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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 14
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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 14

London, Greater London, England
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THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 14 THURSDAY JULY 11 1991 FILMS Hugo Davenport on a female outlaw movie the grim tale of a serial killer and (below) other releases Taking to the refuge of the road Thelma Louise sweeps into town this week with a squeal of tormented tyres and a posse of Critical patrol-cars in hot pursuit Ridley splendid film about two ordinary American women running loose on the old outlaw trail to Mexico has Already set sirens blaring and Karning-lights flashing across le Atlantic now it seems likely to do something similar here The film has provoked more passionate debate in America fhan any other this year and rightly so Rarely does a commercial success contrive to fire on all cylinders as a piece of pure entertainment and yet to hit a serious theme real everyday sexual politics squarely on the ignition button In the US two predictably hostile camps have emerged One lot (men to a man) quavers nervously that the film is establishing poor for presum-ably impressionable young women Such protests sound a shrill note of incipient panic like boy-scouts menaced by a bag-lady On the other side stand the professional feminists delighted that a mainstream film has taken up the oft-suppressed female urge for freedom but also prone to tedious post-mortems about whether it ought to have been directed by a woman Speculation on the capacity of rudimentary male brains to grasp the point is bandied about in a manner one can only describe as matronising No amount of huffing and puffing however can disguise the whoops of delighted recognition among ordinary female cinema-goers nor below that a softer rumble of masculine approval To be sure this is a film that mostly makes men look silly but it does so in ways Thelma Louise (15 Plaza Cannons Oxford St Shaftesbury Ave Fulham Rd Screen on Baker St Screen on the Green Notting Hill Coronet UCI Whiteleys 130 mins) Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (18 Cannon Panton St Metro Gate 80 mins) we can recognise and laiggh at too without having to walk out wondering whether we are all rapists at heart Thejilm is based on a simple role-inversion of a classically male genre: the outlaw bud'die-movie It also has the picaresque structure of all road-films Both forms are engraved so deeply on the collective consciousness of film-goers that scriptwriter Callie Khouri immediately throws her variations into the sharpest relief Thelma (Geena Davis) is a housewife bored stupid by her life with Darryl (Christopher McDonald) the brainless chauvinist of a husband who never lets her do anything Louise (Susan Sarandon) is her older friend a waitress accustomed to managing her own affairs but with a fair share of disappointments in love behind her Together they take off for a weekend at a cabin but their first stop-over sets them on a very different course Louise shoots a man dead as he attempts to rape Thelma after a dance From here they are on the run tracked by sympathetic police officer Hal (Harvey Keitel) anxious for their safety and convinced that their defiance of the law is no more than a chapter of mishaps and the bulletheaded technocrats of the FBI Subsequent adventures TELEVISION A timely parable THE WORLD often thought is divided into two basic classes of humanity: those who can get away with murder and those who never get away with anything Few of us would acknowledge belonging to the first category but most of us know people who do This principle was exemplified in microcosm in Broke Stephen Screen-Play (BBC-2) Francis Meek was a hardworking naive painfully decent small businessman who would feel guilty if he fiddled £10 off the income tax Ken Bannister was the kind who believed he was doing you a favour if he swindled you out of £10000 provided it was done with charm and protestations of friendship When Francis fell on hard times and tried to recover a bad debt from Ken for goods supplied he found he was up against a brick-wall of duplicity and sheer disbelief that any commercial colleague could be so vulnerable Everything that Francis had including his house was mortgaged to the hilt Everything that Ken had including his Rolls-Royce his swimming pool and the elegant canopies Francis had made for him was in someone name and consequently untouchable Broke was a parable for our times a salute to the contemporary ethos that to him that hath it shalkbe given and from those who understand the workings of the bankruptcy law it shall not be taken away Viewers up and down the land will have empathised with the scene in which a screaming Mrs Francis waved a stack of loan forms at a suddenly hostile bank manager: begged us to borrow from The lesson that Mr Bill who incidentally is not the current winner of the Radio Times Drama Awards despite a billing (in Radio Times) to this effect was driving home was that the Victorian virtues of thrift industry and playing by the rules are not enough if indeed they ever were Francis had done everything he believed the Enterprise Society required of him like getting off his back and on to his bike and providing modest employment for others He had plenty of orders but no cash flow He even make a success of his attempted suicide Mr Bill described Broke as a but there were not a lot of laughs The weakness I thought lay in making Francis played by Timothy Spall from Auf Wiedersehen Pet looking more than ever like a goldfish that has just received bad news into too much of a berk But as we know from our daily study of the papers there are Kens a-plenty out in the rough world Some of them even in quite high places One of the most moving films I ever saw was Mandy possibly the first serious description of the world of the deaf Desmond Wilcox in his last The Visit (BBC-1) repeated the experience in documentary terms Kathy and Mick Robinson were shattered when they realised that both their daughters had been bom profoundly deaf Thanks to their total dedication the children have now grown into bright extremely attractive teenagers looking forward to possibilities that would not have been open to the deaf even a couple of decades ago Kathy Robinson has written a book about the traumas of bringing up deaf children in a hearing world own straightforward unsentimental programme which included a visit to Gallaudet University for the Deaf in Washington will have brought new hope and encouragement to all those facing similar challenges RICHARD LAST include encounters with unreliable lovers old and new an armed robbery carried out with the minimum fuss and unpleasantness the deflation of a macho patrolman who lands up locked inside his own car boot and the total destruction of a particularly outsized and absurd phallic symbol The contrast with the competitive psychology of male friendship in buddie-movies is neatly pointed up when halfway through Louise weakens and Thelma grows stronger If one or two male characters appear stereotyped it is hard to escape the justice of Callie riposte: women are routinely stereotyped in films every week of the year Either way any tendencies are undermined by the character of Hal who is drawn almost as an understanding father-figure Ridley Scott mere man though he may be displays a thoroughly assured touch in his handling of the relationships The film is exciting emotional funny beautifully acted even liberating and it never allows the drag-factor of feminist dogma to slow it down for an instant Like sickly shadows stalking behind Thelma and Louise come the figures of Henry and Otis the murderous male partnership of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer The misgivings of the BBFC about the film were documented on this page two days ago: after almost a year of negotiation it is now on show with a few cuts providing an experience at once disturbing and profoundly depressing As with film there is an instructive contrast between the apparent motives for making the film and the positions subsequently taken up by commentators The director John McNaughton had been making industrial documentaries when he was offered the challenge of creating a new kind of low-budget horror film and his declared aim was to push it far as it can Yet it is clear that entertainment in any conventional sense has no place in his fictional adaptation of the story of Henry Lee Lucas the real-life killer who claimed to have murdered more than 600 people but later retracted his confessions For the world that McNaughton evokes is consistently drab dehumanised and disgusting Henry (Michael Rooker) is an experienced killer who having murdered his mother at 14 initiates his flatmate Otis (Tom Towles) a part-time forecourt attendant and drug-dealer into the slaughter of random victims Most are female but not all Their motives seem to be either sexual gratification or the relief of some passing grudge against the world Also sharing their squalid digs is Becky (Tracy Arnold) sister a former topless dancer separated from her child Knowing nothing of activities save what he tells Geena Davis on the run from a chauvinist of a in Flightless hawk Hudson Hawk (15 Cannons Baker St Chelsea Odeons Kensington Leicester Sq UCI Whiteleys 100 mins) Noce Blanche (15 Cannons Chelsea Piccadilly 92 mins) her about the murder of his mother Henry claims that she was a drunken prostitute who forced him to watch her with her clients she falls for him The opening montage of victims presents them in the ambiguous stillness of death Perhaps the most shocking scene appears as a flickering video-image supposedly shot by Henry during the murder and sexual molestation of a family others like a gruesome dismemberment in the bath are not far behind The film is circular in construction as if to match the aimless repetitions of behaviour Its images consistently grey and drained of colour become strangely detached seeming to mirror the moral emptiness of a world so impoverished in its sense of human value that an individual life counts for no more than a packet of french-fries It is hard to say what is most depressing here Is it calculating certainty that he will never be caught or the casualness of the killings or the sheer quotidian of For me it is simply that people like Otis and Henry exist and that others want to make films about them For they do not merely annihilate other people: they extinguish all sense of human possibility machismo that it makes you wonder why John Wayne was never cast as Hamlet Richard Grant and Sandra Bernhardt as the nasty pair out to take over the world by reconstructing gold-making machine begin with screeching hysteria and turn the volume steadily up People jump off buildings a lot and every time the gags wear thin there is another explosion It is all rather a shame since previous films (Heathers and Meet the Applegates) revealed a quirky and distinctive comic talent At 14 Lolita-like pop-star Vanessa Paradis had a big international hit with Joe Le Taxi in 1987 Now she has come of age Or has she? True she has graduated to the movies but in Jean-CIaude Noce Blanche she is cast as a character not a million miles from well Lolita Paradis plays Mathilde the troubled daughter of a psychiatrist who abandoned by her father falls for her 50-year-old philosophy teacher (Bruno Cremer) a selfish old pachyderm with a perfectly charming younger wife of his own Mathilde takes off her clothes rings him up continually and finishes up dead Frankly the film looks like exploitation masquerading as art FILM PREVIEW OFFER AFTER the success of our screening of Marcel My Glory (La Gloire de Mon Pere The Daily Telegraph and Palace Pictures are offering 200 readers the opportunity to view Le Chateau de Ma Mere (My Castle at a special screening Le Chateau de Ma Mere pickstup where La Gloire de Mon Pere left off continuing the charming and sentimental tale of French author Marcel childhood reminiscences Le Chateau de Ma Mere is directed by Yves Robert and produced by Alain Poire Set in Marseille and the Provencal countryside it tells the story of Marcel (Julien Ciamanca) the son of a pretty seamstress mother (Natalie Roussel) and a dynamic schoolteacher father (Philippe Caubere) Top of his class Marcel is preparing for his university entrance exams but he stop dreaming of the hills of Provence where he spent such an idyllic Christmas holiday Finally the family returns to the countryside where Marcel falls and rediscovers the joys of the country life To attend the private screening at the Lumiere Cinema St Lane London on Sunday July 21 simply send a postcard with your name and full address to Le Chateau de Ma Mere The Daily Telegraph PO Box 605 London E14 9FH to arrive not later than next Tuesday July 16 The senders of the first 100 postcards drawn from all those received will be sent two complimentary tickets Doors open 11 am on July 21 and on arrival readers will be served a complimentary glass of Janneau Armagnac The film starts at 1130 (running time 1 hour 40 mins) Le Chateau de Ma Mere opens at the Lumiere on July 26 BEWARE big-name stars bearing their own pet film projects This at least would appear to be the lesson of the Bruce Willis vehicle Hudson Hawk a $55-million fiasco nominally directed by Michael Lehmann It arrives here with the label round its neck but this is too flattering Thanksgiving bird looks positively aerodynamic beside this film Indeed it goes down like the proverbial paralysed falcon virtually from the first lavishly-appointed frame The plot an overblown caper about an ace cat-burglar (Willis natch) who leaves jail bent on going straight only to find himself strong-armed into stealing three works by Leonardo da Vinci would have looked dated in the Sixties and lacks even the most basic elements of logic Willis contributes a performance of such wooden self-regarding ENTERTAINMENTS IS EXHIBITIONS CURZON WEST END Shaftesbury Avenue W1 071 439 4805 Meryl Streep Albert Brooks in DEFENDING YOUR LIFE (PG) Progs at 115 (not Sun) 335 600 835 COLISEUM 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New York Newsdav JULY 16th-27th Eves 730 Sat Mat 230 Tickets ROYAL OPERA HOUSE 071 240 1066 1911 Standby info 836 6903 CC 65 amphi seats avail on the dav THE ROYAL OPERA 730 TOSCA (Domingo Ewing Diaz) Live relay on The Big Screen Covent Garden Piazza (free) Tomor 730 La Cenerentola ODEON HAYMARKET Access Visa Bookings (071) 839 7697 24hr information 0426 915353 (local call) WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD (PG) Programmes 100 330 600 83th ST MARTINS 071 836 1443 Special CC 379 4444 Eves 8 Tues 245 Sat 5 8 39TH YEAR OF AGATHA THE MOUSETRAP VAUDEVILLE BO CC 071-836 9987 24hr cc 836 2428 793 1000 (No Fee) 379 4444 (Bkg Fee) Evenings 730 Mats Wed Sat 230 "THE IRRESISTIBLE DORA Times in 70 GIRLS 70 The Kander and Ebb Musical RUNAWAY WINNER A PARTY NOBODY WANTS TO Mail VICTORIA PALACE 071 834 1317 cc 071 379 4444240 7200071 793 1000 (bkg fee) Groups 071 930 6123 BUDDY The Buddy Holly Story Sun BUDDY Sun Tel BUDDY "SHEER UNADULTERATED FUN I LOVE THIS Sun Exp BUDDY Mon-Thurs 800 Fri Sat 530 830 ALL SEATS 12 PRICE FRI 530 PERF 2nd SENSATIONAL YEAR NOW BOOKING TO APRIL 4TH 1992 WYNDHAMS THEATRE BO 867 1116 cc 867 1111379 4444 (no bkg fee) 497 9977 (24 hrs) 793 1000 (bkg fee) Groups 240 7941 EDWARD FOX "Gives a great haunting comic performance" Sunday Times TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR in THE PHILANTHROPIST by Christopher Hampton "As witty stimulating as ever" Tms Kenneth production "Streaks into the unmissable Ind on Sun Evgs Mon-Fri 800 Mat Thurs 300 Sats 500 830 HJailg BRAINTEASERS COMPETITION ODEON LEICESTER SQUARE Access Visa AmEx Bookings (071) 930 3232 open 24 hours (Credit card bkgs 24hrs notice reqd) All progs bookable in advance 24hr information 0426 915683 (local call) THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (18) Programmes 1210 250 540 840 DRURY LANE THEATRE ROYAL cc (bkg fee) 24hr 7 days 071 379 4444 -240 7200 793 1000 Grps 831 8625 (Info avail) 0839 333570 MISS SAIGON COME AND GO THIS ONE WILL Times Eves 745 Mats Wed Sat at 3pm LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS AVAIL DAILY FROM BOX OFFICE Latecomers not admitted until the interval GOOD SEATS STILL AVAILABLE FOR MIDWEEK MATS APPLY TO BOX OFFICE NOW BOOKING UNTIL 28 MARCH 1992 TELEPHONEPOSTAL BOOKINGS PERSONAL CALLERS (071 836 8108) ODEON MARBLE ARCH Access Visa bookings 071 723 2011 All progs bookable in advance 24hr info service 0426 914501 (local call) THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (18) Sep progs 1215 300 545 830 ODEON WEST END (Leicester Square) Access Visa AmEx Bookings (071) 930 7615 24hr information 0426 915574 (local call) THE POPE MUST DIE (15) Programmes 110 335 605 8-40- Every day for the next four weeks we are inviting you to complete The Daily TelegraphApple Computer Brainteaser Challenge This week is the Bronze challenge Each day a different puzzle is shown to test your mental agility You need to answer any four of the six challenges shown from Saturday to Friday to enter Each week there will be an opportunity to win an Apple Macintosh LC personal computer with colour monitor complete with an Apple StyleWriter printer and a 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VIVA Mail "NAKED EROTICISM STIRS THE DTel "MAGNIFICENT Eve Stan Tue-Sat eves 800 Mats Wed 300 Sat 430 SUN 330 EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND TO 1 SEPTEMBER ALMEIDA BO 071 359 4404 cc 071 497 9977 (24hr bkg fee) MADAME DE SADE by Yukio Mishima Costumes by Katharine Hamnett Music Midge Ure 9 Jul-3 Aug eves 730 Sat Mat 330 APOLLO BO CCGrps 071 437 2663 cc (no bkg fee) 071 793 1000 (with bkg fee) 071 379 4444 836 2428 Eves 8pm Wed Mat 3pm Sat 5pm 830 SIMON SU CADELL POLLARD JANE JOHN HOW QUAYLE in London's biggest laughter hit DRESS FOR DINNER "BREATHTAKING FARCE near faultless piece of theatrical invention" Guardian "A SAUCY COMEDY" Standard NOW BOOKING TO 28 SEPT APOLLO VICTORIA SS 071 828 8665 CC 630 6262 Grps 828 6188 CC 24hr 379 4444 240 7200 071 793 1000 Grps 930 6123 EIGHTH HIT YEAR! STARLIGHT EXPRESS Music by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER Lyrics by RICHARD STILGOK Directed by TREVOR NUNN OAPs £5 on 'rues Mats NOW BOOKING TO 21 MARCH 92 Eves 745 Mats Tue Sat 300 CAMBRIDGE THEATRE 071 379 5299 CC 071 379 4444 (24hr No Bkg Fee) 071 497 9977 (24hr) 071-793 1000 (Bkg fees) Groups 071 240 7941 "Go in and The Times OLIVIER AWARD WINNER BEST MUSICAL RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET "The brashest boldest City Limits and Mirror Mon-Thu 8 Fri Sat 500 830 All seats £950 Fri 5pm only I) Tel On CURZON MAYFAIR Curzon St 071 465 8865 Dirk Bogarde Jane Birkin in THESE FOOLISH THINGS (PG) Progs at 110 (not Sun) 330 600 830 Last Weeks CURZON PHOENIX Phoenix St off Charing Cross Road 071 240 9661 Orson Welles as CITIZEN KANE (U) Progs at 1245 (not Sun) 315 515 825 Last Week From Fri IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES (18) THE MEDICI GALLERIES 7 Grafton Street London Wl 071-629 5675 Exhibition of Miniatures 12th July 1st August Monday Friday 9-530pm DUKE OF BO CC 071 836 5122 836 9837 CC (bkg fee 24hrs 7days) 836 3464 great performance! Not to be On magnificent Ind on Sun MIRIAM MARGOLYES in WOMEN "Simply a great FTimes Tue Fri 8pm Sat 4 8pm Sun 3pm FORTUNE Box Office cc 071 836 2238 24hr cc bkg fee 071 497 9977 071 793 1000 Susan THE WOMAN IN BLACK Adapted by Stephen Mallatratt BRILLIANTLY EFFECTIVE SPINE Guardian REAL STimes "Take TOut Tues-Sat 8 Mats Thu 3 Sat 4 Sun 3 AIR CONDITIONED THEATRE The Macintosh personal computer is famous for its easy-to-use graphical interface using pictures and diagrams of every day objects that you can immediately identify such as folders files and documents With Macintosh using a computer is more enjoyable and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand and not on how to do it For further Apple information dial 100 and ask for Freefone Apple BRONZE QUESTION 5 In Victorian times a prospective suitor visited an old gentleman who had six daughters to marry off When the suitor asked the ages the old gentleman replied 22 30 18 32 and 34 The combined ages of Jemima and Dorothy are one and a half times that of Alicia and Lillie Gertrude is older than Jemima but younger than Daphne Alicia is four years older than Who was what age? GARRICK BO CC 071 379 6107 cc 379 4444 (no bkg fee) 240 7200793 1000 (bkg fee) Groups 930 6123 THE REHEARSAL by JEAN ANOUILH "THEATRICAL USA Today Eves 745pm Sat 4pm 8pm Mat Tue 3 MUST END SATURDAY Classified Priva Advertisers and those who wish to place Personal Birth Marriage Death announcements can call our Reader Services Group number: 071-538 6000 Trade advertisers can place advertisments on the following numbers: it GLOBE BO cc 071 494 5065 (24hr) cc 071 497 9977379 4444793 1000 Grps 930 6123 VANESSA REDGRAVE FRANCES DE LA TOUR in WHEN SHE DANCED bv MARTIN SHERMAN Dir by ROBERT ALLAN ACKERMAN Red price Prevs from 31 July Opens 6 August for a Limited Season 071-5386001 071-538 6002 071-538 6003 071-5386004 071-538 6005 071-5386006 071-538 6007 071-538 6008 071-9878787 Recruitment Property Fine Arts and Auctions Travel Motors Business to Business Educational Telegraph MagazineSurveys Facsimile HOWTO ENTER Solve puzzle and give your answer in the space provided Keep this panel until tomorrow and then send your answers to the address given The first correct entry drawn from all received will be declared the winner No photocopies are allowed Standard Telegraph Competition rules apply ftaantoehisatrademarkofAppleComputerlnc: MacWrite MacdrawProandFileMaker Pro re trademarks of Claris Corporation HAYMARKET THEATRE ROYAL BO 071 930 8800 or 24hr Hotline 071 497 9977 (bkg fee) 071 379 444 (bkg fee) 071 793 1000 (bkg fee) "THE HOTTEST TICKETS IN Daily Express "DAWN FRENCH IS THE FUNNIEST WOMAN IN Eve Std DAWN FRENCH UNTIL 13TH JULY in SILLY COW by BEN ELTON FROM 15TH JULY HELEN ATKINSONWOOD AND ANDY DE LA TOUR MON THUR EVES 800pm FRI SAT EVES 845pm MAT SAT 530pm 1 I 1.

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