The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1956 · Page 38
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 38

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1956
Page 38
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Ravings by CHRIS REJBBG X tlltlo 61 Thli, a LtliU ^of TliBtt Mei Much At Anything It was Saturday afternoon that I done some arithmaticing regarding traffic on the main drag at times. So I stopped at the main intersection in Algona, Dodge and State and started to do some counting of traffic and the time was 3:46, or quarter of 4 bells. I counted every car or truck which crossed the inter*section in either direction and in 15 minutes there were 171 drivers and vehicles crossed that intersection. And that means that in an hour the number could reach 684, and so from 8 o'clock in the morning until the stores closed at 9:00 in the evening there could have crossed that intersection a total of 8,892 drivers in cars or trucks. Sure counts up. And supposing we arith- maticed for a week, a total of 62)244 would cross and for the month of 30 days the total would reach 1,867,320 and for the year at that rate the total Would reach ,22,407,840 and that's a lot of traf- YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT FOR HENRY S. SCHEPPMANN DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR SUPERVISOR FIRST DISTRICT - KOSSUTH COUNTY WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED IN THE PRIMARY ELECTION MONDAY, JUNE 4 EXPERIENCE COUNTS (20-21-22) x^oosjscamoscs^ceme^ tic. And just think of the gas involved if each car held 20 gallons, a total of 448,158.800 gallons and at 30c per gallon there would be spent ?1,444,704,000 pennies and that's not to be sneezed at. And just think of it, these figures only cover the cars which cross that intersection, and there are millions of other intersections and it just must be terrifically stupendous the gas and pennies involved in crossing intersections in this U. S., so to speak. You do some arithmatic- ing. NEW.-LIVELY-EASIER I THIS FLOOR PAINT LASTS TWICE AS LONG! If your floors — inside or outside - fee really hard wear, get th« ivbolt story of the . " NATURAL RUBBER FLOOR PAINT that expands and contracts—"gives" with hard knocks, resists acids, alkalis, oils, grease, moisture and temperature changes. 8 lively, durable colors! It's a product of... /?9pri thai FIGHT BACK . . . see: KELLEY LUMBER CO ALGONA — SEXTON — OTTOSEN BURT CO-OP ELEVATOR BURT THOMPSON YARDS BANCROFT •By Indtptndtnt laboratory t«rt. PUBLIC SALE OF 320 ACRE FARM EMU ANDERSON ESTATE Satmday, May 19, '56 2:00 P.M. The improved 320 acre farm located 1 mi. North and 4'/j mi. East of LwVerne, Iowa, described as follows: The West Hqlf (W'/z) of Section Twenty-six (26), Range 27, being in LuVerne Township, Kossuth County, Iowa. will be sold as a half section of 320 acres (more or less) or as separate quarters of 160 acres each (more or less) to the highest bidders at the premises commencing at 2:00 o'clock P.M., Saturday, May 19, 1956. This farm is of good Webster soil, all tillable. Well-tiled. Woven wire fence. This can be considered one of the better improved farm properties in this area. Buildings include nine (9) room house, completely modern including hot water. Alsp, tenant house completely modern, 4 rooms. Both houses have new furnaces. Farm buildings include 60 x 72 ft. barn, 110 feet cattle shed, 110 x 22 ft. cement feeding floor, 40 x 24 ft* corn crib, hog house with 40 feet concrete feeding floor. Also chicken house, granary and double garage. Complete water system on place. This farm will be sold as 320 acre unit, or as two separate 160 acre units, and bids will be taken on a per acre basis, and the amounts bid times acres involved will determine the total bids, and the farm will not be subject to survey. Possession will be furnished oo July 2, 1956. TERMS OF SALE: 20% down on day of sale and b »l* nce » n < 2 ,1956, after Abstract or Abstracts showing merchantable title are fVrnished and Deed or Deeds ready for delivery, depending on how f^rm U sold. Purchaser will be asked to enter into formal contract, containing usual covenants, on date of sale. QRVIUE ANDERSON, MRS. ARTHUR CARLSON, MRS. GiO. WOIF, MRS. ELMiR KUBLY G. D. 6HUMWAY. Iheir Attorney — Clerk YUNGEBERG & QUINN — Auctioneers v Today, ihe 15th of May. is straw hat day. You are npt supposed to wear any headgear unless it is made of straw. And 1 have dug up my last year's straw headgear and I found it had sort of gone haywire, crooked and bent and 1 can't wear'it, so here goes for another straw hat to cover the couple of dozen locks I have, and between you and I and the lente post those hairs or locks are getting terribly lesser in num-. bers, so to speak. Ken Strahorn asked me how often did I wash my hair because if I washed my locks every other day they woula gain in growth and strength. And with me only taking a bath July 4 and Christmas I can see how I've helped lessen my locks, so to speak. Earl Sprague tells me that if I'd give my locks a sort of dampening every morning when I combed it that I'd find nice response in growing of locks,; so to speak. And Ted Vera said I should give my head and locks a real rubbing every morning, with both hands, and roughly, and shortly the bald spot, big as it is, would begin to lessen and he was sure there were hair seedlings on my pate and I should encourage their growth, so to speak. I was told by Ray Schil- riloeller that the sun's rays were Very nice and that they encour- tiged hair growing and so maybe I should -never wear any pate covering. However, today is straw hat day and I'm going to wear the straw at least for a couple of days and then go bare headed in the hopes' that my thinning locks may iaKe on som.. activity in the growing angle. Oh, by' the way, I always wear my su-aw on Sundays. —o—' Yep, it happened at an intersection in this town the other day. There was a driver from the north and a driver from the west and they reached the intersection line in their street at the same time, but they both stopped. But the driver from the north stepped on the gas and shot across the intersection even though he didn't have the right of way. In a situation of that sort remember that the driver on your.right has the right of way and you should wait until he has crossed the intersection. Yep, it's a part ol the traffic regulations, in a traffic situation of that kind the driver on your right, according ito:.~traffic regulations, has the right of way, and right to proceed, so to speak. The papers that I read of late, though they be filled with red hot stuff, engender in my heart some hate, 1 loudly cry "enough, enough." When o'er my coffee I would read of doings in the world at large and editors would have me heed their daily brainy word barrage, and while I wait upon my toast and sugar in my coffee stir I hunt for news from coast to coast, from southern palm to northern fir. I read how politicians prance in search of effervescent fame and how the marathon they dance to assuage the farmer's pain. I like to read of sundry dames who by the grape of beauty's charm, grab silly men, attach their names, and alimonies later farm. And so I would my breakfast eat the while I hunt for news of sorts arid faithfully throughout the sheet I read of daily work and sports. But lately all the papers print some politicians homely face, no matter at what page 1 squint, somebody's mug takes up the space Here's Dodo, said to know his oats, and all about the farmer's plan, and what to feed the hungry shoats and how to fertilize the land. And on another page I find some politician's ugly mug and in his eyes the lovelight shines, he'd save mo from a drunkard's jug. So politics, with all its bunk, fills up the paper.-; which I read and I'd be filled with plenty junk if polticians I would heeii. HAND Sgt. Garfield Bieber, of Cleai Lake, suffered loss of his right hand when a 20 millimeter cannon shell exploded recently. The mishap occurred at his station in Puerto Rico. STRICTLY .BUSINESS promise you won't look at (he dirt!," New from the Kraft Kitchen! IP SPOON IT into hot foods HEAT IT for cheese iauce SPREAD IT for mocks A PatUurlzed PrQcw ChMH SpruiJ Mrs Froehlich Is St. Benedict Host St. Benedict—The St. Benedict card club" met at the home of Mrs Dan Froehlich, and Mrs Alex Eischen was recipient of high prize. The card club members will meet at the home of Mrs John Thill, May 8. Ronald Allan ( is the name chosen for the new son of Mr and Mrs Larry Grandgenett. Sponsors were the paternal grandparents, Mr and "Mrs Tony Grandgenett. The new son was baptized by Father Ernest at St. Benedict, .May 6. Sponsors for the new daughter of Mr and Mrs George Kunkel were Jimmie and Joan Klcmm. The new miss was named Jolene Mary. The sponsors, also Mr and Mrs Joe Klemm, Mrs Caroline Kunkel and children, Conrad, Bob and Rose Marie were at the dinner following the christening. Mr and Mrs Philip Arndorfer and family visited Mr and Mrs Clarence Priebe Sunday evening, May 6. Wesley 4-H Met The Wesley boys' 4-H club met at the Joe Skow home Saturday evening, May 5. Daniel Skow and Leland Pearson were selected to attend 4-H camp at Clear Lake, June 6-8, and the discussion topic was braces and fasteners tor farm buildings by Daniel Skow. There will be a club tour June 2 and it is hoped the club may travel to a lake for a camping trip sometime this summer. Lee Pearson and George Cunningham gave demonstrations. SHRUBS LeMars Boy Scouts planted 1200 shrubs in two hours there recently. Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in adjourned session, April 18, 1956, at 7:30 P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present. The resignation of N. B. Best, member of the Board of Adjustment, was accepted. Clayton Percival, Everett Baldus, Mrs. Phyllis Burt and Max Bartholomew were appointed members of the Zoning and Plan Commission. The Street Commissioner was authorized to do the excavating for blacktopping on the east and west sides of the High School and the north side of the Third Ward School; and the City Engineer was Instructed to arrange for blacktopping the parking.on the west side of the Annex. Meeting adjourned. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk. * * * * The City Council met In. regular session, April 25, 1956, at 7:30 P.M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present. The minutes of April 11 and IB were read and approved This was the time set for hearing on the proposed improvement of West McGregor Street from Blackford Street west 3 blocks to the city limits. An objection filed by Adda M. Price was read. No oril objections were offered, After consideration a Resolution Adopting the Resolution of Necessity was approved. A Resolution was adopted directing the advertisement for sale of $100,000. Sewer Construction Bonds, $6,000. SeWer Improvement Bonds, $49,000. Street Improvement Bonds and $35,000. Street Construction Bonds and Providing for a Public Hearing on the Issuance Thereof. Resolutions were adopted consenting to Partial Vacation of Plat and Approving Re-Plot of Block 226, Call's Addition to Algona. >_ioarette permits were granted to Leola Anderson and Earl Bates and class B beer permits were granted to Earl Bates and Wilbur Courtney. Builder's permits were granted to Joe Funk, Chas. B. Fox, Mel B. Griffin, Irvin Etherington, Werner Struecker, Chas. A. Beringer, Jason Loving, Albert Hagg, Mrs Harriet Haggard, Mrs. Eva Wille, Mrs. Sigrid Kohlhaas, Vivian I. Egel, Vernon E. Jehsen 8, Wm; Hood, D. E. Dewel, Nick Gengler, Kathryn -Thilges, Fred Gronbach, Mrs. Ethel M. Morgan and R. O. Bjustrom. The following claims were allowed. General Government Fund Dr. C. C. Shierk, Salary .. $ 150.00 Ivy Scuffham, Salary 250.77 Nancy Sands, Salary 72.67 L. K. Ferguson, Salary 16.94 Albert Boekelman, Salary 37.80 Iowa State Bank, Tax ,_. . 82.50 NW Bell Telephone, Service ' ''10 TO I. B. M. Corp., Supplies 4.74 Street Fund Jess Lashbrook, Salary 129.36 Albert Pergande, Salary __ 122.99 Glenn Burtis, Salary 111.04 Richard Frambach, Salary 93.95 Raymond Metzen, Jr., Salary ._ 88.95 Jack Mears, Salary 98.95 Donald Prow, Salary 108.03 Kenneth Frankl, Salary __ 95.99 John Bahr, Labor _ 25.48 L. K. Ferguson, Salary : 141.75 Rcakus Helmers, Labor •__ 66.15 Reiner Helmers, Labor .. 103.95 George Ristau, Labor 50.32 Eugene Helmers, Labor .,_. 6.74 Morn's Harbour, Labor I 6.7-t Iowa State Bank, Tax 6420 NW Bell Telephone, Service 10.15 City Clerk, Adv. Cash 1.53 Kock Bros., Supplies 7.85 Algona Tree Service, Remove Trees t 50.25 F. S. Norton & Son, Mdso. 86.06 Henkc Mfg. Corp., Ma,e. 1 11 72 W. C. Brown Supply, Mdse. 39.26 East End Foundry, Mdse. 200.00 Stomac Motor Express, Express . 4.76 H. J. Cowan, Repairs ._ 12.00 Harry L. Cutler, Repair! .. 105.00 Algona Machine Shop, Repairs __ 2.25 Kohlhaas Hardware, Supplies 13.09 Mid-West Service. Gas & OH -- 158.36 Harry Ward, Salary 21.73. Public Safety Fund Albert Boekelman, Salary 145.26 A. C. Weishaar, Salary 130.72 Richard Grocn, Salary 137.02 Ernest Hutchison, Salary 137.02 Petdr Jorgenson, Salary 113.48 Iowa State Bank. Tax 28.70 Richard Groeh, Expenses 10.20 Red Cross Chapter, First Aid Kit 8.20 Gene's Radio & TV, Mdso. 201.35 City Clerk. Adv. Cash 11.66 NW Boll telephone, Service ... 23.70 Irn Kohl, Salary 20.00 Rolph Elbert, Salary 10.00 Algona Fire Co., Services _ 596.00 Algona Insurance, Premium 225.00 Continental Oil Co., Oil 7.04 Sanitation Fund John W. Helmers, Labor 79.38 Reakus Helmers, Labor 29.29 Reiner Helmers, Labor 18.90 George Weig, Jr., Labor 103.36 Gordon Baer, Labor 59.56 George Ristau, Labor 50.32 NW Bell Telephone, Service 22.30 Tuesday, May 15, 1956 Algona (la.) Upper Des Molnet—7 13 COLORS 13 RUSCO WINDOWS 5ALVANIZED STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION gives you more convenience and comfort ihan any other combination window 1 RUSCO DOOR HOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add greatly to the beauty of your home I Charles Miller RUSCO SALES Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. •Display at 116 So. Dodge, Algona 4.. VOTE Edvald* "Ed" Johnson 4th DISTRICT SUPERVISOR June 4th Democratic Primary YOUR VOTE WILL BE APPRECIATED 19-22* DIAMOND'S PAINT SALE WHITE OUTSIDE RED BARN PAINT Spencer Concrete Products Co., Mdse. - 130.J9 F. S. Norton t. Son, Mdso. 47.65 Collins, Thompson & Willis, Eng. Service 2424 43 James Egli, Silary 149.36 Fred Gronbach .Salary . 97.97 Iowa State Bank, lax .. 14.90 Algona Flour & Feod, Seed 138.55 Mid-West Service, Oil . _ 76 00 Albert Baas, Salary 155.92 John Bohr, Labor .. 12.74 C. A. Momyor & Sons, Fees _ 12.00 Teresa Norton, Salary 66.15 Dr. S.iwyer,'Rent 35.00 Kohlhaas Hdwc., Supplies .8° Harry Ward, Salary 47.82 Municipal Enlerprlsus Fund Algona Cemetery Ass'n., Taxes 2,060.18 Alrporf Fund Municipal Utilities, Wafer ... H. J. Cowan Cont., Mdsc. _. 3.94 . 1,169.15 . 188.27 Sieg-Fort Dodgo Co., Mtlse . _. .. F S. Norton & Son, Mdse. 47.00 Viking Oil Co., Oil 110.41 Parking Meter Fund Raymond Krebs, Salary ... 129.75 Iowa State Bank,. Tax 12.00 Park-O-Mctor CD., Mdse. 590.86 H J. Cowan Cont., Repairs 6.00 Debt Service Fund Iowa Stale Bank, Interest 67.50 Meeting adjourned to April 30, 1956 al 7:30 P.M. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City. Clerk . 5-GALS. 108* .Ask ; Your < Neighbor H« KM PwJbaMr ITsod Thi* Paint SURPLUS NEED EXTRA CORN CONSISTENTLY GOOD - YEAR AFTER YEAR Ask For Any Amount — Or Any Number — We Have It Available G-75A, G-I6A/ 6-33A G-30A, G-22, G-23 Also ISO TOX For Seed Treatment RAHM ALGONA VINCENT EISENBACHER .WESLEY DOUGLAS MECHL6R _.. TITONKA Q. A. BJUSTROM _. BURT BLAINE SAXTON .... LONE ROCK LAWRENCE MUELLER . _. FENTON BOBDALL............OTTOSEN WALTER FALB WEST BEND A. H. ERPELDING ______ .BODE ELMER KUBLY ... CORWITH 17-36 SEE THE DIFFERENCE RSD MAKES With ordinary suspension wheels hop and Imuncc violently on rough roads as shown by actual oscillograph records. With RSD Suspension (on tin; same road) every wheel bounce Is instantly counteracted, smoothed out to a mere flutter on the oscillograph. Now! The ride that's amazing the county! Announce New Way To Shrink Painful Piles Science Finds Healing Sub*Unce That Does Both— Relieves Pain—Shrinks Hemorrhoids Now York, N. v. (Siwiiil) -For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain-without surgery. In case after case, while gently nlieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amusing of 01)— results were 10 llnn-uujii tuai sufferers made astonishing statement.! like "Piles have ceased to he a problem!" The secret is a new heading substance (Bio-Dyne* )-discovery of a world-famous research in.iiitu'te. This substance is now available in suppository or ointment f;,rm under the name Preparation //.»' At youi 1 Money back guarantee. •B'i l'.». j'n. o/r. N OT just other trucks, but even can, are being put to shame by the astonishing ride of our Blue Chip GMC with Road Shock Damper Suspension!* It smothers every jolt and jounce. It blots up even little sharp vibrations from road joints. You drive at normal speed over washboard roads where , others crawl —and there's no slewing, no wheel wrench, no punishment for truck OR driver. This sensational performance already is creating a landslide demand. You'll see uhy when you trv the RSD ride. And we want to book you for one right away. So come in. We'll give you the details and arrange for the proof. Drop in tot/ay. 'Stan Jar J an the Suburban', optional at moiltrate extra can on all other ^±-ton mi Jell, IN MOTOR TKANSI'OIU ffl I'our key tt> Blue Chip value Sec us, too, far Tripk-Chakeil used trucks BRADLEY BROS. 16 S. Thorington St. Algona. Iowa Phone 714

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