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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 20
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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 20

London, Greater London, England
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20 FRIDAY JUNE 11 1993 it fr THE DAILY TELEGRAPH THE ARTS FILMS Hugo Davenport on a mistaken remake the return of an Oscar-winner Liv directorial debut and a cop drama set in a Jewish community A gem that vanished without trace Consolations of religion may have been an inside job Meanwhile the emotional force of the film rests in the hopeless mutual longing between Emily and deepthinking Ariel (Eric Thai) heir to the Hasidic rebbe who prefaces almost every remark with a quotation from the cabbala His sister Leah (Mia Sara) has a similar litany: we were a desert tribe There is an irritating tendency to suffuse every scene of Hasidic tradition with a reverent golden glow Sometimes the film becomes virtually an exercise in things you know about Hasidic they have for example 613 different rules to keep and the men wear those sideburn-ringlets because a forgotten tribe of desert idolaters are supposed to have shaved the sides of their heads And sometimes not least thanks to the music of Jerry Playing the heavy: Jeff Bridges with Nancy Travis in a Hollywood remake with all the cliches of a modern psycho-chiller The Vanishing (15 Odeons Leicester Sq High St Kensington Swiss Cottage UCI Whiteleys 110 mins) Untamed Heart (15 MGMs Oxford St Trocadero Fulham Rd 102 mins) DUTCH director George Sluizer was granted a rare privilege when Hollywood decided to remake his thriller Spoor-loos released in Britain three years ago as The Vanishing He was hired for the American version too so there was reason to hope that his mesmeric portrayal of the calculating madness hidden within the mind of a nondescript family man might come through intact Fat chance A brilliant idea originally executed with a quiet authority that made its horror all the more insidious has indeed vanished buried alive beneath the cliches of the modem Hollywood psycho-chiller The remake has a plot heavy with contrivance a villain exhibiting obvious signs of dementia a resourceful nay heroine a swampy Grand Guignol climax taking its cue from Cape Fear and worst a happy ending signalled by an apologetic joke What American retread shows is not so much the banality of evil as the curse of banality Scriptwriter Todd Graff supplies the ironic explanation: Sluizer felt that what is really frightening about the story is that you are somewhere that is so totally normal and then this tenable thing happens I actually agreed with him but I also thought who wants to see a whole movie in a completely normal banal Sluizer was right It was this very ordinariness that made the story and its nightmarish pay-off seep from the realm of dismissable fantasy into the security of real life Graff however elects to show the couple first on the ravaged slopes of Mount St Helens so we know from the outset that they are on the road to disaster Welcome then to the banality of the bizarre What happens is after all an experience frighteningly common in these days of large mobile populations: the inexplicable disappearance of an individual Here a touring couple Jeff (Kiefer Sutherland) and Diane (Sandra Bullock) run out of petrol in a long mountain tunnel he heads off to find fuel leaving her scared and alone in the car Safely reunited they stop at a service station and she makes him swear never to leave her again Then she IS II OPERA AND BALLET COLISEUM 071 836 3161 CC 071 240 5258 CC (24hr) 071 240 7200 ENGLISH NATIONAL OPERA Ton't 730 INQUEST OF LOVE Tomor 730 MACBETH OTHER NEW Sofie (PG Curzon Mayfair 140 mins) Close to Eden (15 MGM Shaftesbury Ave Odeon High St Kensington Screen on the Hill 109 mins) CTRESS Liv Ullmann who as a performer has often shone in slow sensitive period pieces makes her debut as a writer-director with Sofie Not altogether surprisingly it is a slow sensitive period piece Spanning two decades the film begins in Copenhagen in 1886 It centres on a woman from an affectionate but stifling Jewish family who is compelled to give up the gentile artist who has stirred her passions in favour of marriage to a weak-minded cousin Karen-Lise Mynster plays the eponymous Sofie with a great glow of inner conviction while veteran actors Er-land Josephson and Ghita Norby as her mutually besotted parents supply a gentler effulgence The film pays loving attention both to the minute details of everyday intimacy and to the Jew-ish milieu with its religious rituals and its family gatherings Silences are often protracted as Ullmann seeks emotional resonance in the nuances of gesture and facial expression No obvious effort has been made to inject a contemporary relevance into the piece Yet its reflections on the limitations placed upon the lives of children by even the most loving and well-intentioned of parents are far from antique echoes The theme is played out through emotional upheavals as she experiences the force of a grand passion destined to frustration finds a more limited happiness in motherhood and finally when her son grows up sees him reject fthe bonds which have held her own life in check Jewish culture specifically the customs and beliefs of the Hasidic Jews are treated in still more eulogistic fashion in Sidney Close to Eden In this case however the heroine an independent-minded female detective investigating a murder and jewel robbery within the enclosed community of New York's Hasidim finds herself unaccountably attracted by the restrictions placed on the lives of women The film is structured very like Witness with the investigation providing narrative drive as detective Emily Eden (Melanie Griffith) puts forward the unwelcome proposition that the crime VICTORIA PALACE Box Off CC (No bkg fee) 071 834 1317 CC (bkg fee) 071 344 4444240 7200 Groups 071 930 6123 BUDDY The Buddy Holly Story Sun BUDDY "WONDERFUL Sun Tel BUDDY Mon-Thurs 800 Fri 530 830 Sat 500 830 ALL SEATS 12 PRICE FRI 530 PERF 4th SENSATIONAL YEAR OVER 1500 PERFORMANCES BOOKING THROUGH 1993 WHITEHALL BOCC 071 867 11191111 071 344 4444071 497 9977 BEST COMEDY PERF BEST ENTERTAINMENT 1993 OLIVIER AWARDS SIMON CADELL WILLIAM GAUNT RICHARD KANE TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT GILES HAVERGALS brilliant adaptation of GRAHAM funniest novel" Obs Mon-Fri 800 Wed 300 Sat 500 815 WYNDHAMS BOCC 071 867 1116071 344 4444071 497 9977071 867 1111 JUDI MICHAEL DENCH PENNINGTON The acclaimed RSC Production of brilliant new STimes THE GIFT OF THE GORGON final reception was thunderous and rightly so" Gdn Directed by PETER HALL Mon-Sat 745 Mats Sat 300 CINEMAS CURZON MAYFAIR Curzon St 071 465 8865 SOFIE (PG) Progs at 200 500 800 CURZON PHOENIX Phoenix St off Charing Cross Rd 071 867 1044 MEDITERRANEO (15) Progs at 215 (not Sun) 415 615 830 CURZON WEST END Shaftesbury Ave Wl 071 439 4805 THE STORY OF QIU JU (12) Progs at 200 410 620 840 and-white opening in which a small boy with a bad heart is regaled by a kindly nun at an orphanage with tales of his daring explorer father and the mythical baboon king the film settles into a predictably plotted but often touching romance Caroline (Tomei) the waitress has had a run of bad luck with men she consoles herself by larking around with her tougher friend Cindy (Rosie Perez) When Caroline is threatened with rape one night she is rescued by kitchen-hand Adam (Christian Slater) the little boy of the opening now grown into a young man so withdrawn that his colleagues regard him as hopelessly backward He turns out to be a sort of angel and Caroline falls head over heels in love with him Such beatitude can only be shortlived but Slater at least gets to show that there is more to his talent than playing teenage misfits Swing Kids (12 1 14 mins) SURPRISINGLY sharp-edged for a Disney picture Thomas film is based on the true story of a group of teenagers in pre-war Hamburg who expressed their opposition to Hitler by following the music deemed degenerate by the Nazis Robert Sean Leonard Christian Bale and Frank Whaley play the rebellious trio whose contrasting destinies unfold the drama of moral choice Kenneth Branagh makes an uncredited appearance as a Gestapo officer (see Diary opposite) It blends wild dance numbers with reflections on politics which have once more become topical The film might easily have turned out as Saturday Night Fukrer but it is better than that an original well-acted thought-provoking slant on history which should captivate any intelligent youngster Army of Darkness The Medieval Dead (15 89 mins) WATCHING this harmless horror-spoof from writer-director Sam Raimi it seems inconceivable that the first film in the series The Evil Dead should once have been on the list of Bruce Campbell plays the chainsaw-and-shotgun-toting hero projected back in time to circa AD 1 300 At first the wisecracks and effects are rather fun By the time the dead mount a full-scale assault on a castle however the stop-motion technique is irresistibly reminiscent of the bygone age of Ray Harryhausen ENTERTAINMENTS Mynster: inner glow Bock there are disconcerting flashes of Fiddler on the Roof Unfortunately the devotion lavished on cultural detail does not extend either to plotting or dialogue both of which reach a pitch of pure fatuity What are we to make of the pantomime Italian greaseballs who march into a Jewish jewellery emporium to demand protection money straight across the counter? Or of the description of Ariel as being Jewish scholarship what Mozart is to Griffith and Thai give it their best shot also sturdy counterpoint from Ja-mey Sheridan as a fellow cop who would like to share gas bill and from John Pankow None of them unfortunately can make a silk purse from this non-kosher ear IS ODEON HAYMARKET AccessVisa Bookings (071) 839 7697 24hr information 0426 915353 (local call) SWING KIDS (12) Programmes 100 330 600 830 LATE NIGHT SHOW FRI SAT 1115 ODEON MARBLE ARCH AccessVisa bookings 071 723 2011 All progs bookable in advance 24hr info service 0426 914501 (local call) SPECIAL 70MM SILVERADO (PG) Programmes 130 530 830 ODEON WEST END (Leicester Square) Access Visa AmEx Bookings (071) 930 7615 24hr information 0426 915574 (local call) FRAUDS (15) Programmes 145 400 610 850 GROUNDHOG DAY (PG) Programmes 125 345 605 845 LATE NIGHT SHOW FRISAT 1150 BART GALLERIES ROY MILES SUMMER EXHIBITION OF RUSSIAN ART 29 Bruton Street Wl 071-495 4747 MARTYN GREGORY China Trade Pictures 3-25 June 34 Bury St St London SW1 071 839 3731 PATTERSON 19 Albemarle St Wl EXHIBITION Recent Works by Members of the NEW ENGLISH ART CLUB Until 19th June Mon-Fri 930-6 Sats 10-1 629 4119 FINE ARTS ANTIQUE FAIRS THE INTERNATIONAL CERAMICS FAIR Park Lane Hotel Piccadilly Wl 11-14 June Fri-Sun llam-8pm Mon llam-7pm Information 071-734 5491 goes off to buy beers and does not return Jeff begins an obsessive hunt which wrecks his life until a strong-minded waitress Rita (Nancy Travis) takes him in hand The new relationship is threatened by continuing secret preoccupation until abductor Barney (Jeff Bridges) approaches Jeff three years on and offers to show him exactly what happened Part of the trouble is that instead of building up a picture of the kidnapper by fragmentary flashbacks the remake starts with a long sequence laying out meticulous preparations for snatching his random victim and so kisses goodbye to any subtler forms of suspense freakish demeanour a leer a limp a trippy-hippy hairdo and an obscurely European mumble also mark him out as a prime nutter from the first These mannerisms are not a COLISEUM inc CC 071 836 3161 THE KIROV BALLET 29 JUNE TO 31 JULY Royal Gala 29 June in presence of HRH THE PRINCESS OF WALES Romeo JulietSwan LakeLa Bayadere The Sleeping BeautyLe Corsaire Gala Programme in King and in TELEGRAPH COMPETITION patch on the cold anonymous menace of the character as played by Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Rather than concentrate on the taunting cat-and-mouse game played out between abductor and victim the film pushes too hard for the big showdown If you did not see the original you might just mistake this for a Hollywood thriller with flashes of welcome originality But you would still be better off tracking down the first subtitled version on video The waitress-as-heroine gets another outing in Tony Untamed Heart this time played by the wonderful Marisa Tomei the surprise winner earlier this year of the Oscar for best supporting actress on the strength of her performance in My Cousin Vinnie Although the new movie is far from perfect Ms Tomei proves that her prize was no fluke After a mawkish black- ROYAL OPERA HOUSE 071 240 1066 1911 Standby info 836 6903 CC 65 amphi seats avail on the day THE ROYAL OPERA Ton't 730 La Boheme Mon 800 Attila WELLS 071-278 8916 First Call 24 hrs 7 days 240 7200 From 22 June TANGO PARA DOS Eves 730 CONCERTS BARBICAN HALL 071 638 8891 730 RPO Rossini Bizet Tchaokovsky Tomor 800 THE FOUR SEASONS Sun 300 BEXLEY YOUNG MUSICIANS Sun 730 LSO Andre Previn cond ll THEATRES ADELPHI Andrew Lloyd New Musical SUNSET BOULEVARD Previews from 21 28 June OPENS 29th JUNE 24HR CREDIT CARD BOOKINGS CALL 071 344 0055 (with bkg fee) GROUP BOOKING 071 413 3302 (bkg fee) Adelphi Theatre Box Office is now open to personal callers only Open 10am 6pm Mon Sat ALBERY BOCC 071 867 1115 PETER BOWLES PATRICIA HODGE TERENCE SEPARATE TABLES Dir by PETER HALL Red price Previews from 23 June ALBERY 071-867 1115 CC 867 1111 071-344 4444 (No fee) 071-497 9977 (Bkg fee) From The Gate Theatre Dublin "Joe all conquering EH JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK by Sean "one of the most exciting productions of the Frank Rich NY Times FT NYT Tel Eves 745 Thu Sat Mat 230 Limited Season Last 2 weeks ALDWYCH BOCC 071 836 6404 CC 071 497 9977 (24hrswith bkg fee) MAGGIE SMITH ALEX RICHARD JENNINGS GRANT SUSANNAH CLAIRE HARKER SKINNER RICHARD PEARSON MARGARET TYZACK THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST by OSCAR WILDE Dir by NICHOLAS HYTNER Mon-Sat 730 Mats Wed Sat 230pm LAST 7 WEEKS APOLLO 071 494 5070344 4444 (no fees) THUNDERBIRDS FAB Back in the West End from 16 July APOLLO BOCC 494 5070071 344 4444497 9977 Mon-Fri 745 Mats Wed 3 Sat 4 8 Penelope Wilton LinUs Roache Nicholas Jones THE DEEP BLUE SEA by TERENCE RATTIGAN "The most satisfying dramatic experience the West End has to Sun Tel "Stunning utterly riveting Out LAST 2 WEEKS: APOLLO VICTORIA SS cc 630 6262 Groups 828 6188 cc 24hr 071 344 4444497 9977 071 379 9901 Groups 930 6123 Andrew Lloyd New production of STARLIGHT EXPRESS REBORN THEATRICAL Daily Mail White knuckle runs 1945 daily Tue Sat 1500 Tickets from £900 £2800 COMEDY 071 867 1045 cc 071 867 1111 071 344 4444497 9977 (24hrs no fees) THE INVISIBLE MAN BEST FUN TO BE HAD IN THE WEST Mail Eves 730 Mats Wed Sat 300 SPECIAL FAMILY PRICES! CALL 867 1045 CRITERION 071 839 4488 cc 071 344 4444 (no bkg fee) SENSATIONAL- Times ELEGIES Prevs 17 June Opens 28 June RELEASES PHOENIX BOCC 867 1111071 344 4444 BEST MUSICAL OlivierDrama Awards Plays and PlayersIvor Novello Awards BARBARA DICKSON in WILLY BLOOD BROTHERS Express the audience to its feet and roaring its Mail Eves 745 Mats Thur 300 Sat 400 PLAYHOUSE 071 839 4401 Fax: 839 8142 cc no fee: 497 9977344 4444 Grps: 930 6123 A ROLLS-ROYCE OF A Tel IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY by RAY COONEY Tickets £5 £1850 MON-FRI 8 SAT 530 830 Reduced Price MATINEE THUR 3PM Easy Parking In-house RESTAURANT Eat before or after the show Combined Top-Price Ticket Dinner £25 PRINCE EDWARD 071 734 8951 cc (24hr no bkg fee) 071 836 3464 071 344 4444 Groups 930 6123 THE NEW GERSHWIN MUSICAL COMEDY CRAZY FOR YOU A GREAT GLORIOUS GLAMOROUS GOLDMINE OF A Times BEST MUSICAL 1993 Laurence Olivier Awards Eves 745 Mats Thu Sat 300 PRINCE OF WALES 071 839 5972 cc (24hrno bkg fee) 071 836 3464 071 344 4444Groups 071 930 6123 BRILLIANT FT MUSICAL COMEDY MADE IN The Times ONE YOU HAVE TO Exp CITY OF ANGELS A New Musical by Larry Gelbart Cy Coleman David Zippel Directed by Michael Blakemore Mon-Sat 730 Mats Wed Sat 230 SOME TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE THIS WEEK! QUEENS BOCC 071 494 5041 (no bkg fee) CC 071 497 9977 (bkg fee) MARK JANET RYLANCE McTEER MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING by William Shakespeare Prevs 1 July Opens 6 July ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY LONDON (071 638 8891 cc Mon Sun 9am 8pm) BARBICAN THEATRE ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA 715 Tomor 200 715 THE PIT: THE CHANGELING 715 Tomor 200 715 STRATFORD-UPON-AVON (0789 295623 cc Mon Sat 9am 8pm) ROYAL SHAKESPEARE THEATRE KING LEAR Tomor 730 SWAN THEATRE: MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL 730 Tomor 130 730 Meal TicketHotel package 0789 414999 SHAFTESBURY BO CC 071 379 5399 CC 071 344 4444 24hrbkg fee Gros 413 3321 HAMMER Times CAROUSEL joyous brilliant breathtaking Int Her trib LIMITED SEASON 10 September to 26 February SHAFTESBURY CC 071 344 4444 (24hrs) BO CC 071 379 5399 Gps 379 5815413 3321 (no bkg fees) BEST MUSICAL Evening Standard Drama Awards 1992 Winner of 7 Tony Awards including BEST MUSICAL KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN Starring Bebe Neuwirth Jeff Hyslop Charles Pistone Clarke Peters Directed by Harold Prince Eves 8pm Mats Wed Sat 3pm NCP PARKING Showhotel deals pn 061 428 0008 ST MARTINS 071 836 1443 Special CC 344 4444 Eves 8 Tues 245 Sat 5 8 41st YEAR OF AGATHA THE MOUSETRAP STRAND BO 071 930 8800 24hr cc 071 344 4444 (no bkg fee) Groups 071 413 3321071 831 2771 A New Musical LEONARDO A PORTRAIT OF LOVE Directed by Rob Bettinson Mon-Sat 80 Mats Tue 30 Sat 430 FILM A-Z WIN A TOSHIBA HOME CINEMA PACKAGE Every day this week until tomorrow we shall be posing questions on a film theme whose answers relate to a certain letter letter is Sometimes the film title is the answer sometimes details about the film itself If you can answer four of the six questions published daily on any four days this week you could win one of two Toshiba home cinema packages TOSHIBA 2527DB TV (MRP £79999) and V703B video (MRP £47999) combine to make the perfect home cinema package This superb TV features Dolby Surround to reproduce cinema-like sound in the home and five Digital Sound Processing modes (hall theatre stadium disco and pseudo surround) The package is complete with the V703B Nicam Stereo VCR with VideoPlus the revolutionary home recording system Both models are available across the country Week 2 Day 5: 1 Haing Ngor won an Oscar for his role in which 1984 film? DOMINION CC HOTLINE 071 413 1411 (24hr) Info 580 88459562 Grps 413 3321636 0875 GREASE Starring CRAIG McLACHLAN and DEBBIE GIBSON Prevs 5 July Opens 15 July DRURY LANE THEATRE ROYAL cc (bkg fee) 24hr 7 days 071 494 5001071 344 4444240 7200379 9901 Groups 071 831 8625494 5454 MISS SAIGON THE CLASSIC LOVE STORY OF OUR TIME NOW IN ITS 4TH SENSATIONAL YEAR Eves 745 Mats Wed Sat at 3pm Good seats avail for Wed Mat some perfs apply BO TELEPHONEPOSTAL BOOKINGS PERSONAL CALLERS (071 494 5060) (bkg fee) DUCHESS cc 071-494 5070 cc 344 4444 (no bkg fee) 836 2428 (bkg fee) Groups 071 413 3321 Eves 8pm Wed Mat 3pm Sat 5pm 830 NOW IN ITS 3rd YEAR SAUCY EStd DRESS FOR DINNER DUKE OF 071 836 5122 cc 836 9837 24hrsno bkg fee 071 497 9977344 4444 Grps 071 930 6123 ARTHUR "Best play for a IoS THE LAST YANKEE MAJOR EVENT SUPERB 1 URGE BEG YOU TO SEE STim Eves 745 Mats Thu 300 Sat 500 FORTUNE BO CC 071-836 2238 CC 344 4444 (24hrsno bkg fee) 497 9977 (bkg fee) Groups 071 413 3321 EDWARD PETHERBRIDGE JOSEPH FIENNES Susan THE WOMAN IN BLACK Adapted by Stephen Mallatratt REAL THRfLL OF Tms "The audience were jumping out of their seats" Observer Eves 8pm Mats Tue 3pm Sat 4 pm 5TH SPINE CHILLING YEAR! Air Conditioned GARRICK BOCC 071 494 5085497 9977 (no fee) 071 344 4444 (fee) OUTSTANDING COMEDY HIT OF THE SExp PAUL BOWN IVAN KAYE JOHN ON THE PISTE Today Mon-Sat 800 mats Thu 300 Sat 400 GLOBE BOCC 071 494 5067071 344 4444497 9977 TOM CONTI GABRIELLE DRAKE JUDY LOE JENNY SEAGROVE in NOEL PRESENT LAUGHTER RED PRICE PREVS FROM 16 JUNE GLOBE BOCC 494 5067 (bkg fee) 071 344 4444497 9977 (bkg fee) Groups 930 6123 "Peter Hall's haunting and revelatory EStd Anna Carteret Michael Denison Hannah Gordon Dulcie Gray Nicky Henson David Yelland OSCAR AN IDEAL HUSBAND triumph audiences are advised to beat a path to the STimes Eves 745 Mats Thu 300 Sat 400 MUST END TOMORROW HAYMARKET THEATRE ROYAL BOCC 071 930 8800 CC (24 hrs no bkg fee) 071 344 4444497 9977 LUST Circa 1661 A new comedy musical based on The Country Wife Previews from 5 July Opens 19 July HAYMARKET THEATRE ROYAL 071 930 8800 (inc cc no bkg fee) 071 344 4444 (with bkg fee) ROBERT LINDSifr DExp SHINING Indp as CYRANO DE BERGERAC "SPECTACULAR SWASHBUCKLING Marvellously DTel adapted by JOHN WELLS Directed by ELIJAH MOSHINSKY Eves 730 Wed Sat Mats 230 LAST 3 PERFS MUST END TOMORROW HER 24hr 494 5400 (bkg fee) CC 071 344 4444497 9977 (bkg fee) Group Sales 930 6123 ANDREW LLOYD AWARD WINNING MUSICAL THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Directed by HAROLD PRINCE NOW BOOKING TO MARCH 1994: Eves 74K Mats Wed Sat 300 Apply to Box Office daily for returns LONDON PALLADIUM 24hr BOCC 071 494 5020 (£1 per Tkt Serv Chge) 071 497 9977071 344 4444 (£1 per Tkt Serv Chge Mon-Thubkg fee Fri-Sat) Groups 494 5456 (£1 per Tkt Serv Chge) "Andrew Lloyd exuberant new Std of "Tim Rice Andrew Lloyd Palladium Gdn JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT Starring PHILLIP SCHOFIELD Dir by STEVEN PIMLOTT Eves 730 Mats Wed Sat 230 NOW BOOKING TO OCT 2 QUEUE DAILY FOR RETURNS LYRIC Shafts AveBO cc 071 494 5045 cc 071 344 4444A11 tel lines 24hr7 days (bkg fee) cc 497 9977 Grps 071 930 6123 THE JOINT NEVER STOPS JUMPIN FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE THE OLIVIER AWARD WINNING MUSICAL 3RD GREAT YEAR Mon-Thu 800 Fri Sat at 60 845 MERMAID 071 344 4444 (24 hrs no bkg fee) Grps 071 413 3321 Direct from New York GEOFFREY EWING is ALI 'The life of Muhammed Ali NY DaUy News NY Post Red price prevs 10 11 June (No perf 12 June) Press Night 14 June 7pm Evs 8pm Sat mat 3pm NATIONAL THEATRE BO 071 928 2252: Grps 071 620 0741 24hr cc bkg fee 071 497 9977 OLIVIER 715 Tomor 200 715 MACBETH William Shakespeare LYTTELTON Tomor 730 (PREVIEWS) INADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE John Osborne COTTESLOE 700 Tomor 1100 230 700 MR AMAZING MAZE PLAYS Alan Ayckbourn NEW LONDON Drury Lane BO 071 405 0072 CC 071 404 4079 24hr 071 344 4444 Groups 930 6123 Tickets from Pickfords Travel THE ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER TS ELIOT INTERNATIONAL AWARD-WINNING MUSICAL CATS Eves 745 Mats Tue Sat 300 LATECOMERS NOT ADMITTED WHILE AUDITORIUM IS IN MOTION PLEASE BE PROMPT Bars open at 645 LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS AVAIL DAILY FROM BOX OFFICE OLD VIC BOCC 071 928 7616 GERALDINE JAMES in LYSISTRATA A new translation by Ram it Bolt Dir by PETER HALL RED PRICE PREVIEWS NOW: FOR A LIMITED SEASON Mon Sat 8 Mats Wed 3 Sat 5 OPEN AIR THEATRE Regents Park 071-486 2431 CC 071-486 1933071-344 4444 (bkg fee) THE TAMING OF THE SHREW EvgS 800 ROMEO JULIET Prevs from Mon 800 PALACE THEATRE 071 434 0909 cc 24hrs (bkg fee) 071 344 4444497 9977793 1000 Group Sales 071 930 6123 Groups 071 494 1671 THE MOST POPULAR MUSICAL LES MISERABLES Eves 730 Mats Thu Sat 230 Latecomers not admitted until the interval LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS AVAIL DAILY FROM BOX OFFICE Classified 2 Who played the King 1956? 3 Who fell for Fay Wray in the 1933 classic? 4 Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep both won Oscars as husband ana wife in which 1970 film? 5 Who starred with Jane Fonda in 6 Who directed the Japanese epic HOWTO ENTER Answer four of the six questions published today Do the same for any four of the six days this week Keep your answers until tomorrow when an address to which you should send your entry will be published Standard Telegraph Competition Rules apply A V).

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