Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 8, 1973 · Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 25

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1973
Page 25
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Memwylsn't Always Best Ability Today JWASMtNCPfON (UP I) - WStnoiy courses tend to be a wpular form of self-improve- nent and I still see them idVeftteed occasionally. But since the Watergate bearings began it has become ipparent that total recall is not lecessarily as desirable a skill ts it te cracked up to be. The Lighter Side There may be times in your We—during a Senate investiga Son, for example—when you (fill be better off if certain lames, faces, dates, events »laces and conversations have iaded from memory. I was talking about this the iher day with Bernie Slipmind, (bunder and propietor of the flipmind School of Selective Imnesia. Slipmind, who offers corre- |x>ndence courses in forgetful- less, told me his business had ilmost doubled during the firvin committee inquiry. "Most of our new enrollees ire prospective witnesses tak- ng crash courses to help sradicate the crabgrass in their jarden of memories," he said. I said, "Why is the ability to target something advan ageous?" "Testimony about certain natters may be potentially imbarrassing," Slipmind explained. "If you refuse to talk ibout them, you can get ionvicted of contempt of Congress." "But if you can't remember tnything about it, you're home tree." I said, "Why bother to take 'our course? Why not just feign brgetfulness?" Course Prevents Perjury A dark scowl gathered upon Hipmind's countenance, "That dfould be perjury," he growled. "Surely you aren't suggesting hat any of the Witnesses would »rofess disremembrance of jome thing they actually could ^collect?" I apologized for mentioning hat possibility and asked Slipmind how he got started in Ihe selective amnesia field. "In the early days," he said, "practically all of my business same from the lovelorn. At the aid of a big romance, people ffould be trying to forget the sweethearts who had jilted item and would turn to me for lelp. "Before I opened my school, flie only way to get over a love iffair was to join the French Toreign Legion or sit on a iarstool singing 'give me one ttiore for my baby and one More for the road.' " I asked Slipmind what tiethod he used to teach brgetfulness. "I can't give you the details idthout betraying trade secrets wit basically • my system operates through mental blocks. k key word signals the brain ind the memory sinks into the ••ubconscious." "How long does it remain »eyond recall?" "We guarantee it will stay lorgotten for 90 days or until ' he hearing is over, whichever tomes first." New Windsor Girl To Head Pet Program NEW WINDSOR - Coylle Ma- •rie Nichols, 11, daughter of Mr. did Mrs. Mike Nichols, will be shairman of the Pet Food Institute's National Dog Week ob -J tervanoe in lihe New Windsor area Sept 23-29. Slogan for the 45-year-old went as "Deserve To Be Your Dog's Friend." Activities here will include a Jjsplay at the Rivoli Township library and a poster contest for ,-oungsters. Miss Nichols is active in 4-H 'lubwork and is a member of ihe JUowa Dog Obedience Training Club. She has two dogs — t liiasa Apso and an Irish Ter liar. Mr. and Mrs. Rex Garrett visited last week with Gini Gar- .-ett at Memphis, Term., and ilso stopped at St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Leonard and Carol returned Aug. 3 from a 2-week camping vacation at Hayward, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Roquet returned borne Aug. 3 after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chades Brooks, Park Rapids, Minn. Mrs. Biienton C. Leavitt, Washington, D.C., was a guest Aug. 2 at the home of Mr and Mrs. Myron Hickok. READ THE WANT ADS! COPYRIGHT' 1973 By C*g!« Stdres. All ftlghta ftgaervad. The True Discount Supermarket! '1 The only true way to find out where the price of your family's food needs will be lowest is to conduct a comparison shopping test of your own. 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SIJES Stewing Chicken 69 OSCAR MAYER Sliced Bacon H* 1149 ' |tk» * U5PA QRAP6 A » SWIFT PREMIUM - 19 10 14 LB SIZES. Butter-ball Turkey w | | Spray Starch f MOIST TOWILSTT^S Jwet-onas [elNPUSTRIAL 5TRSHQTH JLiquid Drano U*S1 tirsi" 71 tf, A«l I HOT OR COLP „ 7-Ql. FC Handi-Kups I 8WMTHEART - 7-0? Cold Cups . FOAM 51-cl. em 100 ct. pug * INCH r- ASSORTEP COtQPJ Pattel Plates LADY Lf E - (IARRWOOD BRIOUETS Charcoal ^ 76 I HO/LN r OOOS LAPY tEE. ™ NQNRAIRY All Purpose Creamer 19 79" OSCAR MAYER Bulk Pork tink Sausage U S R A GRAPE A " h 108 LB. Si*ES Capons SMNNtU PEVtlNEO SLICEO Fresh Beef Liver L» LB 89" M'iB . «• IS t. 89* ? MINPI6 MAIP -r MAKES 1 GALLON Lemonade ] % ai f PINEAPPLE OR PlNEAPPLJORANSe Dole Juice } MINUTE MAIP ; Limeade I FLAV.R PAC Lemonade V MINUIE MAIQ Orange Juice '^'63 Needla* -i 33* ]Cr«m"pi« ;,30 ; Onion Ringers HARVEST DAY Sesame Seed Buns oi • 37" ady Lee Butter KRA/T r SMgEO AGED Swiss Cheese I"', 79 LAPY LEE - BLICEO Am. Cheese I", 47 |LA0YLEE SLICERCOIBY , n „, Longhorn Cheese / 68 KRAFT ICheez Whiz IROPICANA , PUHE FRLEH Orange Juice ISTELIA - SI.ICEIJ CHEESE Moszarella LAPY LEE - PROCESSED Cheese Spread V 99' 39' HARVEST PAY *. LARQ? White Bread HARVEST DAY Vienna Bread «EDWARPS - OAMSH Ff CAH JjKrunch Roils HE Al TH & BEAU1 Y IViRYOAY 'tis-38* p cfi69« DfNTURE ADHC^IVI Fasteeth P*>8, 15c OFr 1 IPR^^EapgMjiff Guard yipaaw. WITH ESS, PRQTEIN OR FOR |A«V Suave Shampoo EVERYNIOHT Long Hair Conditioner 58 KING SIZE Oxydol Detergent sua 5-lb. 4-01. pkg. 44 -REGULAH SIZE fjOIOxydol Detergent taw MM 20 -oz. pl<g. IVORY Fl/\m$ GIANT SIZE Ivory Flakes HOUi LAUNDRY $1ZI \] Dash - Detergent JO-lb. 60 ICrest Toothpaste Ull, % 76« CONCENTRATE Prell Shampoo Suave Hair Spray Johnson's Baby Oil ^78 f Schick Super II Blades Consistent Quality And Savings With Everyday Low Prices! "Our Price Protection PoliL-y rjuarantc-cs thfio r>rices to be elfective Irom Wednesday, Aj;jlisI 8. 1S73 thioufjh I ucbdriy. Auyubt 11, leyardless ol cost increases." HENDERSON & FREMONT 1 4Sfc^EMaaPv|aaV^ DISCOUNT Prices Are Discounted Eicept On F«ir-Tr»aed And Government Controlled ll«m« We Discount Everything Quality, Courtesy, And Service! STORE HOURS: Mon — Fri. 9 A.M.-9 P.M. / S«t. 9 A.M.-7 P.M. Sun. 10. A.M.-5 P.M. 1,

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