Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 8, 1973 · Page 31
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 31

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1973
Page 31
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32 Golesburo RgQistcr-Moil, Golesburo.HI. Wednesday, Auo, 8, 1973 Fodd Prices Will Register Biggest Jump Since 194 7 By JAMES R. KING United Press Internitldnal New government predictions 'indicate food prices will jump higher this year than they have in any year since 1947. As the Department of Agriculture released its predictions Tues* day, the price of wheat rose to record levels, A bushel of wheat which sold this time last year for $1.75, went for $4.14 on the commodity market in Chicago. Agriculture officials said 1973 food prices would be 20 per cent over 1972 levels—the biggest jump since prices climbed 21 per cent 26 years ago. In more bad news for the consumer, the Department of Agriculture said meat prices in the second half of the year will be well above the first six months. At present, beef prices are protected by a government freeze until Sept. 12, but consumers have found meat For President counters empty or understock* ed, and producers have blamed the price ceiling. Coat Has Increased In Texas, for instance, the Neuhoff Brothers Meat Co. of Dallas said the cost of processing has increased—but the firm cannot pass on the increases to the consumer because of the price freeze, and so loses $100 on each head of cattle slaughtered; "We're not buying any cattle and won't resume slaughtering until the ceiling prices are taken off," said Vice President J. 8. Neuhoff. The situation has caused several packinghouses to close, laying off thousands of meat- cutters, while supermarkets have had to ration what beef they have to sell, some restaurants are sold out of beef, and cattle rustling and wildlife poaching is on the increase. In Detroit, the manager of Wrigley Supermarkets en­ couraged shoppers to consider rabbit as an alternative to beef ftabMts Distributed "in fact," said Howard Ferguson, "Wrigley has just received two truckloads of fresh rabbits which are a good value for the consumer." Me said the rabbits will be distributed to Wrigley's 88 stores by Thursday. Food store ads in newspapers were pushing lamb, turkey, hams and fish, and generally not advertising beef. The few ads that mentioned beef cautioned "as supplies last." A notice in a full-page ad fpr a chain of grocery stores in the San Francisco area announced, "Due to the uncertainty of beef supplies, beef is not being advertised. However, we will have beef at the lowest possible prices." In Atlanta, a spot check of 20 restaurants at random showed eight were out of beef or would be by the end of the weekend. Mel's a Red White i Campaign Reform Proposal Stops 'Key State' Spending By STEVE GERSTEL WASHINGTON (UPI) - Nobody paid much attention to (b) (1) on page 52 and (b) (2) on page 53. Washington Window After all, the campaign reform bill approved by the Senate was so big, so far- reaching, and so complex, it was difficult to grasp all its implications. But should the bill become law, presidential candidates and their campaign managers will have to take a hard look at pages 52 and 53. Those two sections —(b) (1) and (b) (2) —may change the entire tradition of running a nationwide campaign. In legal terms the two sections mandate that no presidential candidate can spend more in any one state than the amount permitted to a senator or a congressman running at-large in that state. One section applies to the primaries and the other to the general election. Spending Regulated In political terms, the sections mean that no longer would a candidate for the White House be allowed to pump all the financial resources at his disposal into the key or swing states. Under the bill, a presidential candidate can spend an over-all 10 cents per eligible voter in the primaries and 15 cents per eligible voter in the general election. The population figures are going to change by 1976 but had the bill been law last year, President Nixon and George S. McGovern could have each 1 spent $13.9 million in the primaries and $20.8 million in the general election. As an over-all figure, $34.7 million appears to be an acceptable figure. McGovern did it for less ($25-$28 million) but, of course, he won only one state and the District of Columbia. Changes Made Nixon, who took the rest, spent between $50 million and $55 million. The change would be the inability of a candidate to direct where the money can go. Political realities always dictated pouring all a candidate's resources into the big seven (New York, California, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio) plus the swing states in an effort to put together the required number of electoral votes needed to win. A presidential candidate did not fritter away money or expend his own energies in a state that was either beyond redemption or locked up. Under the proposed law, a presidential candidate could spend (according to the 1972 census) $2 million in California. That's it. A Democratic candidate, con sidering Nebraska hopelessly Republican, could not take his $255,250 allocation and route it to , California, no matter how vital it might be to the election. Two Good Sections Similarly, a Republican candidate, knowing full well that he does not have a chance in the District of Columbia, could not channel that $175,000 across the continent to California. Should the bill become law, the two sections could bring either of two changes, both of them good: —Either a candidate will wage a truly national campaign, paying attention, at least in a monetary sense, to all the states, including those generally disregarded because of their few electoral votes. Or the presidential candidate will husband his money, reducing the cost of running for! the White House even below thei ceilings adopted by the Senate. Eight more ' Los Angeles packinghouses said Tuesday they will close down at the end of this week. Nine Southern California slaughterhouses have already closed. 1,290 Out of Work The closures to come will "wipe out at least 90 per cent of the area's weekly retail beef production and put more than 1,200 more packinghouse employes out of work," according to Cal Santare, spokesman for the Western States Meat Packers Association. "We are talking about an output of 15 million pounds of beef a week and the slaughter of 25,000 cattle a week." New York City Consumer Affairs Director Betty Furness said meat wholesalers who usually supply butcher shops and restaurants received only 40 per cent of their normal weekly beef supplies. Two Win Prises In Altona Library Reading Program ALTONA — Teresa Lain and Rhonda Landon have won trophies for reading the most books during Ransom Public Library's summer reading program. Awards were presented following a recent swimming party at Little John Conservation Club. Runner-up certificates went to Judy Lundeen and Annie Westerdale. Items circulated during July at the library included 405 children's books, 208 adult books, 69 magazines and 40 books on inter-library loan. New books added to shelves during the month were: You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown, Schultz; John 3. Audubon, Ayars; Don't Ever Wish For a Seven-Foot Bear, Benton; Saca- gawes Indian Guide, Blassing; Florence Nightingale, Colver; Lelf the Lucky, Daulaire; Babars Cousin and Babars Castle, both by DeBrunhof. Hummingbirds in the Garden, Gans; Spider Silk, Goldin; Annie Oakley, Graves; P. T. Barnum, Groh; Why Frogs Are Wet, Hawes; Palace Bug and My Aunt Rosie, Hoff; Ocean Wonders to Begin On, Holseart; Poetry lor Autumn. Jacobe; Dog Came To School, Lenski; Big Island, May; Digginest Dog, Perkins; Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Go and Hop on Pop, Seuss: To Touch the Sky, Goldman; Marriage to a Difficult Man. Dodds; Pure As the Lily, Cookson; Gower Street, Rayner, and Gerald and Elizabeth, I Stevenson. 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