Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 8, 1973 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1973
Page 26
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Downspouts SHU Connected to Sewers Despite Ban Golesburg Register-Mail, Golesburg, 111, Wednesday, Aug, 8, 1973 27 burg MM hire water denm* AMMti wsji***! to die fit 's SBflstSFy MMNY SJVMHI OBS^pBt A csWbjossjn to Mminlt Mill jDMlrict iupcrtntcnliM. ''OtiiMnaet hive been to ef* racs Dsnrsng sunn wan ran the ssnitary sewers end the OHM C H UI of dffMMpMki end HMUMMII orera nr /BHTB , ncnoBraon noneo. An anHann pssssd by *e dMrtst in 1M7 «wtoi iwt tto> mnra rosy nmn srom ess is #00. So tor d* d&Wet hea not [pYMBMd ChSfSJSB. fitUIll flHStST fltBy .MfPHV «l OMlto b**-tS» M JVCB es ram cos*, AA s* iBGh SBWer, et fltaSffllURl AofW, rwsi SUMIBJBJOSNB SDOUI JW BV' Isftsje home. Ail MM ester •uu sne ram OK «W rensnces WBI m BM flonw sswer vj ca* rfraoiiy II one Inch of rein Me on nou*, licnuerBon rajmasnen, Henderson said in iridMMi to catting sawer back-up In needy boring UssetiiBUts. there oouH 06 Wl OVeTllrvV Of r8(W BBf/fuge toto Cedar Fork Creek. He estimated that 700 million gallons of storm water went through the treatment plant so for (hid year es A cost of near' • 138,000 to <hs fcHopayers. the dfotrtcl tea ens letters properly owners swung fnem coerce* me snuanon. Most noiiiewwncns can do it uieni* sBweBi uenuenun oonvnenieo, fomxptoAs can be cut from the santiary sower pipe*, a sheet metal eHww plaiced on the downspout end a aontrete siAash pad instated on the ground. "IHe water raaiching the in* lets in the street Mitt go to the israrin sBwer natner wan me sanitary sewer, Henderson ex- BIG CARTFUL STILL RED & WHITE / T T ES RIPE WHOLE Watermelon RED & WHITE FOOD STORES Each SALE DATES: AUGUST 8-11 WHITE SEEDLESS GRAPES CALFORINIA VALENCIAS ORANGES U.S. No. 1 RED Potatoes 138 Size 10* Bag 39 c 39 c 1.29 IN KNOXVILLE MEL'S Mel Sayrs, Owner Red & White Store PETE'S RED & White Stores Store No* 1 788 N. Seminary Galetburg Store No. 2 114 W. Depot Wataga Gary Prina, Owner \ THANK YOU CHERRY PIE FILLING No. 2 Cant BATHROOM TISSUE WHITE CLOUD FRESH SLICED QUARTERED PORK LOIN FRESH LEAN PORK STEAK FRESH LEAN BOSTON BUTT PORK ROAST 3to4 # Avg. Pkg. !• SPRAY 3 to 4* Avg. V-05 $1.50 Value HAIR ,^99c KING SIZE NESTLE'S BARS With Coupon in Ad $1.47 VALUE EVERYNIGHT Shampoo 99c NOTEBOOK FILLER PAPER Sheets 48C Pkg. Red & White TOMATOES 303 Can Del Monte Early Garden < PEAS ~ 303 Cam Kraft Midget Longhorn Cheese Pkg, Vista Saltine CRACKERS 1 lb. Pkg. Wyler't LEMONADE Deodorant Bar ZEST SOAP Detergent DRIVE Giant Pkg. Purina J CAT CHOW 4 „ 29c 29c 10c 45c 76c $ 1" 3 Pkg. of 12 200 Cr. Pkg. IAII W A PP'«- s »"»wberry, Apple •fVll J Grapo, Applo-Blackborry Sealtest Frozen NOVELTIES Sealtest FRUIT DRINKS Teddy Bear Luncheon NAPKINS Reynolds Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Reg., Super - Teenage MODESS H«fty Garbage Bags Pkg. Hefty Trash Con Liners« 12-Ct. Pkg. viasi • 65c 35c 33c 49c 39c 39c $|29 fJpsUUUUUB • WAGNER'S^ S FRUIT I DRINKS 9 Orange • Lo-Cal Orange S • Grape # Grapefruit 32 oz. Bottles BUTTERNUT COFFEE r-, I I COUPON B R. C. COLA 8 Nek AA# IOHIMOO I I Plus •ottlfffJIP 17 Depetit I With This Coupon end $5,00 of Mere Pur«ha«e I Good At Kod ft White " \m mi J _ COUPON mm m$l r No. 4041 T ! BETTY CROCKER . I ANGEL FOOD I J CAKi k MIX ^ | I With ThU Coupon I • Good At Red ft White " !• IH P IBII mm } mmm mm B Pock Bottles COLA 38 \*- ^ r*. - With Coupon and $500 or More Purchase With Coupon and $9.00 Purchase or Mere r im COUPON pjpj pjpj _ pjpj COUPON pjpj gyjg COUPON ^ M BATHROOM TISSUE • • No. 40155 I T BUTTERNUT B | WHITE CLOUD | | TOTAL CEREAL | | COFFEE i i 8 - i i ,0, „g 35 c i i 2 it s$ l 404 i L . m m - ww . - With This Coupon and $5.00 With Th.« Coupon I I With This Coupon I I or More Purchase I Good At Red ft White • • Good at Red ft White • B QQQA AF RE(| & WHIT# • |^ Expires Aug. 11, 197$ J |^ Expires Aug. 11, 1973 J ^ Ex p ir „ A „ 9 . n< 1973 J s • I PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU Mtmtt, m. u, 1171 s WHERE ECONOMY ORIGINATES EfferdentTableb AnicinTablets .1% 84c LISTERINE M O/ RII ^MM CrestToothpaste O E RMINT Alka Seltzer Tab lets Prell Liquid Shampoo TUBS 76c or as 53c Bt 93c White Rain Hair Spray ™£ JSSim U 1 Kellogg's Rice Kris pies A&P Laundry Bleach JUO 37c RAID YARD $|Qg GUARD I BEER SPECIAL DREWRYS 12 — 12 ox. Tins Thru Sat. Nite, Aug. IJth 900 E. MAIN ST. ONLY California AvocadosP« » 79c l 3 s« AllsweetMargarine QTH9, 1-LS. PKQS. 95c $£&BS* MIXED NUTS EXCEL SALTED OA. ,~y ' '3 oz CAN orai 37C •SP 89c Bouillon Cubes BEEF OR CHICKEN McCormickGarlicPowder Fleischmann's Margarine »OFT 51c LEMON JUICE HEALEMON gjfJPSJBS| NAlUHAl SlHtNU Ih Fi S/^' A&P Fabric Softener Pampers Diapers oWilU Purina DogChow jua rxa. or ii S-Lt, SA9 78c 89c 95c SQUEEZE LIQUID PARKAY Af\ MARGARINE 4W 1 i LB SIZE il m 1

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