular work martters highly Don't waste tftaie on regrets. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) —Profit by past mistakes and by sound advice. You have a wonderful chance for accomplishment but day meeds the right push, steadiness. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) —Tangible gains indicated if you pursue work and handle obligations without unnecessary imterruiDtioins. Don't neglect the HONEYDEW MELONS r Also Available: Grant haw - Persian - Casaba Melons CALIFORNIA SWEET SEEDLESS WHITE GRAPES POWDERED SUGAR DONUTS 13 EGG RECIPE "I shopped Giant and one other store and I saved $5.45 at Giant. Only Giant offers a true price on every item in the store. After today's compariso shopping trip I know why Giant can make such a guarantee. I found item after item priced lower at Giant. Now I know for sure that the place to Angel Food | Save m ° ne y * or f°° d is at Giant *" Cake - — Larg SWEET N RIPE WATERMELON As Low As 20 LI Avg. California Vine Ripened JUMBO CANTALOUPE SALAD Italian Endive Romoine I DRUNE PLUMS role Head ICED MAPLE SWEET ROLLS OVEN FRESH GOLDEN MEAL BREAD Box Loaf OPEN 24 HOURS • 926 E. Main Open -7-12 - 735 W. Main & Fremont & Seminary substantial for a ftehy" but mentary gain. YOU BO^N TODAY unusually independent and self- reliant; imaginative, competent in all your endiaavoms and magnetic of personality. As an orator, lecturer or theatrical performer, your imffiueniee could be spelfbtnding. You shiodid haive some fiorm of art ais an arvweo- tLcin if you do not cfaoose it as a Kfeworic — where you could succeed as a writer, painter, designer or Mugtinator. You have a great love of poetry, but may esdtovv it as a carear because it is not lucrative enough to bring you the luxuries you crave. You have great inner reserves of strength and ace extmrieiy couraig2ious in the f'aice ol diftolte. Birlhdtaite ©f: Izaak Walton, sportsnwn, writer; John Dryden, Eng. poet. School Personnel Attend Workshop On Food Service Instruction in nutrition and rv ; l-'*- U \V LOW [-T-MC CANNED FRUITS EVL.-RN DAY LOW PRlCEb CANNED SOUP-FISH-MEAT < EVERYDAY LOW PRICES, PREPARED FOODS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - - , — Musselman Applesauce 50 oz. 77c Del Monte Tropical Fruit 16 or. Chicken of the Sea Chunk Tuna 6 oz. 44c Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper 8 oz. 43c Monte VEGETABLES Luncheon Loaf Biltmor 12 oz. 41c Van Camp Pork & Beans 21 oz. On t.23e + _.45e A Big John's Beans A Fixins 20 oz. Cut Green Beans Cascade Inn 15 oz. 17c Comstock Mix Bean Salad 15 oz. --37c Asparagus Cut Princela 14 oz. 35c Campbell Chick. Noodle Soup 10 oz. 16c Hunt Mahwich 16 oz. .... 37c Sliced Mushrooms Shamrock 4 oz. -41c Fr. Amer. Spaghettios/mtbls. 26 oz. 56c Ch^f Boy-Ar Dee Ravioli 15 oz. 36c 4 w h _55c 43c 1.02 Spaghetti Budget Long 32 oz. 50c Creamette Macaroni 7 oz. . —' 16c Reno's Sausage Pizza 16 oz. 69c Kraft Chicken Ndl. Dnr. 7 oz. Del Monte Large Prunes 32 oz MRS. PEGGY RICHMOND I Saved $3.07 on A $22.72 Order "I shopped Giant and one other store and I saved $3.77 at Giant. Giant's low-tow prices plus tru- price add up to a great store to shop. My comparison shopping trip made me realize how much I saved every week at Giant Foods. I buy the best foods for less using Giant's tru-price. So why should I shop elsewhere and pay more?' 1 1 i Downy Fabric Softener 33 oz. „29c MACOMB menu planning, quantity preparation of food will be featured in a workshop Aug. 6 -10 at Western TOP BUY i T2 Car SOS Pads 18 ea. Magic Pre Wash 16 ex. . F~ Joy Liquid 22 ox. Recipe Book Matches 50 ea • — — Dei Monte Pineapple Grpft. 46 oz. _35c Tang 18 oz 89c TOP* BUY r Glade Air Freshener 7 oz, SNACKS - PICNIC SUPPLIES 71c 89c 53c 16c 51c 49c Miracle Whip 32 oz. „ Skippy Peanut Butter 28 oz. Hamburger Dill Budlong 32 oz. Seven Seas Creamy French 8 oz. Del Monte Catsup 14 oz. — Bur Hunt Catsup 26 ox. f Salad Mustard Glen Oak 20 ox. Kraft Bar B Q Plain 18 ox. _.48e __99c __65c __33c _.25c __47e _.27c 49c Wajner Orange 54 px. Del Monte Tomato Juice 46 ox. Maxwell Hectra Pork 2 lb. ____^_48c 35« $ 1 .69 Vista Pak Saltines 1 !b. Pringles 9 oz. 27c 67c DAIRY PRODUCTS DONNA COOLEY I Saved 02.74 on A $15.73 Order "l shopped Giant and one other store and I saved $3.07 at G nnt. This shipping trip proves I put my trust in the right store. I found first hand Grade A Skim Milk V2 Gallon __.47e I through my comparison shopping trip how much Folger-t Coffee 1 lb. ~$1.05 Nescafe 1 Oox. $1.66 TOP Bur Kraft Jet Puff Marshmallows 16 oz. -28c Jimmy Dean Pure Pork Sausage 2 lb. „~___2.61 f St. Regis Piper Plates 100 ct. 56c By* Parkay Soft 2-8 oz. tubs Coffeemate 16 oz. LPpton Instant Tea 3 ox. . BAKING SUPPLIES 89c 89c Beechnut Baby Food 4 ox. Milnot Tall 14 oz. 8c 16c employed in sity for persons fchool lunch programs Workshops wity be divided into I Weison Nestle Morsels 12 ox. 52c Similac Ready to feed 32 ox. 66c Pampers Daytime 15's 86c A 45c 83c 45c Pillsbury Sweet Milk Biscuits 8 oz. 10c Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits 11 oz. 33c Kraft Chex Whix 8 oz. 59c r Meadow Gold Butter 16 ox. Kraft Squeeze Snaks 6 oz. Giant's tru-price means to me in dollar and cents. Now I'm more convinced than ever that the place to really Save money is at Giant Foods." PRICE CAM SAVE YOU i The signed for newcomers, will covei menu planning, nutrition and qualtity food production. The second level, for those with pre vious experience or who hav< attended other workshops, will cover work simplification, saoi taUon and safety and manage* ment and records. Among participants are 11 Murray, Avon; Barbara Copeland, Grace Glaze, Kanna Hillier, Rosalee McCormick and Margaret Morrow, all of Bushnell; Bernice Melton, London Mu>, and Jean Bishop, Monmouth. Galesburg residents tak- Delores Jiffy Fudge Brownie I oi 13c Betty Crocker Whipped Frosting 9 «x. 47c Jiffy Blueberry Muffin Mix 7 ox. --12c Smucker Strawberry DESSERTS AND TOPPi NGS Vanilla Ice Cream Cascade Inn '/a gal. 66c Wheatlos 18 ox Kellogg Frosted Flakes 20 ox. 58c 66c 62c Dessert Vz gal. 65c Zero Fudge Bar 24 oa Pudding 3 oz. r Hunt Snack Peck 4-5 ox. 13c 58c Po$t Raisin Bran 20 oz. Carnation Instant Breakfast 12 oz. -99c PAPER PROD Northern Tissue White 4 roll . I-43c Snow Crop Orange Juice 12 ox. Minute Maid lemonade 12 ox. - 99c 49c 32c obc per IKU HKlLt BUY Hot Sliced Bread Downyflake 15 ox. 57c Totino Sausage Pixxa 15 ox. 73c V libby Froson Pees 10 ex. 23c Fish Sticks Sea Pek 20 ex. 1.02 PC* 63c Dream Whip 4 ox Lemon Plo My»T»Fln» 3 ©i 13c Chocolate Pudding Thank You 18 ox. 25c Royal Strawb'ry/ banana Gelatin 3 ox. 8c JMiy Gala Paper Towel Twin 42c Scott Decorated Towel largo 33c A ing Ingle, Elizabeth the course are 1720 E. North St., Moore. 1112 W. Fre- and TOP BUYS ARE SAVINGS PASSfO ALONG TO YOU OUf TO TEMPORARY Glad Trash Bags 20 ct. 132 Styro Cups 9 oz. 51 ct. 49c Meds-Modess Tampons Reg, 30 ct. -1.21 BEAUTY AIDS Toothpaste 86c rot* listerin. Antiseptic 32 ox. 1 .48 Dial Anti-perspirant 9 ox. 117 1.79 r Head & Shoulders 11 ox. mont St. ALLOWANCES 01 SPfCIAL PURCHASISI MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Buy yo « r w«.k'. 9 ro«ri e . .t GU«». II you can buy «>••«"• °/ d " *°* )! M '^V Uy »i gsaot). 'Trjdtwvk fc S«*vta. Mark oi ».T.C Inc. (Copyright »70 by B-T.C. Inc.) MAIM"- 735 W. MAIN IOHT tnd SEMINARY ST. A

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